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           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 HARRY🌼

Her ocean eyes were now puffy ,her red hair was looking scattered and unkept

Her usual shining face was replaced with sadness and pain

She’s like a ghost

it’s not in my nature to care so I looked away ignoring her present state


those bad memories kept coming I couldn’t control them anytime they come

And right now they were coming back

I was alone in my room ,it’s night and the stars were shinning

Just like that very night

I began breathing heavily as those memories were coming back ,,I was still starring outside

My head was spinning and I was hearing voices in my head

in that pain I managed to look out when I noticed someone coming

she was walking like a ghost ,that’s her new style

I starred at her from my window

my tensed body calmed down

she looked so lost in her thoughts

I wanted to go away but something held me back

what would make her walk about at this hour

She dipped her legs into the pool and kept using her palm to wipe her face

she’s crying

she removed her me clothes and entered the pool

I swallowed hard as I starred at her half naked body

her undergarments were light and I could see her well built body

I watched her sternly as she swim from one edge to another before coming out

it’s seems she was already freezing ,she wore her clothes fast and left

she turned back a few times and I moved away from the window so she won’t see me

I went back to my bed and lay down forgetting I almost had an attack

closing my eyes,the blurry imagine of the stranger I had sex with kept coming back

I couldn’t stop thinking about her

about that night

she was a virgin

how did she end up in my room and seduced me

okay she kinda sucks at seducing someone

What amused me the most was how focused she was

her body smells of alcohol and it’s obvious she’s tipsy

I do not have sex with strangers or half drunk giris but I couldn’t resist her

I pushed her on the bed and tore off her undies

I don’t do foreplay

they are for weaklings

the way my d** filled her makes me satisfied

she was pure and innocent, tempting and irresistible

I woke up the following morning with a life threatening headache

my painful memories were coming back,I couldn’t allow it happen in front of a stranger so I ran to the bathroom

I turned on the shower and allow the water hit my body

I tried really hard to control myself and finally I did a little

I wore my shorts and went back

she was gone

it’s like I was dreaming but when i saw the blood stains on the bed

I knew it was no dream

I searched for her but she was gone

I would have made her my sex buddy if she was still there


My name is Harry Luka

I am the first son of the Luka family and heir

I could get anything in the world money can buy

yeah I’m that rich

but my life is messed up

Growing up as a rich kid and heir i had so many enemies and people who want me dead

my life was always at risk

i couldn’t move freely or even go anywhere

no friends and my parents were never there

Until that faithful night that carved me into this monster I am today


I sat down in the dining waiting for breakfast with Ace but didn’t get any

“where the hell is Venessa” I hissed angrily

“VENESSA”I yelled angrily but no reply

is she still sleeping or what

I stormed angrily to her room and hit the door really hard

“Venessa”I yelled



           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 Venessa🌼

I woke up dragging my feet to the bathroom

my body temperature was really high and i entered the bathroom and puke my guts out

I heard Harry calling me but I couldn’t answer

The door burst open and Harry yelled my name

“Sir”I replied from the bathroom and heard footsteps coming

He starred at me from head to toe before walking out of the room

“Venessa”Ace called walking to me

He helped me to the bed and starred at me

“who is responsible”he asked and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

“I…I.. don’t understand”I shuttered

“c’mon Vee ,I’m your friend remember ,you can talk to me “Ace said stoking my hair

“Fine ,I’m pregnant” I replied

“and the father” he asked and I kept mute

“Vee it’s okay if you don’t wanna talk about it,but you see that child , that’s the greatest gift you could ever have “Ace added

“I’m here for you if you need anything and will stand by you no matter the decision you take”He said and I smiled

“Thank you so much Ace”

“But I actually need a favor”I replied and he nodded


it was dark already and I had my things packed up

I sneaked out of the apartment with the help of Ace and hailed a cab to Cate’s apartment

“Hey girl I’m happy you made the right decision ” Cate said and hugged me tightly

I dragged my things and got settled in with Cate

That night we were so happy

we talked and laughed for long before retiring to bed

And Cate couldn’t stop talking about Ace

Despite all this I couldn’t help but think about Harry

I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out I ran away with a word

But seriously I don’t want that guy to hurt me and my child

His ruthless

It’s been a month and everything have been going amazing fine

I got a job at the coffee shop few meters from Cate’s apartment and Ace also got Cate a new Job in a company

yeah I also have no idea what’s going on between the both of them

Today we were going on a little outing to go celebrate her new job

“Is going to a club really necessary ” I asked cate as we got dressed

“well I guess, it’s been a while since we loosen up”Cate replied

I wore a black lace gown and curled up my hair

I was getting more fat and my first doctor’s appointment is in a few days

I have been nervous all this while

The door bell rang and I rushed to go open the door

“Hey Ace “I called exictedly and hugged him

“you look beautiful”he said and I blushed

“thanks. you don’t look bad either”I added and he smiled

I have been meaning to ask Ace about Harry so today I summoned the courage to do so

“How is Harry “I asked

“well not great for sure ,,he has fired more than ten maids in a month “Ace replied

