Lost Identity (Episode 6 – 10)

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My mum was shocked.

Yes, cornell, remove the face cap please. She said.

I didn’t know what was going on with me again. If it was my hand that has refused to be lifted or me who has refused to lift the hand.

Cornell, my mum shouted

Yes mum, i replied

-is your ear not functioning or have you become handicapped ?

I was trying to try and answer when mum’s hand flew to my head . She took off my cap.

My mum shouted…..

Jesus christ of Nazareth . God oooo. Akwokwanu mu aka tiere okuko aki ooooo.(i have washed by hands just to break palm kernels for fowl)

-Junior, not in my house. Ike okuko(fowls butt) hair style, in my house? Satan is a liar.

She called sister sophia

-sophia, get me knife

What ? Did she say knife? Knife, oh my God knife. All i was saying was KNIFE. I started sweating from my brain to my heart.

She won’t do jack joor. I’m an only son, she can’t kill me. what did i even do? Because of haircut.

Sister sophia was looking at mum…

-Mum, she called, did you say i should get you Knife?

-Which knife? Mum fired back,What will i be doing with knife? I said SCISSORS .

-But mum you said KNIFE.

-sophia for the love of God, forget about what you heard and bring what you’re hearing now. Scissors please, thank you.

Now mum is serious, scissors on my head means CLEAN SKIN. Gorimakpa, what? Argh!!! Nooooo, I’m going to GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION tomorrow. My swag, oh God.

I started crying. I was crying. I went on my knees. One spirit that was sounding like Gresh’s voice was telling me to change it for my mum.

The voice……

Oga stand up there and fight for your right. Why you dey cry? Wetin you do? You kee person? My friend wise up. Walk up to your mother and defend your freedom.

Another one was saying…..
Guy, park out. Park out joor. You get money to rent house. Park out and be free. Paaaarrrrrkkkk oooouuuuuutttttt.

Hey, war was going on in my mind. I stood up like i was being controlled by a remote. Went straight to my wardrobe and started bringing down my clothes.

Sister sophia and mum came in.

Junior, what are you doing? Sister sophia asked.

Wicked girl, i murmured in my heart. How’s that her problem ?

-Cornell, mum called, what do you think you are trying to do?

Didn’t even say a word.

Mum came close to me.

-young man, i am talking to you. What are you trying to do?

Then that devil roaming about inside me came out.

-mum, i answered, i need my space. I need my space. Hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room to read and enjoy more of such stories. Junior this, junior that. I love swag. I love God too. I want to serve him with my swag. And mum, you won’t touch this hair, you hear me. I am no more a kid. I rather catch cold on the street than die of choking hotness from all of you.

I kept on parking my things. Everywhere went calm. The JAGABAN in me started growing horn.

Before i could grow more horn, KPAAAAA, one my left chin, mum slapped me.

-satan won’t use you. Cornell Chieweta Adindu junior, satan, won’t use you. Swag gbakwa oku. (swag catch fire). Swag gbajikwa ekwensu onu(swag should break satan’s neck) swag ebeobuna ino,(where ever you are) thunder, with bullet, scatter you.

I got very angry, and for the first time, i raised my voice at mum.

-what was that for? Why would you slap me? Wetin sef? Na you born me oya kuku kill me. Swag no go die. My swag carry Jesus big time. Wetin sef, no try slap me again o.

Mum fired back…

-junior are you talking to me?

Sophia slapped me again….

-you are very stupid junior

I slapped sophia back….

-Get married, church whore. Get out and get married.

Commotion in my home.

Surely, according to the scriptures,
AMOS 3:3

In the mist of the commotion, dad walked in.

To be continued.



Dad walked in.

Everyone went cold. I actually freezed. Never has such been seen in our home. I wasn’t the course i thought. They won’t let me be.

-what’s going on here? Dad asked.

He now looked at me from head to toe.

-oh, he said, now i see.

Mum wanted to complain. Dad paused her.

-that’s alright honey. Let’s see in our room please.

Mum tried saying something. Dad hushed her again. He took her by the hand and they headed for their room.

Sophia left too.

I watched my dad walk away with his wife without saying a word. This man’s silence is flogging the hell out of me. What’s on his mind? What does he want to do? I know my dad. He is a no nonsense, strict, beliver.

Sister Nancy walked in. I greeted, she didn’t respond. I greeted again, she didn’t respond. Hmmm, sister sophia must have called her. That girl’s mouth needs a sewing machine. They are not even my headache. Dad is.

