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Sister Becca is dead.

Episode 21

Jerry and Jeph were returning from school. A car double crossed them. Jerry was quickly pushed into the car by some men. Jephtah tried to escape. They drove after him pointing a gun on jerry’s head.

-if you make noise, or shout, i will blow out your brother’s skull. One of the men said.

Sister Joy and Becca went to the bank to get another A.T.M so she can withdraw money to fix herself again. That same day, she got a phone. They came home around 7pm , the boys were not home.

Bro Christopher wasn’t home either. So they thought he went out with them. (Bro chris and sister Joy are yet to have their own children). Few minutes later, bro chris called his wife, informing her that jerry and Jephtah are nowhere to be found.

Sister Joy didn’t know what to do or say. She didn’t know if she should tell Becca or not. She went into her room and went her knees.

-oh Lord, your eyes runs to and fro the whole earth. Lord please, where ever these boys are, please bring them home safely. Every evil hand holding them, wither by fire, be cut off, be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.



-yea, Becca come in


-Are you ok? You’re crying?

-Sis, please sit. It’s the boys.

-Jesus!!! What happened to my children ? Joy please tell me. What happened? (Crying)

-My husband came home and saw they weren’t home yet. By 6pm it was very unusal of them. So he drove to their school. They were not there.


-Jesus!!!oh father !!! Do not allow my enemies rejoice over me.

She started singing

There is one thing I know
Everywhere i go
Jesus Christ, has never failed me yet

Never failed me yet
Never failed me yet
Jesus Christ,has never failed me yet
There is one thing i know
Everywhere i go
Jesus christ, has never failed me yet.

Satan you are a liar. My Lord Jesus is faithful. He has never failed me. He can never disappoint me.

Oh Lord, the earth is yours and it’s fullness, the world and those who dwell in it. Fight for me, fight for my children. Save me oh God.

Pastor Roland, his wife mabel, prayer warriors, bro christopher and sister joy kept vigil again that night.

-kulie n’ibu dike(Arise in your greatness)
Papa, kulie n’ibu dike
Kulie n’ibu dike
Ihe ji mara dike eruwo(it’s time to show what you’re known for )

Agu n’eche mba kulie(Lion that guards the land, arise)

Ihe ji mara dike eruwo


Okemuo(great spirit)
Muo nile na tu egwu gi (all other spirits are afraid of you)


-Mighty God, we worship you, our battle axe, we worship you, mountain melter, we adore you, problems crusher, we worship you, Almighty God, we reverence you, man of war, the captain of the host of heaven, who can challenge your Authority, Oh Lord, are you not the one who made a mess of the mightyness of pharoah and the boastfulness of sennacherib, king of Assyria ? You it was oh Lord that swallowed up the chariots and horse men of pharoah and destroyed in one night, the great Army of King sennecherib that even his gods bowed down broken before you.

Heeeeeeeeeeey, he screamed, my God is a man of war, he holds the two edged flaming sword, who can stand hus fury. Who is that mountain before zerubabel, (speaking in tongues) oh Looooorrrrrd arise, in your mercy arise, in your mightyness arise, in your anger oh Lord arise. Whoever holding jerry and jephtah captive, bible tells me that even the CAPTIVES OF THE MIGHTY shall be delivered, and the PREY OF THE TERRIBLE taken away, for THE LORD SHALL CONTEND WITH THOSE WHO CONTEND WITH US and he will SAVE OUR CHILDREN. So therefore, let there be confusion in there camp, oh Lord, deliver your children from the snare of the fowler and from their noisome pestilence. Oh Lord, fight this fight and give us victory. Thank you father.


-what is your name? Asked one of the kidnappers.

-PROPHET JEREMIAH.jerry answered.

The kidnappers laughed.

-look at this small boy o, do you think we are here for child’s play? My friend tell us your name.



-you dey mad? You no dey fear? My friend tell us your name before i blow out your brain.

-fear who ? Jerry replied, hmmm, is like you don’t know whom you’re dealing with. You see this slap you just gave me is all you can do. That gun you are holding stopped working the moment you tampered with me. I am not afraid of you. My mum said that so long as i have Jesus, no one can harm me, no harm can befall me. You have kidnapped the wrong kids because today will be your end. Don’t look at our size, what we *carry is bigger than 10,000 of you.for he who is in us is GREATER.
Somebody tell the devil, DON’T LOOK AT MY SIZE, WHAT I CARRY IS BIGGER THAN 10,000 OF YOU.

