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The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by:
Chapter 1
Isabella Pov
Walking down the lonely street at about 2am
yeah I know it’s pretty late for a lady to be out at that hour
well that’s the risk I have to take everyday, just to pay bills
I just finished my shift at the bar and am on my way home
I wrapped my hands around my body as the cold breeze hit my face
Tony was the one who normally drop me off but his out of town
I reached my apartment and opened the door quietly
My father laying on the floor with empty bottles of beer around him
sleeping and snoring loudly
i ignored the sight in front of me and went straight to my room
I locked up the door of my room and sat on the dressing table
I picked my face wipe and wiped off the makeup plastered on my face
I removed my heels and jumped on top of my bed
My alarm rang and I dragged my self out of the bed
I can’t believe it’s morning already
I groaned loudly and I dragged my feet to the bathroom
I did my rituals and dressed up fast
I know you might be wondering where I’m going to again
well I have another job ,yeah that’s how my life rotate
working my ass off just to provide for me and my family
I don’t mean to be rude but my parents are pretty much useless.
I starred at myself in the mirror and I look more horrible than before
I was getting more skinny by the day due to lack of rest and good food
As I walked downstairs I heard my father and mother yelling at the top of their voices
I just pray they don’t break anything again
“we’re out of food stuffs”my mom said starring at me
“I don’t have any money”I replied honestly
“I haven’t been paid”I added
“After whoring around the whole night and you can’t bring anything”she asked with a chuckle
“that reminds me ,the man we owe for the last rent is coming to collect his money”my dad added and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket
“what do you mean dad,I personally gave you the money to give him”I half yelled
“oh quit yelling ,the money went to family expenses”he said
I can’t just believe this man is my father
“beside your mates give more than that to their families” he added and my mom laughed loudly
I walked out of the apartment as tears keep threatening to fall out of my eyes.
I have been working for almost two hours none stop
The cafe was filled with alot of people going in and out
“Hurry up Bella, don’t be a lazy ass”my manager yelled and I increased my pace , moving from one place to another in seconds.
I was done for the day as I made my way out and met my dad running towards me
“is the house on fire”I asked starring at the way he was panicking
“Even worse Isabella,I need money,the people I owe are looking for me”he added
“they are deadly men”he added
“I don’t have any money”I added
“you have to check”
with the look on my dad’s face I know his in deep trouble
I haven’t seen him so worried about something like this before
“how much are we looking at here”I asked
“16,000 USD” he replied
“WHAT”I half yelled
“how the hell am I going to have such amount of money” I added
“please let’s look for a way”my dad pleaded
I can’t believe he could collect such amount of money ,were do hell am I going to get such from
even my salary for a year won’t reach.
Right now we sat down thinking of what to do
My mom was out whoring and my dad was in deep thoughts
He kept looking out the window time to time nervously
The doorbell rang and he sprang up
He signaled me to go get the door and I did , despite how badly he have been treating me his still my father
I opened the door to see a huge tall guy standing at the porch
He was wearing a black tuxedo and black lense
okay he was the only one ,they were like four
One of them pushed me aside and the all made their way in
The last person walked in but he was carrying a different aura
He looked arround the room and made a disgusting face
The other two guys who am sure is his bodyguard went to my father and dragged him
making him kneel
who the f** is HE
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by: Quinn blessing
Chapter 2
Isabella Pov
“Okay enough ,who the hell are you “I half yelled facing the guy whom I think is the boss
“were is my money”the guy asked my father in an Italian accent
and also he ignored me
“I…I…don’t have it yet”my dad shuttered
“who is she “the guy asked my dad pointing at me
“my daughter”he replied
“good I will have her”he said and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket
“Thank you she’s all yours ,you can have her”my dad said shocking me even more
“Dad”I half yelled
“Shut up bitch not that you are of any use to me”he replied and my heart sank
The guys signaled his boyguards and they went up to me and dragged me along with them
I struggled free as i keep on yelling for help
“I will call the cops of you douchebag”
“you will all rot in prison for kidnapping”
I knew all this threat were empty and they paid me no attention
I felt something hard hit my neck and I passed out
I woke up only to find myself in a room ,I rushed to the door and it was locked
I checked the window and it’s impossible to go out
I sat down on the bed thinking of what to do next
obviously crying won’t solve anything
the door opened and he walked in
“let me go please “I said almost breaking down
“oh Hermosa not so fast” he replied walking close to me
“what do you want from me”I asked shifting back
“Just ten days on my bed and your free” he replied back
