The Painful Pleasure (Episode 11 – 15)

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I gently placed my hands oh her shoulder, and slowly pushed her away. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

She looked at me for a while. “Are you the last born? Why are you making a big deal out of this? Seriously it’s no big deal.” She began to raise her voice. “You don’t have to shout. You are a very wonderful lady and I respect that. You are funny, outspoken and I like that fact. But don’t you think that by doing this, you are going overboard? We haven’t even known each other for up to three months. And as a matter of fact, this is the second time I’m seeing you in my whole life. . .” I explained so she could understand me, but she replied sharply. “Wait dude, what is the whole speech all about, I didn’t ask you to date me, neither did ask you to have sex with me, it was just a kind gesture, it’s all fine, we are cool, I’m serious.” She started talking as if nothing had happened. “Are you sure you are not mad at me?” I asked. “Why would I be? I should be the one asking that question.” She replied.

Since it was all settled, I thought it was time to go, then Sandra looked at me and said “I don’t have to beg you to ask for my number, do I?” I had totally forgotten to ask for her number, the whole drama that just happened between us has really destabilized me, that I didn’t even remember to do that. “My bad!!! I’m sorry I totally forgot.” I brought out my ‘palasa’ and gave it to her, she looked at the phone, then she smiled, collected the phone and pressed in two numbers, and saved them as ‘Sandra 1’ and ‘Sandra 2’ respectively.

“I don’t have to beg you to ask for my number, do I.” I repeated the same thing she had said earlier. So she brought out her PHONE. Yes! It has to be stressed, because that was what should be referred to as phone, and not my BB Tour. It was a Samsung ‘touch-screen’ phone, well I don’t know about now, but then, Samsung phones were considered to be one of the most expensive phones. I held the phone carefully to avoid stories that touch the heart, and pressed on the screen with my middle finger, my one and only phone number. It was then it occurred to me that she was a ‘rich kid’. Kindly hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.
We said good night to each other, and I gave her a hug, then we departed. That was around 3am, so I headed straight to my room. As I was going, I was wondering “this girl must be really rich o”. I got to my room, everyone had slept, Mayowa was on his bed sleeping too. I just climbed my bunk and slept.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

It was 10am already, and I was still on my bed, sleeping. As the guys were laughing so loud, I had to wake up. Mayowa had been giving them the ‘party gist’. I pretended I was still sleeping as I listened to the conversation. . .
Mayowa: That girl for slap my face true true o, as d blackout happen, omo na so I tear race o.
Olu: It fit be say na you she go kiss na, anything fit happen o
Emeka: If I hear say dat girl kiss am, make God con help you make that girl hand strong well well, your face for tear reach back. . .

Emeka is a very funny guy, so when I heard what he said, I laughed loud, and they all knew I had been pretending all the while. Mayowa told the guys how scared he was when he thought he would be slapped. Then I narrated the part Mayowa didn’t get to see; how she tried to kiss me, and how I refused. When Emeka heard this, matters took another turn, as he took the issue personal. “Guy, you dey craze o, how girl go wan kiss you, you come dey form holy holy, your father well well, your father yaga yaga. Girl wey you for do strong thing, make she know say you be man, you con dey do like pussy. Guy, you don fall my hand. If to say na me, I for show her say Jesus no get tribal marks”. Emeka made me feel I did something bad, and he really succeeded with the help of Olu and Mayowa. I told them more about Sandra, how we met and how she was just behaving. “Abeg, shey u go gimme dat girl?” Olu asked, and Emeka replied him “Guy free that part 1 girl for our guy o, make him flex, make him dey alright”.

Seriously, the whole conversation we had that day made me regret just rejecting Sandra that day, I wished I had done more. “There will surely be another chance, and if the chance is not forth-coming, I will create it.” I said to myself. I had gotten her number already, so things won’t be difficult.

That day, there was an orientation programme for freshers, but Mayowa and I didn’t bother to go, since Emeka and Olu told us it wasn’t really important. They told us they were always saying ‘ase’ (irrelevant stuffs).

We continued our registration, going from library to the health center to the department to the faculty submitting one document or the other. It was really stressful. We were asked to pay dues to the faculty and departments and we did. After like 2 weeks, lectures were going to start. So many materials were introduced to us, and we bought the ones we could. Lectures were going to commence, my university life was about to start in full.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

It was a Sunday, lectures were going to start the following day, and since I came to school, I had not gone to church, two Sundays had passed already. My mum is a very devoted Christian, thank God money is not the criteria for being a deaconess in my church, she wouldn’t have had the chance. She had taught me not to miss any Sunday service, as it is written “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” My mother had taught me to go to church 52 Sundays a year, 53 if possible, but what exactly was wrong with me, I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me.

I decided to go to church, I talked Mayowa into going with me and he agreed. So we decided to go to ‘Church of Christ’. It was a popular church then, known for quick and short services. The day ‘holy spirit takes control’, and they have to stay longer than usual, that is when they use up to two hours. Since most students do not like long services, this church had so many members.

The service was meant to start by 10am and end latest by 12pm. Mayowa and I got to church around 10:30, as a protocol member gently led us to our seat. The sitting was strictly on a ‘sit as you come’ basis. It was a praise and worship session, the lady leading was so blessed. As at the time we entered, she was singing the song: “We give you all the glory. . . We worship you our lord . . . you are worthy to be praised. . . You are alpha, and omega”. The song really touched me, as I lifted my hands to reference God as the beginning and the end of my life.