I had to go close to my parents room. I was so anxious, desperate. I was eager to know what’s on my dad’s mind. I had to eavesdrop.

Dad was telling mum…..

Honey, this is what i am trying to avoid. Do you know what the bible says? We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and run in endurance. Honey, i heard your voices from the gate. People heard it too. Do you know what it will become? Pastor Cornell’s family is fighting. What a shame. Honey no matter what, you should have waited for me. Hmmm, don’t think i don’t know what I’m doing.

I was wanting to hear more when i received a heavy spank on my butt. I stood up.

Argh, Sister NANCY…..

-what are you doing by dad’s door? Junior has it.gotten to this?

I knelt down and started begging. Her voice must not bring dad and mum out. Infact i had to lie down and beg.

-now, leave this place .

I ran more than bolt to my room. I sat on my bed. Hmmm, i sighed. I have decided I’m not doing that nonsense old time religion of bottle neck shirt and flappy trousers with that nonsense slavery haircut. No style no shape, no swag. On top somebody will be walking like moving stick, no bounce,nothing. Mba o

Chai, i can’t wait to attend GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION tomorrow. But nna ehee, the clothe i want to wear, how do i cross this gate? Or, maybe i should dress pastorized here then goan change in Gresham’s house?

Nooo, i thought. I want the street to feel me mehn. I headed for my wardrobe. I brought out this clothe. My multi-coloured crazy jean, it has a touch of yellow, so I’m wearing a yellow blazer. I got out my necklace. 5 of it. It looked much. I decided to wear just two. I arranged them on my bed and was smiling like a toothless sheep. I shouted……

-Ama rock for Jesus yaw!!! Woooooow. I started dancing shaku-shaku and gwara-gwara. I just paused at the gwara-gwara when i remembered i haven’t told my parents.

Chai, gwara-gwara and shaku-shaku gone wrong. Swag m enwekwa illegal k-leg. (My swag has developed k-leg). I sat down. What do i do? I called Gresham.

-hello, guy

-junior how far na?

-oh boy, nna problem dey o.

-see, no just tell me say you no dey come again o.

-hmm, Gresh ehee, as ah dey now, not too sure of tomorrow o. I never tell my old man o.

-hehehehe Gresh laughed. Nna this guy, o’boy, tell your papa say them call you for programme na. Say them need guitarist. You no plan am and na you them take geh hope.

(I forgot to mention earlier that i am a bassist. I started playing the bass guitar from a tender age. Thanks to my dad)

-Choi, baddest. I hailed my friend. Guy, you eheee.no wahala. Ah go try.

-see, Gresham continued, even if your popsy no gree, oh boy, ADULTIFY yourself o. Stand your ground. No give up easily o.

-ah hear, i replied.

———————THE NEXT MORNING —————-

At our morning Altar, dad didn’t say jack about my hair,but he warned us against raising voices ever again in his house. He didn’t even mention my name.

After prayers, i had to tell my dad……

-dad, i called, i won’t be in church today.

-hmmm, and you’re just telling me now?

-dad, it came late. They need a bassist in their church today.

-what’s the church please?

-Gold crown.congregation i answered.

-hmmm, my dad sighed. Gold crown congregation. Cornell, he called, do you know you are a worker in church? And you are to inform the leader of your department 2weeks or 1 week at list that you won’t be in church?

-dad, it just came up this morning.

-this morning okwa ya, (right ?) my mum replied. You are not going any where. Tell them you are not coming. Tell them the notice is too short.

This woman. I wished i could shout , MADAM WILL YOU KEEP QUIET? Allow the man talk for heaven’s sake.

-honey calm down, dad said to mum. Cornell, he called me, call your departmental head and inform him.

I was angry. Why? For What? Who is he?. My dad owns the church. Why would i take permission from that idiot. I had no choice.

-ok dad. I replied. I went into my room and called James, the music department director.

-hello, ah cornell, i was about calling you o
-why? I asked
-temi isn’t coming to church today o. He is not feeling fine . So you are covering up for him full service both choir ministration.

I dropped the call and switched off my phone.

What rubbish !!!! All odds against my swag today. For what na.Please bro James, i didn’t hear you.

I jumped into the bathroom. I didn’t even use sponge. That James will soon call dad. I have to get out of the house before dad gets to know.

