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Venessa Pov

Starring at the both of them, still glued to that same spot I was

“what are you doing here”Harry asked as his mood changed entirely

“can we talk …in private”she trailed looking at me

I feel like smacking her head against the wall

“Venessa excuse us”Harry said not removing his gaze from Lora

I nodded and made my way to my room

Like you all know me ….I’m sure going to eavesdrop

I hide behind the walls close to my room and I could hear them clearly

“Harry I miss you”she said and my eyes widened

“What do you mean by “You Miss Me”…”you left me remember ….when I needed you the most “harry replied angrily

“I was stupid Harry …but am here now”She said almost crying

“For how many years Lora “He replied

“Harry I still love you “she said and Harry kept mute

“Too late Lora ..I love someone else”Harry said and my heart began pounding heavily

“who is she….Is she the lady I just met” Lora asked

“She is none of your business Lora “Harry replied

Why do I have a feeling that I know this girl they are talking about

‘Its you stupid’ my inner mind yelled

“Harry I can’t believe after all we shared you are picking that ugly looking duckling over me”

“She isn’t even your type Harry “Lora snarled angrily

“New flash Lora ….that ugly looking duckling you met is carrying my child” Harry yelled angrily and my jaw dropped

I’m sure Lora’s face will be all red now

“Now get the f*ck out of my house”He yelled

Before she could say anything the door bell ran

I adjusted myself and walked to the door while the both of them starred at me awkwardly

“Hey Vee “Isabella called exictedly hugging me

“How’s my little peanut do….

She didn’t complete her statement before I used my palm to cover her mouth

That was when her eyes went to Harry and then Lora

Never have I seen Isabella this angry

“what the hell is this b*tch doing here”she yelled pushing me aside

“Hi”Lora said

“What are you doing here “Isabella asked

Jeez she looks really scary when angry…somehow I was seeing another version of Harry in Isabella

“I came to see Harry”Lora managed to say

It’s very obvious that Lora is scared of Isabella …I mean even with the way Isabella looks right now I am scared too

“Get the f*uck out”Isabella said smiling and dropping her bag

ok what is she doing

I saw Isabella removing her earring and then her shoes

“Get the f*ck out”she added removing her wrist watch and now she was packing her hair

Before I could say a word Lora was already running out of the apartment with Isabella chasing her

“You fcking btch”Isabella yelled

I sincerely wanted to laugh my ass out but I had to maintain

That was when I remember that Harry was actually there and haven’t said anything

I looked up at Harry and saw him trying to hold his laughter back

We started laughing at the same time and then Isabella came in and joined.

Isabella and I went to the kitchen and began cooking

more like I was cooking and she was just talking on and on

I think I should tell her that her brother is the father

I mean she has been really nice to me

she has the right to know

“Isabella I need to tell you something “I said drawing her attention

“Okay go on”she replied

“promise t not to freak out”I said

“c’mon what will make me freak out but anyway I promise”she replied rolling her eyes

“Harry is the father of my child”i said


she kept yelling till I used my palm to cover her mouth

I gave her a look not to shout and she nodded

I removed my palm and she started shouting again

okay what should I do with her ??




Venessa Pov

“Wait but for how long have you known my brother ,this is all confusing”she said

“yeah I know ” I replied and sat her down

I explained everything to her and she couldn’t help but smile although

“You really had a rough life”she commented and I nodded

“so let me get this are sure Harry is the father ,Harry admitted it to Lora that his the father but he still haven’t admitted it to you personally”she asked

“yeah…very complicated”I said and she nodded

“One thing I know for sure is that Harry is a very weird kinda of guy …..He had a crush on a girl during childhood and didn’t tell her for two me it’s difficult for him admit his feelings and I know saying that his the father is like a huge deal for him”Isabella explained.

“Let’s get this food to the dining before Harry starves”she added

we dished out the food and I sat with them and ate

All though the meal I could feel Harry’s eyes on me

it made me really nervous that I couldn’t even look up

The whole eating ended really awkward for me

Isabella left after teasing me and promising to take me out shopping the following day

Harry and I were now left alone and yeah I stopped wearing big clothes to cover my baby bump

I sat down in the sitting room close to Harry and gave him a weird smile

“What do you want Venessa”Harry asked starring at me

“What do you mean”I asked blinking my eyes rapidly

“oh c’mon ,I know that face “he said and I chuckled holding my heart like someone being offended

“okay let’s play twenty questions”I said

“Not interested “he replied starring at the TV

“oh no… have no idea how it’s being played “I said and I could see how his face flushed

Jeez the Almighty Harry is embarrassed

“it’s not a bad thing you know ” I said

“Really”he asked and I started laughing

He gave me a deadly glare and I sealed my mouth instantly

“so Harry any plans for tonight”I asked

“Yeah I have work to do”he replied standing up

“see ya”he added and walked upstairs

what’s the deal with this guy

Today we act all cozy and later everything just feels different

He can’t just leave me in the dark ,I know he doesn’t admit his feelings just like that

But I need a hint a least

we can’t just have s*x and then act like friends

who dose that?

