When Love Doesn’t Make sense (Episode 6 – 10)

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When Love Doesn’t Make Sense
(episode 6)

It’s one thing to love someone, another thing to be loved back in return by the one you love and a different thing entirely for that person’s love for you to be greater than yours for him/her. When a person shows you more love than you do to them in return, it just shows that you are engraved in their hearts and they are never letting you go so far as it’s in their power to keep you. In Gary’s case, it’s evident that his love for me was more than I was aware of. It was apparent that this man meant every word he had ever said to me and never hesitated to back them up with actions. I knew I had felt Loved in the past by other men I came across, but Gary’s type of Love was just something else; It was phenomenal.

After the romantic and cute Make-Up gesture by Gary that fateful evening, I had no other option than to take back my Man whom I had secretly missed since we had been apart. Honestly, I wanted to spend every minute with him that fateful evening because I had missed him so much than I was showing. The tight hug he gave to me after uttering that promising word ‘Forever’ was just the most intimate hug I had received in a very long time. What a reunion!

“Babe I want to take you somewhere” Gary said immediately we parted from the hug, “Where are we going to hun? It’s kinda late; don’t you think we should go home?” I gently inquired but he said it would be worth it. Confused but partially excited, I entered into the car and we zoomed off.
After about 25 minutes into the ride, we arrived at a nice part of town I didn’t even knew existed. It was a cinema where people watched the movie from their cars. There were so many cars present at the time we arrived but we were fortunate enough to locate a nice isolated spot and parked there.

It was such a nice gesture by Gary for me to ease off the stress that I was feeling due to the trade fair. He lowered the car seats in a way that made us lay back so we could be able to see the big projector that was showing a nice movie. The cinema attendants walked down to the car to see if we needed to buy snacks and pop corns. We bought some things to eat and enjoyed the movie.

Everything was going very well till we started catching feelings due to the erotic scenes being displayed in the movie. Gary and I had long conversations and laughed in a bid to shake off any feelings we were catching but all was in vain. As the movie continued, he gave in. “Baby I miss you, I really did and still do” he said in a romantic tone and I laughed out loud because I knew where he was driving at. “Babe don’t even catch feelings right now because it will only lead to nowhere” I playfully said as I laughed.

Mere looking at Gary, I could just tell that he had really missed me on many levels and it honestly made me laugh. I knew he wanted me at that moment and would give up just anything to devour me in the car that night. All those crazy thoughts that ran through his head just made me laugh whenever I saw his hungry eyes.

As my unbothered attitude and laughter became unbearable for Gary, he moved closer and reached for my neck. He planted a soft kiss there and I blushed as I looked into his eyes and at that moment, he unlocked his seat belt.

“Babe No, I can’t. I haven’t taken my bath, I feel irritated from all the running up and down during the fair. I just can’t do this right now please” I gently said and pecked his nose. “Sonnie I miss you, should we go to my house? Please spend the night over at my place, I miss you so much!” Gary gently said.

Seriously I held myself from laughing that day so as not to hurt Gary’s feelings because he was at his most vulnerable point. It made me laugh just watching him look so emotionally starved. To be honest, I missed him so much and wanted him too but just felt it was a bit too early; considering the fact that we had been apart for a long time. I managed to talk him out of the mood and made him understand that it was best we talk about things that would determine the lifespan of our relationship than get cozy.

An evening that would have ended up with Gary and I gasping for breath in his car or house, rather ended up with us talking about things that mattered more to our relationship. Through that evening’s conversations, new expectations and values were set for our relationship and despite the fact that I wanted to feel his touch that fateful day, I honestly preferred the way things turned out.

It was such a great day at the movie cinema and after over 3 hours spent there, we retired home. Gary dropped me off before heading to his house. Before I slept, he called and we talked till I was about to fall asleep. Our relationship was back on track and our love for each other was rekindled. It gladdened my heart that I had gotten my baby back, even though I didn’t let my happy emotions show. That day ended on a very good note!

Day in day out, the love Gary and I share became stronger. It got to a point where he wouldn’t take minor decisions without consulting me first. Honey, should I buy this? should I do this? should I wear this? Etc, became my everyday decision making with Gary. He literally carried me along in everything he did and never hesitated to show me off to his friends and business partners.

After the incident with Mercedes, there hadn’t been any major issue in our relationship nor misunderstanding. We maintained the peace and happiness in our relationship till the table turned one day and I was now on the hot seat.

