His Babies Mother (Episode 1 – 5)

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His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter one
Theme: Cutest eyes.
“Ugh, mum let me sleep some more.” I groaned in my sleep, pushing off my mom’s annoying hands, like why won’t she just let me sleep in peace.
“Ama, wake up, you don’t want to be late for school.” My mum insists.
“Oh my God, school, I’ll be late for school, on my very first day, mum what says the time.” I asks, sitting up on my bed, already going into panic mode.
“6:35.” My mum replies.
“Mother!! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier, you know it’s five hours drive from here to the school, and before we get there I’ll be late already, oh my God I can’t believe you mum, what if they take my scholarship, huh, what am i going to do.” I utter getting hysterical, now if there’s one thing I don’t joke with, it’s school, nope I do not take my study lightly and that’s why God chose to award me by awarding me a scholarship, yeah I know right its pretty much amazing, well I just wrote my junior waec and it turns out that my results is the best in the country, and then one of the biggest school in Nigeria gave me a scholarship, I’m so pretty much excited to go to this school.
“Uhm, seriously, I have been waking you up for the past 30 minutes and all you do is mumble words of like, leave me alone, let me sleep some more or just give me five more minutes to sleep some more and now you are blaming me for the fact that on your first day in school you might get late.” My mum says glaring at me. Now as you would have figured out already, my mom, Mrs Adwoa Benson Chidindu it’s more like my best friend, and yeah my mum is a Ghanaian, and my dad is a Nigerian, my dad sells electrical stuff in Ghana and my mum had a small restaurant right next to his shop, so stuff happened, fireworks and all those lovey dovey stuff and the next thing a wedding took place.
“It’s not my fault, you and Dad decided to take me out to celebrate, even though i had clearly said, that you guys should take me to the school in stead, and besides I was really tired by the time we came back for outing, and that’s why I’m waking up these late in the morning is you and dad’s fault.” I utter frowning at her.
“You know instead, of you arguing with your mother, you could save a lot of time and go get prepared, cause right now all you’re doing is wasting more prescious time.” I heard my dad voice right behind, and I turned around and to see him casually resting on my room door.
“Good morning Dad.” I said happily and rushed over to him, to give him a hug.
“Good morning angel.” My dad replies back giving me a peck on my forehead, and just liked you guess, I’m the only child and I’m loving it, okay maybe not so much, sometimes I wish I had a little sister or brother, or maybe a big brother or sister to fight with.
“Okay darling, why don’t you go take your bath, so you won’t get late on your very first day in school.” My father advice.
“Yes father, now you two would have to leave my room so I can have that bath, come on mother, hurry up.” I said.
“Wow, my own daughter, is kicking me out of my room bescause she’s hiding her naked body from me, I can still remember when you were still these little and I bathed you and even clean your buttocks after you use the toilet and now you’re shy of me.” My mum utter sadly.
“Ugh, I don’t have time for this, dad, please take your wife out of my room.” I utter exasperated.
“Yes dear, wife come on let’s go.” Dad says and drags a frowning mum out of my room. (Happy sigh) I love my parents.
I quickly off my clothes and then got into the bathroom and did my business, before wearing the dark blue skirt, that stops right above my knee and the white long sleeve shirt, and then complemented the whole dress with my blue tie and my black shoes. Yayyy I can’t believe I’m now a senior students and I’ll also be studying in one of the biggest school in the country. I know, I’m lucky.

“Don’t worry sir, I assure you, your daughter, is in good hands.” The beautiful principal says and my dad, smiles at her, before shaking her outstretched hand.
“Thank you, ma’am. Ama, me and your mother would be leaving now, take care of yourself, okay.” My dad, says, giving me a hug.
“Honey, you should never, hesitate to call us, okay.” My mum says, kissing the top of my head before joining in on the hug.
“I will mum and I’ll miss you and Dad, so much.” I said pouting my lips, hugging them back.
“Okay then, bye sweetheart, love you.” My parents says, each giving me a peck on the cheek before walking out of the principal’s office. Oh, how I’m I going to to survive in a boarding school, I went to a day school, all throughout my junior year.
