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Episode 7..

A month!… It’s been a whole month and I’m already fed up, Henry has been pestering my life, always trying to take me to dinners, asking me out on dates, and so many other annoying things that I don’t even want to talk about..
He uses every little chance he gets to apologize and it’s already sounding like a broken record. Besides if he thinks I’ll just forgive him like this after hurting me for years then he’s dreaming.
“Debbie are you listening?” I reeled out of my thoughts and shook my head
“Ugh! Seriously?.. I’ve been talking for hours Debbie” kiki groaned and I bit back a smile at her frustration.
My agency has been doing well, despite my absence kiki had found a way to make it more better, now I had about 35 new models signed into my agency and have several offers/contracts piling on our desk.
“Sorry, what were you saying?” I asked and she glared at me
“I was giving you details about your next commercial, which is for a new brand ” prestige”, but there’s no need.. Since the founder of the company is here” she said gesturing to the door.. Leading into my complex.
I turned and swallowed a gasp, the man making his way towards me was honestly handsome, very handsome, he’s fair in complexion, really tall, should be about the same height as henry, he has a great body build and his face was sculptured to perfection..
“Damn he’s fine” kiki mused quietly beside me..
“I know” I agreed, okay it’s not like I’m falling or anything, it’s just that I’m a kind of person that admires good things when she sees them, and this man was indeed a good thing made by God. But henry was way more handsome than he.. Shut up Debbie
“Hello.. You must be Debbie” he said stretching his hand for a shake, with a smile that showcased his perfect straight teeth.
“Yes.. And you are?” I asked taking his hands..
“Wow, I’m surprised you don’t know me, I am David gabs” he replied
“It’s nice to meet you Mr gabs” I smiled pulling back from the shake.
“Please call me David, so I believe your manager has told you about our offer?” He asked moving straight to the point, I glanced at kiki and almost cried when I saw her glares
“Yes, but.. There are some bits I don’t understand” I lied
“Alright, I believe I can give you a brief explanation of everything, if you don’t mind?” He asked and I nodded
“Sure, let’s talk in my office, right this way please” I said and he mumbled and OK.. Before trailing behind me and kiki.
Hours later*
“So that will be all” David said as we walked down the stairs.
“Alright, thank you so much.. I’ll be there first thing tomorrow morning” I said as I walked him to the main hall leading to the exit..
I replied the greetings of some staffs who walked around, rounding up the days work.
“No problem, I’ve seen your works and I must admit you’re great at it.” He said and I smiled brightly
We stopped in front of the reception and I faced him properly
“Thanks for the briefing Mr gabs, it was nice meeting you in person” I said and he smiled shaking his head slightly.
“The pleasure is mine, after all I get to meet you face to face, you are more beautiful than the media portrays,” he said and I smiled
“Of course she is” I turned and couldn’t help but frown as henry made his way over to me.
What is he doing here?!
He smiled as he stood beside me pecking my lips before snaking his hands around my waist!.,
This man wants to die oo, I fought the urge to slap his hand from my waist and exhaled
David raised his brows and I opened my mouth to speak, but henry beat Me to it
“I thought I was the only one who noticed it.. My WIFE is indeed more beautiful than the media portrays” henry said smiling at David and I watched his eyes widen a bit
“Wife?” He asked looking at me
“Yes, wife” henry said still smiling like a freak as he raised my left hand showing David the wedding ring on my finger.
I rolled my eyes and snapped my hand gently from his grip
“Yes.. Mr gabs meet Henry Lawson, my husband, Henry David gabs my client” I said smiling up at henry.. With murder showing in my eyes..
He seemed to get the message because he swallowed and smiled nervously .. They exchanged handshakes and David spoke up
“Wow, that’s nice.. You both look perfect together, so uhm Debbie.. I’ll take my leave now,” David said
“Alright, bye” I muttered and watched him exit before pulling away from Henry.. I glared at him and he swallowed
“What are you doing here henry? And what was that about?” I asked as quietly as I could not wanting to gain attention.
“I .. I.. Wanted to drive you home , since it’s almost closing hours” he stuttered looking anywhere else but me..
I sighed and rubbed my temple..
“Fine, but don’t touch me without my consent again, ” I mumbled walking towards my office to get my bag.
“What?” He asked surprised by my response.
“I never requested for a driver, but since you’re insisting.. I’ll let you drive me, but only for today.. And please stop asking me questions unless you want me to change my mind” I muttered walking up the stairs.. I could tell he had a huge grin on his face even if he was trailing up the stairs behind me.
After asking one of the security guards to bring my car home, I stepped into Henry’s car and rolled my eyes at the everlasting grin on his face as he drove us home.
“So what do you want for dinner?” He asked trying to start a conversation
“Please don’t start” I mumbled closing my eyes as I leaned back on the seat
“Okay” I heard him mumble.. Before silence enveloped us..

I rushed up to my room and locked the door before walking into the closet.
After having a well deserved bath I decided to head down for dinner.

Henry’s POV..
“Wow!.. That’s good, you’re progressing, if she let you drive her home, then it certainly means she’s thinking about giving you another chance” Daniel said and I smiled
“I pray so, although she hasn’t spoken to me since, the moment I drove into the garage, she rushed into the house and locked herself in her room.. ” I muttered glancing up at the stairs
“Don’t worry she’ll come around, just give her time, okay?”
“I will.. We’ll chat later on WhatsApp, I think she’s coming”
“Alright, bye, don’t do anything stupid o” he warned and hanged up..
I watched as Debbie walked down the stairs and groaned internally.. This is hell, for the past 1 month she has been punishing me especially with her night wears..
If she isn’t wearing a skimpy nightie, it would be transparent, if it’s not transparent it would be body hugging.. Now she’s wearing a black bum short and a pink crop top that doesn’t help the case by revealing most part of her stomach and waist.. And the worse part is that she knows everything about her especially her voice and body turns me on!.
At least it didn’t reveal her bare shoulders and bust like the other ones, but it’s still tempting, why do i get the feeling that she’s doing this on purpose?.. I should probably look away so things don’t get worst for me, I can already feel my boxers tightening.
I watched as she cat walked into the kitchen and I breath a sign of relief before facing the TV,
After few minutes she walked back into the living room with a plate of cookies and ice cream
She settled in the chair close to the couch I was sitting on and despite my self, I found myself glancing at her every now and again.. I love how her lips move when she chews, and how moist they become when she scoops cream into her mouth.. It’s been long I tasted those lips, I almost whined when she let out a moan after scooping the cream into her mouth..
Control yourself Henry! Don’t do anything stupid.. I said mentally and faced the television.
My eyes caught shuffling and I glanced at Debbie only to see her looking at me, she looked away instantly, and slipped her white legs into her flip flops, she picked her phone and moved towards the TV. Standing right in front of me with her back facing me, she picked a Cord without squatting and moved her hips slowly and painfully as she hummed, now I know she’s doing this on purpose.. Because there are several sockets in this living room and Debbie doesn’t like plugging her phone in that spot she’s in.
She suddenly squat and moved her waist like she was tweaking, look away, look away!.. I thought mentally but glued my eyes on her every move.. My boxers were getting uncomfortable .. What is this woman doing to me?!
She stood up slowly and made her way back to the chair without plugging her phone, I watched as she picked the plate of cookie and ice cream before walking up the stairs with a smile on her face.
This woman is wicked, very wicked.

