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🌼 Venessa🌼

I watched as Isabella spoke some words to him before she hugged me and left

I didn’t know what to do so I just grabbed my things and went into the room

I settled in and arranged my things ,,the place looked at bit scattered so I’m sure it’s those girls who have come and go

I arranged the room and went to have a shower

I wore the maid outfit and went to the kitchen

I did a few chores and prepared dinner for him

I knocked on the door of Harry’s room

“what”he asked sternly

“sir your food is ready”I replied

“bring it here”he said

I went downstairs and carried the food in a tray

I knocked gently again and went in

Harry was standing with a towel tied around his waist and water dripping from his body

“Are you dumb”he asked snapping me out of my thoughts

“huh…..sir”I shuttered

“drop my food on the table before drool from your mouth fall into it”he said walking to his closet

I quickly dropped the food and left the room like someone being chased

I just officially embarrassed myself in front of him

Jeez he has become more rude than before

Arrh I was so stupid ,why was I even starring in the first place

since Harry was in his room I dished out my own food and carried them to the room

I sat down and eat to my satisfaction before going to wash the dishes

Cate and I talked for a long time before o called Finn and we talked also.


“Venessa “I heard someone yelled

“please just a little”I muttered turning to the other side of the bed


“urrrrh c’mon just five more minutes ,the sleep feel so good”I muttered poking my ass out

few moments later I felt cold water on my body and jolted from my sleep

“Good morning sir”I muttered starring at the floor

“breakfast in five minutes”he said and I nodded

I quickly rushed behind him to the kitchen and began cooking

My mouth stink and I need to pee so bad

Gosh I can’t believe I over slept and then embarrassed myself in front of Harry again

I even told him to give me five more minutes

I didn’t even know I was talking to him ,,I was so deep in sleep and enjoying it at the same time

since he said five minutes I did something simple and fast

I dished them on the dining and watch him sit down

“this should be the last time this ever happens again ,,go take your bath you stink”he added

I left and went straight to the bathroom ,I did the usual routine and came out

I went to the sitting to see Harry dressed in a black tuxedo

he looked good

okay why am I complimenting him ,,I am suppose to hate him right?

“Don’t prepare dinner for me”he said coldly

“okay sir”I replied

The doorbell rang and a blonde hair girl walked in

She looked stunning but her dress was a bit revealing

this is the first time I’m actually seeing Harry close to any girl

“shall we”the girl asked and he nodded

I thought it should be the other way round

They left the apartment ,well not without the girl giving me deadly glare

I locked up the door and sat down

it’s still early to go to bed so I decided to explore the house

but with only one place in my mind

“Harry’s room”

I walked into his room nervously and starred around

I walked to the small shelf and looked at the books there

I didn’t know Harry likes stories ,I moved round and saw a familiar shining piece

it was a necklace

the one my mom gave me

I thought I lost it at Mr Finn’s place

why is it here?

why dose Harry have it?

maybe it’s a coincidence ,he just happen to have the same thing as mine

i left the room and walked to the other rooms in the house

I entered a particular one ,, which I haven’t before

this one looks different,it’s more girly than others

I opened the closet and found lots of female clothing

okay now I’m curious

what’s actually going on




🌼 Venessa🌼

I opened the closet and found lots of female clothing

okay now I’m curious

what’s actually going on

I eyes caught something inside the closet it was a picture

I picked it up and starred at the picture ,the face looks familiar

ohh yeah I remember

the lady’s portrait I broke the other day “LORA”

Yes that’s her name

she’s really pretty and has the same hair as mine but mine was much longer

I really want to know what relationship she has with Harry or is she the reason his that way

maybe I will just ask Ace anytime I see him

I made my way out if the room and head back downstairs

I can’t believe I’m the only one in this huge apartment

I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet so I just turned on the TV and fixed my eyes on it.