“Okay, Ama, your class teacher, here, Mrs Cynthia, will take you to your class, like I said she’s your class teacher.” The principal says.
“Mrs Cynthia, please take her to the class.” The principal says and Mrs Cynthia nods her head before leading me out of the staff room, I had left my luggages back at the staff room, the principal asks me to come for them after school.
“Good morning, Mrs Cynthia.” Every student in my suppose class, stands up and greets Mrs Cynthia the minute we both walked in.
“Good morning, class. Now as you can see, I’m not alone, this young lady, standing right beside me, would be joining us, in this class. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the class.” Mrs Cynthia says, and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me she’s referring to me, ugh, I hate this part of resuming in a new school.
“My name is Ama Benson Chinedu.” I said a little bit nervous.
“And what state are you from.” Mrs Cynthia asks.
“Enugu state.”
“Okay, how old are you.” Wait, what!!! Why do I have to answer that, I hate telling people my real age, I just don’t like it. Ugh.
“Excuse me Mrs Cynthia, can I come in.” A voice asks, cutting me off and totally saving my ass, I turned my head to see who is this, my saviour is and his not only handsome but he has the cutest eyes have ever seen, hmm, I think I’ll enjoy my stay in Chelston International School, but right now I wish I never thought that.
Author’s note: This is not an high school story, this chapter and five more chapters, is only to set the story straight. Now tell me what do you think of this chapter. Love y’all
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Three
Theme: Project
Ama’s Pov
“Ama! Ama! Ama!, For God’s sake wake up!!!!!!.” I frown in my sleep, pushing her damn hands off me, you might be wondering, who’s the crazy person waking me up, I’ll tell you, it’s my new best friend and of course Trish doesn’t take no for an answer, and that’s why in the next minute, my whole bed plus my body is soaked in water. Ugh!!!!
“What!, in the world is wrong with you.” I yelled out, really annoyed as I look at my now wet self.
“Do I need to remind you, young lady, that you are in a boarding school and breakfast is served at 7:30am, while assembly start 8:00am, and you are still on bed. It’s 6:50am idiot.” Trisha spills out in one breath.
“First of all, I’m not stupid. Secondly, you are not my mom, so stop behaving like her. Lastly, you should have just woke me up, without pouring water on me, now I’ll have to go and dry my bed.” I whined.
“Don’t you dare give me that attitude, young lady. Now you better get your ass up from that bed and get ready, and you have only thirty minutes to do that.” She says glaring at me, like did I not just said, she should stop behaving like my mum. Ugh.
“You are the worst best friend ever.” I mutter, standing up from my bed and equally glaring back at her.
“Yeah, I know right, I’m the best. Now go get ready, I’ll be back to check on you, so don’t you even think of going back to bed.” She smiles sweetly at me before walking out of my hostel, yeah Trish and I are not in the same hostel, and I’m so sure if we were, she would be waking me up by 3:00 in the morning, like I know i said earlier that I love school but I’m not use to waking up so early to do things. Back when I was day student, I woke up by 7:30 and do all the needy, before walking to school, and I always arrived early, since my former school is only a stone throw from my house.
“Good morning, senior Bianca.” I greeted as I passed one of the SS 3 student, but the idiot just walked passed me, without replying my greeting, stupid senior, what is she even feeling like. If you do not greet them, they will shout at you and even punish you, but when you greet them, they’ll not answer. Confused human beings.

“Hey Ebube.” I greeted sitting down on my seat, and just like he always did, he ignored me and continued reading his notes. Ugh, I just don’t understand why he is so cold to me, is not like I ever did anything wrong to him, what’s his problem, ugh, I don’t have time for this.
“Hey Ama, the only Ghanaian girl in our class.” George greets cheerfully, he is always in a good mood.
“Hi George, and I’m half Ghanaian.” I said and he nods in reply but I’m very sure this won’t be the last time I’ll be correcting him.
