The Painful Pleasure (Episode 21 – 25)

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

The friendship between Mayowa and I was put to test. Mayowa didn’t like Aramide, he isn’t Godly. His name “Oluwamayowa” which means “God brought joy” shows his background. “Adedeji Oluwamayowa Samuel”. Samuel is his baptismal name which means he had been baptized. But all he does is to party, go to bars, drink and get high, and sleep around with girls in corners of campus. He wasn’t a lover boy like me. He is quite handsome anyway, and he had been in the game way before he came on campus. I really liked Mayowa, because looking beyond the fact that he wasn’t really Godly, he was very nice. So I had to talk to him to sort out our differences. It was so difficult making that decision because there is no way I would be close to him and not copy some of his evil ways. I talked to him about Aramide, and he said to me. “I know say u no dey religious, so u are only doing all this because you want to sleep with that girl?” . . . Then we had a long conversation.

Me: I never said I want to sleep with her, I just said I love her.
Mayowa: If you love her then you can marry her?
Me: I’m lookin forward to it.
Mayowa: So when you get married, won’t you guys have sex?
Me: That will eventually happen. But that’s not why I love her, I just love her because she has a pure heart and that’s all.
Mayowa: Stop being a fool dude! No woman on earth has a pure heart, even my mama no get pure heart. You need to be smart, and step up your game.
Me: Okay, but the first time I saw her I felt a kind of bond. I just know she is the one for me. I just know it.
Mayowa: There he goes again. You know what, if you won’t listen to what I have to tell you, then this conversation is over. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. I’m solidly behind you
Me: Mayo, just try and understand me, you are saying all these because you have never been in love.
Mayowa: (looking at me, and talking gently like my mum) It’s true I haven’t been in love before, the same way I haven’t seen a dinosaur before. Because both don’t exist. You can’t afford to limit yourself with that feeling that is just virtual, you still have a long way to go. You need to have fun. It’s like having a DSTV and watching just one station, you will surely get bored. At some point, you have to change channels. Don’t say I didn’t warn you o (He left the room)

I was so deep in thought as I meditated on what Mayowa had told me. Everything sounded kind of right. Nothing seemed wrong with what he said. I didn’t want to do it anyway, because the outcome might be unbearable for me. I continued the whole stuff with Aramide. Praying-reading together.

Moji remained very nice to me. She had been buying me stuffs and giving me food. I would go, get the food at Anglomoz with Mayowa. Moji and I became so close that I told her everything about my past. She was so sad. I told her about the condition at home. She was really kind to me. She was really nice to me. She is a really good girl, but Aramide’s love had so blinded me that I couldn’t see anything coming forth from that relationship than friends. In fact, I made Moji very close friend, I call her always and tell her stuffs I can’t even tell Mayowa. Soon, Moji became my best friend. She was such a good person to me. She’s a really nice person.

        • *
          I was on my bed one Friday morning, I had forgotten already that Sandra even exist. So I just decided to give her a call. I called her first number then it was switched off. Thank God she had two numbers. I called the second one it rang then she picked it.

Find out in Episode 22.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

As she picked the call, what I heard was “so you still have my number?” That’s Sandra for you, she says it the way she sees it, she doesn’t form. . .

Me: Sandra, you see I’ve been very busy with school work, practicals and all. It’s been very tiring. Biko, ma binu.
Sandra: I would have called you but I just wanted to give you time to miss me.
Me: Seriously, it really worked, I’ve been thinking about you all day, so I just decided to give you a call.
Sandra: (She laughed) Anyway, what are you doing tonight?
Me: Nothing really. (I had forgotten that I had to go pray-reading with Aramide) Why did you ask?
Sandra: I’m going for TGIF party at ‘NEW BUKA’ later in the evening, if you don’t mind, we can go together.
Me: (Stammering) Hem hem eer, the thing is I’m really broke right now, and I can’t afford to go there. Maybe some other time, I’ll call you so we can go.
Sandra: See this guy o, who told you to hold money, I’m paying for the whole thing.
Me: (Surprised) Really, Sandra thank you so much, you are a darling. You are such a wonderful girl.
Sandra: Hmmm, if you say so. I’ll call you by 10pm, anyway thanks for the call.
Me: Are you whining me? I should be thanking you for the kind gesture.
Sandra: I’ll call you joor, bye (She ended the call)

It was when I dropped the call that it occurred to me that I had to see Aramide that night so we could pray, and go read afterwards. I was so puzzled. “Should I call Sandra that I won’t be able to make it? Or call Aramide that I won’t be able to make it?” I pondered on it for about two hours, and could not decide on what to do.

