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The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by:
Chapter 11
Isabella POV
Days flew by and finally that day came
yeah you heard me
I’ve spent Days days so far
I spent the remaining days healing and Leonardo have been really caring and nice to me even if he doesn’t say much sometime
I have learned that what made a man is either by his surrounding or past
That was exactly what happened to Leonardo
His past was so bad that it turned him to a heartless human who kill as he please and don’t care
And being a Mafia is a lot more to handle ,you must never show your weakness else your opponent might use it against you .
I woke up and strolled to the bathroom ,I did my business and came out
I dressed up and waited
A knock landed on the door and I knew it wasn’t Leonardo
“Come in “I said and the door cracked open
“ma’am ,Mr Leonardo asked me to take you home when done”he said and I gave him a sad smile
“I will be down in a second”I replied and he nodded
Where the hell is Leonardo?
Why didn’t I feel happy going back, gaining back my freedom?
i walked downstairs with a few things and entered the car ,still no sign of Leonardo
I took a last glance at the house before the car engine started
i was beyond sad
He didn’t even say a word to me, just like he said “Ten days on his bed” and that’s all
when I was actually beginning to believe that I meant something to him due to his change of attitude towards me
I guess I was wrong
once a Mafia , always a Mafia
He was still the same heartless and selfish Leonardo I met in the beginning .
The drive took about an hour and finally we pulled up at the entrance of my house
Sadness and pain was the only thing I felt at that moment
I can’t believe where I was born hold a lot of bad memories like this
I can’t even remember the happy moment
I came out of the car took my things and went in
The whole place was oddly quiet which I was thankful for
I didn’t want to see the man who calls himself my father or the woman who call herself my mother
I went into my room and everywhere looks like a disaster
I sure it’s my parents trying to check if they could see any money.
My hand still hurts a bit so it took me time before I was finally able to put the room in order
I just took a shower and collapsed on the bed
Tired .
I woke up feeling really hungry because I didn’t eat last night
I did my morning business and came out
as usual I heard my mom and dad shouting
“Look who finally came home after whoring around”my mom said dramatically while I just rolled my eyes
I think the best option for me now is to move out and find a job
I checked the whole place and there was nothing for me to eat
so I just went to the nearby cafe and got some breakfast
The whole day went by smoothly ,I tried my best to forget Leonardo and find a job
Night came and I went to shower before coming out
I felt a presence behind me and I turned quickly but no one was there
I searched for my hoodie when I felt something covered my nose and that was it .
I blacked out.
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by:
Chapter 12
Isabella POV
I woke up and found out I was in a in familiar room
The bed was different and so was the room design
I’m very sure this isn’t Leonardo’s place
First of all ,what is it with me and getting kidnapped
I came down from the bed and walked towards the door
The door wasn’t locked
I made my way out and passed through the huge hallway
this house must be huge
I walked down the stairs and heard some noise
on reaching where I guess it’s the sitting room
The noise died down but I noticed only one person
The guy from the function
“leave”he said to people that were with him and they all left immediately
“what do you want from me”
“why am I here”
“why did you kidnap me ” I asked angrily
“Are you hunny”he asked back ignoring my question
“No I want to go home”I replied sternly which made him laugh loudly
As much as his laughter sounds pleasant to my ears ,I still don’t get why he kidnapped me
“you call that a home”
“were your own parents treat you like trash and sell you off because of money they owe” he said and my body went numb
his words affected me because they were really true
“why am I here”I asked and he walked towards me
“your here because I want to give you a better life , just let me take care of you”he said touching my hair
“no thank you”I replied moving backwards
“I want to go”i replied back
“you b*tch “he snarled angrily grabbing my neck while I gasped for air
“I gave you an opportunity to have a better life and you turn it down ..I guess I might have to do it the other way”he said
“what do you mean”I managed to ask
“I’m going to use you and kill Leonardo”he replied throwing me to the couch
“I’m sure he must have heard your missing by now”he added
“Leonardo won’t come for me”I replied and he gave me a weird look
“What do you mean” he asked
“it was only a deal,he threw me out after that”I replied
“well you better wish he comes for you because if he doesn’t I will kill you”he said walking away
I rushed to the main door and yeah only a password could open it
I looked through the window and just like Leonardo’s place ,it was filled with guards
I slumped back on the chair and used my palm to cover my face .