“So.. did you have a goodnight sleep, beautiful.” George asks playfully, and Ebube coughed out.
“It was splendid, handsome.” I replied back, playing along.
“Can the both of you keep quiet, I’m trying to read here.” Ebube utters frowning.
“Ebube, here is not the library, if you want to read, then go over there and read, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of peace and quietness over there.” I said, smirking at Ebube, he only frowned at me as a reply before going back to read his book, like, I just don’t understand why he would not talk to me, I’ve been in this school for a week now and not once has he even said a word to me. Ugh. I rolled my eyes at him, not like he could even see me, since his too busy focusing on the damn book, like I love reading but this idiot those it all the time.
“So George, are you done copying the agric notes.” I asked, George here is really luck, to have Ebube as his best friend, cause since Ebube is the class monitor, the teacher would always give him there note to copy first and when he finished copying the notes, he returns the teacher notes back to the teacher and then gives his note to George, who then passed his notes to me. Like, if not for George, I would have been among the last students to copy any of those notes the teacher gives out.
“Yes, let me search for it.” He says going through his desk locker.
“Found it, here, take it.” He stretched it to me, his hands slightly above Ebube’s head and I collected it.
“Why don’t you just take your chair and then go sit next to her.” Ebube yells. Geez, what’s his problem.
“Yeah, that’s a really good idea, why did I not think of that before.” George utters and I chuckled before sitting down back and got ready to copy the notes. Luckily for me, it’s history period, and since I’m not offering history, I have enough time to copy the agric notes.

“Good day class, now i hope all of you notes are complete.” Mr Patrick asks, right now, I’m in the biology lab, yeah this is biology period. Everybody nods their heads to Mr Patrick questions, and Mr President, eyes all of us carefully.
“Okay then, I’ll go through all of you notes.” Mr Patrick comments and asks all of us to submit our notebook one by one.
“I can’t believe it that almost half of the class, do not even have a complete note, I gave you all two weeks to copy that note and you’re just twenty in your class, so isn’t that enough for you all to have copied it. Just look at the new girl in your class, she just resumed school, last week and she has a complete note.” Mr Patrick says, his face showing disappointment, and at the mentioned of new girl, everyone in the lab turned to look at me, with Emmanuelle a.k.a queen bee of the class and assistant class monitor, glares at me, and she’s so obsessed with Ebube, and I’m pretty sure if she has a hate list, I’ll be number one on the list. The girl just hates me and I don’t even know why, oh wait I do, she hates me, because, I’m the first girl to ever sit next to Ebube and to worsen it all, every teacher in Chelston, keeps on singing my praise and before I came, she was the center of attraction.
“Now because the new girl here, has copied the note, I’ll punish all of you, so everyone of you that have not copied the note should go outside and kneel down.” Half of the class stands up and did as instructed, not without sending hateful glares at me. Okay, now I’ve got to ask, what did I do. Haters. And you know, eventhough Ella is not among the students punished, she still glared at me and this time I returned her glare, yeah baby, I’m not afraid of you.
Mr Patrick went on to explain, first week, second week and third week of our notes before going on to pair us for an assignment, according to him, he wants us to do it in pair.
“Trisha, you’ll work with Kenneth.
George, you’ll work with Ella.
And finally the new girl, you will work with Ebube.”
“What!!.” Now that’s me and Ebube shouting at the same time, like why should I work with, this annoying, rude, proud, idiot. Aghh.
“Sir, you can’t pair them together.” Emmanuelle says, frowning, now I can finally say, I hate her a little less.
“Yes sir, I can’t work with her.” Ebube also protest. Now, I also, hate him a little less.
“Sir, please can’t you pair us with somebody else, anyvother person.” I pleaded, hoping Mr Patrick, would see reasons and give me another partner.
“No!, Now leave.” Mr Patrick says simply and Ebube sighs and leaves the biology lab, I and Emmanuelle remained, and begged Mr Patrick but he didn’t pay us any attention, so we also left.
