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🌷🌷 Chapter 6

▪️▪️▪️▪️Jan’s pov ▪️▪️▪️▪️

“Will you get your smelling ass off the bed now!!?

I could hear my mum yelled from the kitchen, the yelling Jolted me from my sleep, I opened my eyes, the Rays the light produced made me shield my eyes with my hand.
I stretched on the small bed place in the corner of the room and yawed.

“Good morning momma”

I greeted my mum who had her back faced to me as she worked on preparing our breakfast.

“Don’t greet me, you should go greet the village head and apologise to him about what happened the previous day. ”

My mum said and she faced me, stopping whatever she was doing.
When ever she does this, I knew I was in for another sermon.
I sighed.

“But mum, how many times would we talk about this all through the night, I woke up late because of the overnight chastise I got from you! ”

I yelled silently in frustration, I moved over the corner of the room as I got hold of a broom, but i could still feel her gaze rested on me.

“I know Jan, but promise me you wouldn’t do anything stupid like that next time and you are gonna see Elder zikofu when you go out now”

She replied sadly, I could see her face welling with tears, something I hate seeing her do.
I walked over to her and held her palms and squeezed them tightly and pulled her into a hug.

“I promise you mum, am gonna apologise to him and all that transpired yesterday won’t repeat itself, I promise you mum”

I promised and she hugged me tightly, I smiled as I quickly used my thumb to clean my eyes.
She froze as she perceived the smell I had been smelling.

“Oh my God!! The food is getting burnt!!”

She screamed and quickly crossed over to the kitchen and checked the food over.
I need to prepare, I need to see Elder zikofu.
I slowly walked down the street, heading to Elder zikofu’s home, one of the finest in Venilo, I bought some banana and slowly peeled one and ate it.
I felt something land on my shoulder, I looked over my shoulder and saw a monkey staying gently on it, I smiled and pulled out a banana and gave it.
It hopped happily around my shoulder.

“Hey what’s your name?”

I asked the monkey and it made it’s noise in its language, I smiled as I strangely understood what he said.


I asked and it nodded gleefully and peeled off the banana, I watched as Shikava popped the banana In it’s mouth, munching it and in a minuite, it was done.

I happen to be fond of animals, animals of various kinds, I understand their languages and I strangely know how they feel, I could strangely communicate with them and they could communicate with me also.
I watched in bewilderment as Shikava sat stilly on my shoulder, it had a brown fur and was quite huge, unusually for a monkey.

“Hey, wait up!!!”

I heard a voice shout behind me as I took a turn that led to the house of Elder zikofu, I stopped as I saw a man on white regalia running towards me, avoiding the busy market people.
I noticed Shikava shift uncomfortably on my shoulder, and it made some weird noises, I opened my eyes widely I got what he was trying to say.

“Your master?”

I asked in surprise and it grunted, I watched as the man approached, he stopped abruptly in my front and panted tiredly.

“I see you have something I look after”

The man asked pantily, he looked over to Shikava and then over to me, his face had a look of surprise.

“Oh yes, Shikava, he had been following me over some minuites now. I narrated all that transpired to him and he couldn’t close his mouth.

HE suddenly fell on his knees and started chanting some words..

‘oh hail Lord Shikava’
‘the child of prophecy is alive”

“Why did you do that?”

I asked the man as he stood up after bowing to God knows who, he looked at me with a new respect and fear.

“Shikava is no ordinary monkey, he is the Guardian of the proclaimed child of prophecy, no one had ever tamed the monkey, anyone who does never remain the same. It had been proclaimed, something I get to know since am a follower of Lord Shikava, the monkey can only follow the child of prophecy and now he had willingly followed and taken a liken to you”

The man narrated and I stared dumbly, not getting what the proclaimed follower of Shikava was saying, Lord Shikava is known as the God of guidance, he was worshipped all over Venilo. I looked over the monkey on my shoulder, he was harmless and innocent.

“So, what are you trying to say?

I asked the man as all what he said sounded stupid to my hearing, but the words still perched in the deepest state of my mind.

“What am trying to say is that you are the child of prophecy!”

The man said elatedly, It was irritating and foolish to say that.
I smiled and gently took the monkey and wanted to hand it over but the monkey didn’t even budge.

“Keep it, it’s yours, nice seeing the child of prophecy, am indeed lucky!”

The man said and took off to another destination.
I shrugged but his words still bugged me.

Suddenly, the monkey lept off my shoulder and landed lightly, strangely, it created a tremor to the earth.

