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By : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 22.

Enny ate quietly alone in the dinning room. He wasn’t enjoying his watery noodles with almost burned omelettes but he had no choice. He stopped eating food cooked by their staffs since the day he saw the CCTV footage of his step mother. He prefers to eat the awful food he prepares despite being a very bad cook. He finished the food and packed the plates to the kitchen. He grabbed his bag and left for school.

Rasheed was already in class listening to music, he taps his foot absent minded with his eyes closed. Enny walked over to him and tapped him gently. Rasheed raised his gaze to meet his with a questioning look.

“Thanks” he said. Rasheed nodd looking away not giving Enny any avenue to say any other thing. Seeing that Rasheed was nt ready to say any thing he walked to his seat dejected.


Enny looked up to see Thomas and his two friends. He hissed and continued with playing game with his phone.

“Come on. You can’t ignore us remember we are friends” Thomas smirked.

Enny didn’t bother looking at then again, he whistled playing his game and ignored them.

“We only came to remind you of the assignment, you have little time left” Brian said.

Enny raised his head and glared at him, his eyes red with fury.
” I’m doing nothing. Do your worst” he said between clenched teeth.

“Easy there tiger” Thomas mocked. “You won’t want me to add to your list of betrayal before Rasheed” he laughed. ” It will be an honour to tell the whole school that you are a bastard entitled to nothing but just his father’s last name” he whispered.

Enny punched him twice from his seat. He rushed from his seat and grabbed him by his collar delivering punches in every angry. “You bastard” he yelled as their mates rushed to separate them.

Rasheed watched the fight with no interest. He pockets his phone and walked out.

“You see, he cant even fight for you like before. Wait till I tell him every thing” he said wiping blood from the corner of his mouth. ” I give you till January 5″ he threatened as he smoothen his already wrinkled Uniform.

Enny watch him stride to his seat with his friends attending to him. He slumped on his seat, he felt his face wet and he didn’t realize he has been crying. Life has been so unfair. Why now that he just wanted to have peace, he wanted to make up but life’s unfair. He placed his head on his desk as he cried.

“Will you be my date to Christmas Party?” Rasheed asked shyly while Maheera blushed. He sat across Maheera in the living room. It was Wednesday, Amin will be returning from Port-Harcourt to Lagos and won’t return till the following week. He will be picking up his daughter.

“I don’t think I’ll be attending the party” she said looking into his eyes.

” Why?” He frowned.

” I’m not a party person and my dad might not allow a night party” she explained with a sigh.

” Come on Gold, you’ll be my date” he cooed.

“Even if I agree dad might not” she pressed

“Tell me if you wanna go, I’ll get Maleek to talk to your dad. He won’t refuse him” he smirked.

” I don’t know” she said unsure.

” Don’t you wanna hang with the hottest guy” he smirked showing off his shirtless body.

Maheera chuckles. “Don’t feel too high, you don’t have half of Avan Jogia beauty” she taunt.

” Fuck, Maheera that hurts” he pouts, feigning anger while Maheera laughed at his childish act.

“Let’s play PES. I should beat your ass before leaving” she challenged.

” Really” he walked over to her seat, bent over till their faces we’re inches apart. Maheera moved back till her back was against the sofa. What was he trying to do? She felt his warm breath again at her face. He stare into her dark eyes with a smirk.

“You’re going down Maheera” he whispered,then gave an evil laugh.

Maheera released the breathe she never knew she was holding. She thought he was going to kiss her, she sat up confused, staring at her feet.

Rasheed burst out laughing, he fell into a chair laughing uncontrollably. “You need to see your face right now. You look like a child who’s caught stealing meat”

” Really! What was that for?” She exclaimed clearly embarrassed.

” We haven’t played PES yet you look like I’ve beaten you. So we can’t play again or you might cry” Rasheed taunt.

” You’re horrible” she hissed, her ringing phone brought her back to life.

“Hello dad” she said into the phone taking a deep breath.

“Sweetheart,get your stuffs ready. I’m almost there” Amin said.