It happened that Gary and I went for a get-together gathering with his business associates. I didn’t know any single person in that gathering except Gary and few familiar faces he had introduced me to in the past. Gary was very busy that evening because he was the centre of attention, so due to that, he didn’t really have much time to keep me company and I was totally understanding and cool with everything.

As I sat lonely in one of the chairs, Gary came up to me and asked that I help him get something from his car parked outside. Finally! I was happy to get out from that crowded place with serious looking people on suits and gowns. I collected the key and majestically walked out of the building.

After getting what Gary asked me to get for him from the car, I locked the car and was about to head back inside the venue when I heard someone call my name from afar. “Sonnie!” I heard and quickly turned, only to see one of my clients from work whom I signed a good deal with over a year ago. I was so excited to see him after a long time so I obviously acted excited and happy.

“Long time dear, how have you been?” I innocently inquired, “I have been great. Wow! You really look good, what are you doing here?” he asked, “I’m here with my friend; we came for a business get-together” I explained. We got talking about random stuffs and tried to catch up with work related issues. While we conversed, I had absolutely no idea that Gary was watching me all through from the balcony as I was talking to another man.

What seemed like an innocent conversation with an old client of mine was greatly eating Gary up. He was raged, irritated and extremely angry at that moment. I had no clue that he was watching me from the balcony and because I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I didn’t suspect that such casual conversation would in any way get Gary mad at me. There was fire on the mountain but no one was running yet.

Being a mature man that Gary was, he didn’t feel the need to come downstairs and create any scene, he waited for me to come back upstairs before letting loose his anger. After about 10 minutes of talking to my old client, I bid him ‘Goodbye’ and headed back into the building to meet up with Gary.

When I climbed upstairs, I saw Gary leaning on the balcony rails. I didn’t suspect that anything was wrong so I happily went to meet up with him. “Hey baby, here’s what you asked me to get for you” I said as I stretched my hands to hand it over, but he didn’t move an inch and just kept a straight face all along.

At that moment, I became confused and proceeded to inquired what I did wrong. “What’s going on? Did anything happen? Why are you acting strange? ” I confusingly asked but Gary was still mute. I became frustrated and my heart gradually began to beat fast. After being quiet for a while, he finally spoke up; “Who’s that guy you were with a while ago downstairs?” he asked with a straight face and that was when I had a clue of what was going on.

On realising that Gary was suspecting me for cheating on him, my heart shattered because I had never given him any reason or whatsoever to doubt my faithfulness to me. For all I knew, I had been faithful to a fault in our relationship and knowing that he was doubting my loyalty to him also got me mad. “That was a client of mine from work and it’s very annoying and disrespectful to know that you don’t trust me” I soberly said.

Before I could figure out what was happening, Gary sighed and walked away; leaving me standing there alone.

With my mouth wide open and tears in my eyes, I held my chest and sadly muttered; “What just happened?”

When Love Doesn’t Make Sense
(episode 7)

Jealousy is a normal trait in most relationships because no one likes to share the attention and companionship of their Lover with another person but however, the excess of it can lead to an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Most often, jealousy usually portrays lack of trust in a relationship because if you trust your partner enough, then there wouldn’t be any need to be jealous if they interact with the opposite sex. Remember, your lover had other people in their lives before they met you, so you don’t expect them to cut off everyone entirely just because they are in a committed relationship with you.

Gary’s reaction towards a harmless and innocent conversation with a past business associate of mine was totally uncalled for. The fact that he sighed and walked away; leaving me there alone, almost shattered my heart to pieces. There were so many thoughts going through my head at that moment and those thoughts were a mixture of fear and rage. I was scared because I hadn’t seen him that angry since we started dating but was very angry because I perceived distrust right away.

The fact that Gary didn’t trust me enough to believe that I could handle myself well when with another man, broke my heart because I honestly didn’t deserve such under-rating. At that moment, all I just wanted to do was to go home because I was obviously fed up with the bad energy I was getting from my supposed partner and the whole business get together I was at. “I have to leave” I muttered to myself.

After standing clueless at the balcony for a while, I majestically walked to where Gary was busy interacting with his friend. I tapped his shoulder from behind and quietly put the car key and the file I was holding in his hand and walked away without uttering a word.