To be continued.
Sister Becca is dead

Episode 23

Becca told her pastor she was going to press charges against AKARAKA for kidnapping her children.

-my dear daughter. I prefer GOD PRESS THAT CHARGE HIMSELF. The man is connected. He can easily go scot free. Haven’t you read the portion of the bible that says, IT IS A TERRIBLE THING TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Allow God press that charge. Hmmm, i promise you, AKARAKA will regret touching God’s anointed. Don’t worry, relax, for THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU AND YOU SHALL HOLD YOUR PEACE.

-Amen. Thank you daddy. Becca replied.

-one more thing, pastor Roland said, daughter, tell me the truth, have you forgiven your husband ?

-yes daddy, i have.

-praise the Lord!!! Congratulations, no wonder God spoke to me. He said he will fight for you. You are to embark on a fast. 7 days. 6 to when ever your strenght can carry and you will break on light food. You shall also keep vigil that seven days. On the seventh day, we all shall join you in the vigil. It will be held in church. This kind cannot be settled but by PRAYER AND FASTING. May God strengthen you.

-Amen. Thank you daddy.

-After the fast, go back to your normal life. Go back to your business, bounce back again. Don’t look pitiable. A child of God is not to be pitied. We are for honour and not for pity. God bless you.

-Thank you sir.

Akaraka told the kidnappers that Greg has sent the money he needs to go and cash it. The leader assigned one of his men to drive his car and take him to where ever he was going.

On their way, Akaraka begged the man to please stop by a chemist so he can atlist get treatment for his wound. HE OBLIGED .

The chemist asked how he was shot. Akaraka narrated. The chemist treated him. Akaraka requested for juice. He also requested for something to make him sleep because he was going through pains.

The chemist went looking for money to give him his balance when Akaraka poured the whole sleeping tablets into the juice. HE was going to give it to the young man riding his car.

Akaraka entered the car, the boy rushed him.

-you no well o, so i dey here dey do bodyguard work, you get hand to buy juice and mouth to drink am? My friend bring that thing here (he dragged the juice from him and started drinking) you no see beer abi ? Which one be juice (he poured it again into his mouth) nonsense.

They haven’t moved 2kms when he started knodding his head. They almost had accident. The man packed.

-Abeg, oga dey well mah sleep. See mah tell you, if you move one spot commot from here, i go blow your brain comot. Dey well o ( he slept off)

Akaraka pushed him to the other seat and started driving the car even with the pain on his leg. He got to a lonely part and pushed him out.

-idiot, nonsense. Chai, I’m fifty million Naira richer. Dem go hear am. I will paint this town red. Congratulations to my humble self. Welcome to the millionaires club once again. Hahahahahahahaha,. Those kidnappers are learners. They should know people like us have played this game before them. Hahahahahahahaha.

——————SOUTH AFRICA——————

Caroline woke up one morning and noticed she was bleeding. Greg rushed her to the hospital. The bleeding was furious. All efforts were made to save the baby. Caroline lost the baby. She was already 4 months gone. Caroline could not be comforted.

They came back home, Greg did everything a LOVING HUSBAND could do to make Caroline happy but she wasn’t.

-baby, Greg called, please put yourself together. I’m still here. We can make more babies.

Caroline was crying

-my baby, i want my baby. I can’t loose my baby. I was looking forward to my baby shower. Was always imagining me posting my baby’s lovely pictures all over the social media. Now this? I can’t bear it.

-baby, please. Calm down.

-don’t tell me to calm down. I don’t blame you. You have two sons already, i don’t expect you to feel pained about this. Don’t pretend it because i know you are faking being hurt. (She paused ) wait a minute, Greg, the drink you gave me last night, what did you put in it? What did you put in it that made me loose my baby? Greg, you killed my baby.

-will you stop talking nonsense. The baby in question is my blood, my child. You think two boys are enough ? Besides they are with their mum, i may never see them again. Caroline, you are taking this too far.

He got angry took his car keys and was about leaving. Caroline ran after him.

-baby please, I’m sorry. Please. I’m sorry.Please. Don’t blame me. I lost my baby. Our bound. I’m just hurt. (crying)

Greg held her.

-it’s ok. Get a grip of yourself. We will make more ok?

Akaraka never knew he was followed on bike by the leader. When he pushed him off, the leader of the kidnappers went straight to his house. His wife was not around. Akaraka has four children. Three girls and a boy.

The leader of the Kidnappers knocked at the gate. The first daughter went to answer the door. The second shouted.

-ella, don’t open the gate. Mum said we shouldn’t open the gate. No matter who it is.