“ohhhh,that’s bad”I said


” hey”Cate muttered coming downstairs beautifully dressed

I could see Ace starring at her ,okay what’s going going on between these two that I don’t know

I cleared my throat and we left the apartment

The drive to the club wasn’t long

We made our way in and the loud music also blocked my ears

the last experience I had in a club didn’t turn out well so I just stay cool

“Let’s dance” Ace yelled and Cate dragged me to the dance floor

we all danced happily for hours and Ace with Cate were no where to be found

I always knew there was something going on between them

I was beginning to get bored as my eyes roamed about the place ,,I couldn’t drink because of my child

my eyes caught a familiar figure starring at me and I stood up

I hide behind people till I was out of the club

I hailed a cab to the apartment before texting Cate



           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 Venessa🌼

I slammed my door shut and began removing my dress

Truth be told my heart was still beating fast

Even with the dim and coloured lights in the club I could still tell it was him

But why will I be scared of him

why did I even run away

why was my heart beating so fast on seeing him

why was he even starring at me

There were a lot of “WHY” going through my head at the moment

I turned on the shower,allowing the water hit my whole body

It actually helped in calming my nerves,I stepped out of the shower with a towel tied around my chest

I slipped my nighties on before laying on the bed and sleeping off

Still with Harry’s thought on my mind


The alarm rang and I tapped on it

I walked to the bathroom and did all my business

I have doctor appointment by 8am,I already told my boss I will be late for work today.

I slide into my Mimi gown and packed my hair in a bun

My phone rang and I picked it up ,it was Finn

Well I actually told him that I was pregnant,I mean if am going to take him as my father this isn’t something I should hide from him

Finn was super excited and couldn’t wait to the baby pictures after the scan

Cate already started her new job so she always leaves early

I locked up the apartment and hailed a cab to the Hospital

I made my way to the doctor’s office, nervous as hell

The doctor made me lay down on the bed before rubbing a gel like stuff on my belly

it felt really cold

She placed something on my stomach and we heard the baby’s heartbeat

I felt tears gathered in my eyes as I faced the screen

“it’s like a peanut”I muttered with tears in my eyes and the doctor laughed

“yeah .But that peanut is going to turn to a big one in few months time”she replied and I just smiled cleaning my eyes

“Let me print them out for you”she said and I nodded

After the doctor’s appointment ,I hailed a cab back to the coffee shop

“Hey Mrs Williams” I called smiling as I entered the coffee shop

“how did the appointment go”she asked

“perfect “I replied and she smiled at me

I drop my things before changing into my work outfit

The shop has a lot of customer going in and out which made me really busy

“Hey bitch table five and four orders “Laura said handing me the note

Okay Laura is my co worker and she hates me like really much

which I have no idea why

I took table four order to them before going to get table five

The day went by pretty smooth and I head back home

Starring at the baby scan picture make me more confident

I would do anything to protect him or her and give them the best life


“Morning Mrs Williams”I greeted cheerfully

I don’t know why but I feel really happy today

“look who is in a good mood “Mrs Williams replied smiling

“well today we will be having a very important guest at the shop,they will be coming for a meeting so the shop will be closed till after their meeting”Mrs Williams said

“Really”I said and she nodded

“they said they dont want interruption that’s why they fully book the place”Mrs Williams added

“they must be really rich and important”I muttered and she nodded

Today we had the whole place sparkling clean i guess she really wants us to Impress who so ever that is coming

Minutes later some expensive looking cars of about four parked at the entrance of the building and some men in black walked In surrounded by boyguards

The men sat down while the boyguards stood beside them

Laura added more makeup to her face made her boobs more revealing

this girl is something else

she catwalked to them smiling and suddenly her face dropped

she walked back to me and dropped the note in front of me walking away angrily

she looked so pissed

I guess they turned her down.I checked the note and took their orders to them

“Here are your orders”I said in a polite and cheerful tone

They both raised their heads and my eyes landed on one

At that moment my heart stopped beating


           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 Venessa🌼

“Here are your orders”I said in a polite and cheerful tone

They both raised their heads and my eyes landed on one

At that moment my heart stopped beating

He looked shocked at first but his reaction changed to his usual cold glare

seconds passed and we were still looking at each other in the eyes

I quickly snapped out of what ever i was thinking and removed my eyes from his

“Do …do you need anything else “i asked starring at none of them in particular

“No”he other guy said in a polite tone while harry just kept mute

i walked away feeling his gaze on my back

i glumed down a full cup of water to relax my nerves

Gosh why do i feel this way

About an hour or two later they left before i even knew it

i walked over to their table and saw some bundle of notes

this was more than what they ordered for ,the money was placed on the side of the guys table

that means it wasnt Harry who dropped the money

i cleared the table before going to open the cafe properly

Laura was in a pretty bad mood and kept yelling at me althrough

i guess she isnt over whatever they said to her.