Episode 6..
Hours later* 5:30pm
“So what do you think?” Kiki asked with a wide grin on her face
“Uh.. I.. I don’t know, seriously I don’t think I can do it” I admitted noticing her excitement go down a bit
“Debbie stop na.. This is a big deal we are talking about, and you have several offers at your feet, commercials, advertisements, runway and so many.. Even Pepsi is offering you so much just for the shoot,” she whined
“I have several models signed into my agency, I’m sure we can pick anyone to go instead” I stated staring at the TV.
“No.. We can’t! Ugh! Come on woman this is the perfect time to make a comeback! It’s been three years, three years! since your last photoshoot.. You belong in front of the camera Debbie and I’m not just saying that because I was -and still am- your manager” she stated staring down at me with hopeful eyes
“No thanks” I mumbled taking a sip from the orange juice before placing it back on the table
“Oh damn it!.. ” she yelled frustratedly before slumping next to me on the couch,
“I give up” she sighed taking my glass and gulped down all the juice, I chuckled and sat up.
“Fine, get all the details and forward them to my email, I might reconsider” I said standing up to my full height, I stretched and winced at the slight pain in my ribs, it hasn’t healed completely but I’m good as long as I don’t do anything too stressful to worsen it.
“Meanwhile, I’ve got a ‘husband’ to deal with” I said and she smiled knowingly
“You’re going to make him suffer aren’t you?” She asked and I blinked. Is that even a question
“Of course I will, why else did I accept this whole three months rubbish?” I asked slipping into my heels
“Nice” she said smiling lightly, she licked her lips and stared up at me
“Say it, and don’t ask me what?, because I know that look very well you want to say something” I rushed out raising a brow and she gave a small laugh
“Fine, you caught me” she said mockingly raising her hands
“So.. What is it?” I asked with my hands on my hips
“Are you sure you won’t fall in the process? If what Daniel said is true about the whole Luke stuff, and that henry already found out the truth, then I doubt if he’s not going to try to make you love him again, that’s if he’s still the henry I used to know” she said and I swallowed.
When kiki told me that it was all Luke’s plan from the beginning to the end, I had not been surprised, I expected nothing less from him.. He was going to pay, according to kiki Daniel said he was currently hospitalized as a result of Henry’s attack, and despite myself I kinda felt proud that he did know how to use his fists on his fellow man. And not only on me, once Luke is discharged I’ll attend to his case,for now I need to focus on not falling for my so called husband. I honestly don’t see myself falling, because as far as i know, there’s nothing filled in my heart for him anymore aside from hate.
“Debbie?” Kiki called snapping me from my thoughts.
“I won’t fall, don’t worry.. Just send me the right details for the offers and I’ll get back to you, I have to leave now” I said picking my handbag from the couch. She smiled lightly and stood up..
“Let me see you out” she said taking hold of my box, rolling it out behind me.
We walked to my car, which I had bought just recently, I didn’t want something too extravagant so I settled for a white Venza, although I had several cars back at the house, but I just wanted to bye something new.. It’s been too long since I did.
After placing the bag in the trunk I locked it and moved to the driver’s side.
“Do take care honey, I’m going to miss you” kiki said hugging me and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes
“My house is just an hour’s drive from here kiki” I pointed out pulling back from the hug.
“I know, but I’ve been with you throughout this week and last, I’ve gotten so used to seeing you once I turn.. It’s gonna be hard not to miss you” she said and I laughed..
“Whatever floats your boat kiki, besides I’m sure Daniel is more than ready to stay with you” I mumbled stepping into the car, she laughed and smacked my arm gently.
“Bye,” she said and I waved back before reversing and driving out of her compound.

It only took about 45 minutes for me to get to my estate gate, since there was thankfully no traffic jam like I’d expected..
I drove into the estate and sighed when I spotted my house.. Blaring the horn I watched as the gate slid open, revealing my matrimonial home.. Well it wouldn’t be a home, anymore since there was no love or any of those things that made up a home. So I guess it was just a house? Or mansion rather.
I eased into the compound and drove smoothly into the garage, I parked the car and stepped out opening the trunk to get my box, before beeping it close.
“Ah.. Maram, rong time oo, I happy to saw you” (madam long time oo.. I am happy to see you).
Rufus said smiling as he took the box from me
“I’m happy to see you too Rufus, how are you?” I asked walking into the house as he trailed behind me
“Very fine especially now that you come..” he said and I laughed…
“Thank you Rufus, you can go back to your post now” I said taking the handle of the box from him
“Okay ma, welcome back” he said and walked out closing the door behind him.. I sighed and walked towards the living room, the light’s were switched on and the TV was currently on mnet movies zone..
There was an indent on the couch but henry was no where to be seen, I turned to the stairs and almost shrieked, he had been standing at the top all along looking down at me. I frowned and headed up the stairs dragging my bag behind me totally Avoiding his face, thankfully the stairs was wide enough to have about five people walking up or down at the same time.. Without acknowledging him I moved straight to the room next to the one opposite ours, it was the last room in that hall and it’s as big as my older room itself, just empty, aside from the queen seized bed, TV and a couch.
I moved over to the huge expensive curtains and pulled the drapes, exposing the huge window over looking the pool, there were three doors in the room, two glass doors with one wooden door.
The wooden door led to my closet, the glass doors led to the bathroom and balcony which overlooked the garden and the gate leading into the compound.
I turned on the AC and walked out of the room still in my clothes and heels, and moved straight into my old room which I used to share with Henry.
This room is filled with so many bad memories as well as good ones, my eyes automatically went to our wedding portraits and other pictures of us hanging on different part of the walls, I had thought then that he would be my first and last, that he was the right one.. I was really so wrong and stupid.
I frowned and walked into the closet packing all my clothes from my side of the closet.. And walked out moving to my new room and threw the clothes on the bed, I walked back to the room and packed my other clothes, I heard footsteps approaching and as I walked out and headed for my room I saw henry standing beside the door, staring at me with his mouth slightly open.. I do hope flies go in and die there.
“ what are you doing?” He asked trailing behind me like a lost puppy
I threw the clothes on my bed and matched back to his room
“What does it look like?” I mumbled without glancing at him as I emptied all the drawers, packing my undies and remaining clothes before heading back to my room
“You’re moving out of our room” he answered
“Good to see you Haven’t lost your sight” I muttered throwing all my shoes, bags and accessories in my empty boxes.. Zipping them close before dragging them out.
“Baby you don’t have to..” He said holding one of the handles.. I stared at him before moving my gaze to his hand on my box, he quickly retrieved his hand and I matched on to my room.
“Debbie, please I know I’m a jerk and you totally hate me now, I probably don’t deserve your forgiveness but please don’t move out of our room, you can have it to yourself, I don’t mind packing out.. I can even have it renovated if you want, but please don’t move out of that room” he rambled as I arranged my clothes on the bed
“I’m not staying in that room and that’s final, if you want to stay in peace in this house for the next three months then please stay away from me!.. Cindy said I can do whatever I want and that’s exactly what I’m doing now, you always complained that my clothes were occupying too much space, now that I’ve given you the space you desired you’re complaining, I honestly don’t know what your problem is” I said without looking at him.
“..I didn’t mean that, okay.. I never meant that, Debbie I’m sorry for everything I put you through.. I’m..”
“Get out” I mumbled cutting him off
“I said get out!” I screamed glaring daggers at him, he had a painful expression on his face and I almost scoffed.
“Debbie.. Please just..”
“Ooooh!” I whined and stomped towards him, I held the door open and gestured for him to leave
“Henry don’t get me upset, I said leave!” I snapped watching as he slowly advanced towards me.
He opened his mouth to say something
“Leave!” I snapped cutting him off.
He walked out and turned to face me looking like he would cry any moment from now.
He turned to Leave and I spoke up
“And I don’t want to see you anywhere close to this room again!” I said eyeing him before banging the door shut at his face..
I exhaled and pushed my hair back.. I feel so bad, he’s still my husband even if we are going to divorce in three months, and I feel bad for talking to him like this but I must admit, it kinda felt good.
Next day..
Henry’s POV
This is the worst punishment ever but I deserve it, I almost cried when she threw me out of her room yesterday and banged the door at my face.
I had waited in the living room downstairs hoping she’d come down to maybe eat or anything but I gave up around to 1 early this morning when I didn’t see her.
And even this morning I didn’t set my eyes on her, well until I was ready to leave for work, she was making her way to her room with a cup of tea. I greeted her and she didn’t even blink at me,
I sighed as I walked out of my office and into the elevator, heading for the last floor.
It opened with a ding and I stepped out only to hear gasps and murmurs, I followed the direction and froze when I saw her catwalking towards me.
She was clad in a white jump suit, it was sleeveless and had two long ropes like scarf, tied at her left side around her neck, to keep the top of her suit from falling, although I doubt if it would anyway seeing that the outfit clung to her body like a magnet, thereby exposing her smooth spotless fair shoulders and hands, her weavon was packed in a ponytail swaying behind her, her white penciled heels clicked as she made her way majestically towards me swaying her hips, I can’t believe I had forgotten how breathtaking Debbie was for the past three years.. Even though she isn’t wearing makeup.
I rolled my eyes to her face which held a stern but elegant look, looking at her now I could see the old Debbie I fell in love with, the Debbie who carried herself with so much pride, dignity, confidence and self esteem.
She came to a stop right in front of me and rolled her eyes.
“Are you done gawking?, close your mouth before it falls off” she said meeting my eyes and I quickly closed my mouth.
I looked at the my staffs who openly stared at us
“Get back to work” I said glaring at them before turning to my beautiful wife.
“Debbie?.. What..what are you doing here?” I stuttered and she licked her lips.
“I want all the heads you placed in my companies dropped, starting from today.. I’ll be the CEO of each and every one of my companies, I’ll hire whoever I want to head my companies for me by myself, and do tell them to make their accounts of how they’ve been running my company for the past three years, what they’ve achieved, added or subtracted from the companies.. And if I find any of their accounts good enough to satisfy my taste, they’ll continue as the heads, but do well to let them know that I’m the rightful owner of each companies, oh and I’ll be having a meeting with each of them on different days, that’s after I’ve gone through their accounts” she said going straight to the point.
“Okay, I’ll ask someone to do that right away, is there something else?, why don’t we talk in my office?” I asked pointing to the elevator…
“That will be all, oh and they have until Friday to submit their accounts,” she stated glancing down before leaning closer to whisper in my ears
“You should do something to that man down there, it would be embarrassing to walk around with that bulge, wouldn’t it?” She asked and moved back with a smirk on her lips, before putting on her sunglasses which I didn’t even notice. I discreetly looked down and sure enough she was right.
She smiled mockingly and turned on her heels walking out, with her phone pressed on her ears as she called someone.
I quickly turned and stepped into the elevator, it closed with a ding and I exhaled, looking down at my trousers again.
God! This is so embarrassing.