The leader heard it and changed his voice.

-ella, it’s Aunty. Your mum said i should bring these things she bought home. She has gone to the saloon to fix her hair.

-ok aunty.

Ella opened the gate.

The Kidnapper brought out a gun and ordered all of them into the sitting room. He shot the girls and ran away with the boy who was just three years old.

The boy was crying furiously. When he couldn’t cover the crying, he dropped him on the road. Someone saw when he dropped the baby and started raising alarm.

People saw the baby on the floor all of a sudden. The man who saw when the baby was dropped mounted another bike and started running after him

-Na that man drop am. Na that man. Meh una follow me, meh una follow me.

It was a hot chase. People gathered. The baby was taken to the police station. The police took pictures of the child and kept him in their custody.

Akaraka passed that route but didn’t know what happened, he didn’t see his son. He was heading to withdraw 50 million.

AKARAKA’S wife came home and shouted. She ran outside. She was just shouting. People came to her, they were asking what happened. She was shouting and crying and pointing inside the house.

People were crying. Where is junior was the question on everyone’s lips. Someone made mention of a baby picked on the road and was taken to the police station.

Akaraka was called. He came home with the injury on his leg that was bleeding furiously. Akaraka fell to the ground and was crying.

Thr angry mob caught up with the leader of the kidnappers. He was tortured brutally before he started confessing. The police got involved. They are heading to Akaraka’s house.

—————SOUTH AFRICA——————–

caroline’s dad called her one afternoon

-caroline, i need a son who will answer my name when I’m gone. The baby we lost was a boy. I felt bad, so bad.

-dad, how did you know it was a boy?

-don’t worry about that. I called you here to tell you this…….. CAROLINE, replace GREG. Infact, i have a wonderful replacement for Greg. Cute looking handsome guy and guess what? He is a virgin. His stuff is still fresh and would produce fresh things. Come to my office tomorrow by 8 and get to meet him.

-dad, this is unfair. This is the 11th time. And anyone i drop dies mysteriously. I love greg. Why is my life like this?

-baby girl, you don’t question daddy ok? Just do as he says. Once you give me a son, you will live your normal life. DROP GREG. HIS TENURE HAS EXPIRED .

God can really press CHARGES. Who can escape it.

To be continued
Sister Becca is dead

Episode 22

The kidnappers couldn’t hold their laughter.

-oh, really? What is in you is bigger than 10,000 of us? And yet we captured you? Hahahahahahahaha, (they all laughed)

-yes, you captured us because it is time for your destruction JEPH REPILED. My mum told us that was the reason egypt pursued isreal because that day, they were to be SWALLOWED by the sea. So shall it be unto you.

The kidnappers burst into terrible laughter again.

-bobo and gala is talking. My friend shut up.

-i am not the voice of bobo and gala, i am the voice of thunder and lightening, voice of earthquake, i am a voice of vengance, for vengance is mine, i will repay, says the Lord. JEphtah

-what kind of children are these o, asked one of the kidnappers. Now, tell us, what’s your daddy’s phone number?

-we don’t know

-What? Ok, your mum’s

-my mum doest have a phone. Jerry replied.


  • Do you think we are playing here? I don’t joke with my money. I am giving one last chance. Give me the phone number of your parents now or I DRIVE THIS BROKEN BOTTLE INTO YOUR SYSTEM.

  • Psalm 27,The Lord is our light and salvation jerry replied, who shall we fear

-The Lord is the strenght of our life of whom shall we be afraid, Jeph replied.

-when the wicked even my enemies and my foes comes upon me to eat my flesh, they stumbled and fell.jerry replied

-though an host will encamp against us, our heart shall not fear, though war should rise against us in this we will be confident. Jeph replied.

-and verse 5 says, for in the time of trouble he shall hide us in his pavilion.

-yes Lord, jephtah repiled, and in the secert of his tabernacle shall he hide us, he shall set us up on a rock.

-Shut uuuuuuuppppppppp( the leader of the kidnappers, who broke the bottle shouted)

-Jerry, Jeph called.psalm 125 verse 1

-oooooh yeeessss!!! Jerry shouted, they that trust in the Lord shall be like mount zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.

-verse 3 says, jeph replied, for the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous. Jerry begin to pray. We can’t speak in tongues, mummy is not here to speak in tongues. She said speaking in tongues confuses the enemy.

-yes mummy is not here to speak in tongues, but JESUS IS HERE TO DELIVER, pray.

