THE QUIRK FATE (Episode 1 – 5)

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Episode 1

My tummy was on fire!

My laps and my body shook so uncontrollably.

The sweat on my face, if it was oil was enough to fry a whole crate of egg!

What just happened to me was just a bad dream. It’s a dream that should end so quickly!

In a twinkling of an eye, I just lost my virginity!- not to anyone, not to Edwards but…a filthy…

It was the eve of my wedding day.

I had just come back from a prayer meeting and I went into the bathroom to have a cold shower because of the intense heat this season- I even had some heat rashes on my skin already.

I came back to Nigeria yesterday from Germany where I was working as a nurse for this great occasion after which Edward and I would just go back there. He also worked as an aeronautic engineer in Germany and we really loved each other!

My parents’ house was a stone throw away and the merriment was ongoing. I was there in the afternoon and I saw different activities of the cooks there with my mum and her friends doing the supervision. The look on her face was that of excitement and joy as her voice rose above the sounds of the grinding machine, bleating of goats, mooing of cows, honking of the cars and the music of the Disc jockey.

‘’Please, cut the fish a little bigger. There is a surplus. Please, no managing” she was saying to the cooks.

My mum had looked forward to this occasion for a long time and even yesterday when I arrived Nigeria, she had pulled me into her room and spoke softly.

“I hope you are still intact o” she asked in a very delicate manner but I feigned ignorance.

“Mum, what intact?” I had asked. She shot me a look that made me to burst out laughing. She looked on clueless.

I had always loved my mum…she was a combination of a caring, loving, prayerful, cheerful and godly mother plus she was a real comedienne, always making me laugh my ass out!

She had told me to move into the compound but I was to have a prayer session with Edward on phone through the night and I knew the noise in the compound would not allow me so I decided to have the prayer in my own apartment and then go back home afterwards.

The light wouldn’t be restored and the darkness was permeable but I didn’t want to put on the generator so I already got my lamp ready.

As I mopped my body with the towel, my phone rang and it was Edward. I smiled and my heart tingled happily.

“It’s just tomorrow and he would be fully mine” I thought to myself as I picked the call

“Hello Princess” he said

“Hello my prince in shining armor” I replied and we smiled

We started the prayers with a period of thanksgiving and we were really engrossed in that when there was a loud noise at my door.

I trembled.


Episode 2

I had locked the gate when I came in and no one even dared disturb my prayers. Who could be at the door?

The knock became rapid.

“Open this door” the voice came again

I started shaking vehemently as I had instant cold and I heard Edward’s voice from the other line

“Princess, what’s going on?” he asked but I couldn’t speak. My heart was racing fast as I approached the door.

“Princess, don’t open the door” Edward said but the knock increased.

The door had a security lock and it was difficult to break through.

‘My Father, I didn’t bargain for this at all. Please have mercy upon me’ I prayed silently as I pressed an alarm which would alert my dad in the adjoining compound that there was a problem.

Then I looked at my phone, Edward was still talking.

“Ok, I am on my way” I heard him say. I dropped the phone on the bed and knelt before the door, trying to pray but no word came forth.

Suddenly, a hand pulled me up, landed slaps and punches on my face and ribs and since my night robe was the button type, it was without much stress that I was stark naked as they pulled it off.

“Baba o!” I heard another voice from behind and the other guys shifted aside as the masked guy, reeking of alcohol came forward.

I started crying while covering my body with my hands.

That was the first time my body would be exposed before the opposite sex, talk less of a gang!

“If it is money, I will give you. I have enough. Please, don’t touch me in Jesus’ name” I cried as I found my voice. They laughed in a scoffing manner and I knew I was in for it as the masked guy pushed me into the bed.

“Hold her abeg! Let’s see if her dad’s boast is true. General’s princess” the masked guy scorned.

My dad had gone to boast again!

He had always boasted to all and sundry and everyone that cared to listen that he had the most intelligent daughter in town.

Now, what had he gone to boast about?

I struggled and fought and called ‘Jesus!’ but they only made jest of me.

Two guys held my hands; another two held my legs while one sat on my head. Kindly hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories. I couldn’t breathe, I tried to bite his buttocks but it was unattainable.

I was helpless! I cried and cried until I lost my breath and I felt helplessly as the gate of my womanhood was tore open fiercely and painfully!

Something I had kept so securely and safe for my husband- my virginity was gone!
My heart ripped opened in pain and anguish!

“Chai! Na true o. she is a virgin” the guy said as stood up from me. The other guys left me and off they jumped past the window from which they had come. I heard the siren of my dad’s car and I shook my head.

