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🌿🌿 Chapter 11

Jan came out of the into the open as he came in search of Shikava and the Princess.

He stopped on his tracks as he saw Shikava laying beside Princess Layla while some strange woman who had a golden trident in hand stared at him with surprise and shock.

Shikava crieked and hopped towards Jan, Landing on his shoulders and he threw him a banana.

Princess Layla traced her face back to Shikava who was on the supposed Child of Prophecy. She marveled at how powerful the unusually brown huge monkey was.

The monkey had destroyed the woods with it’s scream and had repelled Alina’s magical field.

Layla groaned on the floor as she regined consciousness after she dropped from the entanglement of the strange trees.

Priestess Alina helped her up, but Layla’s eyes were still focused on Jan confusedly as she remembered she had followed him into the woods.

“What are you doing here?”

Layla snapped at Jan and that got him confused as he lifted his brow in surprise.

“I came here when I saw you heading into the woods.”

Jan replied her question but she scoffed at him, Alina kept mute as she faced her business but her mind were still restless on the monkey who had repelled her magic.

“You tricked me here don’t you? So that some enemies I don’t know of that by just mentioning his name had rendered my father unconscious… Oh I see, you were told to trick me so that they could kill me right? ”

Layla ranted in anger as she remembered that she had gone after Jan and almost got killed.
Jan blinked in shock, not believing what Layla was saying…

“I don’t know what you are saying my princess… Am shocked..”

Jan stuttered as tears was welling in his eyes… Alina walked over to the princess.

“Princess Layla, I don’t think this boy has anything to do with…”

Alina couldn’t complete her statement as Layla turned at her, fuming in anger and she abruptly stood up.

“I don’t know what you might have done or whatever but I know what I saw and my eyes never decieves me! ”

Layla snapped and without a warning, she sent her palms down to Jan who was already close to her’s face, It was a stunner for Jan.

Shikava who was on his shoulder looked at Layla and a deep growl escaped his throat, the warning of the growl sent an alarm to Alina as she dived forward with her trident as it glowed.

A rock hurled at the princess who stood frozen in fear as she had never had a monkey growl.
Alina blocked the princess with her trident but some force wave sent her back from where she came from but she skillfully landed lightly as her trident were raised high.

Layla fell to her her knees as some force pressed her down, she screamed as she held her head in pains.

Jan who waa fear-gripped for a moment as he watched what Shikava on his shoulder who was performing magic. He looked into the eyes of the monkey and he turned away, heading back to Venilo where he belonged, a place where his life was blooming without the princess.

After they left, the pain Layla felt in her head vanished immediately, she breathed hard as she clutched herself.

Alina tried to comprehend the monkey’s abilities, she had witness it producing sound waves and now It had just hurled a rock with telekinesis and had controlled the princess mind with magic, hurting her, a rare magic that only the Indian god, Lord Rama Shikava.

Then it clicked… The boy had called the monkey ‘Shikava’ Alina’s mouth dropped, she had almost gone against a god in a combat…
Jan walked home dejectedly, no one had ever raised his hands against him but the princess had did just that..

Shikava walked beside him as he sensed Jans mood and had lept down from his shoulder.

Jan looked at Shikava as he stopped on his tracks, he knew the monkey was no ordinary monkey.

“Who are you really, Shikava?”

Jan asked as he remembered the stunts the monkey had pulled back out there against the princess.

‘it’s not yet time to know me human? ”

A voice resonated in Jan’s subconscious and he jolted back in fear… He looked around but no one was near except for Shikava he had asked a question.

“Is that really you?”

Jan asked perplexedly as he had a strange feeling on something speaking in his head.

” Like I said, it’s not time to know me, what you should know for now Is that am not a regular monkey you know”

Shikava spoke, his voice coming out grufly in Jan’s head, Jan stared in wonder, forgetting his purpose of asking Shikava a question.
Girato limped through the forest and over used her magic to teleport herself and she disappeared into thin air..

Kiba on his black armour like cloth was seen sitting in an Indian style while his staff floated in the air and it glowed.

Girato appeared, laying helplessly on the floor beside Kiba, Kiba looked kn her direction, his face unexpressioness as he stared at the dying witch who was bleeding profusely in her body.

“Am sorry Kiba, the mission was almost successful but the powerful priestess from Zalwanga arrived and then there was this strange monkey
.. ”

Girato paused at her explanation, Kiba had a curious look on him as he listened to the old witch, goodess of the tree.