“Ama, I want you to wait after school.” Now if you are wondering who just gave me a command, it’s no other person but Ebube, yeah, the minute my ass touched my seat, the idiot just stood up from his desk and then comes over to mine and freaking commanded me, like who the hell those he thinks he is that, he could just command me the way he wants, ooh I’ll so show him today, that I can’t be ordered around. Idiot
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Two
Theme: She’s beautiful
Ebube Pov
“Seriously guy, what’s the problem, why are you so quiet.” I asks my best friend, he is suprisingly quiet and that’s a surprise, George my best friend can talk for a whole day, none stop. okay, maybe I did exaggerate a little bit, but all the same, George is a noisemaker and for him to be quiet, It’s really surprising.
“Why would I be talking, when my stomach hasn’t have any little drop of food, huh.” George replies me, having a huge frown on his face. Oh yeah, I forgot that, the only reason why my best friend can be quiet, is because he has no fuel to power him up and that leads us the reason why I’m out here with George, instead of being inside the class, studying, yeah I love studying. Now to cut the long story short, George here had forced me to go work my charms on the lunch lady, since he wasn’t able to get his food before the bell was rung, and well I, grudgingly agreed to charm the lunch lady, like who wouldn’t fall for my good look and super cute eyes, and just before you say nobody, Mrs Helen the lunch lady, did fall for my charms and she indeed did give George his food and we both happily skipped out of the cafeteria, oh wait, George was the only one that happily skipped out of the cafeteria. Now George plan was to, go to the back of the boys hostel and eat his delicious meal and just like you thought he dragged me along but you see an evil spirit, know as senior Bayo, came and took George food away, before he could even taste it and since bayo isn’t a girl, there was no way I could work my charms on him, and that bring us back to this moment. where I’m walking back to class, with an annoyed, sad stricken best friend.
“Come on, George, this is 11:19pm and we will be having our second break at 12:30pm, and then you can eat as much as you want.” I said, patting his back.
“Yeah, and by then you’ll be carrying my dead body to the cafeteria.” He grumbles loudly. I shake my head at his foolishness, rolling my eyes at the same time.
“Excuse me, Mrs Cynthia, can I come in.” I said, removing my hands from my pocket, Mrs Cynthia sees it as a sign of disrespect. I noticed there’s a girl standing next to Mrs Cynthia, but I couldn’t see her face, cause Mrs Cynthia it’s blocking it, Mrs Cynthia turns to look at me, therefore giving me a perfect view of the girl and should I say she’s more than beautiful and I hate beautiful girls, so yeah, I’ll not associate myself with her.
“Ebube, why are you not in class, the break was over about an hour now.” Mrs Cynthia says, ugh, look what you caused me George.
“Sorry, Mrs Cynthia but I was in the library.” I lied through my teeth, don’t look at me, I don’t want my class teacher thinking her best student is violating school rules.
“Okay then, you can come in.” Mrs Cynthia says and I walked in with George right behind me.
“Wait.” Mrs Cynthia says and I stopped right in my tracks, what does she wants again.
“Was George with you, in the library.” She asked and George gave me a pleading eyes to say yes, I rolled my eyes tiredly before saying yes and then Mrs Cynthia allowed us to, go to our seats.
“Wow, the new girl is so beautiful, small eyes, pointed nose, figure 8, what an…..”
“Shut up George.” I whisper yelled, glaring at George. God, why I’m I even sitting next to this dude. Erm because his your best friend. My inner self replies me in a bored tone.
Shut up. I replied back and shut him off.
“Okay Ama, you can sit right over there, next to Ebube.” Wait, what, couldn’t Mrs Cynthia find her another seat, like why does she have to seat next to me, ugh, I don’t like girls sitting next to me and mostly the beautiful ones.
“I think this is destiny.” George sings out.
“The only thing that will be destiny, is me shoving down a piece of paper down your throat.” I said glaring at him.
“Okay, I won’t say a thing again.” George says.
“Now, that’s better.” I said giving him a tight smile.
“Hi.” A voice says, and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me it’s the new girl, I ignored her greetings and take a book from my bag before burying my head in it.