As I walked away, Gary took excuse from the people he was talking to and followed me almost immediately. By the time he got to the staircase, I was already outside the building looking out for a taxi to take me home. The hurt and disappointment I was feeling at that moment brought tears to my eyes and before I knew it, I started crying uncontrollably.

“Where are you going to?” Gary voiced out as he got closer to me. He could see that I was crying and I guess that reason alone softened his heart and dissolved any anger he was initially having towards me. “Where are you going to?” he repeated after I ignored the first one. I turned and looked at him with tears in my eyes; “Why do you care where I go to? I am an unfaithful partner or aren’t I anymore?” I said with tears falling off my eyes.

At that point, Gary was just frustrated and didn’t know where to start calming down the situation from. He tried to hold my hands but I knocked his hands off in anger. At that moment, I could pass for a Drama Queen because Gary was the one that ought to be acting up and not me. I guess I was just hurt for being perceived as an unfaithful person, when all I had ever done was have eyes for Gary alone and no other man. It was a lot for me to deal with too!

On seeing that the situation was gradually getting out of hand, Gary had to act fast so that it doesn’t lead to another major issue between us. “Babe I am sorry, I guess I was just angry seeing another man make you laugh. I watched you guys for a long time and almost started to feel like I wasn’t enough for you. I’m sorry!” he soberly said.

Those emotion-filled words from Gary pierced my heart and made me feel bad too. With tears still in my eyes, I walked up to him and gave him and very tight hug; “Baby, I’m so sorry too. I never knew that a harmless conversation with a business partner would make up feel this type of way. I didn’t intended to hurt you in anyway and would never cheat on you” I soberly said as I held him very tight. “Look at me” I said and he lifted his head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes. I wrapped my hands at the back of his neck and said; “Gary, you might not know this because I don’t show it more often like you do but I Love you with all my heart, my soul and my whole body. To be honest, I have eyes for you alone and this has made every other guy look like a brother to me. I would never intentionally hurt you or toy with your feelings, I love you so much and it hurts so bad when you do anything to tamper with the love I have for you. It’s just only you I want and no one else. I love you baby and I’m so sorry for today” I soberly said, with tears gently dropping off my eyes.

At that moment, Gary was greatly touched. He held my waist and pulled me closer to his chest. I looked into his sober eyes and planted a very soft kiss on his lips. We were on a slightly busy street due to the business gathering but we cared less if anyone was watching. The kiss lasted for few minutes and Gary placed my head of his chest afterwards. “Do you want us to leave?” he inquire and I nodded ‘Yes’. He opened the car for me to get in and went back into the building to inform his business associates that he was leaving. After about 5 minutes later, he returned and we zoomed off.

It was quite late so Gary suggested that I spend the night over at his place. I figured it was a good idea because I hadn’t spent the night there since after the incident with Mercedes. When he asked if we should go straight to his house, I nodded ‘Yes’ and laid back on the chair.

Few minutes into the ride, I slept off because I was very tired. When we arrived at Gary’s house, he drove into the under ground parking area which had a lift that lead to the various apartment floors. I was fast asleep when we arrived so in order not to wake me, he decided to carry me. The lift made things easier for him and in no time, we were already inside his apartment.

“Sonnie, we are here” Gary gently whispered into my ears and I opened my eyes. Despite being tired, I still had to inquire if he was hungry and wanted something to eat. “Babe are you hungry? I can fix you something to eat” I said but he told me he was filled from the chops he ate at the party. Deep down, I was low-key happy he wasn’t hungry because I was tired and needed to sleep.

After settling down, Gary first went to take his bath, while I arranged the bed and went through his closet to pick a perfect cloth to wear for the night. After spotting the perfect T-shirt, I pulled off the clothes I was wearing and went to join Gary in the bathroom.

“Babe can I come in?” I inquired after knocking on the door. Without hesitating, he gave the go-ahead order and I walked inside the bathroom, tying only a white towel. He was almost done with his bath and wanted to leave the bathroom when I walked in but I was not about to let him go. “Where are you going to?” I asked as I entered the bath tub, “I want to give you space to shower since I am done bathing” he said, “Who told you I wanted space?” I asked in a low tone as I looked into his eyes.

