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✨💢💢💢Her Idiotic Husband💢💢💢💢✨

💝😥(A mistake of a moment)😥💝

💓Episode one💓


“Are you sure you wanna do it?”


“But you will be heartbroken.”

“Was there ever a heart to start with?”


♥️Daisy. POV.♥️

I am happy. Very happy. As today it’s our one-year-marriage anniversary. Chris doesn’t like surprise parties so I planned a candlelight dinner at our home.

It’s already 9:00 p.m. Chris will be coming. I am wearing a purple full sleeved dress for him as purple is his favourite colour. Then I heard the doorbell. It must be Chris. When I opened the door, there was he, but in his arms was a blonde, tall, and beautiful girl with whom he was making out.

He stopped kissing her and pushed me aside and brought her home. That girl gave me a bitchy smile. I was broken and shocked. I was unable to say anything.

He sat on our sofa with that girl on his lap. I looked at his face and saw him smirking at me.

“C… Chris?” I said in a whisper.

“Daisy, meet my girlfriend Veronica. Veronica, this is my wife Daisy,” he introduced her to me.

“Chris. Why?” I asked him.

“You wanna know why? Remember the slap which you gave me when I asked you to sleep with me in high school. That was the day when I decided that I will break you. I made a bet with my friends that I will marry you and will make yoy fall in love with me,” he told me.

I could never expect this thing from him.

“Did you ever love me?” I asked him trying to stop the tears from falling. I don’t want to look weak in front of him.

“No. I never loved you. You were just a plaything for me.” He got up and took Veronica’s hand who was recording our conversation. He started moving out of the house but at the doorstep, he turned back and said:

“I am going to celebrate my victory, and we will discuss the divorce tomorrow as I don’t want to be tied up with you. You can stay here for today, and tomorrow you can leave.”

And then he left, and I was standing in the lobby staring at his retreating back.

I wiped my tears and went upstairs and started packing all the things. I took only those things, which were bought by me, and left the things given by him. I don’t want anything related to him. I removed the wedding ring and the pendant, which he gave me.

I went to the garage and took out my only car, which was gifted to me by my father before he died. I put all my things inside the car and left his house for good. I had nowhere to go, but I will never return to him as this will be his last time seeing me.

💝Chris. POV.♥️

The party is on its full mood. All of my friends and dancing, and here I am sitting with my best friend Veronica who helped me in completing the bet.

Veronica is not my girlfriend, she is my childhood friend. Then I saw Veronica passing me a glass of whisky, and then she said:

“Chris. She loved you. Do you think we did well by breaking her heart over a silly bet?”

“I don’t know. But I don’t feel happy. As during our marriage, she never hurt me and always did things to make me happy. But I guess it’s for good,” I told her feeling pathetic.

“Chris, if I would have been at her place, I would have done the same thing. In high school, you were a manwhre and a jrk. No offense. And definitely, a kind and sweet girl like Daisy will slap you for your audacity,” she said.

“Veronica. I think I have done a mistake. I think I am in love with her. I will go and ask for her forgiveness and take me back. I will lock her up even If I have to, and I know she will not leave me as she loves me very much.”

“Yes, you should go, and I will also accompany yoy as I also need her forgiveness. ”

Then both me and Veronica went to my house and saw it was ajar and full of silence. A chill ran up through my spine, I ran towards my room and saw it was empty and the closet was opened where all her things were missing except for the things, which I bought for her. On the dressing table her wedding ring and the pendant, which I gave to her, were lying there.

I ran downstairs and checked all the other rooms, but she was not present there. She left me. But in this world, she has no family member or any relative. Where will she go?

Veronica came to me and hugged me. And said:

“Don’t worry. We will find her.”

Then I heard the buzzing of my phone. I picked it and said:

“Who is this?”

“Is this Chris Denoven?”

“Yes. It’s me.”

“Sir. I am the chief of police and sorry to inform you, but your wife has been in a car accident, in which she died. You are supposed to come and identify it.”

The phone fell from my hands. From the background, I could hear the chief’s voice and Veronica was asking me what happened.

