The Painful Pleasure (Episode 31 – 35)

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

Sorry for the missing episode ( 30)

Me: Moji, the thing is that; I have a very big problem. I need to tell you because a problem shared is half solved. And I don’t want. . . (Sandra came from no where, she came as if she was going to fight one of us)
Sandra: Hold it there! Now I know why you haven’t been picking my calls. It’s all because of this thing (pointing at Moji) that is not even half as beautiful as I am. Dapo, what do you want that I don’t give you? Why have you decided to cheat on me. After everything I’ve done for you. (Sandra was really creating a scene at Anglomoz, and people were staring already. Moji took charge before I could utter a word.)
Moji: (smiling) Just calm down please. I’m not dating your boyfriend, he is just my friend. In fact he has told me a lot about you. I’ve been telling him to introduce me to you but he wouldn’t. (Moji lied) Anyway, I’m Moji.
Me: (I was really dumbfounded as what Moji said really surprised me, but I just played along) Eeeerm, Sandra, it’s nothing serious, you don’t have to make a scene, she’s just a friend.
Sandra: (Feeling reluctant) I’m sorry for everything I said, I was just protecting my Man.
Moji: Yes, I would have done the same if I were in your shoes. In fact, we are done with our conversation. Let me go to my room and give you two time to discuss. I’m sure you have really missed him.
Sandra: Thanks Moji, I’m Sandra, sorry I didn’t tell you my name at first.
Moji: No problem. I understand everything. You guys should have fun okay?
Dapo: (Moji was going to her room. I could have bluntly denied being Sandra’s man right there. But Sandra is a crazy fellow. She will pull down the whole Anglomoz.) Moji, I will call you!
Moji: Alright! Bye. (She left)

I felt uneasy when Moji left, Sandra was really happy to hear Moji say that I had told her (Moji) a lot about her. So she started conversing with me. . .
Sandra: I don’t really like it when you keep female friends, you know anything can happen from there. And I won’t want to share you with anyone. We make each other happy don’t we?
Me: (I was so angry, and I could not control my temper any longer) Sandra, shut your mouth and listen to me! I had sex with you. Yes!! I’m not denying that fact. But that doesn’t mean we are dating. I’m not into any kind of commitment with you. I don’t have feelings for you. You are very beautiful, no doubt about that. But we are not compatible. In short, you are not my type, and I really. . .
Sandra: Shut up dude! What trash are you vomiting from your mouth. When you were having sex with me and asking for more, did you say we are not compatible? I am always taking you to the bar, paying for all your drinks, did you say we are not compatible? I bought you a phone worth 65,000 Naira. I’m sure nobody in your generation have used a phone that expensive. Did you say we are not compatible? You know what you are? A gold digger! And if you think I’m gonna let go of you that easily, then you have just deceived your self. I’m not going to let go of you! Whether you like it or not.
Me: You know what you are? A spoilt brat! How dare you talk of my generation! What exactly do you know about me? What exactly do you know about my family (I got really angry). That you are rich doesn’t mean you get whatever you want. If I don’t want you in my life, you have to leave. You really have to leave.
Sandra: You know nothing about me also, because if you do, you should know I’m not someone you can toy with and get away with it. You want me to leave you? Fine!!!. You need to pay me back every Kobo I spent on you. Plus the money for the phone I bought for you. That’s about 100,000 Naira. And I’m sure you can’t pay that so. . .
Me: (Very Angry now) Give me till next week I will pay you back, every dime. Though I didn’t force you to spend it, neither did I ask. But I will pay you if that will make you leave my life (I stormed out of her presence, heading straight to my hostel)
Sandra: (Calling my name) Dapo! Dapo! Dapo!

I didn’t answer her, as she called my name so loud with anger. That was some minutes to 10pm. I went straight to my room really angry. I couldn’t sleep. Because I was just thinking about Moji.

