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I came out of the bathroom with water dripping down my body

I dried my body and hair with a small towel

Starring at myself in the mirror I could see how nervous I am for tonight

I wore my underwear and and began working on my hair

I was what the call red hair girl,,,yeah my hair is red colour , thick and long completely natural

I brushed my hair down before using the slick press iron on them

I wore my gown and Jezz i feel like am almost naked but I have to do this

I need to do this

I silde into my heels before doing a little makeup on my face

I was done and looking foolishly at the mirror

I dragged my dress down to cover a little part of my thigh but it didn’t

I really look like a slut right now ,I picked up my purse and went out of my apartment through the back door

Yeah through the back door because I have been owing rent of almost two years now and if the apartment owner gets hold of me

she’s throwing me out straight

I hailed a cab to the strip club downtown and in no time I was there

The loud music almost got me deaf ,the half naked ladies dancing with the poles

some ladies were twerking on guys with already erected dick

A lady walked passed me with her exposed boobs dangling and a tray of drinks in her hand

I quickly reached for a drink and glumped it down

At the moment my legs were heavy ,,I wanted to turn back and run

Just to run and never return but I couldn’t

I ignored all the calls and signals I got from random guys and went to the Mimi bar

I was here for a purpose

“100 USD if you could suck my dick right now”a drunk guy said to me

“sorry not interested ” I yelled so he could hear me due to the loud music

“playing hard to get huh”he said smiling foolishly

“I will pay double “he added proudly while I only rolled my eyes

“she taken”a guy said and sat close to me making the guy leave

Without a Hi or Hello he handed me a note and left

The note contains the name of the person I will be meeting tonight and who to meet for my money when done

it is now or never I thought

I ordered for few more shots even though they burn my throat

I began feeling tipsy and stopped

I dragged my half drunk self to the bathroom ,,well not without meeting lot of people having sex

I entered the bathroom did a light touch of makeup and starred at the note

Is this room nine or six …I think this drink has messed me up big time

I think it’s nine I concluded

I made my way to room nine and did a light knock on the door before entering


my name is Venessa ,,my parents were poor and died few years ago living me with nothing

Now I have to survive,,I didn’t get a quality education so I couldn’t get a good job

a man made me an offer some days back with I accepted because I had to option again ,,I had rent to pay and feed myself above all am tired of starving everyday

one night with a random stranger ,,yeah I was ready to become a slut for a night ,give my virginity to a random stranger just for money

I walked in and saw a Demi God ,,was it the drink or my eyes are deceiving me

he was beyond handsome but very scary looking

“Who are you”he asked making my heart skip a beat ,,Jezz this guy is scary

This wasn’t going to stop me ,I need the money

I removed my clothes seductively revealing my pants and bra

he didn’t say a word but watched me ,,I did all the horrible seducing moves I learnt from a YouTube video

I feel so stupid now

He grabbed my hands and pushed me on the bed he tore off my pants revealing my V . ,, without any foreplay he unzipped his pants revealing his huge cock and I almost fainted out of nervousness and fear

he forced himself into me as tears escaped through my eyes

it was so painful

he didn’t care and he wasn’t gentle ,,the pain was becoming unbearable for me and I was beginning to go weak

He pounded in and out of me for minutes before emptying himself in me and I passed out

to be continued




I woke up and looked arround

I was the only one on the bed and the room was empty

The pain I felt in my head and in between my legs was no joke

Despite all that ,I jumped out of the bed and went to wear my clothes

I was feeling really sore that I couldn’t walk well

I grabbed my things and went straight to the room I was supposed to collect my money from

“Good morning sir”I said to the man who offered me the job

“what are you doing here”he fired angrily

“I’m here for my money sir”I replied nervously

“what money …you were supposed to meet a client in room six and he waited for you all night”he said angrily

“what I thought it was room 9″I replied in shock

“check the note” he said

I quickly grabbed the note from my purse and starred at it

I couldn’t believe my eyes

“I went to room nine”I replied

“folks love free food “the man replied with a grin and walked out on me

so I just gave my virginity to a total stranger for nothing

I felt my whole world crumbled that instant

tears threatened to fall from my eyes but I held them back and walked out of the building

