The Painful Pleasure (Episode 26 – 30)

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

Sandra’s problem was becoming rather unbearable for me. She was always stalking me, and she was really irresistible. What made me put myself into the whole mess was the misconception I had about Aramide which turned out to be nothing but a mirage. But then, the whole issue has been resolved, I didn’t seem to be able to come out of the pleasure that was having a grievous effect on my soul.

The friendship between Aramide and I suffered a downturn. Aramide started avoiding me. I could not even look her in the eyes after calling her all those dirty names. Even if it was her, I shouldn’t have acted that way, but I was really disappointed, and I really blew a fuse, I really overreacted.

My little affair with Sandra had really affected my academics. I did not seem to grab things easily anymore. Because each time I opened my books to read, all I could see was Sandra. I discovered that I needed help, then I decided to tell Moji the whole truth about my affair with Sandra. I would have told my roommates but what else can I expect from such people than encouragement to continue.

On a Thursday evening, Moji and I had a stroll to a quiet place, I told her I wanted to tell her something important. When we got to a spot, we sat and I started talking. . .

Me: Moji, there is something I want to tell you.
Moji: I know, that’s why we are here
Me: Moji, I want to say this with all sincerity from my heart, because it’s a feeling I’ve been having due to things happening in my life. If I tell you this, hope it won’t change the way you see me?
Moji: Tell me anything, I’m all ears
Me: And if it turns out that you’re hurt with what I’m about to tell you, please remain my friend. Because you’ve done a lot in my life, I appreciate it, and I don’t want anything to come between us.
Moji: (loosing her patience) What is it you want to say, just tell me, I’m listening to you.
Me: I am in . . . ( A phone call interrupted what I wanted to say, it was an unknown number) Please let me pick this call.
Moji: Alright, No problem
Me: (I picked the call) Hello, good evening who am I speaking with please?
Voice: Good evening, are you Mrs Omishakin’s son?
Me: Yes I am. How may I help you?
Voice: Your mother was rushed to this hospital now. She collapsed in her shop, (I was already losing control) and was rushed to our hospital. She is here as I speak. Your number was the only relative’s number we found on her phone, because she saved it with “my son”. We want to have a word with you, please come to St Peter’s hospital as soon as possible.
Me: No!!! What happened to my mum? Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! (The call went off, I tried calling the number, and it wasn’t reachable. Moji knew what was going on)
Moji: What happened to mummy?
Me: (Panicking) I don’t know too, the guy said she slumped in her shop and collapsed. I’m going to Ibadan tonight (That was around 10pm)
Moji: Please Dapo, we can’t get a bus tonight, let’s go tomorrow
Me: I need to see my mum (shouting). Wait did you say we?
Moji: Yes I’m going with you. We have just one class tomorrow. We will surely stab the lecture. We will go through all this together okay? We’ll pull through. I’m here for you. Just calm down and let’s leave by 5am tomorrow morning.

After so much pleas by Moji, I finally agreed, I was so disorganised
We went to the hostel to sleep but I couldn’t sleep all night. I kept looking at my watch as it was really slow. “I hope nothing bad has happened to my mum? Lord please protect my mum.” I was thinking all through the night. That was indeed the longest night of my life. When it was 5, Moji was already at Anglomoz car park. Moji paid for the whole journey. I started thinking back and forth “So God wants to use my mum’s life to punish me for sleeping with Sandra?” I thought to myself. The journey was so long. We left ife around 6am. We got to Apata around 8am.

We went straight to St Peter’s. When we got there, we entered straight into the doctors office. The nurses were trying to restrain us but the doctor told them to leave us. . .

” I’m Mrs Omisakin’s son, please where is my mother what happened to her?” I said with so much fear. “You must be Dapo, your mum kept mentioning your name”. The doctor said. This time around I had totally lost control. I shouted so loud in tears. “Doctor where is My mother?!” The doctor looked at me with pity, and said. “Mr Dapo, I’m very sorry. . .

