Lost Identity (Episode 1 – 5)

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Cornell dad called.
Get ready, you are taking youth’s sunday teachings on sunday. The topic you shall be speaking on is THE SET APART.

Prayerfully follow this topic. Allow the holyspirit to lead you and give you more insight. Foward your lessons to me for review.

I want to see a power packed lesson. Don’t forget that sunday school is just 30mins. You must not exceed your time. You will fast as well. Don’t forget.

Now that’s my dad. Pastor cornell usorochukwu Adindu. I am cornell( jnr) Chieweta Adindu.

Before dad took up his pastorship mantle, he has always loved God. He Will always drag us along. From morning altars, to night prayers, family bible sharing, bible studies, and all.

We must never miss sunday school. Infact, countless times, we have gone to church on empty stomach just so we won’t miss SUNDAY SCHOOL.

Everyone knew brother Cornell then, as my dad won’t miss the front seat then. Our pastor then was so fond of him. Dad answered God’s call when i was 10.

I have elder sisters. Nancy and sophia. My mum too is a child of God to the core. She is of the despensation of bornagain christains who preach against earrings, makeup, trousers and related stuffs.

She told my sisters that only the holy spirit can help one to totally surrender. My sisters couldn’t deal with not wearing earrings and using hair extentions. She let them. But trousers and make up is a NO in my home.

My sisters are fire brand. Mum allowed them encounter God by themselves. Nancy is a wonderful worship and praise leader. When my sister mounts the podium, hmmm, even i myself can’t stand the power that flows with her worship.

Nancy will fast 2 days to the day of her ministration. She will stay away from certain foods and do more of fruits and vegetables. Infact, she will rehearse till day break, even her rehearsal carries fire. I have never seen.

Sophia is a powerful teacher. Just like my dad. She received baptism of the holyghost at age 11. She is highly anointed by God. Sophia is the elderest.

I, cornell jnr, loved the Lord. I was commited to the things of God but what i am not able to place about me is if i am being forced, if i was just trying to live like a WORTHY PASTOR’S SON who doesn’t want to look different from his siblings, or if i was truly serving God out of my own decision and will. I was confused.

I love swag alot. I love jeans, crazy ones. I love crazy haircut. Infact i craved for dreads. I love wearing blinks. I love big boots, . I just want love to dress like “WORLDLY MUSICIANS” like my mum will call them. So many times i have secretly bought these things, put them on and take pictures. Each time i glanced at them, i will be like, wooooow, fine boy.

I am supposed to teach on Sunday. To be frank, i didn’t pray jack. I went to my elder sister sophia, she helped me arrange points. I had to tell her i needed more points to add to the ones i have. After rewriting, i took it to my dad on friday.

He looked at it and looked at me. At this point my heart was pounding.

-hmmm, he sighed
-who wrote this ?he asked
-please don’t tell me you,, he added.
-i know your capabilities,he continued,this sounds so SOPHIAIC he said.

Jesus, my mind skipped. How did this man know it was sister sophia who wrote this. I was just speechless & moveless. I held my hands together and was blinking my eyes out of fear.

Cornell, he called me.
You are only helping yourself to be a spiritual domant, empty head and what the yorubas call OLODO.
I will help you out son.

He took out his pen and gave me jotter and his bible and handed them over to me.

-The topic again is THE SET APART. Use daniel, shedrach, meshac and Abednego as your case study. Search through the book of daniel.

Kai, i sure know my dad, i just sat down and started searching the scriptures. If i don’t, hmmm. Serious problem.

Amazingly by myself, i was able to make out good points. I was also ministering to myself because i was guilty of some of the points i pened down.

I think i was enjoying what i was doing until that sunday.

I had prepared to dress niggerciously. I had a perfect haircut of my choice. So that morning, after showering, my dad came into my room. He handed over a parcel to me.

-you are wearing this today son. He said.

-dad, i replied, i already have something to wear.

-you are wearing this one i got you son. Please be quick, don’t waste my time.

I opened the parcel. What ? My dad got me shirt (long sleeve for that matter)and tie(how i hate tie) with plain trouser.

Gooooosh, i didn’t know what to say or do. I started hating myself as a pastor’s son. I was there delibrating on how to wear this thing dad brought when i heard my dad’s horn.

