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🌼 Venessa🌼

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it was like I was glued to the spot …..and now our face were inches apart with his lips brushing mine

I felt cold run through my spine as his lips landed on mine

He was gently but yet demanding

He made me lay on my back comfortably on the couch as he kissed from my neck

He sucked on my neck making me moan lightly

I’m definitely going to get alot of hickeys

In a sec I was lifted up and carried to his room still kissing

I swear I really wanted to go but my hormones were not willing

He layed me on the bed and slowly removing my shirt

His eyes starred directly into mine ,before he unclip my bra and fiddle my boobs

I couldn’t help but moan

Who could believe this lady moaning is actually pregnant??

He removed the pants I wore and slide him finger in me making me gasp

This feeling was new ,I was enjoying it,I didn’t want it to stop anymore

He kissed every part of my body as he thrust his fingers in and out of me for sometime

I helped him remove his shirt and then pants

He rubbed on my entrance before sliding in

he was gently as if he was scared of hurting me

Having him inside me felt a bit weird

it was like he has been inside of me before

“faster”I whispered yet in a demanding tone and like he little boy he obeyed

After the hot love making we had,he collapsed beside me breathing heavily

I allowed sleep take over me hoping I will wake up and find out it all a dream.

He starred directly into my eyes

Throwing me on the bed and ripped my pants

without any foreplay or kisses he thrusted into me

“Harry”I called

I woke sweating and felt someone stoking my hair and my body calmed

I looked down and noticed I saw unclad

still on Harry’s bed

The event of last night played in my head

instead of being traumatised and yelling at the top of my voice

I blush foolishly.

My eyes went to my stomach

Did he notice they were kinda big

The thought of him finding out I was pregnant hit me and I sprang up immediately

I quickly pick up my clothes and ran out of the room

Gosh what did I just do

I entered the bathroom and enjoyed the warm water hitting my body

why am I not mad at myself

Why do I feel so calmed about this whole thing ,why am I not even reacting the way am supposed to .

my mind drifted to the dream I had and still Harry’s face was the only thing I kept seeing

Could it be Harry?

I mean it can’t be him right?if he is the one he would remember me right?

I don’t even know what to think anymore

Lord please if it is truly Harry kindly show me a sign

please any sign

Alot of things were going through my mind but nothing made me more nervous than Harry coming down for breakfast and seeing him

know we had s*x last night

okay that wasn’t really s*x it was love making

Arrrh I’m going crazy.

I was done cooking and set it up when Harry came down

He face was blank so I didn’t know what he was thinking

“Good… morning sir” I greeted

was that too formal?

“how was your night Venessa”he asked and my jaw dropped

first he answered my greeting and now his asking how was my night??

someone pinch me

finally I realized what he meant by how was my night and I turned red instantly

“you look good with hickeys”he added with a smirk starring into my eyes

Gosh what is he trying to do ?

what the hell is he trying to do ?




🌼 Venessa🌼

Carrying my working tools and going into Harry’s room

Well after the breakfast ,Harry was called so he had to rush out

Cleaning his room I felt something stick out from the top shelf

I didn’t know but I just dragged it out

it’s a scan picture

what am I saying…It’s my scan picture

what the hell is it doing here

Why dose Harry have it

wait maybe I’m dreaming

I rubbed my eyes rapidly but Heyyy I’m not dreaming

I rushed to my room and picked them out but no difference

one was actually missing

wait….is Harry truly the guy from that night

Dose he know

Omg this is the sign I asked God for

That explains it

“my necklace”
“my dreams ”

To say I was confused was understatement ,my mind was in a complete havock .

I rushed back to the room and kept the picture back

I cleaned up the whole place fast and walked out

I was done cooking lunch when the door bell rang

I opened the door and saw Isabella

I smiled happily and hugged me tightly almost breaking my bones

“wait why is your stomach poking me “she asked

“huh”was the only thing that came one from my mouth nervously

she raised my top and starred at my baby bump

omg this can’t be good

“Your pregnant”she asked in shock and then her eyes drifted to my neck

“is that hickeys on your neck”

“you have hickeys on your neck”

“omg Venessa you are pregnant and you have hickeys on your neck”she said like someone going through a panic attack

“omg your carrying a baby”

“like a baby”

“,I’m going to be a aunty ,no a God mother”

I just starred at Isabella while she displayed all her madness

What do I do with her now?

Should I pour her water to bring her out of whatever she’s thinking or I should just smack her head to the wall ,then if she pass out , she might have a memory loss and won’t remember a thing.

