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Growing up I had heard stories of women being violated, I’ve watched and seen cases of domestic violence. And I PRAYED, WISHED and HOPED, that I would never be a victim of such..
And God answered my prayers and gave me a good man who loved and treated me with tender loving care.. Or so I thought.

My first two years in marriage was blissful and I couldn’t have wished for anything more, I was a model and had my very own brand/fashion line, one of the biggest in the country actually and as the only child of my late parents I inherited all their wealths, Henry was also from a wealthy family so we lacked nothing, we were financially stable, and we lived in our own private house in banana island, although we didn’t have a child yet, there was love and peace in our home.
But everything changed suddenly and I was made a victim of the one thing I feared and hated..
My name is Debbie ifeoluwa Henry and this is my story..

Episode 1📚..

“Deb.. Debbie.. Wake up..Debbie” I groaned and willed my eyes to open, only to see kiki my best friend staring back at me..
“Hey what’s..”
“Hurry, it’s past 6pm” she said cutting me took some moment for the information to actually sink in, and when it did, I jerked up from the couch I was resting on
“You say?!” I exclaimed picking my bag and key from the table..
“I told you to wake me up by 4:pm na.. I’m dead oo” I muttered rushing towards her door with my heels and bag in my hands
“I’m sorry, I slept off as well.. I just woke up and saw the time.. I’m so sorry” she said as I slipped into my car..
“I have to go abeg.. I’ll call you later” I said starting the car
“Okay, but please drive safely okay? And please call me if something happens” I nodded frantically and drove out of her compound.. And couldn’t help but have this crazy feeling that I was forgetting something important.
I reached into my bag with my right hand whilst driving with the other.. I brought out my phone and sighed in relief when I didn’t see any message or missed call.. I guess he’s not back yet.. God please help me oo..
“It’s all because of the pregnancy oo, I would have woken up since.. What am I even saying? I should have set an alarm or something, kiki has killed me..” I wiped my cheeks and stepped on the accelerator..
I drove speedily into my compound almost hitting Rufus my gateman..
I stepped out after parking the car along with the others in the garage. I almost collapsed when I saw the white range rover sport parked beside mine..
Rufus rushed towards me breathing heavily
“Maram you have filish oo” he said stopping right in front of me
“I know” I mumbled as fresh tears began to fall from my eyes
“Oga have came, and the way I take see ham, he be like person wey take bitter mericine oo.. He face stone like this” he said putting on what looks like a stern face
“Eeei, I’m dead o.. ” I muttered with my hands on my head
“No maram, dead body nor dey cry.. You nova die, na only filish you filish” he said with a small smile..
“What is the difference?.. Abeg leave me alone” I brushed past him and slowly made my way to the house..
I opened the door gently and peeked my head in, the lights were on and the television was on and currently on super sports 12,.. I slowly stepped into the house and closed the door as quietly as I could before tip toeing to the stairs, when I didn’t see him in the living room.. Thank goodness
“Where are you coming from” I froze automatically as his voice echoed in the living room..
“I’m not talking to myself am I?” He asked and I slowly turned to see Henry leaning on the doorframe of the kitchen.. His eyes trained on me like a predator watching his prey.. His muscles flexed underneath the tight grey polo.. He was wearing a black combat short, which certainly means he came back hours ago.. Even before 6pm.
Despite the Air-Con I found myself myself sweating.
“Debbie..” He called pushing himself from the doorframe as he took a step closer, on instinct I took one back
He noticed and sighed tucking his hands in his pockets
“Did you bite your tongue or what?” He asked calmly
“I.. I.. I..” I stuttered as tears kept falling from my eyes.. Debbie you’ll kill yourself if you don’t talk, I thought to myself
“I.. Good evening s-sir” I stuttered
He stared at me for what seemed like hours which was actually just seconds.
“Evening, now tell me where you are coming from by to seven in the evening” he stated
“I..” I choked out and burst into tears, I am finished..
He raised his brows and took a step closer, I took one back and he sighed
“Seriously? I didn’t even touch you, why are you crying now?” He asked looking genuinely confused
Because I know you’re going to hit me, and just the thought of your hands on me is overwhelming, I can’t bear the pain you’ll inflict on me..
But instead of saying those words, I shook my head holding my heels and bag closer to my chest.
“Baby I’m not going to hit you okay?, besides kiki called and told me you were already on your way..” He said moving closer to me.. I stood still as he cupped my face and wiped my tears, only for more to come out..
He sighed and hugged me
“I’m sorry if I scared you, okay?” He asked and I nodded against his chest..
He pulled back and wiped my face..
“Come, let’s go get you cleaned up” he mumbled holding my arm, I winced and snapped my hand from his hold..
He furrowed his brows in confusion
“’s not healed yet” I mumbled.. He nodded taking hold of my hand instead before leading me up the stairs..
“Don’t worry, let me make your dinner first” I said stopping to look at him
“No..don’t worry about that, I’ve already eaten” he stated moving up the stairs.. What?! He never makes his own food, in fact he has never gone into the kitchen to serve anything since he started hitting me..
He pulled me into our bed room and took my bag and heels placing them on the bed..
Okay, he’s acting really strange, I walked into the bathroom when he walked into the closet.. I slowly took off my floor length gown and carefully slipped my hands out of the long sleeves and my undies.. I examined the week old bruises scattered around my hands and thighs along with the old ones.. He hasn’t hit me for a week now and he’s acting like the old Henry, it’s really strange but I think God has finally heard my prayers.. After all he works in mysterious ways..
I stepped into the shower stand and switched it on.. I sighed as the hot water fell on my aching muscles..
Minutes later I felt hands slip around my waist.. I froze as henry peppered kisses on my neckline..
I breathed heavily thinking of what to do.. He turned me to face him and took my lips in his..
We pulled back for breaths and I almost whimpered, I can’t remember the last time he kissed me so passionately
“I want you Debbie” I shuddered as he whispered biting on my ear lobe.. Before connecting our lips again..
He held my thighs and raised me up so I could wrap my legs around him , he switched off the shower without breaking the kiss and carried me out into our bedroom.
Next morning*
I woke up with a smile on my face, looking over to Henry’s part of the bed I saw that it was empty, but the indent there showed that he probably woke up minutes ago..
.Last night was like magic, he was so gentle and loving unlike the previous times, where he always went rough with me..
I heard the shower running and stood up to head downstairs, although, I felt really tired and wanted to go back to sleep.. Maybe because of the baby, I was just a month old pregnant and my husband wasn’t even aware, I found out just two days ago and I’ve been looking for the perfect way to break the news to him.. And I think this is the right time.. I smiled and made my way to the door..
Just then the door to the bathroom opened and my husband walked out with a white towel hanging on his waist..