“Okay dad” she said and hanged up. She stood up and walked up the stairs. Rasheed followed her upstairs teasing her non-stop.

She quickly changed into a blueberry gown that’s rests on her thigh a silver sandal. Her newly done hair rests on her nape. Nadra had a stylist come over to the house to make her hair after the bandage was removed the previous day.

Rasheed stared at her heavenly beauty. She wore no make-up and she’s still as beauty as ever, her glowing skin shone brightly. She packed all the clothes Nadra got her plus the ones Maleek bought into the box.

“Will you stop eye rapping me and help with the box” she said dragging the box behind her. He took it from her, dragging it behind him he followed her downstairs.

Amin was already waiting downstairs. He hugged his daughter and Rasheed in turn. He was told that Maleek wasn’t around and Nadra too. Rasheed found himself missing Maheera already, he had grown use to having her around that he wished she would stay forever.

He dropped the box in the car trunk. His hands in his pocket as he fight the urge to throw himself around her. Thank God for self control he would have ended up kissing her earlier and he might lose her forever. She’s still healing from his stupid friend’s behavior towards her.

After bading goodbye, he thought of telling her dad about the party himself.

“Dad Wura” he called with a coy smile.

“Yes big man” Amin answered with a smile. He stopped the car on track while Rasheed ran to meet up with them.

“There’s a Christmas party in school on Friday. I want Maheera to be my date” he stuttered with a pleading look.

Amin looked suprised. He wasn’t expecting such a request from Rasheed. He glanced over his shoulder to his daughter, her looks shows that she was as suprised as he. He has been convinced that Rasheed is a good boy and wouldn’t hurt his daughter but this was really hard. What kind of a high school organise night party for teenagers. This isn’t Hollywood he groaned.

Rasheed noticed his contemplation and quickly adds. “I promise, staffs will be there. My driver will pick us up and dropped us back home. I will watch over her” he added.

” I don’t know Rasheed, you guys are young for night parties” he shrugged.

” Please, teachers will be there to watch over us. Pretty please” he pleaded with his best puppy look, leaning against the car.

“Okay pick her up on Friday” he said. Rasheed squealed like a child thanking Amin. Now he has something to look forward to. He waved watching the car leave his house.

Amin rushed to open the door to reveal Rasheed in a breath taking suit.

“Rasheed?” He called to be sure. Rasheed smiled at him, Amin stepped aside to make entrance for him.
He watched Rasheed again and again, how can a seventeen years old be this gorgeous. He looks like a model on the runway. After staring non-stop he went in to call Maheera.

He hasn’t seen his daughter since she went to prepare herself for the party, he knocked on her door informing her of her date’s arrival. He left to the living room when she said she would soon be ready.

The two guys talked about random things till they heard a clicking sound. They looked up to see Maheera or a goddess.

She was dressed in a black laced gown that reached her mid thigh. The gown hugged every of her curves, the black colour making her white glowing skin blinding. Her stiletto heels, silver clutch and a silver jewelry to compliment her look.

Rasheed stared at his daughter oblivious of what to say. She was breath taking, Ayeesha came outside to meet the awkward silence. She cleared her throat making them return back to life. She made her way to the kitchen.

“You look beautiful sweetheart” Amin said kissing her forehead while she blushed. Rasheed wouldn’t take his eyes off her figure.

” Guys no drinking, don’t stay out late and don’t leave the party without anyone’s knowledge” he told them. He followed them to the car and watch the car leave after talking to the driver.

Every student and teachers stare at the two as they walked in hand in hand. They looked like models who were on the runway. Maheera sat alone as Rasheed went to get them drinks.

“Hi” she felt her heart miss a beat by that familiar voice. She turned to his his cute innocent face.

“Can we talk?” He said more like plead. Maheera looked around for sign of Rasheed. She was confused, should she talk to her monstrous crush or just ignore him.

By : Nickkie’maf


Maheera’s heart was beating so fast that she feared Enny might heart the rhythm. She quickly turned her face to the other side ignoring him. She looked everywhere but Enny’s position, the school hall was beautifully decorated.