Shit, i shouted. When he horns, no one stops him from moving, not even my mum. The next thing i heard was…..

Junior, come with bike. There is five hundred naira on the table.

I started crying. I will dress like this and walk on the street? My niggars will laugh at me. They will start calling me PASTOR .

There i decided. I can’t deal with this shit. I just can’t. I should be given the opportunity to be ME. I decided to fight for my freedom.

To be continued



I got dressed in the attire got by my dad. I didn’t know when i started laughing at myself. Then i started crying. What a dressing!!!! This is just not me. At first, i wore the clothes with my boot. Jezzz, was much funnier than comedy. I just had to wear what i call PASTOR’S SHOE. Dad bought 3 of those. How i hate wearing them.

I gazed at the mirror, (shaking my head) what i saw was a total opposite of Cornell jnr. I had no choice. I stepped out of my gate. I never knew it could take 20 mins to lock the gate. I kept locking this gate, i just couldn’t move. I decided to wear my glasses and keep the WHO CARES KINDA FACE.

Now, bike passes every now and then but that morning, the word, “GOD SEARCHES THE INTENT OF MAN’S HEART” was playing outrightly. I felt God was saying to me, “you are ashamed of what you’re wearing? I will help you increase the shame” No empty bike passed. Meaning i have to walk down to the bustop. I kept going till i met the bombshell.

Just went i thought i have crossed the red sea without getting drowned, i met face to face with ATLANTIC OCEAN. I paused. “Shit” was the next word that dropped out of my mouth. My niggars, all of them, i mean all of them, from dotun to blazzare to onyem to nwa maley, all of them. They were playing football. I instantly needed an underground escape route. I looked up to heaven, i sensed God saying, “don’t you look up, i can’t help you”. I checked my time, in 20mins, opening prayer will take place. I just needed to cross this ATLANTIC OCEAN with swag. Then this idea came. Before i could raise my head………

“Oh boy, see junior o”.

That was what i heard. The next thing i saw was 10 heads turned into 1million heads starring at me. When i thought i could handle it, then came disaster.

These boys were laughing. They were laughing the kind of laugh that could just kill me. What i did? I just had to answer a phone call that had nobody behind it.

-hello, brother, yes yes yes. I’m on my way.(i bursted into meaningless laughter) hahahaha, brother, no now, not like that. Ok, ok, yea, yea, emmmm, 20 mins, 20 mins.

And i passed. (Deep breath )

I said to myself, junior, you are very stupid o but your stupidity help sha.

Bike finally came. Few minutes later, i was at the church.

I stepped in 5mins before church service took off. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing.

-wooow, junior, you look good
-omg, you’re cute bro.
-this is beautiful

Then i heard a bombshell from my dad’s assistant’s wife.

-Cornell son, please keep dressing like this. Wow, you look so handsome and cool like this.

I said…….

-Thank you ma

But i meant……

-stop that ma. Don’t even say that again please. (Eyeing her in my mind)

The way she turned was like she heard the one my mind said. I smiled that “caught in the act smile. She smiled back.


i was really flowing honestly. At that point, i was enjoying what i was doing. My case study was the four hebrew boys. My points were like the book prophet Ezekiel in bible chewed. It was SWEET in my mouth, very sweet. It became ALEOVERAIC when it was time for the youths to ask questions. I started sweating from my shoes.

Question number 1…..

Sir, the topic says  SET APART. And from all the passages we read, the bible youths were different from their peers. Sir, my question is, these days, why is it very very difficult, to identify a KINGDOM YOUTH. Why are youths of the house hold of christ no longer SET APART. We see them DRESS IRRESPONSIBLY even to church. They grow dreads, pierce their ear, sag, they desire to be like the other guys. Sir, please elaborate more on this issue.

I was still swallowing my saliva when the next question poped up.

Question number 2

-sir, the world has taken over the church and it has seriously affected the youths. They are even ashamed to boldly say they are bornagain. They are ashamed to identify among their God’s family . Sir, why is that? And what can be done to correct this error.

Now, i know i am melting because i just cannot answer that question because my answer will be disastrous.

Thank heavens, sister Nancy was there. She raised her hand and answered the question. The answer was a machine gun pointed directly to my face, by my own sister.