As I was wondering, a call came in, who was it? It was Moji. She called to tell me that we had ‘zoology practical’ by 1pm. I had forgotten totally about the practical. I went for the practical which lasted for about 2 hours. I didn’t really concentrate during the practical, my mind was just processing different lies I could tell one of the two. Moji noticed that I wasn’t myself so she came to me. “Are you sure you are fine?” She asked me. “I’m totally fine.” I answered.

The practical was over, I left the venue, took a bike, and went straight to the hostel. On a normal day I would have waited for Moji, but she is very observant and I won’t want to lie to her again.

When I got to the hostel, I decided to call Sandra and tell her that I won’t be able to go for the party anymore. As I picked my phone to call Sandra, the process was interrupted by a call. It was Aramide. I picked the call, quite surprised. . .

Me: Hello Mide, whatsup naw.
Aramide: I’m not feeling to well, and I won’t be able to come to the prayer meeting tonight. You can just pray in your hostel. I pray that by tomorrow, I would have gotten better.
Me: (I was very excited, but I was trying to hide it) Eeyah, please take good care of yourself, and rest well. I will check on you tomorrow dear.
Aramide: Alright dear, take care too. Bye (she ended the call).

I was so excited as I thought all my problems were solved. I took my best T-shirt wore it when Sandra called me. With a nice pair of Jean-trousers and shoes. I went to Anglomoz, and saw her. Her make-up shows that she was ready for me that night. She is a very tempting lady, when I saw her that night, I was ready to give her whatever it takes. I was ready to show her I’m a man just like Emeka said. We walked slowly to new buka. As we were going gently, Sandra kept coming close to me just as if she was going to enter into me. The more she drew close to me, the closer i drew to her. It was indeed a ‘do me I do you’ affair. Before I knew it, my hands were round her waist, and we were walking to new buka like the couples that we were not.

Finally, we got to new buka. When we got there, guess who I saw drinking and dancing with different guys. . .

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

Finally, we got to new buka. Guess who I saw drinking and dancing with different guys. It was the love of my life – Aramide. I was so bewildered. I was confused. I was perplexed. “It can’t be her!!!” I was so confused that I just kept repeating the same thing. “It can’t be her. It can’t be her. It can’t be her. . .” My doubt was cleared when a guy called her “Mide”. Why exactly did she lie to me? We were supposed to have a prayer meeting that night but she told me she couldn’t come because she wasn’t feeling fine. The most painful part was that she was holding a bottle or ‘trophy’. She was so drunk that she couldn’t even see or notice the way the guys were touching her sensitive parts.

I wasn’t really grown spiritually, I thought Aramide was God sent. She had really helped me to grow spiritually. In fact, at some point, she was the one I discussed spiritual stuffs with. I was so deep in thought, and I thought for a second about Mayowa the ‘flashback’ came. “No woman on earth has a pure heart, even my mama no get pure heart”. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I couldn’t control them. I had to go out of the venue to avoid embarrassment.

The Aramide that had been teaching me to be a good person wasn’t an Angel after all. It was really painful. I cried, cried, cried and cried. It was a really bad experience. I shouted so loud “To hell with love!!! . . .To hell with church girls!!! . . .I hate them!!! . . . No woman has a pure heart!!!” I was literarily roaring like an angry lion.

Sandra had been looking for me, so she saw me outside, under a tree. When I saw her coming I wiped my tears as if nothing had happened. I said to her before she could ask questions. “Let the Party Begin” I went straight into the bar, took two bottles of trophy, one for me and one for Sandra. That was the first time I tasted alcohol. It didn’t taste sweet like ‘Fanta’ but I just kept drinking. I knew it was wrong, but I was just drinking and drinking. And everything started fading off. I couldn’t see well again, yet I continued. I didn’t know what happened, but I could remember everyone was looking at me and laughing. I knew I had lost control and was dancing uncontrollably like a mad man. And before I knew it, my senses stopped working right. I couldn’t remember anything that happened. Whether Aramide saw me or not, I didn’t know and I didn’t even care.
* * * * *

I woke up and found myself in a room. I had just my boxers on. I was in my right senses. The room was smelling nice, it was a guest house. “How exactly did I get here? What happened over the night? Did I sleep here alone?” I kept asking myself these questions. As I was asking myself these questions, my doubt was cleared when Sandra came out of the bathroom with Towel. I was really baffled. . .

Me: Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking.
Sandra: (chuckled) it depends on what you are thinking, if what you are thinking is that we had sex, yes we did! And to be sincere, you are such a horse. At first I didn’t want to, but you just kept begging me for more.
Me: (My heartbeat became faster, a part of me was saying “that’s my boy”. Another was saying “what have you done?” I felt what I did was best, since Aramide can be like that, why can’t I be anything I want to be) I’m just the man
Sandra: Yes you are the man. My Dapo is the man

We both laughed, and she came to me and planted a kiss on my lips, it was like a bolt was loosened in my brain. And before I knew it, the towel went off and it happened again. This time, I can’t blame it on alcohol because I did that in my right senses.