She saw Stephanie and her cohort dripping hot. Stephanie was dressed in a red short gown with silver accessories, her hair flowing over her shoulder. Her two friends wore the same jumpsuit with different accessories. Stephanie glared at her as she walked towards the opposite direction.

“Maheera please don’t ignore me” he pleaded trying to gain her attention.

She silently prayed for Rasheed to come quickly or she might be tempted to talk to the gorgeous devil standing before her.

“Maheera, please talk to me” desperation in his voice. She felt angry, how dare he want to talk to her now? After telling her never to show him her face again.

“Talk about what?” She said, anger clearly visible on her face. “Have you forgotten already? Don’t show me your face, don’t call me, don’t even come to practice” she mimicked him. ” You literally broke up with me, so what do you want?” She half yelled noticing the hurt on his face.

“I’m sorry” he muttered with guilt written all over his face.

” I know you are but am not ready to talk to you” she said wiping a tear that slip down her left eye. She couldn’t just forgive him like that, she can’t even hurt Rasheed all over again after everything he had done for her.

Maheera please I’m….”

” Don’t you get it? She doesn’t wanna talk to you” Rasheed said sternly dropping the two cups of juice he was holding. He walked over to Enny checking him out, yes he is gorgeous but that doesn’t mean he can treat his gold anyhow.

“Look here, she doesn’t wanna talk to you so do yourself the honour and leave.” He said putting his hands in his pocket.

‘Rasheed please I need to talk to her” he begged sadly. He wanted to tell her everything about Thomas and his friends but Rasheed is making it difficult for him.

“I don’t mind punching your fucking face right now” Rasheed said with all seriousness.

Enny sighed, he gave Maheera one last look and he noticed the pain in her eyes. His heart bled as he walked away dejected.

Rasheed sat down on the next chair to Maheera. Looking at her figure, she looks sad like she wanted to cry so he held her hand.

“Are you okay?” She nods as she grabbed a cup and chugged down the whole content.

“What took you so long?” She tried to change the conversation but her broken voice failed her.

“It’s freshly made so I had to wait. Did he say anything bad to you?” He asked with concern. Why does Enny ruin everything for him, tonight was suppose to be special but as usual he came in his way. Why must it always be the girls he care about.

“No he said he wanted to talk and I declined” her voice laced with sadness. She wanted him but no way she’s hurting Rasheed for such a jerk again.

“Come on let’s have fun, he shouldn’t ruin the fun for us” Rasheed said pulling her to her feet.

They danced, ate and watched a playlet until Maleek called for them to come home. The driver dropped Maheera at her home first before going home. The two gist and forgot about Enny but immediately Maheera got home she couldn’t help but think about him. The pain in his eyes wouldn’t leave her mind. She resolved to watching a movie to get her mind off him. It worked as she slept off few minutes later.

Maheera woke up feeling better. After taking her bath, she finished her chores and prepared breakfast of yam and scrambled egg,she set the table and ate with her father. Ayeesha hasnt talked to her since she got back home. They live like two strangers under the same roof, Maheera knew better than to step on her toes. Even though her father was around she still maintain her boundaries.

She sat on the bed reading a story on Webnovel. Her phone rang showing Bestie on the screen. She smiled as she picked the call muttering a low “Hello”

“Gold” he whispered while she blushed. “Can you please come over?” He sighed.

Maheera sat up immediatly noticing the urgency in his voice. “Are you okay?” She questioned worried.

“I’m fine. We just need to talk and it’s kind of important” he said but Maheera could sense the sadness in his voice.

” Dad is home, I’m not sure he’ll allow me come over” she raised her brow unsure. She spent the previous evening with Rasheed so her father might not allow her going over there again.

“Try and persuade him. I’ll wait for you” he said as he ran his hand through his hair and hanged up.

Maheera got up, tossing her phone on the bed. She went to the sitting room to check on her father but he wasn’t there. She went to the Masters bedroom and knocked gently.