But all I could think that what have I done?

💢💢 Her Idiotic Husband 💢💢

💝💝(A mistake of a moment)💝💝

💢💢Episode 2💢💢

Chris. POV.

Now I know what it feels like when your world is falling apart. And the worst thing is, I am the cause of this. Now I only have the things which I bought for her. There is only me and my family. My whole family is disappointed in me. My mother has refused to talk to me. My sister shouted at me and told me that I didn’t cherish my love and lost a kind girl.

When I went there to retrive her body, I was wishing that it should be a false news. It should be a girl with the same name as my Daisy and somehow she got my wife’s belongings. But when I went there, I saw her car which was flipped down and was on fire . On the stretcher was a body which was completely burnt and the chief of police came to me and showed me the ID card which was half burnt and was the only thing left from her things.

The funeral ground was full of silence and I was standing alone. My parents threw Veronica out of their house when I told them about my sin. When her body was being buried I saw a girl wearing a black long knee length half sleeved dress. Her one arm was covered in a sunflower plant with some birds on it kind of tattoo. She was being accompanied by some bodyguards. She was not our relative. I was not able to recognize her as her face was covered with a black netted veil. I ignored her as she might be a friend of my sister. I saw her nearing towards me. I kept my head down as I didn’t want to look at her face.

She came and stood in front of me and said;

“I am sorry for your loss Mr. Chris Grey.” I heard a familiar voice and when I looked up I saw the person which I never expected to see.

To be continued
Her Idiotic Husband 💝😥

💢💢(A mistake of a moment)💢💢

💢💢 Episode 3💢💢

💓Chris. POV.💓

I was not able to believe my own eyes. Daisy. My Daisy was standing in front of me. I reached out to hug her, but her bodyguards restrained me. Now all the attention was on me and Daisy. My parents and sister came rushing towards us. But they were also restrained. She was looking at us as if she was looking at us for the first time.

I looked at her covered face and then fall down on to my knees and said:

“Daisy. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please give me a chance. I promise I will make it up to you. I am sorry for breaking your trust. Please.” My voice full of remorse.

My parents were crying and looking at her. And then she said:

“Mr. Denoven. I guess you are mistaking me for my deceased sister. Actually, I am her twin sister Casey Flower. When we were young, our parents were poor, and they could only afford one daughter. So they put me up for an adoption as my parents had no relatives. When I grew up, my foster parents told me about the existence of my sister. One week ago I came in contact with her. We were supposed to meet today. But then I heard about her accident…”

She looked down tears streaming down her face. She very elegantly dried her tears and looked at me with coldness in her eyes and continued:

“And after listening to your ranting, it is clear that you are the one responsible for my sister’s death. Now you will pay for her life.”

She motioned her guards, and they caught me. My family tried to step forward, but they were stopped. She turned to them and in a calm and cold voice she said:

“I am the leader of the Sunflower Gang, and your son has done something horrible by separating two sisters. I don’t want to listen to any explanation, because in my eyes he is a sinner, and he will pay for his sins. And don’t worry. I will not kill him. I will just do something, which will always make him remember not to break somebody’s heart. I will send him off to your doorstep after one week, and till that time you will not utter about this thing to anyone. If you will, then be ready to face the consequences, because I am not a force you should mess with.”

She then walked away. I tried to free myself, but everything was in vain. I was not able to shout as whatever was about to happen to me I deserved it. I did kill my beautiful wife, and I hope she and her sister forgives me.

I quietly went towards their limousine. Before entering towards it, I looked at my family who were sobbing, I just gave them a sad smile as they knew Sunflower Gang is the World’s most scary and powerful gang. Nobody messes with them. I saw Casey looking at me and my family without any emotion, and then I was blindfolded and was led to a new world where my punishment was waiting for me.