Her Answer……

Praise God. All these can only happen to someone who is being forced, or who is just an ordinary church goer, who has not encountered the HOLY SPIRIT . Empty vessels, vessels of wood.
Any youth who has had an encounter, personal encounter with God, will not find it difficult to do God’s will.

I just found out, i don’t fit in here. I am Cornell junior and not PASTOR CORNELL. I need to make it clear. Dad and i, have scores to settle.

To be continued.



We came home from church. I speedily removed the clothes. I was angry as i did. I don’t want to be this person you want me to be.

That night, at about 9:30pm, i walked into the sitting room. Dad was reading his bible.

-Dad, i called. He looked up.
-junior, you’re still awake? He asked
-yes dad.

At that point, i developed tongue tie. I didn’t know how to tell my dad, i wanted to discuss with him.

Discussing with dad isn’t my problem. My problem is how to introduce the topic of discussing.

-Junior, he called, are you alright?
-yes dad. I am. I replied

Dad closed his bible , took off his glasses and looked up to me.

-you want to discuss something with me?

Wow, my dad? He can know everything.

-ye, ye, yes sir, i stammered.
-Alright, sit down. I’m listening

I sat down. I was sweating in my palms. I was surprised at myself. Where is the “i need to talk to my dad spirit” i couldn’t even say a word. Then my dad broke the silence with words that sprouted the fire i needed.

-cornell, the sunday school you took was really nice. I listened to you every line. Your teaching was great.

-thanks dad, i replied.

-get ready, next sunday, you will……..

Dad didn’t finish his statement when i flared up.

-dad, I’m sorry, i won’t. I can’t do that anymore.

My dad smiled.

-and why? If i may ask?

I stood up.

-Dad,  you are forcing your pastorship on me. You are trying to make me live your own life. I am a young man and i want to be myself. I can no longer walk your path. I am 23years old. I am old enough to choose what i want. I love swag, I’m a niggar, I’m a dude, a real dude. I am radical for Jesus.

Really, i didn’t know where the boldness to talk to my no nonsense dad came from. I continued.

-dad, i said. I want the kind of America’s Christianity. They look good, wear dreads, draw tattos, pierce their nose and ears, dad, they wear crazy jeans, big boots. They even tint their hairand yet when the sing, power comes down. Holy ghost works through them.

My dad who was quiet all the while said to me.

-hmmm, that’s alright. Your point exactly?

-i don’t want to be a preacher, or a teacher . Don’t get me long sleeve pastor shirt, don’t give me pastor tie, i don’t want those shoes, i don’t want to be you, i want to be me. A christain with the holy ghost swag.

My dad took a deep breath and said to me….

-cornell Chieweta Adindu, sit down.

I sat down.

Cornell my son. I want to tell you a story about my life only your mother knows.
My father was a dreaded native doctor. He was feared in the 7 towns and villages in my community.

He was powerful, influential, he had powers. And i his only son was to take over after he has gone.

I too had powers. Infact, in school, i sat on the long chair alone because everyone was afraid of me. I was my father’s son.

One day, a new boy came to our school. He was very tall. The only place he could sit is at the back and the only space at the back is my chair.

Francis walked up to my seat and sat down. Students were murmuring. At first, i was shocked. Maybe he hasn’t heard about MKPOKITI. That was my native name. I tapped him and asked him in igbo language.

-ima onyem bu?(do you know me)

His answer shocked me. He said……

-ehee nu. Mkpokiti, nwa akugbara
(yes na, Mpokiti, the son of akugbara)

-And you have the heart to seat close to me? You are not afraid? Haven’t you heard about what i do to people? You want to die?

That boy got me more angry when bursted into laughter. He said to me..

-bia mkpokiti, if others are afraid of you, i am not. You know why? Your father is just an herbalist. My own father is the servant of the most high God. I am a child of God. If you try me eheee, if you try me, you will see pepper.

The whole classroom was quiet, i have never been this challenged before.His boldness alone weakened my powers. It wasn’t ordinary. I got home, very disturbed. I went to my father.

-Papa, i called.onwere ike ka ike gi?(is there any power greater than yours ?)

My father started laughing.

-n’ebe kwan?(where?) my power is ultimate. Onwero ike ka ikem. (No power is greater than mine) ndi ozo n’egbu ndu, mua n’egbu ndu, gbuo onwu.(others kill life, i kill life and kill death) you are protected my son. But why the question?