There was a lady just there beside me with a pair of glasses on, whose ‘part’ was very correct and loud. I know about music, as I can play the keyboard, the drum set quite well, and I can also sing. The lady caught my attention, she had a pair of glasses on, and she lifted up both hands, singing from the depth of her hearth. “Well, that shouldn’t distract my worship.” I said to myself. I continued, as I was thinking back on what God has done for me, success, provision, and grace. All I could do was to thank him. It was time to dance, I danced like there was no tomorrow, I was so happy to be in the presence of God, I knew I had done what’s right.

Then the lady leading the praises said “hold a person beside you and say (singing) we are going higher, we are going higher. . . ” I held the lady with glasses I had been admiring all the while. Well, she didn’t see any thing wrong with it as we both sang the song.

The sermon came on, the pastor preached on the topic “he’s able”. The pastor showed us the power of God, and the ability of God to do all things for us, and through us. He used Ephesians 3:20 as his anchor text. It was a wonderful message. I can never forget it.

The pastor concluded the message, and the ‘first-timers’ were asked to stand up for recognition. Mayowa and i stood up, and to my surprise, the lady beside me stood up too.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

So many other first timers stood up, we were celebrated, and we were asked to follow a guy who gave us a form to fill. The form has a part asking whether or not we would like to Join the church, if we would like to Join the work force, and what unit we would like to Join. Mayowa filled No/Nil all through, he never liked church anyways. I filled yes all through, and I answered that I wanted to join the choir. The girl did the same, so I was forced to talk to her. “You sing pretty well.” I said to her. She looked at me, trying to be sure that I was talking to her. “You mean me?” She asked. “Yes, you.” I answered.

Mayowa was already getting angry with the whole situation, because he doesn’t like ‘church-girls’, so he didn’t really like the fact that I was talking to her. Since he filled ‘No’, that he didn’t want to join the church, he didn’t have to wait for any extra meeting. He told me he was going already, then I said bye to him. So the girl answered me. “that I chose to join the choir, doesn’t mean I can sing. Wait! Were you peeping into my form? I denied briskly. ” No, it was when you were singing beside me that I heard your voice, and discovered that you sing so well.” She looked at me suprisingly and said “during that awesome worship, you were noticing someone’s voice?” I answered immediately. “No, it’s not like that, I’m just so sensitive to sound”. . .

We continued the conversation. . .
Me: So what part do you take exactly?
The girl: I take all parts, but I mainly take alto
Me: Wow that’s just like me, but the difference is that I’m more comfortable taking tenor.
The girl: That’s really great. I’m Aramide, what’s your name?
Me: Please pardon my manners, I’m Dapo. It’s really nice meeting you.
Aramide: The pleasure is all mine. You are in what department?
Me: MCB, what about you?
Aramide: English Language. . .

We were going to continue the conversation, but some guys came to address us, to tell us about becoming a member, a ‘worker’ and other things like that.

Immediately after the meeting, we prayed, and when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see Aramide. Where she went, I didn’t know. I just took my bible, and started going to my hostel. Right there and then, I knew I had fallen in love. Aramide is so beautiful, she speaks softly. She isn’t like Sandra who talks like a parrot. She’s God fearing, and she is nice too. I knew it was too early to conclude, but that was my conclusion.

I took a bus and headed straight to my hostel, since I was going to start lectures the following day.

Now I have Sandra, my lousy, saucy friend, Moji my FDF, then Aramide whom I really love.


The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I got to my room, and I met Mayowa, already sleeping. I just went straight into preparing for the next day’s work. Mayowa had cooked ‘condition rice’ before sleeping. So I ate, then I tried sleeping too. It was then my phone rang, it was my mum. That was the second time she was calling me since I resumed school. I was so happy to hear from her. I apologized to her for not calling her earlier, I told her I have been busy with registration activities.

She told me a lot of things, and repeated the ‘Ranti Omo Eni Ti o n Se’ speech. But what surprised me the most was that this time around, more emphasis was laid on ‘No 3’ of the list. She kept on telling me to be careful with girls, maybe she had seen some things in the realm of the spirit concerning me. I thanked her, and told her, I won’t let her down, then she ended the call.

Lectures were going to start the following day, it was going to start with an ‘8 o’ clock’ chemistry class which would last for an hour. Abdul told us (Mayowa and I) to get to the venue as early as 6:30, or else, we won’t get a sit. We considered it as an exaggerated fact, how can we go for a class, 1 hour, 30 minutes earlier.

Mayowa started the ‘church-gist’ in the evening around 8pm. He told Emeka and Olu how I was behaving like a ‘church-freak’. Those ones, blamed me too, they said I should have followed him when he said he was coming to the hostel, after all we went together. Mayowa started talking about Aramide, how I was talking to her, about music, and he had to leave, since he didn’t like music talks. Emeka was surprised that I was talking to a girl again. “Guy, you be woman rapper o, you never even finish Sandra patrol, you don dey start another one.” Emeka said to me. “Watin be the girl name self?” He asked. “Aramide” I answered. I didn’t tell them I have fallen in love. We talked till around 12am, and slept.

We woke up around 7am, we rushed up and by 7:45am, we left the hostel for the Chemistry class.


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