As he move in and out in a low pace

his face becomes more clear

His hair was in full view ,dark and curly

His eyes were hazel

As he groan I could his face clearly now



I felt my body hit the floor and sprang up immediately

I was still in the sitting room and the TV was still on

I turned off the TV and head to my room

I checked the time it was still 2am

I can’t believe I slept off on the couch

The dream I had kept playing in my head and I kept trying to remove my mind from it

I think my mind is just playing tricks with me

why will I see Harry in my dream

why was he the one I had sex with

I know this is very impossible ,,maybe I’m just over thinking things

I’m sure it wasn’t Harry ,I mean if it was Harry I would have remembered since and he would recognize me also right ?

I managed to catch some sleep and later woke up by 5am due to morning nausea

I did my morning business and went to prepare breakfast

I tried my best to focus and make breakfast , thankfully the second one came out perfect

you do not want to know what happened to the first omelette I made

I took the tray to his room and knocked before entering

He was still laying shirtless on his bed and the dream kept playing in my head

Gosh my life is so messed up

Thankfully Harry went out so i didn’t embarrass myself in front of him


I rolled from one end of the bed to another trying to catch some sleep but hell no

I just couldn’t

Anytime I closed my eyes all I could see it Harry and I making out

I groaned loudly and I saw the wall clock

it was morning already and I didn’t even sleep at all

I dragged my feet to the bathroom and starred at my horrible self in the mirror

I can’t believe lack of sleep could cause all this

I managed to put my hair in order but my eyes still looks puffy and pale

I dragged myself to the kitchen as usual began cooking

while the pasta was getting ready I sat down and began thinking of my life

An horrible smell hit my nostril and I sprang up Immediately

“Oh No” I half yelled

As Harry ran into the kitchen

the kitchen was burning and we tried putting off the fire

The fire alarm came on water from no where came upon us

we were both wet as the fire alarm finally went off and the fire was out

I dare not look at Harry’s face

He left the kitchen and I followed behind but to my surprise ,I hit my butt so hard on the floor

I stood up immediately

I supported myself to the sitting room and the sight In front of me made my jaw dropped

The whole house was filled with water ,,from upstairs ,down , dining, sitting room

I couldn’t move

How can I clean up this whole water alone

“I don’t know how your going to do it but make sure this house is water free in the next one hour”

“Trust me ,you do not want to know what will happen if it’s not done before then” Harry added in a scary tone making me flinch in fear

I hurried, took the mopping stick and began cleaning all the water

I was mopping and the strength in me was reducing minutes by minutes

the house is so big and am not even close to finishing

It’s almost an hour now and I couldn’t take it anymore

Everything went blank





Coming downstairs I saw someone laying lifelessly on the floor

it was Venessa

Gosh this is all my fault and hers too

I carried her up and rushed to my car ,I drove to the nearby hospital and she was admitted Immediately and taken to a private ward knowing the kind of person I am

she’s so stubborn and clumsy

I ran my hands through my hair as I waited for the doctor to come out

why did she even sleep off when cooking , what’s wrong with this girl for goodness sake

she’s so lazy,I can’t believe just for her to Clean the whole house ,she fainted

I mean it was suppose to be a punishment for her

what am I even saying ?

She’s just ….I don’t actually know the right word to use for her

it were to be another person ,she would probably be in prison for trying to kill me by setting my house on fire

on a second thought why am I bordered,,why did I bring her to the hospital

alot of why where going through my head as the doctor walked towards me

“How is she doing”I asked

“they are fine”the doctor replied

“they”I asked

“yes she and the baby”the doctor replied

“why didn’t you warn her about the risk of being pregnant and going through too much stress”

“For someone carrying a child she need a lot of rest ,not just for her self but for the baby ”

“anyway I have arranged some vitamins for her and please make sure you keep an eye on her always”the doctor concluded and walked away talking to one of his nurse

Can someone pour me water

wait no ! can I wake up from this dream

She’s fucking pregnant ,like with a real human being in her stomach

oh no this can’t be happening

Is it mine ?