“Oga, general don reach. You no dey hear the siren” one said but my father was too late. Of what use was his coming, after I had pressed the alarm minutes ago.

I couldn’t move from the bed and I was there, stark naked, sitting in my own blood.


My tears flowed but the masked guy stayed beside me still. I felt like cursing him; like biting him and cutting his life short.

He removed his mask and knelt beside the bed.

“Princess, this is my face. I am so sorry for doing this to you. I will go to jail if that is the case but please forgive me. I didn’t believe that there are still virgins in this world. Now I know better. Please have mercy” he cried bitterly. The door opened widely and my dad screamed when he saw the scene.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed again as the guy walked to him, his hands in total surrender. My father gave him a solid slap and he fell to his face. Dad was holding a gun but he didn’t shoot. He wasn’t that patient of a man and I just didnt understand.

He dragged him out of the room, out into the cover of the night to God knows where!

As I tried to sit, covering my body a bit with my night robe, the door opened and I looked back at the door.

There stood my Edward, looking with his mouth suspended and his hands on his head!

Tears flowed down my face!…..

To be continued

Episode 3

Edward stood arms akimbo at the window side, tears on his face. Sweat also laced his face in beads and he shook his head rhythmically.

My Dad on the other hand was seated on a cushion, his head buried in his cupped hands. His legs danced to no song in particular.

I was on the bare bed as I had removed the bedspread in a bid to hide my shame. My mum was beside me, tears on her face. She kept on slapping and punching her laps as she shook her head in deep regret.

My sisters, Emerald and Ruby were pacing to and fro the room, their hands on their head as they bit their tongues in anger.

Edward cleared his throat and everyone looked at him. His eyes were closed tightly and his lips wefe pursed. He ‘unpursed’ them and spoke.

“So, what else?” he asked and everyone looked clueless. My heart was beating furiously as if it was going to fall off its cage.

My dad stood up and adjusted his buba.

“Well, my son, I have personally handled the head of the gang and he would be charged to court soon” he said and Edward faced him.

“I am not asking about that sir” Edward said as he avoided my earnest eyes.

“So, what are you asking about my son?” my mother asked and Edward stood straight, looked at me briefly and away.

“What are you going to do to your daughter?” he asked and my heart broke finally. I started panting silently as my throat felt so dry immediately.

What is going to happen to me?

Now, I have become their daughter shae? No more his princess?

“Which daughter?” my mum asked, standing defiantly, walking towards him. My sisters stopped in their tracks and faced my mum sharply.

“Mum, please take some chill pills ma. Let him land first” Ruby said in a way that I looked up in pain.

What kind of a thing have I put my family into? Has it now become a fight?

God have mercy!

“No problem Edward. We shall go ahead with the ceremony tomorrow” my dad said and Edward chuckled, his eyebrows arched. He wiped his face, sniffed and then rubbed his hands together.

“Ma and sir, with all due respect, I might not have the grace to go on with this wedding again. I don’t have the grace.” He said with all courage and closed his eyes.

I was expecting this but I screamed out in a deafening way.

Where was the love we shared?

I growled like a wounded lion, stood up from the bed, picked two pillows, threw them at the door, trampled upon them on the floor, banged my head on the door before falling down with a great thud.

“Oluwa, oju o ma gbodo ti mi!” my mother cried out in Yoruba language as she ran towards me but I growled at her. She was scared as she stood up and cried out loud, her hands on her head.

“Princess, please don’t kill yourself o. let’s try and find a solution to the…” she was saying when my dad stood up to meet Edward. Join us on telegram through+233544142683 to read more of such stories. He placed his hand on his shoulder in a pleading manner.

“Edward, was it Princess you loved or her virginity?” he asked and Edward looked away, sighing aloud dejectedly.

“I loved Princess as equally as I loved her virginity. Since it’s gone, sincerely, I still love her as a friend but not as the mother of my children anymore. I will never be able to bear the…” he started saying when Emerald’s shout stopped him

“Excuse me mister! Are you a virgin yourself?” she asked and Edward shook his head in a somewhat infuriated manner.

“Excuse me everyone, put yourselves in my shoes. Why are you the only ones here? Why are my own parents and siblings not called here too for this discussion? Because, it’s shameful! General Sir, if you were in my shoes, would you have allowed your son to marry her again…someone defiled by an unknown assailant?” the more Edward spoke, the more I ran mad.

My head pounded the more. My mum fell on her knees to the bed as she cried.

“See Edward, there is no problem. Please just do the ceremony tomorrow first. You can afterwards…” My dad was saying when I shot him a bloody look as I growled out the more. He faced me sternly.

