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⬛Written by: Iyanda B Michael (writer of Turned, John Mark and Legend of the ghost wolf

🛑Chapter 1

In starlight city, a city known for being prosperous in their businesses , and the most peaceful among others was ruled by a powerful king. King Arthur was the most fairest among other royals… He was just, he ruled well which made the citizens love him, he was also a warrior, one of the very best in the city or certainly the best in starlight…

The king had a defect that made his rule not solidified, he was not the chosen ruler to rule starlight, he was merely the king just like his ancestors before him, (in case you don’t understand what I mean)

there was a sacred sword in the king chamber, it was gloriously kept in a glowing scabbard, for a thousand years, the sword could be lifted by no one, prophecy said that only The Chosen One would be able to lift it…
For a thousand years, the sword remain sitted with no one to wield it..

A shriek Rose in the Queen’s chamber, the shriek threw the palace in disarray, the queen was on the verge of giving birth when in a second like nothing ever happen came the cry of a baby, yes a baby, the king was happy with the news when a messanger ran in to inform the king of the latest development… The king was childless for 15years and he longed for a child during those times, several consultations were made before the queen conceived miraculously..

In the lower city of starlight, a slum city called Venilo… The cry of a woman trying to give birth was heard, she was surrounded by her loved ones but they looked somber, they knew she was using the last ounce of her life to labour until a baby’s wail was heard, immediately the baby cried, the sky turned dark and thunder rumbled… The wind howled, the doors creaked, the dogs growled but all made same sound JAN OMEC!!! Like in a trance, the people put their kneels down and bowed to the child….

▪️▪️▪️Jan pov▪️▪️▪️
“Jan, come back here!!!!”

My mom screamed at me, Fuck, will momma ever leave me be? She’s been a pain in the ass for me, she never let me out of her sight for once, damn!!!
Am 17years for fuck sake….

“Am old enough to toprotect myself momma… Am never going to cause trouble….”
I shouted back,

“it’s only the king’s festival am going to…”

And I ran off… “Jan, don’t go…” Her voice trailed off as I ran to the upper City to attend the festival, yeah, starlight city is the one am talking about, a city filled with honey, gold, diamonds, let me just say a city of richness…
After hours of running, I got to starlight city, I had always sneaked there at most festival just to get a look at the princess, yes, the princess, I had seen her at one of the festivals I sneaked to and had crushed on her but I dare not approach her unless I wanna get hanged, how can u expect a wretched guy ffom a low city like Venilo to woo a princess… Lol
When I got to the city, it was like I never ran which was quite strange cos I ran for hours, my eye suddenly caught something, no, a being, not quite from me was the princess surrounded by the guards chatting with a woman…

▪️▪️▪️Layla pov▪️▪️▪️
Wow, I feel happy today, being a princess is a really strenous title, you won’t be free to interact with people, well, today makes it special, I will get the chance to move freely and interact with others, well, except these puny bodyguards of
mine that would try to protect and restrict my movement…

“Don’t do anything silly this time Layla”

my mom, the queen of starlight warned, well I forgot to tell you, I hate being a princess, always being monitored and my movements were restricted, I had tried to sneak out of the palace to get to know the city and I had been caught many times… Hmph

“alright mom”

I said as I dashed out.

_______At the festival______
I was having my fun, got to know more about the people, patronized then even when I don’t need the things I bought.. until I got to a woman, my mind became restless when I saw her but it was like a magnetic force was pulling me before her yet as I tried, I couldn’t frown but only kept frowning…

▪️▪️▪️Jan pov▪️▪️▪️
I watched as the princess kept smiling at the woman but wierdly, I felt uneasiness in my body, something was happening, I focused on the woman and I saw like a smoke emitting from her hand that was kept in her weird looking pocket….


🌷Chapter 2

I watched the princess as she left the guards who had forgotten to keep watch on her as they were focused on the magic tricks performed on the road.