Fortunately, Gary caught the signal that I wanted him in the bathroom with me. He smiled and held the towel I was tying, then slowly dragged it off my body. “I really love your body and your breasts too” he complimented with a smile on his face and I suddenly became shy. “Babe stop!” I said as I blushed. He leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his waist and playfully bite his tiny breast. That’s usually Gary’s G-spot so I knew it would definitely take him to Cloud 9.

I laughed when I saw him looking wasted and playfully told him to leave the bathroom so I could shower. He kissed me one more time before walking away. I sat in the bathroom for a while before proceeding to take my bath.

After showering, I quickly got dressed and made my way to the bed. Gary was reading an important magazine from work and was also working with his iPad when I came in. “Can I help you with whatever you are doing?” I politely asked and he gladly gave me the iPad to continue with what he was typing. I had no clue what he was typing so he gave me some guidance and the work was finished in no time.

When we were done working, we laid back on the bed and began to talk about random stuffs and also about the future. We talked for a long time and finally retired to bed. It was cold so we cuddled each other as we slept.

The next day, I had to rush home to prepare for work. Gary remembered that he hadn’t given me back my spare key to his house since I threw it at him during Mercedes issue. Kindly hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more and exciting stories. “Babe, here’s your key” he said and handed it to me. I smiled and collected the key back, then pecked him and took my leave.

Day in Day out, we took our Love Journey one step at a time till something drastic happened one fateful day. I was at work one afternoon when my phone rang, it was an unknown foreign number so I let it ring the first time before picking when it rang the second time. “Hello” I greeted, “Hello, is this Sonnie?” The caller asked and I said “Yes”.

The voice seened like that of an elderly lady with an accent. Before I could land with my reply, the unknown caller dropped a shocker. “You are such a young, naive and beautiful lady so I thought it would be best I save you from a future wreck and heart break. My son Gary has someone here in the states whom he’s been seeing for a very long time now. Don’t fall too deep, just enjoy while it last” the caller coldly said.

I had never felt so broken, used, shattered, devastated and emotional drained my whole life like I felt that very day. With a heavy heart, I shockingly said; “No, I think you have the wrong Gary”.

When Love Doesn’t Make Sense
(episode 8)

Trials are inherent in relationships and no love story worth telling was without ups and downs. It’s almost impossible for things to go very smooth in a relationship because it’s a union that consist of two different people that came together to make things work between them. One common prayer couples pray is that God gives them the grace to sail through the storms and come out unhurt; with their love for one another still intact. In my case, it’s safe to say that my relationship with Gary encountered so many bad times just as good times. We had been through so much just to be together but it didn’t seem like a break was around the corner.

After the scary revelation from an elderly lady that claimed to be Gary’s mum, I was left shocked, devastated and totally heart broken. Never in a thousand years did I imagine that I was being used or brainwashed by a man I loved so much and had shared a lot of memories with. The funny thing about the whole situation was that Gary had never given me any reason to doubt his loyalty and love for me, but I guess he was a Professional when it came to the act of deception. My heart was not about to remain the same if the scary reality in front of me was true. It would take a lifetime for any other man to win my heart and get me fully committed in any relationship ever again. Fingers were crossed!

When the woman who claimed to be Gary’s mum was done talking, I couldn’t say much. All I kept saying was “I think you have the wrong Gary” till I ended the call. Immediately the call ended, I held myself from collapsing because my heart was very heavy at that moment.

As I gently laid back on my office chair, my head began to spin with so many thoughts going back and forth in my mind; I was drenched in thoughts. In that confused and devastating state, I knew that calling Gary would be a wrong move because I might end up crying, shouting or laughing, so it was best I put myself together before confronting him.

Those remaining hours before I got off work was the longest, most traumatising and scary hours of my life. Gary had already texted me that we would be meeting up for dinner at our favourite restaurant but I told him we needed to talk. I believe he didn’t suspect that anything was wrong because we communicated via text message. We scheduled to meet up at his house instead and he informed me that he would bring our dinner to the house when returning from where he was at.

Before I left the office that day, I bowed my head and said a silent prayer because I knew that night was going to determine the fate of my relationship with Gary. As the taxi drove down to my destination, I looked outside the window and was just lost in thoughts. As I looked at the trees, houses and the sky as the car drove pass, my eyes suddenly became teary but I held myself from crying.

