🗡️🗡️ Chapter 16

The Battleground had quietened as they watched what displayed in their south, The knights and Lebanon army watched the display that was happening between two gods.

Alina walked towards the Army, slightly nodding, the queen had a panicked look as she thought about the King…

Layla walked briskly to the battle front in her green royal short gown, she had a look of questioning.

“Where’s my father?!”

She asked panicking, So Alfred and the others couldn’t meet the princess eyes as they diverted their gaze.

“Am afraid Princess Layla, The king is trapped in the battle of the gods”

Alina explained and Layla took tge second glance at the scene where two strange beings stood…

“My dad, Our king is there, you can do something, he’s gonna die!!!”

Layla yelled at Alina but Alina kept her cool face, that made Layla more fraustrated.

“Am sorry, there is nothing I can do to help him, If fate brings…. ”

Alina couldn’t finish her statement as the army moved back in awe, King Authur who was floating in the air dropped gently before his army, he was bruised all over.

“Before we make any family reunion, it would be best we move out of here now”

King Authur spoke before anyone could get closer to him, everyone had a worried expression.

” Why my King?”

Sir Alfred asked confusedly as the King spoke, the King sighed.

” Because right now, this place is soon gonna become a ruin as two gods clash…. We leave now!! ”

The king explained and ordered, the silver knight army moved back in apprehension, going farther from their opposition.
Shikava expanded, muscled ripped from him while his golden bracelets and armor accommodated his size, he stood as huge as Lebanon but he still held Lebanon’s fist.

Hands sprouted from Lebanon’s hand and grabbed shikava’s hand and tossesd him away, Shikava vanished and came out beneath the ground beneath Lebanon and hit him in his torso and the latter growled out and crashed on the previous position of where the knights were before.

Not a second given, he lept off at Shikava who was coming with a hit, their fist clashed and montains crumbled at the force wave.

Hands held Shikava firmly as they pinned him, Lebanon controlled a mountain and hit Shikava with it but Shikava manipulated a giant lightening blast and it hit the mountain rock and it shattered.

Shikava turned to water as he dissolved from Lebanon’s grip and floated away…

Lebanon frowned and shot after Shikava, he formed a rock ball on his fist and hit Shikava, Shikava controlled earth shield and blocked the attack, he countered as he created a cyclone, trapping Lebanon in it, Lebanon clapped his hands and a wave of sand countered the cyclone.

Shikava formed earth pillars and shaped them into Spears, Lebanon charged blindly, Shikava smirked and hit the spear pillar and they impaled Lebanon, Lebanon disintegrated and appeared behind Shikava and grabbed him.

Shikava dissolved into lava liquids and formed a water ball and they hit Lebanon, the water turned to Ice and froze Lebanon.

Heat sipped from Lebanon and and the Ice melted, revealing Lebanon who was already on fire with fury.

His hands Elongated and they turned into thousands of hands, they punched Shikava and he crashed but quickly vanished and appeared above Lebanon but another set of hands sprouted from his back and hit Shikava away.

Shikava regained his feets and shot after Lebanon, he controlled his trident and spinned it real fast that it became invisible, air waves came out of it and spinned Lebanon away, Lebanon was quick to control earth pillars and the waves had no effect on it.

Lebanon and Shikava stared hard at each other, both not gaining an advantage.

“You know you can’t beat me Shikava..”

Lebanon stated grinning, Shikava chuckled as he heard the words of Lebanon.

“I wasn’t even fighting you, my clone was”

Shikava stated as he jumped down from the mountain he had sat as he watched the fight.

“You bitch!!!”

Lebanon stated as Shikava landed in his front while the supposed clone vaporized to dust.

“Now let’s just get this over with”

Shikava stated and his body glowed golden and his staff vibrated.


🗡️🗡️ Chapter 17

🍁🍁Semi final

Kiba watched with panic at what was happening, he looked over to Jan who was glowing.

Jan smirked and in a flash, he was in the front of Kiba who was startled at his sudden appearance.