I hailed a cab to my apartment and coming out of the cab

I met the few things I have on the floor

I couldn’t hold the tears anymore as I walked up to the porch of my apartment

why am I so unlucky “I thought as tears roll down my eyes

I grabbed my things and began walking around ,I had no idea where I was going to and who to run to

my whole life is messed up .

it was getting dark and I still had no where to sleep for the night

I dragged my things and went to a small cafe by the road side

i needed a drink at least because I couldn’t afford a meal

I stayed at the cafe and sipped my coffee slowly till the whole cafe was empty and they were beginning to close

“I have been watching you since you came in here young lady”a middle age man said walking up to me

“am so sorry sir ,,I will be on my way “I replied standing up

“need a place to sleep for the night “he asked and I nodded

“can I sleep here please”I asked

“ohh no what kind of human will I be”he replied smiling

“come I will take you to my place”he ordered

I wanted to reject his offer but on a second thought “what’s the worst that could happen”

I already gave my virginity to a total stranger

I thank him and we drove to his apartment

Mr Finn had a lot of talks and I got to know more about him

He had a daughter of my age but lost her to cancer a year ago and his wife is late

I felt really bad for him as he spoke about his family

I told him about myself and how I ended on the street well apart from having sex with a total stranger

He gave his daughter room to sleep in for the night and I thanked him

Unbelievable I slept and had a terrible dream that woke me up

but I couldn’t remember the dream

it was morning already,I got up took my bath and got ready to leave

“good morning Mr Finn” I greeted

“morning Venessa ,,hope you sleep well”he asked and I nodded

“do you have any plans”he asked starring at my bags

“no ” I replied

“well I know someone who owns an agency that is hiring ladies to work as maids and there is still spot for one but the problem is that it’s in NY” he said

“I would really love to go sir but the…

“Don’t worry I will sought it all out if you want”

.”yes i do ” I replied exictedly

“well I thought you might say yes”he replied with a Chuckle

“your flight leaves in two hours”he said shocking me

I thanked Mr Finn throughout the ride to the airport

He gave me all I needed ,the address of the agency and some money to take care of my self before leaving

I kept thanking him and collected his contact so we could keep in touch

NY here I come

The flight wasn’t long and in no time we arrived ,,I hailed a cab and drove straight to the agency

I hurried into the building and saw some girls lined of

“Venessa right”a man asked and I nodded

“Good ,you have been hired along side other girls to work for THE LUKA FAMILY

okay that was so fast ,,just like a dream everything thing was rounded up and we were on our way to the LUKA house

The name kept ringing in my head making me more nervous and scared

to be continued




We arrived at a massive building and the gate slide open

We drove in and came down with our bags ,we were ten in number we walked into the building and lined up in a straight line

A middle-aged lady who I think is the head of maids came and addressed us

She led us to our different rooms and we settle in

The room she kept me has two other ladies in it I heard them chatting and went to them

“Hi am Venessa”I said smiling they both threw me a deadly glare before returning to what they were talking about

Oops this is why I don’t have friends.


it’s been a week since I have been working well and I couldn’t help but be thankful to Mr Finn

his a life saver indeed

I checked the list and checked where I was cleaning for the day it was Mrs Luka bedroom

,I have never been upstairs before all works were downstairs and the most funny thing is I have never seen any member of the Luka family
since I came I heard Mr Luka has two sons and two daughters

I wore my uniform properly and carried working items

I followed the directions because there were a lot of rooms I reached Mrs Luka bedroom and knocked on the door before entering

I didn’t see anyone around

I took my time and have a proper view of the room the room was really big ,with the Massive Queen sized bed

the whole place was furnished nicely

Will I ever have such a room of mine

I began working and in no time I was done ,, I went downstairs and saw all the maids walking to the sitting room
“what’s happening”I asked one of the girls

“we are having an urgent meeting”she said

I quickly dropped my things and followed her

“Good to have you all here”a woman said she was dressed in a classy outfit and her made up was okay she spoke with boldness and Authority

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that she’s Mrs Luka

“my son is coming back today and for those that has been here you know the grand rules ,on no account should you talk back at him