Sandra paid for the guest house till Sunday morning so I was with her. We got so intimate most times. It was so good to me. To me, I thought my life just got ten times better. It was Sunday morning, and we went back to our hostels.

I didn’t say anything to Mayowa about it or anybody in the room. Not even Moji. In fact, I didn’t even think of that, because how on earth will I explain it? how do I tell her? What do I say to her. I just kept calm in the room. Though I was devastated by the true identity of Aramide, I thought sleeping with Sandra had solved the whole problem. But I was wrong.

This is the problem, it is not wrong to have someone you look up to, in any sphere of life, be it in religion or in business. But don’t be too dependent on their outcome or their conduct to inspire you. This is because if they fail, you will most certainly lose focus and fail too. And that was what happened to me. I didn’t regret my actions one bit. I was looking forward to more of the act from Sandra.

That Sunday morning, I didn’t go to church, and I had decided to stop going to church finally. As I was on my bed, around 1pm I got a call from Aramide. “Hello, Dapo, I didn’t see you at all in church today, what happened?” . . .

Me: Who do you think I am, a fool? You are such an Idiot. I saw you at new buka the day before yesterday. So you’ve been deceiving me all the while, so you are not a saint after all. Don’t ever call my number again in your life.
Aramide: (Chuckling). I understand the whole thing, but can you just hear me out?
Me: Are you crazy? You know what, this conversation is over. (I ended the call).

I was so angry, I threw my phone at the wall, and the screen got cracked.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I was really angry. The next day, I went for classes, but I discovered that I had lost concentration. I decided to share the problem with Mayowa, Olu and Emeka. At least, a problem shared they say is half solved. I narrated the whole story to them, and the conversation was as expected.

Mayowa: ‘Idiota Oponulensis’ didn’t I tell you that the girl is nothing but a pretender. I told you but you wouldn’t listen. You were just fooling around for nothing all the while. These church girls are not always what they claim. So have you learnt your lesson now? Next time, when I talk to you, you will listen.
Me: (I felt so bad) It’s not my fault now, the so called love I have for her is what blinded me.
Emeka: (You should trust him naw) Abeg, make una calm down. The Aramide matter no pain me o, girls don craze tae tae. But watin dey baffle me be say all the programme wey una dey gather go na fake too? Na dat part I no understand.
Olu: It was all drama joor, those bad girls will do anything to get a good guy.
Emeka: Wait o, Dapo you don craze o. You drink high, con go fk olosho for guest house. Me self wey dey final year, na inside Agric I dey run tins. If for part one, u don dey fk for guest house, when u reach part 4, na also rock u go dey go o. Patience Jonathan must surely hear am for your hand o.
Olu: The guy don bad die.
Mayowa: The guy don dey alright now. Hin dey fumble before.
Me: That Sandra girl bad die, she just dey do tins wey I no even sabi.
Olu: I talk say make you gimme dat girl, u no wan gree.
Emeka: Olu, watin dey do u self, wat of dat girl wey dey waka like who wan die, dat one never do you?
Olu: I just dey whine am ni o. Me self get girls wey I never even handle finish. . .

Those guys succeeded in encouraging me and pushing me into more of the act. I started going to bars with Mayowa, I started drinking and smoking. I totally stopped going to church.

My cracked phone was a big disappointment. How would I be so angry to crack my one and only bb tour? I went to Sandra in the usual place, and when I got there, she kissed me for over 20 minutes. We should get an award for the world longest kiss. Then she said to me. “I have a surprise for you.” She blindfolded me. I was so scared, because Sandra was really crazy and could do something stupid. She then put a nylon in my hands. I didn’t see it, but I felt a box in the nylon. Sandra removed the cloth. Guess what it was, it was a brand new Samsung android, just like the one she was using. I was so glad. I kissed her so passionately and as a token for appreciation, ‘it’ happened again. Then we left the place.

I was so eager to show my roommates. I showed it to them, they were so surprised. “Her papa na Obama?” Emeka said. The phone was so nice, it was so cool. My blackberry had cracked. The phone came when I really needed it. I was so glad.

Moji saw the new phone, and asked me how I got the phone. I told her a friend got it for me. I saw unbelief in her eyes, but she didn’t ask me anymore questions. I felt bad that I was hiding stuffs from Moji, but how will I bring myself to tell her that a girl I’m sleeping with bought the phone for me. Moji had done a lot for me. I felt so bad hiding things from her.