Still on my way to Gary’s house, I got a text message from him that he was waiting for me at home. I didn’t bother returning his text because I was already close by. Finally, we arrived and I paid the taxi driver and walked through the security till I entered inside the building. Few minutes later, I was inside the elevator and eventually at his door. After the first knock, the door opened and I was welcomed inside with a warm hug. “Hey babe, how was work today?” Gary said as he hugged me, “It was cool, and yours?” I replied and he said “Mine was great”. He tried to kiss me but I moved my face away to prevent him from doing so.

There and then, Gary figured out that something was wrong. His countenance immediately changed and so with mine. “What’s wrong?” he curiously inquired but I didn’t know where to start talking from. After being mute for a while, I finally spoke up. “So you are kinda betrothed to someone back in the states right?” I inquired as tears gradually clouded my eyes.

That question threw Gary off balance and left him dead drop shocked. The reaction in his face gradually confirmed my fears and when I couldn’t bear it any longer, I burst out in tears. “So you are using me? This is all a joke to you right? Oh My God! I can’t believe this Gary, you used me and our relationship never actually meant anything to you huh? Why on earth would you do a thing like this to me? I don’t deserve this and certainly can’t look at you the same at this point. Oh My God!” I soberly said as tears fell off my eyes.

The look on Gary’s face at that moment was confusing and scary at the same time. He was probably shocked as to how I got to know about a thing like that. He was flabbergasted!

“Babe who have you been talking to?” Gary shockingly asked but I was already in beast mode at that point and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be cool, calm and collected. “Does it matter who I have been talking to? At this point, all I want to know is the truth” I flared up.

The whole atmosphere was tensed at that moment and after being lost of words, Gary finally came clean. “Listen babe, I know what you might be thinking but I just want to tell you that it isn’t true. Yes I have someone back in the states but things weren’t working out between us so we decided to take some time off and that was around the time I met you. At the time we met, I didn’t want anything serious but gradually began to fall deeply in love with you. I know you might not believe me but I planned to officially end things with her this summer when I go for the business trip I told you about a while ago. It’s you that I want and no one else babe, please I need you to believe me” he soberly said.

Throughout my life, I had never felt so used and betrayed like I felt that fateful day. I looked at Gary and broke down in tears like I had never done in his presence. “Wow! So I was a rebound all these while? Like you were just trying to see if you could forget about your precious girlfriend back in the states right? You were using me all these while and never really valued what we had. How could you Gary? I gave you my heart and really thought I had all your heart too but I guess I was very wrong. Do I look like a Guess Work to you? How could you play me like this? I’m really hurt and don’t think I can take this anymore. I just can’t take this anymore, I am so tired” I said as tears fell off my eyes.

On seeing that our relationship was headed towards a wreck that we might never be able to come out from, Gary had to act fast because I was already saying things that scared him. “Sonnie please stop, it hasn’t come to this, my heart is with you and no one else. Babe please believe me because I would go crazy if you ever walked away from my life. Please calm down and sit so we can talk about this” he said in a shaky tone.

As the whole atmosphere was filled with diverse emotions, I looked into Gary’s teary eyes and kept staring at them without uttering a word. I blinked my reddish eyes as I stared into his. After a while, I soberly said; “I have just one thing to clarify and all I need from you is the truth. Was I a rebound to you after you and your girlfriend decided to take a break in your relationship? Was your heart with her when you said all those sweet things to me at the restaurant the day we met? Just tell me the truth”.

My question put Gary in a very tight spot. He was mute and broken beyond words can say. After fighting within himself for over 5 minutes, he voiced out the reply that shattered my heart and greatly tampered with my mental health. His reply was nothing but a devastating “Yes”.

As I stood there looking broken, I gave the most painful smile I have ever smiled in my whole life. My body instantly became numb as I shook my head in disbelief.

Before Gary could try to comfort me, I hushed him and dropped a painful shocker; “It’s Over!”

When Love Doesn’t Make Sense
(episode 9)

A Break-up is definitely not a pleasant experience; especially if you truly loved that person with all your heart. No one wants to go a day, weeks or months without speaking or seeing the person they truly love. When I said those scary words “It’s Over” to Gary, he was utterly shocked and dumbfounded because he didn’t see it coming at all. Matter of fact, Gary initially felt I was joking and probably didn’t mean those devastating words that left my lips, but his fears were confirmed when all efforts to get me to take back those words back proved abortive.