Since when did my life get messed up
From one bad situation to another and to worsen it all I’m in the hand of two dangerous men
Can things ever get better ?
My stomach grumble but I didn’t care i just sat down in the couch
Minutes later I was feeling really pressed
i really needed to use the bathroom and Walter is out of sight
I walked through the hallway trying to find the room I came out from
“I think it’s this one” I muttered to myself and walked in
yeah I was right
I quickly walked to the bathroom and opened the door , meeting the shock of my life
A naked Walter in the shower.
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by: Quinn blessing
Chapter 13
Walter POV
I sat down in my car and watched a car pull over
I was surprised to see it was Isabella
I actually came here with my gang to see if I could get hold of any of her parents
Either her mom or Dad ,I really needed to know what’s the deal with him and Leonardo and how much he actually owes him
I was actually thinking of paying so he can let Isabella go or fall into our trap
But seeing Isabella here changes the whole thing
why did he let her go?
I watched as she took her things in and that’s all
I asked my men to stay back all night to see if there will be any movement of Leonardo or his men around her house but none of them came
The next day I still made them follow her around and the only thing she did was a job hunt
still no trace of Leonardo
I think Leonardo is falling for her and that’s the only reason he let her go
He didn’t want his weakness to be know
I made some of my men kidnap her and brought her to my apartment
I watched as she lay on my bed
l see the reason Leonardo let her go….she’s too pretty and charming
she walked into the sitting room and starred at me in shock while I quickly dismissed my men
“Walter”I heard her mutter
“what do you want from me”
“why am I here”
“why did you kidnap me ” she asked angrily
“Are you hungry”I asked back ignoring her question
“No I want to go home”she replied sternly which made me laugh loudly
I saw the way her Expression changed when I laughed
she must be surprised …yeah I’m surprised at myself too
“you call that a home”
“were your own parents treat you like trash and sell you off because of money they owe” I said and her face turn pale
“why am I here”she asked as I walked towards her
“your here because I want to give you a better life , just let me take care of you”i replied touching her hair
Truth be told I was mesmerized by her beauty but I had to stop whatever thing I was feeling so I could get rid of Leonardo
I couldn’t hurt her anymore so I just threw her to the couch and went to my room
I needed to cool off
Her words keep echoing in my head
“it was only a deal ,he threw me out after that”
All this didn’t add up ……..there is something really off somewhere
I let the cold water run through my body calming my nerves
The way Leonardo was protective of her,the way he starred at her
He can’t just let her go just like that
The Leonardo I know is up to something
Leonardo POV
“Were is she”I asked one of my men
“she had been taken by Walter sir”he replied and I smiled widely
“Good keep an eye on them and inform me on any movement “I said and he nodded
“yes sir”he replied and left
I smiled widely as sat down in my study room
‘Walter is Indeed predictable ‘ I thought
I just hope she’s doing okay I miss her already
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by: Quinn blessing
Chapter 14 semi finale
Isabella POV
I starred at his naked body
“sorry… sorry … I just wanted to pee”I shuttered
“its okay I’m done”he said wrapping the towel around his waist and walked out
well I didn’t fail to notice the smirk plastered on his face
It took me few minutes to compose myself before doing my business and walking out
Thankfully he was fully dressed when I came out…I really took time in the bathroom
I didn’t want to see anything again…if you know what I mean
Walter left the room without a word and I collapsed on the bed
Everything was just happening so fast recently and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the one living my life or someone is living it for me
Just some days back I was on Leonardo’s bed
And today I’m on Walters bed.
Not just any people
they were Mafias
Some hours later, someone brought in dinner
I couldn’t reject it because I was really hungry
I eat and pushed the tray aside , I stayed up almost all night thinking Walter or someone might come Into the room to take advantage of me but no one did.
