His Babies Mother (Episode 11 – 16)

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His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Eleven
Theme:She’s gone
Ama’s Pov
I stare at my father, thinking of what to say, I can’t let him arresst Ebube, I might hate him but I don’t want him to get locked up for a crime he committed under the influence of drug, I guess I still have feelings for him, not to want him to rot in jail.
“No father, you can’t arrest Ebube. I am hurt, yes. I hate him, yes. I don’t want to see him walk on the surface of this earth, yes. And yes there’s nothing I say that can justify what he did to me, but at the same time this is partially my fault, i shouldn’t have gone to that party, you and mum had always told me to abstain from such ungodly party, but I went to the party. And I shouldn’t have taken the alcohol either, but I did and if i hadn’t taken it then I wouldn’t have gotten drugged and then I wouldn’t need to rest and then end up in that room. And also don’t forget I let Trish talk me into wearing that short gown. All I’m saying is that, I also have a hand in what happened. Dad please don’t arrest him, it’s enough punishment that he would never know his child.” I finished with my long speech and hugged my dad, my dad sighs and hugs me back.
“If that’s what you want, princess. Then fine I won’t arresst him.” My dad says kissing the top of my head, and I smiled.
“Thanks, daddy but I also need you to grant a little tiny bit request of mine.”
“Okay, tell father what you want and I’ll do my best to make it come true.”
“I want to go to Ghana and stay with aunty Afia.”
“But that means you’ll be far away from me and your mother.” My dad grumbles.
“Dad I can’t stay here, I need a change of environment.”
“She’s right, dear. And beside we can always go to Ghana and visit her, don’t forget you have a shop over there.” My mum says.
“Okay, fine. Your mum would inform your aunt that, you’ll be coming to stay with her. So just tell me when you’re ready to leave.”
“Well, I want to leave tommorow morning.” I informed him biting my lips.
“No but, if this is want our daughter wants then let’s support her, I’ll start packing the bags.” My mum says and leaves the sitting room.

Ebube’s Pov
I stare at the number on the black gate, and checked the paper on my hand again, the number on the gate (56) match with the one on the white piece of paper, I wrote Ama’s house address on, so this must be it. I let out a deep breath before knocking on the gate, I knocked again and again but nobody answered, I even picked up a stone and nocked on the gate, but still no answer.
“Shebi you don’t have eyes, or are you blind, can’t you see the padlock on the gate.” A lady shouts from her shop, and I checked the gate for the padlock and just like she said there’s a padlock on the gate.
How is it possible that, I didn’t see that there before.
Uhm, because you were to busy being anxious to see Ama. My innerself replies and i rolled my eyes.
“Good morning, ma.” I greeted, walking over to the lady’s shop.
“Good morning.”
“Ma please, do you know when they would be back.” I asked.
“Ahh, they have traveled ooo, they have all travelled to Ghana and I’m not sure they’ll be coming anytime soon, if you had come like thirty minutes earlier you would have met them.” The lady informs me. Oh God, what I’m I suppose to do now, how am I going to find her now, I guess I’ll come back another day and check on them.
“Thank you, ma.” I said and walked away, dissapointed.

Nine months later

Ama’s Pov
“Ama, Ama, you can do it. Just one more push, and the baby will be out.” My mum encourage and I glare at her, before saying, “Did you just said, just. If you think is that easy to push, then why don’t you take my place on this damn bed.” I yelled out, breathing so hard, sweat running down my body. Yes, you guessed right, I’m in labour.
“I love you so much, daughter but I’ve been in that position before and I’m not changing places with you, even if it’s possible.” My mum replies and I only glared at her.
“Okay Ama, at the count of five, try pushing again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, push!!!!.” The doctor instructs and I did as told and pushed. Then a baby cries fills the room.
“Congratulations Ama, it’s a baby boy.” The doctor says, and I smile tiredly.
“Oh my God, there’s another one baby, I can see a baby head.” The nurse informs him and the doctor hands my child to the other nurse next to him, before checking if what the nurse is saying, is true.
“Ama, you’ll have to push, cause there’s another child in there.” The doctor says.