It crieked at me and took off, heading to no where but to the woods, a dangerous hideout for bandits and assasins, no one dared go there.
I ignored all precautions and took off after the monkey who was unusually faster than a normal monkey.

The moon knight calvary who abducted the princess, Layla headed into the woods, they entered deeper until they stopped at a big clearing.
They hopped down and carried the princess and roughly dropped her in the clearing, she couldn’t free herself as she was blindfolded.

The ten men sat down, they brought out their wines and enjoyed themselves.
They seemed like they awaited someone and wried away their time as they drank their wine chatting and bursting into laughter while the princess was tied like a log.

They diverted their attention to where they had heard a strange sound coming from a nearby bush, they removed their swords and stood on guard.
Soon a slightly huge brown monkey popped out of the bush.

They looked at themselves and bursted into laughter…
Soon another sound was heard, they thought it was a monkey but they were a bit startled as a young Lad came into view, the Lad wore a startled expression also.

“Hey! Who are you?”
One of the soldiers asked, slightly shaken with fear, his sword drawn forward and pointed towards The boy, others followed also, their swords out.

“Am sor.. ry, Am Jan, I came in search of my monkey and I found it”

Jan stammered, as he was gripped with fear, his eyes roamed over the the body that layed a few feet away from them, the clothes on the body shows that the person was from a royal family but the person seemed familiar to him.

“Well, your monkey lead you to your death, no one sees us and goes Scott free! And that monkey, it’s gonna make a good meal… ”

One of the men said and they laughed mischievously.
One of them went over the monkey and grabbed it but some kind of force pushed him away and he crashed some metres away.

Everyone was shocked, even Jan looked stuplefied as the monkey grumped and stood on its legs and stood like a man, almost as tall as Jan.

The the others seeing this attacked the monkey but Jan wouldn’t let them kill Shikava, he did a front barrel roll and picked the sword that had fallen from the soldier Shikava attacked.
He clashed his sword with one of the soldiers and instinctively hit his attacker in the crotch, the man flew backwards.

The monkey lept high, real high and punched one of the men in the face, the force sent the man stumbling into two of the other soldiers and they layed limply, dead.

Jan dodged a sword as it missed his head by a inch and countered him by grabbing him with his strength and hit him against a tree, the opponents spinal cord broke at the impact.
The soldiers were dead and Jan sighed at the ugly sight they had caused.
Jan looked over at Shikava on his shoulder, no one would believe this monkey had just fought like a man.

Jan went over to the body that was tied, he released the blindfold and almost tripped as he saw who had been there.


Jan called, surprised at the turn of events, he looked over his shoulder, Shikava looked back at him and nudged him.

The princess opened her eyes and stared at Jan, flabbergasted, she knew it was fate that brought him here….


🌷🌷 Chapter 7


Sir Alfred rushed to the palace with a dozen of the silver knight army.
He walked with a pissed look as he barged the door of Lucia’s room open with his boots.

The acting king had a startled look as he jumped in fright from the sudden barge.
Tiga who was beside the king, acting as a bodyguard unsheathed his sword, the dozen of his men also removed theirs.

The room became tensed as two fearsome army looked ready to spill bloods not minding if there was a king in between them.

“Why are you here?”

Lucia asked in a panicked state, he shifted uncomfortably in his position as he was between two armies, he knew if anything goes wrong, He would be killed in the civil war.

“Where is princess Layla?”

Sir Alfred said as he gritted hos teeth together, his grip on his silver sword tightened as he was beyond pissed.

“Why would I know about the princess?”

The king’s Step brother retorted as he scanned the silver knight army, his heart thumped in his chest like it would remove anytime.

“You are lying my Lord, the moon knight army were spotted to have apprehended the princess and taken her away! ”

Sir Alfred snapped back as he inched forward like he was contemplating on attacking, Tiga and Lucia looked at themselves disbelievingly.

“What do you mean, My men abducted the princess? ”

Tiga asked warringly this time as he narrowed his eyes, Sir Alfred had a surprised look as the moon knight’s leader had a confused look plastered on his face..

“You heard me right! Your men abducted the princess but you are telling me you are unaware of this? ”

Sir Alfred asked confusedly and he slowly sheathed his sword, the rest of the army did theirs also as the room buzzed in confusion.

“None of my men do things without my order, my men are here with me…”

Tiga replied, he was confused and the king became worried, as much as he was obsessed with Layla, he wouldn’t dare hurt her or try to do anything that would make her cry…
A messanger ran in, he stopped at the opened door of the king’s room as he saw two armies about to face-off.
They noticed his presence and they turned to him.


