Lost Identity (Episode 16 – 21)

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I can’t hold back my tears. I have lost my sight.
Arghh. The bible said it. Whoever defiles God’s temple, he will destroy. Not only did i loose my sight, i am also on a wheel chair. I had a bone surgery. My chances to walk again is 50-50.


This is the end result of my QUEST FOR FREEDOM. My reward is blindness and being crippled. Oh Swag!!! Where at thou??? All my Niggars, i can never see them again. I can’t see the lastest they are wearing anymore.

They are still moving about freely. I am conformed to a wheelchair. They are not under the covenant of HOLINESS like i am. I derailed, i decamped from God’s territory. (Crying)

I felt my head. The dreads are gone. One side of my head was stitched. Infact, God made sure all the parts of my body that dragged me into sin got punished. Hair may never grow on that area of my head.

I was in coma for three months. Within the space of that three months alot happened. My sister, sister Nancy has this to say…..

Dear youths, especially those under the covenant of holiness. Those who were brought up in the truth, with the real true gospel, gospel as of old, gospel of the apostles, hear this. (Crying) Hold unto the truth. The truth might be old fashioned, it might be too demanding, it might make you look odd, please hold on, keep on, don’t relent.

Dad got a call that morning that his son was involved in a ghastly accident. I was at home then. Sister sophia wasn’t. We all rushed to the scene. My God!!!! My brother’s face was scattered. His wallet and idcard and phone was the only thing that showed he was the one.

How his phone remained intact is still a mystery. We took him to our family hospital. We never knew he would make it. We also never knew what was going on with him and one PASTOR AKPAN.

We were at the hospital when policemen came in. These were the policemen we saw at our gate. They followed us. Only for them to say my brother is under arrest and should be kept under surveillance.

My dad got upset.

-For what exactly? He questioned

-For the murder *of one mr edet. The gate keeper at PASTOR FRANK OKON’S HOUSE where he lived.

-that’s a lie my* dad replied. My son could have gone haywire but he can never ever shed blood. I can verge for him. He can never shed blood even at gun point. And by the way, what division of police are you from?

The policeman got angry.

You must be very stupid to ask that nasty question. The police replied. You should hide your face in shame for training a murderer as son upon all your preaching.

One man walked in immediately. I later found out he was the said PASTOR AKPAN.

Pastor Akpan said…..

Pastor cornell Adindu, the renowned truth preacher. The holiness practiser. Who feels he is better than others. SHAAMMMEEEE. Father of a murderer. You failed as a father. You could not hold your stupid son. He had to come to my house to seek comfort which i gave him in good number. Yet, he wasn’t satisfied. He had to kill my gateman? Why?
Just like the bible says, remove the beam in your eyes before removing the darts in other people’s eyes. The world will laugh you to scorn. Looser.

Mum and i started crying. We were surprised at what dad did. He started laughing. Then he said……

What did i loose ? Just like my congregation, i don’t force anyone to live by God’s word. It is all about choice. Just as some persons choose to GO THROUGH THE DEVIL to acquire powers for wealth, miracles and powers. SHAAMMME ON THEM.
Yes my son derailed but i didn’t. My heart is pure before God. I have a clean slate. There are no skeleton in my Cupboard. Pastor Akpan, i can swear to my own hurt. I have and i am still working for God in truth and with a perfect heart. If i die today, i am very sure of being with the Lord. That’s why i am not afraid to die unlike some persons who are spiritually rotten and physically miserable because according to the bible THERE HOPE IS ONLY IN THIS WORLD. Some persons who hind under the umbrella of MIGHTY MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD to do evil, atrocities, wickedness. Who wear the garment of Christianity physically and serve the devil spiritually. Who know that soon the wrath of God will come upon them. When lions like us speak, cats like them should tremble because my rising is for their down fall. I will crush them to pieces. Soon their end will come. My son is facing the repercussion of his disobedience. Now, he will serve God better. He will serve as warning to other youths.

Oh my God!!! My dad’s answer wiped the tears off our eyes. It did something more. Read more of this from story headquarters room through+233544142683. Pastor AKPAN was shaking. He was restless. Was like dad was talking about him. I could feel him burn.

