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           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 VENESSA 🌼

I sprang up from my feet when I heard someone walked downstairs

“Good evening sir”I greeted bowing my head

“Who did this”he asked showing me his hands

“I….I…did sir”I replied and a sounding slap landed on my face that sent me to the floor

I stood up and held my cheeks as tears threatened to fall from my eyes

“How dare you”he half yelled making me flinch

“Did i tell you I need your pity,,Who gave you the orders”he added

“I…I…am sorry sir”I said

“Follow me “he ordered and I did

I followed him outside as he dragged a chair out

He wind hit my face like it was about to rain heavily

“Sit”he ordered and I did

I sat down and he began using rope to tie me down to the chair

He was about to tie my hands when our eyes met

He starred into my eyes for a while awkwardly before he tied me up and left


The wind blew my hair and It covered my face

I couldn’t remove it

in no time the rain started falling and I was still there

I was shivering under the rain as it keeps hitting me

what type of punishment is this

what did I even do to deserve this

I only help him clean the blood stains and cover up his wounds

imagine where my nice girl attitude has landed me

The rain increased and my body was getting numb

I couldn’t feel my feet anymore,,the cold was already freezing my blood

I couldn’t yell or move and everything went blank.

I opened my eyes to see Catherine starring at me

” thank God you are okay”she said and hugged me

“How did I get here”I asked

“He brought you in and asked me to change your clothes”Cate replied

“What ? you mean Harry brought me here himself”I asked and she nodded

“This is one crazy shit”I said and she chuckled

“I rubbed my eyes countless times to be sure am not dreaming,I heard your conversation with him earlier”

“That guy is heartless,,I mean who punish someone for helping them”Cate said

 "yeah he is"I replied sadly

Cate helped me to the bathroom and after a hot shower and some drugs I felt much better

Cate and I were done cleaning the sitting room when the doorbell rang

“I will go check it”Cate said and left

I starred at the guy in front of me with his language speechless

He was the complete mimi version of Harry

“Good day sir”I finally said while he smiled

“ohh c’mon ,call me Ace and you are “he replied still smiling

“Venessa”I replied back

“Where the hell is my brother”,he asked starring at me

“in his room”i replied back

“okay Essa am so hungry right now and I heard you are a good cook ,,will be down in thirty minutes” Ace said in a jovial tone

“let me help you with the suit case “I offered and he declined

“Naa it’s nothing” he replied and walked upstairs

“Cate”I called and she jolted from her thoughts

Cate has been smiling to herself alone and starring at Ace since he walked in

“His Soo cute and sweet”she said smiling
I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen

“stop dreaming”,I half yelled and heard her chuckle

I guess not all the Luka are strict and grumpy looking like Harry

In no time I was done cooking ,I dished it out and heard footsteps coming downstairs

Ace was the only one talking while Harry kept a straight face

I haven’t seen him since he left me under the heavy rain

“omg this taste so delicious”Ace said with a mouth full

“you are indeed a great cook not only that your beautiful” Ace added and I blushed

“Thanks Ace”I replied

“the food is too salty and some part are not well cooked”Harry said which made Ace and I stare at him

“am so sorry sir I can make you another one”I replied and bow my head

“you better do” he replied strictly

“are you kidding me H.H”Ace said and I didn’t know when I chuckled and quickly covered my mouth

“Don’t call me that”Harry said angrily

I could see the embarrassment on his face

“I need more”Ace said and I took the bowl to him

“Don’t worry I know his a dick head but will come around soon”ace whispered in my ears

“Get out”Harry yelled angrily and I did


           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 VENESSA 🌼

I carried my tools and knocked on the door of Harry’s bedroom

“come in”he said in a husky voice

“Good morning sir am here to clean “I said gently

He first starred at me awkwardly before nodding his head and focusing on his computer

I began cleaning like there was no one in the room,,I saw the painting and it was completed

the lady looked beautiful ,she has a red hair like mine

am sure she means alot to him

I turned arround to see Harry starring at me with no expression on his face

I quickly moved from that direction to another

I don’t know why but am so nervous ,I can’t wait to be done cleaning.