Woow, all set. Cornell in the mirror was looking sweet. So i can be this cute. I wore my sun shade, picked up my bible . No need i murmured, it’s in my phone. I opened the door to my room. No one was outside. I ran out. What a miracle!!! The gate was open. I could pass through without one single noise.

I walked on the streets like a prince. People didn’t say it but the way the were looking at me did. I switched my phone on.Gresham’s call came in.

-guy, wey you dey na?

-bros, chillax na. On my way.

-wooooooow, hahahaha, Gresh laughed, you made it. Good one boy, Good one. Oya take bike dey come.


Immediately i dropped the call, bro james call came in. I switched off the phone.

Some minutes later, i got to GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION.

Mehn, see **people. See dressing, oh my God. I belong here. This is what i like. Ushers* welcomed me warmly. Gresh came and took me to the choir area.

See pastor* . Chineke. Pastor is on polo and jean. Wow, see his canvas. Designers o. One lady was also dressed in same polo and jean. Same canvas too. My God. Glooorrry!!!

I said to my self, i love this place.

I also got to know that the lady on same dressing with the pastor is his wife. She even has her hair tinted.


I love it here. Freedom of worship. Anyhow you are. Just believe Jesus, you are covered.

Pastor frank’s message says OUT OF DARKNESS.

He said, the clothe you wear,can’t make you darkness because God has given us power over all he created.

The most important thing is power of God.

Choi, I’m feeling it here mehn.

There and then, i decided to also tint my hair. I decided to leave the house if my dad makes any noise.

I have seen the light. So i thought

To be continued



The youth fellowship were to meet after service. I stayed back.

Wow!!! See youths.

They were looking sooo expensive. All of them were shining. See girls, ladies. This church nawa. Girls were on leggings, jeggings, trousers, jump suit. Awwww, they were looking so beautiful. See their makeup, eyelashes, skin, oh mah Gad!!!

I started crushing for the lady who lead the opening prayer. I was shocked with what i saw.
Immediately she started by saying…….

-Oh let’s begin to worship the king of kings for a wonderful service.

Argh!!! I started hearing speaking in tongues. Eheeee? I opened corner eye. Unbelievable!!! These ones? I was like……

See dawan with one pack of red lipstick on her lip. She is even speaking in tongues? And the other one raising her hands that has claws in place of nails, she can speak in tongues too? Ha!!!

I looked behind me, one brother was wearing dread o, see him sweating and speaking in tongues.

The lady i was crushing on, who was leading had this cute tinted galax hair cut. She pierced her ear into three places.

One sister did not mercy of the eye lash. She really really followed the name. She lashed her eye with GREEN colour o. She even fixed that one they fix. She was bursting in this powerful tongue ehee. My God!!!

Who will see these ones and believe they are born again to start with. See them flowing in the holyghost. Me that is pastor holiness son, i don’t even know how to pray very well, let alone be in spirit like this.

Opening prayer ended. Praise and worship took off.
One brother on weaving came out. Whaaaaaat?
When i mean weaving, i mean he plaited his hair. Hmmmm. The guy can sing. Come and see dance. one lady was just shaking her butt. Ha!!!

You can’t see any of these in my father’s church. Dad calls them APPEARANCES OF EVIL and the bible boldly said we should ABSTAIN .

Dad will always say, looking good is good but becomes bad when it insults God’s creation and promotes the work and of the devil and products of the kingdom of darkness.

I was just in a mist of turbulent waters. I was confused. I was battling in my spirit, while the dancing and shouting went on, i was lost in thoughts. i was like……

-junior what’s wrong with you na? See Jesus swag nom o, you’re dulling yourself. Ogbeni dance joor.

Woooooow, i started dancing. It was fun. I was enjoying it. MM.Dad will always say, YOU DON’T GET ENTERTAINMENT IN THE HOUSE OF GOD. YOU GET MINISTRATION. Entertainment makes you laugh, makes you happy but cannot REVIVE. Dad said, MINISTRATION CARRIES REVIVAL FIRE because it goes with the leading and directives of the Holy spirit.

I remembered this when comedians were brought up to……… I just lost the word to use. I would say entertain.

Hmmm,,my dad will never allow a comedian in his church. Everything was just different here. Time for special number. One brother was RAPPING. Heeeeee!!! Wooow. Mehn, i started loving it all.

The straw that broke the camel’s neck was when the youth leader mounted the podium to preach. Wooooow. His message changed my entire reasoning about thia born again thing. I immediately considered my dad backward and old fashioned.