“What about the monkey and did Alina made you like this?”

Kiba asked concerned, he floated over to the woman, as she was slowly loosing her life force as they faded.

“Alina couldn’t have made a mess of me but this strange monkey did me like this with only it’s scream”

Girato explained and surprisingly to her, Kiba laughed and the earth quaked…

” That wasn’t a monkey, you just got squashed by a god”

Kiba stated evily and Girato mouth opened wide in shock…


🍀🍀Chapter 12


The hall were filled with gloom faces, Alina stood before the court, dressed in her white priestess regalia as she addressed the court, the queen had a worried expression and Lucia had a grin on his face.

“Am sorry I can’t stay here any longer”

Alina spoke up as she looked down, Layla had a surprise look on his face as she heard the words.

“B.. but why, I mean, we didn’t make you inconvenient, did we?”

Layla asked, stuttering while the Queen was up from her seat, heading towards the priestess.

“No my princess, on the contrary, I enjoyed everything that happened in this kingdom”

Alina spoke up smiling, Queen Diana walked up to her worriedly.

“They why are you leaving?”

The Queen asked solemnly, the court elders were silent as they watched everything unfold in their eyes.

“Since the search for the child of prophecy failed, I think my quest to this Kingdom is over”

Alina explained as she clutched to her small bag-pack In her hand.

“If she wants to leave, let her leave, afterall she’s not done anything about the sword! ”

Prince Lucia snapped rudely, The Queen turned fumingly at him and he jolted in fear.
Tiga stepped beside Lucia, his hand placed firmly on the hilt of his sword.
Sir Alfred stepped beside the Queen, his eyes stern with his silver sword placed beside him.

Black Shadow knights stood warringly beside Tiga while the Silver knight stood beside Sir Alfred.


The Queen ordered amidst the two armies, One of Black shadow looked at her skeptically, he was the second in command to Tiga.

Queen Diana saw his disrespectful look and smiled at him, she advanced towards the Black shadow army and they moved back, save from Tiga who guarded Lucia and the second in command, Krohn.

He sneered at the Queen as she approached, he was well built and his facial appearance shows that he was a ruthless and brutal soldier as his body were scarred all over.

“I hate people with scars”

The Queen smirked and in a blur move, the Queen pulled out a dagger from her sleeves and threw it at him.
Krohn was swift to evade it as he pulled out his sword and blocked the dagger but the dagger penetrated the sword and lunged into the skull of Krohn and he fell lifeless to the ground.

Tiga looked with shock as one of his best men was killed easily, he took a glance at the queen who was bent over the body and gulped.

Lucia jolted in fear as how the Queen was able to bring down the hefty soldier down with ease.

Priestess Alina smiled as the Queen sat on her throne, the court this with tension, they had known the Queen to be ruthless but killing a soldier was not in their expectation while Layla admired her mother the more.

“Like I said, i am heading back to Zalwanga, I a… ”

The priestess couldn’t finish her words as her trident vibrated that it caused tremors in the ground and then a messanger ran in with panic and fear.

“Trouble looms my Queen, the kingdom is under attack!!!”

The messanger spoke up with fear while his body shook like someone who had seen what he shouldn’t have.

The court looked at themselves in shock and they began to panic.

“What trouble looms”

The Queen asked calmly as she stared at the fear stricken messanger while Lucia was already peeing in his pants.

“Some strange creatures have breached the gate of Starlight and they are headed for this place, I don’t think anything can stop them my Queen!! ”

The Messanger replied, The court was already in disarray as the Messanger relayed the news.

Alina looked up as and her eyes turned white, pure white.

“It’s true my Queen, the hordes of Lebanon, the army of Hades are almost here”

Alina spoke calmly as her eyes became normal once again, the Queen looked calm, she left the court while the soldiers looked with panic as their hands wavered with fear.

Tiga and Sir Alfred looked with grim faces but the door opening diverted their attention, the hall quietened as they saw who was at the door, Queen Diana was clad on a golden war suit, the golden chain and armour with a golden sword placed beside her made her look glorious.

The court looked with awe even Lucia was not left out as he marvelled at how the Queen dressed, bed her, stood the least expected, King Authur in his Golden armour also with two battle axe in hand, the whole hall were shocked, Layla rushed towards her father who was standing hale and healthy.