I was tall but Henry.. Was taller, his brown skin was so spotless and although he was currently 31 years old he was still very handsome..
“Good morning sir” I greeted standing timidly beside the door, he might be changing but I’m honestly not going to take any risk.
“Morning, how was your night?” He asked and I couldn’t bite back the smile that formed on my lips,
“It was okay” I mumbled and he glanced at me and smiled. Oh my God! He smiled at me when last did he do that willingly?
“Oh uhm.. Debbie did you get the clothes from the dry cleaners? I have a very important appointment today and I need to..” He trailed off and I almost peed on myself..
I said it!.. I knew I was forgetting something at kiki’s house..
“Debbie?” He called snapping me from my thoughts
“S-sir” I stuttered
“Where are the clothes?” He asked
“I.. I uhm, I ..well” I fumbled
“You didn’t collect them?” He asked slowly flaring up
“I did.. I did” I rushed out
“Then where are they?” He asked
“In.. Ehm”
“Where Debbie?” He asked
“At kiki’s house” I mumbled
“What?” He asked
“I forgot them at kiki’s house” I explained praying to God and all the angels of heaven to have mercy on me.
“You forgot my clothes at kiki’s house?” He asked staring at me and I nodded slowly
“Come here” he mumbled under his breath
“Sir?” I asked moving back slowly . he closed his eyes and breathed deeply
“Come here Debbie!” He snapped and I flinched
He made his way towards me and I ran for the door, just as my fingers grazed the handle.. I was pulled back and thrown to the bed.. I tried to rush out of the bed, only to fall back as his palm collided with my cheek..
I yelped and covered my face with my hands, protecting my face from the multiple punches he threw at me.. I shrieked as he held my legs and pulled me down from the bed.. I scrambled to my feet and ran away from him
“Please .. I’m sorry, please.. I’ll go and get it now, please don’t hit me” I cried out as I tried to get away from him, he pulled me back and slapped me hard sending me to the floor
“You know, I really wanted to stop hitting you” he said as he picked his belt from the side table.. I whimpered as he made his way to me
“But you’re just so stubborn” he said and I screamed when I felt the belt on my bare thighs..
“You know sometimes I wonder what kind of powers you used on me, that made me marry someone like you, a prostitute!” He said and leaned down.. I thought he was going to slap me so I covered my face..only to feel his hands on my nightie.. My eyes widened as he tore it from my body and started flogging every part of my nude body
“I’m sorry.. Please, stop!” Were the only words I could say amidst screams and tears
“You should be happy I didn’t divorce you after I found out about your infdelity.. You should be grateful Debbie, not stubborn!” He yelled kicking my stomach.. I screamed as pain shot through my body.
“Stop!.. No.. Stop,! Please stop!” I pleaded doubling over to hold my stomach..he’s going to kill my baby…
“You are lucky I have a meeting to attend, you would have died today, nonsense!” He said kicking me one last time before disappearing into the closet, I felt wetness trailing down my thighs and instantly knew that I’ve lost my baby.. Again.

Episode 2📚
I winced as I crawled to the bathroom leaving a trail of blood behind me on the shiny tiles. Henry had left few moments ago without even sparing a glance at me.
I breathed heavily as I leaned on the door, I reached for the handle and used it to pull my self up, it wasn’t easy but I was able to stand and lean on the door for support.. My whole body was on fire..
Steadily I walked into the bathroom and moved to the left side of the room, where there was a cabinet for toiletries and a wall length mirror.
Staring back at me was a fair skinned lady with blackish scars and bruises from months/weeks ago, along with red/pinkish fresh bruises scattered all over her once spotless skin on her slim body.. Blood trailed down her thighs to her ankles, dropping as a small puddle between her feet. Her once short and silk shoulder length hair laid matted and disheveled on her forehead.. Her soft baby face looked tired and the hand marks from the slap was evident on her cheek.. And her once joyful and cheerful eyes looked so lifeless and depressed.. That lady is me.. Debbie.
A tear slid down my cheek as I stared at my stomach, I had hoped this one would stay.. Four.. This is the fourth pregnancy and it’s gone just like the others.. Why didn’t you stay with me baby?.. Why didn’t you hold on to mummy? I thought as I sank to the floor hugging my knees..
Memories of how it all started flashed in my head and I cried even more.
Three years ago..
“Oh my God! You cheated!” Henry exclaimed dropping the wireless pad on the table.
“Look at him o, I won fair and square babe, you can’t deny it.. You are just sad that you lost to your wife” I bragged sticking out my tongue
“It’s because I decided to let you win love, but I’ll let you brag anyway” he shrugged with a smile.. I scoffed turning to face him on the couch
“Don’t flatter yourself Henry.. You lost to your wife face it” I said with a smirk and he smiled
“Fine, I lost to my very sexy and smart wife, now baby stop the bragging and kiss me” he said reaching over to hold me.. I smiled and sat on his laps, pulling him into a kiss.. He reciprocated and deepened the kiss Caressing my exposed thighs.. He pulled back and pecked my lips.
“Let’s not forget we have visitors coming over soon,” he mumbled standing up with me, he held me as I wrapped my legs around his waist with my hands on his neck..
“One of the joys of marrying a model, you’re so light even when you eat practically everything in the house including me” he teased sitting me on the counter as he moved in the store.
“I do not eat much!” I exclaimed
“Sure you don’t” he said sarcastically and I gasped faking a frown whilst crossing my hands.
“But I’m not complaining especially when I can bend and carry you easily for different positions without getting tired easily” he said pecking my lips before moving to the gas.
“You’re so perverted” I chuckled
“Only for you love” he said and I smiled
“So what are we making?” I asked
“We?.. No, I’m making jollof rice and assorted meat, you angel.. Your work is to sit back and watch your darling husband prepare dinner for our friends. ” he said joggling the Onion and pepper
“, let me do something, I can’t just sit here without helping you” I said trying to jump down from the counter.. He moved me back down and shook his head
“No Debbie, if you really want to do anything then just sing or talk about your upcoming fashion line or anything funny.. I’ll listen, besides you’ll only spoil my recipe if you come here” he smiled washing a pot
“Okay na.. Mister chef, do your thing” I said smiling..

Few hours later
Our friends already arrived and we were all currently sitting in the dinning room..
“So tell me when am I becoming a God father?” Daniel Henry’s best friend asked.. My husband smiled and took a sip of his juice
“Uhm.. We aren’t ready yet” he replied
“You guys have been married for two years..and you’re still not ready?, is it that you’re not tired of eating yourselves up yet or what?” Kiki asked causing everyone to laugh except Luke, Henry’s other friend.. I never really liked him since he had been hitting on me since I started dating his friend about a year before our marriage, the idiot even had the guts to ask me out just few days to my marriage with his Friend.
