The Painful Pleasure (Episode 36 – 40)

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I finally got to my hostel, I couldn’t eat or drink, I couldn’t even sleep, I was just on my bed. I was really helpless. “So Moji doesn’t have feelings for me? So I’m just an idiot, loving a girl who is in love with another guy?” I thought to myself. Compared to her boyfriend? I’m nowhere near him. The guy is so handsome, he’s such a dude. “She can never love me! If she can date a guy that handsome, how on earth will she love someone like me? I lost her! I lost her!” I kept repeating the same thing in my mind. I was just there helpless on the bed. All my roommates have slept already. I was there alone with my thoughts.

It was morning, Mayowa and I didn’t have a class until 12pm. Emeka, Olu and Abdul were not in the room. It was just me, Mayowa and Matthew in the room. Well, whenever we are talking about love, sex and relationship, Matthew doesn’t involve in the conversation. Maybe that’s a rule to him. I told Mayowa everything that happened the previous night. He was really surprised to hear that he was wrong after all. . .

Mayowa: Are you saying that Moji has a boyfriend?
Me: That’s the exact thing I’m saying. She kept repeating that we are like siblings. I don’t want to be her sibling. I love her. I am sure of it. I can’t afford to be just friends with someone I’m madly in love with (panicking)
Mayowa: Just calm down. If she has a boyfriend already, I don’t think there is anything you can do. At least, you can’t ask her to break up with her boyfriend. And you don’t want her go double-date do you?
Me: Of course not! I just want a serious relationship with her. She knows my every move. Even when I’m not talking, she knows what I’m saying. Even my mother doesn’t know me the way she knows me.
Mayowa: Guy stop being so emotional. Just move on with your life. You are still too young to love like this. If she is already dating, then move on with your life and forget about her.
Me: Hmmmm, I really don’t know what to do.
Mayowa: I just told you what to do; Forget about her and move on.
Me: Hmmmmm, it’s harder than you think. It’s not that easy.
Mayowa: I understand, but you have to try. It won’t be an easy task, but just try.

As we were talking, Emeka came in. He discovered that my face was all gloomy. “Guy wetin dey do you naw?” Emeka asked. Mayowa explained the whole thing to him. You know Emeka by now, the crazy guy himself. “Oh boy, your mata bad gan o. So that Moji wey u wan die on top don get boyfriend? Aah you don throw banana give monkey. You don dash the girl out to Canada bobo. Wait self, shey u think say she go love you? How much you get self? You don buy her water before? You buy Brazilian hair? You con dey talk say she go love you? If she love you make I know why.” Emeka made matters worse. Mayowa was already laughing, but I didn’t find it funny. Emeka just kept making jest of me. I didn’t even laugh, I was just there.

I stood up, and dressed up for my 12 o’ clock class. I went to Anglomoz to meet Moji, so we could go to the class together. Moji was gisting me as we were going to the class, but I didn’t even care to listen. I was just going with her, and contributing the little way I could. We got to the class, it was a Botany class. I just sat, and I was just quiet.

After an hour, the lecture finished. I thought about what Emeka said, and I decided to act on it. I took 200 Naira, bought two cold ‘viju-milk’. One for me one for her. “You must have been really sapped, I got this for you.” I said, handing her the viju-milk. “Awwwwwwwn, you are so sweet. Thank you so much”. She said, collecting the drink. It was then it occurred to me that I haven’t bought anything for her since we met. Kindly hi omeano on +233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more exciting stories from the group. I was really happy that she called me “sweet” I decided that I would do anything to impress her.

We sat in a quiet place, as we waited for our next class which was 2pm. That was Sociology class. As we were seated my phone received a new text. Behold it was Sandra. “What is the message all about?” I asked myself. But I couldn’t even guess right. So I opened the message. The contents really disorganised me. They were. “Hey dude, congrats. You are gonna be a father. Cause I’m pregnant for you, and I’m keeping it.” . . .

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

“No this can’t be. It just can’t be. What have I done? This is a big mess.” I said it out loud that Moji heard me. “She took the phone from me, and read the message. “That’s Sandra right?” Moji asked me smiling. “Yes, that’s Sandra, and besides this isn’t funny. Why exactly is that smile on your face?” I was really nervous as I asked her the question. “I knew she was going to do this”. Moji said with so much assertiveness. “I don’t really get what you are saying. I really don’t understand it.” I said to her. . .