“I advice you to stop now, you stand no chance…”

The unearthly husky voice spoke through Jan, Kiba sneered at his words and scoffed, his face darkening at the moment…

“You know What you d..”

Kiba couldn’t finish is words as the fabric of the universe ripped apart, Kiba and Jan struggled to regain their feets as the air became unstable.

Lebanon flew backwards like a missile that had some faults, he landed with a crack on the floor and his crash created an earthquake that so towards the palace.

Jan was quick to stop it as lightening shot from his sword and sealed back the land together.

Lebanon gained his feets and hopped at Shikava who was shining in all glory, he moulded his fists and hit Shikava, his hand fazed through the fod of nature and he came out through the other side while Shikava smirked, still at a point.

Shikava dropped his staff in the air and it floated at a point, in a light speed, Lebanon was seen shooting to the sky at light speed as the punch of Shikava hit him.

Shikava appeared above him before he could get out of earth and conjured a huge mass of lightening and struck him with it, the latter growled in pains as he fell freely downwards from thousands of feets high.

He crashed as the Earth Quaked at his impact.
He struggled to his feet, groaning in fraustration as his hands couldn’t hit Shikava.

Lightening formed before Shikava, Fire ball formed also without him controlling it, water ball mysteriously appeared while tree spines formed together to form a ball, the air reshaped themselves and became lightly visible to see as they were hard as a rock and rock boulders formed before Shikava.

“It… It’s impossible to control all nature elements at once…”

Lebanon stated in panic as he struggled to catch his breath.

“You don’t know what’s possible, Earthshaker”

Shikava replied smirkingly and the nature elements joined together and remoulded themselves and they became one, it formed a massive ball that contained all nature elements.

“No… No… Please, I yield, please…”

Lebanon begged as he stared at his destruction before him, he fell on his knees, a rare thing for a god to do before another god…

“Am sorry it’s too late, you have caused more damage than intended, you need to be erased Earthshaker”

Shikava stated blankly and he placed the elemental ball in his hand and shot at Lebanon, moving at insane speed, he aimed the ball and hit it on Lebanon.

Lebanon screamed in pain as his body disintegrated into orbits, the entire horizon was wiped out due to the impact of the nature elements ball…

The hordes of Lebanon started becoming piles of dust as their leader died, they all faded away…

Kiba opened his in shock as he saw all his plans crumbled before him, Girato was dead not the Earthshaker was erased, he was all alone…

He fell on his knees dejectedly and his heart hardened in fury, his gaze went over the land of Starlight and he grinned evily.

His body emitted smoke and he transformed into a huge monster darkness and he shot speedily at the kingdom, destroying everything in sight.

A bright Light appeared before him as he almost reached the palace, the light burned brightly that Kiba who was in a monster form began to fade slowly… Kiba felt himself being drawn into the light…

Shikava smiled as he watched what was happening, he watched his staff burn brightly as it absorbed the dark monster Kiba had become.

The staff expanded as it accommodated size of the giant monster, it shrinked back to its normal size after absorbing the monster.

It floated to shikava’s hand and it transformed into a golden crown and he wore it.
Jan floated towards him and fell on his knees..
Sir Alfred walked into the palace where everyone were gathered and tensed, he bowed to the king.

“My King, the upper city citizens are safe in the underground but I fear if the Lower city still lives”

Sir Alfred stated and the king eyes burned in fury at the Knight’s words.

“I told you to evacuate everyone even the Lower citizens! ”

The king snapped and Sir Alfred shifted back with fear, the king softened and Layla stepped forward.

“I guess it’s time to explain why we are being attacked by Kiba or whatever, I don’t get anything from this war!! ”

Layla yelled in fraustration, the King stood up and walked over to her and got hold of her hands..

“If you wish to know who Kiba is, then there’s no need keeping it a secret.
The first king of starlight Kingdom after it was created over a thousand year ago was King Krohn Omec the first.