If not for one thing, I’d say he was against my marriage with his friend, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Speaking of the devil, his eyes met with mine and I looked away
“You aren’t ready yet or because Debbie doesn’t want to get pregnant because of her career?” He blurted out picking on his food
I felt Henry’s gaze on me.. He took my hand on the table and smiled
“That’s not the reason, but even if it was then I don’t see any problem with it, besides we have forever to make as many babies as we want right honey?” He asked smiling at me
“’re right” I mumbled forcing a small smile on my face.
“Yes.. You’re both right, I mean it’s not necessary for couples to start popping out babies just two years into marriage right?” Daniel asked.
“Yes.. Besides these two are the most romantic couple I’ve ever seen, awwn.. I can’t wait to get married” kiki said dreamily and I heard Daniel and henry laugh
“Well Daniel is available” henry teased and I zoned out of their conversation.
I looked at Luke and found him glaring at my hand in Henry’s, what is wrong with him?.. He met my gaze and I gave him my best death glare.. He only smirked and licked his lips.
After dinner, kiki helped me clear the table as well as tidy the dishes..
She later excused herself to use the restroom, just as she left I continued with the dishes and suddenly felt hands snaking around my waist, I flinched out of the hold on instinct and turned to see Luke staring at me..
“Jesus.. Luke what the hell?!” I snapped cleaning my hands on the towel
“Oh come on deb.. We are just the only ones here, just let me hold you even if it’s for few minutes” he said reaching to hold my hand.. I moved back with my mouth open
“I don’t remember adding alcohol in that juice, so what exactly is wrong with you? And when did that stupid nickname start?” I asked
“Oooh!.. Why can’t you understand.. We both know I’ve been nursing feelings for you even before you married Henry, why can’t you just give me a chance.. What does henry have that I don’t?” He asked frowning
“Henry is my husband and your friend, and I love him, there’s absolutely no way I’ll cheat on him.. I didn’t do it when we were dating and I won’t start now, with you for that matter, besides I’m your friend’s wife..if you can’t respect me at least respect your friendship with my husband” I said,
“Please leave, I’m busy” I added and turned to continue with the plates
“Well if you’re not going to give me what I want the easy way, I’m going to get it the hard way..” He said and I felt his hands on my waist, I turned and slapped him angrily.. He held his cheek in shock as he stared at me
“If you dare touch me again, i swear to God I’ll smash your head with that pestle” I spat pointing to the pestle placed beside the counter .. He clenched his teeth and glared at me
“Don’t worry, very soon you’ll come running to me for help and I’ll make sure to have my fill with you” he stated and matched out of the kitchen bumping into kiki on his way out
I sighed and continued with my work
“Ahahn, what’s wrong with that one na?” Kiki asked taking her position beside me..
“Forget that fool abeg” I mumbled.
Next day..
I walked out of the super market with my grocery bags, I opened my trunk and placed everything in, before moving to the drivers seat after locking the trunk shut.
I was about stepping in when a voice called me
“Sister Debbie” I turned and looked around when I didn’t see any familiar faces around
“Sister Debbie.. I’m the one calling you” a young man said walking towards me with a smile.
“Good evening ma” he greeted, from his face i figured he should be in his late 20’s or early 30’s..
“Good evening..” I replied unsure of who he was
“I assume you’re wondering who I am?” He asked
“Uhm.. Yes, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before” I admitted
“I thought as much, well my name is Samson, we attend the same Church.. Fountain of hope ministries” he said and I gasped
“Really?!, I’m so sorry.. I haven’t seen you in church” I said
“It’s actually a big church.. So I understand, but it’s nice to finally meet you in person sister Debbie” he said and I smiled, but before I could reply, he pulled me into a hug ..this is really awkward.. I patted his back and pulled back, faking a smile.
“Nice to meet you too, brother Samson.. ” I trailed off
“I actually want to thank you for the charity work you and your husband have been doing in the church.. May god continue to replenish you both..”
“Amen.. Amen, so uhm, I have to be on my way now.. It was nice meeting you..”
“ want to leave now?” He asked and I nodded trying not to frown..what is his deal now? I don’t even know him, and I don’t feel comfortable with him at all..
“Yes.. My husband is probably waiting for me” I said opening my door to step in.
“In that case let me join you” he said
“Ehn?!” I asked and watched in amusement as he moved to the passenger seat, he opened the door and stepped in..
“How do you know if I’m heading your way?” I asked staring at him
“I’m actually heading to dubic hotel, we have a youth conference there, its along the express.. I don’t have transport so that’s why I’m hoping you can drop me there, I would really appreciate, but if you’re not heading that way I can come down and think of something” he said slowly..
I stared at him Briefly and sighed,
“I’m actually Heading that way, I’ll just drop you off” I stated despite myself and drove out..
We both sat in silence all through the ride..
“Okay, drive in, so you can park well” he said when we got to the gate of the hotel.
“No, just come down here, so I can just drive straight” I said slowing down
“No ma.. Those agberos will hold you here o, and they won’t leave until you pay a huge sum of money, just drive in and park well so you don’t face any stress” he said
“Are you serious?” I asked and he nodded
I sighed and drove into the hotel compound.. I parked and he removed his seatbelt.
“Why don’t you come in?” He asked
“For what na?” I asked glaring at him
“Don’t you want to see how the youth conference is?” He asked
“No thank you” I said
“You have helped me sister Debbie, I insist you come with me.. I’d like to introduce to the youth president and others” he said and I almost screamed
If it means getting rid of you then fine! I thought to myself and removed my key from the car, I stepped out and slammed the door shut.
He smiled and led the way, he opened the glass door to the hotel and gestured for me to go in.. I frowned and walked in.. He led me to an empty hall and looked around..
“So where are the youths?” I asked impatiently
“I don’t know, they are probably running late… Wait today is Saturday right?” He asked
“Yes” I deadpanned with my hands crossed on my chest
“Ughh!!.. The conference was actually yesterday” he said palming his head
“So you mean to tell Me that you wasted my time for nothing?!, you’re so unbelievable!.. Now that I even think about it where are your books and Bible?” I asked and he swallowed
“I forgot them at home” he said and I shook my head
“You must be joking” I muttered and walked out
I stepped back into my car and started the engine..he rushed out of the hotel and knocked at my window,
“What?” I asked when it slipped down
“Please take me to the supermarket you saw me, I don’t have transport” he said and I hissed slipping the window back up.
I ignored him and drove out of the hotel and straight for my house
Can you imagine, arrant nonsense!!.. I thought to myself.
Hours later
I leaned closer to henry as we watched a movie together in the living room.