I did a few before leaving the room to the kitchen to prepare breakfast

With the help of Cate we were done in no time and set up the dining

Today it’s only Harry we are making breakfast for Ace left and that he will be back tomorrow

Cate went to serve Harry while I did the dishes

I was almost done when I heard a loud scream and ran out

Cate held her cheeks on the floor crying her eyes out

I could she anger all over Harry’s face ,,his looks were deadly

“Get out of this apartment and I never want to see your face”He yelled angrily making me flinch

Harry left while I ran to Cate and hugged her tightly ,,she cried on my body as I patted her

“what happened”I asked and I help cate pack up her things

“I was so nervous around him,I put much sugar in his tea”she replied sadly

“this is all my fault I shouldn’t have let you serve him knowing the way you are arround him”I said almost in tears

I never imagined Cate leaving me this early , she’s the only friend I ever had

I can’t imagine I will be the only one in this house

the thought is already freaking me out

I exchanged contact with Cate and bade her,,we promised each other to always be In touch

As I entered the room ,tears roll down from my eyes and I wiped them off

And Harry situation is something else,his anger is top notch and I know I will be the next person to leave

My phone started ringing and it was Finn

I picked it up and we started talking,,we talked for sometime and he really helped to lighten up my mood

The day went by and I didn’t see Harry so his lunch and dinner went to waste

Well the waste “was my stomach”.

I woke up early because I knew I had a lot of work to do

I did everything till it was Harry’s room left ,,I don’t know why I have this off feeling anytime I want to entre his room

I can’t just place it

I entered while he focused on his laptop,I heard he always works from home

I didn’t know how it happened but the next thing i knew was the mopping stick left my hand and landed on the pretty lady portrait and it shattered on the floor

My jaw dropped instantly

I turned to Harry as he stood up from the chair he sat

His bright shining eyes were replaced with a cold and dark once

“What did you just do”He yelled angrily while my body tensed up

“I….I…. mistake”I shuttered as hot tears rolled down my cheeks

He grabbed my neck tightly and my legs were not touching the floor ,I gapsed for air and struggle to break free

Our eyes met and we starred into each other eyes,he let go of me instantly

“Get out”He yelled and I ran out

I heard things shuttering and loud noise from his room

I ran and and searched for the card his sister gave me and called her immediately


           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 VENESSA 🌼

I waited patiently pacing about in the sittingroom

the sound of things breaking hasn’t stopped and Harry’s sister is yet to come

The doorbell rang and I rushed to the door immediately and saw Ace and Harry’s sister Isabella standing at the front porch

“where is he”Ace and Isabella asked the same time

“his room”I replied and they rushed upstairs

few minutes later the noise died down and I was relieved knowing it was kinda my fault

Ace and Isabella came back with a worried look

“what happened” Ace asked

“it was a mistake….I broke the portrait”I replied sadly

“OMG you broke Lora’s portrait”Ace said in awe

“it was a mistake”I replied

So Lora is the name of the girl I saw in the portrait

who is she ,I wanted to ask but it’s none of my business

I bet she must really mean alot to him

where is she now?

I really have a lot of unanswered questions about him

“please Essa next time be careful”Isabella said and I nodded

“By the way where is the other pretty maid”Ace asked

“he fired her”I replied remembering I saw a miss call from Cate

“woah”Isabella muttered

I could see the stares they both flashed at each other and it made me uncomfortable

“let me go clean him room”I said and left them both

“Be careful”Ace said and I nodded

I carried my tools and went to his room,as usual he was asleep

He looked so peaceful while sleeping but this guy here is going through a lot

I made sure i cleaned the room quietly and carefully

I can’t risk anything to happen again

The whole room was sparkling before I left

Trust me this time I didn’t go near him ,,I remembered the last time I got punished for helping

I went back downstairs and Ace told me Isabella left due to an emergency

“Let’s play a game”Ace said and my eyes widened

“really”I asked and he nodded

“I’m not sure I can ,what if Harry See’s me”
I replied

“Don’t worry he won’t do anything”Ace said

I quickly sat down with Harry and he taught me how to play videogames

The were laughing at playing when a voice startled me

“What are you doing”Harry said and I spranged up immediately

“Sorry sir”I muttered and bow my head

“is that what I hired you for ,to destroy my things and laugh like a mainac “Harry said starring down at me

“hey bro chill I asked her to join me “Ace said putting his hands across my shoulders

“Get out”Harry fired

I was about to run out when a hand pulled me back and kissed my cheeks

it was Ace

My cheeks turned red and I dare not look at Harry’s face before running out

Gosh why would Ace do such a thing in Harry’s presence

Why will he even do it

Dose he wants to get me fired .