Episode 8..
It’s been weeks after that little drama with henry and I just have two more weeks before we can finally sign the divorce papers.. Yay!!.
Speaking of the devil.. Henry stood at the foot of the stairs with confusion written all over him as he stared up at me.
“Where are you going?”he asked as I walked down the stairs with my hand bag and phone
” what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked calmly without glancing at him,
“It means what it means, where are you going at this time of the day? It’s few minutes to 8pm, a married woman shouldn’t be out by this time” he said
“Excuse you.. The last time I checked I was- and still am- free to do whatever I want, and don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about our divorce coming up in the next two weeks” I said pausing on the last stair to look at him. The look on his face almost made me laugh.
“Wait oo.. Oh!, you think I’ll change my mind?, aww, sorry to inform you hubby, but there’s nothing that’s going to change my mind about you” I assured with a smile and moved past him only to have him follow me to the living room
“Debbie? Ife.. Ife wait” he called but I ignored him
“Baby please listen to me please” he said holding my arm
“Look I have a dinner date and I honestly don’t want to be late” I muttered lazily without looking back at him.
“Dinner date with who?” He asked and I could tell he was already jealous
“With someone who knows and appreciates my presence in their life, someone who cares about my feelings and would never raise their hands to hit me and punch me like a boxing bag, someone who wouldn’t kick my babies out of my womb!” I screamed staring into his eyes. He flinched at my words and looked down at the tiled floor ignoring my gaze.. Good he should be ashamed
“Now please let go of me I don’t want to be late” I said quietly and pulled my arm from his grip.
I walked towards the door heading for the lobby when I felt him pull me back and pin me to the grey/white Wall beside the door, I breathed heavily and blinked, since I was caught off guard.. He placed his two hands beside me caging me in the process.
“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” I stuttered as he stared intensely into my eyes.. What was he thinking? I don’t know.. But I could see several emotions in his eyes, and the one that stood out more was remorse and shame.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Debbie, i know there’s no excuse that can justify my actions , I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness or you. For the past years you’ve been a wonderful wife a blessing from God himself and i..” He paused and swallowed looking down in shame
“And all I’ve done is be mean to you, instead of showing you love, instead of protecting you, I ended up hurting you myself, I was so stupid to have gone to someone else for advice.. I should have listened to your part of the story and involve in dialogue or any other thing..but I didn’t, now I’ve broken your trust, broken our marriage, our once perfect home and punched out our miracles” he said looking at my stomach for a brief second before locking eyes at me. And when I saw tears rolling down his eyes I couldn’t hold back the tears I held from biting my lips any longer, the first drop fell then the second followed by many more.
“I don’t deserve another chance baby, I know you hate me so much now and you’re right to, but please my love just give me another chance, one please” he said holding out his index finger.
“I promise I’ll never let you down, I promise to be the same man you married five years ago, the same guy you met at the fashion fest 6 years ago.. I promise to make our marriage worth it, ifemi please.. I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for hurting our babies, I’m sorry for those three years I wasted hitting you instead of making you feel loved.. I’m so sorry” he said and I took in a deep breath wiping my eyes with the back of my palm, thank goodness I didn’t put on make up.
“I can’t do this anymore Henry, I can’t,” I mumbled looking down at my fingers.
“If you had told me this a year or five months ago then I wouldn’t have hesitated to forgive you, because for the past three years that’s what I kept praying for, and now that my prayer has been answered.. I don’t, I don’t think I can do it anymore, the pain is still deep in my heart, the scars and bruises are still fresh in my mind, I need space.. I need to heal not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well,” I stated, then he cupped my cheeks making me meet his eyes
“I’ll wait baby, I’ll..” He trailed off
“No, no.. I can’t do it anymore okay, I’m done, this- ” gesturing between us
“-you and I, we can’t work anymore, I guess we weren’t meant to be, maybe this is life giving us another chance at love, but not together this time. even if we do get back together, I’d always remember everything and the pain that comes along with it, and I can’t bear another pain now, you love me right?” I asked and he nodded wiping my cheeks with his thumb
“So very much” he mumbled
“Then let me go” I muttered and he froze for a millisecond before shaking his head negatively
“Let me go Henry, if truly you love me and want me to be happy, then let me go” I said and he stared at me for a second before locking his lips with mine.. Then I did the one thing I promised my self I wouldn’t do.. I kissed him back just as feverishly as he did..
He bit my bottom lip and I gasped, he took that point to slip his tongue into my mouth and I moaned unable to stop my self.
I felt his hands on my thighs as he carried me up, I instinctively wrapped my legs around his torso dropping my bag and phone in the process, as he pressed me to the wall..
“I love you” he said trailing kisses down my neck, and I moaned as he nipped on my pulse..
“I love you so damn much” he said,I felt his hands pushing the strand of my dress down as he peppered kisses on my bare shoulders, before taking my lips.
****memories of how he made love to me months ago only to have him beat me the next day, flooded my vision and I whimpered****
“No! No I can’t” I yelled pushing him away from me.
“Stay away from me okay, st-stay away!,” I stuttered moving away from him, I quickly picked my bag and phone before rushing to the door and into the lobby fixing my dress along the way.
“Debbie what’s wrong, did I..” He asked confused rushing after me..
“If you come close to me I’ll call the police, don’t forget our agreement” I warned cutting him off.
I ran out of the house and headed for the garage..
I beeped my car breathing heavily, I stepped in and drove down the driveway honking for Rufus to open the gate.. Once he did, I zoomed out of the compound leaving a confused henry and Rufus behind.
My phone started ringing and I stared at the Id to see kiki’s name.
I sighed and switched it off, what just happened?.. For a moment there I wanted to submit to my husband not because I was expected to but because I wanted to, only to have those hurtful memories rushing back into my head.
“Babes what’s up? I called, but you switched off your phone..” Kiki asked the minute she saw me walking to their table.
“It’s a long story, good evening, sorry I’m late” I sighed easing into the empty chair beside kiki
“Hi Daniel,” I waved giving a small smile
“Mrs Lawson or should i say henry, what’s up now? how’s your husband?” He asked with a huge grin on his face, laughing heartily when I sent him a playful glare.
“Why didn’t you guys order anything now? ” I asked looking at the empty table.
“We were waiting for you, besides we only came few minutes ago” kiki replied
“Okay, please signal the waiter or waitress I need a drink” I breathed out leaning back on my chair, with my eyes closed as Daniel called the waiter.

I took a long gulp of the orange juice and sighed placing it on the table.
“So what’s wrong?” Kiki asked looking at me,
“Nothing why?” I asked
“Because.. You have been sighing since you came and you seem to be zoning in and out” Daniel pointed out
“What’s wrong, is it about Henry?” Kiki asked.
I opened my mouth to speak but closed it back when nothing came out.
“Nothing, it’s nothing.. I’m just stressed I guess” I lied staring down at my acrylic nails.
“Babe, come on I am your best friend, Daniel might be your husband’s best friend but he’s your friend too..” Kiki said squeezing my hand softly
“It’s nothing really, I’m just tired from all the meetings, work, shoots and all” I mumbled
“So what’s up with you both?, why did you invite a married woman to a restaurant at this time of the day?” I asked playfully,
It was obvious they both knew I was changing the topic but didn’t point it out.
“Oh uhm.. No special reasons” kiki said with a goofy smile as she tucked her blonde weavon behind her ears with her left hand.. The glint of the engagement ring on her finger didn’t go unnoticed
“Seriously?” I asked playing along, we’ll see who gets tired first
“Yes.. gosh the heat here is too much” she mubbled fanning her face with her left hand.
“Kiki” I called blankly
“Ore mi (my friend) what’s up?” She asked with a smile still fanning herself
“There are goosebumps on your skin, which means you’re cold” I deadpanned and Daniel started laughing.
She opened and closed her mouth like a fish before sighing dramatically .
“Fine you win!.. ” she mumbled and I chuckled
“We are engaged!” She announced and I let out the squeal I had been holding back.
“Oh my goodness! Girl I’m so happy for you” I admitted hugging her tightly
“Me too” she said excitedly
“Aww, congratulations Daniel” I moved over to give him a brief hug not minding the attention we were all getting.
When I finally sat back down I wiped my eyes and grinned at my best friend
“Baby why are you crying?” She asked confused and I smiled wiping my eyes
“I’m just so happy kiki!, you’re gonna get married bes!.. I’m so happy, ” I said hugging her again
“Awwn .. Thank you so much, I love you” she mumbled
“I love you too” I said pulling back
“Duhh.. I’m still here guys” Daniel snapped playfully
I rolled my eyes and swat his right arm