-Oooooohhh, which kain thing be this na, my body dey scratch me, this children dey spoil our gbana o.

The other three confused to the scratching too.
Their leader went mad. He brought out his phone and started making a call.

-Hello, oga Aka, which kain nonsense be this na. Why you send us to carry hot charcoal put for our body? Numbers sef we no get. Everybody just dey scratch for here. Carry yourself dey come bunk now o.

As the children were praying, the kidnappers were scratching, suddenly jerry burst into tongues. The kidnappers started shouting and ran out of the place where they were.

Soon the man who sent them came.

-what happened ? Where are the kids?

-God punish your generation there, replied the leader of the kidnappers. As their mama no get phone oya, give my their papa number.

-no noooow, that wasn’t what we discussed. She has almost 1million, i want you guys to milk her dry.

-oya give us her number.

The man was scratching his head

-emmmm, i don’t have it. But i can try and get the number of someone close to her.

-you look me like person wey mumu? (Slapped him) you thing say we dey play for here?

-what? You slapped me? Are you stupid? Are you crazy? Are you………

Other guys started beating the man from behind

-you dey craze
-you dey mad
-who borrow you liver?
-wait, na capon you they follow yarn like that?

-Meh una leave am. Oga, shey body don tell you word? Oya wire me dia papa number. Now

-no please, that’s not the plan, please.

The leader of the kidnappers pulled out his gun and shot the man’s leg.

-you go give me now?

-my leg oooooo, my leg ooooooo, (he gave out Greg’s number)

The leader dialed the number.

-hello, oga greg, how far na

-hello, who’s this?

-any way, hold on for your children. (He went off to where the kids are tied and behold, THEY HAVE ESCAPED. He dropped the call and started shouting) arrrrghhhhh, they don run, this children don run.

-Na lie
-which road them follow
-how come, we tie them well na.

The leader faced the man.

-you see wetin you don course? Now you go play the role of Jerry and eim brother now and you must play am well. Thank god say you don dey cry. Oya get up. Dey go inside.idiot.


-Oga Greg, ah dey hail o, we say make we keep jeph and jerry for you small. As you balance for south without settling boys of the area. Oya hear from them.

The man changed his voice.

-hello dad, jeph and i are in trouble, please help us.

-hello, oh my God, jerry. Hello

-hello, you don hear am. Na 50million go solve this problem. We have only 30mins. If we no see am, forget your children.

-hello, please don’t hurt my boys, i will pay but please don’t hurt them. Please.

-for this talk wey you talk now wey SIR no dey inside, 100million.



-please sir, please. 120 is too much.i will pay the 50 please.

-you say 120 too much? You fit buy these boys with 120? Idiot. The private jet wey you get na 120million you buy am? Oga 120million or nothing. 30mins. (He dropped the call)

Greg started calling Akaraka.

-hello, Man, I’m in deep mess o

-what happened ?

-my boys were kidnapped. Are you sure it’s not rebecca’s plot to get money from me?

-what ? Kidnapped ? My God. No, she can’t do that. She has her own money na. Chai, this is serious, how much are they requesting?

-120 million

-what? For what? Jeeeez! That too much na

-i need you to arrange 50million. The money i sent last has not been touched right? Give it to them. When they call again, i will ask for directions how the money can get to them. Please. Don’t involve the police, please.

-ok. Thanks.

-Aka, greg called, are you alright?

-yes I’m fine. I just have catarrh.

-ok, sorry about that. Please, gather the money, in 30 mins please.


-you can go in now

-thank you sir, God bless you, Jeph replied.

-sir please come in so my mum will thank you too.

-not necessary. Just tell her the one who saved
Her said hi.

-you once saved my mum?


-ok, thank you sir

They ran in.

Mum, mum, we are home.

Becca, sister joy, bro chris, pastor Roland, sister mabel, and the prayer warriors rushed out.

There was shout of victory. Becca started singing

Nara Nara o
Nar’ekele, Nar’ekelem oooo

Which shall i render, to Jehovah, for he has done so very much for me.

What shall i render to Jehovah, for he has done so very much for me.

The kids started narrating….

-mum, jeph continued . The kidnappers went out side o. While we were praying, one man walked in. He said, what are you people doing here? Who tied you? He loosed us and asked us to follow him. We did.

-we passed by the kidnappers but they didn’t see us. Mum, do you know who planned it?

uncle AKARAKA. We saw him. The kidnappers shot him on the leg. God saved us.


Sister Becca is dead .

Episode 24

The police arrived Akaraka’s house. Akaraka’s wife fainted on hearing what was going on. Akaraka was arrested along side the kidnappers.