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

“Mr Dapo, I’m very sorry, your mum is in a very critical condition. She has shortage of blood, and that was what caused the collapse. She is unconscious as we speak. Her condition has gotten really worse.” The doctor explained. “What is the way forward now, doctor?!” I asked the doctor. I was covered in sweats, Moji stood behind me as I talked to the doctor. I even thought the doctor would tell her to excuse us, but he didn’t say that. “She needs blood transfusion urgently, and she’s O-positive. Right now, we don’t have any blood that is O-positive in our blood banks. So right now, the only solution is a donor, and we have limited time. But it’s good you are here. We really hope you are O-positive.”

My eyes were clouded with tears. I had a blood test when I wanted to resume school. I had been tested to be AB. I am a student of microbiology, I know the implication of what the doctor said. There are four blood groups: A, B, AB and O. ‘AB’ is referred to as ‘universal recipient’, because it can take blood from any of the other groups. ‘O’ is the ‘universal donor’ because it can donate blood to any of the other groups, but the problem is that it can only get blood from ‘O’. Blood from any other group entering into the system will only result in clumping of antibodies, agglutination, then death won’t be evitable.

I was so sad, as I cried bitterly. “Where exactly am I going to get someone that has the ‘O’ group, my mum has just a short while left.” I thought to myself. I answered the doctor’s question, now I couldn’t control my tears. “Doctor, I’m not O, I’m AB.” I cried bitterly. Suddenly. I heard a voice behind me. “Dapo don’t worry, they can get the blood from me, I’m O-positive”. The voice sounded like Moji’s but I didn’t believe it. I turned back and it was really her. I didn’t believe it, I had mixed feelings. I’m happy, at the same time Sad. Happy that we finally got a donor. Sad about my mothers case.

“Alright madam, we don’t have much time left. Please come with me for confirmatory test.” The doctor said to Moji. “I’ll be right back dapo. Just calm down okay, everything will be fine.” Moji said, and she followed the doctor for the test. I didn’t alter a word, because I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say exactly. “How can someone be so nice? What have I done to deserve all the kind gestures? How on earth am I going to repay Moji for everything she has done for me?” I started thinking about her but I stopped, and started praying for my mum’s wellbeing.

Moji came back after 20 minutes holding an Apple and a can of Malt. She sat close to me and kept comforting me, telling me to calm down. The doctor came out too. “Congratulations Mr Dapo. The blood is perfect, and we have the blood already. As a matter of fact, the blood transfusion is going on already.” I was so happy, I hugged Moji immediately. I was so happy that I held her so tight. She was very happy too. The doctor was smiling. “If I may ask, who is she?” The doctor asked. “My blood sister, I answered.” Moji laughed. ” Why are you laughing now, the same blood flowing through your veins is the one flowing through my mum’s right now.” I said, The doctor laughed as well as Moji. “Doctor don’t mind him, I’m his friend, we are in the same department in school.” Moji answered. “Friend? Are you sure you guys are not dating?” The doctor asked Moji, but I took over to answer the question. “Sir we are very close, in fact, we are like brothers and sisters. That’s what people think when they see us”. As I was talking, Moji kept nodding her head in agreement. “You guys must be really close for you to come with him from school, talk less of donating blood to his mum”. The doctor said.

Moji changed the topic. “Doctor. You can hi omeano on +233544142683 to read more stories from the page.. Please can we see mummy now?” Moji asked. “No please, she is yet to gain consciousness, but in the next two hours, we believe everything will be fine. But in this hospital, we save dying people first before demanding money. Because we know that life is like an egg. And is priceless. So please, you guys should go and bring money to settle the bills, for the drugs and injections administered to her”. I was really baffled as I didn’t even know where to get that from. Moji broke the silence. “How much is the bill?” Moji asked. “It’s 30,000 Naira ma” The doctor replied. I was so sad as I didn’t have that money. Neither did my mum. Everyone knows that in St Peters hospital, the prices are not negotiable, and if you fail to pay, asides the fact that the patient won’t be discharged on time, you will have to pay extra money. Moji stood up, and went out of the office. I didn’t know where she was heading, so I followed her to see where she was going. . .