There was a knock on the door before Rufus walked in
“Good evening oga and maram” he greeted
Henry sighed and looked up at Rufus
“It’s madam Rufus, what is maram?” He asked and I laughed
“Okay sir, maram” Rufus repeated and henry sighed in defeat ..
“Honey please leave him alone.. Evening Rufus, do you need anything?” I asked with a smile
“Somebori is here to saw you” he said and henry laughed
“Who?” I asked
“He nor call he name, he say he want to see oga” he said and I nodded
“Okay let him in” I said and he walked out after muttering an okay
“Are you expecting someone?” I asked looking up at henry
“No, I wonder who it is” he mumbled and a knocked sounded at the door..
“Come in” henry yelled and the door opened.. I looked at the lobby and frowned when I saw Samson walk into the living room.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked sitting up .
“Uhm babe do you know him?” Henry asked and I sighed
“Of course she does, she’s my lover after all” Samson said before I could respond.
Wait what did he just say?
“Ehn?!” I asked unsure of what I just heard
“Come on ife.. Stop pretending” how did he know my middle name and what does he think he’s doing
“Uhh, what is going on here?” Henry asked looking at me
“I don’t.. I don’t understand, Samson what the hell is wrong with you?!” I asked standing up to face the idiot
“Look baby I’m tired of hiding this okay, he deserves to know the truth..” Samson said looking straight into my eyes
“Which truth na?” I asked confused
He ignored me and turned to face my husband
“Sir you must be wondering why it took so long for your wife to return from the supermarket this afternoon, she was actually with me at dubic hotel.. Here are the pictures for verification” he said placing a brown envelope on the table..
What the hell is happening!.. What is he saying?!.
I watched as Henry slowly took the envelope and brought out the pictures.. I rushed over to see what the content was and almost fainted.. The first picture was the taken when he forced me into a hug, the second was the two of us in my car, the next was when he opened the door at the hotel for me and the last was when he asked me to low my window.. The way they took the picture made it seem like he was kissing me.!..
“Ehh!” I yelled looking at Samson
“I’m sure she must have cooked a stupid story for you already because I threatened to tell you everything, but the truth of the matter is that I and your wife have been having an affair for the past one year now” he said and I almost fainted
“Samson? Why?!” I asked pushing him back as hot tears fell from my eyes
“Why.. Why are you lying?.. What will you achieve by doing this?! Why do you want to destroy my marriage na?!” I asked
“Please tell him the truth, I don’t know what or who manipulated you to do this.. But please have a conscience and say the truth!” I choked out looking back at Henry who was still staring hard at the pictures in his hands
“I’m finished oh, God!.. What did I do to you?!” I yelled pushing Samson back.
“Is it because I didn’t take you back to the supermarket?” I asked and he shook his head
“Baby stop all these drama, he already knows the truth” he said looking at me
“What truth?!” I yelled
“That you’re my woman and..” I yelped as he fell backwards holding his cheek.
I looked to my side and saw Henry shaking in rage
“Rufus!” He yelled and the gateman rushed in few minutes later..
“Sir?” Rufus answered staring between me and Samson
“Take that idiot outside, don’t let him leave until I come out, if he escapes you’re dead” he said and Rufus nodded dragging Samson out. I turned to look at henry who was already staring at Me.
“Are these pictures real?” He asked and I slowly went on my knees
” did you go to the hotel with him?” He asked and I started sobbing
“It’s not what you think..” I trailed off
“Yes or no Debbie” he yelled at me and I flinched .. This is the first time he has ever raised his voice at me.
“Yes.. But we didn’t do anything, I swear.. He said it was youth conference and I.. ” I stopped as he walked out of the house angrily.. I ran after him and saw him drive out with Samson in his car..
“God please help me o” I cried pacing in front of the gate
“Maram wetin happen?” Rufus asked as I sat on the floor crying
“Person die?” He asked only making me wail louder ..
Hours passed before henry drove back into the compound.. And for the first time he hit me, and that was how it all started..
Flashback ends💡
Back to the present..
I cause the day I met Samson, he’ll never find peace or happiness until he comes back and say the truth.. Joy will be far from his home, my God will punish him for what he did..

Episode 3📚
“Are you done with those files I gave you?” I asked
“Yes sir, they’ve all been filled and photocopied.. They just need your signature and we’ll be done with it” Sharon my secretary replied
“Oh.. Alright, bring them then” I mumbled and switched off the intercom..
Minutes later a knock sounded at the door and I called her in
“Good morning sir” she greeted placing the files on my table..
I sighed and sat up
“Morning.. Is this all of them?” I asked reaching for the files
“Yes sir” she replied
“Okay.. You can leave” I muttered going through the first one
“Uhm sir.. Sorry to ask but are you alright?” She asked and I looked up at her
“Uhm.. Why do you think I’m not fine?” I asked crossing my fingers on the table
“Because you seem a little bothered since you came in this morning and I couldn’t help but notice it” she said and I sighed..
She’s right though, I haven’t been my self since I stepped out of my bedroom with Debbie sprawled on the floor, I don’t know if it’s because of the blood I saw.. It looks too much to come from a small cut
“Well you’re right, I’m not really okay.. ” I admitted
“Why if I may ask?”
“If I’m going to tell you then you have to sit down..I think i need an advice from someone who isn’t related with me” I said gesturing to the chair opposite mine.. She smiled and took a seat.
“So uhm.. Is it right for a husband to hit his wife because of infedility?” I asked and she took in a deep breath
“No.. I don’t think it is, no matter what a woman does in her marriage, domestic violence should not be applied.. Divorce is a better option” she replied and I bit my lip
“Personally I think any man who involves in such is the devil himself, he deserves to rot in jail that’s if the wife is bold enough to sue him though, God knows I cannot take such rubbish from any man, because I’ll kill him myself” she added and I swallowed
“But sir why are you asking such questions?” She asked and I blinked
“Uhm.. My friend’s brother ..he well, caught his wife cheating three years ago..since he still had feelings for her he kicked against divorce and went to seek advice from his friend, who advised him to strip his wife off her job and manhandle her, because according him that is the best way to tame a woman” I muttered looking at my fingers.