Akaraka’s wife regained consicousness. Becca heard what has befallen Akaraka’s family. She went to visit the wife.

-madam, Akaraka’s wife called, you came? I am so sorry about your boys.

-no no no no, it’s ok becca replied. I feel pained in my spirit. How these innocent children had to pay for the sins of their father. (Tears) thank God junior has been found. Accept my condolences. God shall empower you with strength to pull through the turbulent times.

-Amen. Thanks so much. Akaraka has been a devil in human flesh, a pest in my life. What he has done to me? Epistles won’t contain them. I just feel pained about my girls. (Crying) my lovely daughters. Can i bear this?

-in as much as this is just unbearable, you have to be strong for junior. You need to be alive to help him be a good child who will grow up to be a better man and the best husband who his father wasn’t. I pray for power from on high to overhaul you. Be close to God, he will never let you down.

Becca was still on the fasting and praying. Jerry and his brother jephtah joined their mum.

-mum, you won’t fight alone, we will fight with you. Dad must come back to us wether satan likes it or not jerry said

-yes mum, jeph replied. You told us that when we decree a thing on earth, heaven will establish it. I decree, dad must return to us in Jesus name.

-Amen Becca and jerry answered.

-mum, jeph called, i miss dad so much. I am very angry with the devil for breaking my family apart. That’s why we must join you mum.

-yes, replied jerry.

Becca was in tears.

-thanks so much my babies. My work in leading you through in the things of God, even though it wasn’t easy, is making things easier for me now. But please, your fasting is a light one. 6-12. Ok?

-ok mum. Thanks alot.

That day, during break, Jerry and his brother jephtah, went behind the school building, went on their knees and started praying.

Becca herself was in her room praying.

—————-SOUTH AFRICA —————

Mr troy was sitted in Caroline’s dad’s office when Caroline worked in.

-that’s my daughter. You will be working under her.

Caroline was captivated by mr troy’s looks. He was just so handsome.

-ok sir. Good day madam. I am troy Daniels.

-i am caroline, call me caro please.

-ok. Troy replied.

-you can wait at the reception. I will get back to you. Caroline’s father replied.

-ok sir, excuse me.

He left.

-oh my God daddy, that guy is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

-seems someone is falling in love already.

-you can say that again dad. But dad, that guy will be very hard to get o.

-baby c’mon. You have the key to the door. When you don’t use it, the door remains locked. Have you forgotten you’re signing him in? Don’t sign him in until he agrees.

-perfect dad. I can’t wait to have him.

-meanwhile, the trash in your house, when are you dumping it.

-what trash dad? Oh, Greg. Hahahahahahahaha, i still need the trash around till I’m done getting, i swear. TROY DANIELS MUST BE MINE.

-that’s the spirit my princess. I’m proud of you.


-Good day ma.
-mr Daniels, i have told you to cut out the MA when you are just with me. How are you?

-very fine thank you.

-you here to be signed in right?

-yes ma’am

-ok, seems you don’t learn very fast. Ma’am again?

-this is an office, you are my boss. It is expected of me to address you with respect and formality. I will address you as ma’am please.

-hmmm, it’s ok. Can i have the papers now.

HE HANDED OVER THE PAPERS. She wrote on a shit of paper and gave to him. Troy was surprised.

-what’s this ma’am ?

-meet me there tonight.


-well, that’s where you will be signed in.

-in a hotel? I thought you are to sign me in here and now.

-nop, hotel room dear.

-I thought you are married.

-that’s my headache. Meet me at the hotel.(she winked)


-meet you at the hotel? Why? What for?

-Greg, this is my office. You can’t badge into my office like that. Get out.

-what? I should what?

-Get the hell out of my office. What’s your problem ? Get out.


He left.

-madam caroline, i am not interested. I am not coming to any hotel. You don’t just try doing things like this with just anyone you see. I am a CHILD OF GOD. I am bound by the ordinances of the bible. I can’t soil my hands in iniquity.

-oh really, then forget about working here.

-God brought me here for a reason, and until that reason is achieved, i am not going anywhere. I will work in this company. YOU WONT STOP ME. I met the rest of the board members, they have signed. Why are you doing this? I will take this matter to the rest of the board members. I will show them this paper.



-come back. (She started signing the papers) you are very qualified for the field you applied for. We have been looking for someone with your kind of qualifications. That’s why I’m signing yOu in. Else,………

——————–AT HOME———————-


-Caroline, what was that nonsence? What was the insults for and please may i ask what you will be doing at the hotel with that guy?