I closed for the day and made my way home,since the cafe wasnt far from the apartment i decided to walk

i walked as the fresh evening breeze kept hitting my body making me a bit cold

My head was filled with Harry

Maybe he is still pissed because i ran away without a word

But i did the right thing for myself and my baby.


its been almost three month and my life have been moving perfeclty fine

apart from the morning sickness,regular eating and irritation due to the pregnancy

i never saw Harry again which am happy about

I was about entering the shopping mall when i bumped into someone

“Isabella omg”i muttered happily

“venessa”she half yelled hugging me tightly

“you look amazing”she added smiling

“you look good too”i replied back

“How have you been vee,you left without a word”she said sadly

“am so sorry your brother wasnt making things easy “i replied back honestly

“i understand vee but your the only person he has stayed with for long without firing”Isabella said

“Please Vee dont think am selfish but i want you back at the house,i will increase your pay and make sure Harry never touch you”she said sounding desprate

“sorry Isabella,I have a job now and ”

“please vee just think about it”she added patting my back and left.

Its been a week since i came across Isabella and i told Cate everything that happened

somehow Cate was on Isabella side including Ace side which left me speechless

why would they even wish me to go back to that house

i waved all the thoughts aside i walked on the quiet street at the early hours of the morning

i saw some men which their trucks qnd working tools outside the cafe

i made my way into the cafe and met mrs williams

she looked so moody

“Mrs Williams”I called twice before she jolted out of her thoughts

“whats wrong”i asked concerned

“sit venessa”she said and i did

“i’m selling the cafe”she blurted out and my heart sank

she knew how much i loved working in the cafe

“i’m sorry but i have to,,i am moving away Venessa ,far away” she added sadly

“But i can still work for the new owner right”i asked still hoping

“The owner is renovating the whole place,it wont be a cafe anymore”she added and i felt tears gathered in my eyes

why the hell am i crying ‘i thought

“Dont worry Vee,you will find a new job “mrs will said wiping my tears before hugging me

I walked on the lonely street in deel thoughts

i cant believe i am no more going to the cafe again

its really sad

i need to start searching for another job asap

the thought of Isabella offer came to my mind and i waved it off immediately


           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 Venessa🌼

I sat down close to an ice cream truck

scooping and licking the ice cream like my life depends on it

Don’t blame me

Being pregnant is a whole lot more than I ever imagined

After walking and searching for a job and to no avail I needed something to cool off

I hailed a cab back to the apartment and collapsed on the couch

“how did it go”Cate asked

“same as yesterday” I replied sadly

“So do you give up”she asked again

“I don’t really know”I replied

I stood up and walked to my room before collapsing on the soft bed

I was so exhausted ,it was really obvious that the job hunt is an epic fail so far

And I can’t help but think of Isabella’s offer

I mean the pay will increase

I will be able to get an apartment for myself and I could take care of my baby

at least a few months won’t have hurt right?

I walked half naked towards him seductively

even though I was nervous ,I still played cool

He dragged my hands and pushed me on the bed

I lay on my back as he climbed on me , removing my bra and using his other hand to tore off my panties

I felt him push his huge d** Inside me and I winked in pain


I jumped up from the bed breathing heavily

Beads of sweat gathered around my forehead and I use my palm to clean them

I don’t know what to call this ,, nightmare or wet dream?

it was a replay from that night .why can’t I see his face

I felt nausea hit me and I ran to the bathroom to puke

I washed my face and checked the time , it was still 4 am in the morning so I just went back to sleep


I woke up due to the morning sun hitting my face

my stomach grumble and I couldn’t help but yawn

After doing my morning rituals,I went to get my self breakfast

Right now I feel like I could eat almost the whole universe

After eating I picked up my phone and starred at Isabella phone number,I didn’t know what to say so I texted her instead

💬 Hi,it’s Venessa

I texted and waited nervously for her reply.My phone buzzed and it was a text from her

💬 I’m so happy you finally reached me….. Isabella

💬 Can we meet. I text back

💬yeah,we can do lunch at Eat Right…… Isabella

💬 okay ,see ya

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but going back to Harry’s apartment pregnant is a huge step for me

I’m scared .

Few Hours Later
{Eat Right}

“Hey vee” Isabella called smiling happily and hugged me

“Thanks for coming”I said to her

we ordered food and eat

“so I was thinking if the offer still stands”I said

“of course it does, trust me am tired of searching for new maid almost everyday”Isabella replied

“what makes you think he won’t chase me out also” I asked

“Trust me he won’t , your actually different from other girls,most of them are there to seduce him”she replied

“ohh”was the only thing I could muttered

“But you still have to talk to him”I said and she nodded

“I will send you the money like I promise , don’t worry about anything okay
And as usual call me if anything comes up”she explained and I nodded

“I will come pick you up later today”she added

I wanted to decline but I just nodded in agreement

I still can’t believe I’m going back to Harry apartment.


I looked starred out the window as the car drove through the quiet street

the more we get close the more nervous o become

I called Cate and told her my decision ,same goes to Ace ,I couldn’t believe they were happy for me


His like the devil and i am only doing this because im out of options

we arrived and I dragged my things in with Isabella walking in front of me

we opened the door and saw Harry focused on his phone in the sitting room

At this point,my heart was beating fast and loud ,my palm were sweaty and my legs felt like jelly

I was beyond nervous

His gaze landed on us , from Isabella to me and then it landed on me

He starred directly at me with no expression on his face



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