Lucia asked as he sighed internally in relief, if there had been a civil war, his head would have been found rolling on the floor.

“My king, Queen Diana is back from Zalwanga and the priestess is with her… ”

The messanger relayed his news and bowed, leaving the room from the king and the two armies.
Lucia and the silver knight army began to panic as the princess was missing and yet to be found.
Sir Alfred led his army into the court as the Queen awaited them, Lucia came in with his own army, moon kinght army, Tiga stood beside his side as he sat on the golden throne which was beside Queen Own.

“What are the moon knight armies doing in the kingdom?”

The Queen asked as she saw the strange army in the court, it was obvious that they were known in the kingdom.
Lucia smiled as he sat confidently on the king’s throne.

“I hired the army, I don’t trust your army to safe guard my life since you might have made a plan with them to take me out”

Lucia stated with a mischievous grin on his face.
The Queen sighed in defeat, she scanned the people in the hall and noticed her daughter was not among them.

“Where is Layla?”

The queen asked and the whole hall tensed, they began to murmur as it waa evident that they had known on the princess abduction.
The Queen noticed that no one was talking and she knew that something was wrong…

“I said where is Layla!!!!!”

She yelled as no one met her gaze and talked about their whereabouts.
Lucia shifted on his chair, his grin had disappeared and he looked fear stricken.
Everyone knew what the queen could be if she was angry.

“Am here mum..”

The voice of Layla was heard in the court as the elders quickly paved way for her.
Queen Diana sighed in relief as she saw her daughter approaching her.
Lucia and Sir Alfred were beyond relief as they saw her… They couldn’t avoid the smile that showed on their lips.

“Where did you go?”

The Queen asked as the princess got to her.
Layla looked from Lucia to Tiga amd then back to her mother.

“I toured the city mother and it was amazing to see the beauty of starlight from the tower of Jogan”

Princess Layla squealed to her mum, she lied expertly to her mum as she couldn’t risk exposing Lucia, else, his head would be eaten by the vultures…
It was stated that the people fear the Queen more than they feared the king.
“I promised you all that I will profer a solution to the loose of KIBA and now have brought the Priestess of Zalwanga with us… ”

Queen Diana elucidated and the crowd once more parted as a beautiful lady in a white priestess regalia entered the court, she had a golden trident on her hand.
Layla couldn’t believe her eyes, likewise others also.

The priestess was rumoured to have been old but they were wrong.
Tiga stared lustfully at Alina as she took her stand I front of the Queen, bowing respectfully for the king and then to the rest of the court..

___________________________________ Outskirt the kingdom of starlight

The sky darkened as the sky thundered, for anyone, it would be considered to be a storm brewing but it was not.
The forest trees shook as the looked like they would collapse as the intense swirl of the wind was intense.
Soon, everything died down and there, revealing a man on dark a dark robe like armour with a staff in hand.

He looked over the kingdom of starlight and grinned.
He jabbed the staff on the ground and he levitated, he could see over the kingdom of Starlight, more better than before.

‘In my futile attempt to take what belongs to me, I was captured and Imprisoned behind the gate of the Oracle but Now I am free, I will make sure all that they know as joy will be stripped from them because…. I AM KIBA!!’

the man stated evily.

Wetin una talk for this chapter… KIBA don show…


🌿🌿Chapter 8

“The reason why I am here today, in the presence of The Court is to profer a solution to the Impending danger of Kiba who had escaped from the gate of the Oracle”

Alina spoke to the court as she stood in front of the people.
The crowd murmured and one of the elders of the court spoke up.

“Priestess Alina, what solution can you bring to stop the wrath of Kiba?”.

The man, elder Raziel asked, the court was silent. Tiga couldn’t stop his gaze from resting on Alina… Layla listened keenly as Alina spoke but half of her mind drifted towards the event that transpired the previous hour.

“Yes, Like i said, I came here to profer a solution… There was a prophecy a long time ago that talked about the child of prophecy that would stop Kiba”

Alina continued, pausing as the court mumbled within themselves, Queen Diana stood from her throne and the court quieted.

“As we know about the prophecy, Kiba is out and there has been no sign of the child, maybe it’s not yet in existence… We don’t knkw that and the sword of prophecy had not been able to be lifted over a thousand years ago”

Queen Diana explained to Alina and the Court didn’t dare mumble and a pin drop could be heard.
Layla watched the amount of authority her mom commanded while Lucia looked on with scorn.

