Lost Identity (Episode 11 – 15)

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According to my sisters……..

one morning after the family morning Alter, mum was in tears. She pleaded with dad to call me. Dad refused. According to my sisters, dad said…..

-i have never, and will never fail in my duties as a father. I take examples from God himself. We are sinners, yet he never deprived us of his love. But what God does not do is force people to come to him. It is a personal decision. Honey, dad called mum, i won’t call junior. Just like the prodigal son, bible says when he exhausted all he had, HE REMEMBERED HOME and then HIS FATHER.

You know cornell thought i was too old fashioned christain. I am only following divine principles. Bible says, Let everything be done decently and in order. The house of God is not a psychiatric home for mad people. I am praying for him, i did not abandon him but you see this university of experience he enroled himself by himself, he needs to thoroughly learn from it. Only then can he understand and choose by himself which to follow. The swagger kind of christainity or THE BIBLE STANDARD.

Mum cried and cried. Then she shared her revelation. Mum said….

Honey, it was so real. I kept hearing a lady’s voice echoing his name. He was running after the voice. I was running after him. I was running and crying, and i was saying JUNIOR COME BACK. He didn’t listen to me.
Honey you were watching from afar, i was telling you to call him back, you refused. I kept following him. Then, he got to the woman, she has very looong hair, and very long nails.

Cornell called her DARLING.
What? I replied, dar what ? Never, not when I’m alive.
The woman said to me, “Then prepare to die because he belongs to me”

“Shut that gutter you call a mouth”
i replied. How dare you reply a daughter of zion in such manner, i told her, i will not die, i will live and declare God’s goodness in the Land of the living.

She replied she wasn’t there because of me because we have nothing in common. She was there for cornell. Then she drew cornell closer and kissed him before my very eyes.

I shouted TAAAAAAAAAR, how dare you? I pushed cornell away and slapped him. Are are Alright? I asked, have you lost? No shame, No respect, No fear of God?

The woman said cornell, there no time. Let’s go.

“To where” i asked. I faced cornell. You are not going anywhere.

“Cornell” the woman shouted. Let’s Go, now!!!

Cornell pushed me. Then he said to me…..

-mum, let me be. Please, just like dad, MIND YOUR BUSINESS. Cornell followed her.

I was crying and shouting.

Cornell you are my business. Come back my son. He did not come back. He followed the woman. At the end of that road was a ditch burning with fire. The woman pushed him inside.

According to my sisters, that line got them crying. They entered into prayers. Mum begged dad to call me, dad refused. Except i call him and apologise.

Dear youths,
My relationship with mama faith became even stronger. Her daughter is almost my age, she’s 21. Lydia came home from her school in ghana. She is so beautiful. She was wearing a short jean and jean jacket. She had this crazy hair cut. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her legs, woow very fresh. Lydia is a beauty to behold.

She saw me and was looking at me. I grew butterflies in my stomach. Now, this was what my affair with MAMA FAITH caused for me. I started womanizing.

I started having eyes for lydia.

Gresh my friend started hating me. I never knew why until i pumped into MAMA FAITH taking calls.

-listen to me gresh, i chose you right? Now I’m done with you. Stop pestering me.

Ha, eheee? Are my ears deceiving me? I quickly dodged and took out my phone and was recording the conversation.

I didn’t know Gresham’s reply but she gave out a huge laugh and replied thus……

-Hahahahahahahaha, foool. Idiot. You have no prove. No pictures, you do not even have a glue of how my body is. Why do you think it must be at night and must be dark? Look, i have always known you will turn out this way. You are a looser. Stop calling this line. And listen, don’t you dare try anything stupid. I will crush you.

She dropped the call.

I ran into the toilet as she stepped out of the sitting room.

Jesus Christ !!! I screamed silently. is she not supposed to be a pastor’s wife? Even she herself, a pastor ?

I just had a voice that sounded like my dad’s

-and are you not supposed to be the son of a pastor? Who once taught the youths in church. Can you remember ? The last topic you spoke on? THE SET APART.

I got chills all over me. Goose bumps grew in their hundreds. God was speaking, he was speaking, he was trying to call me back. I started crying. I have gone deep. My life is messed up. Now i drink, i womanize.

Indeed, dad said it…..