“I know you all wondered how I am an to stand here today, it’s all thanks to the priestess Alina who had been in care of me secretly.”

King Authur spoke and the Court was filled with admiration of her.

Alina smiled, but it didn’t last long as inhuman noises could be heard from miles away, Panic occupied the room once more.

King Authur headed outside the palace and everybody followed, standing outside the place were hundreds of Silver knight army, all in shiny armour that glistened in the sun.

“As you all know, Kiba has escaped the Gate of Oracle, the hordes of Lebanon are being controlled by Kiba himself, several measures have been taken and the citizens have been taken to the secrete tunnels in case of Emergencies like this.

I need you to put away your fear and guide your Kingdom, fight like your life depends on it, fight for your family!

I know some soldiers don’t belong here, they are free to go but remember, If Kiba destroys this land, he’s gonna come for other kingdoms until he dominates the whole region!

Men of Valour, will you fight for your land? ”

King Authur spoke as he stretched his battle Axe up, cheers followed from the hundreds of soldiers they drew their swords up also.


The king ordered as he climbed his horse and charge towards the hundreds of hordes of Lebanon who had two heads with weird body shapes.


Priestess Alina yelled and her trident trembled while her body glowed and a huge glowing tiger appeared, and roared.
The priestess climbed it, her regalia glowing in all glory and Chatunga charged at the incoming army, faster that a normal tiger, the Tiger opened its mouth and a river of fire erupted from it…
The battle had started…


🗡️🗡️ Chapter 13

The hordes of Lebanon charged in inhumane speed as they clashed against the silver knights Army, they tore through the ranks of the army.

King Authur fought alongside his men as he ducked a big wooden spiked flail, he jumped on the back of the two headed beast and brought his sword through his back and decipated it.

He tilted his body and he bounced back on his royal war horse, the horse pumped hia back upwards and he jumped high and in a rage, his sword glowed and he hit the sword on the ground, waves sent the incoming army stumbling on their feets.

Queen Diana on her golden war armour fought like a water through the thick army, her dagger penetrating their skin like nothing while she had a long golden spear in hand she used in a long range attack.

Sir Alfred ducked a big sword that was aimed at his head, he rolled on the floor and sliced the two headed creature in the stomach…
He felt himself being lifted and choked, his sword fell from his hand as a tall beast held him by the neck…


A voice screamed amidst the war as a figure jumped high and landed behind the creature that held sir Alfred, the figure before landing brought his axe down on the creature’s head and it splitted in two while Sir Alfred fell.

The figure was Tiga with a two battle sword in hand, he looked with a hard face at sir Alfred while the latter glared back.

Sir Alfred swiftly took his sword and threw it like a spear at Tiga while Tiga flunged his axe at him and both ducked the weapons.

The sword impaled a creature that was aiming at Tiga while the axe lunged into the skull of the beast that had almost gotten Sir Alfred and they both fell dead.

Men fell from both sides but more were from the Hordes of Lebanon, as the Silver knight army were skilled fighters and the Priestess of Zalwanga fought beside them.

Alina hopped down the back of Chatunga who took the form of a tiger.
Chatunga transformed into a dragon and flew above everyone as fire erupted from his mouth, burning the hordes as they seemed endless, they creatures burnt to ashes but more still came in…

Alina walked amidst the creature with her glowing regalia and the beasts fell down dead…
She struck her trident on the ground and the earth swallowed some of the creatures around her.
Kiba and Girato watched outside the gate of starlight kingdom as the Hordes of Lebanon attacked the kingdom.

Girato frowned at what was happening at the battle field, the Hordes of Lebanon were falling.

“Kiba, what are we going to do about the priestess, Alina… god Chatunga is into the fight, the fight is already decided”

Girato asked worriedly as she saw how the battle was favoring the starlight warriors.

Kiba laughed, much to the displease of Girato who had a frowning face..

“If you know what have planned out for them, you would laugh”

Kiba replied as he chuckled evily, Girato wore a surprised look, Kiba smiled..
A huge explosion occured that shook the whole of starlight…
The battle ground became silent as they struggled to their feet as the explosion shook the whole earth and the one Hordes of Lebanon retreated….

Chatunga who was now in the shape of Alina walked over to her as Alina had a confused look on her.

The hundreds of surviving armies stood behind the priestess as the king and Queen stood beside Alina, they were confused not knowing what had happened.

