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I left her to go make dinner

she has been sleeping for long and I didn’t want to wake her up

It’s been long since I actually cooked and I didn’t know what making this happy today and I decide to cook

I thought of the most easy food ‘pasta’

I smiled to myself as I brought out some ingredients

I slide into YouTube and clicked on how to make pasta videos

I played it and started following the step

In no time I was waiting for everything thing to cook

About some minutes later , everything was cooked and I dished it out

“Harry ” Venessa called and I turned around

she was beyond shocked as she stared at me

“just go wait and the dining let me bring the food”I said and she nodded still looking at me awkwardly

Who knows if she’s thinking that “Harry has gone mad”

I carried the food to the dining and dropped her own portion in front of her and she started at it

seems like she’s seen a ghost because that’s the expression her face held

“C’mon try it and tell me what you think” I said and she nodded

she took a spoonful as I watched her…I just hope it’s good

I put alot of time and effort to make her like it

Her eyes turned red instantly and tears gathered in her eyes


I gave her a napkin to spit it out and she did

I reached for the glass of water and she glumped everything down

I will take that as an epic fail

I packed the dishes and threw everything in the trash

“sorry I will just order pizza and some Chinese food”I said and her face red up like she was holding a laugh

“don’t worry let it all out”I said and she started laughing loudly

I couldn’t help but join her in laughing

“what made you cook”she asked

“just felt like” I replied and she nodded

Minutes later the pizza and Chinese food we ordered arrived and we started eating talking about random stuff

Venessa Pov ❤️

We were done eating and I couldn’t help but stare at Harry’s hair

I have always wished to touched it and feel the smoothness

“why are you looking at me like that”Harry asked and my cheeks flushed

“Harry can I ask something”I said and he nodded

“yeah ….sure”

“can I touch your…errrmmm hair ” I asked

He stared at me weirdly before bringing his head down

“Can you do me a favor … please don’t eat my head with the way your starring at it”Harry said and I chuckled

I ran my hands through his hair and felt his body tensed

I ran through it again and he relaxed a bit

His hair is soft and curly ,I won’t get tired of touching it all day

I kept stroking his hair and he muttered something I couldn’t hear

“Venessa “he called


“I think you need to stop ” he said

“don’t you like it”I asked

“I do but I’m not sure it’s going to end well”he said making my cheeks turn red instantly

Now I know what he actually meant

“just joking Venessa”said with a chuckle and I smiled

I continued stroking his hair and in no time Harry was snoring softly

His asleep …

I can’t really believe it

I made him lay comfortable and stare at him face

I know this is more like a face rape but I couldn’t help it

I knelt in front of him and kissed his lips and before I knew it he was kissing me back.





I felt her breath on my face but I didn’t open my eyes or move

I really wanted to know what she’s up to

After few seconds her lips landed on mine,i quickly kissed her back before she remove her lips

I still didn’t open my eyes.

After kissing her deeply I broke the kiss and turn my face to the other side … facing the chair

I think if I keep my face that way we might end up doing what we didn’t plan

Besides she’s still healing

Slowly her thoughts crowded my mind

I was falling deeply … without control…I like the feeling but to be honest I’m kinda scared

Will it end well ??

I left the apartment earlier than usual ,I know really well that Venessa will be looking for me but I had to do this

I arrived at the hospital and met Lora with the child she claimed to be mine sitting in the waiting room

I couldn’t help but curse under my breath

“Harry”she called as guilt washed all over her

Damn !

she looks horrible …. Isabella did great I felt like adding more

“Let’s get this done and dusted with”I said with a straight face but deep down I was dying of nervousness

we walked into the doctor’s office and sat down

To be truthful I didn’t care what he was saying I just wanted to see the results

After what felt like hours ,,the results came out and Lora handed it to me

I collected it and walked out of the hospital building as Lora kept yelling my name

I opened my car door and sat down before opening the file

I couldn’t believe what my eyes was seeing ,,I signaled my driver to drive me back home and he nodded

Reaching the house I hurried out of my car and went up straight to my room

I could hear Venessa calling me but I couldn’t look at her

I didn’t want her to see me this way ,I opened the door of my roommates and entered before locking it up

I had to shower maybe the water will help me cool down and I won’t have to damage anything today

With the amount of anger in my feeling now I could easily break everything in the whole house and replaced it in a second ,the money isn’t a problem

I let the cold water hit every corner of my body which made my body calmed down but inside my head was on fire

So many thoughts going through my head

Not long ago I was madly in love with Lora even if she left me

I was ready to take her back without thinking twice and knowing she has my child would have made me the happiest

But not anymore

Venessa changed everything …it’s all started from one night mistake like we were meant to be.

I rubbed on my temple as my head was beginning to hurt .

After taking a shower and changing into a different outfit ,I rushed out of the house to go clear my head or probably seek for advice

Besides heavens know ,,,I don’t really know how to break this news to Venessa.