He couldn’t even utter a word. He just left.

-officers he said, keep surveillance. This murderer must not Go free.

My dad’s reply was more like a prophesy.

-hmmm, some churches need surveillance too because thousands of heads are buried in their altars. I am too sure my son is innocent. If i be a man of God, let the real culprit be exposed. Then we shall see who owns this SHAME!!!

Tonna my cousin brother was with Cornell’s phone. He glanced through the pictures and bombed into a woman’s nude. He went to Cornell’s whatsapp and saw that the woman is PASTOR MRS AKPAN. Tonna saw all her messages to cornell.

Baby, he called me come over.

I came close.

Your dad is indeed a man of God. The idiot who has been running his dirty mouth is married to a cheap whore. Just look at this.

I started crying when i went through their chats and found out that my brother has been sleeping with PASTOR MRS AKPAN.

I begged my cousin bro not to expose this. The shame is too much. He is not bornagain but loves us so much. He just came back from Malaysia. My cousin said to me…..

-nwa, leave this parole for me. I will deal with that man. I think i need to pay a visit to that church.

My cousin brother really messed them up.

Dad was right. You can’t fake being for JESUS. Some day, the original you will surface.





Sister Nancy’s Narration continues.

Tonna my cousin became a member of PASTOR AKPAN’S church. My cousin is a complete jew guy, very crazy personality (im sorry i used that word) but just so you would understand what kind of person he is. He is stinking rich too.

He faked heart failure. One day, according to him, miracle hour was going on, people were giving testimonies. My cousin bro shouted from his seat….

“I’m healed!!! I’m healed!!! Oh thank you God oooo.

Wow, wow, wow wow, pastor Akpan shouted. My God is a miracle working God. Please come forward he beckoned him.

My cousin ran out. He actually told someone to video it. He started his testimony…..

Praise God oooo, argh, as una see me like this, me ah no dey go church. E get this sickness wey dey worry me since . Heart failure. My heart too they fail. If e just fail, e go be like say ah go die. I just dey pass o, ah just dey hear RECEIVE YOUR HEALING, RECEIVE YOUR HEALING. Na eim i look, na church , this church, kai, omo, i troway face. Me and church no dey run things atall

Something just tell me say, ENTER FIRST . Argh, me? Tonna malay, nooo. The thing just dey push me. As una dey see me so, na *Malaysia i dey leave. All the hospital for Malaysia don tire for my case. But as i enter, chaieeeeeeee, as i enter, something* fly comot for my heart, FIAM.

People where shouting.

Before the FIAM, i hear GBUM for my chest. Chai, e be like say ah won die. After the GBUM, i con hear FIAM. After FIAM, the chest gon do me SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, i get myself.

People were shouting…….

Before ah no fit do move like this, (he started moving side to side) but now, una dey feel me? As ah dey move ?

More shouting……

Abeg shout ,shout, shout, my cousin continued. This God too much.

I watched pastor Akpan shout for Joy through my cousin’s IPAD. Then pastor Akpan said….

This is a confirmation of what the Lord told me. He said tonight, he will work signs and wonders in our mist. Can somebody give Jesus a shoooooouuuuutttt!!!

Young man, he said to Tonna my cousin. The Lord just spoke to me. I’m seeing an elderly woman from a father’s side.

-yes man of God, my cousin replied.

-Your dad’s elder sister

-yes man of God, my cousin replied again

-you gave her wrapper the last time you came back.

-yes man of God, it’s true. Very true.

-she’s the curse.

-heeeeeey!!! My cousin shouted.

At this point as i watched, i couldn’t hold the laughter anymore. Tonna is my dad’s elder brother’s son. The ADINDU FAMILY HAS NO DAUGHTER. In my dad’s family, they are six boys in number . MM. The six boys have all sons. My dad only has two girls. That’s why they don’t joke with us. I mean my sister and me.

What a prophecy!!!

That day, his guessing spirit got the worse part of him. My bro had all these documented. NO MATTER HOW FAKE LOOKS ORIGINAL , IT WILL NEVER STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

My brother became very close. He showered them with tithe and seed of faith. MAMA started her usual. She started trying to woo my bro.