“Wurami come in” Amin knew he was home alone with his daughterer so no one else would knock on his door. Maheera heaved a sigh doing a cross sign before opening the door.

“Dad are you busy?” She opened the door slightly peeping inside with a smile. Amin sat on an arm chair reading a magazine.

“No baby” he smiled and Patt his side telling her to sit beside him. “Do you need anything?” He asked folding the magazine.

She sighed. ” Yes dad” she said fiddling with her fingers.

“Okay, what do you need?” Maheera took a deep breath. “You’re acting like you you need my head” he chuckled while Maheera forced a smile.

” I want to go see Rasheed” she muttered lowly holding her breathe not knowing what to expect.

” The same Rasheed you went out with last night or another one I don’t know?” Amin queried with a raised brow. ” Why do you need to see him again?” He asked with a raised tone.

” last night he ate something that went bad with his system so he felt sick. I even asked his driver to go drop him so I could call you but he insisted on bringing me home” she lied. ” I called him to check up on him and he’s still sick so I wanted to go stay with him since he’s alone with maami”

Maheera felt her father sigh. She got him where she needed, he can’t really say no to her except when it’s extremely worth it. She wondered when she became a perfect liar, even lieing to her dearest father. She has really changed since she got to SQH.

“I feel like am condoning you too much and it’s because he’s your only friend and he’s from a good home plus he’s brother is my friend.” He said as he watch Maheera smiled.

” Thanks Dad. I won’t stay long” she quickly stood up to go get ready.

” Wura the day I find out you have a boyfriend and have been lieing to me. I’m changing your school to a government school” he said sternly, giving her a warning look.

Maheera almost choked on her spit, her father feels she’s dating Rasheed while she’s actually in love with his best friend who is a monster.

“I promise dad,he’s just my best friend” she assured.

” Don’t stay out late” he said as she closed the door after her.

Rasheed stared at the guy sitting opposite him. He wasn’t so sure but he felt he’s doing the right thing. He picked up his phone to check the time and he sighed. He couldn’t tell Maheera why he actually called her because she might not come. He glanced at Enny whose head was bowed, he had showed up in his house this morning begging him that he really wants to get back together.

Enny couldn’t sleep a but after he left the party. Maheera’s face wouldn’t leave his mind for a minute, he kept looking at her pictures on his phone. Seeing how hot she was at the party didn’t help matters either but when he found out how much she now detest him breaks his heart. The same Maheera who was always eager to talk to him but the table has turned

Probably Thomas’s threat was beginning to scare him or he just wants to be with Maheera while telling himself he’s doing it for Thomas. Rasheed will hurt him if he hurt his pretty little Maheera. Thomas just wanted to hurt Maheera’s ego with the video which isn’t really hurting her physically, so if he didn’t hurt Maheera now his own future will be hurt. It won’t be long before it makes the news that he’s nothing but a bastard. A child had through who is entitled to nothing except his father’s name.

He needed Maheera to get a little hurt to save his future from being tampered with. After much deliberation, Rasheed was the only one who could get him to Maheera without much stress. He left his house very early to the Raheem’s. The look on Rasheed’s face was not welcoming but he was determined. After much pleas, he agreed and invited Maheera over.

They stayed in silence as the front door burst open revealing Maheera. She didn’t notice the two guys as she hurried towards the stairs calling Rasheed’s name loudly.

“Gold” Rasheed called making her turn back. He watched he freeze on the spot as she spots Enny.

Rasheed rushed up to her and held her hand but she jerked it away forcefully glaring at him. “I thought you were sick?” She whisper yelled. “How dare you trick me for him” she scorned at Enny who was already standing up.

” I’m sorry, he just showed up crying and I had to do something” Rasheed explained apologetically.

” You could have told me at least” she almost yelled at him her eyes turning red.

” I knew you wouldn’t come” he said lowly.

Enny couldn’t believe Rasheed could still get his back, seeing Maheera made him realize how much he hurt her. She was just a naive little girl who he betrayed her emotions. The little time they spent together were his very best, her energy was positive and soothing that he forgets all his worries. He couldn’t say if he was sorry or he was still doing it to save himself but he watch a tear slip down the corner of his left eye.