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I couldn’t sleep, because I was just thinking about Moji. I went for Physics class the following morning, I tried to call Moji, so that we could go to class and sit together as usual but her number wasn’t going through. I had to go to the class alone. As I was going to class, its like I forgot something. But in the real sense, I didn’t forget anything. It was Moji that was missing. I wasn’t my self in the class, I could not even grab anything that was said in the class. I just kept thinking about Moji. “She must be really hurt. I was just trying to tell her the whole truth when Sandra showed up and ruined the whole thing. How on earth will Moji forgive me for keeping this from her? Is this why Moji didn’t come to class? Should I go to her room? I’m not even sure she wants to see me now.” I kept thinking to myself. I couldn’t come up with any solution. Before knew it. I had developed a fever. I was so ill. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had to leave the class. I headed straight to the hostel. When I got to the hostel, the whole condition got really worse. I was taken to the health center by Matthew, where I took some drugs and went back to the hostel. Mayowa, Olu and Emeka were not in the room. It was only Matthew that was in the room. He prayed for me, and I laid on my bed.

Even on my sick bed, all I could think about was Moji. “I think I love Moji” I was thinking, and before I knew it I started repeating it. “I love Moji! I love Moji! I love Moji!” That was around 11am. I thought about Moji till around 3pm. Everything she did for me, how I felt so incomplete when she didn’t go to class with me. How her absence made me feel incomplete. In fact, I didn’t see her that day, maybe that’s why I became sick. I was so motivated. It was then it occurred to me that I have always loved Moji. What I felt for Aramide was just brotherly love. Moji is my true love. I’ve always loved her all the while but I was too blind to discover. But then, her absence made me discover that Moji is really special to me. I was so ready to tell her how I feel for her. Is it really possible to have deep feelings for someone and not know until something happens? Well I don’t know. But I guess that was what happened to me as far as Moji is concerned.

I was literarily burning with passion. I was so lost in thought that all my roommates were around already, but I didn’t know. Since I laid on my bed, and closed my eyes they thought I had slept so they treated me that way. I decided to call Aramide immediately and tell her what I feel for her. I tried her but her number was switched off. Mayowa saw that I was awake. “Dapo, what’s wrong with you? Matthew said you are not feeling too well.” Mayowa asked. “I really don’t know too”. Emeka cuts in “Guy, wetin you go chop naw, please you gax eat something”. Emeka said. “I will be fine, this isn’t a physical problem. Its kind of emotional ” I told them everything that happened the previous night between Sandra, Moji and I. They were so surprised that Moji lied to avoid trouble.

This time around, I confessed to them that I really do love Moji, and I’ve been trying her number but switched off. . .

Mayowa: You don’t have to tell me that, I know it already. You both have feelings for each other. You guys should just stop forming and get it on.
Emeka: Eeyah, No be Aramide again, na Moji now? Your mata don tire me self. Shey you wan turn father of all nations ni?
Olu: Free the guy now, the guy no dey alright.
In short, Sandra don spoil your show now.
Me: I need to see her, I need to talk to her. She doesn’t even know what I feel for her.
Emeka: No dey talk love for where we dey. Love no dey. All of us just dey act up ni.
Mayowa: Seriously, I think you and Moji are just so compatible. Hi ishmeal on+ 233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from there. You guys really compliment each other. Please if you really love her, just tell her. If she doesn’t feel the same way leave her. She don friend zone you be dat.
Me: (As I was discussing with them, I started feeling much better.) If Moji friend zone me, I can kill myself. I’m madly in love with her. You can’t afford to be ‘just friends’ with someone you are madly in love with. I’ve been calling her but her number has been switched off. I know she is angry with me.

As we were talking. My phone received a new message. Behold, it was Moji. I read it, and the contents were. . .

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

As we were talking. My phone received a new message. Behold, it was Moji. I read it, and the contents were. . . “Is there any quiet place we can sit and talk, where your pretty girlfriend won’t create a scene?” Text me back if there is”.