“When a drop, just a drop of kerosene drops into a drum of clean purified water, it becomes useless. Kerosene and water is liquid but can never be thesame”.

I have accomdated more than just a drop. I was crying. Yet, i couldn’t let go. I couldn’t drop this load of sin. I still found pleasure in them.

Even as God’s spirit spoke to my soul, i was hatching plans to get off MAMA FAITH’S HOOK. I already have eyes for LYDIA. I won’t rest until i eat her too. First i need to spew out her mum. I walked out of the toilet, leaving behind the words of God’s spirit to me. Infact, i flushed it down the toilet.

MAMA was invited to a women’s convention as guest speaker. She told me to accompany her. PAPA was like why will a man accompany her to a women’s convention.

-just as an Aide she replied.

-you are stressing this guy too much. Don’t take his humility as stupidity. He is going no where.

Mama got angry. Come and hear hot argument. Papa finally allowed us. We got to her lodge. Mama undressed. the lights were on. I got out my phone and was taking shots. Mama didn’t even oblige. The old woman was just posing. This is someone who was invited for a convention. What will she be teaching women bikonu.

Satan got the better part of me dear youths. I was bent on using those pictures to blackmail her if she tries stopping Lydia and me.

What Gresham didn’t do, i have done. I felt like i had the whole world right in my palm. I refused doing anything with her even when she tried forcing it. Lydia was all i had in mind.

I watched MAMA as she ministered. People were falling under…….do i call it ANOINTING? Miracles were happening. I was confused. How come? Hmmm, i played the keyboard as she ministered. The spirit was moving but i don’t know what spirit it was because THE HOLYSPIRIT has nothing to do with a sinner.

After the programme that night, she tried forcing herself on me. I refused. I started avoiding. I used the program she came for as excuse. We might get caught.

Lydia and me started getting along well. She would always hug me, play with me. She would always want to be with me. PAPA liked what he saw. He liked our closeness. That was an advantage.

MAMA was always angry each time she sees lydia and me. One day, we were in the sitting room. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I dragged lydia and kissed her. She didn’t refuse. The way she responded showed she too has been in need of it. We were on the unholy act when MAMA walked in.

HOLYSPIRIT she shouted. What? In my house? Cornell, you dare try defining my daughter in my house? You are so done for.

She started pressing her phone, probably trying to call PAPA. I quickly sent her the nudes. Her expression showed she’s got the message. I winked.

She dropped her phone and said to us…..

-this is the house of God. How dare you defile here? What if a minister of God comes to visit? What rubbish!!! Will you get out.

Iydia was shivering. i wasn’t. I have the password to lock her up. I smiled in victory. I never knew, oh, i never knew (crying) i never knew i was taking a viper for earthworm. I totally forgot that a fox only looks like a dog. It is not friendly like the dog.

Indeed, the devil walketh about seeking whom he will devour.


To be continued



Mum called me that night, i did not pick. I heard it ring but refused to pick. I don’t want someone spoiling my mood with scary sermon. Hmmm, mum sent me a DM. It read….

“Cornell, dear son, i write with tears. Satan is after you. The forces of darkness your father fought and conquered have decided to take their revenge on you.

Darling, i have been praying. It will be deadly. You are surrounded with demons who parade as angel of light.

Son, i am begging you to come back, not to my home but to Jesus. It will still be useless if you come home and you’re still far from Jesus. i am not asking you to make up with me or your dad, i am asking you to make up with Jesus.

Behold now is the accepted time, behold now is the day of salvation. When you hear his voice harden not your heart. Son please, prevent this great danger and calamity that awaits you. Come back to your source, your root, come back to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. Who, for the joy set before him, despised the shame, endured the cross and is now sitted at the right hand of God.

My dear son, I’m in tears. I weep for your soul. I don’t want you to perish. Don’t give place to the devil”…..

I angrily deleted the message. I didn’t even finish it. What an epistle!!!! It was beginning to make me so uncomfortable. I got angry. Wetin sef!!! I reacted.

All these guys wey do pass me, how far? Shey dem die? Why is mine different??? Abegi, this is the wrongest time for this please. Not tonight. Lydia and me did the unthinkable just to have a gooood time. Lydia’s idea though, not mine.

We drugged mama and papa’s food. We really needed time to make out. We needed the space. We needed the fun. I needed to hear her scream. I needed to eat this fresh food. I’m tired of that OLDIE.