“Isabella “I called loudly and she starred at me

“come have a seat”I said and she nodded following me

“so you have been fucking my brother all this while and I had no idea”she said and my cheeks flushed remembering last night

“omg I’m right,your blushing”she added smiling

“tell me everything”she said

I told Isabella everything from the first night ,how I got pregnant and how I landed in Harry’s apartment and how we ended having sex last night

I didn’t tell her I’m having a feeling that Harry is the one responsible for the pregnancy

“Awwwn you have been through a lot”she said tapping me

“so what are you going to do if Harry finds out your pregnant with someone child and still have sex with him”she asked

“I really don’t know” I replied back sadly

“I hope you figure it out by”she said hugging me

“and don’t forget I’m always here for you if you need anything”she added

“thanks Bella”I muttered

“what did you cook ,I’m hungry”she half yelled walking to the kitchen

Isabella left hours later and I was left alone with my thoughts

Harry wasn’t back yet

the door bell rang and my body tensed up immediately

I think it’s Harry

I opened the door after encouraging myself

but wait ….Harry doesn’t knock …..This is his house

I opened the door only to find Max

“Hi” I greeted nervously making way for him to come in

“Harry isn’t home”I said

“yeah I know that ,I came to see you”he replied walking up to me

“pardon”I replied

“I really like you Venessa , please let me take you away from this place,let me take care of you”he said and before I could say anything his lips landed on mine

“Venessa” someone called angrily

I quickly moved and starred at an angry Harry




🌼 Harry🌼

I saw a car pulled up at my apartment from far

I know the car belongs to Max

But why is he here .

I walked into my apartment only to see Max kissing Venessa

Never in my entire life have I felt this much wave of anger and jealousy hit me

I feel like punching the hell out of him

“Venessa”i called angrily and she starred at me with a puppy face

“what the hell are you doing here Max”I

“chill dude,I only came here to have a word with Venessa”he replied

“think about it okay”he added starring at Venessa before walking out of my apartment

This guy has so much nerves


I walked out on Venessa before she could even say a complete her statement

I was really pissed

Max Pov

Her beauty
Her smile
Her cooking
Everything about her make me happy

she everything a man wants and desire

I so much hate the fact that she’s working as a maid for Harry

Don’t get me wrong Harry is my friend but I really really like Venessa

Not for s*x or anything but for who she is

I can’t get over the fact that he gets to see her everyday of his life

I saw the way his been protective of her anytime I mention her name so I decided to act fast

I knew Harry went out and I knew when the meeting will end

I did my calculations and went over because I wanted him to know that I’m very serious about her

As Good may have it Harry came in right on time

When we kissed

it was a short kiss but the best I ever had ,and Harry has to ruined it all with his presence

I still don’t get why his mad at me …I mean he doesn’t like her

He said so himself .

Today I’ve made up my mind to make Venessa fall for me

Venessa Pov ❤️

Pacing about in the room with my heart beating so fast

I kept biting my nails till there was nothing there to chew on again

I made a huge mistake by letting Max Walk through that door

Why on Earth did he kiss me

I wasn’t even expecting it and Harry just walked in

Gosh I’m freaking out right now

I heard a loud noise from Harry’s room and my body flinched immediately

I heard another loud sound and I knew all is not well

Harry is really angry

I made my way to the room nervously and placed my ear on the door

the breaking didn’t stop and sincerely I didn’t want to call Isabella

because this is all my fault and I will be totally embarrassed to tell her that Harry saw me kissing his friend

I opened the door gently and saw Harry

The whole place is a total mess

“Get out”was the only thing I heard without him looking at me

“I’m not going anywhere”I replied sternly

“leave Venessa I don’t want to hurt you “he said still not looking at me

“I’m not going anywhere Harry”I added walking close to him

“Don’t come close to me Venessa ,stop being stubborn”he half yelled but somehow I didn’t flinch

“I’m sorry Harry ,he just kissed me”I said

“You owe me no explanation”he replied but I know he didn’t mean it

I didn’t know how but I felt a sting under my foot

“Venessa are you okay”he asked

I raised my feet up and blood dripped from it

“shit”Harry cursed walking close to me

“I told you to leave Venessa ,see what you caused “he said angrily

“Sit”he said and I sat down

He rushed and brought out the first aid kit ,and began treating the wound

All through I kept starring at him and blushed foolishly

I can’t believe his being this nice and careful with me

He gave me some pain relife and i lay on his bed

Seriously not that I was feeling that sleeply but I had to put on some act

He won’t be able to do anything while am laying on his bed

Somehow I dozed off




🌼 Harry🌼

I watched as she lay on my bed sleeping

I didn’t know what this girl is doing to me

She’s driving me crazy

I couldn’t control my anger anymore

The pain and anger that filled my body as the image of her kissing Max keeps playing

Anything my hand landed I kept throwing them to the floor

Not until she walked in

she’s so stubborn and now she has injured herself


She turned to the other side of the bed and stood up

I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looks even when waking up from sleep and how much weight she’s putting recently