“Hi, I’m George, don’t mind my friend, you see he has this sickness that makes him go deaf once in a while, so don’t take his silence to heart, he didn’t just hear you.” George says, smiling at the girl. Wait, did he just say I’m deaf, like as in deaf, ugh.
“What?, Since when did I became deaf.” I said, eyeing my idiot friend.
“Oh, you’re back man, and I never said you were deaf, I said you go deaf once in a while, whenever you don’t take your medicines, and now talking about your medicines, why didn’t you take it, I’ve always told you to always, take your medicines, you wouldn’t want to go deaf when a beautiful goddess is talking to you.” George chides and I glared at him.
“Oh my God, George you’re so funny and I’m not a goddess but thanks anyway.” Ama says laughing a little and I got a little lost in staring at her, I love the way her eyes lit up when she laughed. She says her goodbye to George and then sits on her desk that’s just right to me
“Why were you staring at her, like that.” George whispers into my ear.
“I wasn’t staring at her.” I whispered back and yes, I know it’s a lie but there’s no way I’m letting my best friend no the truth, I would never hear the last of it, and whatever just happened now, will never happen again.
“I saw you, Ebube. Well I guess this year will be interesting and really different.” George says smirking.
Well I guess, his right about one thing, this year school semester would be different, why?, Cause I have a freaking girl sitting next to me. A beautiful one at that.
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Four
After our last period, the bell finally rang and I stood up from my desk immediately, not sparing Ebube a single glance and then walked up to Trish desk.
“Ama!!” I heard Ebube call out, right as, me and Trish stepped out of the class.
I ignored him and kept on walking instead. “Are you not going to answer him.” Trisha asks.
“No, I won’t, just keep on walking.” I said to her smiling, and she shakes her head at me but didn’t stop walking.

“Shebi, you ignored Ebube when he called you, so why are you still angry.” Trisha asks, eyeing me.
“Well, I still feel mad, okay. you should have seen the way he walked up to me and then commanded me, as in me, Ama, he commanded me. Ahhh, I’m so angry right now.” I utter angrily, right now, I feel like breaking a bottle on that idiot boys head.
“Madam, I’m hungry and I do not have the strength to watch all this your drama, so when you’re done been angry, you can come and meet me in the dinning room, okay.” Trisha says, climbing down my bed.
“Ugh, I hate you.” I said pouting.
“I know, and I hate you too.” Trisha replies, giving me a smile before walking out of my hostel.
“Aghhhh.” I yelled out, laying down flat on my bed. Well I guess I should just go to the dinning room, or I might just end up, planning on different ways to murder that idiot.
“Trisha! Trisha! Trisha! Wait up.” I yelled out running out of the hostel, I ran all the way to the dinning room, cause it turns out that Trish is really fast in walking.
“As if I knew you will be coming, here I saved a seat for you.” Trisha says, taking the plate she kept on the seat next to her, so I can seat down.
“Girl where’s your plate.” Trish asks, smiling sweetly at me.
“Geez, I forgot to bring my plate.” I said frowning.
“Why would you remember, when Ebube has filled up your head, I won’t be surprised if you start having feelings for him.”
“Trish, don’t you ever say that again, even if Ebube is the last man on Earth, I’ll never, fall for him, it’s not possible.”
“Yeah, that’s what they always say, anyway, you know I’m hungry and whenever I’m hungry I don have time for argument, so you can use this plate, I brought it along, knowing you always forget things whenever you’re angry.” Trish says, and hands over the plate to me, and I rolled my eyes at her, taking it from her.
We both waited, along with the students in the dinning room, we all waited for about a minute before the dinning prefects walked in with the coolers that contains our lunch. Senior Amara placed one of the coolers, the bigger one on the front desk, with the help of an SS 1 student, the other smaller cooler is for the SS 3 student.
“Aghhhh.” Senior Amara screams out and we all stare at her confused, okay, i was the only one staring at her, confused.