I watched as the princess moved like she was in a trance, the old woman had an evil grin that showed her dark teeth.

I looked around if anyone could help the princess but no one seemed to notice her as they were either celebrating and dancing or they were crammed up with one festive activity or the other.

I ran towards the princess, as her long royal gown trailed behind her, In no time, i had gotten to the princess, she seemed not to notice me but she hastened her steps towards the woman.
I tapped her and she Jolted like she was electrocuted.

She stopped on her tracks and her eyes looked hazy but in no time, they cleared off and her eyes became normal.

She squinted her eyes like she was looking for someone and I seemed to get what she was looking for, The old woman.

I looked over the place i had seen her but she was no longer there, I was surprised, She shouldn’t have gotten away so quickly, it was like she had disappeared mysteriously.

“Get your hands off me jerk!”

The princess snapped and jerked her hands from me, that was then I remembered that I was still holding her hands.

“Am sorry my princess”

I quickly apologized, her look softened and a slight smile showed on her face, I made to continue the discussion but that’s when the devils came in.

“Hey beggar, what are you doing with the princess!”

One of the guards who had remembered his duty to protect princess saw me with her, he informed the other guards, they were seven in numbers.

One of them jabbed me with the hilt of his sword as i fell face flat to the dusty floor.
The others stood beside the princess as they guarded her.
The one who had hit me placed his sword on my neck as I scrambled on the floor.
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“Sekani, leave him alone!”

The princess ordered the guard, sekani and he grudgingly retracted his sword and placed it back in his position.
He went over the princess and took over his position.

I slowly got to my feet, adjusting my dressing, the princess slightly nodded as she left with her guards, passing by me.
I shall never forget this festival for it marks the first time I talked with the princess.
Geeez, i forgot to ask for her name.
__________king’s palace__________
The door to the king’s bedroom opened, revealing sir Alfred, the king’s best friend and the captain of the silver knight.
He bowed before the king who was already on his way out.

“Greetings to you my king”

Sir Alfred greeted, the king, Authur gestured for him to rise, the knight guard stood up and followed the king to his library for them to have a proper discussion to prevent outsiders from listening. The servants and maids bowed before the king and they rose and continued their festive feast after the king was not in sight.
“What brings the silver knight’s captain here?”

The king asked elatedly as he was happy to see his long time friend.
Sir Alfred smiled and they hugged each other, since it was long they had last seen and they had been best of friends.

“I came here to talk to you on a trival issue. ”

Sir Alfred stated and the king’s once jovial face morphed into a serious one, the knight’s captain cleared his throat before he continued.

“Information has it that the gate of Oracle had been broken”

Sir Alfred stated, his voice coming out rather raspy than he intended, the king’s eyes opened widely and a low gasp escaped him, worry and panic were written all over him.

“If the gate of Oracle is broken, then… Then..”

The king paused as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, his panic state was making things not good for the knight but he had no other choice.

“Yes my king, Kiba has escaped”

The knight completed the statement of the king, the king without warning slumped to the floor unconscious.


🌷🌷Chapter 3

____________Layla’s pov____________
I continued to tour round the city as my annoying guards didn’t let anyone near me.
I couldn’t get my mind off the strange old woman who had disappeared mysteriously, I hadn’t felt myself since I saw her until that boy, probably 17 or 18 brought me back to my senses.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I remembered his face, his soft and tender voice which strangely carried authority and his body, he had the body of a warrior.

Soon, the sound of a horse swooshing past horse heading to the palace made me panic, soon, several horses approached the palace, their silver shining and well polished silver armour which glowed in all glory was unmistakable.
The silver knight’s were here.

I ran to the palace as I knew something had happened in the palace, the guards ran after me as their voices only was heard at the back of my ears.

Soon, I was in the palace and I opened the door to my father’s room.
He was bed-ridden as the king’s healer was already taking care of him.