His topic was “YOU ARE A god”

He said was bought me over completely. His words…….

God created man and named man but God created animals and other things and gave man the Authority to name them.
What Adam called the animals, trees, fruits and so on, is what they bare.

Hey, God has created you he said. Create your own world as a youth.

He now said………

Youths, don’t make Christianity boring. Many churches loose souls because they are too strict. I thank God for our Mama and papa.

Dress to kill. Yeah. Don’t go looking old, tieing scarf every minute, looking shabby, looking so unattractive. Don’t you see our mama, baby la hot for Jesus. ,(they started shouting) and our papa boo la hot for Jesus as well. Girls, bring in the guys, guys draw in the girls. Instead of them going to clubs, draw them to church, to God. They don’t need any outward change.

The bible says, if you confess with your mouth, believe in your heart that christ is the son of God, (all of them shouted ) YOU ARE SAVED,(they clapped and cheered)

He continued…..

Your sins are forgiven.

Meheeen, i was loaded. Now I’m convinced. Dad doesn’t know anything new. He is of the old time religion that was good for only PAUL AND SAILAS. (That song is very correct) on my way home, i went straight to the saloon.

-guy abeg, tint my hair. Ehen, how dem take dey get pink lips sef. I told my barber.

He was just looking at me.

-wetin happen na? Tint my hair gold colour one side like that.

-hmmm, junior he replied. No be your papa church you dey go again? Before na fowl n**sh you barb. Now you won tint am join con.dey ask pink lips. Junior hmmmm, take am easy o. Yahoo church full eveywhere o. You no dey live with your papa again?

I got angry.

-e be like say you no need my money. Mah go another place.

He changed his mouth…..

-argh, no naaa, e never reach like that. Oya sidon. Wait mah finish this one.

He was making a man’s hair. I sat and waited.

Dear listener, ladies and gents, i got my hair tinted. As for the pink lips, he told me what to do. As i walked home. I noticed the fear of mum and dad was no longer there. All on my mind was, WORSE COME TO WORSE, I PARK COMOT.

It was almost 7:45pm when i got home.

I walked into the house. There was light so everyone could see my hair at first sight. Dad was the first person who saw me followed by mum. Dad was just looking at me. Mum shouted.

-chineke meeehhh, (my God) junior, what did you do with your hair? Heeeeey!!! It has gotten to the extent of painting your hair? I thought you said it was a church you were going to? Is this what you went to do?

Dad was just looking at me.

-mum, i replied, this is what i want, who i want, and how i want it. I’m an adult now. Allow me to be me. The colour is just on my hair, not in my life.

My dad who was silent now spoke.

-junior that’s a life. The spot started from your life. The colour of your life changed. It changed the colour of whom you are, your true identity, and what you represent. That change of colour first takes place from within. Son, i have been prayerfully following you. Don’t take my silence for weakness.
I your father, stopped doing what i want, being who i want, thinking how i want, since the day i gave my life to Christ. I am not asking you to be like me, you are to be like christ. What you are doing now is COMPROMISING. Jesus can’t do that.
Son, i have given you the opportunity to count your teeth with your tongue but you didn’t. I will teach you how a good son should behave. Go on your knees now.

I looked my dad in the face and said……..

-i won’t. What for exactly ? Did i kill somebody? Did i steal from you? Because i f***ing made my hair ? Who does that ?

My dad slapped me…..

-the F word is *prohibited in this house and you know it. Cornell, you will not rubbish this gospel of holiness i have upheld before you were born.

I replied my* dad……

-It is not a must to follow your OLD TIME RELIGION. It was only Good for PAUL AND SILAS. I am not any of them. I am a child of God too. This is how i choose to serve God.

-it won’t work in my house. (Dad said with the loudest voice ever)

I tried walking out. Dad pull me back. Join us on telegram through+233544142683 to read more stories from story headquarters room. I pushed his hands. Dad tried again to hold me back. I pushed him to the ground.

-you can’t hold me back. Just as your own father couldn’t hold you back.

Junior mum shouted
My sisters stood and was looking helplessly
Dad broke down in tears. He was heavily crying as he walked back to his room.
Mum was crying too. she followed dad. My sisters ran into their room.

That night, i decided to leave the house.
I left. With Gresh’s recommendations, i moved into papa and mama’s house.

I now stay with my new pastors. Papa and Mama AKPAN.