Minutes later when we started eating, kiki excused herself to go use the bathroom and Daniel started making small conversations making me laugh, until he changed the topic
“So tell me, how are you for real?”he asked looking intensely at me
” I’m fine” I shrugged
“Debbie.. I know your marriage is your personal business and all, but at least let me say this” he said with pleading eyes and i nodded for him to continue
“What henry did was bad, very bad and should be severely punished for it, no doubt about that, but Debbie we both know the real Henry Ayomide Lawson the man you got married to. He was manipulated to do those things he did, which is not a good excuse, I know it’s hard, but on behalf on him I’m sorry, he was stupid to have followed the advice from a third party, it’s not an excuse to justify how and why he treated you the way he did, but please forgive him.. He is my best friend and I know him inside out, he’s a changed man Debbie, I’m sure you can see that too. it’s hard especially after suffering so much pain for years, but please forgive him and give him one last chance, I’m not going to force you, -even though I honestly can’t- it’s your decision not mine. Your relationship is one of the best I’ve ever come across, well, that was before all this happened. I have never believed in soulmates, but seeing you guys together as a married couple changed that. The way you both look at each other with so much love, the way you both stand up for each other, how you know what the other is thinking just by a look, how you stick out in a crowd, everything about you both is just so amazing and it would be really bad if such a once wonderful relationship comes to an end. But it’s totally up to you, whether or not you’re willing to end this, or give your husband another chance to prove himself ” he smiled and took a sip of his wine.
I exhaled and blinked rapidly..
“I’m back, what did I miss?” Kiki asked and I smiled at her
“Nothing much” Daniel smiled looking at me. I took a deep breath and picked my glass.

I still don’t understand what happened last night, God I can’t believe I’ve made her hate me this much!.
How could I have been so stupid?!, for a moment there I thought, that maybe I would be given a chance, but instead I made things much worse.. The look she gave me when she opened her eyes, it tore me apart, i would give anything and everything not to see that look ever again.
I palmed my face and groaned, I’ve fucked up big time, big time!
She didn’t even glance at me last night, when she came back from the dinner date with Daniel and kiki, he had texted to tell me she was with them about an hour after she left yesterday.
Sighing, I rolled out of the bed and made for the door, I walked out just in time to see her closing her door behind her.. She was clad in black sweats, and her hair was still in her net, which meant she woke up not quite long ago.
She paused when she locked eyes with me and I felt my heart racing.
“Good morning” I greeted, she hummed and walked past me and down the hall..
I followed closely behind her, she glanced back at me and raised her perfectly carved brow.
“I want to make coffee” I explained and she rolled her eyes, walking slowly down the stairs.. With me Keeping my eyes on her figure
“Can you stop drilling holes in my back?” She snapped and I blinked
“Sorry” I muttered
“Keep it, I don’t need it” she retorted making her way to the kitchen..
“Uhm, how was your night?” I asked lamely, she scoffed and turned to look at me
“Can you stop speaking to me?” She asked tiredly
“You’re my wife I can speak to you whenever I want” I replied earning a glare from her
“Oh really now?” She asked crossing her hands
“Yes really” I replied mocking her tone and crossing my hands too
“Well I won’t be in the next two weeks” she said and I sighed
“Whatever, but for now you’re still my wife and you’ve got to do what wives are supposed to do” I stated and she huffed
“If you expect me to cook for you then sorry!,”
“I can cook so there’s no problem with that” I shrugged and she frowned
“So what do you want me to do? greet you?, fine! good morning your highness” she said prostrating on the floor mockingly
I bit back a smile at her antics
“That’s not the only thing a wife should do, I mean I have needs don’t I? At least satisfy those needs until you leave, besides I know you want me too, stop fighting this” she gaped at me for a second before laughing
“What’s funny?” I asked confused
“You henry! You’re very funny, me! Debbie ifeoluwa, want you?,” she asked pointing at me
“As what?, please speak for yourself” she hissed and turned to walk away, I pulled her back gently and gripped her hips
“Tell me you don’t want me” I said looking at her face
“I don’t want or need you henry” she said trying to pull my hands away
“Then why can’t you look me in the eyes when saying it?” I asked quietly.
She met my eyes and parted her lips but nothing came out,she swallowed and licked her lips unconsciously and I couldn’t stop myself from smashing my lips with hers.. I pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, she responded and moved her hands to my chest before moving to my hair and kissing me feverishly.. I let my hands roam her sides and just as I was about to cup her ass, the door opened and she jumped back from my hold before looking at the intruder.
I froze when I saw the woman standing at doorway with the brightest smile on her face.


Episode 9..
Oh my goodness!..
No no no, this cannot be happening anyone but her,
Mrs Jenny Lawson my mother-in-law, stood by the doorway with the brightest smile on her face.
“Oh don’t stop on my accord lovebirds” she said walking fully into the living room, I would have blushed if I wasn’t still in shock.. How did she even gain access into the estate, the guards at the gate always called whenever we have visitors. Don’t get me wrong Mrs Lawson is a good mother in law, and has been a mother figure since my parents died last two years ago. I love her as a daughter should and I couldn’t have wished for any other woman to be my mother in law.
But her timing Now is wrong, why now when it’s just two weeks to my freedom.
“Mom when, how.. How did you get here?” Henry stuttered
“I came to visit a friend, she lives just few blocks from here, so I decided to check on my favorite couple, and from your faces I guess I’m not welcomed” she sighed dramatically and turned to leave.
“Ah, mummy no, please come in.. Don’t mind my husband, I guess he’s just surprised, right baby?” I asked looking at Henry’s eyes, I guess he got the signal and smiled moving on from his shock by my words
“Yes, yes.. I was just surprised to see you this early Mom, you could have called, so we can prepare your room and some special dishes for you” he said with a small smile as I led mom to the couch.
“It’s to 11am in the morning Ayo, how’s it early?” She asked looking at her son who shuffled to sit beside her,
“Really?” He asked looking at the wall clock and she was right.
“Thank god it’s Saturday, I didn’t even realize the time has gone so far” he breathed out
“Of course you didn’t, anyways for your question earlier, I didn’t call because, like I said I wanted to surprise you both and I’m not staying over, your neices and nephews are over at the house for the holiday, so I can’t leave them there alone with your dad.”
“Really, how’s maxwell and the others?” I asked referring to Henry’s junior brother and siblings
“Maxwell is fine, he keeps asking why you both don’t visit any longer, same with lily, pelumi and David came into the country last week, he said he called you, didn’t he?” She asked looking at henry
“Yes he did..” He replied with a smile
“So how have you two been?” She asked
“We.. We are good” henry trailed off reaching his hand out to me and I hesitantly took it, he pulled me to sit on his lap and I frowned mentally as he snaked his hands around my waist.
“My wife is the best!, she has been taking care of me and I couldn’t have wished for more” he said looking at my face.
I plastered a fake smile on my face slipping my hand around his shoulders and discreetly pinched him..
He flinched and I smiled sweetly at him pinching him again.
“Anyways, sorry for our manners mum, let me quickly fix something for you” I said standing up
“No need honey, i should be on my way now, can I talk to you in private?” She asked and I swallowed..