“Best way to tame a woman?! Where the hell did he get that?!” She exclaimed
“That friend is a devil o, to me he’s a demon in Human clothing.. How can you advise a man to manhandle his wife all in the name of taming, sir.. Please tell your friend to tell his brother that he should stop what he’s doing o, cause it’s not good, he’s only scaring her emotionally and physically, as a husband he should know how to handle his wife without hitting her, my husband for example whenever He’s angry with me he gives me the silent treatment and trust me sir that is the worst punishment so far, or better still involve in dialogue and that’s why most times we don’t sleep until we settle our dispute, and everything has been going fine for us.. You said he found out three years ago?” She asked
“Y-yes” I stuttered going through her words
“So he has been abusing for three years now?” She asked and I nodded
“Ah!.. That woman is strong though, I know many women who wouldn’t even tolerate one slap, not to talk of full beating, please sir ask your friend to talk to his brother, before things gets worse, I know what she did is bad.. And probably made the man hate her, it’s not easy but he should try to forgive her, she has suffered enough, a woman should find comfort in her home not depression and I suggest they see their pastor for prayers, one of the key to a happy marriage is being spiritually enforced” she concluded and I took a deep breath
“I’ve heard you..thank you so much, I’ll let him know” I said and she smiled
“Alright sir” she said and walked out.. The minute the door closed I stood up and pushed my chair backwards…

Three years ago..
I called Luke since Daniel was out of the country and his line was not reachable.. He picked on the second ring and I asked him to meet me at a pub.
“Everything I said is true and nothing but the truth sir” Samson said for the thousandth time after narrating everything to Luke.
“I still can’t believe it.. This is a woman I disvirgined on our wedding night and you’re telling me she started an affair with you a year after our wedding? And you expect me to believe because you brought these nonsense pictures as evidence?” I asked glaring at the fool
“Calm down Henry.. Let’s ask him some vital questions, mister man, you said you have been having an affair with Debbie over a year now right?” Luke asked staring at Samson
“Yes sir” he replied
“What other evidence do you have aside from these pictures?, mind you if you can’t give us any reasonable answer you’ll sleep in jail” he asked
“Uhm.. There’s a birthmark on her waistline” Samson said looking from Luke to me
I scoffed and leaned back on my chair with my hands crossed
“Debbie’s a model, she’s constantly in front of the camera” I stated
“Yes but they do cover marks with a nude tape right?” Luke asked
“Blemishes yes, birthmarks maybe.. Her previous commercial for chi-vita, she was asked to wear a bikini because the shoot was taken at the beach and trust me that mark was very visible so please that’s not an evidence” I said with a frown
“Ohk.. So do you have another evidence, like what’s her favorite sex position?” Luke asked Staring at Samson, I sat up and looked at Samson, this is where I’ll find out the truth
“Her favourite sex position is…” He paused glancing at me..
“I said it, he doesn’t know..”
“Reverse cowgirl” he said confidently cutting me off.
I froze automatically..
He was right, but how?.. Does this mean he’s saying the truth? But I don’t remember telling anyone about my sex life with my wife, so how?..
“From the look on your face I guess he got it Right.. Uhm, Samson thank you for coming out clean to my friend, you can leave now but please stay away from Debbie from now on, okay?” I heard Luke say and minutes passed before he opened his mouth to speak
“So?, what are you going to do Now?” He asked and I shook my head in denial
“Debbie can’t.. There’s no way Debbie would cheat on me, I trust her.. I know my wife Luke, we have been together for three years now.. Two years in marriage and a year of dating, there’s no way she.. God no, I have to go home.. I need to talk this over with Debbie” I said picking my key from the table
“Wait Henry, wait.. I know you’re having doubts which is good, but I thought you knew this by now.. Women with careers like Debbie aren’t to be trusted” he said
“How do you mean?” I asked eyeing him
“OK let me explain” he said adjusting on his chair
“Models and actresses are like prostitutes, but of a higher grade they cannot be trusted. Mind you I’m not insulting your wife, I’m just saying the truth, in their industry if you don’t give what you have, you can’t get what you want, and for supermodels like Debbie, I can only imagine how many men might have gone that way..” He said
“Do I need to remind you that Debbie was a supermodel even before I married her, so if she was doing those things how did she remain a virgin till we got married?” I asked glaring daggers at him
“Ehn.. Well, I don’t know.. We just heard what that man said before he left, and I believe him totally.. ” he said and I sighed
“So what do you advise me to do now?” I asked tiredly, I just want to wake up from this nightmare
“For me o.. It’s best if you divorce her” he said
“That’s what I think.. ” he mumbled looking away from me
“I can’t do that na, Debbie is my wife and we vowed to stick together for better or worse and I’m not going to abandon her now, besides you and I both know that I’m all she has left .. I can’t divorce her” I stated and he stared at me
“Ehehn(is that so).. .. Okay then tame her properly like a man” he said
“How?” I asked
“See the best way to handle a woman is to be able to control her, from what I’m seeing, the cause of everything is her job.. Ask her to quit that job and handle her properly”
“I don’t understand”
“Handle her na.. I mean handle her like a man if she misbehaves deal with her properly, you’ll see everything will change for your good, show her you are the man of the house.. By the time you continue doing it, she’ll be scared to even stand close to another man” he said
“You want me to manhandle my wife?”
“That’s the only way to contain her.. Just try it out and see how it will work out, just trust me on this one” he said
“Let’s just have few drinks before you leave..” He said and called the waiter..
Should I follow his advise?.. I think I should, but I’ve never hit a woman I want to start it on my wife?…
“Bro what will you have?” Luke asked snapping me out of my thought.
“Just give me any soft drink” I muttered and he stared quizzically at me
“Which soft drink?.. Please two bottles of hero for him, chilled ones o” he said ignoring my glare.
Flashback ends💡

What have I done?.. I palmed my face and grabbed my car keys..
I picked my phone and dialed Henry’s number..

Debbie’s POV..
“Thank you” I mumbled to the driver and slowly walked to the gate.. I knocked and waited for the gateman to open.. He open the small hole on the small gate and looked out to see who it was, when his eyes landed on me he smiled.
“Oh aunty.. Sorry” he said and opened the gate for me to step into the compound
“No problem is kiki in?” I asked and he nodded
“Yes ma” he replied
“OK” I mumbled and winced as I continued walking, almost leaping towards the door.
I got to the door and pressed the door bell.. The door opened and kiki smiled at me..
“Oh my goodness Debbie, I was about coming to your house.. You forgot Henry’s cloths here” she said pulling me into a hug.
I yelped in pain and she moved back sharply
“What’s wrong why are you even wearing sunglasses and this long coat” she asked looking worried
“Please help me inside, I’m thirsty..” I said tiredly..
She nodded and took my bag and slowly led me to her living room. She placed me on the couch and rushed to the kitchen to get water..
I gulped down the whole content, and sighed in relief..
“What happened? Why aren’t you saying anything?” She asked worriedly sitting on the loveseat beside me.
“Can you please help me take off this coat, my body is on fire” I croaked out and she quickly came to my side and carefully slipped the coat from my body
“Jesus!” She screamed and I flinched
“What is it?” I asked confused as she sat beside me with her eyes wide and mouth open. Her eyes began to water and I looked around .