“I want you to believe me, the moment I set my feet on Starlight kingdom, I felt the presence of the child of prophecy and I believe someone had met with him”

Alina stated as her trident strangely glowed.
The whole Court murmured in shock, Alina took a glance at Layla and smiled at her… Layla reciprocated the smile and wondered why the priestess had smiled at her.

” But how do you know this?”

Lucia asked In surprise, speaking up for the first time.
Alina bowed at him and faced him.

“I can feel his aura faintly with the help of my trident, and I know how to bring him in”

Alina stated and Queen Diana interjected.

“How do we know who he is?”

Queen Diana asked as she seemed surprised to how Alina was handling the situation.

” Tell the whole town, not excluding the lower city, that all teenagers from 15-17 should assemble in the palace”

Alina replied smirkingly and the Court marveled at her suggestion.
King Lucia had a deep scowl on his face.

“So, won’t I be privileged to try out the sword of prophecy? Who knows, I might be the child y’all speak of?”

Lucia stated, the whole Court laughed hard as they heard the words of the king’s Step brother, It only made Lucia’s scowl deepen.

“You are welcome to try my king”

Alina stated humbly as her face held a smirk.
The Court talked with themselves while Tiga looked shocked by what Lucia had asked for.

‘what are you doing, king Lucia?’

Tiga asked and Luv glared at him, Tiga slowly retreated his head…

“Then, let’s go to there now”

Lydia stated, breaking the tension in the room, that didn’t stop the mumbling
Lucia could be seen in the room of the sword of prophecy as he looked down on the glowing sword before him.

The whole Court were present as they watched what was gonna happen.

Lucia placed his hands gently on the hilt, taking a deep breath to reduce his anticipating heart.
He swifly yanked the sword from where it was, embedded on a mountain heap.

As Lucia yanked the sword, some kind of repelling force threw Lucia away…

The Court murmured, Tiga made to help him up but he stopped him.
He went over the sword once more, the sword had not buldged from it’s position…

He tried once again and used his strength to pull the sword, A strange force repelled him again but this time, he flew past the Court and crashed on a horse outside the palace…

Everyone present outside the palace stared in amusement at what could have throne the acting king outside his own palace…
Inside the palace, The court Elders were gathered around, all were happy at what had befallen the acting King, Lucia and had not bothered to go after him, except Tiga and his men who had gone to retrieve the king..

“When should the men assemble at the palace?”

Queen Diana asked, Alina nodded gracefully back at Diana.

“They should be here by tomorrow”

Alina, the priestess replied and the Queen disperesed the council, just then Lucia walked in with Tiga he’s him.
He eyed Diana before heading away, totally ignoring Layla….
Outside the kingdom of Starlight.
Kiba stood in the Jungle and watched the activities going on within the kingdom and he chuckled evily.

He tried to see into the palace but some force kept repelling him back, preventing him from seeing.

A thick am formed out of thin air, morphing into an old woman, the old woman that had tried to hypnotise Layla….

“Girato, why are you here”

Kiba asked the old woman who had taken a seat beside him.
She chuckled darkly and her face formed a stoic expression.

“I came here to inform you that There’s a special activity going on tomorrow, I don’t know the details but we can bring in Layla as a diversion”

Girato explained, Kiba looked expressionless and stood up gracefully.
Girato followed hia expression and stood up also, smiling as she knew what was next.

“Tomorrow, you do what you want but leave King Author for me, I need to remove his head my self”

Kiba stated and Laughed, Girato joined him and their laughter caused tremor in the sky and lightening flashed, it was like there was gonna be a thunderstorm…


🌿🌿Chapter 9

Outside the kingdom of Starlight.
Kiba stood in the Jungle and watched the activities going on within the kingdom and he chuckled evily.

He tried to see into the palace but some force kept repelling him back, preventing him from seeing.

A thick am formed out of thin air, morphing into an old woman, the old woman that had tried to hypnotise Layla….

“Girato, why are you here”

Kiba asked the old woman who had taken a seat beside him.
She chuckled darkly and her face formed a stoic expression.

“I came here to inform you that There’s a special activity going on tomorrow, I don’t know the details but we can bring in Layla as a diversion”

Girato explained, Kiba looked expressionless and stood up gracefully.
Girato followed hia expression and stood up also, smiling as she knew what was next.