Moji: Number one, that girl is a slut, she has been in this game for too long already. She can only get pregnant if she wants to. If she is really pregnant, it will affect her studies more than it will affect yours. So it won’t be wise of her to get pregnant, and I doubt that she would. Number two, she doesn’t want you to go, she wants to keep you to herself, which means that she will do anything possible to hold you to herself.
Me: So you think she is lying?
Moji: I don’t think she is lying, I know she is lying.
Me: What if we think she is lying, and it turns out that she is telling the truth?
Moji: That is why we need to take the next step.
Me: The next step?
Moji: Yes, we have to prove that she is lying. I will take my phone and search for tips on pregnancy. Then you go ahead and investigate.
Me: She might be telling . . .
Moji: (cuts in) Are you ready to be a dad? If you are, tell me so I can quit trying to help you. And if you are not, man up, and let’s prove that idiot wrong.
Me: (fear was written all over me) seriously, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what my mum will do if she finds out about this.
Moji: But Dapo, what came over you, how come you had unprotected sex with a girl like that? You could have contacted an STD in the process. You need to go for check up after sorting all this out.
Me: I won’t have STD in Jesus name. Moji, don’t wish me evil.
Moji: (Lowering her voice) God sees my heart that I want the best for you. I just want you to know in case you have a problem.
Me: Alright, let us solve this first before we even think of that. . .

It was time for sociology class. The man said some things about teenage pregnancy. What a coincidence that was. I looked at Moji’s face to see her reaction. She didn’t even look at me. Her eyes were so glued to the lecturer. We finished the lecture, and went back to the hostel.

When I got to the room, That was around 3:30pm, Everyone was in the room except Abdul and Matthew. Those two guys are always reading like bookworms. As Emeka will always tell them “Una wan carry first?” That means that University is not about being the best student overall, it’s about having good grades and graduating. That is just Emeka’s opinion anyway.

At first, when I saw Emeka and Olu in the room, I didn’t want to talk about my issue with Sandra. But since those guys are older and more experienced than me as far as the issue on ground is concerned, I decided to seek their opinion. . .

Me: Guys, please I have a problem and I really need your advice. I don’t know what to do.
Emeka: Watin dey do you self, you go just dey blow grammar like say na house of rep we dey.
Olu: Leave am, make hin dey show hinself.
Mayowa: Make una hear wetin hin wan talk naw, dis one wey hin call meeting like say hin wan share will.
Me: Guys, this is serious.
Emeka: I no fit see rious pass the one wey I don see. Na the problem wey you get make u tell me. Make I help you use elderly man eye look am.
Me: Sandra texted me yesterday that she is pregnant.
Emeka: Na which kind talk be that one, if u wan turn basket mouth wey dey crack joke, shey na this kind thing den dey use do comedy? Guy abeg if na joke stop am.
Olu: If I hear say that girl get belle, girl wey don know her way already. As you dey do her, she know wetin she go chop, wetin she go drink wey go make belle run.
Mayowa: Wait self, that girl no look like person wey dey do just one guy. When you slept with her, was she a virgin?
Me: Of course not.
Emeka: If that girl be virgin, it mean say my grandma self na virgin. See my guy, no fear. That girl no fit get belle. The way una dey talk am self, she no look like person wey get womb. Your tin don sweet am for body, she no wan make u go. Na why she dey lie that lie. Na so one girl do me for my area, wey dey lie give me say she get belle. Na later I discover say 1 year don pass she no born. I con see say her belle self no change. Just thank your star say this one no need your money. She for use am collect your money well well.
Olu: Emeka, abeg joor, make we hear word. Na everything don do you before. Dapo (Facing me) The way me dey look am, dat girl no get belle o. She just wan spoil your life ni. And I no wan make you gree for am.
Me: That is the same thing Moji said.
Mayowa: Are you crazy? You told Moji that Sandra is pregnant?
Me: It’s not like that, she kind of discovered by taking my phone to read the text.

My roommates said the same thing Moji said. Sandra was just trying to tie me down. “Now I have some investigations to do with Moji. I need to uncover her lies. She has to lose this game once and for all”. I thought to myself. . .