I slowly walked to his pale and unconscious body, I was crying silently, inside the room was my father’s trusted best friend, Sir Alfred and some elders of the court.

“What happened?”

I asked no one in particular since no one talked about the reason he fell unconscious.
Sir Alfred’s face was down dejectedly as the elders of the court weren’t ready to reply to my question.

“Am sorry my princess but the matter on ground doesn’t need to be divulged to a little girl”

Sir Alfred replied after sometime, his reply infuriated me as I abruptly stood up and Looked him in the face, the blood of my father running through me and the royal blood beating in me.

“I dare you repeat that word and I swear to the blood of my father, am gonna have your tongue chopped off to the dogs”

I replied as I felt a strange boldness and andreline surging through me, the elders hearing my statement and noticing the change in me gasped in shock, I faced them and they abruptly
Turned their heads away.

Sir Alfred looked at me with surprise and a soft smile spread through his lips, he knelt in my front and took my hands.

“I see, you have the voice of royalty in your blood, you are gonna make a good queen one day”

Sir Alfred said to my surprise, he dropped my hands and stood, soon, the door opened with force as my mum ran in, panic and fear written all over her.

“Authur, It’s me Diana, please wake up”

My mum whispered as she pressed her hands over my dad, the king, the healer knowing the state of the king quickly walked over to the queen and led her to the three sitter at the corner of the king’s room.

“How did it happen?”

Queen Diana asked she calmed herself down, that’s my mother, she was displaying her authority, her voice were hard as steel and even the elders of the court and Sir Alfred couldn’t refuse to answer.

“Th.. the Gate of Oracle was broken”

Sir Alfred replied, the Queen’s eyes opened wide in shock, what is wrong, why haven’t I heard about the Gate of whatsoever before? The queen asked for a cup of water and I went for it and gave her
She gulped it down hastily but the dread and panic was still there, i was left confused.

“What are you all saying? What is the Gate of Oracle and why are you all afraid? ”

I asked as fear was clearly etched in my voice, this was becoming something else and I feared for the unknown.

“My princess, Let’s head to the hall, the rest of the elders of the court are waiting, everything would be explained”

Sir Alfred whispered to me and I nodded positively, the door opened and everyone headed to the court, I went over to my mum who had a Stern face but deep down, I knew she was broken inside.
She smiled and held my hand tightly and we went Joined the rest at the court.
____________Jan pov____________
I smiled as I ran down the alley that led to Venilo, i manovoured my way through the bushes and avoided the dangerous places that were occupied by bandits.

I smiled as I saw the bustling streets that were filled with happy poor villagers, I smiled as I headed home.

“Hey Jan, you gonna be around by evening?”

One of my neighboring friends called out as I brushed past him, eager to get home.

” No Jade, momma gonna roast me raw”

I replied sarcastically as he smiled, knowing the kind of mother have Got, I didn’t stop at anywhere till I get home.

The smell of the roasted beef steak hit my nostrils, my mouth watered as the aroma filled the room.

“Mum, am back!”

I greeted my mum as her back was facing me while she concentrated on what she was making.
I joined her in the small kitchen while the rats played gleefully, one of the problems we face in the slums are the presence of rats, we killed and killed tons of them but they still came back reappearing so we got tired of killing them since they always comeback.

“Why were you late, did you meet your crush?”

My momma asked as we devoured the meal dished out poorly in the plate, I smiled as remembered the princess, her soft lips and her glowing green eyes and….

“Jan!! Am talking to you”

My mum snapped at me and I jolted back to reality, her hard stare focused on me and I apologized.

“Yes mum, I saw her and we talked but not really talked, we were interrupted by the guards”

I replied her clearly leaving out the big bomb from her because she might restrict me from going to the upper city if she hears about the incident.
She searched my eyes, something she does anytime she thinks am keeping some secrets.
_______In the king’s royal hall_______
The hall was filled with the elders of the court and the silver knight of Starlight kingdom, Queen Diana seated on her royal throne, the king’s golden throne stood out elegantly among others and the Queen’s Throne looked smaller and inferior compared to the king’s own.