-papa, i replied, for the first time in my life, in that school, i was challenged.

-what ?by who? My father asked. Obviously, he doesn’t know you.

-papa, he does. He called me MKPOKITI son of AKUGBARA.

-hahahahaha, my father laughed.my son, show him don’t waste time, deal with him。

I decided to use him as scapegoat in class. That day, i sent him boil on his scrotum. He was writing and groaning in pains.  Then he suddenly got up and shouted


He placed his hands on his scrotum and said.

-you pain, in the name of Jesus christ, go back to your sender 100 folds.

I laughed hard as he was still groaning in pains.

My dear son, that night, i woke up, my whole body was covered with boil. I was almost dying. My father could not save me.

I don’t know why he came to see me that day, i mean francis. He said to me……

-only Jesus can save you now.

I had no other choice. I accepted. Jesus healed me. The same Jesus saved me from my own father. And i vowed, i and the children God will give to me, MUST SERVE JESUS in spirit and in truth.

My son, i walked out of my father’s ways because it is evil. Kindly hi kwaku on+233544142683 to get more of such stories from storyline, storybaze, unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room.  Is mine evil? You want to be a niggar? When i am showing you Nazareth.

Ok, all these you mentioned, can you tell me what it will help you achieve in life? Being  radical for Jesus is not when you turn yourself into a mad man.

When you set yourself apart for Jesus and say no to the devil, you are radical.

I wasn’t even satisfied with my dad’s story. I have made my point.

He continued.

Listen to me son, by spiritual qualifications , you are not supposed to handle SUNDAY SCHOOL. I just wanted you closer to the bible. 

I got angry.

Dad, i want to be me.

My dad said to me,

NOT IN MY HOUSE CORNELL. Not in my house.

I replied

Fine, keep your house to yourself.

I walked out.

To be continued



I walked out on my dad.
I got to my room and sat down with my arms folded.
I was just looking at the tiles on the floor in my room.

Junior, did you just walk out on your dad?. Wait o, and you were talking back at him?

I couldn’t believe i could do that but i did. I’m now an adult. I should be allowed to serve God my own way, the swag kinda way.

I knew my time is up in that house. My dad’s silence made it even worse. Pastor cornell didn’t say a word when i fired back at him to keep his house. Something fishy is up.

The next morning, the bell for morning alter rang. I heard it and still remained in bed. I knew my dad’s topic for the morning will be our conversation last night.

Few minutes later, sister sophia came knocking.

-junior, junior she called. Didn’t you hear the bell? Please come out.

I just dragged myself out of the bed, i headed for the door, i opened. First i brought out my head to hear what’s going on in the sitting room. Sister Nancy was singing. The song was just sounding like my dad telling them about me. I was restless but determined to be ME.

I went into the sitting room. Songs are over, mum started leading in prayers. After prayers, dad mounted the podium. (We have a pulpit in our sitting room) his topic was LIVING SACRIFICE.

Dad said, every living thing brought as sacrifice is killed and offered but the bible talked about LIVING SACRIFICE which implies CONSCIOUS SURRENDER. Not when dead anymore but ALIVE.

He said, one has to willingly, conciously, wholeheartedly give up him or herself to God.

In his words……
This time around, you are to do the presenting. No one is offering you anymore, you are offering yourself because it is a LIVING SACRIFICE.
There are things you should give up. You have presented yourself. You no longer own yourself, your choice no longer matters. What and what not you like does no longer matter. You are now a sacrifice. He whom you have offered yourself to owns you now. You are now a LIVING SACRIFICE.
Also note, you are to be HOLY and you are to be ACCEPTABLE. Only then can your service be reasonable.
You can be a sacrifice and still be rejected because you are not holy, you therefore cannot be acceptable.

This man is just talking to me. I just knew it. I knew this morning’s sermon will have me as SECRET TOPIC.
My body was already itching me. My ear was seriously paining me. Worst still, i sat close to my mum. There was no way i will raise my self out that chair to leave without her hot slap disorganizing my precious back or butt. Dad would have told her our discussion too. I knew she is boiling but dad would have told her not to act. She still will act in her own way if i do any rubbish. So, i maintained.