💐 Venessa Pov 💐

I woke up and found myself on the hospital bed

the whole event played in my head and my heart began pounding so fast

Omg who brought me to the hospital

“Let’s go”I heard Harry said in his usual cold voice and I stood up

I walked barefooted behind him as we made our way out of the hospital

I didn’t feel really weak but am damn curious

Like how did Harry of all people bring me to the hospital

He is like the I don’t care kind of person

“Don’t be too surprised,I don’t want anyone dying on my property”he said as if he was reading my mind

The drive back home was really silent and awkward

I have never ride in the same car with Harry before

He focused on the road till we arrived and went it

The whole house was sparkling clean and water free

This is what he would have done earlier instead of allowing me go through so much stress

“Prepare me something to eat and if you like this time burn the whole house down”he said and walked upstairs

This is the typical Harry

He didn’t even consider the fact that I’m just coming from the hospital and need rest

I entered the kitchen and began cooking ,trust me this time I made sure my eyes were as wide as an owl eyes

I prepared dinner and arranged in on the dining

I stood there as he sat down

“Leave “he said and I nodded

well that’s new

I left him and took my own portion of the food to my room to eat

I ate to my satisfaction before climbing on the bed and sleeping off

who the hell said pregnancy is an amazing experience ?


I came out of the shower and began dressing up

I starred at my boobs which is becoming more fuller and my stomach which is beginning to show a little

my doctor appointment is in a few days

my mind drifted to last night

we went to the hospital,,Did the doctor tell Harry I was pregnant ?

Arrh no if Harry knew I’m pregnant I will be out of his house since last night

I prepared breakfast wearing a nose mask

well the smell of eggs makes me wanna puke and I’m making scrambled eggs for Harry

I dished them out on the dining and waited for Harry

He sat down ,well not without starring at me awkwardly

probably wondering why I’m wearing a nose mask

He ate quietly and after eating I packed up the dishes

“Venessa” Harry called as I was about leaving the dining

“Are you ……………




Venessa 🌼

“Venessa” Harry called as I was about leaving the dining

“Are you always this clumsy and stupid”Harry asked

“sir … I…I..” I shuttered because I have no idea what to even reply him

“you are the one stupid and clumsy assh*le ” that was what I wanted to yell back at his face but I dare not

“how can you serve me food without water”he asked

“ohhh sorry sir” I said and hurried to get him water

I dropped the water on the dining and he totally ignored it going to the sitting room to sit down

Geez this guy is unbelievable

After insulting me because of water ,His lucky I’m in a good mood today I would have force the water down his throat

And then dig my grave afterwards

I was getting ready when some people rushed into the house carrying a lot of working items

“Go make sure my room is sparkling”he said in his usual bossy tone and I nodded

I entered the room and began cleaning

it didn’t take much time ,I was almost done when Harry opened the door and walked in

He walked to the bed side and removed him shirt

I swallowed hard and removed my eyes from his direction , as if that wasn’t enough he was about pulling down his pants

“I’m done sir ,I will take my leave”I nervously said

“Did I ask you to leave yet”he said starring into my eyes as he pull down his pants

what the hell is he trying to do

ohh no maybe his trying to seduce me .. okay that sounds really stupid

I quit all the crazy thought going through my head and starred at my feet nervously

“Henceforth your duty is to cook for me and clean my room ,do you understand”he said and I nodded

“yes ..yes sir”

“Good leave”

I hurried out of his room with my heart beating fast

I reached downstairs and saw the whole place clean

I smiled happily and entered my room .

Few days later

Everything have been going pretty fine ,yeah that’s because I don’t do much work and Harry is always out

But today his around and i am taking lunch to his room

I was about entering when I heard something hit the door

I quickly moved back and starred at the door from the outside

different things were hitting the floor and breaking into pieces

it’s been long since this happened

I ran back downstairs and went to pick up my phone

In less than 10 minutes Isabella arrived ,she gave me her things and rushed upstairs to Harry

After some time the noise died down and she came back downstairs looking worried and lost in thought

“Is he okay”I asked her and she nodded

“I know you have a lot of questions about what’s going on with him but the only person who can tell you that is Harry”Isabella said as if she was reading my thoughts

