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💢💢Her Idiotic Husband💢💢

✨✨(A mistake of a moment)✨✨

💢Episode 6💢

Chris. POV.

THE moment I heard about these thing I was shocked. I never expected that my own cousin would stoop this low.

Jason’s father lost his company due to his poor investments so when they were about to go bankrupt my parents helped them and gave them job in our company.

I am the only son of my father so If I will die Jason will become the ultimate heir. But I trusted him and he did this to me.

Now I remember Daisy mentioning about Jason’s fraud to me but at that time I shouted at her . And now I feel upset that i didn’t listen to her. She even showed me the proof of his fraud in the company and when I confronted him about this thing he told me that it was a mistake as someone was trying to frame him. At that time I was blinded by fake trust and my anger towards Daisy so i removed her from the post of my assistant manager and told her to stay home.

That time I know how hurt she felt but later she forgived me and the day she left our company suffered some major losses but I always covered them up and whenever I enquired about those losses it always pointed towards Jason but I thought that my brother will never do this as he is a family and now I feel what a Idiot I was?

I am a hopeless buisnessman and a husband as I always disregarded my Wife’s efforts.

The man who told me about this is named as Richardo. He told his men to free me and they took me to buliding and when I reached there I saw Casey sitting there with an emotionless face.

When Richardo saw her he threw me on the ground forcefully in front of her and said

“Here is your Prey, Mia Amore. I fullfilled the promise and now its your turn to finish the deal.”

Casey came forward me and picked me up by her right hand by my collar and looked into my blue eyes as if she was searching for something but I know my eyes were devoid of any emotions. I saw a flicker of emotions like hurt , love and anger in her eyes but it turned into nothing. She touched my face and leaned forward and pecked my lips and with a cold voice she said

“Now I am sending you to your wife. And when you meet her ask for her forgiveness otherwise I will come there and will kill you. I know you love her but you didn’t expressed it and for your ego you lost the one you loved. I wish that you make everything right with her.”

And then i heard a bang and felt something hitting my chest and red coloured liquid flowing down my chest. Casey was holding a gun. I was confused by her words but then My chest started hurting painfully and my hand flew to my chest and with a hoarse voice I said

“I am sorry for separating you from your sister but I plead you to never let my cousin Jason go. I don’t want my father’s hardwork to go into wrong hands…. I ..I .. know that you.. y..ou are strong and powerful. So please don’t let any har…r..m.. come to my family. And please forgive …..m..e.”

And then my eyes got closed and wishing to see Daisy when I will wake up.

💢💢Her Idiotic Husband💢💢

💢(A mistake of a moment)💢

💢Episode 7💢

✨Chris. POV.✨

When I opened my eyes I found myself staring at a white ceiling I guess heaven is like this. When I turned my head towards right side I found myself staring at my Daisy. She was wearing a pink full sleeved dress. She looked at me and smlied and pecked my forhead. I closed my eyes relishing the feel of her lips on my head telling me that its real. I held her hand and looked into her beautiful eyes and said
” Daisy I am sorry. Please forgive me. I failed you. I have hurted you so much. I am such an emotionless and heartless being. You loved me so much but I never trusted you. I insulted you and said so many wrong words to you.kindly hi fresh ome on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. Its okay if you don’t want to talk to me but I hope that you can forgive me. After you died I realized how much I loved you and sad thing is that your absence made me realized this. If you did not die, I would have asked for your forgiveness but I lost you. I am sad that I have to leave my family but happy that I got a chance to meet you. Please I am truely Sorry.”

I didn’t even realized that tears were streaming down my face. She brushed my tears away and kissed my cheeks and nose and in her soothing voice she said

“Its Okay. I forgive you. I knew that you have always hurted me because that day when you brought veronica🥺I knew this thing that she was your childhood friend as I have seen her photos in your family albums and I asked about her from your mother and she told me about this. You may be an idiot but i will never stop loving you. ”

Then she hugged me and I heard some clapping and saw my whole family behind us smiling and then one thing struck my head that How did they Die?

To be continued 💘
💢💢Her Idiotic Husband💢💢

💢(A mistake of a moment)💢

💢final 💢

Chris. POV.

The moment they saw me looking at them they all became Quiet. I looked down feeling ashamed that I was not able to protect them. But I asked Casey to look after them then how did they die and where are we?

Then I looked around and saw that this place was looking like a hospital. I never knew that the place after death is like this. I looked at my parents and said

“I am sorry that i couldn’t save you guys . I was an idiot to loose a gem like my wife and never knowing the intentions of Jason. But how did you guys die?”