“Doctor are you really serious right now, I cannot push another baby out of me. Doc you’ll have to get that thing out of me. I can not push.”
“Ama, you can do it, okay.” My mum says, patting my shoulder warmly.
After one hour of screaming and pushing, I was finally able to get the damn baby out of me. Like I don’t know why the baby refused to come out, I can tell his the stubborn one.
“Congratulations Ama, you have two boys.” The doctor says, smiling at me before handing the baby over to the nurse, who raps the two bundles of joy in white clothes, before handing them to me. I stare at my babies face and I felt so much happiness, knowing they are mine, they look so cute. Right then I knew, I would always love and cherish them.
“Congratulations daughter, I’m so proud of you.” My mum says, and I smiled at her through the happy tears falling from my eyes.
“Thank, you mum. Thank you for convincing dad, so we can all relocate to Ghana, I don’t know what I would have done without the both of you by my side.”
“It’s okay my child and thank you for making me a grandmother.” My mum says, and pecks the top of my head.
“Aww mum, I love you.”
“And I love you more.”

Ebube’s Pov
It’s been nine months now, nine months of extremely night mares and pain. Ama never came back, and I don’t know how to look for her, but I’m going to do everything within my power to get her back, I tried making my dad send me to Ghana to complete my secondary school, but he wouldn’t let me, but I’m not going stop looking for you Ama, I’ll not give up. I’ll find you ama, no matter what.
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Twelve
Theme: The twins.
Ama’s Pov
“Jon and Theo, am more than dissapointed at the both of you, why should I always get a call from work, giving me a bad news. Huh.” I uttered, the minute I got into the principal’s office, and I wasn’t so surprised to see my troublesome twins, sited in the principal’s office.
“Mum, I didn’t mean to prank Miss Juliet, Theo forced me into it.” Jon says, the minute he sees me. Of course Theo forced him, that’s not surprising. Jon is the elder twins and the quite one. He always does what his brother asked, even though he doesn’t want to do it.
“Theo, why did you prank your teacher and also forced your brother, to join you.” I asked, sighing tiredly.
“Because I thought it would be funny and it was hilarious mum, you should have seen how angry she was, while being glued to a chair. And for the record, I only talked Jon into it, not force him, common there’s a different.” Theo says, rolling his and aghh this is so tiring.
“Theo, I really don’t know how gluing your teacher butts to her chair, is funny.” I said glaring at him, you know right from the minute I was pushing this boy out of my stomach, I knew he would be the stubborn one and yes, I was not wrong.
“Mum, it’s not funny. It’s hilarious, you should have seen the way my classmates were laughing.” Oh boy, what am I going to do with this boy. Ugh, motherhood is so hard.
“You see, this is the problem Ama, his not even sorry for what he did. Ama I’m sorry but this is the last straw, he can’t continue schooling here. Nope, he can’t.” Mrs Raymond, the school principal says, and I groaned inwardly, like why can’t my 10year old son listen to me, why is he so troublesome or is it how Ebube behaved when he was still a child.
“Please Mrs Raymond, you can’t do these, just give him one more chance.” I plead.
“No, I don’t have any chances left for him, he would have to go but Jon is welcome to continue his schooling here.” Mrs Raymond says, and I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that she means it. Yeah, my son just got expelled from school. This is so unbelievable.
“Okay, Mrs Raymond. Theo grab your bag and let’s go, Jon make sure you head home straight ones school closes, okay.”
“Yes mother.” Jon answers and I placed a kiss at the top of his head before dragging the stubborn idiot along with me.
“Ebube Theodore, I am so mad at you right now, and do you know what, you’re not going to Kelly’s party.”
“What, you can’t do that. Kelly’s birthday party are always on top. Mum you can’t stop me from going to Kelly’s party.” Theo grumbles.
“Well guess what, young man. I just stopped you, since it’s obvious beating you wouldn’t work on you, so I’m changing my style of discipline you. Gosh I don’t know what to do you to anymore.” I said exasperated.