-i am talking to you caroline. He shouted.


-How dare you? Your tenure has expired. I have seen someone sweeter, fresher and cuter. I dont have time for OLDIES whose babies can’t last up to 9 months in a woman’s womb. I am done with you. Consider yourself DUMPED.

GREG STOOD AND COULDN’T Utter a word. He kept pacing around. Caroline came out 30mins later all dressed. She went out and slammed the door.


To be continued.
Sister Becca is dead.

Episode 25

Greg kept calling Akaraka’s number, wasnt ringing. Was saying call not Available. He was worried. Then he called one of their friends, they call him UBOSIOMA.

Ubosi told greg everything about Akaraka. Greg could not believe. Greg cried. The betrayal was just too much.

The seventh day came. People of God gathered. Pastor Roland said that night would be all about praise and worship. He said when the isrealites was to war against the philistines led by king Jehoshephat, God told them to praise him and when they did, God caused the enemies to fight themselves. For this reason, Praises and worship was going on. The church premises was filled with God’s glory.
Pastor Roland started.

Okaka okaka(greatest one)
Eze, idiebube(my king, you are glorious)
Ahagi, juru eligwe n’uwa(your name reigns in heaven and on earth)

Odigh’onye ginaya na chi n’eligwe(no one rules the heavens with you)
Odigh’onye ginaya na chi n’eluwa(no one rules the earth with you)

Okaka, okaka
Eze idi ebube, ahagi juru eligwe, n’uwa.

I’ve seen the God of wonders,
doing mighty things.
Healing the oppressed, setting captives free
He’s the lily of the vallley, bright and morning star.
Ruler of all nations, great and mighty king
Heavens declare, your great and mighty power
Heavens declare, your great and mighty power
You are bigger than the biggest
Stronger than the strongest
Better than the best, better than the best

You are the great i am
You are the great i am
You are the great i am
You are the great i am

Glory was all over the house. Jerry raised a song.

Never seen this kind of God before
Awesome God you are in all your ways
Undisputed, no one can compare
Your love your grace it gives me peace within

Demons flee and tremble at your name
Knees shall bow and every tongue confess
Jesus, Jesus Jesus is your name
Jesus jesus jesus is your name

You’re greater, you’re stronger and higher than anyother…….

Bigger than what people say
Bigger than what people say

Everyone worshipped
Some worshipped in tongues
It was too glorious.

Greg came home from work and saw the enterance door locked and his luggages outside.

What’s this ? What’s going on here ? (He called caroline on phone )


-Greg, yes, you would have seen your luggages outside. Henceforth, you will stay at the boys quaters.

-caro why are you doing this? Hello, hello (she dropped) oh my God. What’s going on? Why is everyone betraying me? What is this? Me, boys quaters? (He sat on the floor and cried)

Caroline has been all over mr troy. Mr troy wasn’t giving a dam about her. Her dad told her to increase his salary by 80%. Greg should also be demoted and let mr troy take his place. Greg should leave the office and go to the FACTORY as FACTORY MANAGER.

Greg came to the office the next morning and was asked to resume work at the factory office as FACTORY MANAGER.

-why? For what exactly? What did i do? This company was in shambles before i came. I put this company in order only to be treated like this?


-you were handsomely paid for your services mr chigozie. Don’t start that stupid noise. You should be greatful i didn’t fire you. Get to old office and take out all your stuffs. Tonight there will be an all night production. You are sleeping in the factory tonight.

Greg stood lifeless, speechless, empty but he had no choice.

He entered his old office, mr troy was already sitted.Greg stood and was looking at him.

-congratulations, THIEF. You are a bloody thief. You stole my woman, my position and everything. I will not spare you. I will make sure you go down as well.



Greg turned with shock

-what? What did you just say?

-that’s your woman’s name. Thus says the Lord, go back to her. Your life is in terrible danger. The more you remain here, the more chances to die.

Greg was shivering.

-how, how, did you know?

-hmmm, she did you no wrong. God said, she did you no wrong. You were surrounded with the claws of a Bad friend who was jealous of your family.

Now Greg was more afraid than ever.

-who are you?

-I’m just a man God uses. I am here for a purpose. i think you are one of them. Your woman is not CAROLINE. Go back to your WOMAN. Hmmm, you have been laid spiritually already on occultic altar of SACRIFICE. You have just fifteen days. The forces against you are heavy. Go back to God.

Greg stood speechless.

God knows our name.

To be continued.


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