” kiki What’s the problem?!”I half yelled
“W-what.. Oh my goodness.. Wait, I need to breath” she mumbled slowly moving to her former seat.. She took in deep breaths and looked back at me.. Tears fell from her eyes and I stared on confused..
“What happened to you, why are those ugly scars and bruises on your skin?” She asked wiping her eyes. You can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room to read and enjoy more exciting stories.
Realization dawned on me and I swallowed the lump forming in my throat.. Now that the coat was off, you could see my shoulders and hands since I was just clad in a straight black gown with tiny hands, leaving the scars and bruises open to the eyes,
“It’s nothing.. Really” I muttered blinking back the tears, I took off the glasses and she gasped
“Nothing?!.. Debbie this is too much!!.. Why? What did you do to him, that made him do this to you?.. What?!” She yelled standing up
“His work clothes, I forgot them here and he got angry, you’re seeing the result of that anger” I said calmly
“Henry is mad o!.. Henry is insane! How can he beat you up because of clothes?!.. A pregnant woman for that matter, hope nothing happened to the baby o?” She asked and tears fell from my eyes
“Wait.. Don’t tell me.. You lost it didn’t, didn’t you?” She asked quietly with her hands on her waist
I nodded as tears kept rushing out of my eyes
“This is the height of it!.. I’m calling the police whether you like it or not” she said grabbing her phone
“No!..” I yelled standing up to grab the phone from her only to fall as pain shot through my legs to my stomach
“Debbie are you okay?!” She asked dropping her phone on the table.. She tried to lift me up but I shook my head
“I’m fine, don’t call anybody please..” I begged looking up at her
“No woman deserves this Debbie, you’ve been experiencing this for the past three years in your five years of marriage and I’ve only kept quiet because you believed he would change, but why can’t you see.. Henry is far gone, he can never change.. Why can’t you file for divorce?, he stopped you from working as a model, employed people to work as heads in your companies, You Debbie ifeoluwa the once no non sense woman, with beauty and brains, you have billions you have companies you inherited from your father, you have houses, cars and so much more… Yet you decide to let a man break you down, just because of one idiot that claimed you were having an affair with him .. Why?!”
“I love him kiki.. Because I love him, I believe he will change, okay? I’m not giving up on him. Marriage is for better or for worse..”
“Is it by force, will you kill yourself because of marriage?!” She asked cutting me off
“I can’t file for divorce, I won’t.. Henry will come back to me I know he will..God will not let Samson and his accomplice win.. I’ll stay with henry if he wants to kill me then let him kill me.. He’s the only one I have after all” I said wiping my tears.. I feel so dizzy
I shook my head but it only made it worse..
“Can you please help me up?” I asked reaching my hands out for kiki..
She sighed and helped me to my feet.. A pang of pain shot through my stomach and I screamed as I fell to the ground .. I clutched my stomach, doubling over and zoning out of whatever kiki was saying.. I yelled as unbearable pain shot through every part of my body I tried to pry my eyes open,but every thing was getting dark.. I heard voices sounding very distant and instantly blacked out.

Episode 4..
Henry’s POV🌼
“Hello.. Where are you?” I asked walking to the car park
“I’m at home why?” He replied
“I’m on my way” I state simply and stepped into my Car.. Dropping my phone on the passenger seat.. I drove out of the company grounds heading straight for Luke’s house..
I couldn’t help but reel back to my discussion with Sharon..
Am I really a monster?.. But I was just trying to contain my wife, I admit I still love her or I think I do anyway, I’ve tried to get over everything for the past three years.. But every time I see Debbie, everything comes flashing back, the idea that she slept with another man alone drives me crazy that I can’t stop myself for hating her.
What do I do now? Thank goodness I’m just few minutes away from Luke’s house, we’ll have to think of something else..
The sound of my phone ringing snapped me from my thoughts and I glanced at the phone, reaching for it with my right hand with my gaze fixed back on the road.
I answered without looking at the ID
“Hello” I answered slowing down for the red light
“Henry!.. Where are you?!, you have to come fast.. ” I furrowed my brows as I recognized the voice as kiki’s.
“Hey hold on.. What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked as calmly as I could
“Debbie is in the hospital, she’s unconscious and the doctors are saying…”
“Give me the address”I half yelled cutting her crying voice off..
She gave me the address and I took a U turn stepping on the gas.
I rushed into the room a nurse directed me to..
” oh my God!” I gasped out when I saw my wife laying unconscious on the bed. I moved closer ignoring kiki as she stood up.
I stood beside Debbie and frowned angrily at the multi coloured scars on her bare hands and shoulders, her skin was pale and a pink hand mark was on her cheek.. That is my hand print.
I can’t believe I never noticed these scars and bruises, not that I didn’t see them every now and then especially when I have sex with her, I just didn’t pay close attention.. but now that I do, I can’t bring myself to believe I did this.. I almost couldn’t recognise her once, fair smooth and spotless skin, she looked almost lifeless, if the marks were this evident, then I can only imagine the kind of pain she’s in.
And I’m certain the marks on her thighs would be worse.. The black gown she wore revealed every single mark, pink, red, black, brown or purple, a white sheet was used to covered her waist I couldn’t see her legs. Join us on telegram through+233544142683 to get more access to such stories.
“I’m talking to you beast!!” I turned to see kiki glaring at me, if looks could kill I’d be fifty five ft, under.
“W-what happened?” I stuttered and she stared at me like I had grown two heads
“You’re asking me?!, this is all your fault Henry.. This Is the result of your handiwork!” She screamed with so much hatred
“Look, kiki I know you hate me so much, but please can you put that hatred aside and tell me what happened to my wife?” I pleaded
“Oh now she’s your wife?!.. In case I haven’t told you, you are a demon, a demented beast and you deserve to rot in jail if not hell!” She screamed as tears fell down her eyes..
“I know, okay!.. ” I screamed back and she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the door swinging open
We both turned to see a female doctor looking at us skeptically.
She turned to look at me and I noticed the scowl forming on her face.. She glared at me briefly before facing kiki
“I believe he’s her husband right?” She asked and kiki nodded
“Doctor please …how is my wife doing, is she okay?” I asked hoping for a positive reply
She glanced at me and look away with what looked like disgust on her face
“I haven’t met you before Mr Henry, but your wife has been my patient for a while now.. Her situation is really bad, she’s up with a high fever and the pains from the ..’bruises’ aren’t helping either, some are minor bruises but most of them are really serious especially the ones on her thighs and backs, she fractured a few ribs, and I’m afraid it might take sometime for her to heal ‘physically’, we’ve given her all the help we can and sedated her, she should be up by evening.” She said and I didn’t miss her emphasis on the physically and bruises.. I completely understand, I bet she feels like stabbing me with one of her surgery knifes, and I honestly don’t blame her, she’s right to feel that way, I sighed palming my face
“And another thing, she almost lost her womb, I believe that if she becomes pregnant again and losses the baby the same way she lost this one and the previous ones, her womb would be totally damaged” she said and I froze..