“How have you been Debbie?, be honest with me” she asked
“I’ve been great ma” I replied
“Debbie…okay let me rephrase the question, how has your marriage been?” She asked looking at me with knowing eyes.
I broke the gaze and looked around the balcony we were currently sitting in.
I fixed my gaze on the pool and listened to the song playing softly around the house, henry had turned it on minutes ago.. Ayo by simi was currently playing.
I was cut out of my daze when I felt my hands in hers..
“Ayomide (henry)has told me everything, don’t lie to me.. ” she mumbled softly
And I sighed
“It’s been …bad, really really bad” I admitted, she squeezed my hands softly for me to continue
“The first two years was amazing, everything was okay, it was my ideal type of marriage, but the past three years was.. Something else” I looked down at our hands fixing my gaze on my wedding ring, wondering why I still have it on.
“Luke sent someone who claimed I was having an affair with him, I guess Ayo has told you that part already?” I asked looking at her for confirmation, when she nodded I Continued
“That night, when he came back, he didn’t even ask for my part of the story, he hit me and beat me up, and that was how it all started, whenever I disobeyed him or didn’t do some things, or wronged him he would pounce on me and hit the living daylight out of me, it was the first month when he started hitting that I lost the first pregnancy, then the next year I lost two and I lost the last one just few months ago, but I didn’t give up on him, I kept praying hoping that he would change, become the man I got married to.. But he didn’t” I sniffed blinking the tears away as they rolled down my cheeks.
“I decided it was enough when my doctor told me about the possibility of my womb being damaged, if something like that happens again. can you believe I was admitted in the hospital for two weeks and my husband didn’t bother visiting Me?, he only came the first day I was unconscious to pay the bills and left, kiki insisted I sue him for domestic violence, I had all the evidences on my body, my ribs were broken, and the doctors report, but ..I kicked against it. I filed for divorce instead, because I loved him so much, God! I still do and I can’t bear the thought of him suffering in jail, he deserve it despite his reasons, whether he was manipulated or not, but I couldn’t do it.. Mom if you’re here to tell me to stop the divorce, then I’m sorry I can’t.. I’ve never disobeyed you, so please try to understand me.. Our marriage is broken already, it’s already a lost course, and I am too broken to repair it, I’m sorry” I cried
“I’m not here to make you stop your divorce Debbie, that’s completely up to you, it’s your choice to make not mine.. When ayomide came to the house last week to tell me everything, I had been really mad, he was lucky his father wasn’t around then. I had slapped him severally, because I didn’t train him to hit a woman for whatever reason, I raised him the eldest of my children and the younger ones to have good morals and values. I was so mad when he said everything, despite the fact that he was crying, I didn’t hesitate to point out his wrongs. But what I don’t understand is why you didn’t come to me Debbie,” she exclaimed
“I may not be your biological mother, but I’m still your mother, I became your mum the same day you got married to my son, why didn’t you tell me what was going on?, for three years, three years! You endured the beating, you couldn’t tell me!, you couldn’t confide in me.. Honestly I’m disappointed that you don’t see me as someone you can talk to” she said sadly
“I thought he would change, I thought he would change mum, I’m so sorry” I apologized sniffling and taking deep breaths
“It’s okay, but Ayo loves you, you know that right?” She asked and I nodded
“But the decision is yours to make darling, and whichever choice you make, remember I’m always with you.. Okay?” She asked and I nodded
“Yes ma” I muttered.
“Come here” I rushed into her embrace, relishing the familiar warmth and feeling of a mother’s hug.


One week later**
“Are you sure about this?” Daniel asked and I nodded
“So you’re just going to give up?” He asked and I stared at him blankly.
“You’re seriously not asking me that, are you?” I trailed off sitting up on the couch
“For the past two months and three weeks I’ve been doing everything and anything I can to make this woman forgive me, but she’s adamant on signing this divorce what else do you want me to do, and I honestly can’t hold her against her wish by not signing the papers, I love her okay and I’m going to let her go as long as she’s happy” I ranted and he made a smug sound.
I sighed and focused on the movie (the originals) playing on the TV.
“Fine then,you can do whatever you want, it’s your decision not mine” he mumbled getting comfortable on the sofa.
“Thank you” I muttered and he hissed.
“Did you just hiss?” I asking laughing.
“Abeg watch your film..” He said smiling
“But this Nicklaus is something else o, very manipulative, I just hate the guy, I prefer Elijah to him” he said referring to the movie
“Wetin this one dey talk?(what is he saying?”), Nicklaus is the main thing in this movie, if he’s not present then forget it” I said matter of factly.
“But their sister though, she’s hot.. Look at those legs damn” he said and I laughed.
“Idiot.. It’s like you’ve forgotten who you’re engaged to oo, kiki will bury you alive” I teased
“I know na, thank goodness she’s not here” he said laughing as well..
I heard the gate open and the sound of a car driving into the compound.
“Chairlady is here o” he said and I shook my head.
Minutes later, I heard the door to the lobby open, before footsteps walking towards the living room,
“Baby, I’ve got a surprise for you” Debbie said smiling sweetly as she walked into the room.
I glanced at Daniel and he snickered.
“Look who we have here..” She continued staring at the lobby
“Come on out honey, don’t be shy” she said to whoever was standing there. Hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to storybaze, storyline, fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room for more stories.
When he stepped out I jerked out of my seat and lounged for him.. But Debbie was quick to stand in front of him with her hands crossed.
“Back off” she said meeting my gaze.
I glanced at the idiot cowering behind her and clenched my fist
“I said.. Back off” she repeated and I frowned taking two steps back, she rolled her eyes dramatically and smiled at Daniel who was already beside me staring at the scene in utter confusion
“Hi Daniel” she greeted
“Hi” he breathed out
“Anyways, pumpkin you are obviously wondering what Samson is doing here, well he has something nice to say, no need to get all riled up, but this time there would be no need for advice and I won’t be the one getting hit at the end of it” she stated smiling at me before turning to Samson, who slowly went on his knees.. The hell?!
“Go on, tell him what you told me moments ago” she said looking at him
“I’m sorry sir, I came to ask for your forgiveness, I’m sorry for the troubles I caused you and your wife sir, it was oga Luke that made me do it, he paid me to frame your wife and he was also the one who told me everything about her, like the birthmark and the others, sir since that day, my life has never been the same, everything has turned upside down even those who used to help me has turned their backs on me, please forgive me sir, it was the work of the devil.. I didn’t mean to do it.. I..”
“But you did!” I snapped
“You ruined everything, my home, my marriage! Everything!.. And now you have the guts, the audacity to step into this Same house you destroyed years ago.. And for what?!, forgiveness!.. When I am still battling and fighting for my wife to forgive me!, do you know the pains you allowed yourself to cause, do you know?!” I asked lounging at him
This time, no body was in my way, I punched, slap, kicked and decked him, for every pain I caused my wife, for every pregnancy that was lost for everything I could think off.. His face was already bloody and I honestly didn’t know if it was from my knuckles or from his face.
I felt Daniel pulling me back and away from him..
“Leave me Daniel, let me kill this bastard!” I yelled trying to free myself from Daniel’s tight grip
“Please keep quiet!” Debbie said sharply eyeing me.
“Leave you, so you can do what.. Kill him?” She asked pointing to Samson who was groaning in pains on the floor
“So that when you commit murder, I’ll be labelled as a murderer’s wife abi?(right), you better wait for the divorce before you commit whatever crime you want to commit, I don’t want to be called names” she said walking towards the stairs
“Debbie” Daniel called
“What?, won’t you let him go?, in case you don’t know you’re only making him feel fly, superfly.. Boosting his Mora by holding him, leave him alone, if he like, let him be forming Brock lesnar, and hulk Horgan.. Just make sure he doesn’t kill that man in my living room” she said and continued on her way.