Driving with speed and something popped into my head

I stopped the car and started driving back home cursing under my breath

This is not good.

Venessa Pov ❤️

Harry left again and i couldn’t help but wonder what’s up with him this time

Seriously his just confusing

Today we are all good and tomorrow it’s a different story

I didn’t want to rush or pressure him that’s why I have confronted him about my pregnancy

But if he keeps acting this way I might just have to be truthful with him

Aside that my baby bump is increasing everyday

I took my cleaning tools and entered his room ,,I wonder why he insists I’m the only one going to enter and clean it up

there isn’t much work to do …so I can’t complain

I put away his dirty clothes and a brown envelope caught my eyes

Been curious,I opened it and looked at the paper In it

Tears trickle down my eyes as I stared at it and the door burst open

Harry walked in with a sad and defected look

I was beyond speechless but my tears were rushing down.





Storming into my room,I saw Venessa

I guess I was a bit late

I stared at her blankly and tears rolled from her eyes

I felt my heart shattered Into pieces

I was expecting her to start yelling at me or something but Instead she just cleaned her eyes and walked out on me

“Venessa”I called following behind her

she didn’t reply as she increased her steps and went Into her room locking the door

I get it …she needs space to take everything in

I picked my phone up and texted Ken a friend of mine

About thirty minutes later Venessa walked through the sitting room with her things

“c’mon Venessa it hasn’t gotten to this”I said and she stared at me blankly

“I need space Harry”she replied softly as if she was holding her tears

“I get it,,,,you need space but you can do it here , I will give you all the space you need”I replied

“Harry I’m tired”she muttered and I feel and the sincererity in her voice

It’s obvious she meant everything she’s saying

“Harry I can’t pretend anymore”she added

“i don’t understand “I said

“My pregnancy Harry”she added and my heart began pounding

“I….I….” I don’t know what to even say

“I know your the father of my child Harry ,,and I am very much aware that you know that too” she said and my heart was beating 360

“yeah….I was just scared that you wouldn’t accept me as the father considering how we started”I replied back

“But isn’t the main point now…Lora has your child”she said with pain in her voice

“I just need time” she added and took her things out

I really needed time …I think I should let her be for now

I ran my hands through my hair as I collapsed on the couch

Everything is just happening so fast

Venessa knows am the father of her child and now Lora has my child too

which I still don’t believe.

Venessa Pov ❤️

I arrived at Cate’s apartment and knocked on the door

She opened it and her cheeks turned red on seeing me

“Vee” she called smiling but when she saw the look on my face ,she hugged me tightly

She helped me carry my things in, I wasn’t to surprised to see a shirtless Ace on her couch

No wonder she flushed when she saw me earlier

“Vee “Ace called in a sad tone and hugged me

“That idiot,I’m going to fucking hurt him for making you cry ” Ace snarled angrily carrying his shirt and rushing out of the apartment before I could stop him.

I guess Harry dose deserve a slap and few punches

Cate took me to the room I stayed the last time and I collapsed on the bed

She didn’t ask me anything and I was thankful for that

I’m really not in the mood to talk about it.


I couldn’t sleep ,,I kept tossing from one side of the bed to another as Harry kept ringing in my head

I was thinking about him

Is he okay,,Has he eaten,I know his the worst cook ever lived on Earth

Did I even make the right decision by leaving his apartment

I needed some time alone ..Aside that Harry needed to put himself together and figure things out before bringing me and my child Into it

I got hurt the first time and I’m not letting it happen again .

Finally I was able to catch some hours of sleep and woke up

I checked my phone only to see a text from Isabella


I read the message serval times thinking about it

what does she mean???



CHAPTER 39 semi finale

🤩 Harry Pov 🤩

I waited patiently for Lora to come and finally she did

she drove into my compound and stepped out with the child

“I’m really happy you want to spend time with your child considering how you stormed off the first time”Lora said and I glared at her

“Leave “I said sternly cutting her off on whatever she wanted to say

She walked to her car leaving the child and I took him by his hand and went in

I made him sit on the couch before I rushed upstairs to go dress up

coming back down I took his tiny hands I to mine and we head out

I didn’t know how to talk to kids so he just kept quiet starring at anywhere but me and I kept a smiling face not to freak him out

“Are you okay big guy”I asked and he nodded gently

About an hour later we arrived at Ken’s hospital and walked him

I already told him what was going on and we went straight into the test

After chatting for some time the poor boy is already asleep on my laps the result came out

I stared at it angrily as my blood began boiling

Ken used different ways so he would be 100% sure and won’t make any mistake

so that means the result is correct

I carried the child in my arms and lay him in the back seat

Driving so fast I reached Lora’s apartment and carried the child in my arms

I handed the child to her and threw the result to her face

“if you ever try such nonsense with me I’m going to kill you myself”I snarled angrily