In her office, she invited him. She started trying to seduce him. My bro was recording the dirty rubbish a so called woman of God was saying. Tonna, the ANACONDA decided to play ball.

She twerked in one of the videos. This woman was stake naked. At this point, i had to tell my cousin he was going too far.

Having her nudes is a high level of irresponsibility.

-she sent them to me by herself my cousin replied. I dey my own, woman of God dey send me porn na. Nna nawa you o.

Kai, i was so ashamed of myself.

You that nameth the name of the Lord, depart from evil.

Pastor Akpan so trusted my cousin that he left his phone in his care . That crook of a bother i have found out he was a CULTIST, He has a white woman friend who has 3boys for him, he had kidnappers and hired killers squad.

PASTOR AKPAN IS A DEVIL IN HUMAN FORM. AT that point my jagaban bro became scared.

My bro became even more scared when Lydia got to find out that her dad PASTOR FRANK AKPAN wants to kill her.

That night, My bro slept in their house. According to him, He suspected pastor frank was up to something when he shared wine to everyone in the house. He refused to drink his.

AT about 1am, Pastor AKPAN opened my bro’s room. My bro said, he didn’t move.

TONNA, pastor Akpan called.

No answer.

TONNA, he called again

No answer.

Pastor frank went close. He tickled my bro.

He didn’t move.

Clapped in his ear.

He didn’t move.

He left.

The power tussle started between FATHER AND DAUGHTER. According to my cousin, it was terrible. Darkness covered the whole house and there was light actually.

The whole house became as hot as hell. My bro actually saw a dragon pass through his room, chasing after a beast. PASTOR AKPAN was the beast.

He couldnt record video. He managed to to record audio.


-Lydia, how dare you dad ? Lydia started

-and how dare you too? How dare the dragons. Why would they assassinate a devotee of LORD SATURM.

-and you were asked to sacrifice your daughter and you agreed,? I am a dragon, i vomit fire, i will chew you like gum. Since you forgot i am your blood.

-you seize to be my blood the very day you joined my enemies. I sent you to school to be useful, you chose to be useless.

,-Are you useful ? Lydia asked her dad. You are the most useless human i have ever seen.

-HOW DARE YOU, pastor frank replied

DAUGHTER and DAD started power tussle

My cousin said he was scared for his life. That night ended his C.I.D operation. He was so done. but then LYDIA the dragon, came into his room in her DRAGON FORM.

To be continued.



Lydia the dragon went straight to Tonna’s phone. She picked the phone and saw it was recording.

According to Tonna my cousin, she got furious.

-how dare you? She roared. So you are a spy? You can only see but you can never be able to tell what you have seen.

She opened her mouth and poured fire on TONNA. He started screaming and passed out. He was badly burnt. He opened his eyes to see he was on the road and people gathered around him. He could only utter DON RAPHA HOSPITAL . That was where junior was admitted.

I was at the reception when the burnt person was brought. I could no longer recognize my dear cousin. I was still at the reception when a nurse came to me. She said TONNA wants to see you. I was like, TONNA? WHERE? LET HIM COME HERE NA. When she told me he was the burnt person, i almost fainted.

I ran to his ward.

Oh my God!!!! Cornell, look at what you have brought upon us i cried. I went close to him.

-what happened ? I asked what happened to you ?


Arggh, what are you saying? I cried.

He continued…..

Pa,pa,password, your name.

I still did not understand. I ran off to Cornell’s ward. Dad just walked in. Mum has been with cornell. I rushed in.

Dad, i called, panting.

What is it? Calm down and talk to me. He replied.

Dad, i continued. Tonna, i don’t know what happened to him. He is badly burnt.

Mum and dad shouted JESUS.

We all left cornell behind and rushed off to Tonna’s ward.

Mum screamed and started crying

Dad screamed too.

Tonna, he called, what happened ? Who did this?

Laptop, laptop, my wardrobe, laptop, he repeated.

Nancy, dad called. Go to his house and get his laptop.

Dad, i replied. His key.

Tonna,,where is your key? Dad asked

He couldn’t respond.

Sister Sophia came in.