Beside the queen was Layla, her eyes were red and she was clad in her red gown that stopped beneath her knees..

The door flung opened and all eyes diverted to the door, footsteps were hard and murmur filled the room as they saw the king’s Step brother, Lucia, enter, it was evident that his presence was not wanted in the hall.

“What are you doing here?”

Queen Diana asked sternly as Lucia headed for the King’s throne.
Lucia stopped, mischievous grin plastered on his face, it was clear that she loathed the king’s family.

“Am here to sit on the throne since the king is almost dead”

Lucia replied with a smirk, he was on a black metal armour made by the king’s weapon forger, Raziel.
Queen Diana held a big scowl on her face while Layla was expressionless.

“How dare you say that against your king, don’t forget that he’s still alive”

Queen Diana snapped back at Lucia, Lucia traced his hand on the hilt of his sword, Sir Alfred seeing this stood beside Queen Diana, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword.

“You know the law Diana, if a king is on the verge of death, his brother should take over the throne till he recovers, don’t play by the rules Diana, you know better than that”

Lucia explained as his grin widened, he knew he had the queen in a tight corner.
The Queen sighed and she slumped back to her seat, Lucia passed by her, his eyes meeting Layla’s and he flirted with her with his eyes, Layla looked away.
“As we have heard, the gate of the Oracle had been destroyed and Kiba is out there roaming”

One of the court elders, Bryan explained, the hall was silent, they knew what danger awaited them.

“No one has been able to lift the sword of prophecy, we may end up doomed”

Elder Rake stated and the people murmured, Lucia looked on, scanning the crowd, the thought of Layla filled his head.

“We need to bring in the priestess, you know priestess Isabel had been banished so we need another priestess from a neighboring country”

Elder Bryan explained and the room was silent once more.
Layla who wasn’t getting a hang of this wore a confused expression but she planned to ask her mother when she’s free.

“I think I know a priestess who is very powerful who could help us out from a neighboring kingdom”

Queen Diana said and the whole hall looked on with hope, they knew the queen always had a solution in times of dire trouble but the king’s Step brother sneered at her.

“Which kingdom my queen?”
A short gruffy elder asked, he had kept silent the whole time, his name was Raziel the weapon forger, the next best fighter of Starlight kingdom after King Authur.

“Zalwanga, we need to bring in Alina, the priestess of Zalwanga”

The queen elucidated…
How was it?


🌷🌷Chapter 4

__________lower city, Venilo_________
The early morning shone in the Eastern part of venilo which shows that It was just Dawn.
The huffing sounds and neighing of horses was heard in the lower city of venilo as the black shadow knights passed through the city.

There was about thirty calvaries as the headed towards the upper city of starlight.
Some of the villagers were enclosed in their homes as the armies passed by them, the black shadow knights were mercenaries that only worked for money, their presence in starlight kingdom means that someone had hired them.

The other villagers who were still in the streets who hadn’t noticed them earlier ran Helter skelter into their various homes, some tripped over the slippery floor and fell while some had to hide into the bush for fear of the army but not all of them got the chance to escape as the horsemen passed them and whipped them hard, some dying in the process.
They trampled the fallen ones to death as they went.

The horses came to a stop as the man who seemed like their leader jumped down from his horse, he was on a black rough armour plate and a black soft troser with a cowboy boots, his sickle swords hung beside his waist.

He stood beside a girl, probably in her 20s who was kneeling beside her dead mother who hit her head against a plank In her hurried attempt to escape the incoming army.
she didn’t seem to notice the men stop as she was trying to get her mother up.

He checked her over, like he was contemplating on what to do, by now the girl had noticed them and was frightened, the man had a sky grin plastered on him amd he headed back to his horse.
He gesture for two of his men to bring the girl, the girl struggled to set herself free but she was helpless against the macho men that carried her.