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I followed her to see where she was going. She went straight to the payment section. She asked the woman a question, the woman nodded her head to say ‘yes’, then Moji brought out her ATM, while the woman brought out POS. The woman then gave her a receipt. It was then I understood the whole thing. Moji just paid my mother’s hospital bills. Moji discovered that I had been watching. So she came straight to me and stretched the receipt to me. “Please, show the doctor”. She said. I took the receipt, on it stuffs like “Mrs Omisakin, 30,000 Naira only etc.” were written. I was so surprised, I didn’t know what I could say. I’m so indebted to Moji. But the question is: How come Moji has such amount in her account? I wanted to ask, but I didn’t. Her parents are rich.

We waited at reception, and about two hours later, a nurse came that my mum wanted to see me. I was so excited, Moji and i rushed into the ward that she was. I saw her lying on the bed. Her eyes were opened. “Maa mi, you really scared me. I am so glad you regained consciousness.” I said to her. She replied me, and her voice was somehow faint. ” Ma binu oko mi, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just in my shop, trying to park. That’s all I could remember.” She said. She noticed Moji who had been silent all the while, looking at d mother-son movie. “Who is this? She asked. “Mummy, this is Moji, my course mate in school. Thank God she came with me. You had blood transfusion, it was her that donated blood, otherwise the worst might have happened. And number 2, she paid all your bills. That’s about 30,000.” I explained to my mum. “Ah, thank you my daughter, I’m so greatful. Thanks for saving my life. E se eku inawo o.” She thanked Moji. “Don’t thank me ma, I just did what I had to do ma. Thank God you’re fine now ma”. Moji said. “I’m very fine now, in fact I’m going home now.” My mother said. “No o, you are not going anywhere, doctor said you will have bed rest for two days.” I said to her.

My mother had a long conversation with Moji, and it was really funny. She asked questions about her parents and the job they are doing. I knew she was saying all that because she was surprised how an undergraduate can settle 30,000 Naira bill.

Her dad was the chief auditor in a big company that had their headquarters in Ibadan. Moji is the only child of both parents. They always give her whatever she asks for. Her monthly allowance was almost 40,000 Naira. She was able to pay the bill, because she saves money a lot and she isn’t extravagant or showy. Moji is from a very rich family, but you can’t know unless you are really close to her. She just told my mum her dads job. Since my mum didn’t ask for other details, she didn’t go into facts about her allowance.

I advised Moji to go back to ife the following day. That day was Friday, and the following day would be Saturday. Moji told me that since its a Saturday (the next day) that she would just go on Sunday, then continue lectures on Monday. We agreed, since her view was only logical.

Moji and I slept, at the hospital that night. I would have taken her home, but I’m so shy of our house which wasn’t really attractive. She really went through a lot, because the mosquito’s there were so strong.

It was Saturday morning. It was Mayowa’s call that woke me. I had totally forgotten that I didn’t say bye bye to them before traveling to Ibadan. I was really disorganised that day and I left so early. No one could have seen me when I left. I felt so bad about what I did to my roommates. I picked the call. . .

Mayowa: Guy, where have you been since the day before yesterday? I’ve been trying your number and it wasn’t reachable. You got us so worried.
Me: Mayowa I’m really sorry, my mum was seriously ill. Moji and I had to rush to Ibadan as early as 5am yesterday.
Mayowa: (He was surprised when he heard that Moji went to Ibadan with me.) Moji? Anyway how is your mum’s health now? Me: She has gotten better. Thank you. Please Mayowa, I need to go now. I’ll call you later in the day.
Mayowa: Alright guy. Take care of yourself, your mum and Moji o (laughing)
Dapo: Alright bye.

The Saturday morning, Moji had been bitten by mosquito’s, so I decided to take her to my house at night. So that she can sleep comfortably to an extent. We went to my mum’s ward. We played with her till around 4pm. Moji and I went to buy her food. (Don’t bother to ask who paid). And she ate then around 8pm, I told Moji we were going to sleep at home then she agreed. We said bye to my mum, and we went straight to my house.