“Let’s go inside and talk” Rasheed dragged Maheera up the stairs while Enny watch them go. He sat down and said a silent prayer for her to have a change of mind.

“What are you trying to do?” She glared at her best friend standing akimbo.

” I’m sorry he just showed up at my door in tears telling me how sorry he is” Rasheed said tiredly.

” And you think that will make me forgive him, that should make you ask me to go back to him? ” She asked her voice laced with anger.

” It’s not that. I know how much you like him too” he deeped his hands into his pockets and watch her expression soften

“That was then” she tried to lie.

“Stop the lie Wura. I see the way you look at him and how much you wanted to talk to him last night. You just stopped yourself”he said factly.

” I should be the angry one here. You dated him behind my back and you tried to hurt yourself because he stupidly broke up with you. I didn’t get angry but forgave you” he glared at her while she looked away in guilt. ” I don’t want you to feel bad I’m sorry” he moved closer to her and held her hand.

” Yes I like him but he’s still gonna hurt me. I can feel it already” she sobbed silently.

” I’m aware of everything now and he wouldn’t want my wrath on him” he faked a smile. ” I’m not supposed to be doing this because…..” He sighed and looked down sadly.

” Because of what?” She asked searching his eyes for answers

“Because I love you more than he does but u don’t love me back” he wanted to say but he smiled.

” Because you’re still young and my baby” he said pulling her into a hug.

” Yes, my dad actually thinks I’m dating you and threatened to change my school if he finds out” she chuckled.

” What!” He exclaimed. ” That’s funny, why will he even say that.” He chuckled. ” Let’s go downstairs”

” Wait I’ll forgive him only if you forgive him too” Maheera said.

” But why? Don’t worry about us” he said

“Just forgive him too and I’ll forgive him. I can’t get back with him if he isn’t your friend.” She stated.

” Fine” he agreed as they walked out of the room.

Enny stood up as soon as they got down. He admire Maheera in her black highwaist Jean with a black and red shirt with a flat sandal. Her hair was packed in a hair band. He watch her stand behind Rasheed. Rasheed walked over to him while Maheera stood on a spot.

” Before you hurt her think about how bad I’ll hurt you.” He said calmly. ” I’m doing this because she loves you and I love her too much to stop her from being with you. You were able to hurt her before cause I wasn’t aware but now I’m aware and I won’t think twice before hurting you too if he hurt you” he warned. ” I forgive you”

” I promise. I’ll never hurt her I promise” he said desperately giving her a pleading look. ” Thank you Rasheed” he hugged him which made him confused as to why he’s so happy. He felt that he just missed her and now he got his best friend back.

He walked over to Maheera, she looked away but he held her hand, dragged her forward and hugged her. He missed this a lot and he just realized that.

A/N : who else support Rasheed’s decision of getting them back together?

By : Nickkie’maf
Chapter 24

The sun shone lazily giving a dull light to the environment. The grasses sway to the rhythm of the cool breeze making everywhere chilly.

Maheera, Rasheed and Enitan sat on the grass devouring their lunch. The three has been really close since the previous weekend. They laugh at Enny’s random jokes making the scenery more eye catching.

Thomas and his friends were amazed at the sudden friendship between the two ex best friends but wouldn’t dare to talk since the two devil’s were now friends again. He sent a text to Enny reminding him of the deal and the consequences if he failed to do it. As always Enny found himself lost but Maheera’s smile was there to calm him.

They walked Maheera back to her class, Enny held her hand as they walked. Rasheed find himself getting jealous as he watched them stealing glances at each other. Maheera would smile when he smile at her. Her short skirt dancing with the breeze as she and Enny held hands. They all walk side by side till they got to Grade 10 class. Enny pecked her before waving her bye, she blushed as she walked into the class.

“Hey bitch” Anita the meanest girl in the class yelled.

Maheera walked to her seat and sat down placing her head on the locker.