The affair continued between Sandra and I. She was always taking me out, buying me drinks. And after all that, we would make out. My christian life got totally down. I kept doing that ungodly act. In a way, it keeps me happy, and make me forget the disappointment and heartbreak I experienced with Aramide. But in the other way, whenever I think about my mum, and how much she has done for me, I can’t help but feel bad for what I was doing. That didn’t make me stop it after all.

Aramide didn’t stop calling me, I didn’t pick her calls. But on the 8th day of the whole incident, I just decided to hear what she had to say to me.

Aramide: Hello Dapo, I’m so glad you picked my call today. But why did you react that way. As a child of God, you shouldn’t react that way in situations like this.
Me: Look at idiot o, you are such a whore, so you did all the coming to church because you just wanted to sleep with me. You bitch!!!
Aramide: Stop that Dapo, the Bible says “let no corrupt communication proceed out of your. . .”
Me: (I didn’t let her finish) Shut up!!! I just believed that the devil knows the bible too you know what, I’m done with this conversation.
Aramide: Dapo I’m. . . (I ended the call)

This time I was really angry but I dropped my Samsung in my chest pocket to avoid stories that touch the heart. The phone vibrated. It was a message from Aramide. I opened it, abd it read “Dapo, we need to see and talk, I AM A TWIN”.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

“I’M A TWIN”. When I read the message, I was much more confused. Even if it was just mere resemblance, and it wasn’t really Aramide, I heard them call her ‘Mide’. “Is this one of the plans of this goat in sheep’s clothing to deceive me?” I thought to myself.

I told Mayowa the whole thing. And Mayowa told me she was lying, that she isn’t a twin. I didn’t really believe Mayowa. A part of me believed what Aramide told me, while the other chose to believe what Mayowa said. But I decided to give Aramide a chance to prove to me that she was telling the truth. I called Aramide immediately. . .

Aramide: Hello Dapo, thanks so much for calling. I do not take it for granted. Please listen to me. I’ve been trying to explain to you all the while that I have a twin sister. We are identical twins, and she isn’t born again. She drinks and does all sort of stuffs. I should be praying and reading with my sister but she doesn’t like any of the two that’s why I chose you. Please believe me. It wasn’t me you saw.
Me: I don’t believe you. I will never believe you until I see for myself the two of you. Don’t send me pictures o. Meet me in Anglomoz right now with your twin sister
Aramide: Yes, but she is not around right now. I’ve spoken to her about the mess she caused, I’ve convinced her to come meet you since that’s the only way to clear your doubts. I’ll call you when she’s back.
Me: (chuckles) Alright, I will expect your call. (I ended the call)

I thought to myself that she was lying, and that was why she said her twin sister was not around. But I was surprised when she called me after 30 minutes to tell me they were waiting for me at Anglomoz. When I got to Anglomoz, I saw Two ‘Aramides’. They were so alike, same eyes same nose, same hair type, though different styles. I was so sad. That was the reason I did backslide. It was such a terrible thing. So it wasn’t my Aramide that was at the bar. . .

Aramide: Dapo meet my twin sister Ademide. Ademide, meet my prayer and reading partner Dapo
Me: (Stretching my hands to Ademide) Its nice meeting you.
Ademide: (Not reciprocating the handshake) Dude what’s up. I’m Ademide, and besides, I’m not here to make friends with you, I’m here to clean my mess. And now I hope everything is settled? I’m out! (She left)
Aramide: (Her eyes were filled with tears than didn’t roll out) I’m really sorry, it was all my fault. ( She wanted to go, but I held her hand.)
Me: (Humbly) See the resemblance, who wouldn’t have thought it was you. I know its my fault, I should have believed in you. How would you have done such a thing? How? It couldn’t have been you! (I went down on my knees and all efforts to pull me up proved abortive) Please, just find a place in your heart to forgive me. I should have known it wasn’t you, I should have known.
Aramide: (Now she couldn’t control her tears) It’s alright! It wasn’t your fault. Please stop crying.

The whole ‘revelation’ scene ended, and I went back to my hostel disappointed. It was the mistaken identity that caused the whole problem. That was why I slept with Sandra, that was why I stopped going to church. “But they called her Mide at the party”. I thought to myself. It was then it occurred to me that the ‘Mide’ was a short form of ‘Ademide’.

That was the new custom of Yoruba people. They stopped naming twins Taye and Kehinde, but names sounding similar. E.g Ayomide & Ayomikun, Mosunmola & Sunmisola, Damilola & Demilade etc. And that was the case with Aramide & Ademide.

The deed has been done, but Sandra did not want to let go. She kept stalking me always. She was literarily suffocating me. “What can I do?” I said to myself.


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