That night, i made my room romantic. She walked into my room. She wore this see through dress. My heart skipped. Enough saliva filled my mouth. I could feel my self melt.

I grabbed her. We had it all through the night. I noticed she wasn’t even a virgin. After the last round, as she stepped out of the bed heading to the bathroom, in between her waist dimple, i saw a tattoo. A DRAGON with an arrow.

WHAT???? I shouted silently. I know that sign. Impossible!!!! How come???? Only a dragonite can wear that tattoo. A pastor’s daughter, a cultist? But she schools in Ghana.

Arrrrrghhhh, i shouted. I’m finished. I started shivering. All the sweet fun became bitter pills. I hated my manhood. I wished i never died for her. All i wanted to do was hit and run. I’m done for.

She stepped out and caught me shivering. She said…….

-baby, you’re ok? Should i put off the A.C?

-Yes Yes yes please i replied

In my mind…..

-shut up you she devil. I wish i could put you off.

She started touching me again…..

-baby, i called, by now the drugs are expired. You should leave now please.

-oh, yeah, that’s true. Can we do this tomorrow ?

What ??? I said in my mind
Do what tomorrow ? You and who?

-Cornell she called, you are lost, what are you thinking about?

I smiled stupidly

-you’re beautiful. I’m lost in the sweetness of your beauty i lied.

-then we are doing this tomorrow again. I’m drugging them higher than today. It will be T.D.B she winked.

I shined my teeth.

-oooh baby, that’s what i want too but i have a programme to attend. An all night. For three days. Program.

-ooooooh God. Can’t you cancel it?

What a devil!!! I said in my mind. Cancel what? There’s no programme anywhere sef. How do i escape this?

-cornell, I’m asking you. Can’t you?

I stood up and went to where she was standing. I managed to hold her.

-baby, you know i love you right? I must also do God’s work. It’s just three nights. It’s not forever. Ok?. Look at me,

I kissed her.

-ok. I will wait she replied. She hugged me so tight and kissed me goodbye.

She left, i started crying. I fell to the ground. How did i do this to myself? A dragonite ? They kill their boyfriends who tries to dump them. They sleep with as many men to increase their powers.

I got to know all these through dennis my course mate and very good friend. He told me before he died, DO NOT DATE A DRAGONITE. Dennis coughed out blood and died.

He dated Ashley, a dragonite. She dealt with him and finally killed him. I refused dating on campus because of this. What i was running away from walked right into my palms and i grabbed it smiling.

How i get out of this?

Mum’s message came to mind. I had already deleted it. I could remember word to word what mum wrote, the few i read. I was crying. I wanted to make the U-TURN, i remembered all i will drop and how i will become so ordinary.


The next morning, MAMA came to my room.

-cornell, so you think you can blackmail me and get away with it?

-I’m not blackmailing you. I feel it’s high time this thing stops. I have no future with you. This is so crazy. Aren’t you ashamed ?

-i love you cornell she replied. My husband is just too weak. He is not strong. He doesn’t make me feel like a woman. He’s too old. Baby please i need you.

-just the way you needed Gresham my friend. How you dumped Gresham. You won’t do that to me.


-So you chose my daughter over me? How can you rock mother and child? I thought you were responsible. I never knew your quietness is like that of a viper. You don’t know whom you’re messing with. I can assure you cornell, your evidence won’t kill a fly. I am giving you tonight to make up your mind. Else…………..



-You ain’t seen nothing yet. I call Jesus, i am not like Jesus. I show no mercy. I will crush you to pieces. you can not run away from me. So don’t even think of it.


Argggghhhh!!! God!!! What is really happening ? What just happened ? I’m i imagining things? Was that not an owl? She calls Jesus but she is not like Jesus.

I was crying. One end is the Dragonite, the other end is mama and her mysterious owl. I quickly dressed and went to school.

Amist all i saw, i didn’t have the urge to leave that house. I still find myself going back there. I went into my room. I sat and thought of were to go that night. Lydia must not come close to me tonight.

It was getting dark. I dressed and left my room. Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to Storyline, fresh stories kingdom, storybaze, Novela and story room,house of stories room and unlimited story platform. I went downstairs. I went to EDET. I told Edet i will pass the night in his apartment.