You serve his food in the morning , afternoon and evening and trust me you better avoid upsetting him for your own good

she said a few more things before leaving and the other girls began murmuring

since i had no one to talk to i just went straight up to my room and continued with my remaining chores

my mind still went back to Mrs Luka the way she talked about her own son why is everyone scared of him well I just prayed I don’t cross paths with him

“Ella where are you going” Nina asked

“I’m going to serve Harry”she replied smiling

okay Ella and Nina are my roommate who don’t talk to me ,,I was laying on my bed when I heard them talking

“really”Nina asked exictedly and they both giggled She added more makeup to her face and dragged her dress down to expose her boobs

I rolled my eyes an faced the novel I was reading it was written by Authoress Jenny Tittled Mafia Bride and I was really enjoying it

Few minutes later Ella ran in crying

I guess it didn’t go well

“he called me an ugly slut”Ella said crying while Nina patted her okay this guy is very rude ,, calling a lady an ugly slut was way off .

I woke up and head straight to my work for the day I was about to finish when the head of maids called me

“please take this to Harry I need to see Mrs Luka”she said and left before I could even say a word

I walked upstairs with the tray in my hand nervously

Gosh I can’t believe this is happening I knocked on the door and a husky voice asked me to come in

“Good morning sir”I greeted and bow my head

He didn’t reply and I tried as much to avoid his gaze I dropped his food and turned to leave

“did I ask you to leave “he said and I frozed on the spot

I turned around gently and my eyes met his ,,he was the most handsome human I have seen so far and his face kept reminding of some face I have seen before I couldn’t just place it we both starred at each other in the eyes before

I removed my eyes my lips were shaking and my legs were like jelly with the way he starred at me

,the way he looked my me

I felt like the ground should open and swallow me

being scared right now is an understatement





I stood there and watch him eat his food slowly

I took my time and starred at him

Why dose he remind me of someone

He turned at me and I quickly faced another direction

How did God took his time and create someone like this

“Take the dishes away and come clean up this place” he said and I only nodded

He gave me a deadly glare

“Yes sir” I added quickly and he looked away

I carried the dishes and quickly ran downstairs

I came back with the tools for cleaning and
began cleaning

Okay this room doesn’t look dirty why am I cleaning it again

I heard the shower running and I quickly mopped the floor

I didn’t take my time to mop the place properly because I was scared to see him again

He came out with water dripping from his body and a towel tied around his waist

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat and went to pick up my things to leave as he entered
the closet

I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I knew was my butt hit the floor really hard and I
winked in pain

Thank God he didn’t see me

I grabbed my tools and ran out of the room

I am never going to that room again

I lay on my bed and starred at the celling ,I have be trying to remember the face of the guy I had a one night stand with but couldn’t

But on the other way round I was thankful I didn’t know him

I mean if I did,I wonder how I was going to face him,he would probably think am a slut

And since I relocated there is every possibility I will never see him again

Thinking about everything happening in my life ,I closed my eyes and drifted to dream Land


I woke up due to the vibration from my phone

is was Finn yeah his like a father to me now

we talked for a while before I began the chores for the day

I was done and went back to the room to shower when Ella and Nina walked in chatting

“I just pray am selected”Ella said smiling

“me too”Nina replied

“who wouldn’t be happy working with him alone ”

“jezz I could kill for that”Ella added

“with me and him alone am sure he won’t be able to resist “Nina said

“ohh girl,,you suck on bed ..I would give him the perfect styles and position In seventy minutes”Ella replied

and they both laughed

What selection are they talking about and why is it that I have never heard anything

I guess that’s cos I don’t have anyone or a friend.

I was evening and we were all called out for an announcement

I could see the excitment on some of the girls face and some have worried expression like they were scared

I just stood among them lost

“like you all know ,the first son Harry Luka will be going back to his apartment and two maids among you will go there ” the head maid said

some girls standing in fear while the bitchy once were giggling exictedly

Am among the once standing in fear

that guy is very scary

I am never going to cope ,,I will get fired instantly

“Catherine step out”the head of maid said

I starred at the girls called Catherine and she looks like she’s going to pass out anytime soon.