“Well, maybe if father was here he would know what to do.” Theo says and got into the taxi I just stopped. He has this mindset that I’m keeping him away from his father, and so he just kind of hate me and does things to annoy me. I know I don’t really want Ebube to resurect in my life, but at the same time I’m not keeping my boys from him, like common I gave them his last name.
I sighed a little bit and rest my tired body on the backseat of the car. After a few minutes we arrived at the company i work, I really don’t know the name cause it’s kind of confusing but the company makes mosquitoes coil and I’m a worker here, a supervisor to be precise.
“Okay, what did little Theo do now.” Mr Kofo asks, his the gate man.
“He did much more than worse this time around, Mr Kofo. My son here got expelled from school.”
“Ehh, that one na big crime oo. Ah, Theo why you do like this na, I told you, no find trouble, you no listen.” Mr Kofo utters, staring at Theo.
“See Kofo, help me and watch him ehn, please don’t let him out of your sight and thank you.”
“Problem no dey, just go work. I go watch am well well, my eyes go dey like hawk upon e matter. Enter inside.” I smiled a little before going inside the company.
“Girl, you’re back.” Grace my co-worker, asks. She sees us as friends but I see her as my co-worker and that’s it. You see after what happened to me, I’ve been afraid to keep friends, it’s not like I’m blaming Trish for what happened to me but at the same time, I went to that party and also wore that short gown, and took that drink, because she pressured me. So I don’t want any friends, my boys are enough for me.
“Anyway, girl have you heard.” Oh did I forgot to mention that, grace here is really good at gossiping, she’s the company radio.
I was going to reply with, “Grace please go back to your work station.” I wouldn’t want the manager walking into the company and then sees his supervisor, chatting with the company broadcaster. But well, I was also curious to hear what she wants to say.
“No I haven’t.”
“Well, I heard that, the nigerian man that brought the company, would be coming tommorow and guess what, I heard his so handsome and dreamy.” Seriously this was the, have you heard news as a supervisor, I already know this and how does she even know his handsome, if no one has ever set eyes on this man.
“Grace please go back to your work station.”
“Yes ma.” Ugh.

Ebube’s Pov
“Aghhhhhh!!!.” I screamed out, waking up from my slumber. This isn’t new to me. Have always woke up from my sleep, screaming my head off, ever since I had my memory back of that terrible night, I have always had nightmare, some days I take sleeping pills so i can at least have a goodnight rest.
The ringing of my phone distracted me and I picked the phone up, from the bedside drawer, Dad is display on the phone screen and I wasted no time in swiping the green button.
“Hello Dad.”
“Hello son. I called to asks if you’re still making the trip to Ghana.” My dad asks and I sighed. Not this again.
“Yes Dad, I told you my mind is already made up, you and mum cannot change it.” I said.
“I don’t understand, of all the company’s you could buy in this world, it has to be a worthless mosquitoes coil company, I don’t even understand why you’ve also refused take over my own companies.” I sighed, my dad doesn’t understand why, I need to go to Ghana or why I have to buy the worthless mosquitoes coil, company. You see I’ve been searching for Ama, since the day I graduated from the University and now finally I have found her, she works in the company I brought.
“Dad, I told you. I want to have an experience of mine before coming to take over your companies.”
“And I have always told you that, you can also have much experience, taking over my company.” My dad argues.
“Father, we have talked about this, a lot of times and my decision still stands the same. Dad, I have to cut the call now, cause I have a flight to catch. Love you Dad, and give a kiss to mum for me. Bye.” I said and hung up. Well I better get ready, cause I’m not missing my flight to Ghana. Ama I’m coming for you.
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Thirteen
Theme: Heartless.
Ama’s Pov
“ugh, mum. I really don’t know what to do with Theodore anymore, he is just so stubborn.” I said into the phone.
“Ama, you have to be patient with him, his still a child.”
“Mum, for how long, do I continue to be patient with him. He got expelled from school mother and now none of the other schools wants to take a child, who was expelled from his former school.” I exclaim.
“I can see his really stressing you out, why don’t you send him over to stay with me and since tommorow is sartuday, Jonathan can also tag along.”