“you are lucky I didn’t f*cking press charges,don’t even show your face again in my life”I added and stormed off

That b*tch she’s so desperate

I wonder what made me fall in love with her in the first place

Now I need to get my angel back

“My Venessa”

I very happy that the child isn’t mine,I knew I couldn’t trust that doctor’s report I was given

And the threat I gave her when I went to give her the child is priceless

I knew she wouldn’t dare to come close to me ever again

Finally I arrived at Cate’s apartment ,Ace told me she’s there

After he tried to hurt me saying I hurt her

Before stepping out of the car my heart began pounding loudly and I felt like a fcking pick

I was nervous

Gosh !

what has this girl done to me and that was when I noticed a familiar car parked at the entrance of the apartment

“Max” I muttered angrily

Before I could move i saw him walked out holding her hands and they stopped at his front porch

He leaned closer his lips landed on her

She kept trying to push him away but the assh*le kept forcing himself on her

wait …what am I still doing in the car

I rushed out angrily and dragged Max by his collar

He was shocked and so was Venessa

I saw him plastered a smirk on his face and I landed him a hard punch to erase them

I was beyond pissed as the image of him forcing his lips on her kept playing in her memory

I kept sending him punches till I felt an arm wrapped around my wait and her stomach poking me

I relaxed and left Max but his face would be unrecognizable

Next time he won’t try to force himself on a woman

Not just any woman “My Woman”

I could see Max manage to lift himself off the ground and rushed to his car

I turned around and hugged Venessa back




CHAPTER 40 Finale

🤩 Harry Pov 🤩

“I’m sorry for all I put you through”I said kissing her forehead

“it’s okay, Isabella already told me the child isn’t yours “She replied

“so how are you guys feeling”I asked starring at her stomach and she blushed a little

“Not fine actually “she pouted

“Omg what’s wrong”I asked

“well the baby needs massage “she replied shyly making me chuckle

I led her to her room and began massaging her

You all know where that led to

🤩 Venessa Pov

“Omg Isabella this is too much “I half yelled

“what ! don’t blame me …..I’m going to be a God mother do you know what that means”she replied dramatically

Okay so Isabella is helping me set up the nursery for the baby

So far it’s coming out really nice

But everyone is driving me crazy

The room was stuffed with toys ,clothes and other baby things

Ace ,Cate ,Harry and most of all Isabella ,everyday they bring different kind of things

I didn’t even have to buy anything

Well I’m now staying with Harry and we live in the same room

I have been more happy than ever ,I get to FaceTime with Finn and the rest of the guys have been the best so far

Cate’s and Ace relationship is the talk of the city they are always going PDA on social media

I’m really happy for them.

My pregnancy will be due in a few weeks and I actually can’t wait to meet my baby

Just so you know we went for scan a month back and it’s a baby boy.

“Hey” harry called smiling and we hugged

“is the room almost done”He asked

“yeah it’s done”I replied

“I can’t wait to see it”he added kissing my lips while I giggled

“So I was thinking if I could take you out for dinner you know …it’s been long”he asked looking a bit nervous

I wonder why

“yeah sure “I replied with a smile

“okay get ready by six”he added kissing my forehead.

Harry Pov

“Dude I’m freaking out”I muttered starring at Ace

“I told you to chill ” Ace replied patting my back

“what if she turns me down?

“what if she doesn’t like the ring” I panicked

“Dude this ring is worth millions,calm down
she’s going to love it ,,take a deep breath and everything will okay” Ace encouraged and I nodded.

Today I was planning to propose to Venessa and trust me I’m going crazy

I shoved the ring into my pocket and made my way downstairs fully dressed,she was looking amazing as usual and her dress fits her perfectly with the perfectly

I’m beyond thankful God brought her into my life

“you look amazing babe” I complimented kissing her lips.

we made our way out of the apartment and I drove her to the place I set up

“Wow this place is beautiful ,but why are no one here “she asked

“I rent the whole place so we could enjoy out time”I replied and she nodded

“thanks baby” she said kissing my cheeks and began eating

It is now or never I muttered and knelt in front of her

Her face lit up she I brought out the box of ring and held it my my hand

“I have always wanted to do this Venessa,I want to spend the rest of my life with you ,I want you to have many more kids with me “I said and she giggled rubbing her stomach

“Will You Marry Me “I added and she nodded her head smiling widely

“Yes Yes” she half yelled and tears rolled down her eyes

I slipped the ring j to her finger and we kissed

The cheers and clapping made us broke the kiss

“Omg Finn”she yelled exictedly hugging him
Ace was there,Cate was there, Isabella was there

I could tell she’s really happy and they kept congratulating us.

I’m happy that finally I get to live the rest of my life with the person I love

The only person who made me overcome my past

Love always leads.

The End


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