My freedom was just a bold step into bondage.

To be continued



Pastor frank Akpan and his wife are wonderful people. They took me in like their own son.

My room was air -conditioned, alot more bigger than the one at home.

I was enjoying freedom at it’s peak. Mhen i dressed. Infact, like a bird who has been in cage, my own flying was to the extreme.

I started wearing dread. I got the pink lips i craved for. I could wear whatever to church. I was enjoying it.

Mum kept calling, asking me to come back home. I could go naked if i wanted but i should just come back home.

I replied mum thus……

-mum, there’s no way I’m coming back to that house. I’m a man now. I won’t live with you forever. Start getting use to it.

I asked about dad and my sisters.
My dad did the unbelievable. He paid my school fees and sent me my upkeep money. He gives me allowance every month.

My dad is just something else.

My freedom starting get the better part of me. I pierced my ear. It’s allowed in my church. As the bassist, i needed to look cute. The ladies were falling head over hills for me.

One sunday, it was annouced that the youths will be organizing praise night. The choir already started rehearsals.

Hmmm, our choir!!!

Our choir was messed up. Choristers were dating themselves. Infact, most of them were making out during vigils. The kind of sexy things ladies wore to vigil rehearsal is something else.
Short skirt, when i say short, i mean very very short. Maybe because of my up bringing, i was the only one who wasn’t into that stuff.

One night we came for rehearsal. We were told we will be ministering in a church we were invited. That night, as we rehearsed, Bummi was just all over me. Bummi coker is our soprano singer. She is a banker and i heard she is rich.

I wore sleveless top and three quarter short. I love to.chew gum anytime I’m on the guitar. I also wearing my shades. I smiled all through. Bummi was just giving me winks all through the rehearsal.

Time to rehearse praise songs. Bummi started dancing and moving her butts. Oh My God !!! For the first time,my body reacted. Rehearsal closed around 4:15am. I was very tired. Our music director can stress for africa.

I went to find a condusive space to lay my head. Bummi came to me.

-cornell she called smiling a seductive kind of smile.

I smiled back with so much fear. My heart was beating fast.

-how are you? She asked as she was rubbing her hands on my arm.

-i’m, i’m, i’m fine, i stammered, smiling too.

-i have eyes for you cornell she said. Your looks is breath taking. I can’t stand it anymore. Just hold me.

Ha!!! I’m i dreaming? This bummi just finished speaking in tongues o, while worship was going on.

I stood up, took two steps back, turned and walked faster than shadow. Infact i started running.i came down and was walking along the walkway when i started hearing noise. I paused.

Jesus!!!! That wasn’t noise, that was MOANING. Some persons were actually…….what??? I hurriedly tried moving away when i heard the male’s voice. I was shocked to my bones. GRESHAM !!! My friend.

I ran outside. Behind the pillar again, another set kissing. What is going on here??
I came out to really take a look at the building.
Yes na, i’m correct, it’s our church. I’m in the church. Once vigil closes, they turn the lights off. It doesn’t happen in my father’s church. When youths / choir is having vigil, an elder must be present in my father’s church.

What baffles me is the ANOINTING that flows when we minister. Hmmm, i got the shock of my life when we were about leaving for a church program we were invited to minister.

I was sitted in the church hall waiting. I had my ear piece on. I was listening to the song we were to minister. We were to take HEART FIXER by Tye tribbett. It’s a crazy song. That’s how we roll in my choir.

I felt like going to the backyard with my guitar to rehearse under fresh air. I started hearing voices. I totally removed my earpiece to hear them.

Their conversation……..

-omo, tonight go make sense.
,-i swear down. We gonna give them holyghost mehn.
-yea man, the one wey dey inside shepe….


-Nna, we need to high to showcase the praise of the MOSTHIGH.


Heeeeey, i silently shouted. These guys are drinking o. So this is the secret behind their undying strength ? No wonder. So this is the ANOINTING?

Hmmm!!! Noo, i need to talk to mama and papa. I have seen enough. Why are they all misbehaving like this?

I thought i heard it when they mentioned my name…..

-come, one of them started, that Cornell of a guy, eim from deeperlife?


-that “my dad said” of a boy? (Laughter)

-pure correct daddy’s boy. See as babes dey die foram. Even sis Bummi, that banker wey ah be dey eye since.

-you don’t mean it… Arrgh laye laye, Cornell no go date bummi o. I won’t allow it o. I have been clearing ground to get into her heart na.