I was experiencing that passage of the bible that says, “THE WORD OF GOD IS QUICK AND POWERFUL, SHARPER THAN ANY TWO EDGED SWORD, PIERCING ASSUNDER OF THE BONES AND MARROWS”…… It was heavy on me. Even the scripture that says, “IS NOT MY WORD LIKE HAMMER? It was really hammering me.
I still couldn’t give up. My desire swallowed the revival i was about experiencing through dad’s message.

I wasn’t actually going out of God’s way o, i said to myself. I am still serving God. I just don’t like this caged kind of bornagain. I want the freedom kind. Nothing changes my believe in God. I can be on dread just like TRAVIS GREENE and still be on fire for God. I can be crazy like KIRK FRANKLIN and still serve God.
C’mon, look at TASHA COBBS, see her on crazy jeans. Yet, she sings and power follows.

I was lost in my thoughts that i didn’t even know when they finished praying. I heard them sharing the grace.

I was expecting dad to say, “JUNIOR DON’T GO” he didn’t say a word. Even my mum didn’t say a word.

I had lectures that morning. I am a three hundred level student of computer engineering. I had this crazy jean i bought and hid. That morning, i brought it out. I wore it. I also had this armless top. I wore it. I got my necklace, i wore it. My big boot, i also wore it. I looked at the mirror. Woow, that’s how we roll mehn. I laughed.
I started wishing i had my hair cut done as well. I wanted pink lips too. Oh boyyy hahaha, i laughed. junior you baaaaaad, you too set. Fine boy. I wore my sun shade, took my bag, got to the door and hanged there.

I looked up. Jesus have mercy. How do i leave this house? Mum’s in the kitchen, my sister Nancy, always wants us to go out together. If that one sees me, THE JESUS SHE WILL SHOUT,WILL RAISE THE DEAD. Talk of the angel, she started shouting my name. She was coming to my room. I ran, no i actually did fly into the toilet. She opened the door.

-junior, are you not done? I thought you said your lectures starts by 7?. Junior, she shouted.

-Sis, i replied. Coming.

-wait o, are you still in the bathroom? What have you been doing? She shouted. Please be quick o. I don’t want to miss my staff bus.

I heard the door jam and thought sis had left the room. I opened the toilet door and jumped out.

Just like the bible rightly said, “MY SECRET THING HAS BEEN REVEALED “

I was standing in front of my beloved sister who was standing in front of me with her mouth wide open. And of course, i rightly predicted. Her shout of JESUS brought my mum to my room.

What kind of trouser torn in pieces is this one, my mother shouted. Cornell, are you trying to practice madness or are you already mad?

My dad came too. He looked at me from head to toe. he said…….

-honey, don’t get worked up for nothing please. Don’t leave me alone at meal. Let’s go and eat.

My mum was surprised. My sister was like, what? No, this is definitely not dad talking. I myself was surprised. This man is definitely up to something. 

Sister Nancy said to me…..
You won’t follow me with this mad dressing. Don’t take dad’s quietness for granted. You are in hot soup. Just imagine.

Mehn, who cares.
I bounced out. Wooow, feels good to be the way you want to be. The way i was bouncing, even basketball hasn’t bounced like that.

I called my niggars. Good thing my bodyguard wasn’t with me. I meant sister nancy. My niggars hailed my dressing. Now i fit into the clique.

We walked into the school. Girls were looking at me. I increased my bounce. It feels good mehn. But then, my dad’s silence won’t let me enjoy my freedom. What’s next??….

To be continued.



After lectures, this girl called keisha came to me.

-hi she said

-hi, i replied

-you are cute she said.

woow, my head started swelling. I started feeling like a celebrity.

-thanks, i replied.

I quickly left when my niggars were approaching. Feels good to be admired by everyone.

My niggar, Gresham is a keyboardist in his church. You need to see Gresh my guy. He wears this very full afro. Most times he curls it. That my guy make sense abeg. He even told me his looks attracts big big girls in church to him. They dash him money. He said even his pastor’s daughter, have eyes for him.

Gresh told me to forget about my dad and step up my game. He said that olden days christainity is no longer relevant. This modern way has brought alot of souls to church.

He said, since ladies can wear trouser to church, many ladies have been worn to the church. Back then being born again was too demanding. Guys are told to stop wearing jeans, stop doing this and that, ladies stop wearing this and that. RUBBISH. Our souls is what will appear before God, not our flesh.