I didn’t know when I lay down on the couch and slept off


I woke up in my soft bed , rolling from one end to another

Finally I woke up and found myself on the bed

I wonder how I ended up here .

I did my morning business and head out to make breakfast

After setting it up ,Harry came down

“Morning Harry”I greeted cheerfully and he ignored me

He looked really lost ,sad and angry this morning

We were cool yesterday

He sat down and ate quietly while I just starred at him and ate my own breakfast

He didn’t eat much before leaving the food and going upstairs

I cleared the dining and went to the sitting room when the doorbell rang

I went to the door happily knowing it would be Isabella

I opened the door and my jaw dropped

“Lora” I called in shock as she pushed me aside

she wasn’t alone there was a young boy of about five years old

“My son is here to see his father”she said grinning evily

“You know what Get Out “I half yelled

This girl is really crazy and never gets tired

“Get Out Harry isn’t Home”I said and before I knew it

two heavy punch landed on my stomach

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach instantly and she didn’t stop hitting it

I yelled in pain trying to stop her but I couldn’t

I looked down and saw a red substance coming down from in between my legs

“My Baby”was the only thing I could mutter in tears as everywhere went black as my face came in contact with the floor




Harry Pov

After leaving Venessa to go work ,I entered my study room and sat down

there were alot of things I haven’t worked on , seriously I use to be a workaholic and all of a sudden and being lazy

I was about to start working when a text popped into my phone

I wanted to ignore but I saw the message was from an unknown number


I hissed angrily as I starred at the message

what the hell dose she really wants

“WHAT DO YOU WANT LORA” I texted back and waiting


I rolled my eyes as I read the text ,,, making me remember moment I didn’t want to

“SO WHAT”I texted back

I was becoming angry remembering the past and how she left me after that without a goodbye


the text came back and I almost smashed my phone to the wall

what the hell is this bitch playing at


I read through the text again as my heart sank

I felt like screaming loudly and hit jump off a tower if only this bad news will go away

Should I believe Lora

Is she playing games with me

I didn’t know what to think and obviously I couldn’t work anymore

I went back to my room and lay on the bed trying to catch some sleep

Not for once did my eyes close

I stood up and walked downstairs only to find Venessa laying on the couch

I starred at how beautiful she still looks while sleeping

I carried her in a bridal style to her room and dropped her on the bed

I starred at her tummy for minutes

I can’t believe my child is in there ….it feels so weird

I kissed her tummy and used the duvet to cover her before stepping out of the room

It was almost morning when I actually began feeling sleepy and slept for a few hours.

I woke up with Lora’s text still playing in my head

when I found out Venessa is carrying my child I was really happy and nervous at the same time

but from Lora it feels so different

Just months ago I would do anything to bring Lora back into my life

Even when I still knew Venessa …but everything changed

I didn’t even know when the change occur

its like Lora was erased from my life and now when everything is finally falling into place she shows up clamming to have a child for me.

After I ate breakfast and went back upstairs ,I couldn’t help but feel guilty for ignoring Venessa the way I did but there are alot going through my head.

I heard loud noise coming from downstairs but I couldn’t make out their discussion until I came close

I began jumping the stairs as I heard Venessa yell in pain

I reached down only to find Venessa on the floor

I felt like punching the day light out of Lora but I had better things to attend to

“Venessa ”

“Venessa” I called running to the car with her in my hands

who knew Lora could be this heartless

I drove like an insane person and I kept yelling Venessa name but she didn’t shake

She was taken from me and take to a private ward

I ordered the best doctor’s among all of them and they rushed out

“sir please we will take it from here”one of the doctor said and I stayed in the waiting room

I called Isabella and then Ace to tell them what going on

Ace was surprised but Isabella wasn’t

and trust me Isabella freaked out , knowing the fact that she really hates Lora made things worst

since I don’t beat ladies I will allow Isabella handle Lora

I didn’t even try to stop her.

About two hours in the waiting room one of the doctor finally came out

the look on his face wasn’t pleasant so I was preparing for the worst

“just spill it out”I said to him sternly and he nodded

“I’m sorry sir we tried our best … she’s in a very complicated situation and we are trying our best to save her and the baby” he said and I nodded.




Harry Pov

It’s been five f*cking hours and I haven’t seen the doctor again

I think I might go insane anytime soon

I’m not surprised Isabella isn’t here yet but I know what exactly she’s doing

Few minutes later Isabella rushed in with Ace and another lady beside them

wait I know her

She’s the other lady that worked with Isabella and I fired her for trying to kill me

yeah obviously I had no patience then and I really look intimidating

“Where is she”Isabella asked looked all worried and a little bit rough

“they still working on her “I replied and starred at Ace who gave me a weird look

The lady didn’t look at me but I’m sure she’s really nervous amd worried with the way she’s chewing her nails

“where were you Harry ,,why did you even allow that psychopath into the house”Isabella asked

“she told me she has a son for me”I muttered starring at isabella as her jaw dropped