It was evening already and I was preparing dinner

Ace said he wasn’t hungry so I served only Harry and stood there as usual watching him eat

Something began vibrating in my pocket and I was scared to pick it

“Give me the phone”Harry said and a I quickly did

He starred at the caller and I saw the ID it was “Finn”

when that was how I saved it

He dropped the phone on the dining and a message popped in

“I miss you Vee Hope you ain’t stressing much”

I used the side of my eye to stare at the phone as Harry red the message

Omg Finn how put me in deep trouble why will he even text that

Mr Finn and I are really close ever since i accepted to be his daughter,,he even asked me to come back so we could work in the cafe but I declined

I wanted to save his number as Mr Finn but he told me ‘ Mr Finn’ makes him feel old

“So I hired you and this is what you do right”

“You sell your body cheaply instead of working” Harry said standing up

And walked to me ,I felt my stomach tightened and nausea hit me immediately

I wanted to puke badly ,,Harry was giving me no space to run

I couldn’t hold it anymore ,so I puked on him

Hey guys I’m not that fat or tall ,,so just prepare a coffin for me

I’m obviously dead


           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 VENESSA 🌼

My eyes were really heavy and they closed gently

Everywhere became black


I woke up and felt really cold

my head was spinning as I raised my body off the floor

I looked arround and noticed I was still on the floor close to the dining

Jeez I can’t believe Harry left me here after passing out

He didn’t care about me

I walked to my room and entered the bathroom to clean up

my face looks a bit pale

I walked out of the bathroom and changed into another outfit

I went back to the dining in search of my phone and I found it there

“Hey Finn”i called smiling

i had to call Finn back on video call

“Vee what’s wrong ,you look sick”he said starring at me

“just a bit stressed I’m fine “I replied faking a smile

“ohh vee I told you to come back “he said

“Naa I’m good “I replied

“so how’s the cafe going”I added and he began telling me all that has been going on


“Good morning sir”I greeted with a bow

“Morning Ace”i said smiling at him

For the first time I heard Harry scoffed

“morning beautiful”Ace replied in a playful manner

I served their breakfast and stood there ,truth be told I was really hungry ,my stomach grumble loudly making me feel embarrassed

“join us vee”Ace said

“ohh no I not really hungry”I replied and my stomach grumbled loudly again

Ace left out a soft laugh and my cheeks heated up

So embarrassing

I looked at Harry and he didn’t pay me any attention

so I sat down close to Ace and served myself

I ate hungrily and that was when it hit me

‘i was on the same dining with Harry and Ace ‘

I slowed down and ate quietly and dare not to look at anyone face

I was enjoying the meal but deed down I wanna sit on the floor with my legs wide open and eat to my satisfaction

But yeah I dare not

After the meal,I cleared the dishes and washed them before heading to my room

It’s been a month working with Harry and it has been really stressful and this time I made sure I avoided him always

I did all he say with caution and made sure I never upset him

Thankfully Ace has been a really good companion

I got my first pay and truth be told it’s really huge

Right now I was getting ready to go for groceries shopping

I starred at my self in the mirror and saw how much weight I have been putting on

something is really up with me

I took the money Harry gave me and hailed a cab to the store

After shopping for almost an hour ,,I texted Cate I was on my way

Well the truth is I planned on going to see Cate so I lied out we being out of stock when we have more than enough.