Emmm, ok, sophia and i will go to his house. Honey, go to junior. Nancy stay here. Dad said

Jesus Christ, sister sophia shouted. What is this? Tonna!!!

Sophia let’s go, dad beckoned.

Brian his friend came around to see cornell. He almost fainted when he saw Tonna. He started crying….

-Oh my God !!!! What happened to you? Toboy. Oh God!!! He slept at his pastor’s house last night. What happened ?

-what??? Which pastor? I asked

-pastor Akpan. Brian replied.

Tonna started calling brian.

-B,b,b,brian he stammered.

Brian rushed to him.

-Vi, vi, vi-de-o Tonna said

Ok, video. brian replied

Brian brought out his phone and started recording.

Tonna said…..

My people, na pastor and eim pikin do me oooo. Pastor Frank Akpan. The owner of GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION. He is a cultist, a BEAST ooooo. His daughter is human in the morning and DRAGON in the night. She poured this fire on me. (Crying) i don’t know how i got to the road. Argh, i think say na small thing. Pastor frank Akpan is evil ooooo.

Those were my cousin’s last words. HE DIED.

How i cried!!!! I warned him. You don’t fight satan empty handed. I cried. TONNA my beloved cousin is dead.

While we cried at the hospital, my dad and sister sophia got to TONNA’s APARTMENT. The enterance was locked. Dad had to break in. It was risky but there was no option. They got into the sitting, heading upstairs, they heard a noise. They turned around and saw a Bat flying around the house.

My dad said……

This is not ordinary. The host of Darkness is here. Powers from the pit of hell have arrived. Occultic witches are on.rampage but in the naaaaammmmme of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, i OVERCOME YOU ALL. You evil bat, in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH die and dry. The bat flew and hit the pillar in the sitting room and fell down stone cold.

Dad’s phone rang.


-Pastor cornell Adindu, mind your business, mind your business, for the last time, mind your business. If you still want your son alive. Mind your business.

-Hahahahahahahaha dad laughed, if you think you are strong enough, if you think you mightier than he who splited the red sea into two, try it.

The call dropped.

Hahahahahahahaha, my dad laughed. Arrrrggggh, yayayaya, who ever made this call, has just engaged my JEHOVAH SABAOTH in.a battle of supremacy. They will hear from my God.

Few mintues later, dad got a call that junior has been taken into the emergency unit.

My dad laughed again. He said…..

Emergency unit, that’s JESUS’S FAVOURITE WARD.

To be continued.



Sister sophia said Dad burst into tongues. She followed suit. Dad started worship…

Okemuo, okemuo(Great spirit)
Okemuo, muo nile, na tu egwu ya (other spirits are afraid of you)

Odighi onye gi na ya na zo eze(you drag kingship with no one)
(in tongues)
Asim, onwegi onye gi na ya na so ike(I say,you drag power with no one)
Odighi onye gi na ya na zo aha(you don’t drag name with anyone)

Dad started calling God by his names…..

Ebubedike(glorious and mighty one)

(mighty in battle)

(he who walkes majestically on thorns)

Ogba aka eje agha, nwe mmeri(he who goes to battle empty handed but comes out victorious)

O nyiri dike,( he who is a terror even to the strongest)

Onye agha furu gba oso(he who war saw and ran away)

Ajagun ma fi ti bon se
(A warrior who doesn’t need a gun)

Alagbara bi ara
(the one that has power like thunder)

Sister sophia was in tongues all through. Dad started praying.

Father in the name of Jesus. You are worthy in every situation. On behalf of myself and family, i humbly ask for mercy. Just like the family of Achan, no one was found innocent. Oh Lord, i might have thought i played a good role as father but before you, i dare not claim righteous, i am sorry, my family is sorry, we have all sinned, we broke the hedge, we derailed, have mercy Lord

Dad and sister sophia cried unto the Lord. Hi ohene ish on+233544142683 to enjoy reading more of this story from Story headquarters room. Then warfare prayers began.
-power as of old. Power that divided the red sea. Power as of old. Power that brought forth water from a rock in the wilderness. Power as of old, that shut the lions, that turned a fiery furnace into an airconditioned room.