He was a noble king and Just that he was gifted the sword of Nature by the god of Nature himself, Lord Ram Shikava.

He gave birth to a child, Kiba.
According to history, Kiba was a who had a pure heart, free from evil, Kiba grew up to be an adult and he loved a woman, Mera who was the daughter of the priestess of Starlight, Sonia.

King Omec fell in love with Mera after his wife died, Kiba didn’t know how to express his love for her.

One day, he figured out that his father and Mera deeply loved each other and he became sad, that was when his heart became corrupted with hatred and he sought power to kill his father and claim the throne for himself and have Mera to himself.

He sought after a sorcerer and the sorcerer bestowed in him dark magic, the dark magic consumed his soul and he killed the sorcerer and claimed his staff of Doom.

He challenged his father for the throne, the king not wanting to fight his son placed the sword of nature in the palace that someone of his blood would would stop Kiba when the time arises.

He fought Kiba without the sword and he lose against him and Kiba killed him…

He ruled Starlight Kingdom and inflicted pain to the people, he made Mera suffer and put her in the dungeon but unknown to him, Mera was pregnant with a child, having learnt some magics from her mother, she prayed to the god of nature and the god took the child from her and nurtured him.

Kiba who couldn’t stop his hatred from growing killed Mera publicly, in front of her mother.

Priestess Sonia, the mother of Mera made arrangements to destroy Kiba, she sacrificed her life at the gate of Oracle to trap Kiba, her soul was used in placing Kiba behind the gates.
It was then that my lineage had been ruling for a thousand year now but we are not the legitimate ruler, Kiba had broken through the gates and now the sword had been lifted by the bloodline of King Omec… the wielder of the sword is the true King”

The king explained and everywhere thickened with tension.
A tear escaped the eyes of Layla and she hugged her father.

“You should have told me a long time ago…”

Layla questioned as she clutched her father tightly…
The king smiled at her, not releasing his grip.

The sky thundered as Lightening flashed into the palace, the people moved back in fear at the sudden change.

Replaced by the Lightening stood a glowing man at the entrance of the palace, the body sparkling with Lightening and blazing Fire.

All the beings present in the palace involuntarily fell on their knees, Including King Authur and Priestess Alina.

King Authur slightly raised his head, looking at the glowing being he knew as the child of prophecy and recognition kicked in…

He remembered the book of the ancient Kings his father had showed him as a child and he had seen the face in the book.

“King Krohn Omec the first?”

King Authur expressed blankly in shock as he recognized the person before him.


🗡️🗡️ Chapter 18

🌱 final 🌱

Others hearing King Authur’s gasp, they quickly looked up but the bright glow the being radiated nearly blinded them.

The glow slowly faded and a slight thud was heard on the floor, Jan fell weakly as he breathed hard, the others hearing the thud looked at what happened…


Layla gasped as she saw Jan who was still catching his breath, the King looked from Jan to Layla and forth.

“That’s not Jan, That’s king Krohn Omec”

The king countered Layla and she had a confused look, Jan slowly stood and looked at where he was…

“How did I get here?”

Jan muttered to himself as he sacanned his environ, his eyes fell on the famed King Authur, the Queen and all the famed silver knights of the kingdom but he rested his eyes on Layla who had a look of confusion.

Everyone’s eyes trailed from Jan to the sword of prophecy he held and mummur ensued.

A bright light Floated out of the sword and swirled round at a point and it slowly formed a man.

Everyone shifted back with awe at what was happening, Jan moved back as he dropped the sword, not knowing how it had gotten to his hand, all he remembered was him seeing the sword floating…

Mummur and shock filled the hall as the Image appeared to be the exact replica of Jan but a crown was on his head.

The sword lifted itself and placed itself in the hands of the figure who was wearing a king’s golden Armour.

“Am king Krohn Omec the first, do not be surprised because I look so much Like my son here”

King Omec explained, his eyes rested on Jan who stood with his eyes wide open…

“son? ”

Jan asked with utmost shock as his voice could hardly be heard.
None of the people present in the hall were able to get what was happening.