“What was that Just now Chatunga?”

Alina asked the other Alina who was glowing beside her, the king and Queen looked at themselves as they looked wierdly at Alina.

“Who’s Chatunga?”

The king asked Alina, the priestess smiled smiled slightly.

“Chatunga is a god, he had been with us in this battle, She’s invisible to you people”

Alina briefly explained as she turned towards Chatunga.

“I don’t know what’s happening, some sort of boundary magic is being used to restrict my stay here… Am sorry, you have to fight their battles but I won’t be able to stay here any longer… ”

Chatunga explained and slowly vaporised into orbits, Alina knew that something wasn’t right…

The dust from the explosion cleared, revealing two strange beings on black cloak.


King Authur gasped as as he recognized the figure, panic spread through the Army as they knew who they were up against.

“Oh my, I thought I would be welcomed warmly… Seems like am an unwanted visitor”

Kiba stated smirkingly as she neared the army, Girato kept her eyes focused on Alina, the latter held her trident tightly and stared back.

“What do you want from me?”

King Authur asked with his voice etched with fear…

“I need your head”

Kiba spoke evily, King Authur hearing this threw his battle axe at Kiba but the axe stopped in mid and it slowly turned itself…

Kiba flicked his hand and the axe decipated the king’s head but Sir Alfred who had a faster reflex dived in the king’s way and the Axe plunged into his right hand…

Kiba frowned at the outcome, Alina who knew what was to come hit her trident on the ground and a wave pushed them away but Kiba was swift to regain his balance and he floated.

The hordes growled and charged once again, Sir Alfred who was still alive struggled to his feet and the king smiled at him in appreciation and he led his army into the battle once more.

Girato controlled giant grasses and they shot at the army, Alina protected the soldiers as she countered by creating a force wave and hit them back.

She lept at Girato but the latter hit her away, Girato lept also, both brawling far away from the battle ground.

Kiba flicked his thumb and the silver knights who attacked him dried up instantly.

King Author landed an unexpected punch at the Jaw of Kiba but some sorts of forcefield repelled his punch and hit him away.

Kiba turned his attention to the king who quickly regained his feets..

“Let’s just make this fast, your daughter is next then I take over starlight.”

Kiba smirked at him, Authur face lit up in fury as he heard Kiba speak.

“I will kill you and make sure you are back behind the gates oracle”

King Authur replied, his face burning with anger as he held his battle axe tightly…

“The priestess, Sonia who tried it sacrificed her life to seal me but now, am free, no more priestess, no more sealing…”

Kiba spoke with a smirk as his staff emitted black smoke…

“Let’s see about that”

The king replied and the axe in his hand blazed with fire and he charged at Kiba..

The king was a skilled fighter as he threw fast hits at Kiba who skilfully evaded with ease, he flew upwards and formed a fireball and threw it at King Authur who was beneath him, the king dodged the fire and sidestepped another fireball that came for him, the ball transformed into Kiba and he was too late to make any moves since he was still in motion as Kiba hit him with his staff…

King Authur flew sideways and crashed, he staggered up but the land splitted, swallowing the king half way, the king tried as much as he could to get free but it only swallowed him the more..

Kiba landed beside the King, smiling wickedly while the king resigned in defeat.

“I told you I need your head…”

Kiba spoke and took the axe that layed on the floor and brought it down on the king’s head.

The earth quaked, Kiba missed the king’s head as the quake made him lose target…

Kiba wore a confused look as he didn’t fathom what was happening…
Inside the palace where the sword of prophecy Layed.
Lucia who wasn’t In the battle going on walked towards the sword, he contemplated If he could try his luck once more after he remembered what had happened the last time he tried it…

The sword suddenly burned with fire and the earth quaked, shaking even the palace to the deepest foundation, the sword slowly lifted itself, Lucia stared with shock, the sword was lifting itself…



🗡️🗡️ Chapter 14

☘️ Few hours ago☘️

Jan was working on the small garden behind his small house, his mum was preparing the Lunch, Shikava grumped uncomfortably…

Something blared into the air that stopped everyone in the Lower city, fear embedded in their heart as they knew what the sound was for…

Jan stopped what he was doing and Shikava followed him, his mother was already panicking as she knew what the alarm was for.

The kingdom was under attack!

The only place they could hide was their home unlike the upper city who had an emergency tunnel.