“what that btch ,she’s fcking lying”Isabella whispered back

“Don’t worry she will be okay…she’s a fighter remember”Isabella said and my eyes widened

“what did Venessa tell you about us”I asked sternly to show I was serious

“whattttt….meeee..she didn’t say anything”Isabella shuttered and I knew she obviously lying

“Don’t lie to me Bella” I said sternly

she was about to say something when the doctor came to us

They all rushed to him including me

“how is she”the girl who I have no idea what her name is asked

“thankfully we were able to save her and the child”the doctor replied

At that moment it felt like a huge load was lifted up my chest

I was overjoyed within me

“can we see her ” Ace asked

“No she needs rest ,I will advise you see her tomorrow”the doctor replied

we all thanked him as he left

About hours later Isabella ,Ace and the other lady left saying they will be back by tomorrow

Y’all know I’m not going anywhere

I walked round the hospital till I finally saw her ward

From the glass wall I could see how she lay on the bed with her eyes closed and all those strings connected to her body

I pushed the door a little bit and it opened ,I walked in quietly and sat down on the bed

I never imagined seeing her in this type of situation all because of me

I moved to a comfortable chair and sat down watching her hoping she would wake up and smile unnecessarily like she normally dose .

I woke up as I heard the door opened and the doctor walked in with Ace, Isabella and the lady

I had no idea I slept this much, maybe it’s because I was up all night

The doctor did a few and smiled

“Well she’s a bit better but there are possibility she won’t remember some people or things when she wake up “the doctor said

“why doctor”Isabella asked

“well when her head hit the floor it caused a few complications”the doctor replied and we’ll nodded

.”she’s up”the other lady said smiling and moving to Venessa bed

As she opened her eyes my heart melted,she looked pale but still pretty

“My baby”she muttered as tears rolled down her eyes

I felt broken

“your baby is fine”Isabella replied and she gave a weak smile

“Isabella “she called smiling

“Cate”she called the other girl

“you look really fat”she said with a chuckle and I smiled

“Aceeeee”she giggled and he kissed her forehead

well at least she remembers all of them

Her eyes moved to my direction and it was plain

She wasn’t smiling

“who are you”she asked and my heart exploded

“it’s Harry , don’t you remember him”Isabella asked and she starred at me

“no”she muttered

“who are you to me”she asked and I couldn’t even say a word

I was speechless

she starred laughing and we all starred at her like she’s gone crazy

“you should have seen your face when I said I didn’t remember you” she said in between her laugh and we all laughed

Gosh I was so relieved

This girl never stops playing




Venessa Pov

I was so excited to see Harry,Cate,Isabella and Ace.

They really mean a lot to me and to crown it all up my baby is okay.

“Where is Lora” I asked

“That alien bitch would probably be undergoing a face surgery by now “Isabella replied and my eyes widened

I know Isabella and what shes capable of too bad I was the one who dealt with her

she would probably be in the grave by now .

The whole week went by pretty fast and thankfully I was finally allowed to go home

the smell of the hospital is making me more sick by the second .

We arrived at the house and Isabella left because she has work to do and so did Cate and Ace so I was alone with Harry .

Since we were at the hospital we haven’t had time to talk about what happened and seriously I didn’t want to talk about it too,but the next time that girl come close to me I’m killing her.

“What are you trying to do” Harry asked

“Going to my room” I replied

He rolled his eyes as he carried me up in a bridal style to my room

“you know I can walk right,i’m not cripple” I said and he didn’t reply

“Do you need anything else “he asked sternly

“No” I replied

He was about leaving when I called him back

“Harry ”

“is the child really yours”I asked hoping for a good reply

“I don’t really know venessa”he looked sinscere,he was saying the truth .

I didn’t want to pressure him much so I just nodded my head and watch him leave

I layed on my bed thinking of the worst

what will happen when he find out the baby is his for all we could know she might be saying the truth .

That reminds me ….why is he all grumpy

Harry Pov

Though out our stay at the hospital I realized something

“I’m deeply in love with Venessa”

it feels so weird because I haven’t felt that much for anyone not even Lora

I really don’t want to believe that the child Lora has is mine

But as you all know I’m going to make the truth come out soon

A knock landed on my door and I cursed under my breath

“come in”I said and Venessa walked in

“Why did come up by yourself”I asked angrily

“I was bored”she pouted and I starred at her blankly

She just have a way to make me forget I’m angry with her

“sit”I said to her and she sat down playing with her finger nervously

“Do you need anything”I asked her

“not really”she replied which is obvious she’s lying

I put on the TV and she smiled widely

she loves watching movies and always cry at the end

We started watching a movie and they started kissing

Can’t this people act a movie without doing anything

I rolled my eyes as I felt Venessa hands cover my eyes as I did same

we ended up laughing at each other behavior

About an hour later Venessa’s head landed on my laps

she’s already sleeping

I ran my hands through her hair and she muttered some stuff

she was actually enjoying it

I removed some strands of hair from her face making her look insanely pretty while at sleep

“Harry”she called with her eyes still closed

“yeah” I replied

“I Love You”she said and my eyes widened



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