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I started investigating, alongside Moji. We searched for means through which we could prove her wrong, but there is no other means of actually confirming, than getting close to her. Moji wasn’t really comfortable with this idea. “Get close to her? No way! What if in that process, you get her really pregnant this time. I’m sorry, but it won’t be possible”. Moji protested. I didn’t really understand why Moji was acting that way. She had a boyfriend already, and she was being overly protective over me. “I can assure you, nothing will happen between us.” I said to Moji. “Promise me you won’t have anything to do with her.” Moji said to me. “I promise!” I answered her.

Moji agreed that I go to Sandra, Sandra had rented an apartment already in town around an area called ‘Asherifa’. So I went to meet her in her house. Getting the truth from her won’t be a difficult task. After all, Sandra is a talkative. All I have to do is engage in a long discussion with her. It will only be a matter of time before she vomits the whole truth.

When I got to her house, she was too pretty for someone who is really pregnant. At first that made me suspicious, but I just kept my calm and sat on a chair in her room. . .
Sandra: I knew you will come. (Sending the message to me with a seductive smile)
Me: Yes baby. I’m sorry I shouted at you the other day. It wasn’t my doing. I just got uncontrollably angry.
Sandra: It’s all right. I know you didn’t mean all that. What do I offer you?
Me: No I’m totally fine. (Thinking to myself) You think you can drug me?
Sandra: So now that I’m pregnant for you, you need to come here often, so you can perform your duties as an expectant father.
Me: And what are those duties?
Sandra: You sleep with me regularly. In order to ensure safe delivery.
Me: No, that’s not good for the baby. We shouldn’t do that.
Sandra: But that’s what my doctor said.
Me: Yes, I’ve been thinking that as the father of this baby, I need to have a discussion with that doctor of yours, you know I have to see him, so he can put me in line as regards things to do, and things not to do as far as our baby is concerned.
Sandra: (stammering) ern ern ern no. Let’s just focus on oiling me. (Coming close to me)
Me: (Restraining her) I’m not doing anything until I talk to the doctor, and he says that it is safe for the baby. The baby is not even up to two months. I don’t want anything to happen to my baby. Without a qualified doctors advice, I’m doing nothing.
Sandra: I understand what you are saying but. . .
Me: There are no. . . (I looked at my side, and saw a guys shirt) What is this Sandra?
Sandra: (Being defensive) Its not Important it’s just. . . .
Me: (Cuts in) It’s just what? I can’t believe you are cheating on me.
Sandra: I swear to God I’m not. It’s just a neighbour that came here to rest yesterday. We are quite close. I swear nothing is between us. (trying to convince me)
Me: How can I be so sure that you guys didn’t have sex yesterday?
Sandra: We couldn’t have had sex, because yesterday I was on my period.
Me: Alright. Alright. Alright I believe you.

I stayed there for some hours, she pressurized me to sleep with her, but I didn’t fall for it this time. The promise I made to Moji kept me going. I was so in control, as I had made a firm decision not to do a thing with Sandra. “I think I have to go now, I will see you later.” I said to her. Though her face was gloomy, but I didn’t look at that for a second as I have my own life to live. I left the place, and immediately I entered campus, I gave Moji a call. Moji came to see me and we started talking at Anglomoz. . .

Moji: How did it go?
Me: I didn’t find anything. But the girl is a slut, I found a guys shirt in her house. She told me she didn’t have sex with him, because the guy came yesterday, and she was on her period then. She wanted me to have. . .
Moji: (Cuts in) Wait, what did you just say?
Me: She wanted me to have sex. . .
Moji: (Cuts in again) No, not that, she was on her what?
Me: On her period.
Moji: I knew it!!!
Me: What’s that?
Moji: Women don’t menstruate, when they are pregnant. This can only mean that she is lying about one of the two. It’s either she is lying about her pregnancy, or lying about sleeping with the guy with the shirt. Either way, we will use it to our advantage. You will have to go there again, and tell her you have phobia for pregnant women, and that’s why you can’t have sex with her. Just act the whole drama well, and you will get the truth. . .