“I’m talking to you witch” Anita said already beside Maheera.

“Whoa! When did you change name cause those are definitely yours” Maheera fired.

” Are you talking to me bitch?” Anita asked with a shout. ” Just because you’re sleeping with two best friends doesn’t give you right to talk to me anyhow. I’m still good looking than you” she smirked.

” In your wildest dreams. Not everyone sleeps with everything in pants like you plus you can hug a transformer if you’re so pissed” Maheera hissed.

Anita was swollen with anger as she stamped her foot repeatedly. “You can’t take Rasheed away from me, he’s mine alone you wretch. He was already liking me before you came and snatch him from me. Now Enny is pecking you too. You ain’t even good looking”she eyed Maheera with contempt.

” Like either of them can ever notice a bitch like you” Maheera scoffed. ” Walk away or you might regret it” Maheera glared. Anita kept shut and stomped to her seat as a teacher walked into the classroom.

How she hate the girl called Maheera

Maheera and Enny went to the mall after basketball practice. Rasheed went home immediatly after school leaving the two love birds together. They sat together eating ice cream laughing and taking pictures not minding that they are still dressed in their school uniform.

The made there way through the crowded mall with Maheera munching on her pop corn. Enny gripped his school bag as he trailed behind her. They kept talking about random things as they walked out of the mall.

“Enitan” someone called making the two look around.

“Enitan” a light skinned girl called walking towards them. Enny’s jaw dropped sighting the girl and he tried to move back. Maheera watched him move back, she wondered who the girl could be cause she looks familiar.

“Come on. I don’t bite” she sneered giving Maheera a once-over look. ” Is she your new slut she’s pretty I must commend”

Maheera felt offended but she didn’t show it one bit. Looking at the girl again, Maheera wondered where she has met the girl before. She was dressed in a ripped blue short and Vintage shirt, black boot, her braided hair falling to her waist. Her skin color glowing with her dark makeup which made her look mean.

“Tammy what are you doing here?” Enny stared at her with confusion written all over his face. “You’re supposed to be in Abuja”

Yes, Tammy. Rasheed’s cousin which Enny slept with.

“Don’t act like you ain’t happy to see me” she smirked, walking over to Enny. She placed her hand on his chest completely ignoring Maheera. Enny shoved her hand away and moved back.

Maheera looked hurt, how dare she try to flirt with her boyfriend right in her presence. But what else does she expect from a slut who drugs her cousin’s best friend just to have him sleep with her.

Enny was pissed. How can she try to flirt with her in front of his girlfriend. He stare at Maheera and he could see the hurt on her face. He couldn’t look away as he gave her an apologetic look.

Tammy noticed them and chuckled. ” Is she your new toy? I bet you won’t stay long either” she smirked at Maheera. “Don’t think you’re lucky bitch…”

” Of course I am lucky. At least I didn’t have to drug my cousin’s best friend to sleep with him and make it look like he raped me” Maheera scowled.

Tammy’s jaw dropped as Maheera speak. So Enny told her everything and she believed him. She hates this girl already even though her beauty was Divine Tammy didn’t feel intimidated at all.
“Shut up bitch” she yelled.

“I can tell you skipped school to be in Lagos.” Maheera smiled watching Tammy’s face growing pale.

” How’s that your business?”

” Well Abuja doesn’t seem far then, I can recommend Kaduna to your dad. You know he’s my very good friend.” Maheera grinned evilly. She’s enjoying every bit of this and even Enny was smiling.

“You bitch, I’ll get you bastard” she said furiously.

” Hey sucker, I really wanna continue this but we gotta go since we didn’t run from home like you did from school.” She dragged Enny with her and stood on her to kiss his cheek while he smiled. He is loving this girl more and more.

Maheera sobbed loudly gathering her clothes across the room. Her tears socked her white underwear as she struggled to wear her red Jean.

“I’m sorry, Sunshine. It’s the devil” Enny said on his knees as a tear escaped his eyes.