“Thanks mum, I’ll bring them over this evening, once I get back from work.”
“You’re welcome my daughter, and always remember that I and your father would always support you, no matter the situation, okay.”
“Okay, love you mum.”
“Love you too.” My mum replies me and I hung up.
I take in a deep breath and stepped out of the taxi, well I’ve got another long boring day, of counting coils. I wish this day could just end already.
Now, I know you must be wondering how I got this job. When the twins clocked one, my parents took them from me and forced me to go back to school, so I completed my secondary school and went into marketing. When I finished with my training, I searched for jobs but couldn’t find one, so I settled down for factory worker. I impressed the manager of coil company, so much that, he made me a supervisor regardless of my age. When I became a supervisor, I sometimes followed the marketers to go and sell the coils and then when the manager saw my marketing skills, he promoted me to marketing director. But well none of the company workers no I’m the assitant marketing director, they were all pretty mad when I was made supervisor, so I asked markerters and the manager, and any other person concerned to keep my position a secret.
“What’s going on here grace.” I asked grace, on seeing all the workers standing outside the manufacturing hall.
“Ama, why are you always the last person to hear an important news, huh.” Grace asks frowning, ignoring my earlier question.
“Grace, can you just answer the question.” I said rolling my eyes, I really don’t have time for her madness.
“Fine, I’ll tell you but I’m only telling you because I want too, not because you’re ordering me.”
“Ugh, I don’t have time for these. Are you going to tell me or should I go and asks someone else.” I asks, knowing that Grace doesn’t like it when another person, tells a news before her. Like I said before, she’s the company radio.
“Ehn see, if you go and meet another person, they’ll not give you the correct gist, anyway, is the person that brought the company we are all waiting for.” She informs me.
“So, it’s only that small gist that you want me to beg you for, I don’t blame you.”
“I would have replied you but the new owner of the company just walked in and his so handsome, I was totally right.” Grace utters and I turned my head to see who this new owner is, and it’s the last person I expected to see. Ebube.

Ebube’s Pov
I take in a deep breath and walked out of the manufacturing hall, to stand in front of the workers, the owner of the coil company just showed me around the whole company, but I wasn’t really interested in it all, all I want to see or who I want to see, it’s Ama. And my prayer got answered once I found her at the back talking with someone. She suddenly turned her head and our eyes meets, her eyes grew bigger in surprise as she stares at me. Then, when I started walking towards her, she immediately took on her heels. Geez.
“Ama!, Ama!, Ama!, For God’s sake, please wait.” I yelled, running after her, not minding the looks being given to me by the workers.
I was able to finally catch up to her, outside the company gates, I got a hold of hand and dragged her back, and before I knew it, her palm connected with my face. She slapped me.
“I told you, not to fucking touch me with those filthy hands of yours, ever.” She yelled in my face.
“Ama, I’m sorry but that was the only way I could think of to stop you. Ama, I know I’m the last person on this Earth, you want to lay your eyes upon but..”
“Yeah, you got that part right.” She says casually, cutting me off, from my speech. I rolled my eyes and continued talking. “Ama, I know you’re mad at me for what I did to you, hell I’m also mad at myself but I’m deeply sorry.”
“Wait, you… you remember, like you got your memory back.”
“Yeah, I got it back on the day, you dropped the news of me being responsible for your pregnancy. Ama I’m truly…”
“No, stop saying that word sorry. Sorry would not change anything. Sorry will not erase that hurtful memory out of my head. Sorry would not stop me from getting raped by you, Ebube. That word sorry can’t do anything for me. So please just do me a big favour and leave, just disappear the same way, you magically appeared.” She utters hatefully.
“Ama please, don’t tell me to go away cause I don’t want to. Please give me the chance to be a father to my son’s.” I pleaded, hoping she would grant me my request but I became shocked when she started laughing out like a maniac.
“Your child, Ebube what do you mean by your child, huh. What son’s are you talking about.” She questions, still laughing.
“I don’t understand you, Ama. I’m talking about the ones you gave birth to.”