-argh!! Why? He asked

-I’m lonely in that room. Nobody to gist with

-ehyaaaa, he pitted. No wahala. Ah no get A.C o he laughed.

-no problem i replied.

Edet and i kept gisting and gisting. I begged earlier not to tell anyone i was in his apartment. He agreed.

That night, we heard a knock on Edet’s door. Edet took his knife.

-who be that ?

-it’s me Edet. Lydia, open up.

What??? I died. What is she doing here? Who told that witch i was here?

Edet opened.

-Edet, lydia called. Do you like what you see!?

What is she showing him i thought?

-arrrgggghhh, madam nooooo, abeg PAPA go kill me.

-how? Will you tell him? I won’t tell him.

-arrrrghhh, he fidgeted.

  • can i come in?

There was quietness. The next thing i was hearing was Edet moaning like a mad cow.

What? I was shivering. I couldn’t record it. It didn’t even come to mind. Everywhere went quiet. The next i heard was…..

-lord dragon, Accept my sacrifice.

I heard the door jam.

I came out. What i saw? I almost fainted. Edet was jerking, vomiting blood. Right before me, EDET DIED.

I started crying. How do i escape this? How do i get out of here? What have i gotten myself into.





Edet died. He died right in front of me. I watched edet as he laid in the pool of his own blood. Lydia, a 21year old, daughter of a pastor, killed him. This world has been destroyed. I was shivering.

Hey Goddddd!!! How do i get out of here without anyone seeing me. I cried and cried. I could sence cry asking me to leave it alone.

I wanted to go out of the room. I felt lydia might be somewhere around the window looking out. If i manage to go out, lydia might see me. Infact i was confused. Staying was disgusting, going out was endangering.

At the middle of my thoughts, my phone beeped. Lydia!!!!
My heart skipped. I couldn’t even open the message. The beeping came again. I felt like throwing the phone away. The beeping again. I increased the volume of my crying.

Looking at Edet lying lifeless. I didn’t touch him. Autopsy might be carried out. My finger print might be traced. Alot ot thoughts coming in and out of my head.

I heard this voice….it was so loud, every part of me felt it. The voice said…


I turned around. The voice seemed like Edet’s. I was fidgeting and crying. Like i was seeing a ghost.

-It, it, could have been me? I asked. What could have been me? I kept turning around like looking for the voice.

-You would have been the one lying down there tonight, stone cold. You were next in line to be sacrificed. I saved you. I also made you witness this, so you would see for yourself.

-Arrrrrrrrggggghhhhh, i cried. I took a glance at Edet again. I cried even more. In my spirit R.KELLY’S “you saved me” kept playing.

You saved me
You saved me
You saved me
Gave me a second chance…….

It kept playing. I was just crying.

My phone beeped again. I decided to go through the messages. It read thus….

Hey baby, i miss you so much.
Hey baby, how’s the rehearsal going? Hope you’re good?
Hey baby, check your whatsapp.

I went online. Lydia sent me her nudes. I deleted it immediately and went off line. I was still crying.

Another song started playing in my spirit. “Me again” by j.moss.

Forgive me Lord
It’s me again
Forgive me Lord
It’s me again
I’ve disobeyed your word
I slipped out of your will
Remorseful i stand, me again

Send your mercy
Down from glory
Lord restore me
Renew me, fix me

I could hear angels sing this song. As they did, my sins played like i was seeing a movie.The way i was when i was with my father versus the way i was when i left.

The video kept playing. I was hearing this song

All to Jesus
I surrender
All to him i freely give
I will ever love and trust him
In this present daily life

I surrender all
I surrender all
All to thee, my blessed saviour
I surrender all

As the Angels sang and God’s spirit spoke, as my sins played before me, i cried. Edet’s Alarm clock sang. It’s 5am already. I heard the main door to the house open. I heard papa’s voice.

EDET, he called.

I melted. Where do i hide? I cribbed to the door and quietly bolted it.

Where do i hide? How do i escape? What do i do now?

EDET, he called again, no answer.
He started knocking. No answer

EDET, come out and open this gate, PAPA SHOUTED.

His phone rang

Hello, lord satrum, I’m on my way.

He started opening the gate himself.

EDET, he called, you will hear from me when i get back.