Episode 10.. (Final)
..three days to divorce..
“Oga welome o” Rufus greeted and I nodded..
“Thank you, is Debbie around?” I asked, I had noticed her cars were all in the garage, but I just had to ask.
“Yes, maram no comot today(madam, didn’t go out today)”. He said
“Okay is she with someone?” I asked
“No Sir” he replied
“Alright take” I said handing him a shoprite bag,
“I know you’ve probably ate something, I thought I’d buy some for you as well” I explained as he peeked through the content..
“Ahh!.. Thank you sir, thank you” he exclaimed and I hummed before heading into the house.
The first thing I noticed the moment I stepped into the house was a mouth watering scent.. I can recognize that scent from anywhere..
I moved straight to the kitchen and I was right.. My favorite soup was boiling on the gas and a medium bag of wheat was placed on the counter..
I looked around and saw Debbie standing at the far end of the kitchen.. With her apple laptop on the glass table.. She looked really busy as she typed away, her googles was perched on her nose and her hair was in a messy bun..
She glanced up from the laptop and gave a small smile, despite the tiny beads of sweat on her forehead.. Good thing we placed an AC in the kitchen. I noticed she was just in a cream off shoulder top, that stopped some inches past her mid thighs, I took my eyes off her long slender fair legs to look back at her face.
“Good evening” she smiled glancing briefly at her laptop before closing it and placing her glasses on it.
“Good evening” I mumbled unsure of why she looked pleased to see me today.
“Uhm.. Why don’t you go take a bath?, your dinner should be set by the time you get back” she smiled moving over to the pot.. Picking her spoon to steer the soup.
“Uhh?” I asked lamely, I don’t think I heard right.
“Honey I said you should go take your bath, I’m sure you’re very tired and famished, go on now, you stink” she said shuuing me with the spoon.
“What did you call me?” I ask totally dumbfounded
“Uhm.. Honey?, is it bad to call my husband pet names?” She asked
“ it’s not, I’ll leave now..” I said slowly backing out of the kitchen..
“Okay, ” she said switching off the gas before moving to the wheat on the counter..
Okay?.. I think I’m just imagining things, this can’t be real.. Debbie can’t be the one calling me pet names and preparing my favourite food.. I glanced down the stairs for a minute and continued walking up to my room..
I don’t trust this woman, anytime she acts sweet there’s always an agenda behind it.
I got to my room, the one I had moved into after she packed out of our room.
I hesitantly opened the door and pushed it wide open without entering.. When nothing happened, I stuck my head in and looked around, everything looks the same.. And not out of place.. I walked in and dropped my suit jacket and suitcase on the bed.
I walked to the bathroom and peeked around, but saw nothing unusual..
Hmm.. But I still don’t trust that woman, anything can happen as long as she’s Debbie.
I quickly took my bath and slipped into a black jogger and black shirt before walking down the stairs with my phone in my hand..
I walked into the kitchen and saw Debbie walking with a tray to the dinning hall through the side door.
Everything was back in it’s rightful place, and the kitchen didn’t look like someone had cooked in it moments ago. I glanced at the counter and saw a bowl of fruits and juice on a tray, I picked it and walked towards the dinning hall..
Meeting Debbie halfway, she smiled and reached to take it from me..
“Don’t worry, I got it” I smiled softly and moved to the table placing it properly beside the tray she had brought in earlier.
“Thank you” she mumbled pecking my lips and I froze.
Did she.. Did she just peck me?, is this Debbie?!.
“Sit babe, the food will get cold, and let’s not forget you hate eating cold food” she said setting the plates and started serving.. I slowly sat in my chair and watched as she served the dishes, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her face as she concentrated.. She caught my eyes and I didn’t bother to look away,.. She smiled and raised her brow.
“Is something wrong” she asked and I blinked.. Looking away from her face
“Debbie, are.. Are you alright?” I asked calmly
She looked at me like I’ve asked the most ridiculous thing
“Yes, I am, why?” She asked taking her seat beside me..
“You’re being nice”I said bluntly and she chuckled
“So? Is it a bad thing” She asked washing her hands..
“No.. It’s not, it’s just kind of a little weird?” I muttered looking at her face..
“Okay henry I know, I’ve been acting bitchy for the past months and I’m sorry- please let me finish” she almost whined when I opened my mouth to speak
“I know you’re going to say I wasn’t bitchy, but I know I was.. And honestly I should have been a better wife, you know.. I mean you’re still my husband even if we are divorcing in few days, but you still have rights and needs to be met. And I should have been submissive as I should be, I know it’s too late, but I want to be a good wife to you for the next three days we have together, so please no more questions, let’s just enjoy the rest of the days we have together.. Okay?” She asked and I just nodded.. Even if I had a lot to say.
“Thank you” she smiled and started eating.. I looked down at the well garnished plate of egusi soup. Well I’ll deal with the topic later for now, I have some digging to do.


After cleaning up..
We both moved to the living room, I sat on the loveseat and picked the remote, going through the news channel for a bit before settling on Nickelodeon.. Debbie’s favorite channel. After plugging her laptop, she moved from her chair and shuffled towards me, before flopping down on the empty space beside me.
I’ve made a decision, since I couldn’t change her mind about the divorce, then I might as well just enjoy the few days I get to spend with her like she suggested.
“Baby.. Baby are you listening to me?” Debbie’s voice snapped me from my thoughts and I glanced to the side, to look at her.
“Sorry, what did you say?” I asked softly
“I was offered a new contract” she said excitedly.. Reminding me of how she acts each time she got a new job years ago.
“Really? What kind?” I asked really interested
“For a new cream, it’s in new York and it’s going to last for six months, the pay is absolutely good. Plus my feeding, flight, accommodation and all will be sponsored by the company itself” she gushed out laying her head on my lap, dangling her legs from the armrest of the chair.
“Wow, that’s huge.. I’m happy for you” and I meant it.
“Yeah me too, but I didn’t accept it” she said and I snapped my head down to stare at her in disbelief
“Why?” I asked
She just shrugged.
“Debbie, why didn’t you accept it?” I asked caressing her cheek with my thumb, when did my hand even get to her face?!.
“It’s time to get a break Henry, I’ve Been into modelling for over ten years now, it’s time to get a break and focus on more important things” she simply stated
“Like?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking.. She just shrugged her shoulder and focused on the TV.
I don’t understand what she means, this is a woman that started modelling at a young age, she loves being in front of a camera, either at shows, events, photoshoots, music videos, runway, beauty pageants, talk shows, commercials and so on.. Along the years she had won several awards, and competitions, acted as a guest star in movies, and has been a judge for several competitions, she’s good very good at what she does and would never turn down a good contract.. So now I’m really confused.
Next day.

“Good morning hubby” Debbie greeted the minute I walked down the stairs..
“Good morning wiffy” I grinned moving towards the fridge.. She let out a snort and I’m sure I’d catch her rolling her eyes if I looked.
“There’s no such word as wiffy” she stated and I smiled.. Taking a large gulp from the bottled water.. Before closing the fridge.
“Oh there is ‘wiffy'” I argued leaning against the wall as she bit into her red apple
“Whatever floats your boat” she mumbled with an eyeroll.. Chewing her apple.
I took the opportunity to look at her outfit.. She wore her pink baggy oversized bear sweater.. The ears were a furry white, and so were the paws that covered her fingers.
“What’s with the bear?” I asked throwing the empty bottle in the trash, before taking a seat beside the counter
“Was cold last night” she said simply.. Moving her legs to the soft song playing around the house.
“How was your night?” I asked, remembering last night, we had watched movies till some minutes past eleven, before Debbie left to sleep.
“It was okay, how ’bout you?” She asked picking her phone from the table to increase the volume of the song a little
“Same” I replied and she nodded, singing along to the song ‘dusk till dawn’ by zayn ft sia.
I listened to the lyrics and licked my lips..
“What do you want for breakfast?” She asked.. Shouting over the music..
“Uhm… ” I drawed moving over to her, I took her hand that wasn’t holding the apple and twirled her softly, she smiled and shook her head as I held her waist swaying her slowly to the music, I let her go as she pretended to sing with her phone as the Mic.
I laughed and hugged her to myself, she tried to push up the sleeves of the sweater that practically swallowed her fingers.
She pouted when she failed and I quickly pecked her pink lips. She rolled her eyes but smiled anyway.
The song switched to another one and I moved to the store room.. Bringing out ripe plantains before moving back into the kitchen, she raised her brows in question, and I smiled innocently.. Moving to the freezer, where most of our chicken, beer and fish were stored.. After contemplating for a minute, I settled for iced fish.. I brought out two big piece, placing them in a bowl of water to defrost.. Then I walked to the fridge to get fresh tomatoes, paper and garden egg.
Debbie walked into the store and came back out, with vegetable oil, and onion..
“I guess it’s my favorite then, ripe plantain and garden egg sauce, cheesy” she said with a grin.
“Whatever” I said moving to wash the plantains before slicing them..
As he placed the pot on the gas, I couldn’t help but think if what I did was a good idea, so far he hasn’t hurt me.. Does he really deserve another chance?, what if he goes back to hitting me again? I wouldn’t be able to survive it, that’s for sure.
He started cutting the fish into bits, and I picked a knife and chopping board to slice the onion.. The garden egg, tomato and paper were already boiling slowly.
I set the onion aside when I was done and washed my hands.. Henry was already through and was checking on the plantain, how he moves smoothly in the kitchen still baffles me, even though I’ve seen him cook so many times, either alone or with me.. And no matter how much I try to chase him from the kitchen, he would always come back to help.
“Hey, what are you thinking?” He asked sitting beside me
“Nothing really” I lied looking at his hair, holding myself from pushing my fingers through the curls, his virgin hair is really full, and soft and sometimes I find my self getting jealous, the sides that were lowered still looked neat and so was the edge.
“What do you want to do today?” He suddenly asked.
“Uhm.. Aren’t you going to work?” I asked today is Thursday, which meant we would be signing the papers on Saturday. The day after tomorrow.
“No.. I called my secretary to cancel all my meetings for today and tomorrow, so I’m all yours” he said cockily and I shook my head..
“We could go to the beach?” I suggested, it’s been long we both did
“Sounds, good.. So after breakfast, we’ll hit the beach in the afternoon, right?” He asked and I nodded
“Great” he muttered moving to check on the pot.