“Oh, you must be talking about, Johnathan and Theodore. Well you see, they are my siblings. My mum also got pregnant during the time I was pregnant, we found out when we came to Ghana and that’s why we never move backed to Nigeria.”
“Then, if those are not mine. Then where’s my child.”
“I gave the child up for adoption.” She says simply, like what she has just uttered its the most normal thing to say.
“What?, Ama, why would you do that.” I asked her shocked.
“Wait a minute, are you expecting me to take care of a child that’s the results of a rape. Ebube what do you think I’ll see, whenever i look into that child eyes, I’ll see that faithful night you raped me, I’ll remember every detail of it. I’ll go mad Ebube. Now I think this meeting is over, Mr Ebube. I’ll be on my way now. And just for the record, it’s wasn’t nice meeting you.” She says and walked away leaving me broken. I’ve dreamed of this day, the day I would meet Ama again, the day I’ll see my children or should I say child, since it turns out the two boys are not mine. I’ve dreamt of the day, they would call me daddy but never once in my life did I expect Ama, to give up my child for adoption.
How could she, give up a child who was in her stomach for nine months.
How could she give up a child, she gave birth through pains.
How could she be this heartless and wicked.
I’ll have to find my child, I must find him/her.
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Fourteen
Theme: Lies
Ebube’s Pov
“Guy what’s up.” George greets, walking into the sitting room.
“Nothing it’s fine, George.” I replied him frowning.
“Ah, I was thinking you’ll be fine now, since you’ve found Ama and your kids.” George says sitting down on the nearest couch, next to him. He takes the bottle of champagne and drink the wine straight from the bottle, that’s George for you.
“Guy use the wine glass, now.” I said annoyed.
“My mouth is a natural cup, if you don’t know, know now.” He replies me.
“Whatever, anyway. it turns out that those twins are not mine and Ama gave up my child for adoption.” I informed him and George spurt out the wine his mouth.
“Guy!!!.” I yelled standing up fast, not wanting any of those Infested wine to touch me.
“Ebube are you sure of what you’re saying, Ama it’s not the kind of person to do such a thing.”
“So I thought George, but I guess Ama proved both of us wrong.” I said sighing.
“Wow. So what are you going to do now.” George asks.
“Well, I was just about to call the investigator when you walked in. Let me call him now.” I said taking my phone from the center table and then dialled the investigator number.
“Hello sir.” Mr Ben’s voice comes through the phone speaker.
“Hello Ben. Ben i need you to search for my child.” I said, going straight to business.
“Sir what child are you talking about. I thought you only have kids with Ama, the lady you asked me to find.”
“It’s not kids, Ben. And you were wrong about me being the father of the twins, it turns out that Ama’s mum is the mother of those kids and Ama is there sister. And you see Ama gave up my child for adoption and that’s why I want you to search for the child.” I explained.
“Sir I’m sorry to say these but all this things you just said are not true. I am always sure of my information before passing them over to my client. Those kids are yours and Ama Is there mother. Do you know what I’ll send you their pictures and then you’ll understand why I insist that you’re the father of those kids.” Ben says and I replied with an okay and then hung up.
“Do you think Ama lied to you about the whole adoption story.” George asks.
“Well I rather believe she lied to me than for her to give up my child for adoption.” I replied him truthfully and George shrugged his shoulder.
We waited for only a few minutes before I received a message in WhatsApp, it looks like ben already sent the photos. I clicked on the message and checked out the pictures he sent, and now i can see why Mr ben said i would see why he kept on insisting that those twins are mine. They look so much like me and no one can ever doubt that I’m not their real father.
“Wow. She must really hate you for her to have lied. They look so much like you and there’s no doubt that you’re their father.” George says, standing right behind me.
“Yeah you’re are right and I’m going to change that hatred to a much more better feeling.” I said, determined.
“Hmm, I like where this is going.” George says smirking, drinking from the bottle of wine.

Ama’s Pov
“Ama, I’m not happy that you told the father of your chikd that I’m the mother of the twins.” My mum says frowning.