( In tongues)
Power as of old, that drew down fire that licked up water, that drew down fire that burnt stones. Power as of old that in one night, destroyed the boastful king sennacherib, who boasted of his gods and made a mockery of the great God of isreal. Power as of old, that mesmerized the legion soldiers of king Sennacherib in one night.

(In tongues )

Power as of old that swallowed up the chariots and horse men of pharoah. That power that rolled away the stone from the tomb of my Lord Jesus christ. Power as of old that raised lazarus four days after being buried.

That power that did the rewiring of his body, restored his bones, veins, pumped blood, breathe live into him all in a space of a second.

Power as of old, when esther went into the king unvited, he raised the sceptre. Oh, that power that tore the curtain of the temple in two.

JEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS, the resurrection power. Mighty healer, life giver, my battle axe, ARISE !!!!!

Oh yesss, and jarius daughter, before the eyes of men laid dead but before you was only sleeping. My God of the eleventh hour. MY EMERGENCY SPECIALIST. Death could not hold you, the grave tore before you, arise in your glory and fight for me. Forgive my son cornell and save his life. Save my nephew, TONNA (dad never knew he was already dead)

Surely oh God, thou disconfitest the craftiness of the ungodly, and destroy their enterprise.

For, for zion’s sake, you oh God shall not hold your peace.

Sister sophia started singing….

You are Jehovah
You are jehovah
You are mighty man in battle
You are Jehovah
You are mighty man of war
You are jehovah.

The prayer was intense.

As they worshipped, sister sophia said someone knocked on the door.

Dad answered the Door.

They were men of the policeforce.

-pastor Cornell Adindu, you are under arrest for illegal breaking in. You have the right to remain silent or whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law.

Dad replied

-who is he that speaketh and it cometh to pass when the Lord has not spoken.

The police men replied…..

-you are just ranting, no one will know where you are. By the time we are done with you, you will learn how to MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

-Then you are not men from the policeforce.

-move it. They commanded

The caretaker came out.

-argh argh, pastor, wetin happen?

-mind your business, or we will arrest you too.the policemen replied.

Sister sophia left the house through the back door.

To be continued.



The policemen took dad away. Baba the caretaker called the area boys. He told them the pastor is innocent. He is a good man.He did nothing wrong. They shouldn’t allow the policemen take him.

The area boys blocked them.

-Olopa, their leader called, wetin happen? How you won enter my area carry my loyal baba waka comot. Wetin e do?

  • he is a thief. He broke into someone’s house

-which house ? Which house? Baba asked.

-that house,,they answered, pointing to TONNA’s apartment. The owner called us that his house is been robbed.

There was a shout.

-are you people sure these ones are policemen? Baba asked. Because pastor here rented this apartment for his brother’s son.

-really? The policemen asked. So why did he break the door? Why wasn’t he with the key?

Baba turned to my dad.

-my pastor, did you break the door?

-yes i did. Dad replied

There was noise. Baba was able to calm them down.

-man of God, baba continued, i believe you have a reason for this. Please tell us.

-thank you baba. My nephew who is the occupant of this house was badly burnt. We don’t know how. My own son, is also in the hospital as we speak in the Emergency unit. My nephew started asking for his laptop. He said it’s in his wardrobe.

We asked for the key, he was no longer concious to tell us where it was. I came here with my elderest daughter. We had to break the door to gain enterance.

-you said you were here with your daughter? Asked the policemen.

-yes dad replied

-so where is she? The policeman asked

-she has gone with the laptop. Dad replied

-you are a bloody liar and you say you are a man of God. The law Will take its full course.

-Hahahahahahahaha, you said what? I’m a liar? Hahaha, that was what they called Noah in the bible days at the end, flood swallowed all of them. I prophesy, in an hours time, the real liars shall be revealed.

-shut up. Get ready to rot in jail.

-hahahahaha, who me? Let me tell you about Haman. He was hanged in the gallows he prepared for mordecia. I will not step foot into any jail. You will take my place. YOU WILL ROT IN JAIL, for the Lord shall fight for me and i will hold my peace ,except i be not a genuine servant of God.