Shikava grumped, alerting Jan who was pacing in panic, Shikava took off in a Sprint, Jan knew better to follow him.

“I will be right back mum”

Jan spoke soothingly to his mum who had her hand clutched to him, the mother looked at him with fright..

“N.no Jan, you ain’t going anywhere, I won’t allow it!”

His mother replied sternly, not letting go of his hand…

“I will return mum, I promise I will, there’s something I need to do”

Jan replied with uncertainty as he released his grip From his mother’s hand, he ran after Shikava…
No one needed to prod Jan that Shikava was headed towards the palace, he navigated his way down the woods and soon he got to the upper city.

What he saw made him cringe in fear, he had never experienced any war in his life time but what he had expected to see was not what he saw, instead, goinf against the fearsome Silver knight army were two headed brutal creatures as they battled with the army.

Jan cautiously walked to the palace, he knew instinctively that the princess was not on the battleground.

The moment he stepped his feets in the palace, he felt something strange within his body system, It felt like something was calling on to him, he involuntarily found himself walking towards an unknown room.

The army that were stationed inside to prevent any army from attacking saw him hearing towards the room the sword of prophecy Layed and they moved to stop him.

The earth Quaked that it shook the palace to the foundation, the soldiers who tried to stop him stumbled on their feets but strangely, Jan walked like nothing was happening.

He was now standing beside an unknown room, the magnetic pull was stronger by the moment and he sighted a sword glowing in flames in the air floating at a point but a figure was standing there.

Instinctively, he stretched his hands…

Lucia was confused as he saw a stranger, with the way he was dressed, he knew the person was from the lower city of Venilo, but what confused him was that the person was only focused in the sword.

The moment Jan stretched his hands towards the sword, the sword suddenly appeared in his hands, the soldiers who had regained their feets and had almost gotten to where he was stopped as they saw the sword of prophecy in the stranger’s hand.

Lightening and fire blazed from the sword and the palace shook, making the thick walls crack, Jan’s eyes glowed, one of his eyes emitted fire while the other eyes transmitted lightening, the sword grew longer as the fire and lightening encircled it.

The soldiers involuntarily went on their knees as some force surpressed them, the doors cringed and the sky darkened in broad day light and lightening thundered…
On the battleground, everyone had stopped fighting as they were witnessing the inevitable, the hordes of Lebanon shifted back uncomfortably as the sky darkened…

Queen Diana looked at the sky, something that had not happened in a thousand years, the eclipse was happening and the Queen knew that the only thing that could make the eclipse occur is if the sword had been lifted.

The lightening flashed answering her thoughts and a smile crept to her face…
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Alina moved back smilingly as Girato looked on around confusedly…

“I told you didn’t I?”

Alina stated smirkingly as she saw the sky darken, Girato looked with dread as Alina spoke.

“What do you mean?”

Girato asked confusedly as her dagger emitted dark energy waves…

“I told you the child of prophecy would stop Kiba… And now he’s here…”

Alina replied with a smirk and lightening flashed accross and s huge chunk of dust rose up, both turned their attention towards the lightening and the dust cleared, revealing a monkey but this time it ain’t Just a monkey.

“Shit, Lord Shikava!”

Girato muttered with shock and panic as she saw the huge monkey glowing on two golden bracelets on his hands and neck, he stood there like a man and a long golden staff In hand.

“Girato Goddess of the trees”

Shikava spoke as he suddenly appeared before Girato who was startled…
Kiba looked on with a sense of confusion as The sky darkened, causing an eclipse, the sky rumbled with lightening and fire and a glowing being landed before Kiba, the eath tremored at his landing, the being glowed with lightening and fire…

In his hand was a sword that radiated lightening and fire, the king who was stuck in the earth muttered.

‘The child of prophecy is here… ‘


🗡️🗡️ Chapter 15

Kiba regained his wits as he saw the strange being who radiated intense energy…

“Who are you?”

Kiba asked as the strange being made no sign of moving from his spot.
Jan stood unwavering, he wasn’t in control of himself.


Jan spoke like he was being possesed by another person, his voice was different, thicker than his usual voice and more unearthly.

Kiba frowned his face at the words of the man standing before him, he recognized the voice, the sword and the shape of the man.

“Krohn… But how’s that possible,you are dead!”

Kiba responded with confusion as he figured out who he was talking to.