Gresh’s sound of doctrine was very very different from what i have always heard and believe you me, it was making a whole lot of sense. Gresh invited me to his church.

He said….

-Guy, come my church. If you see my pastor, arrghhhh, awon fine boy. He swagger pass us. If you see his wife, (he kissed his fingers) sweet. On Sunday she wore this sexy jump suit to church. My pastor just dey show off eim wife o. I’m telling you. if you see my mama BAKASI. Omo, my pastor dey enjoy.

Ha, bakasi kwa i thought.
Which one is BAKASI? Out of curiosity i asked.

-Gresh, BAKASI? Which one is BAKASI?

This boy started laughing at me. The laughing was getting very angry but i was pretenciously smiling.

He now said…..

-See, cornell, you too backward o. So you no know wetin be BAKASI. See am here na…

He started touching his Butt.
What? Excuse me?

What kind of church is that ? Where they look at mama’s butt?. Such rubbish won’t happen in my church.
How will a pastor’s wife wear jump suit, even sexy one, to church?

Gresh went further to say this…..

Some people see themselves as not qualified for the house of God because of how they have chosen to be. Guy, he called me, these things are just to draw them closer to the church. When they come, then revival will follow, even miracle.

Hmmm, i sighed. Making sense. I decided i must visit the church.

We were going home. I was actually bouncing home. Home? Home. Ha, dad and mum came to mind. The more closer i got, the lesser my bounce.
Now i knew heaven was against me when i entered my street. A woman stopped me.

She said…..

-bia nna, please don’t be angry o.

-no problem ma, i replied.

-please o, don’t be angry o, are you not PASTOR CORNELL’S son?

-yes i am, smiling as i answered.

-hmm, she sighed, looking at me from head to toe.

-your father is a true man of God, why are you not a true child of God?

Jeez, i swallowed my smiled and took off my glasses.

-what? Excuse me?  What makes you say that please ?

-see how you are dressed. Tear tear all over your trouser. I can see your blue boxer too. With this shirt that has skeleton head.

Kai, i got angry.

-madam, i replied , with due respect and in Jesus name (i didn’t even know when that one fell from my mouth) mind your damn business. My father is the pastor not me. Character wise, i could even be 100 times better than you.

I wore my glasses and bounced away from her. Then she said…..

-may God have mercy on you. May it never be too late before you realize yourself.

Such a gossip. I replied

Bounce raised to power 10. I turned back, she was still looking at me. Who cares.

I got to my gate and pushed it. I bounced in on one leg when i sighted my dad and mum at the verandah. I paused there, pretending my clothe got stock on something.

Why are they at home na. And i wanted to snap behind dad’s car. Bounce motion went mute. Like a sheep going to the slaughter, i brought in my second leg. I looked up. Dad and mum had their eyes on me.

-dad, mum, good evening.

-Good evening son, my dad replied. God bless you. You’re welcome.

-sir, i replied because i couldn’t believe my ears.

Did dad just tell me God bless you and you are welcome?

-i said, you are welcome, he replied.

Mum didn’t even.answer my greeting. I was scared of dad’s calmness. Yet, i wasn’t ready to change my mind. It’s Jesus with swag all the way.

I have made up my mind to attend GRESH’s church. I went to the barber’s shop. I pointed one crazy style like that.

-Argh, my barber shouted. Junior, wetin happen? Kilode?

-emma wetin dey worry you na? Abeg do this thing. I replied.

-nawa o, ok o, your money na 1500 o.

So i got the cut. Wow, cornell junior is looking like a real niggar mehn. Jesus got this swag ah swear down.

I bounced home. People were looking at me especially the girls (hehehe). Those who their mum didn’t teach self control couldn’t control their feelings.

Fine boy everywhere.

No be pastor pikin be that ?

E don dey barb this kind hair?

Who cares. I feel good tarararararara.

Tomorrow i’m hitting GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION.yeah, that’s Gresham’s church.

I actually was with my face cap.
Immediately i got to the gate, i wore it. Bridge crossed. So i thought.

Immediately i came in, sister sophia called my mum. She said to her…..

-mum, could you please ask your dear son to take off his face cap?

I became an emergency statue.
Lifeless but living
Sister sophia why?

To be continued.


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