“Tomorrow, you do what you want but leave King Author for me, I need to remove his head my self”

Kiba stated and Laughed, Girato joined him and their laughter caused tremor in the sky and lightening flashed, it was like there was gonna be a thunderstorm…
Jan walked home with Shikava who was huddled on his shoulder, he passed the way that lead to elder zikofu’s house.

The events of earlier played in his head, Shikava fighting like someone possesed, leading him to the princess..

He smiled and Shikava grumped, what bothered him was how he was able to world a sword expertly and killed a well trained army.

Soon, Jan caught sight of Elder zikofu’s house, he quickened his steps and soon, he was at the beautiful house.

He knocked on the door but a growl jolted him back, there was a huge dog behind Jan, snarling ferociously at him.
Elder zikofu peeped from his window as he saw his dog growling at Jan.
He smiled evily, Kutaka was a dog that tears anything strange that comes into his territory, nobody knows it’s name and people feared coming to his place because of the beast dog.

Jan smiled at the dog, Kutaka and it lept forward and buried it’s legs on Jan’s chest, Shikava hopped away the last moment Jan fell with his back on the stony floor with Kutaka on his chest.

Elder zikofu smiled evily as the huge dog lept at Jan but be froze in shock as the dog licked Jan’s face.
Jan smiled and rubbed his hands on Kutaka’s fur.
_____________ NEXT DAY___________

The kingdom of starlight was bubbling as people from lower city of venilo came to the upper city for the first time.
They marvelled at everything they saw as it was strange to them since they had lived their entire life in the slums.

Jan with Shikava on his shoulder walked with eagerness as he headed to the palace.
He squealed in delight as he knew he would meet the princess at the palace since she resides there.
He wasn’t even bothered about the mystery sword that had been talked about by the king’s messanger but had only come to the palace because of Layla, the name again placed a smile on his face.
He had gotten to know her name after he rescued the princess and she knew his.

He got to the palace and his heart was broken, before him was a long queue of about a thousand before him, both make and female of age 17 to 19.
He sighed and he knew that he had a long way to go.

Princess Layla stood beside Alina who had a smile plastered on her face.
She looked at the long queue but couldn’t find the boy who had saved her life two times.
She looked sad as she saw the hundreds of boys before her waiting to try out the sword.

“You know, the presence of the child of prophecy revolves around you”

Alina stated, jolting Layla away From her thoughts and she wore a confused look.

” What do you mean?”

Layla asked confusedly as she tilted her head towards, looking straight into the eyes of Alina.

“My trident tells me that you’ve come across the child of prophecy… When your mind drifts towards him, I can feel his aura gets stronger around here which means he’s here…”.

Alina explained but Layla wondered what she meant by her words. It was only Jan he had thought about and …

“That’s it, you thought of the child of prophecy and my trident glowed, who’s he my princess? ”

Alina asked as she had her gaze on The princess who looked like she was thinking…
Layla couldn’t believe her ears, If the priestess could know she was thinking about someone, then there was no mistake to it that Jan was the child of prophecy.

“Nothing, my priestess, just thinking about the sword”

Layla lied as she couldn’t risk telling anyone about Jan, reasons best know to herself.

“You know, if you don’t wanna talk, you can tell me but I hate people lying to me”

Priestess Alina stated and Layla shuddered at her words and nodded positively.
Alina was engrossed in finding out the child of prophecy that she didn’t notice Layla leave her side.

Layla walked past the guards who couldn’t stop her because she’s a royalty, she walked towards the back of the big palace, as she thought she had seen the boy she was looking for, Jan, pass the area..

She got to the back, few feet away from her was Jan who beckoned on her to follow him and mysteriously, he was no longer there but nonetheless, she followed him, heading away from the palace into the woods.

Jan who was getting closer to the front suddenly saw the princess go after something unknown to him.
The way the princess moved showed that she was following someone.

He left his queue and went after the princess who was far away from him.
He sneaked past the guards who had their attention on another thing.

He noticed the priestess heading towards the woods, Shikava became restless on his shoulder.

“I should go after the princess?”

Jan asked as he stopped, Shikava nodded, prodding him to move, Jan had a look of uncertainty in his face.

Shikava lept from Jan’s shoulder and ran after the Princess herself.
Jan had no option than to follow after him.

He knew deep down that the princess was heading into danger…


🌿🌿Chapter 10

The trident glowed in Alina’s hand and she sensed something dark gloom in the horizon.

She looked beside her and she couldn’t find Alina, she knew something was wrong somewhere.
Princess Layla had been put under her watch since the Queen was busy.