Seriously, I was so furious, I knew Moji was being sarcastic when she made the statement ‘Your pretty girl friend’. “She must be really jealous. Maybe she feels the same way I feel for her. Or why will her phone be switched off? Why would she not go to class the next Day after the whole incident? Moji must have deep feelings for me. She loves me. Even more than I love her. Why will she stab lectures for my sake? Why will she follow me to see my sick mum? Why did she give her blood? Why did she pay her hospital bills? Why has she been bringing me food? Why is it that I don’t get to see any guy with her? Why has she been there for me all the while. She really loves me. She adores me.” I was thinking about her. I was so convinced that she really loves me.

Mayowa took my phone, and read the message. “Dapo, this is jealousy, this girl loves you already. Just go to her and pour out your mind. Na ogba we dey o. If dis girl do mistake commot your hand, you no go fit get her again o” Mayowa said to me. This time, it’s like some spiritual injections were administered to my system. I had gotten really better already. I really did not know what to send to her. Emeka was observing the whole situation. “Guy, make I tell you one short story wey go make you get sense.” Emeka Said. “Je ko mo (let him know)” Olu answered, pushing him to tell me the story. “Emeka, you, tell me story?” I said, laughing hysterically. . . .
Emeka: Guy, no reason am o. I get experience wella for this whole tin o. It get one adage wey den dey talk say. “It get wetin elderly man eye see wey make hin eye enter inside.
Mayowa: Emeka, wen you turn elderly man naw?
Olu: (Laughing) I tire for the guy o.
Me: (sarcastically) Make una leave boss make hin follow us talk o. Emeka, abeg no mind them I’m all ears.
Emeka: (Laughing) Olu and Mayowa, it be like say una dey mad abi? Instead may una calm down listen to story wey go change una life. Una dey form boss. Una father well well (Opening his fingers wide and pointing them at Mayowa and Olu)
Me: Emeka leave them joor, tell me d story wey u wan tell me.

I listened attentively as Emeka narrated his story.
Emeka: It get one girl for my secondary school, her name na Amaka. This girl, I like her die. In fact dat time, me self think say na love. This girl tell me say she love me. That time, den dey give me 100 Naira as money for food. I go give her 80 Naira, take the remaining 20 drink water. Na when I reach house I go chop. Na when we reach SS1 I see say na one SS3 boy wey resemble monkey she dey date. Because dat one papa dey work for oil company. Na so I go tell her say say she dey mad, say God go punish her. She con tell me say I be fool. Say my name na ‘helper’. She talk say I just dey help her ministry as other guys dey do. Na since that time I know say love no dey.
Me: (I couldn’t help but laugh at his story. Emeka has a very funny way of talking, that even when he is serious, people still find him funny. Mayowa and Olu were rolling on the floor as they were laughing) Eeyah, dat girl dey craze o.
Olu: (couldn’t control his laughter) Eeyah, you for marry that girl o. You be Emeka, she be Amaka. Una go born Umuka, Omoka, Amoka, Emaka. . .
Mayowa: Emeka Abeg, na which station you watch that film.

Everyone in the room made jest of Emeka that day. He would have wished he never told us the story. He didn’t even feel embarrassed, he was just laughing alongside everybody in the room.

I really did not know where to see Moji, I later decided to see her in the departmental block. I texted her immediately. She didn’t reply my message, then I just hoped she had seen the message. Around 8pm. I went to the departmental block, and didn’t see Moji. I called her Number and it was switched off. . .

What next? Find out in episode 34.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

“What exactly was Moji doing? Why on earth will she ignore my invite? The Moji I know will never do such a thing to me.” I felt so dejected I sat at a spot in the department. As I was thinking about the whole thing, I just heard a voice. “Sorry I’m late”. It was Moji. I was really happy to see her. I had missed her so much. In fact, when I saw her, she appeared prettier than ever. “What was wrong with me all the while? How come I’ve not been able to see such a beautiful damsel for so long? What exactly was covering my eyes?” I thought to myself.