“what please you can’t do that to me”I pleaded
“oh I can and I will,besides don’t get too flattered ,your body is like the biggest turn off “he replied rushing me to the bed
“yes I agree let me go”I said struggling in fear
He pined me down on the bed and began tearing off my clothes
I tried fighting him off but can’t ,his way too strong me
He sucked on my neck as hot tears rolled down my eyes
He pulled down his pants and forced himself into me
I felt a sharp pain and more tears rolled down my eyes and he didn’t even care
I hate him so much right now
Day 1
I woke up feeling really sore in between my legs
I dragged my feet to the bathroom and took my bath
the outfit I wore earlier was ruined so I just tied the towel and came out
I felt so much better than before
I saw a neatly folded cloth on my bed with a tray of food there
It was a black gown and matching undies
I put them on before settling down to eat
Rejecting the food right now won’t do me any good
I stayed in the room the whole day doing nothing
Only a bald head man who came to drop lunch and now dinner
How did I end up in this mess and being someone sex slave
I thought I was unlucky before but this just worsen the whole thing
I cleaned my tears up because no matter how long I cry it won’t change anything
the door opened and he walked in again
The handsome devil
“Please can I rest am still sore “I said hoping he would understand
“I’ll love to make you more sore”he replied with a smrik plastered on his face
“who are you ,,why don’t you have a heart” I asked honestly
“I’m Leonardo Davin ,leader of the mafia and your right I don’t have a heart ”
“you should be happy ,other girls would die to be in your position “he added
“now undress or i will help you and I won’t be so careful”he said with no expression on his face
Leonardo starred at me plainly and I undress and climbed the bed
I spread my legs and he slide into me
The only thing I was feeling was pain ,anger ,regret ,hatred for everyone
After what took like an hour ,,he walked out of the room and slammed the door shut
I let the tears run down from my eyes ,I feel really dirty
to be continued
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by: Quinn blessing
Chapter 3
Isabella Pov
Day 2
After taking my bath and dressing up ,the door opened
Leonardo came into the room and starred at me
I began undressing but he stopped me
“Do you want to speak with anyone”he asked
“No ,I just want to go home”I replied back
“I told you that’s impossible “he said walking towards me
I knew asking me to let me go was completely impossible
His heartless
“I need you to make breakfast”he added
I nodded instantly because at least I was leaving the room
Being there alone and locked up always makes me think of how unlucky I am
Who knows I might be able to find a way to escape
I followed him downstairs and I must confess the house is breath taking
it so beautiful and really big
Since I passed out ,,I didn’t see the direction to this place or which house I’m in ,I only woke up in a room
“The kitchen is over there “he said pointing to the other side of the apartment
I walked into the kitchen and checked the cabinet
Everything needed for a proper breakfast was there
I tied the apron around my waist and began cooking
After cooking I served them on the dining and Leonardo sat down
“sit”he said in a commanding tone and I did
“eat”he added pushing his own portion towards me
is he kidding me ? I think he thought I poisoned the food
Truth be told if I had poison I wouldn’t think twice
I ate the food gently while he watched me
He dished out another portion for himself and we ate in silence
As much as I hate this guy,I couldn’t help but stare at how handsome he looks
His sharp jawline,full eye brows,pointed nose, pink lips,hazel eyes and dark hair
He is truly perfection
He was about turning to my direction when I removed my gaze and stare at the food
I don’t want him to see me checking him out
“you know it’s rude to stare”he said with a smirk
I guess he caught me ,I didn’t know what to reply so I just kept quiet
After I cleared the dishes and washed them I went back to Leonardo
He led me back to my room and locked up the door
i collapsed in the bed starring at the celling
Leaving this place was impossible
I took my time and checked out the place while cooking and it has a lot of security cameras
not only that..the compound was filled with huge guards who held guns
I will only get myself killed if I try to escape
Today is just day two ,,eight more days left to go
I closed my eyes and allowed the sleep to take me
I woke up feeling more healthy and alive
Back in my home,,I barely have time to rest talk more of sleep
it was from one job to another ,not that they were even decent job
I had to do them for my parents but what did I get at the end of the day
A drunkard and a gambler father who gave me out to be a sex slave and a mother who sleeps arround
My mind drifted to Tony and sure he must be worried about my disappearance
Tony is the only real friend I have and Crush
I always had a crush but him but he friend zoned me
He looks at me as his sister and nothing more which pained me
I couldn’t bring myself down to make a move because I was scared of rejection
so I just buried the feelings.
I went into the bathroom and showered
I came out and dressed up when a knock landed on the door and the guy who normally bring me food stepped in
he dropped the food but didn’t leave,,now he was walking close to me .