“I’m sorry I slept off her ,I will just leave”she said standing up from the bed before I could stop her

she fell back on the bed making me fall on her too

“I….I .. forgot I was injured “she shuttered with her cheeks burning red

And yeah ,I didn’t stand up

I starred at her lips and crashed mine on them

The feelings I get kissing her is something irreplaceable

it makes me long for more

I kissed her gently but demanding

She’s mine

she will always be mine


Venessa Pov ❤️

I know right now I’m completely red

the butterflies in my stomach exploded as his lips claims mine

this was different

Unlike when Max kissed me

I felt nothing….no butterflies. …no sparkle…

After the kiss ,Harry helped me downstairs and to my room

I didn’t know what to do ,Harry kept playing in my head

His the father of my child

I’m not hundred percent sure yet ,what if am just assuming things

I just still need something

How can I stand up and tell him

“Hey harry ,I’m carrying your child”I will sound stupid and ridiculous

“Back to earth Venessa”Harry yelled and I jolted from my thoughts

“a Penny for your thought”he said and I starred at him blankly

“Arrrh I was thinking of food”I blurted out

“okay gimme some minutes”Harry said walking out

I supported myself to the bathroom and took a quick shower

I wore a simple gown and packed my hair up

I was done when the door opened and Harry walked in with a tray

He dropped it beside me and walked out

If I’m dreaming , someone please wake me up

Harry cooked

I’m beyond surprised

I starred at the mouth watering meal before me and my stomach grumbled the more

I was about to take a spoonful when a stupid thought came into my head

“what if the food is poisoned”

I dropped the spoon and starred at it

” what if his trying to revenge for the kiss”

No … Harry can’t do such a thing

What am I even thinking

I eat the food to my satisfaction and nothing happened

I took managed myself to the sitting room and saw Harry starring blankly at the TV

“Thanks for the breakfast”I said shyly and he nodded

He was okay some minutes ago and now he looks all grumpy and cold

“Venessa ” he called

“sit”he said coldly and my body went all numb

why is he acting like this all of a sudden

“Did I do anything wrong “I asked and he starred at me blankly

Okay his now freaking me out

His calm and caring self was gone

He was no longer the Harry i was with this morning

He was back to his old self

“when are you going to tell me that you are pregnant” Harry asked and I almost choked on my breath

“I’m …am …I…not pregnant “I shuttered

“Don’t lie to me Venessa” he half yelled

“Fine ..I didn’t want to tell you …it’s complicated” I replied

“who is the father”He asked and I began sweating





Venessa Pov

“who is the father”He asked and I began sweating

What will be his reaction when I tell him I’m not sure or I think it’s him

What is he going to think of me ?

I didn’t know when tears began filling up my eyes and coming down

“Venessa its okay if you don’t want to talk about it”

“I just thought I should know since you know..we had sex”he said and my cheeks turned red

“I had a one night stand some months back because I really needed the money”

“But I mistake the room I was suppose to enter for another , when I woke up I didn’t see him or I just left and that was it”I said shyly

I could swear I saw Harry smiling

who else smiles foolishly when they hear the girl they just have sex with is pregnant with another man’s child and from a one night stand?

How can I be sooo foolish ,I have been seeing signals and all that Harry is the father but I kept ignoring it

I was right ..this is no doubt or second thought

It is Harry

He is the one and he knows

No wonder he wanted to go with me for scan and end up stealing a picture

That explains my necklace

When he took me to the hospital when I collapsed

Everything makes sense now

Gosh why have I been so ignorant

This guy deserve a very hot slap

But why can’t he just come clean and tell me his the father

“same reason you can’t tell his that his the father also”my inner mind screamed

“Why are you looking at me like that”I asked

“Oh…. nothing “Harry replied nervously which came as a shock

This is the first time I’ve seen him nervous

“why are you also looking at me that way also” he asked

“meeee….I wasn’t looking at you….naaa”I replied back nervously

okay what the hell is going on between the both of us

we are acting like teenagers

“so Harry there is popcorn and it’s plenty”I said gently

“yeah …I will pick a movie” he replied and my eyes widened

I rushed to go prepare the popcorn and took it to the sitting room

we settled for “Extraction” a new movie

Yeah this time we took time and checked for action movie

The last romance movie led to a heated make out session which we both enjoyed

We both sat down and began watching

I didn’t know my eyes was beginning to close and in no time I slept off .


Turning form one side of my bed to another

I finally stood up

The morning breeze made me shiver

I can’t believe I slept that long….I know it’s Harry that brought me to my room

I smiled to the thoughts and entered the bathroom to do my business

I was done and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast

I took extra time to prepare a massive breakfast

Let’s just say I’m in a pretty good mood today

“Good morning Harry”I greeted and he rolled his eyes at me

“Stop being too Happy Venessa…your smiling face freaks me out”he said starring at me

such a spoiler

“Thanks for the compliment “I replied sarcastically

“always welcome”he said with a chuckle

I noticed the way his face lit up as he took a spoonful

I couldn’t be more happy

The whole breakfast went well and I cleared the dishes

I wanted to ask Harry what we are

“You know we had sex”

And we have been watching movies together and he knows his the father

Well that won’t stop me from giving him a dirty slap when he finally tells me… just like someone suggested

The doorbell rang and I rushed to go open the door …I have a feeling it’s Isabella

I opened the door but I was wrong

Her red hair ,her perfectly molded face

“Hi…is Harry in”she asked and I nodded

“come in” I said and she did

“LORA”Harry half yelled in shock and my jaw dropped




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