“Mum are you on his side or mine.” I asked her, annoyed. I know I shouldn’t have told Ebube that I gave up his child for adoption, I saw the hurt in his eyes and I kind of felt a pang in my heart but at the same time, I’m happy to see him, hurt.
“I’m on your side, my daughter. You know I wouldn’t want that boy, called Ebube to even stand close to you but at the same time, Jon and Theo deserve to know who their father is, don’t deprive them of a father.” My mum advice and I frowned the more.
“Mum, I’ll be leaving now.” I said standing up.
“Ah, it’s already late na. Why don’t you spend the night here with us, abi is it because of what I just said, that you suddenly want to leave.” She asks, staring at me intently.
“No, I have to go to work early, tommorow. So I’ll be leaving now.”
“Won’t you at least wait for your father to get back from work.”
“No, beside by then it would be already late, help me say goodnight to the the boys and dad, for me. I’m leaving.” I said and walked out of the sitting room.

I step into my apartment, really tired. I should have listened to my mum and spend the night at my parents house but I was so damn angry at my mum for all the advice she was just pouring on me. Why should I let Ebube know about the kids, he doesn’t deserve to know, where was he when i raised the kids and now he just want to barge into my life, thinking he could do as he please.
I sighed and turned on the TV, hoping I could catch up with Empire on fox TV and I was pretty lucky, cause they are still showing it. I was about to seat on my couch and watch the movie when my door bell rang.
“Yes I’m coming.” I yelled, walking over to the door, I opened it and saw the one person, I do not want in my life. Ebube.
“What are you doing here.” I asks, glaring at him.
“That wasn’t the warm welcome I was hoping for.” He says, smirking at me.
“Ebube do me a favor and leave my house.” I said.
“I’m not leaving, Ama. I want to see my kids.”
“What kids, I told you already that..”
“Blah, blah, blah, blah. Ama I know you’re lying.” He says, shoving my shocked self a little, walking into my apartment.”
“Ebube, I said get out!!.”
“Why, bescause you don’t want me to see those pictures of the twins. You know they look so much like me and I’m wondering why they do not look like your father, you know since your parent are their biological parents.” He says grinning and all I want this minutes is to wipe the fucking grin off his face.
“Ebube, please leave.”
“Leave, for fuck sake stop telling me to LEAVE!!!!!!!. I want to be a part of my kids life, I know what I did was wrong but it was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, I’m sorry Ama. I’m really sorry.” He pleads, drawing closer to me and I stepped backward.
“Ebube, you think I don’t know that you raped me under the influence of drugs and alcohol. But you raped me and that can not be erased NEVER!!.”
“Ama, PLEASE, just give me another chance, give me a chance to be with my kids.” He begs both his hands on my shoulder, yeah my back already touched the wall and Ebube is standing right before me. His eyes stares deep into mine and I returned his gaze, I got lost staring into his eyes, and I didn’t know when his lips touched mine or when I returned his kiss. Damn.
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Fifteen
Theme: Threatened.
Ama’s Pov
My lips moves in rhythm with Ebube, and I was actually enjoying the kiss but I started having memories of that terrible night, Ebube’s lip forcefully on mine, his hands roaming my body greedily. I couldn’t breathe anymore, tears streams down my eyes. I felt like I was reliving that night all over again. I start to struggle to get out of Ebube’s hold, Ebube noticed my struggle and quickly separates from me.
“Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!, Ama so sorry, I’m really sorry.” He utters, and then tries to use his hand to touch me but I moved away, a little bit frightened.
“Ama I’m really sorry, I swear. I didn’t mean to ….” I didn’t let him complete his sentence before landing a slap on his face.
“Wow, you really love to use that hand a lot.” Ebube mutters, placing a hand on the affected area.
“Shut the fuck up, Ebube and leave my house.” I yelled at him.
” Ama, I told you that I don’t want to leave, I want to be a part of my kids life, give me that chance, Ama. Please.”
“Ebube, you’ll never be a part of my children life, my children!!!!.” I yelled getting hysterical.
“You know Ama, I never wanted to do this.” He says and I stare at him suspiciously and then asks, “Do what?.”