My whole family and Daisy was looking at me with shocked faces. They looked at each other and then started laughing loudly.

I was confused as what was happening around me and then I felt Daisy hugging me and she said
“Chris We are not dead and you aren’t either. My death was all an act to catch the real culprit and there was never my twin named Casey. It was all a setup to disclose Jason. You always trusted him despised me and when I tried to to tell you about him you never trusted me. And when I came to know about his plan to get me to hurt you. At that time I knew this that if I will be caught you will surrender your everything to him as i know that you love me. So I told about this thing to your parents and together we made a plan and faked my death. I acted as Casey and brought you with me to protect you and know about their plan. And there I came to know that Jason has already faked the papers with your signatures to transfer all your belongings under his name and he had faked all the evidences. So we had to fake all these things so that we can get proof against Jason’s adultery to present it in the court. So there was never a Casey and you never died I hit you with a fake bullet which will cause a great pain to the person it hit but only for some time. And you fainted because of that pain. Read more of this Story from storybaze, storyline, unlimited story platform, fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room through ishmeal on+233544142683. I am sorry for that and the blood which you saw was not blood as when I held your collar I put a small fake blood bag into your pocket and the rest you know. We got the evidence against them and police came and now Jason and his goons are behind the bars and you have got your company and business back. I hope you can forgive us for not involving you and acting so coldly to you but to protect you and our family I had to take this step.”

“But one thing is sure that you are an idiot as you were not able to identify me and I am the leader of flower gang for which you don’t have to worry. So say something?”

I kept quiet as I didn’t know what to say. Now this thing is sure that I am the biggest idiot in the world . I was not able to recognise the person I love. I actually made a fool out of myself.

But about one thing I am happy that we all are alive and Daisy loves me so much and there was never a Casey who tried to molest me or kiss me.

Now I understood those photographs, nice treatment, etc all those thing.

My whole face was red I hugged Daisy and hid my face in Daisy’s neck to prevent myself from the mocking stares of my family.

Daisy hugged me back and then in a muffeled voice I said

“Thank you for protecting me and my family and never giving up on me. I love you.”

💢💜Her Idiotic Husband💜💢

💢💜 Epilogue 💜
💜💢Daisy. POV.💢💜

Its been 5 years since that incident and now Chris is even more possesive of me. He made me leave my Flower gang and now all the members of my gang work in Chris’s company.

Earlier his family was worried about Chris’s reaction but Chris didn’t said Anything but because of his punishment I was not able to leave our room for one week because of sore waist.

Veronica apologised to me and now she is happily married to a military man named Paul.

Me and Chris has a beautiful daughter named Natalia and our baby boy with whom I am pregnanat with is about to join us after three months.

Chris never let me do anything and during pregnancy he becomes even more possesive. He tries to cook for me which usually leads to a burnt kitchen but he never stops. He has started taking kitchen classes so he could feed me. I guess he is trying to make me fat so that no boy would look at my way.

He has hired a female cook so that I can eat healthy food when he realized that his food could harm our baby.

He now works very cautiously in the company and never trusts the one who betrays him.

His parents accompany me during day time when he is out for office and at 6:00 pm he comes back from office he calls our whole family so that I can feel happy and there is no stress on my body. He has even given me a pet cat named Precious .

Today its sunday and its 6:00 am right now. Chris is still sleeping. I was feeling hungry so I went downstairs to have something . I am making a peanut sandwich and the moment I was about to bit it, when a warm arms snake around my waist and hands spread over my swollen tummay. I knew that it’s Chris. He kissed the nape of my neck and said

“Why you didn’t wake me. I was worried about you. ”

I kept my sandwich down and turned to face him and kissed his nose and said
.”My husband was looking so cute that i did’t have the heart to wake him up. And I am a grown woman I know how to take care..”

Before I could complete this sentence I was kissed shut.

And then we heard a noise and turned back and saw our cute3 year old daughter coming towards us rubbing her beautiful blue eyes and said

” Mommy why is papa eating you. Can you make him some sandwich also because I don’t want him to eat you because I love you.”

When i heard that I laughed so loudly and Chris has a grumpy and idiotic look on his face . I went towards our daughter and bent down and picked her up but Chris beat me into it and picked her up fearing that it will harm our son and then he looked at our daughter and said

“Princess I was not eating your mom. I was checking her temperature. ”

I scoffed at his explanation and went to take my poor sandwich who was left unnoticed back. After eating my sandwhich and drinking some water I turned towards Chris who held me by my waist by his right hand and has picked up Natalia by his Left hand and Natalia was long asleep hiding her face in his neck and together we went to our room.

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