“Oh God, please don’t tell me there’s a cockroach in the food.” Trish let’s out and I stare at her shocked. “What do you mean, by a cockroach in the food.”
“Exactly what I meant sis, well it looks like we will be feeding on our provisions this afternoon.” Trish says standing up from and seat and I did the same.

“I just can’t understand, why there’s a grasshopper in the food, that we are supposed to eat, this school is one of the most prestigious school in Nigeria and to think such thing can happen here, it’s really surprising.” I let out, pluming down on my bed, well it turned out that it was a grasshopper senior Amara saw.
“Like I said before, this isn’t the first time, there was even a time we saw rat, it’s like bescause they don’t give us fish and meat, that’s why they put all those things in the food.” Trish replies me and lays down beside me.
“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to asks why the food is not served with meat or fish.”
“Oh that’s simple, those stupid kitchen women, take the meat and fish home, to sell, it’s only once in a blue moon we get served with fish or meat, like on the first week of resumptions and the last week before before school closes.”
“Wow, this is correct corruption oo, but wait can’t you guys report them.”
“How can we report them, when our principal, Mrs Nwoke is part of the corruption, we once reported the matter to our parents but that woman is smart, so the whole thing just bounced back on us.”
“Yeah, wow.”

Ebube’s Pov
How dare she, how dare her, I practically told her to wait after school and she dared defiled me. Who does she think she is, huh, how dare her do such a thing. Aghhhh.
“Guy would you stop, pacing around, and fine, if you must pace around, then go do it somewhere else. You’re making me feel dizzy.” George says, frowning at me. I can’t believe him right now.
“George, is this all you can say, after I just told you that I asked that, foolish girl to wait and she decided not to, and I was even calling her name but she chose to ignore me.”
“Okay tell me, how did you tell her to wait, like tell me in the exact words you used.”
“Well i just walked up to her desk and then said, Ama, I want you to wait after school, then I walked back to my seat.” I explain to him and George immediately gave me a resounding slap at my back.
“Godddddd, what the hell is your problem man.” I yelled out, glaring at him angrily, rubbing the affected area at my back softly.
“Guy, you can’t just walk up to a girl and then say, I want you to wait after school, that sounded like you were giving her a command and if there’s one thing women hates the more, is to be commanded. What’s wrong with you.” George cried out and I frowned.
“But there’s nothing bad in how i said it, I don’t see anything wrong there.” I argued.
“Ebube, you should have said it like this, Ama, please can you wait after school, so we can discuss about the project and then you would wait for her to reply back with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.”
“Wait, why should I say please, when it’s also her own project.” I asked him frowning really deeply.
“And that same project is also yours, and you seem to be forgetting that the both of you have to do it together to pass, you know mr Patrick would give you zero, once he hears you are the only one who worked on the project.
“Aghhhh, I can’t believe this, so what do I do now.”
“It’s very simple, apologize to her.” George says simply, shrugging his shoulders.
“No, I’ll never do that, not in this life.”
“Then suit yourself.”

“Guy, just go over there, and say you’re sorry, that you where in a bad mood earlier, that’s all, now stop being a chicken and go.” George says and I frown at him, if I had a choice, I would not even think of apologizing to Ama, but you see my straight A, is on the line here.
I take in a deep breath and then released it out before standing up from my chair and then head over to where Ama is currently sitting with her friend Trish, if there’s one thing I love, it’s night preb, because Ama won’t be sitting next to me. I call it, freedom.
I stood in front of Ama, not able to utter a single word, oh geez.
“Oga, what do you want or have you gone suddenly dumb?.” Ama says and I glared at her.
“I just want to ask you, why you did not wait behind, when I asked you too or why didn’t you answer me when I called you.” I asked her, throwing away the earlier plan.
“Here he goes again, thinking that he could order me around, do I look like a five year old child, please do me a favour and leave the front of my desk, before I do something drastic to you.” She says, and I increased the intensity of my glare and she glared back at me, refusing to back down, I sighed and walked back to my desk at the back of the class.
“So….., how did it go.” George asks,the minute I sat down and I went on to narrated what happened.