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

When we got home, we were so lucky that there was light. Our DVD needed to be beaten several times for it to work. Or else there is no DVD for you. I did that repeatedly and the DVD did not seem to be responding. Moji advised that we should just leave the DVD. That was some minutes past 9pm. I was quite disappointed. Because as students, we don’t sleep until after midnight. “So how are we going to get busy? Or are you feeling sleepy?” I asked Moji. “I didn’t take sleeping pills, I’m not feeling sleepy at all. You know in school, we don’t get to sleep until past 12, so the body is programmed already.” Moji answered. “Let me try the DVD again”. I said, going straight to the DVD, This time, it worked perfectly. I was so happy. I played Moji’s favourite movie – ‘King Kong’. That was the only film I had anyway, I bought it when I was in SS3 because I really liked the movie then, but not anymore. Since that’s Moji’s favourite movie, I automatically like it too. “Oh my God!!! Is that king Kong? I love this movie” Moji said. I was really happy to see Moji happy.

Moji was really enjoying the movie, but unfortunately, they took the light. I switched on my phone torch, and put it on the table so we could see. It was really disappointing that they took the light, since we didn’t have a generating plant. So I thought that was a good time to tell Moji thank you for all she has done. . .

Me: Moji, I don’t know what I would have done without you. How can I thank you enough. You donated blood to my mother, paid her hospital bills, stabbed lectures for my sake. Moji, seriously, you are God sent. Thank you so much.
Moji: Dapo, you don’t have to thank me. (Looking straight into my eyes) I hold you in high esteem, and you are so important to me. In fact, you are just like my twin brother. I will do for your mum, whatever I can do for my mum. Because your mother is my mother.
Me: (I was really touched by everything she said, she’s really God sent) I understand you Kehinde.
Moji: Did you Just call me Kehinde?
Me: Yes I did.
Moji: Why in God’s name did you call me that.
Me: Because since I’m like the twin brother you never had, I will be Taiwo, and you will be Kehinde.
Moji: (Laughing) You can be whatever you want to be. In fact, if you want to be Idowu, I’m cool with it. . .

We just kept talking and we really had fun talking about everything that should be talked about (except Sandra). We talked till around past 12, then I offered her our room, while I slept in the sitting room.

I couldn’t sleep overnight, because I just kept thinking of how bad I was as a person. Keeping a secret from such a wonderful friend. “If I had told her about Sandra, probably she wouldn’t have paid my mum’s hospital bills”. I thought to myself. But after thinking back and forth. I discovered that I can’t hide the truth forever. Sandra had been so disturbing, and it was affecting everything about me. The only person that could help me was Moji. The only solution was to open up to her, because if she finds out on her own, it would be so disappointing. But the problem wasn’t what I wanted to say, it was how I was going to say it. I started rehearsing different ways of saying it. “Moji, I am sleeping with a girl called sandra, and she is stalking me every time. I really don’t know how to stop sleeping with her, can you help me? NO!!!” I tried another. “Moji, you’ve done a lot for me, and I don’t want you to hear this from anyone else. I’m sleeping with a girl called Sandra. I didn’t really want to do it, but I just had to. I’m really sorry if you are disappointed. NO!!!” None of the ways I tried sounded good. It all sounded bad to me. Moji was traveling back to Ife that Sunday morning. So I had to tell her that morning.

When Moji woke up, she had her bath in our pan-made bathroom at the back yard. I’m sure she had never taken her bath in such a local bathroom before. That is just how humble she was. She got dressed and she told me she wanted to see my mum before going. She we went to the hospital to see my mum. My mum thanked her for everything she had done, and told her to be careful on her way back to Ife. I walked her to the bus stop and my heartbeat was getting faster than normal. I was really scared of what her reaction will be if I should tell her.

“You wanted to tell me something before we received that emergency call, can you please tell me now?” Moji said to me. I was so scared of telling her . . .

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