To be continued
💢💢Her Idiotic Husband💢💢

💢💢(A mistake of a moment)💢💢

💢💢Episode 4💢💢

CHRIS. POV. Cont’d

After the car ride I was brought to a room whose walls were white and the rest of the things were balck. The room was locked. I saw a window and went near it and looked outside where all i could see was lush greenry. I was tired so I sat on the bed which was covered with black sheet. I didn’t know what they wanted to do with me . I lay down on the bed and started thinking about my Daisy for whom now I couldn’t even ask forgiveness. Later a maid came and brought food for me. I was hesitant to eat eat but then I heard Casey saying

“Don’t worry. It is not poisoned. I will not give you an easy death. I am supposed to torture it. So you can eat it.”

I looked up at her saw her wearing a blur tank top and white shorts. Her balck hair just like my Daisy were pulled up and her black eyes were complimenting her pale skin. Her voice , dressing style and face everything was like my Daisy . Sometime I wondered if she is my Daisy. But It was only a thought.

I picked up the plate and started eating. All the whole time I could feel Casey staring at me. But after sometime I started feeling lightheaded and my vision blurred. I could hear Casey saying

“I said It didn’t contain Poison but about the other things I don’t know.”

The last thing I saw was smiling face and my body falling down when darkness surrounded me.


When I woke up I saw myself tied to a bed and I saw a woman sitting on a chair near the bed and staring at me. Her half of the face covered with mask and her lips were pressed into a thin line and her eyes had coldness in her eyes just like Casey. My mouth was gagged. Then she moved her hand and started tracing my face and said

“How does it feel Chris? You must be feeling pleasure . In highschool you liked such things . So why shy now? Or you want your friend Veronica? Dont worry you will feel good.”

It was Casey . I recognised her voice . She then leaned down to kiss my forehead. I started struggling against the bonds. Then i felt a kiss on my forehead and then she straightened herself. And said

“You are not my type. I just wanted to show you that those girls also felt this repulsive when you approached them. How does it feel to be restrained?”

She then untied my hands and left me in my own thoughts.

To be continued……..
💢💢 Her Idiotic Husband💢💢

💢💢(A mistake of a moment)💢💢

💢Episode 5💢

Chris. POV.

Its been 2 days after my encounter with Casey. I haven’t seen her since. There are always four bodyguards around me and one thing is weird that nobody talks to me or look at me.

They are feeding me properly and the room where I am staying is also very good. It is just that I don’t feel that I am kidnapped. The place where I am staying is a big mansion and it seems that Casey is stinking rich. As I am always left alone💯💯my thoughts diverts towards Daisy. There are photos of me and Daisy all over the house. I think Daisy sent these photos before dying as she and Casey were in contact with each other.

Today is the third day of my stay over here. As usual I had my breakfast and went to my room but the moment I entered my room somebody hit me from behind forcefully and darkness consumed me.

When I woke up I saw myself binded to a chair in a dark room.

There was a big bald headed man sitting in front of me and looking at me with an emotionless face. He had two of his bodyguards behind him.

The whole room was smelling smoke and I was having difficulty in breathing. His black eyes looked into my blue eyes and said

“So, Welcome Mr. Chris. We have been waiting for you from last so many months. We tried so many things to kidnap you but they all failed . So we decided to kidnap your wife but our bad💔💔 on the day she was supposed to be kidnapped she died and our plan failed. And then we shifted our concentration to your family but they were also heavily guarded . We were worried and then we heard an interesting news that your wife’s sister is The Famous Casey Flower and she kidnapped you in front of your family to avenge her sister and I must say that I am surprised. She has always been my favourite that is why I want to make her mine.”

He started laughing and his blackened teeth were making his ugly laugh even more horrible. But when I heard him talking about Casey in that way I felt enraged.

I should not feel like this but I don’t know why i am feeling this. And then in his deep voice he continued

“Casey always has kept a strong security over you and today by mistake we got a chance. I will kill you and Casey will then start loving me as I have avenged her sister and there is one more motive to kill you. I am getting 5 billion from your cousin Jason to kill you as he wants your company and it can only be possible if he kills you because after you no one is more capable that him. I am telling you this because I want you to know why we killed you because it will be unfair to you.”

To be continued 💘


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