” I knew you were evil, I knew you would hurt me again you bastard. You drugged me and raped me” Mahyer sobbed loudly wiping her face which was already soaked in tears. He held her feet and she kicked him so hard making him release her quickly.

“I’m just so stupid for having a stupid crush on you, for believing you can ever change, for thinking you can ever be human.” She stare at the red stain on the bed spread. ” You stole my V card”

” I’m sorry, I was helpless. I never knew you were a V. I wouldn’t have” he pleaded crying and walking towards her.

She walked backwards holding her shoes and bag. “You were never helpless. You just keep showing how monstrous you are. To think you even used Rasheed to get to me and later rape me. I hate you” she yelled.

She ran out of his room and Enny followed screaming her name.

“Sunshine please I’m sorry,” he pleaded as he ran after her. Her legs were fast so were her tears.

Maheera stopped at the entrance and glanced back. Enny looked at her raising his looks to plead with her. He never knew she was a virgin, he hate himself now than he had ever done.

“I wished you were the one that ate that poison and died” Maheera said, hatred glowing in her eyes. ” At least so many people will be save from getting hurt by you again” she ran outside.

Enny felt his world crumble right before him. Another list to the people that hate him but what hurts most his that this victim of his really loves him and he loves her too.

Now Rasheed will definitely have his head.

A/N : 😔😔😔 should I pity Maheera or I should pity Enny??

So Rasheed’s cousin actually drugged Enny but he was blamed for raping her 🤧

Enny is been blackmailed by people he once called friends

Who is the victim? Enny or Maheera

By : Nickkie’maf
Chapter 25

Maheera tossed her phone in her bag after switching it off. She grabbed her school bag and sluggishly walked out of the house. Her father left for Port-Harcourt the previous morning after getting a call from work so she was left alone to shed her tears in peace. This is what happens when you don’t listen to your parents.

The drive to school wasn’t such a long drive but it was terribly annoying with Maheera feeling like ditching school but she wouldn’t want to have any issue with her step mother. Enny had called severally,even left previous messages but she hates him now.

Rasheed came visiting too after calling her to no avail. She lied about misplacing her phone when she has actually switched it off.

Classes were blur as Maheera couldn’t pinpoint a thing the teachers said. She decided to skip class before Rasheed come looking for her or even Enny. She wasn’t ready to lie to Rasheed again or talk to Enny ever again. Rasheed knows every of her lone point in the school so she decided to go to the basketball court.

The way to the court was deserted and she knew why. Nobody will be there until training time and Rasheed will never guess she could be there. She got to the door, placing her hand on the knob she heard voices. “Seriously!” She exclaimed. “So much for being alone” she said. She was about to turn when she heard a familiar voice and she decides to eavesdrop.

“You are going to give me the video if you truly love yourself” Maheera didn’t know the voice but she placed her ear closer to the door.

“I’m not giving you the video, do your worst” Enny stated.

” You are daring us right. Not only will the whole school know your secret but Rasheed will know of your every betrayal” Another voice said.

She wondered what secret Enny had and what video they were talking about.

“Wait I understand that have been stupid before, I should have known that such a secret is baseless cause my stepmom wouldn’t want some stupid teenagers to ruin her reputation. Feel free to tell the world that am a bastard” he said very calmly.

Maheera gasped but quickly cover her mouth. Enny is a bastard meaning his parents aren’t his parents, no wonder his sister tried to poison him and the mother threw him in jail. Andd he had more secrets. She wanted to know everything that instant, she was nervous and scared of what more to find out about Enny and the fear of been found eavesdropping.

“Oh, you really think so. And you’re getting some nerves Rasheed will definitely break your bones if he knows how your slept with his first love and she had to break up out of guilt” Brian smirked crossing his arms across his chest.

Maheera ran short of breath, okay this is definitely bad, very bad and it won’t go well with Rasheed.

“Yeah, don’t forget to tell him the two of us were drunk and made a huge mistake” he stressed. ” Remember to tell him how you blackmail me to sleep with Stephanie because he slapped you for hitting on her. Oh and don’t forget to tell him you also blackmail me to hang out with Maheera, sleep with her and get it on video so you can upload it on the school website” he sneered.