“Here.” He says handing me a brown envelope, I stare at him and collect the envelope from him, I opened the envelope and brought out a white paper from it. I went on and read the paper, eyeing Ebube.
“What is the meaning of this Ebube, you’re taking me to court.” I yelled out, staring at him shocked.
“Maybe I’ll, maybe I won’t. Depends on if you’ll let me in my son’s life.”
“Ebube are you, threatening me right now.” I asked shocked.
“If you want to see at as a threat, then okay.” He says shrugging.
“Ebube, you must be out of your goddamn mind. You can’t do this Ebube, you can’t!!!.” I ran my hand through my hair, glaring at Ebube.
“I think that white paper in your hand actually says that, I’ve already done it.” He says smirking.
“How dare you, how dare you stoop so low to take the children that I gave birth to and nutured, how dare you take the kids that I took care of for ten good years, Ebube. How dare you try to take them away from me!!! How dare you!!!!!!!!.” I yelled, hitting his chest so hard, as tears flows down my eyes. I promised myself not to ever cry because of Ebube but the though of losing my babies, is just too much for me.
“Ama, Ama, stop. For God’s sake, stop. Look I don’t want to take the kids from you, okay. All I want is a chance to be in my kids life.” He utters, holding both my hands.
“No ebube, you don’t deserve to be in their life, you’ll never be in my children life. I hate you Ebube, I hate you so much. Get out of my house, now!!!!!!.”
“Okay fine, I’ll go but just know that when I take my own children from you, that it won’t be my fault, my offer stands for 48 hours.” He says, his hand on the door handle.
“Shut up!!! Aghhh, they are not yours, they are not your children, they are mine!!, Now get out, and get out of my house and my life.”
“I’m sorry, Ama. But I can’t get out of your life. Have a goodnight, Ama.” He says and then opens the door, and walked out of my apartment leaving me shattered. I can’t let him take my kids away from me, they are my life, my breath, my everything. I won’t be able to live a day without them in it. Oh God what do I do now, what should I do, I can’t fight ebube in court his parents are really influential and I’m so sure he would win me in court. When it comes to wealth, my parents can not even think of competing with them. Oh God I need a fucking solution.

Ebube’s Pov
I sighed, as I space around my sitting room, I know i shouldn’t have threatened Ama, but I have no choice. I need my children in my life, I want to care and love them. I want to be a part of their life and I would do anything to make that come true, even though Ama ends up hating me.
The ringing of my phone, got me out of my thinking mode, and I picked the phone up from the side table. My Love displays boldly on the screen. Ugh not her, I’m not in the mood for her constant whims, nevertheless I still swiped the green button.
“Hello boo.” Her cheerful voice comes through my phone speaker. Ugh.
“What do you want.” I asks coldly.
“Now, that’s not how to greet your fiancee, is it?.” She questions.
“You know that, I do not see you as a fiancee, so stop with the act and tell me what you want.”
“Speak to me in that tone once more and you know very well what will be published on tomorrow’s newspaper.” She threatened.
“Okay fine, I’m sorry.”
“Now that’s much better. so my love, I called to inform you that all the plans for our engagement party is ready, and I’ve also brought all the necessary stuff I’ll need, so I’ll be in Ghana by the end of this week.” What!! No!, She can’t come to Ghana, she’ll spoil all my plans.
“Why do you have to be in Ghana, when the engagement party would be held in Nigeria.”
“Ohh, did I forgot to mention, that I moved the venue to Ghana, I promise you’ll love the venue i picked.” Well she did forgot or should I say, intentionally forgot. She knows I wouldn’t let her move the venue to Ghana, and that’s why she went behind my back and moved it.
“You can’t move the venue to Ghana, please move it back to Nigeria.”
“I’m sorry baby boo but I can’t do that. You see, I want all those girls eyeing my man, should know that his engage, so the venue stays and don’t you even try to argue with me. See you in Ghana love, bye bye.” She says and cut the call, not giving any rooms for argument.
Oh boy, Ama is going to be more than mad if she sees who my fiancee is, what do I do now. Ahh.


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