All this was happening not far from Jan’s home, his mother was panicking inside hoping the men would leave in no time but Jan peeped from the window and saw what was happening, without further thoughts, he charged out of the house.
_____________Jan’s pov_____________


I yelled at the two hulky men dressed on a rough black armour plates carrying the helpless girl.
They turned slowly as they almost reached their Hulky leader who was over 7 feet.

“Leave the girl alone!!”

I yelled out again as they looked at me, transfixed, soon they bursted into laughter like I had said something funny.
By now, the villagers were peeping from their hiding, trying to see how everything would turn out.
One of them jumped down from his horse and stood in front of me, a big beardy man with dirty teeths, wearing a broken armour.

“Why should we listen to you kid?”

The large man asked as he scowled, he towered above with his huge body, his mouth producing bad stench but I showed no fear.

“You should listen because she has to be there to bury her dead mother”

I replied loudly, keeping a bold face, the man snickered and turned towards his leader.
The leader had a large mark that ran across his face, he looked intimidating with the scar. The man laughed.

“Bring the boy along, he’s gonna make a lot of money for us!”

The leader replied and the huge man gruffed, smiling wickedly as he carried out his master’s order. He grabbed me by my already old cloth but I grabbed his meaty hand and twisted it making him scream in pain.

“You son of a bitch!”

The man screamed as he quickly removed his hand and rubbed it to reduce the pain.
The leader had a surprise look on him like he couldn’t believe I just did that.

The big mercenery was enraged as he unsheathed his sword, looking over his leader for approval, the man nodded and without further prodding, brought down the huge sword for my face but I didn’t know where the strength came from as I held the sword with my bare hands a minuite before it decipated my head.

The man had a confused look as I held it and with little effort, i yanked it from his hand, the sword was quite weightless as I held it with a hand with ease.
He swiftly pulled out a battle axe from his side and attacked me with it, I ducked the attack and my sword sliced his stomach.
He fell, dead as blood came out of his stomach and mouth.

The leader looked at me with awe and rage, even I myself was marveled at how I could do fight like that, something I had never done before.
One of the men made to come for me but the leader stopped him and rode away with his men, passing beside me, the girl I had rescued looked at me with gratitude and quickly went over her dead mother..

Soon, the villagers opened the door, as they looked at me with wonder and admiration.

“What have you done?”

A voice that unmistakably belonged to the village head, Elder zikofu.
He was already old as his body was pale and fragile, he squinted his eyes as he approached me, everyone shifting to create a path for the man.

“All what I did was just saving an helpless girl”

I replied as I knew where the conversation was heading to, I sighted my mum who looked at me with venom in her eyes and i knew I was in for it.

“You just killed a soldier of the black shadow knights, an abomination to the village”

The old man stated, the question was becoming irritating, the villagers were quiet as they looked on with what the outcome was going to be, the sun was already out in its full glory as sweats ran down my face.

“If i hadn’t killed him, I… Would have been dead!”

I replied flatly, I looked into the old man’s face without fear, his face contorted to hatred as I countered his words.

“The village won’t forgive you if they comeback and wipe out this village!”

Elder zikofu replied with hatred in each voice, he turned his back and left, leaving me in the midst of the villagers.
They left for their homes while my friends and other able bodies boys stayed behind with pride and awe in their faces.

___Upper city, starlight kingdom ___

The black knight army stopped in front of the palace and Jumped down.
Soon the palace door flung open as silver knight’s army marched out and obstructed the black knights army from entering.

Sir Alfred stood in front of the Hulky leader of the Black knight’s army who had his hand rested on the hilt of his sword.

“What brings you to the palace Tiga?”

Sir Alfred asked the leader whose name turned out to be Tiga.
The latter rather quoted, ignoring sir Alfred’s question.