He entered his car and zoomed off without locking the gate.

I thanked the Lord. I quietly unbolted the door. I tried stepping out. I heard footsteps, my phone started ringing. LYDIA. She was the one coming down. I quickly silenced it. The call dropped. Another call came in, MAMA.

Arggh, cornell, you are done for , i said to myself. I refused picking.

As she closed the gate she was sending me a voice note.

-hey baby, what’s keeping you. It’s past 5 already. You should be home by now. Well guess what. I’m outside. Waiting at the flower corner. I’ve missed you. I’m waiting. Bye.

She sent it and gave a wild laugh.

One more unfinished business. Anyway, let’s see what has become of my sacrifice.

She opened Edet’s door. I was standing right behind the door. The door was covering me actually.

I got another call. MAMA WAS CALLING ME. My phone’s light was was beaming. I tired covering it when my knee hit hard on the door.

She came out…..

-who’s there?

Argh, smoke was coming out of my head. I started praying. She passed by that door and went into edet’s room. She didn’t see me. She left.

Argh, that day, i knew there was God. I watched her go upstairs. I quietly opened the door and headed for the gate. I unbolted the gate. As i tried stepping out, i heard my name, it was LYDIA’S VOICE.

I didn’t even turn. I opened the door and took to my heels.

Dear youths, because i broke the hedge the serpent started bitting. MY STORY JUST BEGUN.




Indeed, God is merciful and also a consuming fire.

I ran out of REV FRANK AKPAN’S HOUSE. I didn’t say i walked out, brethren, i ran out. I made up my mind i was going home from there but everything i had is in that house. My clothes, everything.

Now i know why lot’s wife looked back. I too paused on the way and looked back. Then this voice came….

“Where do you say you are going to? Your father’s house? Looking like this? With dread on your head and earring on your ear? Is like you have forgotten whom your father is. Have you also forgotten you insulted him? He cried because of you? And you want to go back?

Has he ever called you? Has he ever texted you or sent anyone to you? PASTOR CORNELL ADINDU will throw you out.”

Argh, i scratched my dread. Infact i loosed it from the band and scattered it. There was this shop close to where i was standing. I went in and asked for bottled water.

After pouring in the first round into my mouth and swallowed….

Hmmm, i sighed. This is so true. Dad won’t have me in his house. Where do i go from here? I remembered my music director. No!!! what ever will connect me to GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION, i don’t want.

I remembered Jeffrey my friend and course mate. He lives off campus and lives alone. I took bike to his place. On bike, my phone was beeping.

When i got to jeff’s place, i paid the bike man and he left. I had called jeff previously and told him about my situation. He gladly welcomed me.

Jeff was home when i came. My phone beeped again. I picked the call. The next thing i heard was like a million and one loud speakers.

-cornell, you can run but can never hide from me. I am every where just like the wind. According to jeff, he said i gave a loud shout and passed out for 10mins.

He became afraid. I jacked up again. I started shouting….

-owl, owl owl, jeff don’t let them eat me. It’s coming, they are coming. Arrrrghhhh, somebody help me.

Jeff was confused. The owls disappeared and i came back to myself.

Jeff started calming me down.

-what is it bro? He asked?

-i don’t know, i don’t know i replied. I keep seeing things. Black owl everywhere. Black owl.

-calm down junior, jeff replied. Are you having problems with anyone ?.

At that point i didn’t know what to say. I kept mute.

-listen to me junior, you need to open up o. This is beginning to be a spiritual problem. I sense there are powers after your life. I have been telling you to join us. Who be that bagger wey go try us my brain do comedy? I gbana am na. Join our fraternity. Na for protection o.

-no i can’t. I replied. My dad is a pastor.

Jeff burst into terrible laughter.

-you say wetin? Pastor? Hahahahahahahaha, o boy, pastor na scam. Those ones? A good number of them are members of my fraternity. Oh yes.” I AM A DEVOUTEE OF lORD SATRUM” and i am proud of it.

Eheee? lord what? Where have i heard that name from? I couldn’t remember but i knew i have heard that name.

-Junior, he continued. lord satrum assures you of all round protection. No evil can touch you. I am from a polygamous family. Lord saturum has been my secret. If not for him, i would have been dead by now.

-jeff, i replied, thanks. I’m not interested. I’m fine.