“Guy, what’s wrong with you, I told you to go and apologize and instead you added more firewood to the fire.” George whispered yelled.
“See you’re going to go back there and apologize to her.” He added.
“First of all, there’s no fire and secondly, I’ll not apologize to her.” I said stubbornly.
“Okay then, don’t go but do not come crying to me when you fail in your project.” He says casually and faced the book on his table but I know his not reading it.
“I am not going to cry to you, and besides she would also fail too.” I grumbled.
“Look at her Ebube, does she look like someone that cares if she fails one project.” George asks, smirking and I turn my face to look at Ama.
“Maybe, I don’t know.”
“Oh you’ll soon find out, by the time you get a big zero on your project.” My eyes twitched at the mention of zero, I hate that number.
“Fine, I’ll go apologize to her.” I grumbled standing up from my seat, and George smiles at me, before giving me an encouraging pat on my back, I frowned at him before making my way back to the Ama desk.
“You’re back.” Ama states, raising her head up to look at me.
I let out a very deep breath before saying, “Ama, I’m so……rry.” I whispered, loud enough for her to hear.
“Okay, I don’t really think that’s an apology but I’ll take it anyway.” Ama says.
“Please just stop.” Ama raised up her hand, cutting me off, and I let out a huge breath of appreciation. Don’t look at me, I’m not use to apologizing to people or even saying thank you.
“So can we meet up tomorrow after school, so we can discuss about the project.” I asks, nervously.
“Okay then, I’ll head back to my desk.” I said awkwardly and then walked back to my seat, without hearing the words, “Did, Ebube just apologize to you.” Ugh.
His Babies Mother
Getting pregnant was never in the plan
Written by Wilfred Bright
Chapter Five
Theme: Friends and Enemies
Ama’s Pov
I watched Trish as she paced in front of my bed, having this unbelievable look on her face.
“Girl, what’s wrong with you, can you please just sit down.” She stops and look at me before saying, “I just can’t bring myself to believe Ebube, as in the Ebube I know, said sorry to you, if I didn’t witness the whole thing myself, I would never had believe you if you told me, this is so unbelievable.” Trish utters and I rolled my head, like I really can’t believe her right now.
“You have made your point clear, now sit. Please.” I begged and she sat down still murmuring words like ‘unbelievable.’ Drama queen.
“Wait!, What are you doing right now.” She questions, looking at me wide eyed.
“Isn’t that obvious.” I said in a bored tone, adding more milk to the cup in my hand, before pouring water in it.
“I can’t believe you’re soaking right now, girl I’ve told you before that if you keep on eating your provision like that, it would finish and I won’t be sharing mine with you.” She chides.
“Oh please, we both know the reason why you don’t touch your provision is because you don’t feel like eating it, and besides even if your provision gets finished your parents will send you another set, and you know what’s yours is literally mine.” I replied her smiling.
“What are you doing.” I asked Trish as she takes a spoon from my locker and tries to deep it in my cup.
“What do you think, beside you yourself said, what’s mine is yours, so which also means what’s yours is also mine.”
“No it’s not.” I replied back, hurriedly standing up from my bed, and she follows me, pursuing me around the hostel.
“Ama! Ama! Stop right there, stop right there.” Trish yells trying to catch up with me, I stopped after a while and shoved the cup in her hand.
“There’s nothing here!!!.” She growls.
“Yeah, I know.” I replied back simply.
“Ohh, you’re a dead meat.” She growls at me and I quickly run out of the room, I’m not ready to be a dead meat.

Ebube’s Pov
I smiled as I remembered what happened between me and Ama, Ama is really a nice person to be around, at first I hated the fact I got paired with Ama, but now I wish I get paired with her, in any other projects. Ama is funny, smart, cheerful, she’s really a great person to be around. I think I’m having……
“George! George! George, guy what’s up na.” George calls out, bringing me out of my world of thinking.
“Nothing.” I said, and George eyes me curiously.
“Don’t tell me you’re thinking about Ama.” George asks.