“W-what?” I asked almost inaudibly.. Pregnancy, previous ones? What is she talking about?!
“You didn’t know your wife was pregnant?” The doctor asked sharply
“Debbie was pregnant?, how? when?” I stuttered and she glanced at kiki before looking back at me
“Well.. Mr henry your wife was a month pregnant, she lost the baby just like she lost the three others” she stated
“This is the fourth miscarriage she’s had, well her vitals appear to be okay, I have to check on my other patients now, I’ll be in my office if you need me.. And Mr henry, there are some papers I’ll like you to sign” she said professionally and walked out.
“Just pray nothing happens to her henry or I swear to God I’ll kill you myself.. I wonder why Debbie thought you’d change, I can’t even look at you” kiki hissed and walked back to her seat beside Debbie..
While I stared straight at the ground.
She was pregnant, four good times and I punched, kicked and slapped the babies ,-our babies- out.. Why didn’t she tell me?.. How could she even tell me when i always shun her with a slap whenever she tries to talk to me?What have I done, not only have I abused my wife but I’ve also killed my children!..
Slowly I walked out of the room, I couldn’t bring myself to even glance at debbie before leaving..
I met the nurse at the front desk and signed everything they asked me to, before paying for her treatments..
I walked briskly to my car and drove out with one place on my mind.
“Hey man!” Luke greeted as he opened the door to let me in..
He moved in for a handshake and I side stepped him and walked into his sitting room..
I saw Daniel sitting on the couch and if it was on normal days I’d give him a hug or a handshake, I thought he was in port Harcourt for some contract, when did he even get back to Lagos.
“Henry henry!” He hailed standing up to hug me.
I pulled away from the hug and started pacing the room
“Bro what’s wrong, you didn’t even respond to my greeting” Luke said sitting on the couch where Daniel was seated previously
“Hey.. Sorry if I didn’t call you, I came into lagos last night.. I called Luke to meet up and he said you were coming over, so I decided to surprise you, but from what I’m seeing you don’t look elated to see me like I had expected” Daniel said confused as he took his seat as well..
They both watched as I paced about scratching my hair in frustration and self hatred.
“Luke you said it would work!.. You said it would help me tame and contain her, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past three years, but look where it landed me.. Not only is she at the hospital suffering in pains but she has lost four pregnancies four!.. And it’s all because of your stupid advise!” I yelled and he swallowed glancing at Daniel who looked genuinely confused
“What are you talking about?” Daniel asked glancing at Luke before facing me
“Uhm.. Henry, let’s talk privately” Luke muttered standing up
“So it has gotten to the point where you hide things from me right?” Daniel asked looking at me
“Henry let’s go upstairs” Luke said trying to drag me out, I snapped my hands from his grip and faced Daniel.
“Daniel has every right to know okay, and I’m going to tell him everything” I said
“No na, you’ll only confuse him besides the story is very long, how will you explain?” Luke asked irritated.
“Daniel for the past three years I’ve hitting and abusing Debbie”
“What?!” He yelled standing up with shock written all over him. Then I told him everything right from when Samson came to the house to how Luke interrogated him to Luke’s advice and finally what the doctor told me at the hospital.
All the while I ignored Luke who was pacing around angrily.
Daniel stared at me quietly for almost a minute before raising his hand, and I was honestly not surprised when he slapped me across the face.
“How can you be so stupid?!” He barked grabbing my collar..
“A man advised you to manhandle your wife and you did!.. You are a bigger fool than I thought” he said pushing me away,
“I’m highly disappointed in you Henry, I thought you were smart!.. But it turns out i was wrong, because Luke has been using you to get his revenge on your wife!” He stated glaring at Luke who stood nervously by the side
“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.. Noting how Luke begged Daniel to stay silent with his eyes.
“Well I’m honestly still surprised by the fact that you don’t know Luke has been having feelings for Debbie.. Right from the very day you introduced her to us as your girlfriend, and that’s why she has always despised him. At first I thought it was just fondness and nothing more but I was proved wrong when I caught him hitting on your wife two years after your marriage, don’t you remember that day we had dinner together?, after eating kiki and debbie left to take care of the dishes, luke had said he was going to get a glass of water in the kitchen whilst we were watching match, do you remember when I said I was going to check on him since he was taking too long?” He asked and I nodded since I couldn’t form any word.
“Let me announce to you that I found him holding your wife’s waist after saying he was going to take her by force!, I was going to step in for Debbie, but I stopped when she slapped him and threatened to smash his head with the pestle if he dared touch her again,then this foolish monkey promised to have his revenge on her” he said pointing to Luke and I almost fell from the Revelation
“Now you’ve done exactly what he wanted, he manipulated you and you let him use you like a pawn, you have damaged your home and your wife. For your information I think.. What am I even saying? I know that it was Luke who sent this so called Samson to frame Debbie up.. And as for that evidence of sex position.. I still remember how he asked you during one of our night out together, and you spilled it out drunkily, i strongly believe debbie never cheated on you, she was framed and instead of you to trust her you fell for this madman’s trick..what I don’t understand is why you didn’t tell me about this for the past three years!, to be honest I am highly disappointed in you!” He stated glaring at me..
“So it was you?!” I pointed at Luke surprised..
He frowned and rolled his eyes
“Yes it was me! Okay?.. The deed has been done already, let’s just forget about all this ” he muttered walking towards the bar. I felt rage seeping through every pore on my skin and I charged at him, knocking him to the ground. I was going to kill him for everything he caused.

Episode 5..
2 weeks later..
“Are you sure about this?” She asked looking intensely at me
“Of course she is, why else is she here if she isn’t?” Kiki asked sharply eyeing the lawyer.
“I’m sorry but this is divorce we are talking about, and I want her to be certain about this decision”barrister Cindy said matching her glare with kiki’s.
It’s been two weeks now, I was discharged four days ago and until now henry hadn’t deem it fit to visit me, not even once. I have been staying with kiki for the past few days and I’ve come to see reasons with her, especially after what the doctor said, I was hoping that henry would walk through the door at the hospital to check how I was faring, everyday I found myself staring at the door expectantly, but as the days rolled by that hope began to quench and I found myself hating Henry for not even caring a bit. Kiki was right after all my henry was gone, and he’s never gonna come back.