“See, this is not the time to still hold your shoulders high my princess. He that humbles himself would be …” my dad was saying when I ran towards him, picked his right hand and inserted the injection of my teeth. I bit him so hard till he cried out. The effort of my sisters to pull me off him was futile.

After I had drawn blood from his wrist, I let go and growled the more, leaving him to nurse his pain.

“Princess, are you mad?” he cried out

“Yes dad, I am!” I replied as I walked towards Edwards who remained on a spot, unshaken

“You drew blood from my hand” my dad cried out again and I hissed as I looked at him.

I had lost my manners!

Things were not the same anymore!


Episode 4

“The same way you allowed my blood to be shed this night daddy. You exposed me to evil because of your alcoholic pride. See, what has happened to me.” I said, looking back to face him scornfully.
“I am doing this for your good” he said again but I turned back sharply again and hit the shelf with a great bang. The pain rang in my brain. But my mouth wasn’t numb yet!
“You are doing it for yourself sir! For your pride! For your good! What would your colleagues say? What about the mass media? So, let’s cover it up. Isn’t it?” I hit the shelf again.
I hurt my hand but the look on Edward’s face showed there was more to it. Then, I looked at it and saw blood gushing out of it. I smiled devilishly.
“Is it this bleeding alone you see Edward? Is this the only one you see?” I cried as I pulled at his clothes. He didn’t struggle with me. He didn’t cry. He didn’t look at my face.
“My hymen bled today. My heart is bleeding now. Those don’t matter to you? Edward, it’s this wound that matters?” I cried again, hitting him with my wounded hand and staining his clothes in the process.
“I am sorry” he said regrettably and I wanted the whole world to come to a standstill.
Sorry? For what? What can sorry do in this situation?
I went back to bed again and I started somersaulting on it. I thought it might just perhaps be a dream and that Emerald would soon come into the room and say ‘Lil Sister, it’s your wedding day. Wake up’.
I thought blood had just ran into my brain that I didn’t know what was right or wrong but I was just so wrong. It was all happening right before me.
I wished I was never born to my dad- a strong alcoholic, boastful soldier
I wished I never told him about my sexual sanctity!
I wished I never met Edward talk less of falling in love with him!
I wished I never met Esther, Edward’s sister who match-made us!
I wish we had just had a simple wedding in Germany!
I wished and wished but my wishes were just there in my head!
Edward held my shoulders and I relaxed a bit, the cobwebs that had woven round my heart cleared gradually as I looked into his face. He wiped my face and tears flowed down his face too.
“I know you know I really love you. But Princess, I can’t do this. If you love me, you should understand me” he was saying and I smiled painfully, tears welling up in my eyes. I nodded like an agama lizard as I looked at my sisters that were already crying.
“Why is everyone crying? I understand perfectly” I said, laughed incoherently and stroked Edward’s full hair- what I adored the most in his body.
My heart felt like iodine had been poured on it and it was shrinking really badly!
“Thank you for understanding me dear. I really wish I could bear it too. But I won’t tell anyone, not even my parents. I would go back to Germany now and when it is morning, you guys could just raise an alarm that the groom can’t be found.” He said and I looked at him with a widened mouth.
My dad clapped his hands in agreement, blowing his wound as he did.
Where did this idea come from? Was this the guy I really wanted to marry? Was he the one devising such scheme as this?
Jesus Christ!
He stood up, arched his brows and shrugged.
“That is the best I can offer now. Thank you. Accept my condolences about the whole thing and I pray you a bright future” he said as he walked out of the room, banging the door behind him.
“Edward! Edward!” my sisters called out but I was calm.
Something had come over me.
What was wrong with me?
I moved closer to the wardrobe, picked up some undies which I wore. Then I picked up one of my evening gown and wore it hurriedly. I slipped into my fine slippers, picked up my purse and smiled at the faces gazing at me.
“Dad, where is the guy you dragged away from here now?” I asked and they all looked at me, shocked.
“Omo mi, I know how you feel now. But at this point, there isn’t anything you can’t do now if you catch him. Hi kwaku fresh on+233544142683 to read more of this from storybaze, storyline,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room Novela and story. Please, let us wait on God and think about how to even face tomorrow” my mum said as she rose up from her kneeling position.
“Tell me where the guy is while I ask gently dad” I said again and he raised his hands up in surrender.
“Briton’s pen!” he said
“What!” almost everyone exclaimed widely and I opened my mouth wide.
My dog was so dangerous in that hole-like prison that my dad called a dog’s pen. It had attacked lots of people before cracking their bones.
That’s worse than death itself!
The dogs must have broken two or more of his bones by now.
“But dad, you are very proud and selfish o. why didn’t you shoot that guy? Why didn’t you hand him over to the police?” Ruby asked and my mum shook her head in regret.
I wondered where my angelic mother met this talkative alcoholic!
“It is alright. Let’s ll forget about this. Mum, you better start sending messages to people that the wedding has been canceled. I don’t even know what to do. I will be back. I need to put some things in order” I said as I walked out of my room.
“Princess!” Ruby called out
“Sis” Emerald called out
“Jesu Oluwa mi oooo” my mother wailed
I could hear their footsteps behind me as I walked out of the room but I was unstoppable.
I moved to the living room and to the dining table and picked up a sharp knife which I hid in my purse secretly!
God, what exactly is happening in here and to me?
Have I lost it?
Of course yes!
I had lost it, and I had lost it all!!