The door opened and the acting king, Lucia stepped out of the door, he smiled and he stood before sir Alfred.

“Oh yes, Since the queen had gone to Zalwanga and would return in a few days, I hired the black shadow knights to be my personal army and guard since i don’t trust the Queen’s men with my life”

Lucia stated with a huge grin, much to the displease of Sir Alfred.


🌷🌷Chapter 5

____________Layla’s pov_____________
I jolted from my sleep, Something seems weird, I rubbed my eyes and noticed a slight movement.
I slowly stood up and tip toed out of my room, the guards guarding the door were not there.

I began to panic, where were the guards, I slowly crept back to my room but a figure suddenly appeared in my front, before i could scream, the figure used his hand to cover my mouth, muffling my screams.

I looked at the figure’s face but I received the shock of my life, Uncle Lucia?
I released his grip on me and jumped back in fright from him.

“What are you doing here?”

I asked uncle Lucia as he had his gaze focus on me, I felt self conscious as i crossed my arms over my bossoms, it was like his eyes were roaming my chest.

“What am I doing here? Can’t I come and see my beautiful girl?”

He asked while he clearly avoided my question.
He moved closer towards me, I moved back also, soon my back had touched the wall while he was close, too close to me that I could feel his breath.

“Get back from me, you don’t have the right to come to my room without my permission, and it’s already Late”

I yelled, he smirked and I could feel his gaze on my lips, he inched closer but I roughly pushed him aside, escaping him.
He opened his eyes in shock and soon it turned into a cold stare.

“You are naive to have not gotten the message have been trying to pass to you, I love you Layla, all my thoughts have been about you… Layla”

I stood frozen in shock, this was really not happening.
I chuckled slightly and Uncle Lucia raised his brow.

“Whatever you drank is slowly affecting your brain, how can my uncle make love advances to me? Whatever illusions you have needs to clear of! ”

I snapped at him, I tried to push him out but he held my hand firmly and pulled me against his broad chest.
He tried forcing himself on me but i struggled with and successfully freed myself.

“You might think am drunk but get this, but hear this, you belong to me and no one else, not even your mother can stop me! ”

Uncle Lucia yelled at me in anger and angrily barged the door open and walked out, but before he left, he had me a hard look that shows that he meant every word.

I sighed, Queen Diana must not hear of this except he seems crazy enough to tell her.
He may be the Acting king but no one messes with my mum unless he wants his head hanged on a spike.

____________writer’s pov____________

Lucia paced restlessly in his big room, his countenance showed that something was bothering him.
Soon, the door opened, reevealing the captain of the Shadow knight, Tiga, he was Lucia guard since he had been hired by the king’s Step brother.

“You called for me my king”

Tiga said as he slightly bowed, Lucia stopped his pacing and focused on the man before him.

“Yes, i did, I want you to do something for me..”

Lucia stated with a wicked expression, Tiga looked on with a confused face, it had just been a day since he had started working for the acting king.

“Whats that my king?”

Lucia asked as he had a sinking feeling that whatever the king was gonna send him was not gonna be good and he loved those types of works.
Layla walked in the bustling street of starlight city, something she had loved doing, her guards were not with her while her mother, the queen of Starlight kingdom was away to Zalwanga, she had all the day to herself.

She looked like someone who was looking for someone, she sighed dejectedly as her attempt to see the guy she had talked to at the festival failed, there was no possible way she was ever going to see the boy.

Soon, the people started to scamper for safety, this caught the attention of Layla, she looked behind her and saw the shadow knights in their gory armour heading for her, in a second, the events that happened the previous night crossed her mind.
She knew they were after her, the men rode on their horses speedily, about 10 of them.
Before the helpless princess could do anything, they had hoisted her up and they charged away with her, heading to the path that lead to no other place than the lower city of starlight kingdom, Venilo.

Jan dey venilo, Dem abduct Layla go venilo… Are u thinking what am thinking??


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