“Sorry I couldn’t go to class with you today. I felt a bit weak this morning. It was when I got better that I texted you because I really want to see you”. Moji said. When I heard her say that she really wanted to see me, I thought to myself. “Maybe I’m right after all, maybe she is as attracted to me as I am to her”. We started the whole conversation fully. . .

Me: Moji, about Sandra, I think. . .
Moji: (cuts in) No, don’t do that. You don’t need it. That’s the more reason why we need to talk. We are very close, in fact, we are like siblings. We talk about everything, but we hardly talk about our love life. . .
Me: Moji, just listen to me, I can’t afford not to tell you this now. Sandra isn’t my girl friend. The affair started when I had issues with church and God. That was when I went to the bar, got drunk, and before I knew it, I was naked on the bed with her.
Moji: (Covering her mouth with both hands) You slept with her?

Me: Not once, not twice, not thrice. I did it several times. She bought that Samsung phone for me. I’m so tired of the whole affair. I’ve been trying to tell you but I didn’t have the courage to. The day I finally summoned courage to tell you, that was when my mum got sick, and we had to go home. I tried to tell you the other day too, but Sandra came and ruined the whole thing. Moji, please get it right, I have nothing to do with Sandra. She is in my past, and I’m trying to correct everything. Please all I need is your support.
Moji: (Confused) You had issues with church and God? So that’s the next thing to do? Sleep with that useless, saucy, good-for-nothing lady? Dapo, if you love that girl it’s cool. You don’t have to deny her. She’s your girlfriend.
Me: Moji, believe me. I never liked that girl once. It was just a mistake. It really wasn’t my will. Moji you’ve always believed in me. Please believe me this time. Sandra is nothing but a slut. I’m sure she has so many guys like that in her life. She is just a selfish girl that thinks she can get whatever she wants.
Moji: Hmmmm, I believe you. So what is the way forward?
Me: Thank you. The mistake I made is that I could have bluntly refused her yesterday. But she is crazy, she can even hit you. I just had to play along and. . .

Moji: Please spare me all that story. What is the way forward.
Me: I told her I’m done with her yesterday, she told me that I should pay her back every dime she has spent on me. Else I’m going no where. Including the money for the phone.
Moji: Wow! That’s serious. You are in serious mess. So, like how much are we talking about?
Me: The phone is 65,000 Naira, but she said plus everything she has done for me, she will take a whole of hundred thousand Naira.
Moji: Hundred thousand Naira? Does she want to buy a land? Wait Dapo, did you ask for all those things before she bought it for you?
Me: No, in fact that’s what I told her. She did everything on her own will. That’s a good point. Maybe I shouldn’t give her a dime. After all, I didn’t force her to do any of those.
Moji: Dapo, we can’t do that. That girl is capable of doing anything. Let’s give her whatever she asks for.
Me: Moji, stop saying ‘we’ I put myself in this, I’m going to come out of it. I can’t afford to disturb you this time. It’s my mess, let me just clean it.

Moji: How would you say such a thing, didn’t I promise to be always there for you? You share my brother’s (Younger cousin’s) name. You are just like my twin brother. We will pull through all these together. Just relax.
Me: Thank you so much Moji, how will I thank you enough? I really do appreciate you
Moji: But there’s a problem.
Me: A problem? What’s that?
Moji: I don’t have up to hundred thousand in my account right now. I don’t have more than 60.
Me: Don’t worry Moji, I will find the rest.
Moji: You and I know that you don’t have that money, and you don’t have a source through which you can get that money.
Me: I hate to admit, but I really do not have any means.
Moji: Don’t worry, I’ll just call my boyfriend, maybe I can get some money from him
Me: Boyfriend?!. . .