To Be Continued….

Episode 5

My heart was as hard as a stone!
There was this thing about me since I was young that had kept me going since I was young- Great self-esteem.
I was proud of myself and never could I cry because someone ridiculed or insulted me. throughout my university days when the whites in Germany and all over the European countries I had visited ridiculed my skin tone and called me a ‘Badass’, I would only smile and not put it to heart because that was not the real definition of me!
Even when I met Edward in Germany, I still held myself up high though I was madly in love with him.
I was to go for a New World Medicine Convention in Berlin with some other medical personnel and Edward was the pilot of the private jet we boarded.
When I saw him and he flashed his white set of teeth at me, butterflies started swarming in my tummy because he looked angelic in his white uniform. He was quite muscular and he was well haired with nicely trimmed moustache and small bush of ‘goatie’. His dimples could house a ball of cheese- very deep. He was also gap-toothed. I started daydreaming but never did i reveal my emotions to him. I was as cold as ice!
When it was time to disembark from the plane, I was the last person to alight and by the time I was, he was already outside with his hand outstretched to help me down. My heart couldn’t contain it. Could this be God’s will for me?
As I gave him my hand and I came down the steps, he smiled still, giving me a sudden constipation.
Could he just stop flashing those teeth?
There was this thing I had with teeth
I loved well-arranged, white set of teeth.
‘God bless you’ he said as I finally alighted.
Wow! He is a God person also!
I was as happy as anything and though the whole part of me was laughing its ass out, my face was as stern as anything.
This my overly confident self-esteem though!
‘I saw you yesterday at the Faith Based Assembly. Right?’ he asked and I looked up at him with my eyebrows arched shooting him a ‘like I care’ look but’ the inside of me was screaming ‘wow! He attends my church. He even noticed me. Wow! Wow! Wow!’
‘Really. Good. That’s my church. Thanks. I gat to go’ I said in a cold, unyielding manner and he smiled
‘Could I have your contact please?’ he asked and I looked into his eyeballs
‘I don’t give that to strangers. I barely know you’ I said and he smiled again.
To cut the long story short, we eventually exchanged our contacts and became friends. Our love or let me say my love for him burnt like wild-fire. If I didn’t see him in a day, I would not be able to eat.
Now, my egoistic balloon had been burst by the first person I would ever open my heart to.
Oh not by him but by a ruthless, uncontrollable brute that would have to receive his judgement sooner or later.
I examined the knife in my hand again and clutched it in my hands firmly.
The door of the pen was locked with a huge padlock but I knew where to find the key. I bent down and under the shrubs sat the key. I picked it up and proceeded to open the door.
The pen was sound proof because of the incessant noise of the dog so I could not even hear a sound from inside.
What sight would greet me when I enter?
Broken bones, a helpless wounded man lying on the floor crying for help or Briton lying on the floor dead because of the fierce battle between them both? Exactly what sight?
My cold heart resumed its intense pumping business and I sighed before eventually opening the door, slowly, quietly and gently.
The knife fell from my hand at what I saw!
The guy, clad in a singlet and knickers was seated on a plank on the floor, his hands held together with handcuffs and his head bowed. Briton was sitting beside him, scratching its paws with his teeth.
It stood up when it saw me and wagged its tail for a number of time before going back to the guy and recoiling beside him.
I was shocked because it was strange.
Even the first day my mother came to visit me, Briton pursued her out of the compound fiercely despite the fact that I was with her family and the day some armed robbers came to the house, Briton gave three of the four of them dislocations in different joints.
But this guy here looked unharmed.
‘What jazz did you use on my dog?’
Then he looked up at me, his eyes red as the furnace. He stood up and looked at me from head to toe. I was not scared of anything. I ran to the door and locked it.
‘I didn’t touch it’ he replied calmly
I didn’t give a d–n if I was in a battle with a chronic drug addict because even I was drunk to the brim in anger. So, if it was going to be a fight, let us fight to the last.



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