The beach was fun, well partly, since “my wife” decided to torture me with her two piece swimsuit.
I had to constantly glare at both young and old men to look away, which was hard. I could tell she had a good time too and that’s all that matters right?.
The image of her in that suit, is still in my mind and is making me really restless even after I took a cold shower.. I rolled on my bed and sat up frustratedly, glancing down at the tent in my shorts. I sighed and stood up then walked out of the room, I need a cold drink.
Getting to the kitchen the light was on and the moment I stepped in I almost died.
Debbie was bent, reaching into the fridge for something, causing her short black nightie to jump further up exposing her fair smooth thighs.
She stood up and closed the fridge revealing a carton of ice cream in her hand, she must have sensed me because , she turned to look at me with furrowed brows
“Are you okay?” She asked
I groaned in reply and moved towards the fridge bringing out a chilled canned coke. I quickly opened it and took a long sip.
Before releasing an ‘ahh’.
I looked to my left to see Debbie still staring at me with curiosity
“Are you OK?” She asked again
“Yes” I breathed out.. Before moving to take a seat..
She sat beside me and opened the carton, then started eating directly from it with a spoon..
I was about to ask her why she was eating ice cream by this time, but the cream decided to fall from the spoon, into her…
My eyes widened as the strawberry cream slipped down her boobs Which was a little exposed, I swallowed and almost whined in disappointment when she wiped it with a paper towel.
“Henry?, are you OK?” She asked making me move my gaze to her face..
“You’re sweating” she said touching my forehead.. Of course I’m sweating, who wouldn’t in this situation?!
“I.. I’m.. I’m okay, I’m good” I stuttered, glancing at her lips briefly.
“Are you sure” she asked worriedly
“Yeah” I mumbled…
“Okay, then, goodnight” she said and leaned down to peck my cheek.. I don’t know how it all happened.. I think I’d cupped her cheeks and kissed her senseless, then placed her on the counter and had a good make out session with her.. Things was about to get really serious, but I had forced my self to pull back.. And rushed to my room, there’s no way I’ll have her against her wish.. No way, but I only made my restlessness worse!..

I woke up to the sound of thunder rumbling and checked the time to see that it was some minutes past 1am.. I moved to the window and looked out to see that it was raining cat and dogs, I locked my windows as another thunder sounded and moved back to my bed, only to jerk back up.. Thunder is striking!.. Debbie is afraid of thunder!..
I rushed out of my room and practically ran into Debbie’s room without knocking.. I panicked when I didn’t see her in bed,
“Debbie!, baby where are you?!” I yelled since the sound of the rain pounding on the roof was so loud.
Another thunder sounded and I heard her scream, I looked to the far end of the room and saw her coiled into a ball..
I quickly rushed over to her and knelt down to hold her shaking form
“Baby, it’s okay, alright? I’m here.. ” I mumbled as she rushed into my arms, breathing heavily..
“It’s okay, I got you now.. Stay calm, you’re safe” I said picking her bridal style and walked towards her bed, I placed her under the sheets and turned, only to feel her grab my wrist..
“Don’t leave me” she cried.
“I’m not leaving, I just want to turn off the lights” I stated but she didn’t burge.. Her doe like eyes suddenly became watery and And i leaned down to peck her forehead
“I promise I won’t leave, okay?” I said and she nodded before hesitantly releasing my wrist, she gripped the sheets and I quickly turned off the lights, leaving just the bedside lamp.. I moved to the bed and under the covers, Debbie quickly wrapped her hands around me and i let out a small laugh..
“It’s okay kitten, I won’t leave” I said holding her waist, it felt good to hold her again.. To sleep with her in my arms again, this might be the last time, so I’m going to relish in this wonderful warmth and feeling of having her cuddled up in my arms.
“I love you henry” she suddenly said and I smiled
“I love you more” and I mean it.
“But you hurt me, so much it stills hurts to think about it Ayo” she sobbed calling me by my native name.
“I know and I’m sorry, it’s doesn’t change anything I know, sorry can’t take away the pains I caused you.. But I’m so sorry” I mumbled caressing her arms..
“And I know I’ve been saying it for almost three months now, that it sounds like a broken record like you said” I added and she sniffed
“Three years isn’t three months henry, it’s hard really hard, the pains I felt most especially when I had miscarriages, I always felt Like dying then.” She said releasing a shaky breath
“But I still love you” she said moving up to look down at me.. She stared at me for some seconds as I wiped the tears from her cheeks, before leaning down to press her lips against mine.. I responded and kissed her passionately.. She slowly pulled back and leaned down to my ears
“I want you Henry” she whispered before looking back at me
“Are you sure?” I asked as quietly as I could,
“Yes, and I want you now” she said and i grabbed her head gently, smashing my lips with hers..
I was going to show her how much I loved her, I was going to make her feel so loved and by the time I’m done, she would be screaming my name off the roof.



A year after…
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very important contract, and this programming is totally different from all the others we’ve done in the past months.. So we all have to work hard” I said before moving to the projector
“This is what I’m talking-” I paused when the door to the meeting room opened and Sharon peeked her head in.. Her eyes met mine, and she raised a finger.. Indicating one minute
“Please excuse me” I said before walking out of the room and closed the door gently, then faced Sharon my secretary
“Sorry for disturbing you sir, but your wife called, she said you should give her a call,” she said and I nodded..
“Okay, I’ll call her after the meeting, thank you” I muttered turning to head back to the meeting
“No sir, she said it’s an emergency, and that it’s really important” she rushed out and I sighed
“Fine, I’ll call her now, you can go back to your post” I mumbled and dipped my hand in my pockets..
My eyes bulged out when I saw 11 missed calls and several text messages..
God! I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, I hope her water hasn’t broken yet, what am I even thinking, she’s just 8 months pregnant, but still.. I quickly dialled her number whilst pacing in the hall.. She picked after the second ring and I quickly blurted out questions
“What is it baby? Are you okay? Did your water break?, are you feeling pains?, what’s wrong? Talk to me Debbie” I pleaded
“How am I supposed to answer all those questions at once?, please come home, I need your help seriously” she said and I sighed in relief
“Help with what?” I asked more calmly
“Stop asking questions and come home” she said sharply and hung up. I stared at my screen before inhaling..
I walked back to the room and looked at my staffs,
“I’m sorry for that, unfortunately there’s an emergency at home, and it’s very important I go check it out. Michael please head the meeting and give me feedbacks, do have a nice day” I said and walked out as they all replied back.

I took a sip of my yoghurt and continued watching the TV.. I heard Henry’s car driving into the compound and smiled..
I knew he would come, I quickly placed my glass on the coffee table beside the arm of the couch I was laid on and arranged my shirt properly to cover my oversized belly.
I heard the door open and footsteps approaching the living room..
“Debbie?, baby?” He called
“I’m here” I mumbled weakly.
“Hey, how are you?” He asked smiling as he leaned down to kiss me briefly
“I’m not fine” I grumbled looking up at him..
“Why?, what’s wrong?” He asked worriedly as he raised my head up so he could sit and place my head on his thighs.. I shifted slightly to get comfortable.
“My legs are aching me” I blurted out acting like I would cry any second.
“Again?” He asked and I nodded
“Can you please massage it?” I asked putting on a puppy face. He blinked and shook his head,
“Is this the emergency?” He asked not getting angry but amused.
“Is it not enough to be an emergency?, I’m pregnant! with your child, that you implanted in me!, of course it’s an emergency, don’t you know I could fall if I walk around with painful legs? and only God knows what will happen to not just me but our baby if that happens” I said
“Nothing bad will happen in Jesus name, you’ll not even fall, stop thinking such negative things please.” he stated and stood up .. Placing my head gently on the couch and moved to my legs, I smiled as he started massaging my bare legs..
Ahh, one of the joys of being pregnant.. I rubbed my stomach as he continued..
“Leave that spot, massage here, softly please” I mumbled glancing at him to see him smiling.