I gave her a small smile and patted her back

“Here this will cheer you up”I said bringing out a big bowl of ice cream

Trust me nothing makes you feel more alive than that

She chuckled and joined me

“Jeez Vee you have huge appetite,I can’t believe we both finished that big bowl”vee said like someone drunk

yeah drunk with ice cream

We both carried our self to the sitting room and began playing games


I woke up feeling something heavy on my leg

I stretched out and noticed it was Isabella

we both slept off on the couch

I looked arround and noticed everywhere was getting dark

I went to my room and picked a duvet I used to cover her properly before going to make dinner for us all

After dishing out the food ,,i saw Isabella walked to the dining

“It smells so gooddddd” she said making me chuckle

Harry walked down and sat down also ,,incase you might be wondering ,,when I was waiting for the food to be ready

I cleared up Harry’s room and he was asleep then

Trust me the room was a disaster ,wrost than before

“I think I’m going to steal you vee,,the took taste heavenly” Isabella muttered with a mouth full

“c’mon join us ,sit “she said and I starred at Harry

“c’mon forget him”Isabella whispered and i sat down

we ate silently and soon we were done

“OMG HARRY COCKROACH”Isabella yelled and to my greatest surprise

“Arrrrh” Harry yelled jumping up from his table

I close my mouth really tight not to laugh

But Isabella didn’t help ,,she started laughing loudly turning red and I didn’t know ,I joined her in Laughing

the look on Harry face was priceless

I had no idea his afraid of cockroaches





I walked away from the sitting room angrily
all thanks to Isabella for embarrassing me in front of Venessa

I ran my hands through my head and starred out the window

How did I go soft on her all of a sudden

‘because of the baby jerk my inner mind yelled at me


My phone rang and I picked it up almost immediately

“what did you find”I asked sternly

“sir all the things you mentioned pointed at her ,,seems she’s the person” one of my boys said and I ended the call

God I can’t believe Venessa is the girl from the other night and now she’s carrying my child

I didn’t know what I was feeling at that moment

I just pushed or destroy anything I lay my hands on

I couldn’t control myself anymore

Nothing drives me more crazy than am going to be a father.

Right from the beginning I felt some kind of attraction towards her

something I haven’t felt before

she was different

That doesn’t mean I like her tho, she’s so annoying and pretty

okay I didn’t mean that part …she’s not pretty

Back at the Luca mansion after she cleaned up my room I saw her necklace on the floor ,I’m very sure it was hers

I remembered it very well from the lady I slept with

I couldn’t just believe it was Venessa so I decided to keep it

some days back also I saw a cut on her hand ,,the same cut I saw on the lady’s hand that very night

I still didn’t bring myself down to believe it was her

I mean not like I was drunk that night but since it was at night , everywhere was a bit dark and I wasn’t in the right state of mind

And then her Red hair


That night when she left

I was angry

I asked Ace if he knew anything about her disappearance and he told be no

I knew he was lying but I had to play along ,I don’t want him to think I’m bordered about her

I guess she was tired of my shitty attitude that’s why she left

I tried getting new maids when she left and it didn’t end well

it’s either they were trying to seduce me,too lazy ,too clumsy,to ugly or bad cook

And I didn’t make things easier for them either

it was easy to hurt them and don’t feel any remorse

But Venessa ,,her eyes were like Lora’s,it could make you think of something entirely different

Venessa always reminded me of Lora

the only woman who stole my heart till date

No matter what she did to me ,I still love her till date

And she’s part of my anger issues ,she left when I needed her the most.

Flash back ends

Alot of things were going through my mind now

it’s obvious she doesn’t remember me but what do I do?

I can’t just stand up saying she’s the girl I had a one night stand with and then boom she believes me

Besides she a slut

No I defiled her myself

Gosh this is so furstrating

I hate thinking about something so much ,it reminds me of that horrible day

I was kidnapped ,,I was just 18 then ,I was taken to an apartment and was tied and locked up

They abused me

The painful memories came flooding in my memory and I shut my eyes tightly

Flash back

Some men came I to the room and strip me naked

one of them took my cock inot his mouth and sucked on them

I was beyond irritated,,the other one shoved his dick into my assh*le making me yell in pain

I went through that torture for five days
Each day different people come ,use me and go

I was like their sex tool ,,they broke me into a million pieces

And planned death for me after that all because I was the next in line to The Luck heritage.



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