“what are you doing”I asked in fear moving back
“not until I have a taste of you”he replied gripping me hard
I struggled in fear and he pined me tightly
“shut the fuck up bitch”he muttered trying to force himself ontop me
the door burst open and Leonardo walked in making the guy jump up from me
in a blink ,I heard gunshot and the guy was on the floor with blood from his head
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by: Quinn blessing
Chapter 4
Isabella Pov
I closed my eyes tightly in fear
Some guys rushed in carrying guns which made fear gripped me the more
“Let’s go”Leonardo said and I followed behind him
We walked to another room and I entered
the room was completely different from the one I was in earlier
I looked arround closely and it was Leonardo’s room
“Stay here”he said and left
I walked over to the king sized bed and sat down
I knew he was a ruthless man but finding killing so easy was what I never imagined
Minutes later the door opened and Leonardo walked in with a tray of food in his hands
He dropped them for me before going into the bathroom
I was so hungry ,I didn’t think twice before rushing the food
At least I will need all the strength I can get for whatever that is about to happen
I was done eating when Leonardo walked back in with a towel tied around his waist and water dripping from his body
He was like those model that take pictures with water dripping from their body
“Done checking me out”he asked and I looked away shyly trying so hard not to blush
“what happened earlier on won’t repeat itself again”he said
“no it’s okay I’m fine”I replied back
“what do you mean by it’s fine ,that guy almost raped you”Leonardo half yelled
“you did the same thing to me countless times remember and no one killed you”I replied back
Seriously I didn’t know where I got the courage from
His face dropped instantly but later change to a cold glare
He removed his towel and I looked away ,not like I haven’t seen it before but it just feels weird starring at it
He walked over to the closet and began dressing up
He picked up a few things and locked up the door on his way out
I collapsed on the bed and slept off
Seriously I don’t have any better option ,but somehow his bed was comfortable for me
His perfume filled my nostril
“Miss ”
someone called tapping me and I opened my eyes gently
“Mr Leonardo asked me to dress you up,your going out with him”the lady said and I nodded
“lemme take a shower”I said to her and entered the bathroom
if not that I was going out , I would have had a bubble bath
the bathroom is so big and beautiful
I took a shower and came out
“it’s beautiful”I muttered starring at the black gown on the bed
“yeah and am sure it will look good on you “the lady replied
I wore my undergarments before sliding into the long lace black gown
it hugged my body perfectly and not really revealing
the lady did my hair and a light makeup
I wanted to ask her where we were actually going but I know it’s pointless
I starred at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t believe it
I have never dressed up like this before,I don’t even have the money to afford such expensive dress
I came down to the sitting room and met Leonardo all dressed in a black tuxedo
“let’s go”he said without sparing me a glance
We entered a black limo and i starred out the window through out the whole drive
Leonardo focused on his phone and I was tempted to ask where we were going but since he paid no attention to me so I just kept mute
we arrived at a venue and one of the boyguard opened the door
we came down and Leonardo placed his hands on my back as we made our way in
“Do not say anything to anyone “he said and we walked in
The place was beautiful decorated, everyone was wearing black
Is this some sought of burial or what ?
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by: Quinn blessing
Chapter 5
Isabella Pov
“Do not say anything to anyone “he said and we walked in
The place was beautiful decorated, everyone was wearing black
Is this some sought of burial or what ?
We walked in and Leonardo began greeting some people one after the other
They were dressed in really expensive outfit both the male and the female
But what surprised me most was that there were young girls of my age standing at the mimi bar and dressed in revealing outfits
I felt Leonardo hand tensed on my body
A young man looking extremely handsome well not up to Leonardo walked towards us with a smile on his face
“Leonardo Davin “he called smiling widely
“Walter Brian”Leonardo said coldly
I wonder what’s up with these two,they look like they hate each other do much
“Miss”Walter called starring at me
He raised my hand and kissed the back of my palm making me blush a little
“What’s your name beautiful”He asked
“Isabella “I replied back smiling
“I will take her”Walter said starring back at Leonardo
“she’s not on sale “he replied coldly
“what do you mean ,,all girls here are on sale …why is she an exception”Walter asked and I must confess his already getting on Leonardo’s nerve
“she’s mine “he replied
“ohh I see ”
“we will see about that “walter said
“I will love to see you again beautiful”Walter whispered softly in my ears and kissed my cheeks before walking away
Walter seems cool,well reserved and caring
“I told you not to talk to anyone” Leonardo said dragging me to a table to sit
“I’m sorry he asked me question and I couldn’t just ignore him ,, besides his really nice “I replied sipping the drink
“Isabella”someone called and I looked up Immediately
“Tony”I half yelled exictedly jumping on his body
“where have you been ,I Miss you so much”he said kissing my both cheeks with made me turn red
“I’m sorry alot is just going on”i replied honestly
we hugged tightly again and someone cleared his throat behind us
“ohh sorry ,, Tony meet Mr Leonardo Davin “I said
I could Leonardo turning all red ,
“Yeah who doesn’t know him “Tony said stretching his hands which he totally ignored
“Let’s go”Leonardo said sternly
“see you later Tony”I said and he kissed my forehead
Leonardo dragged my hands as we made our way to the car
His was actually hurting me ,The drive back home was silent and tensed
His really angry
We arrived back at the apartment and Leonardo walked in leaving me behind
I went his and saw him removing his tux and belt
He dragged my hands to the bedroom and I winked on pain
“Your hurting me “I said trying to break free but I was only hurting myself the more
“So you called your boyfriend to make mockery and disrespect me”Leonardo said
“what! his not my boyfriend”I defended
“then why was he all over you”Leonardo asked pushing me on the bed
” is that how you flirt with everyone”
“you make yourself cheap huh”he added
Leonardo kissed all over my body in a forcefully
He pinned me down with is body and sucked on my neck
am sure going to have alot of hickeys tomorrow
Tears were still pouring down my eyes but there was still pleasure in it
The thrust into me and more tears rolled down my cheeks when I starred at him
It’s obvious his doing this out of anger and that’s what hurts the most


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