-just think about it. This one you are seeing black owl that only you can see. Don’t die in my house o.

I thought it had ended. I thought i had seen it all. Jeff went out that night for his devotion. I was alone in the room.
Foot steps woke me up. I was hearing koi, koi, koi, koi, i jacked up.

Jeff, i called. Are you back?

I started hearing a knock. I looked at the time, it’s 2am sharp. Ha!! Who could be at the door by this time. The person laid hands on the handle and was trying to open it.
I jumped from the bed and went behind the curtain.

The door was locked but the person opened it. The door opened, i saw no one but i heard an echoing voice.

-cornell, you can run but you can’t hide from me. You can run, but can’t hide from me. I saw dragon. It was coming close to me. It opened it’s mouth, i have never seen such amount of fire. I started shouting.

I knew i was shouting. I was shouting dragon, dragon, fire, fire, somebody help. I could not even shout JESUS.

Neighbours came out. They tried holding me down. No way. That night i ran into the streets. Neighbours ran after me. I could remember someone said, BE STILL IN MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS.

That was all i could remember.

According to jeff, he came home. I was lifeless. His neighbour who was a child of God was praying. They sucessfully brought me back home. Jeff came and told them to stop praying. He told them to help him take me into his apartment.

I woke up seeing myself around red, blue, yellow,candles.

Welcome, jeff said. All thanks to lord saturm. He just saved you.

I couldn’t speak for days. I lay lifeless. Jeff refused the woman who was praying for me to come close.

Jeff continued on his incarntation until i was able to speak.


-Your dad? He replied? Where was he all these while? Did he care? Considering how you left, he is waiting for you to come back like the prodigal son you are not. Don’t let that happen. Going back to your dad is going back to slavery. Show him you can survive. Lord satrum will show you the way.

Jeff came home one day and told me that the men of the policeforce came to our department looking for me. They said i am behind the death of one Mr Edet.

What? I screamed weakly. That’s a lie.

I started crying. That was where i opened up to jeff.

What? We have been at war with the dragonites. This is our opportunity. Jeff replied. cornell he called, i can help you out but first, you must join us. If you can’t, i will throw you out. Mind you, a whooping sum of 500k is reward for whoever finds you.

The choice is yours.

Dear youths, this serpent has really eaten deep.

This choice is mine to join or be jailed.
I wept. I got angry with heaven. Why God abandoned me, why God didn’t tell my dad to come and look for me. I started giving reasons why i should hate God. Devil helped me with more points.

I sold my soul to the devil.



Episode 15

The police were looking for me with the bait of 500k on my head. Jeff assured me safety if i become a devotee of lord saturm.

Jeff came home that evening with a brand new suv. He said he is richer than that. He just wouldn’t want eyes on him because he his still a student. He was in school just to aquire knowledge.

Jeff went ahead to tell me that aside safety, i will be stinking rich. I should show my dad that leaving him didn’t RECK me, It REBRANDED me. Oh, what a life!!!

I joined. Yes i joined. I joined (crying) i became a devotee. I became a full member of lord saturm. My “first congregation” was when i got initiated into lOrd saturm mugana. Every member gave me a welcoming gift. Dear youths, i was shocked to who i saw.

I had already tabled my ordeal with the AKPAN’S to lord saturm. He presented it to the CONGREGATION. He declared war with the DRAGONITES. He also declared LYDIA AKPAN an enemy that MUST DIE. He told them my story.

I never knew PASTOR FRANCIS AKPAN was a member too. I didn’t notice him too early until i shared the communion. Infact, aside pastor Frank, i also saw other pastors. They did so much signs and wonders. They are well known in our society.

I almost vomited my intestines when i saw PASTOR FRANK. Arrrrgh!!!! He wore the ELITE BADGE. He is close to being a GRANDMASTER. Arrrrrgh, the enemy I’m running away from is in the mist of the people i ran to for safety. What an irony!!!!

The pot of communion was shaking on my hand. I sat down. I was breathing fire. I sank into an unseen miry clay when i caught PASTOR FRANK looking at me outrageously. I just knew i am damed when pastor frank was assigned the leader of the team against THE DRAGONS.

Oh what a safety i have acquired for myself. After the meeting at about 4:15am. I walked hurriedly into Jeff’s car. PASTOR FRANK blocked me.