She muttered some words and Layla’s faded footprints surfaced and whe traced the prints.

As she followed the prints, she sensed some dark footprints also that showed along the path the princess path.
She knew that the dark prints didn’t bode well and she hastened her steps.

Jan ran after the monkey who was initially going after the princess.
He ran into the woods but the moment he the woods, he felt his body system change like something evil was around.

He had never experienced it in his life but that didn’t stop him from going deeper.

Layla ran after the supposed Jan she saw, soon, she mysteriously lost sight of him.
She looked back and saw that she was already deep inside the woods and she couldn’t figure out a way to head back.

Realisation kicked in and she knew that she was lost in the forest.
She fell into tears as she couldn’t figure out a way home, she wandered aimlessly.

The trees bristled and it sent cold chills down the spine of Princess Layla who abruptly turned back to where she heard a strange sound but she saw nothing.

She tried creating a path with a stick she saw on the glassy floor but strangely, the weeds either entangled further or the trees make strange movements, frightening the helpless Princess.

A dark laugh erupted in the wood as they seemed to echo around Layla who stood numb with fear.

“You can’t escape me, haaahaahhaa”

The strange voice echoed that she seemed to be everywhere.
Layla looked around not knowing where the voice originated from.

“Who are you?”

Layla asked as she still looked on with fear at where the voice was coming from but she couldn’t get anything.

“Don’t look around daughter of Authur..”

The voice answered with a smirk as it slowly appeared from thin air.
Layla jumped back in fright and fell, face down as she tripped on a root.

“W… Who are.. you? Wait you look like the woman who had lured me to you the last festive period”

Layla stuttered at her question as she was surprised to see the weird looking old woman in her presence who was on a black overall cloak smiling evily at her.

“My name is Girato, I see you always escape my grasp but not now since I lured you here… I will make your death painless and send your head back to Authur”

Girato stated and her evil grin widening, Layla layed on the floor helplessly as she watched the woman moved closer to her.

She stretched her hand and the trees moved closer, their roots protruded and coiled around Layla’s body, tightening her as they raised her up, making her impossible struggle.

Girato brought out a hidden knife from her clothe, it emitted dark air and she brought it down to Layla’s face who couldn’t scream since her mouth were covered with root.

Some white glowing orb hit the knife away from her hand, the trees separated and they removed their roots from Layla’s body, she fell to the ground unconscious.

Girato regained her stance and frowned as she saw a person emerge from the trees.

“Girato, goddess of the trees”

Alina spoke up as she stood some feet away from Girato who had a look of confusion on her face.

“Alina, the priestess of Zalwanga”

Girato replied as she knew who was Standing before her…
Alina moved closer, her trident glowing.

“Trying to kill the princess of Starlight kingdom is said to be trying to wage war against the king himself”

Alina stated with a smile plastered on her beautiful face.
Girato frowned at her words and her dagger floated to her hands.

“That’s what am trying to do, Kiba is out from the gate of Oracle and he will rule of Starlight but not without waging a war”

Girato replied as a smirk appeared on her face.
Alina chuckled but her trident aas held tightly in her hand, glowing brightly in gold.

“That’s why am here, to stop Kiba”

Alina replied, Girato grinned and closed the gap.

“How do you intend to do that?”

Girato asked, holding her knife as it emitted black waves.

“I will stop him, the child of prophecy would stop him”

Alina retorted smirkingly as she never took her eyes off Girato.
There was a tense moment between the two of them.

The grasses around them thickened and they shot themselves at Alina who inturn hit the trident on the ground and a wave hit the grasses back.

Suddenly a monkey appeared at the scene from nowhere and crieked at Girato, the crieking came out as a growl and a huge Sonic wave erupted from the monkey’s mouth as it stood like a man.
The wave cleared everything in it’s path, Girato not excluded, Girato crashed hundreds of feets away, knocking out trees as she couldn’t control the force that propelled her.

Alina had to use her trident cover herself and Layla with a magical field as the wave thickened.

After the wave died down, the monkey kept towards Alina, a slight growl erupting from it.
Strangely, the barrier Alina set up came down involuntarily to the shock of Alina.

Alina was stuplefied, soon a hurried feet sounded in the woods.


A strange voice sounded and the monkey crieked, soon a young boy emerged from the trees, Immediately the boy came out, the trip vibrated in Alina’s hand.
She doesn’t anyone to tell her that it was indeed the child of prophecy.


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