“I’m hungry oo” I complained minutes later.
“OK, what do you want to eat?” He asked
“Uhm.. I’ve already ate pizza, spaghetti and cake.. I don’t want to swallow anything.. So I’ll just manage, party jollof rice” I said and he gaped at me.
He Still hasn’t gotten used to me eating much..
“Uh.. Okay, let me go and quickly make it” he said standing up.
“No o!” I said quickly stopping him in his tracks.
“What?” He asked
“I mean original party jollof rice” I said
“Which one is original party jollof rice again?” He asked confused
“I mean the ones they share at parties, that’s the one I want o” I grumbled
“But baby today is Thursday, they don’t do parties on Thursday ” he stated matter of factly
“So are you saying you won’t get it for me?” I asked as tears gathered my eyes, he swallowed and nodded.
“Yes I will, I’ll just check around to see if there’s an occasion going on” he said and I smiled
“Thank you.. I love you”
“I love you too” he said looking like he would faint as he turned to leave
“Love aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked sitting up.
“What?” He asked
“Go and get a cooler from the kitchen now,” I said and he stared at me for a second, without saying anything he walked into the kitchen and came back out with a lunch flask.
“Bye, drive safely” I mumbled and he nodded.. Before leaving.


There’s absolutely no way I’m going to look for an ongoing party because of jollof rice.. Something I can buy at a restaurant or even shop rite..
After buying two plates of rice and beef I walked back to my car and opened the lunch flask, before transferring the rice In the plate into it.. I covered it properly and placed it back in the nylon.
I’m so smart, there’s no way She’ll suspect I bought it. I thought mentally
I drove out of the parking lot with a smile as I headed straight for home.
I watched as Debbie hurriedly opened the flask, the moment I stepped into the house, she had hijacked the cooler from my hands, although she was surprised I had found a place so easily..
She took a spoonful and served it on her plate, I noticed her pause for a bit, inhaling the air around her. She furrowed her brows and took a spoonful into her mouth.. She chewed it and frowned.
“What is it?, don’t you like it?” I asked
“Where did you buy this food?” She asked glaring at the plate and flask
“Buy?.. I- I didn’t..”
“You did henry!” She snapped placing the flask on the table.. She looked at me and her lips started trembling..
Ohmygod.. No no no..
“It doesn’t have the scent of a party jollof rice and it doesn’t taste like one either!” She said
“Is there a specific scent for it?” I asked quietly… I didn’t know there was a scent oo..
“You promised to get me what I want.. And you thought you could trick me right?” She asked as her eyes filled with tears.
“No.. No.. No baby.. It’s not like..”
She burst into tears and cried heavily..
My God, why does she always have to cry about any little thing?..
“Shh.. It’s okay honey, I’ll go and look for it.. Party jollof rice abi? (Right?), I’ll try my best to get it, just stop crying now” I pleaded hugging her.. She sniffed and raised her face to look at me, I wiped her cheeks and her eyes
“Promise?” She mumbled and I nodded
“I promise” I said before pecking her lips.
She smiled and nodded
“Okay, go”..
” hey, guy what’s up?” Daniel asked after he picked up
“Daniel, please is there any party or occasion in your area?” I asked looking at the road
” yes”
“No why?” He asked and i hissed
“Guy, it’s Debbie oo.. She said she wants to eat party jollof, and I’ve been driving around Lagos for the three hours, still nothing!” I exclaimed.
“I don’t understand, then go buy from a restaurant then” he said and I laughed softly
“That’s exactly what I did the first time, she caught me red handed” I replied and he snorted
“How?” He asked
“She said it didn’t have the scent of a party jollof and didn’t have the taste as well” I explained and he exclaimed
“Your own good o, at least it’s party jollof, anyhow anyhow .. You can get it, can you believe kiki has been craving for cherry since yesterday?” He asked
“Cherry?” I asked confused
“Yes na, agbalumor! (Cherry).. And it’s not the season yet, how am I supposed to get something that won’t come out until the ending/beginning of the year?!” He asked
“I don’t understand these women, that was how chairlady (debbie) asked for amala last night, she just woke up in the middle of the night and started with her cravings” I said frustratedly
“My guy, your own is good, at least you haven’t cooked with firewood yet, my prayer is that this nine months should end fast, let her deliver safely so I can rest.. If not I will run oo” he said and I chuckled
“I’m telling you I’ll just run and come back after she delivers” I joked.
“Don’t let her hear you o, anyways what about your mom.. She’s a really good caterer right?, I’m sure she can make what Debbie wants” he suggested
“Yes! That’s a good idea, I just pray she’s at home.. Let me call her”
“Alright, later then” he said.
“Yeah” I mumbled and hung up before dialing my mother’s line.
Look at the stress this woman is putting me through, I’m not complaining though, who am I to complain?..
After all, this is what I signed for..
Day of divorce..
“Are you sure about this Debbie?” Lawyer Cindy asked after we took our seats
“Yes I am” Debbie replied and I breathed in
This is it then.. I’m going to loose my wife forever.
Cindy nodded curtly and brought out two files, placing one each in front of me and Debbie..
“Who’s signing first?” She asked
I exchanged glances with Debbie and took the pen from Cindy, without going through the paper I signed and Debbie took the pen,before signing on hers.. She smiled back at Cindy who had a grin on her face.
Debbie started laughing and I looked between the two women confused.
“He didn’t even bother going through the paper, and neither did he object to signing it.. Is that how much you’re tired of me?” Debbie asked looking at me.
“I don’t understand,” I admitted
“Of course you don’t.. Read the paper you just signed” she said and I hesitantly picked up the paper..
Skimming through it..
I sat up as I read the words..
‘I Debbie ifeoluwa henry, has forgiven Henry Ayomide Lawson and will only get back with him if he signs this agreement and does the following;
1) court me again for a month
2) renew our wedding vows by getting married again
3)promise to never hurt/hit me till death do us part, and will be punished if he does
4) agrees to make me happy always
5) always try to make sure we both involve in dialogue whenever we have any misunderstanding,
6)promise to never let us sleep with a grudge.
*Another list will be added after the second wedding.’
I stopped reading and stared unbelievably at Debbie she smiled and stood up.. She stood in front of me and hugged me.
“I gave you another Chance, because it was the right thing to do, for the past three months you had proved to be the man I fell in love with,my Henry.. You proved to be a changed man, and worthy of a second chance, I’m happy you didn’t give up on me, I’m happy you realized your mistake and wrongs.. I forgive you already, but you still have to do those things printed on the paper okay?” She said looking down at me.. I smiled and nodded before standing up to hug her
“Thank you so much Debbie, for not giving up on us, on me” I said and Cindy smiled giving me a thumbs up.
End of flashback🕑
I smiled at the memory, I still don’t know what I did to deserve a woman like her, although she’s a little bit annoying now, but I understand it’s because of the pregnancy hormones.. But I love her either way, and even though I don’t admit it, I like seeing her round with our baby..

Hours later**
I walked into the house with a big cooler, as Rufus dragged the other behind me.
I walked into the sitting room to see Debbie sleeping,.
I placed the big cooler beside the table, Rufus placed the one he was dragging beside it and left to go back to his post. I walked into the kitchen and moved back to the living room with a breakable plate, spoon and water
I softly tapped Debbie to wake up and she groaned tiredly.
“What now?” She grumbled
“I’ve brought the rice o, come and eat” I said opening the cooler.. I must admit my mom did a good job.. The whole house was engulfed with the scent of the food..
“Jesus!, how did you get two big coolers of jollof rice and beef?” She asked with her eyes wide as I filled her plate with rice and beef, I had specifically asked mom to prepare this much.. Because, there’s nothing that’s going to make Me drive out this night because of jollof rice.. I know Debbie, she must request for it in the night.. And maybe tomorrow.
“That’s not important, take ..,eat,” I said placing the plate in front of her.
“Thank you, but I’m no longer hungry,” she said and I laughed
“Baby, you must be joking” I said, she better be because I know how I suffered before I got this two big coolers of party jollof rice, something I can always cook at home here for her.. She asked me to move around Lagos for it and now that I’ve gotten it she’s telling me what I don’t even want to understand
“No I’m not.. I’m not hungry” she said adjusting in the chair.
I looked at her for a second and started unbuttoning my shirt.. I pulled it off, then removed my trousers, all the while she looked at me confused
“Uhh.. What are you doing?” She asked as I kicked my shoes to the side, now left in my singlet and boxers
“If you think you can make me suffer my self for nothing, you’re wrong, think again o.” I said as i sat on the glass table, caging her legs in between mine.. I picked the plate and scooped a spoonful.
“You see this rice, Debbie you must eat it today and now!” I said smiling at her
“I don’t want to eat, leave me alone” she said as tears gathered her eyes.
“You like cry, baby you see this two cooler you’ll finish them.. Whether you like it or not, open your mouth for me… I’ll bite you o” I threatened and forced the spoon into her mouth.. She rolled her eyes as she chewed on the food
“Oya fast fast, hurry.. You still have two more coolers to go” I said putting another spoonful in her mouth, she eyed me but continued eating anyway.
At the end of the day she ate almost half of one cooler.. And didn’t bother waking up in the night to request for more.

The end..


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