The area boys refused to allow the policemen take dad. One area boy asked a question.

-come olopa, which station una won carry am go?

Baba interfered.

-yes, which station.

-Area c command.

-Area c, where? Because the one close by is AREA F.

-We are from AREA C COMMAND. Please stay back or we open fire. Police replied.

Open fire for wetin, you no fit. O boy, this people no be police. Wey una van? Na jeep una carry come arrest person. Una own don finish today. One of the area boys said.

There was noise, commotion, arguments.

Suddenly another set of policemen came. The previous ones tried running away. Area boys blocked them.

They made them sit on the ground and tore their uniforms.

They were not policemen afterall, they were devotees of lord saturm, boys who worked for PASTOR AKPAN. Pastor CORNELL was set free.

———————AT THE HOSPITAL ——————-

The news of Tonna’s death tore dad apart. Junior was brought out of the EMERGENCY ROOM .

Brian took the lap top and opened it. He was amazed at what he saw. Tonna prepared a documentary he tagged THE DEVIL CALLED PASTOR FRANCIS AKPAN.

Meanwhile, The fake police men had no choice but to speak up. They mentioned PASTOR FRANCIS AKPAN as their BOSS

SAMEDAY, Brian took the laptop and the video he recorded to the police.



CORNELL MY BROTHER will never see again. He will be a wheel chair for a looong time.

When the isrealites sin against God, he punish them but that nation he uses to punish them receive it hot whenever the isrealites turn to God again.

This was the case between my brother and PASTOR FRANK AKPAN AND FAMILY.

Tonna’s laptop had alot.

Every month, a new born baby is buried in pastor Frank’s church. Tonna gave the day, time and position the atrocity is commited.

Men of the police force were at the church premises unknown to the Devottes of lORD SATRUM. Pastor FRANK WAS NAKED. AS HE LIFTED UP THE BABY, THE MEN OF THE POLICE FORCE EMERGED.


He tried dropping the baby.

JUST HOLD THE BABY LIKE THAT. the men of the police force were taking pictures.


Evil has no power over the Righteous. For the RIGHTEOUS IS AS BOLD AS LION.

To be continued.



Pastor Frank Akpan was caught redhanded with a new born baby as he tried using the baby for rituals. ,He was arrrested, along aside other people.

The news spread like wild fire.

The straw that broke the camel’s neck was between Pastor AKPAN’s wife and a young man who came for counselling.

MAMA, as she is called, started rubbing the boy all over his body.

-baby, you are cute she said. Your deliverance starts with this. (She started opening her body)

The young man told her to take off her clothes. She quickly did. The young man moved close and took the clothes.

-you are a disgrace to God’s vineyard. Today, i will expose you. So this is what you do? People come to you to be counseled, you now destroy them with immorality? Your cup is full. Can i ask you? Were you not the one who preached with so much power and Anoiting against sin? What now? Demons in human form. Who knows how many destinys you have destroyed? Who knows how many souls you have led to hell. Your time is up. Your judgement starts now.

She got angry……

-seems you don’t know whom you’re dealing with. Give me back my clothes or you drop dead now.

-Hahahahahahahaha, the young man replied. Your powers are no match to mine. You know why? I operate under the unction of the power that tore the red sea in two, i operate under the unction of the power that swallowed up death in victory. The power that withstood the forces of the grave that even the man who died after four days came back to life.
I am under the influence of a matchless, incomparable, unstoppable, unquenchable, unadulterated power. POWER FROM ON HIGH, POWER FROM ABOVE, for he that is from above, is above all. Job 24:22, “he draweth also the mighty with his power”. Even the mighty cannot stand his power. Even pharoah in all his mightiness couldn’t. Sennacherib, in all his mightiness and boastings, couldn’t. The raging storm couldn’t, for by the power in the word of my master Jesus, it seized . No wonder he said, in Matthew 28:12, all power is given unto me, in heaven and on earth.

Pastor Mrs Akpan tried manifesting her evil but she couldn’t. She started shouting rape.

Immediately, her office was flooded with her followers and bodyguards. They came in and saw her on the floor naked. The young man was with her clothes.

She was shouting…….