“No, I’m not, stop that.”
“You could have just said a simple, no or yes, hmm. Shebi I’m still here in this school, I have my eyes on both of you.”
“That one is your business.”

Ama’s Pov
“Ugh, I really hate that girl, she’s so annoying, like how could she warn me to stay away from Ebube, aghhh, I feel like tearing her apart. Ugh.” I uttter pacing at the front of my bed, and Trish just stares at me, having a bored look on her face.
“Girl, just calm down.” Trish says.
“Girl, I can’t calm down, okay, that bitch keeps on walking around the school like she owns it, who does she thinks she is, huh.”
“Well….., technically she owns the school, cause her mother owns it, so yeah.”
“Well, I don’t care and I’m going to give that stupid girl, called Ella, a piece of mind, I’ll tell her to shove her bitchy self doesn’t her throat.”
“Okay, okay, now you really need to calm down, uhm, why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you and Ebube.”
“Ugh, I’ve told you a countless time there’s nothing going on between me and Ebube, we are just friends, okay.”
“Hmm, so which means you don’t like him.” She asks curiously.
“No.., maybe, I don’t know okay.”
“Wow, my baby is in love.” Trisha utters, throwing her arms around me.
“No! No! No! I do not love Ebube, girl that’s a really strong word, maybe I do like him a little bit, but that’s all. Okay.”
“Okay fine, whatever.” She replies back, rolling her eyes.
“Good, now let’s go eat dinner.” I said dragging her up from my bed and together we both walked out of the hostel, not without Trisha saying, “ooh my baby is in love.” Geez.

Ella’s Pov
“Aghhh, I hate that girl called Ama, I hate her very much, how could she just walk into the school and steal my man away from me, how dare her.” I yelled angrily, I have never felt the need to murder a person as much as I want to murder Ama, Ebube has been my love, I’ve been the only girl Ebube ever talks to but as Ama cane into the picture he rarely talks to me anymore, and now I have to do something really fast.
“You know, Ebube isn’t your boyfriend, so.. technically he isn’t yours.” Betty says, and I glared at her, Betty is my best friend alongside Sandra, we are all friends, I wouldn’t say friends, cause all we do is pretend. Our relationship is kind of balance, they needed to be popular and I wanted people to see that I Emmanuelle can keep friends, so that’s it.
“Sorry…..” Betty whispers.
“Don’t mind her, Ella, now if you want Ebube to be all yours, then all you have to do is get her out of the school, get her scholarship withdrawn.” Sandra says.
“But how do I do that, wait a minute, isn’t senior Isaac party coming up soon.” I asks, as a great plan forms in my head.
“Yeah, it is. Why do you ask.” Betty asks, staring at me intently and I only smirk in return, before going on to whisper plans to them, they say you’ll never know who’s listening.
“Oh my God, that’s a really bad plan, Ella, have some pity, she’s your fellow classmates, and she’s just a girl like you.” Betty yells out, having a look of unbelief, and I roll my eyes.
“Let me tell you something, Betty. That girl called Ama, is my enemy and I don’t have pity for my enemies, so is either you shut your mouth and help me make this plan a reality, or I’ll reveal to the whole school, that you have aborted 5 pregnancies. Do you hear me loud and clear.” I threatened, glaring at her and she gulps, that’s it baby, nobody’s ever cross Emmanuelle.
“Yes, I do. But just for the record I think this whole thing is really harsh.”
“Yeah, you’ve made your point now shut up.” Sandra says, I’ve always liked her more.
“Now, you do know, that senior Isaac will never invite them to his party, since they are not popular, so we have to find a way to give them invites.”
“Yeah, Ama and Trisha, Ama does not look like a party girl, so we will need Trish to convince her.” I explained.
“Okay, now I see, well I can help you pass the invites to Trish.” Sandra says, grinning.
“That’s great, now just leave the rest of the plan to me, ohh Ama, you should have declined that scholarship when it was awarded to you, cause you’re about to experience the best party of your life.” I said smirking.


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