“Baby you can’t be saying things like this, you are upset and I get that but please don’t make serious decisions at this moment because it’s clear that we both aren’t in a good frame of mind. Please sit down let’s talk this through; please babe, let’s talk” Gary said with tears in his eyes. At that moment, I honestly didn’t know what to do. A big part of me wanted to walk away but another part of me wanted to stay back and listen attentively to what he had to say.

While still figuring out my next course of action, Gary held my hands very tight and I looked into his eyes with sadness in my heart and tears in my eyes. I could see the devastated state of his heart when I looked into his reddish eyes. Deep down in my heart, I truly didn’t want to let my man go because I genuinely loved him with all my heart and wanted him alone. However, I wasn’t willing to be a rebound to someone all in the name of Love. Never!

After Gary suggested that we talk things through, I finally agreed by sitting down where he wanted me to sit so we could talk properly. “Talk, I’m listening” I soberly said after sitting. “Ok babe” he responded and sat down too.

The conversation of a lifetime was about to begin and I was ready for whatever the result would be. After we settled down, Gary tiredly looked at me with tears in his eyes and before I knew it, he started crying.

As I watched Gary cry, my heart gradually became soft but I tried my possible best to hide my feelings and emotions. After about two minutes of being mute, he finally broke the silence; “Babe, who have you been talking to? Please tell me who told you about this” he curiously inquired.

There and then, I realised that I hadn’t told Gary that it was his mum who called me, so I felt it was best I told him about that since we were having a conversation. “Your mum called and told me everything, I am still shocked as to how she got my contact information or did you give it to her?” I soberly said. The shock on his face at that moment convinced me that he didn’t believe my story. “My mum? You have got to be kidding because my mum is still yet to find out about us. She would be the last person to do a thing like this” He said with total assurance.

At that moment, I was shocked even more than ever and didn’t know what or whom to believe. While I was still trying to digest what Gary said, he requested for the number of the person that claimed to be his mum so he could investigate the matter. I went to my phone call log and found the number, then showed to him afterwards.

One look at the number and Gary could already tell that it wasn’t that of his mum. He immediately dialed the number on his phone but no name showed. The phone rang for a while before the call was picked. He quickly put the phone on loud speaker so I could hear their conversation.

“Hello” Gary greeted, “Hi” the stranger replied. You can hi ohene ish on+233544142683 to read more of this story from unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room, storybaze, storyline. Without wasting time, he continued; “Please can I know who I am speaking to? This is Gary” he said and before we could get a reply, the person ended the call.

After the call ended, Gary shook his head and looked at me. “Babe I know I did wrong by keeping this sort of secret from you but I am definitely sure whoever revealed this information to you blew everything out of proportion. To be honest, I hadn’t spoken to Letisha since you and I took our relationship to the next level. It’s true that I was going through a tough time in my relationship with Letisha when I met you but that doesn’t mean you didn’t steal my heart the very first day we met. Please forgive me and take back those words you said earlier because I seriously don’t know what would happen to me if you walked away from my life” he soberly said.

As we conversed further, my heart gradually began to get soft and every anger I was feeling vanished little by little. Regardless of the fact that Gary was gradually convincing me to give our relationship another chance, I still felt hurt and betrayed.

As my heart gently began to melt, Gray drew closer to me and laid his head on my laps. He sobbed gently and my heart began to beat very fast. The tears in my eyes didn’t want to cease anytime soon because I was touched by what was happening at that moment.

Before I could figure out how to console Gary, who was crying gently, he lifted his head from my laps and dropped a Big shocker; “Marry Me Sonnie”.


When Love Doesn’t Make Sense
(episode 10)

There’s nothing as refreshing and fulfilling as being in a relationship with someone that knows what he/she wants and that is no other than ‘You’. When the heart knows what it wants, it would stop at nothing till that desire gets fulfilled and in Gary’s case, it was now obvious that he was truly never going to let me slip off his hands. What a man of his words indeed and I was extremely blessed to have someone like that in my life as a partner.

After the unexpected proposal hint, I was totally shocked and numb because I didn’t see that proposal coming anything soon. Despite the fact that I was aware his emotions and present vulnerable state played a big role in that unexpected proposal, it still made me smile to see the extent Gary was willing to go just to save our relationship. That thoughtful gesture only was priceless and more than enough to change my mind from walking away. At this moment, every hard shell instantly soften and I just couldn’t wait to assure my Man that I wasn’t going anywhere.