I woke up with puffy eyes and went into the bathroom
I did my business and still wore the same cloth
The door burst open and Walter walked in angrily looking tattered
“Let’s go”he said and I quickly stood up
He looked really pissed and i didn’t want to push it
I walked infront of him as we approach downstairs
some of his men came and tied my hands behind my back before blind folding me
At this point I was beyond nervous
They pushed me out ,,but I couldn’t see ,,so I just walked gently not to trip or hit anything
I was pushed into something ,,it was a car actually
The engine started and the car moved
I stayed in that position for minutes and didn’t hear a sound
if not that a car couldn’t drive itself I would have been thinking that I’m alone
The car stopped unexpectedly making me go front and back
“sir we have been attached”I heard someone said and another person cursed
I began hearing gunshots and they were all aiming at the car
the guys brought out their gun and shot back
I was trembling with fear ,and my head low
I wish I could see what is actually going on
Right now I really need to get this blind fold off my eyes
I kept struggling to remove what was used to tie my hands but to no avail
it was really furstrating
I struggled and put my head on the car seat
I kept pushing my face back and front on the chair and thankfully the blindfold cane off
the first thing I saw was someone being shot straight in the head
I looked arround and noticed i saw the only one in the car
Some guys surrounded the car and began shooting at the car opposite us
One more thing I didn’t fail to notice was that we were In the middle of nowhere ,there were only huge trees where the guys were using as cover
I reached for the pen knife in the front seat and took it
it was easy but in this situation ,, everything is possible
I used the pen knife to cut the ropes used to tie my hands from the back
I’ve seen guys do it in movies
Well mine didn’t go really successful because I used the knife to cut myself several times before the rope finally came off
I entered the driver seat and fastened the seat belt before anyone notice
I turned on the engine and drove backwards and heard the guys curse
one thing was sure this moment,it’s been ages since I drove a car
this is going to be a long ride
The Italian Mafia
(10 days on his bed )
Written by:
Chapter 15 Finale
Isabella POV
Riding the car so fast in the lonely street like someone who is insane
yeah that was me
I already sighted from afar that I was being chased or followed
I seriously don’t know if I’m doing the right or wrong thing
I don’t know who is good or who is bad
I just want to get away from everyone right now
Thankfully after the crazy drive,I was back in the city
Going to my house was a bad idea ,the only place I had was the bar where I once worked and Tony
Maybe there was something he could do
I parked few meters away from the bar and walked fastly
I was about entering when I heard a gunshot
I turned around nervously and saw Leonardo,he killed someone
And by the look of things,it was the person trying to kill me
should I say I was relieved seeing Leonardo or what
“let’s go”was the only thing he said and I totally ignored him
“Isabella let’s go”Harry said angrily
“l’m not going anywhere with you “i said sternly
“if you don’t come over here I’m going to carry you”he replied while I rolled my eyes
Before I knew it he swiped me off my feet and threw me on his shoulders
“Leonardo put me down “I half yelled
He threw me into the car and locked the door
I fold my hands angrily as we sat down and drove to where I had no idea about.
we arrived at a building and we both came down and walked in
“Woah how many houses do you have”I blurted out
“alot princess”he replied like it’s nothing while I gasped
“let’s talk”I said sternly and Leonardo turned to me
“See Isabella ,I really really like you and I am sorry I didn’t realize till you left …okay I realise it before than but i didn’t want you to get caught in any of my shit,besides I didn’t know if you like me back due to the way I treated you…but I can’t let you …
I didn’t allow him to keep blabbing before I crashed my lips on his
The kiss was intense and we finally broke it to caught our breath
“I like you too”I said
“really you do …come here”he replied kissing me again .
Leonardo POV
Finally everything was falling into place ,I’m having she likes me too
I actually planned everything from the onset
I have to let her go so I could lead Walter right into our trap
which he fell into
My phone rang and I excused my self to go pick it up
“Where is Walter “I asked
“I’m sorry sir but he died in the shoot out “he replied
“okay”I said and ended the call
No matter how Walter was bad I didn’t want him to die like that
I guess that is what he brought upon himself by trying me in the first place .
“Hey are you okay”Isabella asked and I nodded
“yeah I’m fine” I replied
“so I was thinking if we could start over ,new life and new house and away from my parents”she said and I smiled
“I’m Leonardo Davin and you are “
“Isabella Smith” she replied back and we hugged tightly
Who knew I could find love in the most weird way.
The End


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