Hmmm, what kind of thing is this? I thought. I quietly tiptoed back to the church.

At the program come and see performance, excess energy. Speaking in tongues an’ari ibeya elu (speaking in tongues was just much)

The lead vocallist who also plays guitar had to “FALL UNDER ANOINTING” while playing the guitar o. He raised both legs up in the name of UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE HOLYGHOST. Little did they know he was actually under heavy influence of Alcohol. People were shouting. Even the other guys were speaking in tongues.

I saw all these yet i wasn’t going back. I loved it here in GOLD CROWN CONGREGATION where grace covers all our sins. Our sins are forgiven!!!!

One evening, i came home from school and saw mama FAITH AKPAN, in my bedroom. She always wore bumshots at home. My mama has four kids, all grown up but she looks like a lady in her 30s. My mama is 48years old.

I was shocked seeing her in my room.

-mama, good evening ma.

-good evening cute. Welcome. I have been waiting for you. The Lord says i should give you this. (She handed over a very fat envelope) the Lord said, YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER HAS ABAABANDONED YOU but he has not. He knows the dept you owe in school and the financial challenges you are going through. Son, the Lord has come to reward you.

I smiled.

-thank you ma. I replied

-you are welcome. She left.

Hmm, i sighed. This prophecy is a lie.join us on telegram through+233544142683 to get more exciting stories from there. My dad did not abandon me. It still beats my imagination how after all that happened , he never for one month stayed without sending my allowance. He even paid my fees and cleared my debt in school.

Well, maybe it’s for the future. I opened the envelope. It was a whooping sum of 500k. 5Wraps of 100k.

Woooow, my 2years allowance.
I ran back to the sitting room she wasn’t there. I rushed to her bedroom and knocked.

-come in she said

I did.

-mama, this is too much. Thank you ma. God bless you.

-you’re welcome. Cornell, she called. Come, come and sit here. Next to me. We need to talk.
-ok ma.

I asked for her permission to draw the side stool closer and sit. She said no.

-come and sit on my bed, next to me.

I swallowed my smile.
I was just hearing POTIPHAR’S WIFE!!!
I Kept on asking who is potiphar’s wife.

I totally forgot. When i remembered, i was already sitting on her bed, i just said……

-ehhe, potiphar’s wife

I held my mouth and stood up.

-what??? She asked.

-nothing ma, i replied. I have to leave now ma.

I ran to the door. It was locked. I looked back.
She smiled.

Oh no, this is not happening, i cried.

To be continued.



Ma, i want to go back to my room please ma.

I was just shaking like jelly fish.

Mama stood up and walked into the bathroom. I started searching for the keys. I turned and found out that the key to the bathroom is outside the door which is rather strange.

One mind said look the door and ask her to show you where she kept the keys else she will remain there.

The other mind said, eheee, Don’t try it o. You will be sent out o.

Hey, you needed to see me. I never knew sweat could be very hot. I was just muttering POTIPHAR’S WIFE, POTIPHAR’S WIFE. God of JOSEPH save me.

I quickly remembered that Joseph ran off and left his garment which was used as evidence against him. I quickly took off my shirt. She was still in the bathroom.

Hey God, where do i hide this shirt. At list she can’t drag empty chest and belted trouser. I wish i could swallow the shirt. I hid it under my armpit.

Mama was still in the bathroom.
What is going on? What has she been doing in there?

I can’t believe it. I started crying.
I paused. Something came to mind.
WARDROBE, Yes, Wardrobe. I will hide in the wardrobe. But, what if she’s watching me from the bathroom. I kept quiet. Soon, i started hearing shower running. BINGO i shouted. I quickly ran into the wardrobe and closed the door.

I was peeping from the wardrobe.
Unbelievably, mama walked out of the bathroom completely naked.

I wanted to die. I closed my eyes.
Whaat? Reverend mrs faith Akpan? Noo, it can’t be.

She was confused. She was looking around.

-cornell, cornell, she called. Where are you? Baby please don’t do this to me.

Jesus oooooooo, i shouted in silence
I was really crying. I begged the Lord to save me.

I sensed fear in her. Maybe she was thinking i disappeared. She quickly wrapped up with her towel. Out of fear and curiousity, she opened the door and went through the way that leads to my room.

I came out and ran . I took the kitchen way and ran to Edet’s house. He is the gate keeper.
Edet too ran in with me.