To cut the long story short, some days later, I went to Sandra, I told her what Moji had taught me. “I really want to do this, but I have phobia for pregnant women. I’m just here talking to you because of the love I have for you.’ I said to her.”Seriously? Owk, Dapo there is something I want to tell you.” She said. “Okay, I’m all ears”. I answered. “Promise me that you will stick to me, and give me what I want if I tell you the truth”. She said. “Just tell me”. I answered. “Actually, I’m- I’m- I’m not really pregnant”. She said. I got really excited, but just kept playing along. “oh my God! I thought I was going to be a father. I can’t wait for you to be the mother of my children.” I said to her and planted a kiss on her lips to make her tell me more. “I know, but getting pregnant now will really affect our lives. Let’s just keep having fun. I can only get pregnant. If I want to”. She said, trying to draw me to herself. But I pushed her away to the bed. “You bastard! I never want to see you again. I will pay you your money and it will be all over.” I got really angry. I stormed out of her room with mixed feelings. Anger/Relief was the feeling. I entered campus. Moji was already waiting at Anglomoz to hear the report. . . .

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

I told Moji about it, she wash really excited as she gave me the ‘I told you so’ look. “This calls for celebration.” Moji said to me. “There is no celebration please, don’t forget that we still have to pay Sandra a sum of hundred thousand Naira.” I replied her. “You see, money isn’t the problem, we can just go, grab something on Saturday.” Moji said. “Please Moji, can you just do me a favour?” I asked. “What favour is that?” She asked. ” Would you please just allow me to sponsor this date? Oh! sorry outing!. I said to her. Moji looked at me smiling. “Don’t worry, let’s just call it a date. We haven’t really had time to ourselves these days. It’s been one problem or the other. So let’s just go to the movies or go swimming or grab some food. Whatever you have in mind, it’s all good, and you can sponsor it if you want to”. Moji said to me. My whole system became hyperactive, as I was really excited that Moji accepted our outing as the date that it really was. “That will be a good opportunity to express my feelings for her, irrespective of whether or not she has a boyfriend.” I thought to myself. We departed and I went to my hostel.

My life had gotten ten times better, I was really gallant. People around me can’t help but notice it. I really could not wait to tell my roommates that Sandra’s pregnancy is not true. It was just her scheme to lure me into sleeping with her again. The best part of the whole stuff is the fact that Moji indirectly agreed to go on a date with me. I got to the room but nobody was in, because there was a football match that day between Barcelona and Real Madrid. I’m not much of a football fan. So I just stayed in the room, thinking of how to ask Moji out on our date.

Some minutes later, the guys came in, shouting. What more can be expected of guys who just finished watching a match between two big teams. “Messi omo mi, oloun gbo. Ronaldo o le ba.” This actually means Ronaldo is no where near Messi. I really wanted to tell Emeka, Olu, and Mayowa about Sandra, and Moji. But there were too many people in our room, and they were making a hell of noise, arguing about Messi and Ronaldo. It was really noisy.

After about two hours of the whole Messi/Ronaldo argument, the whole thing died down, and everyone went to their rooms. I was really glad that I finally had the chance to pour out my mind to my friends. It was really great. “Guys guess what?” I started the gist with the question. Mayowa, Emeka and Olu were there. . .
Emeka: Wait self, why you like to dey do like girl. How you go dey tell us say make we guess? We be girls?
Olu: Me I no fit guess, but I know say wetin you wan talk dey related to woman mata.
Me: Number 1, Sandra is not pregnant, she confessed to me herself that she was just trying to tie me down.
Emeka: You mean am? Shebi I tell you say that girl no get womb, it be like say I dey exaggerate. Shey una don see now?
Mayowa: Omo God save you o. Just free dat girl, make she dey her own lane o
Olu: The tin no even surprise me at all. Me don know before say na lie. Na number one be dat. Abeg, wetin be number two?
Me: Moji has agreed to go on a date with me this Saturday.
Mayowa: You asked her to go on a date with you?
Me: Not exactly. She suggested that we should celebrate the fact that Sandra’s pregnancy isn’t true. I called it a date, and tried to take it back, but she didn’t see anything wrong with it.
Emeka: No be dat girl wey get bobo for Canada?
Me: Yes, that’s her.
Olu: You wan go date with girl wey don get bobo already? You wan kill yourself abi?
Me: It really doesn’t matter whether she has a boyfriend or not. I’m dying in silence. I plan to tell her what I fell for her, right there.
Mayowa: What if she says no?
Me: If she says no, I will forget about her, and I will never love anyone again. In fact, I will be a player for the rest of my life. Because I can’t love any lady, the way I love her.
Emeka: Abeg, wetin this guy dey talk dey vex me. (He took a shirt and left the room).
Olu: Wait self, why you dey tell us? (Referring to me)
Me: I need your help please.
Olu: What is that?
Me: I told Moji that I want to sponsor the date, then she agreed. And you know my pocket. I know if I tell you, you will give me some money, so I can be alright financially.
Olu: Na me koba you?
Me: Olu abeg naw.
Olu: I no get pass 2k o
Me: 2k is really dope, I will just get another 2k from Mayowa.
Mayowa: As I dey, na only 1k you fit see for my hand. 3k don do you naw, you wan carry her go Atlanta?
Olu: Leave am. If 3k no do you, you no go anywhere again be dat.
Me: Thanks so much guys.
Mayowa: Make she say yes ni o, if she no say yes, you go return my money o. . . . (We all laughed, as I rehearsed different ways of telling her my feelings for her.)