I mean who wouldn’t

“Venessa”the head maid said and my heart sank instantly

“you two have impressed me so far with your hard work that’s why am choosing you girls ”

“go get packing ,,,you leave by morning”she said and left

I starred at the girl called Catherine and she was still in shock just like me .

“Bitch”Ella said and I ignored her

“you such a whore I wonder what you did to be choosen” Nina added glaring at me

This girls were the least of my problems right now

I packed up my things before saying a prayer and slept off .

We drove in a separate car to the apartment ,,the house was big but not up to the Luka Mansion

I felt the nervousness in Catherine and squeezed her hands

we were taken to a very big room with only two beds

We both settled in before going out to clean up the whole place

I was done with mine and waiting for Catherine when the door burst open

“what happened “I asked starring at her brused face covered in tears

“I mistakenly spilled coffee on him”she said in tears

“OMG” I muttered in shock

“this guy is heartless”





“I mistakenly spilled coffee on him”she said in tears

“OMG” I muttered in shock

“this guy is heartless”

“it’s okay” I said and patted her back

I cleaned her face and let her lay down

Maybe I will have to be very careful also around him

I walked to the kitchen and began making dinner

In no time I was done with it and set it up in the dining

“Good evening sir”I greeted and bow my head lightly

He walked straight to the dining and sat down,I stood there as he ate quietly when he was done I cleared the dishes


I felt a light headache when I woke up ,after drinking a glass of water the pain reduced

“Cate”I called when I saw her cleaning up the sitting room

“you look pale”she starring at me

“just little headache”I replied

“sorry”she muttered and I nodded

we were done cleaning the whole place and setting up breakfast but still no sign of Harry

I walked to his room door and and knocked gently

“Get out”he yelled and I ran away from the door almost immediately in fear

I heard shuttering sounds glasses getting broken

I wonder what is going on

“That’s how he is”Cate said while I starred at her

“what do you mean”I asked

“He gets angry ,he destroy things,his heartless and a psychopath”cate added

“omg ..why is he like that”I asked

“Rumors has it that he went missing for some days a long time ago and ever since then he hasn’t been the same”Cate explained

“wow”I muttered in shock

“I had no idea” I added

We heard the doorbell and I rushed to the door and saw a lady

She looked exactly like Harry but younger

“Hi”the lady said and walked in

“Excuse me…

“I’m his sister “she said cutting me off

“were is he”she asked nervously

“in his room “I replied back as I studied the expression on her face

I think there is more to Harry than I ever imagined

I watched his sister ran up to his room with her heels making noise

About thirty minutes later the shuttering died down and I heard someone coming downstairs stairs

“your bleeding”I said starring at her hand

I quickly brought of the first aid kit

“let me”I said and she streched out her hands

I cleaned up the blood applied some balm and wrapped up the cut

“Isabella”she said smiling

“Venessa” I replied back.

“You can go clean up his room quietly ”
she dipped her hands into her bag and brought out her card

“here,call me if anything comes up”she said and I nodded

“Bye Venessa “she said and kissed my both cheeks

She’s Soo nice but she looks very disturbed

I put the card in a safe place before carrying my items to go clean up his room

Since she said quietly I couldn’t knock

I opened the door gently and peeped

He was sleeping

I opened the door fully and walked in nervously

The whole place was a complete mess so I tried really hard not to step on broken glasses

There were some drop of blood on the floor and am sure it’s Isabella

I picked up the glasses and began cleaning up the whole room

it took me almost an hour to be done when my eyes caught something

Harry’s hand also had a cut and the blood were on the duvet

Finally I went and brought back the first aid and cleaned up his wounds also

He didn’t flinch ,,he must be a deep sleeper I guess

I removed the duvet and brought out another one

I sprayed them on him and arranged it properly,,my eyes went to his face

The way his hair fell to his face ,,he face brought and image to my head but it wasn’t clear

Why dose he reminds me of someone

I packed up all my things and was about leaving when i saw a drawing

The face wasn’t completed but the hair was there

it was long thick and red just like mine

to be continued


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