“I see you haven’t changed your ways, you have become worse after you killed me”

Jan responded, his eyes sparkling with lightening at each words, Kiba snickered at his words…

“I grew worse because of you father… Don’t try to stop me now or else am gonna have to kill you the second time… I don’t know how you came back to life but don’t get in my way”

Kiba snapped, he controlled the ad he had used in trying to kill the king and aimed the axe at the king who was still trapped, the axe stopped in mid-air as it almost got in contact with the frightened king’s head.

The axe slowly evaporated to dust and floated away…

Kiba glowed in fury as his Armour cloak brightened with flames…

“I told you, don’t get in my way!!”

Kiba yelled and shot a black fire ball at Jan, Jan who wasn’t himself raised his hand and held the flame in his hand, he moulded the flame with lightening and fire and threw it back at Kiba, the latter blocked the attack with his scepter but the force the remoulded flame hit him away.

“You think you stand a chance against your father?”

The voice spoke through Jan as he neared Kiba who moved closer to Kiba who had regained his stance…

“I have beaten you once and I would do it again! ”

Kiba snapped and shot furiously at Jan, he raised his fists and giant rocks and eaths formed together and he hurled it at Jan, Jan raised his sword high and lightening rained from the sky and hit the rock, destroying it to pieces.

Kiba sper through the attack and connected his fist to Jan’s head, Jan mysteriously disappeared and appeared behind Kiba and hit him with the the hit of the sword, the force threw Kiba away and he crashed on a rock.

Kiba rolled away from the rock as a huge fire ball landed on his previous position, Jan emerged from the flames, Kiba formed a giant tornado and trapped Jan in it, Jan absorbed the tornado and replicated himself…

“You should have stayed down Kiba!”

The voice in Jan resounded as his body turned in fire, the replication formed into lightening.
Kiba stood and wiped the blood from his mouth.

“I won’t stop what until have finished my mission… Go to hell!”

Kiba growled and hit his fist on thw ground and the earth cracked and splitted, a devilish earthshaking roar sounded.

Fire brewed from the ground as a two headed red horned monster shook the earth.

“What have you done, you have unleased Lebanon!”

Jan queried as he saw what was happening, Kiba grinned evily, panting from exhaustion as he summoned Lebanon the earthshaker.

“I told you… Nothing stops me from fulfilling my mission”

Kiba grinned evily and Lebanon came outof the ground in his full form, he stood Thrice taller than Kiba and he was wide with well toned muscle, red skinned and had a red body that were too thick.

“You summoned me Lord Kiba!”

Labanon stated in his deep voice that seem to create tremor in the universe.

“Yes, finish Krohn off!”

Kiba ordered as he levitated in the air, changing his course of direction.
Lebanon grinned and stared at the little body of Jan who wasn’t fazed at what was happening.

“As you wish”

Lebanon stated and lept at Jan, he moulded his fists and they came crashing for Jan’s head but the latter quickly teleported and Landed above Lebanon aiming to finish him with a clean shot but another hand sprouted from Lebanon and grabbed Jan, throwing him away, but Jan tilted his body and stopped before he could go further.

His lightening replication formed a huge amount of lightening and blasted Lebanon but he stopped the lightening with his bear hands and absorbed it, growing bigger.

Jan sped at speed of light, moving faster than anyone could see and swiped his sword at Lebanon, the sword sounded like it had hit a metal, labanon got a hold of the sword but it burned him, another hand sprouted from his hand and grabbed Jan’s hand and flung him away…

“I am a god! god of the the earth!”

Lebanon growled out as he admired his victory over Jan.
A lightening struck once again but this time it was brighter than before, Lebanon smiled as he tried absorbing the lightening..

He screamed in pains as the force of the lightening pushed him away but he was quick to faze over the attack.

He turned to see who had formed the lightening, he knew the lightening wasn’t from Krohn, Kiba’s father…

“Pick on someone of your own size!”

The figure who had manipulated the lightening spoke, the figure dropped a head and tossed it at Kiba, the latter picked the head and felt a jolt of shock, it was the head of Girato…

“Who are you”

Lebanon asked the being, the bwing who had been floating landed revealing a man on furs with a glowing golden staff and golden bracelets in hand.

Lebanon lept at the small creature and punched him but the small being held his hand firmly to the shock of Lebanon.

“I am the god of nature, Lord Ram Shikava and you just made me angry!”

Shikava stated and his body swiftly expanded and grew to the size of Lebanon…


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