I became really gallant all through the week, I was really happy as I would finally have the chance to express my love. Somehow I was scared what the response will be, on the other hand, I was overly excited.

Finally, Saturday came. . . .

What next? Find out in Episode 40.

The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

Finally, Saturday came. I had been thinking of what to do over the weekdays. I had decided to take her to a restaurant called ‘Indulge’ at ‘New Buka’. I was really glad. I wore a shirt, trouser and a bow tie. I looked really corporate. I had collected the three thousand Naira from my friends already. In order to look good, ‘pocket-wise’. I went straight to our meeting point (Anglomoz). It was around 6pm. There I saw Moji, wearing a purple-coloured gown that matched perfectly with her make-up. Her ear-rings were on point, and she looked stunning when I saw her. Her love gripped me, it was literarily killing me already. I just kept calm. “You look stunning!” I said to her. She accompanied her reply with a smile which was powerful enough to make me float to outer space. “Thanks!” She said. We walked to ‘new buka’. To the restaurant there called ‘indulge’. This is actually different from where I saw Mide the other day, this is a decent place for decent people. Just in the same area.

When we got there, I ordered a plate of fried-rice, and chicken. With a ‘5-Alive’ drink and two glass. I was very glad that I was buying something for Moji. Though she has the money, and can pay all the bills. I really wanted to pay her bills so I can feel like the man. The food was really delicious, as we were teasing each other, feeding each other and having fun. The Moji I saw that day is really the one I love. I was so happy being around her. My life was really going well. We just enjoyed the meal as we were enjoying a movie on the TV in the restaurant. After two hours, everywhere had gotten dark. I really needed to tell Moji about my feelings. So that I wouldn’t die in silence. Moji and I left the restaurant, and went straight to Anglomoz to continue talking. Moji just kept talking about lots of stuffs I didn’t wish to hear about. I was just listening so I can show myself as a good listener.

I knew the time was near to tell her about my feelings, but I got really scared and nervous. “What if she says NO?” I thought to myself. A part of me was telling me to say it, while the other was telling me not to. “Moji, there is something I have to tell you”. I said to her. “I’m all ears.” She answered. I got really nervous. I don’t know if it’s true, but I guess that’s how it feels when one wants to confess one’s feelings for someone he really cares about. Not considering how scared I was, I just let it out.

“Moji, I understand that we’ve been just friends for a while now, in fact, I know that you see us as siblings. I know that you have a boyfriend. I also know that you adore him. I know that I’m not rich. I know that compared to your boyfriend, I’m not handsome. I know that I’m just in part one with you. I know that your boyfriend has his masters already. I know that what I’m about to say might surprise you. I know that you do not expect such from me. But above all, one thing I know is that, I’m in love with you. I’m literarily dying in silence. I don’t know whether you have to break up with your boyfriend? I don’t know whether you have to double date? In fact, I don’t think I can share you with anybody. Please Moji (I went on my knees, without caring whether or not people were looking at me) Just give me a chance. All you’ve done is to be kind to me. Moji, what more can I ask for. You are beautiful, kind and intelligent. I can’t afford to be like your brother, it hurts me whenever you call me that. I want you to be mine forever, in fact, we will surely get married. You will never be my ex. You are the first woman in my life I’m telling this, please make my love story complete.” I finished my speech on my knees. Moji stood and was looking at me. She was really moved to tears. She came closer to me, asked me to stand up.

She opened her mouth to talk, and what came out surprised me. “Do you think you have anything that can make me have feelings for you?”. . .

What next? Find out in Episode 41.


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