He held me down and started taking off my clothes oooo. He held my mouth oooo, i had to bite his hand before i was able to shout oooo. Look at my clothes in his hands.

The young man burst into laughter. It angered the men more. They tried laying hands on him then he shouted……

-wait wait wait please. (He turned to the woman) you are a big fool because everything you said, i have be recording.

The young man brought his phone and played it. It was terrible.

She was on undies and bra. Her so called People were recording, it was a HEAVY disgrace. She later confessed to belonging to a cult, And sleeping with young boys brings in more money and members. They never amount to anything good in life any more.

What a mess!!!! The church of Jesus Christ has been polluted. God have mercy.

Lydia was killed in a cult clash in school on the day she wrote her final paper as a pharmacy student.

Dear youths, my sister narrated and i.cried. I cried because i, by myself sold my destiny to the devil.

I spent 6months in the hospital. I spent another 3months in an.orthopedic hospital to see if i can walk. NO WAY. I cried.

In total i spent 9months in the hospital. I was discharged but i was still in bondage. I will never see again and may never walk again.

I was pushed on a wheelchair out of the hospital. I was just crying. Oh God!!!

I walked out of grace. I’m now been pushed in disgrace. No more eyes to see swag. No more legs to bounce. One part of my head has become bald as i felt with my hands.

Crying out loud. So was my mum and sisters.

-mum, where I’m i, i asked.

Your room she replied.

Oh!!!!! I cried even more.

Mum please take me away from.here. I rather sleep in the toilet. I said crying.

Dad walked in. I heard his voice.

-son, you are going no where. The only way to conquer what you are running away from is face. You will stay here.

-dad, i called. I’m sorry dad (crying) I’m so sorry.

I waved my hands to find him. Dad came close and we both cried. Then dad said to me………

-son, my Joy knows no bound. Not just because you are alive but because you did not die in sin. Behold, now is the acceptable time, behold now is the day of salvation. Son, i present you Jesus. Do you want to accept him, as your Lord and personal saviour ?

-yes dad, i replied with tears.

Everyone was in tears. Me, my mum, sisters and dad.

Dad lead me to christ. I became born again. I started going to programmes, speaking to the youths especially those with the MARK OF RIGHTEOUSNESS under the COVENANT OF GRACE. To be SET APART, and live by the principles of God’s word.

I learnt my lessons the hard way.

Ephesians chapter 6 verse1to 3
Children obey your parents IN THE LORD for this is right. HONOUR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER, for this is the FIRST COMMANDMENT with promise THAT IT MAY BE WELL WITH YOU and YOU MAY LIVE LONG ON EARTH.

Ponder on this Your parents who bare you into the LORD, dear youths, obey them, Honour them. It is the first commandment that has a promise attached to it.

1-It shall be well with you, if you do.
2-you will live long.

And if you don’t, you will receive the reverse, CURSE!!!!

My message won alot of youths to God’s kingdom. I regret my wasted years. Following after the mordern jesus that had no nail prints on his palms and feet. Who didn’t die for me. Who couldn’t save me. The jesus with swag!!!


One morning, my son woke up with so much pain on his chest. He could hardly breathe. He was rushed to the hospital.

He laid in the private ward. For the first time, after the accident, he could see but what he said he saw is strange. He said it Was like a ladder was connected from heaven down to the ward. A golden ladder. Two angels stood at the ascending enterance. Two walked up to him. One by his left, the other by his right.

He said,they said to him , BROTHER CORNELL, YOU ARE GOING HOME.

He said he could hear melodious trumpets. He started singing and smiling.

This world is not my home
I’m only passing by
My treasures and my hope
Are all up in the sky
My friends and loved ones wave
Who trailed this way before
And i can’t feel at home, in this world anymore.

I cried. I cried. I watched my only son smile away slowly. God took him. I don’t know why but God knows the best.

My joy is, he has gone to be with the Lord. For if this world, is our only hope, we are of all men, Most miserable.

I did not fail as a father afterall. My son made HEAVEN.

Dear youths in the vineyard of God, please don’t be tossed around with the wind of contrary doctrines. For these last days are perilous times. Hold on to the acient land mark.



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