In no time I was standing in front of her porch with a grocery bag

“omg Venessa “she Yelled exictedly and jumped on me

“come in”she said and dragged me in

“you put up a lot of weight recently”she said starring at me

“yeah I noticed too”I replied back

“your apartment is really beautiful”I said and she blushed

“How is the Devil”she asked and I knew exactly who she’s talking about

“And my prince charming”she added knowing the expression on my face when she mentioned Harry

“Ace is fine”I replied back

“did he ask of me”she asked and I nodded

“,omg he did”she half yelled exictedly

This girl is something else

“so I made some scrambled eggs ,bacon,pasta ”

“girl I made a lot of stuffs”Cate said

I ran with her to the kitchen at the mention of food

After sniffing the food I felt like throwing up and she led me to her bathroom

“what’s wrong with you vee”she asked worridely

“Maybe and just coming up with a fever or something”I replied

“or your pregnant”Cate said

“what no way,I can’t be “I replied nervously

Truth be told I have been having same thought too but am just really scared to admit it and I haven’t seen my period

“well I have a pregnancy test kit,let’s confirm”she replied

at the mention of that ,my heart began pounding heavily

what if I’m actually pregnant,,I just have to find out first

I just hope it’s a fever

After peeing on it ,I waited patiently for five minutes before coming out

“there are two red stripe on it”I said to Cate and her jaw dropped

That one means one thing

I didn’t know how but everything went blank


           🔞JUST ONE NIGHT 🔞


   🌼 VENESSA 🌼

“there are two red stripe on it”I said to Cate and her jaw dropped

That one means one thing

I didn’t know how but everything went blank


“Venessa you scared me”Cate muttered

I looked arround and saw the pregnancy kit

‘oh crap’

so I wasn’t dreaming

“I’m actually pregnant FOR THE DEVIL”

“I need to go “I said to Cate standing up

“Alright but please Cate don’t do anything crazy please am always here for you and the baby”Cate said hugging me

At the mention of ‘baby’ it was as if my head was spinning

I can’t believe it

I hailed a cab back to the house lost in thought

On entering the sitting room ,,Ace and Harry were in some sought of argument and they were silent the moment I stepped in

At that point I actually cared less,,I could feel their stares on me but I didn’t look back

I dragged my feet to the kitchen, dropped the items before going to my room

I lay on the bed and cried my eyes out

I can’t take care of myself talk more of a baby

how am I going to survive being pregnant and working as a maid for a completely heartless man

I fell asleep and woke up when it was almost time for dinner

I starred at my reflection and was baffled on her my face looks pale with eye bags and puffy eyes

I splashed water on my face and trust me it didn’t help

I was like a ghost when cooking because I wasn’t myself

Many thoughts were going through my mind .
I dished out the food and stood there as usual

They took a spoonful into their mouth and spat it out Immediately

“Jezz Vee what happened”Ace asked with a concerned look

“what the heck did you cook ,,are you planning on killing me ,Is this what you are paid for”Harry yelled and stood up

I didn’t know why but tears were dropping from my eyes

Actually it wasn’t because Harry yelled at me

I’m crying due to the stress am in at the moment

“you wanna talk about it”Ace asked

“No”I replied bluntly cleaning my tears

“I will prepare something else”I said and began clearing the table

“No vee,I will order food for me Harry okay just go rest”he said and I nodded

it’s getting late and I couldn’t sleep

I walked out of the house and strolled arround the compound

it’s actually the first time I’m walking about in the compound

The night fresh air hit my face making my hair to fly

I needed to breath

I reached the pool ,sat at the edge and dipped my legs into it

How did I even end up here ,I thought

I remove my clothe leaving my under garment

I entered the cold water and swin from one edge to another

my body felt relaxed due to the cold water but it didn’t stop the tears

“I Venessa is happy a baby”

like a real human being inside me

I’m pregnant from a one night stand which I totally regret

I came out of the water minutes later because it was getting freezing

I looked up and saw a shadow but it vanished almost immediately

Fear gripped me as I ran into the apartment

            UNKNOWN POV

I starred at her from my window

she looked so lost in her thoughts

I wanted to go away but something help me back

what would make her walk about at this hour

She dipped her legs into the pool and kept using her palm to wipe her face

she’s crying

she removed her me clothes and entered the pool

I swallowed her as I starred at her half naked body

her undergarments were light and I could see her well built body

I watched her sternly as she swim from one edge to another before coming out



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