“Brother cornell”, he said stretching out his hands for a hand shake. I didn’t oblige.

You are welcome to our congregation he said.

I was really shaking. My heart was on beats. I could feel i was peeing but my trouser wasn’t wet. I kept stirring at him.

Then he came closer and forcefully took my hands…….

-whoever brought you to this congregation, has succeeded in destroying you completely you swine. You slept with my wife and my daughter. You killed my gateman . Well, i know you didn’t kill edet. I can not accuse you openly about sleeping with my wife and daughter. But you know what? You will pay for all these with edet’s death. I have strong evidence against you. Your bracelet and handkerchief.
Cornell, you don’t trick a spirit. Even my wife doesn’t know that i know. You will pay darely cornell.

A little good advice, spend your last days well. Your days are numbered.!!!! . Hahahahahahahaha, he laughed. Just for the records, picture this, PASTOR CORNELL ADINDU’S ONLY SON,,A MURDERER. Your father has been a pain on our neck. This is a good time to wipe him off. He left.

I fell down. Argh !!! Mum said it. “THE FORCES YOUR FATHER FOUGHT ARE COMING AFTER YOU” i couldn’t even cry.

I watched him walk up to Jeff. I didn’t know what he told him but i watched jeff drive off. He didn’t wait for me. Everybody left. I sat there all alone.

I couldn’t go to jeff’s house. The GRAND MASTER must have instructed him on what to do. I got up and headed for HOME.

“I will arise, and go to my father and i will say, father i am sorry. I know i have sinned against heaven and before you. I’m no longer worthy to be called your son”. I cried as i recited this scripture inside me.

I took off the earring. I wish i could take off the dread too. I took bike that early morning for fear of PASTOR FRANK and his threat. I got the shock of my life, as i got close to the gate, THE MEN OF THE POLICE FORCE flooded my gate.

Argghh, i told the bike man to turn. Oh my God!!! These people!!! They knew i had no other place to go. They knew home will be my last option. The bike man asked me…..

-oh boy, wetin happen? Why you dey run for police?

-just keep going, i replied. Dey go, dey go.

-dey go where? He asked.

To be frank, i didn’t know where to go. That question really got me shedding tears.

-emmm, carry me go where you pick.me abeg. I replied with tears in my eyes.

I decided to go back to lord saturum.

I knelt before lord saturm and.cried. I totally forgot i was before the devil who knows no mercy.

lord saturm said…….

-you wronged a grand master. He has the final say over you as it is. The girl in question is his daughter. My hands are tied. I can’t help you.

I cried. Oh jeff!!! Why???
I cursed jeff. I regreted knowing jeff. He put me through this. Where is the safety he promised? The wealth, riches, the so called REBRANDING?

I cried and cried . lord satrum.said……

There’s only one way out.

I was joyed. I stood up and wiped my tears.

Can you do this? He asked

Without even finding out what it was i hurriedly said yes. I will do anything for my freedom.

ANYTHING? he asked

Yes Anything i replied.


WHAAAAAAT* !!!! I screamed. My what????

Argh, surely, the devil’s freedom is BONDAGE IN DISGUISE.

Heeey!!! GOD. Never, Never, No, No, Nooo,

Then get out. You have no business here.

I ran out.

I cannot kill my mother, i will not kill my mother. Mum?? Noooo

There and then, mum’s calls, warnings, text messages kept playing.

I didn’t notice the truck coming.

I noticed i was hit. I fell to the ground.

That’s all i could remember.

I woke up. Noticed i was lying down. I couldn’t move my legs. I also noticed my face was tied. I didn’t know what was going on. I felt pains all over.

I heard voices. I heard my mum’s voice. I heard dad’s voice. I felt tears drop. My eyes were paining me as the tears came out.

I kept hearing…….

He’s back, He’s back, thank you Jesus.

I was told i have been there for 3months.

Dear youths, i lost my sight.

Cornell, the swag loving guy.
Cornell, the niggar.
Lost his sight.

There and then, i knew that the BONDAGE IN JESUS is safer than the FREEDOM IN.SATAN.

No wonder Jesus said TAKE MY YOKE UPON YOU. It is lighter.

Dear youths, I AM NOW BLIND.

To be continued.


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