So instead of killing myself for nothing, I’ve decided to pick my pieces back together.. And this divorce is the first step to achieving that. My skin was already clear of the scars and bruises, courtesy of the cream kiki ordered, it’s an expensive cream but it was worth it, I’ve been applying it for the past weeks and my skin was already back to the once smooth and spotless state it was.
“I’m very sure Cindy.. I want a divorce” I stated and she nodded..
“Alright then, give me a minute” she mumbled moving to her system.
Next day
I haven’t visited Debbie since after my fight with Luke, Daniel had been the one getting info from kiki, call me a coward but I couldn’t bring myself to face her, what would she think of me? How was I going to tell her that Luke was behind everything? That I had Abused her for years because I was so foolish to take the advice of a friend, instead of solving the issue between myself and my wife, how can I face her knowing that I had punched our forth miracle from her womb?!..
And now she has filed for divorce, she gave up on me after all. She had finally had enough, I can’t believe I ruined my marriage, I can’t even blame Luke because he never forced me to do it, I am fully at fault, if I had heard Debbie’s part of the story, or better still hired a private investigator this wouldn’t have happened.
“We are here” Daniel mumbled looking ahead.
I was supposed to meet Debbie and the lawyer here, we were to sign the papers that would officially break our marriage, of course I didn’t want to do it, but that would only be selfish of me. I’ve hurt her enough, it’s only fair if I let her go, so she could heal if not physically but emotionally.
“Thanks ..” I mumbled stepping out of the car, he had offered to drive me here, since he thought that I was not in the right state of mind.
I heard the car beep and I turned to see Daniel walking up to me..
“I’m going to wait, did you think I would leave you here?” He asked and I sighed
“Don’t worry Daniel, I’ll be okay.. You can leave, you’ve done enough already” I mumbled
“I’m not leaving, now let’s go so you can get this over with” he said patting my back, as we made our way into the complex.
After meeting the receptionist and getting directions, we walked to the elevator and I took deep breaths as we moved to the 13th floor.
“Are you nervous?” He asked after few minutes
“This is the first time I’m going to see her after that day, of course I’m nervous” I admitted and he squeezed my shoulder in assurance.
The doors opened with a ding and we stepped out, I almost choked when I saw two ladies sitting in the waiting area beside a door.
I could tell the brown skinned lady was kiki, but the lady with fair spotless skin, clad in skinny black trousers, Ankara top and black heels, I couldn’t tell if she was my wife or not, she tucked the long human hair covering her face from view behind her ears, kiki whispered something to her and she instantly turned to look at me. I gasped as I stared back at Debbie, she looked so different, like the woman I dated and wedded five years ago, but she was more matured now, something flashed in her eyes but I couldn’t tell what it was. It was until I felt Daniel shove me gently that I knew i had been standing.
I glanced at Daniel and slowly made my way over to the ladies.. Kiki stood up instantly smiling at Daniel, she hugged him and exchanged pleasantries, meanwhile I kept staring at Debbie, she didn’t cower or squirm under my gaze like she used to, she didn’t even react to my presence, since no goosebumps appeared on her fair skin.. She smiled genuinely as Daniel gave her a brief hug and I almost felt jealous.
She glanced at me and her smile was replaced with a frown, she eyed me briefly and looked away. She definitely hates me now.
The door opened and a lady dressed in black and white walked out she smiled when she saw me and stretched her hand for a shake
“You must be Mr Henry” she said and I nodded
“Yes” i breathed glancing briefly at Debbie, who looked like she wanted nothing more than to do what she came here for and leave ASAP.
“I’m barrister Cindy” she said withdrawing her hand.
“Now that you’re here, let’s get started” Cindy said turning to the door.
“I will wait here with kiki okay” Daniel said and I nodded and walked in after Debbie trying not to stare at her hips.
“What?!” Debbie yelled not believing her ears
“It’s just for three months Debbie..” Cindy said and I kept quiet watching Debbie’s reaction
“Just?!.. You’re asking me to spend three months not even 1 day with him in one house under one roof?!.. Do you want to kill me?!” She asked angrily
“That’s usually our procedures here, it’s just like giving you guys another shot at the relationship, after that three months you’ll both come back here and confirm whether or not you still want to carry on with the divorce” the lawyer explained and I watched as Debbie bit her acrylic nails.
“No.. I can’t okay?, he has hurt me for years and that’s enough, I’m not going to let him destroy my life just when I’m starting a new life okay?!.. Let’s just sign these papers right here and now!” She stated and I swallowed at the pain her voice held.
“She’s right let’s just sign the papers” I said for the first time since we stepped into the office.
Debbie didn’t Even glance at me
“You heard the man, he’s tired as well, just let us sign and have our freedom please” Debbie said and the lawyer sighed
“I’m sorry but that’s the procedure” she said and Debbie deflated like a balloon
“He’s going to kill me, I can’t do this” she mumbled almost at the verge of tears.
“Trust me on this Debbie, you both don’t need to act like couples if you don’t want to, you’re both free to do whatever you want individually, all you have to do is stay in the same house and try if you can make the relationship work out, you might be surprised at the results” Cindy said looking at me with a smile.
“So you’re saying we are still couples, but we are free to act like we aren’t?” Debbie asked and Cindy nodded
“We can live like flatmates?” Debbie asked and Cindy nodded again
“I agree as long as I can sue him if he touches me” Debbie said and I swallowed
“Is that okay with you?” Cindy asked looking at me and I opened my mouth to speak
“Of course he is, if he isn’t then I’m not doing this!” Debbie snapped before I could talk,
“Okay then.. You guys have to sign this paper, it’s for your agreement, the divorce papers would be ready when next you come” Cindy said pushing a paper towards Me.. I reached for a pen and Debbie snapped the paper from my hand and signed hastily after running her eyes through the contents.
She frowned and stood up before marching out of the office, I signed and stood up.
“I hope you do the right thing Henry” Cindy said taking the paper from my hands
“I will.. Thanks a lot Cindy” I said and he nodded.
I walked out of the office and saw Debbie talking angrily with kiki.. She glanced at me and glared at me poisonously before looking back at kiki who was saying something.
“Is it done?” Daniel asked,
“We were asked to stay together for three months, to see if we can give the relationship another chance” I summarized
“Well Debbie doesn’t seem too happy about that” he said glancing at my wife. She was obviously complaining to kiki.
“So it seems” I mumbled as kiki walked over to me
“She said She’ll come directly to your house after she gets her stuffs from my house” she said simply
“Okay” I mumbled staring at Debbie…
She eyed me and disappeared into the elevator with kiki ..
I turned to look at Daniel and he smiled
“Is it just me or is she acting the same way she did when you were wooing her?” He asked staring at the metal doors in amusement.


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