Maheera’s heart stopped beating for a while as she gasped for breathe. It was all a game, it was just to get to her. Her tears fell freely as she stayed glued to the door. She just realized how stupid and foolish she was. Realizing how gullible she was made her cry more but she couldn’t make a sound.

“I trusted you guys with my secret. After everything you kept on blackmailing me. You made me loose my best friend, the only guy who actually care about me even knowing how much of a jerk I am. Now I’m losing him again after a pure soul got us back together” he sighed.

” But now I’m not losing my best friend alone this time. You made me hurt the innocent soul that really loved me and see beyond my monstrous act. You made me loose Maheera.” He thundered.

Maheera missed her breathe but her tears wouldn’t seize falling. Enny was helpless and stupid but he could have talked to his best friend about it, he even raped her and got it on video before he got his senses. Deep in her thoughts she heard Enny’s raspy voice.

“Now since I’m losing the two most important people in my life right now. I don’t think I can suffer this alone.” He gave a dark chuckle. Thomas and his friends felt the darkness in his face and moved backwards away from him. “I’m gonna hurt you every single day, I won’t blackmail you but I’ll reveal every of your tiny little secret” he smirked and saw the fear in their eyes.

” You’ll pay for every single tears Maheera shed. Sorry we will all pay since I’m losing two people too. I’ll so much hurt you that you’ll regret ever knowing me” he said with all seriousness and they knew he meant it but what secrets do they have that he knew of. They aren’t as gullible as he is.

Maheera’s shirt was soaked up with her tears. So Enny really loves her but he blew his chance already, she hates him and will feel every hurt she felt. Every ounce of betrayal he’ll get double the dose. She wiped her tears and walked away form the spot.

“Hey Brian I bet you don’t know he’s been sleeping with your big sis after recording her in your house with her boyfriend. And you he set you up with those guys who sell drugs” he smiled fully aware of how they are gonna separate but he’ll bring them back together to suffer their crime. The fear on the face was priceless.
If he had know he could get all this information within 24hours he would have done that years ago but now it’s late and he’s expecting Rasheed very soon to come and break his nose since he hadn’t attend classes due to fear.

He left the three astonished guys who were already fighting. Two already punching Thomas, he’s just starting with them he thought to himself.

He got to the hallway and saw Maheera by her locker. He swallowed the lump that had grown in his throat. She stopped picking his calls since Saturday before finally switching her phone off. He knew his apology was useless but at least he should do something. Noticing she was almost done,he took a run and ran to her.

“Hi” he stuttered.

“What?” Maheera asked clearly irritated by his sight. “Don’t tell me you’re sorry for raping me and getting it on Video” she said sarcastically. Enny looked at her in surprise. His look morphed into that of fear.

“Or the fact about you been a bastard and using me as a secret keeper.” She placed her for finger on her chin like a person thinking.

“Oh or that fact that you slept with Rasheed’s first love” she smirked. ” I can go on and on”

” I’m sorry” Enny said. No doubt she heard everything they talked about but how.

” Save that for the upcoming victim of yours. I feel sorry for her already” she shaked her head turning to walk away.

“Don’t act all lovey-dovey to me or I might be forced to tell Rasheed. I won’t tell him yet cause of the stupid love I used to have for you which is now dead and won’t even get a proper burial of crying over you. Stay away” she glared and turn to see Rasheed running towards them.

“Guys where the hell have you two been?” He asked clearly in tears as he wiped his tears frantically.

” Rash what happened? Are you okay?” The two asked together.

” It’s Tammy she ran snuck out of school and no one knew and now she’s involved in an accident. They don’t know if she’ll make it” he cried further, Maheera ran into his arms and hugged him crying already.

Enny stood frozen, “oh God! Why haven’t he told Rasheed that he saw Tammy on Friday” he sighed as he held his friend’s hand. ” She’ll be okay, she’s a fighter. I believe” he said patting Rasheed’s back.


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