What next? Find out in Episode 35.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I was really surprised to hear that Moji had a boyfriend. Before I knew it, my whole system was disorganized and my lips were shaking. “So I have been wrong after all, Moji has got no feelings for me”. I thought to myself. Moji noticed that I wasn’t myself but didn’t alter a word. “You m-m-mea-n you have a bo-bo-boyfriend?”I asked as I stammered. “Why are you stammering? Why are you so surprised? I wasn’t this surprised when I found out about Sandra. Why are you acting like a man whose wife is cheating on him? Moji rushed me with the questions. I really had to compose and be a man. “It’s nothing, I’m just surprised that you have a boyfriend, and I know nothing about it. I couldn’t have believed it.” I said to her acting as if everything is alright. “Why should you be surprised that I have a boyfriend? Do I look like a girl that a guy cannot be attracted to? Am I not pretty enough?” She rushed me with questions again and I was getting really nervous. I just had to keep calm. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying I’m surprised you didn’t tell me.” I replied.

The whole thing had turned sour, “I can’t even tell Moji about my feelings anymore. I have lost Moji, I’ve finally lost her”. I thought to myself. . .
Moji: You don’t have to be surprised joor. Aren’t we like brothers and sisters?
Me: (Answered quickly) Yeah sure, but as brothers and sisters, you should have told me about your boyfriend earlier.
Moji: The same way you told me about Sandra? (Sarcasm)
Me: Sandra isn’t my girlfriend. If she is my girlfriend, I would have introduced her to you. I’ve not introduced any girl to you because I don’t have any other girl in my life. . .
Moji: Did you say another? You mean any other apart from Sandra?
Me: No, don’t worry never mind. I’m just really nervous about the whole Sandra issue, maybe that’s why I’m saying rubbish.
Moji: You don’t have to be nervous, didn’t I tell you I’m here for you? Aren’t we like siblings?
Me: Yeah

(I started hating the brother and sister thing. Each time she said that, I got very angry.)

Moji: So just put your mind at rest.
Me: That’s by the way, tell me more about your boyfriend.
Moji: What do you want to know?
Me: Everything
Moji: His name is Harry, I started dating him not quite long, its been six months now and it has been really awesome. He treats me like egg.
Me: Is he also in OAU?
Moji: Have we spent up to six months here? Of course not. He is in Canada. He is doing his masters.
Me: Masters?
Moji: Yeah sure.
Me: How old is he?
Moji: He will be 24 this year.
Me: Wow! Dats kul. So how did you meet him?
Moji: (A call came in immediately into Moji’s phone.) That’s my boyfriend. (whispers pointing at the phone. . She picked the call and started talking) Hello. . .yeah sure. . . . I’m fine o. . . . not really. . . (laughing and playing with everything around with her hands) hope you haven’t missed me too much. . . I trust you, I’ve missed you too. . . Hope those white girls are not disturbing you? . . They should not disturb you o, I’ll kill them ni o. . . . (I was really angry with myself. “How did everything turn like this? The Moji I know never makes call when she’s with me. Unless the call is really important, she doesn’t even pick it. What happened overnight?” I thought to myself”.

Moji continued the whole conversation, asking foolish questions from the guy, and laughing hysterically. For the first time, Moji”s laughter made me angry. After talking for like ten minutes, Moji finally ended the call. . .

Moji: Sorry about that, he talks with me for so long.
Me: (pretending) It’s alright.
Moji: Let me show you his picture. (She took her phone and looked for the picture, she finally found it) here he is.
Me: (The guy is so handsome, much more handsome than I am. He has beards and teddy. The picture background was dope. The picture quality was superb. He looked just like a model. I was really jealous.) Wow! He’s so cute. I’m happy for you
Moji: (Smiling) I’m glad you are.

We had some discussions that I can’t even remember, because my mind was in Canada already, beating that idiot called Moji’s boyfriend. We finished the whole discussion and we went back to our hostels. Moji kept talking and talking. “She was never a talkative, what came over her”. I thought to myself. .

What next? Find out in episode 36.


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