I was breathing fast. Edet was holding his chest and looking at me.

-Cornell, wetin be that? Who dey purse you?

I went on my knees…..

-father thank you Lord. Jesus thank you. Thank you for saving me.

Edet was looking at me.

-edet, water water water i demanded.

-noooo, Edet replied. Cool down first. Cool down.

Me——ok ok ok.

I slept off in Edet’s room.
Mama’s voice woke me up.

-Edet, she called. have you seen cornell?

-ma, Edet replied. Cornell is sick o. He almost fainted while coming down stairs. He was running. I don’t know what was pursing him o.

-Did you ask him? She asked. What did he say.

-mama, he was saying THANK YOU JESUS.

-hmmm, ok. Take this money, go to the bookshop at Parkinson, tell them you want original olive oil. We are having Anointing service.

-ok ma.

Edet left. Mama the potiphar’s wife came into edet’s room.

-cornell, why are you behaving like a child? Let’s roll and you won’t regret it.

Roll kwa? Osi Roll? I was just looking at her.

-listen Cornell, even the bible says we should give unto ceaser what’s ceaser’s and God what’s God’s.

-ma, i replied with shaking lips. I can’t do such wickedness. I can’t commit such abomination. You are my pastor ma. How can you……

I didn’t even finish my long sermon when she did it…….

Mama faith Akpan, wife of papa frank Akpan did it. She actually did it…..she kissed me. We kissed.

Hmmm, i narrate with tears in my heart dear youths, that that one minute pleasure was the beginning of one million troubles in my life.

Mama faith and i started dating.
The first day, i felt like i have done the worse thing.

She kept on assuring me that God has forgiven me even before i did it. She told me it’s no big deal. I should just pray and forget about it.

Brethen, and that was it. I threw caution to the wind. I became a stranger in the kingdom. I was always busy going from programme to programmes, ministering in.songs and instruments.

One day, my music director called me. He said to me…..

-cornell, you are a great worship leader but you can’t speak in tongues. Why can’t you speak in tongues?

-sir, i replied, I’m still waiting for the holy spirit to touch me (hmmm, holy spirit indeed. For i knew, i was just an empty dirty vessel. His reply shocked the daylight out of me)

-listen cornell. This is not the time of the apostles. I will teach you how to speak in tongues.

WHAT !!!!! ha!!! Well…..do i have a choice?
that’s not what my dad said. It is called holy ghost tongue na. In our youths conference some years ago, when dad talked to the youths about BEING HOLY GHOST FILLED.

I was 10 years then. I can never forget in a hurry what happened that day. After dad’s ministration, power came down, all the youths, i.mean all, encountered Holyghost for real. They were speaking in real Holy ghost tongue.

Now this one says he wants to teach me. Well, i am now lost in sin. I have no choice but to settle for the counterfeit. So we started.

My music director started He said……

-now say after me

Hmmm, i sighed in spirit. Ta wu ta. (today na today) i replied…..


-shinda la la, he continued

-shinda la la, i replied.

Now, join both together he said

-bababa, shinda lala, i replied

-Nice one, he shouted. Say it again

-bababa, shinda la la

-woooow, glory, he shouted. Now join this one. Rikababobo

-sir, i replied

He got angry…..

-listen.to me cornell, i am teaching you as the utterance is coming please be sharp enough to catch it.

-I’m sorry, i apologised.

-what did i even say before, ehen, he remembered, RIKABABOBO

-Rikababobo i replied


-What? Sir please, i think I’m done for today. Thanks.

I got up and left. He was just shouting at and was threatening to stop me from singing. I didn’t give a hoot.

I went home that day and found *myself practising SPEAKING IN TONGUES. We had a programme to attend the next morning . Papa frank was always travelling. That night, mama and i ROLLED.
First it was a stepping in, into the ocean of sin. Now i am.being drowned in it. True what dad said, ONCE YOU ARE BOLD ENOUGH TO ACCOMODATE ONE SIN, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY OPEN TO MANY MORE.

And so it was, i joined them. I joined the HIGHERS GROUP. We would drink to be high. When we mount the stage, you will think this people are FIRE.

I took over the mic. As i started speaking in TONGUES , i bit my tongue. It was horrible. The tip of my tongue tore in two. On stage i was bleeding.

That was God’s first warning. I didn’t listen. I was took engulfed with sin that i didn’t notice my maker was warning me.




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