“Yes, you.. are.. my.. son, there’s no need to divulge into the origin since Authur have explained all that happened to you but he didn’t tell you all what happened when Lord Ram Shikava took the child of Mera who was still in the womb before she was killed.

Lord Shikava preserved the child’s life and kept him in his realm till a thousand year was almost complete, he made the Queen give birth to your daughter and made a widow give birth to my son.

Shikava released Kiba from the gate of Oracle, If Kiba had stayed some days more, he could have corrupted the gate and released powerful forces that could be a threat…”

King Omec explained and the Hall quietened in understanding, Jan eyes was filled with tears as he heard his father’s words.

King Authur stepped forward and knelt before Jan and removed his crown…

“You are the rightful king to this throne, Just accept the crown”

King Authur stated as he smiled, King Omec floated towards Jan and smiled.

“It’s yours to do as you wish”

King Omec prodded Jan and Jan nodded in understanding, he took the crown from King Authur’s hand and put it back on his head to the shock of everyone.

They all wore a look of awe for Jan and stared at him in admiration and new respect.

King Authur smiled at the turn of events and hugged Jan who appeared to be small in the king’s grip.

“All I want Is to become one of the King’s Legion and become a Knight…
The lower city should be reconstructed, that’s all I want… ”

Jan stated and the King nodded in approval…

A sudden commotion was heard inside the hall and prince Lucia came out, he was burning with fury as he held his sword tightly and charged towards King Authur.

“I am the true king… No one sits on the throne when am still alive!! ”

Lucia roared but it was too late to stop him as he brought his sword down the king’s head.

Blood splashed as Lucia’s head flew off his neck, opposite him was Queen Diana who held a sword that dripped down with blood.

“But someone can sit on it when you are dead”

Queen Diana stated and she spat on Lucia’s dead body…

King Omec began to fade and and Jan ran to him, His eyes were already wet with tears.


Jan Stuttered as he clutched to King Omec’s remaining body that had yet to fade…
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“Sorry son, I know I couldn’t stay here for long even though I had wished, my time is up, but Keep this sword with you.. ”

He placed the sword of prophecy on Jan’s hands.

“Use the sword for good and the lives of the people depends on you”

King Omec finished and he faded away completely, the sword glowed in Jan’s hand…

Layla walked towards Jan, tears in her eyes as Jan slowly turned towards her..

Jan smiled at her and pulled her to a hug, crying on each other’s shoulders.

The bell sounded which shows that the war had ended, cheers of victory erupted from the citizens and they celebrated.
☘️1 year Later☘️

The sounds of horses neighing was heard in the Joust ground and cheers of applause was heard.

Sir Alfred walked to the field as he was on his silver armour.

“Now the final Joust is between two famed warriors..
Please welcome The crusher, prince of Zumara kingdom!!”

Sir Alfred spoke and half of the crowds jubilated as The crusher, a bulky man entered with his horse.

“The opponent is a knight, one of the best of Starlight Kingdom, his victories had been flawless, please welcome… The Silver Warrior, JAN OMEC!!!”

Sir Alfred called with pride as a young boy rode on a shiny Silver Armoured plate, shining in all glory in the sun…

The crowd including the supporters of the Crusher went into frenzy mode as they shouted and screamed the young boy’s name.


King Authur laughed with the king of Zumara kingdom..

“Who do you think is gonna win the Joust?”

The king Authur asked elatedly amidst the yells of the crowd.

“You should say no more… The young warrior had captured the heart of every one here, he’s agility, prowess and strength is not to be reckoned with… Jan Omec wins”

The King of Zumara explained and on que, Crusher was seen flying off his horse as he crashed to the ground.
Jan Omec towered above him and placed his sword on his neck.

“I yield!”

Crushed spoke in defeat and the whole crowd left their positions and Lifted Jan on their shoulder while screaming his name…

The end…



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