As I sat there looking extremely shocked and surprised at the same time, Gary held me tighter and laid back on my laps again like a baby that didn’t want his precious playmate taken away from him; such a cute sight to behold indeed. After laying for a little while, he got up and looked at my shocked face.

“Babe I meant it, every words. Will you marry me?” Gary repeated again. I smiled faintly and place my soft palms on his cheek; “I totally understand that we are going through a rough time now and the pressure is up; which can lead to either of us saying things we haven’t really thought through. Marrying you will be one of the best decisions I ever made but I don’t think this is the right time because we still have a long journey of self-discovery ahead of us and I also don’t think I am mentally ready for marriage now. Marriage isn’t a child’s play and I don’t want either of us to rush in, so as not to rush out. I want to stay married to my husband till my last breath so that’s why I want to take as much time I need to make the right decision. Babe, I’m so happy you asked me to marry you but I believe this isn’t the right time. However, you have succeeded in making me more committed to you and this relationship because now I know that you are 100% in. No more secrets from now henceforth please; always confide in me about everything and I promise to do same too. I love you OK, and I take back what I said earlier” I gently said.

After an outpour of emotions, Gary and I reconciled our differences and gave each other a kiss. it broke my heart to see how vulnerable and scared Gary was due to the little crisis our relationship faced. However, it’s safe to say that our relationship had gotten stronger than ever and we also got to know each other the more.

That night, I couldn’t sleep over at Gary’s place because I had a lot of work to do immediately I got back home. He dropped me off at my destination before heading back to his house. All through the night, I just couldn’t stop blushing whenever I remembered Gary’s cute proposal. It made me feel some type of way when I saw how dedicated he was to our relationship’s survival. It was so refreshing to feel loved, wanted and needed by someone you are dearly in love with. Seeing the extent Gary was willing to go just to make our relationship work was something that brought me so much joy and also gave me assurance that I wasn’t wasting my time, emotions and energy on the wrong person. Such a relief indeed!

Days gradually went by and Gary began to tell his family about our relationship. His mum and sister were the only family he had after his dad passed few years back. He told his mum everything about our relationship and according to what he told me, she was happy for him and couldn’t wait to meet me. I have spoken to her a couple of times on video call and she was such a good vibe. Gradually, his sister and I became cool and quite close to each other.

In all this new beautiful development, Gary was still curious to know who called me the other day and spilled the news about Letisha. It still bothered him because he knew deep down that whoever called must be someone close to him and he was also curious to know how the anonymous caller got my number. Slowly but surely, the truth finally surfaced one faithful day.

Turns out that the unknown caller was Letisha’s mum all along. She got to know about Gary and I when he posted a picture we took during an outing we went to. It turns out that Letisha saw the picture and told her mum that Gary was seeing someone else back in Africa.

Now, after that picture, they managed to trace me all the way to my social media accounts. They were able to get my number from a public group of mine I advertised for a particular project. Since I was the Admin of the group, it was very easy for them to get my number because it was very visible. Letisha’s mum took the courage to call me after her daughter got my number.

This hidden truth came to light one fateful day. It happened that I was at Gary’s house one Saturday scrolling through my phone when I got a call from an unknown number. The number looked exactly the same as the one that called the last time to warn me about Gary.

When I saw the call, my heart dropped but knowing that it definitely wasn’t Gary’s mum as initially claimed, I summoned the courage and picked up. “Hello” I greeted, “Hi, Sonnie?” the unknown caller asked and I replied ‘Yes’.

Just as the conversation was about to start, Gary walked in and I signalled him with my hands to be quiet and come sit beside me. I put the phone on loud speaker immediately afterwards so he could hear the caller too. As we sat down quietly, the unknown caller continued; “I have told you to stay away from Gary but you didn’t take my advice. He has somebody here and you are not good for him” the caller said.

Instantly, Gary detected the voice and voiced out immediately the caller’s identity dawned on him. “Kerry? Is that you?” he curiously inquired and as we earnestly awaited a response, the person ended the call.

Shocked and confused, I inquired; “Do you know her?”. Gary shook his head in disbelief and dropped a shocker; “That is Letisha’s mum”.

Just as I was about to say something else, that same number left the group I opened for my project and that was when it dawned on me how she got my number in the first place. Everything gradually began to make sense.

I looked at Gary in shock and gently muttered “Wow!”



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