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🌼 Venessa🌼

it was midnight and I was damn hungry

I stood up and tip toed into the kitchen searching for what to eat

there were some can food which made me wonder why in Earth there will be canned food

when he has a cook

Thankfully I got them

l hurried back to my room and ate to my satisfaction


I woke up feeling nausea and ran to the bathroom ,,i puked and took my bath

This time I didn’t wear my maid outfit because it was getting tight and my baby bump is beginning to show a little

I head to the kitchen and prepared breakfast

I was almost done when Harry walked into the kitchen

“Good morning sir”I greeted and the jerk ignored me

He opened the fridge like he was looking for something

“Venessa”he called and I didn’t reply even though I was close to him

Truth be told I just loved the way my name rolled out of this tongue

it made the name sound unique

“Venessa”he called loudly and I smiled inwardly

“sir “I replied starring at him

“Did you see the can food I kept in the fridge”he asked and my heart began breating 360

“sir no”i lied

“But I kept it here ,it’s a cat food “he added and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

“cat food”I said in shock

“yes I’m getting a new cat”he replied

I ate cat food …jeez and it’s tasted so good in my mouth

I didn’t know why but my eyes begin to water and tears were coming out

“Venessa your crying”Harry asked in shock

“I ate cat food”I half yelled crying

“I’m so sorry sir,I was hungry and it tasted so good in my mouth”I added still crying

I started pressing my stomach hoping if there is any remaining food in my stomach so it could come out

This is just unbelievable

Who puts cat food in the fridge for goodness sake

“my breakfast in five minutes”Harry said walking out of the kitchen

He didn’t even care about me

Heartless dude

With tears in my eyes I finished preparing the breakfast and served him

With the whole drama it didn’t stop me from eating my breakfast

I chewed like my life depends on them


Few hours later

The door bell rang and I rushed to the door

I saw Isabella

I was beyond happy to see her as I hugged her

I help her carry the stuff she was holding and took them in

“Heyy bro”Isabella called in a cheerful manner which he obviously Ignored

what’s with this guy and greeting

“were is she”he asked

“she couldn’t make it”Isabella replied

“what do you mean ,the event is In like few hours from now ”

“how do I get a replacement”Harry half yelled

“ohh that,I already figured it out”Isabella replied

“what do you mean by that”he asked

“since she turned you down because of your shitty attitude,I got you another replacement” Isabella said

“who “he asked rolling his eyes

“she”Isabella said pointing at me

“Hell No”

“that is not happening , I’m not going to a function with her,beside she doesn’t have the right I outfit” Harry added

“i brought some”Isabella replied

“I’m not going with her ,,she’s not my type “Harry added and my jaw drop

“Hello guys….I’m right here”I muttered making the both of them stare at me

“Do you have any better option”Isabella asked Harry and he kept mute

“Good ”

“let’s go baby girl”she said dragging my hand

“so you are going to be Harry’s plus one to a function “she said and i nodded

“don’t worry it’s going to be fine and won’t be difficult at all”Isabella reassured

I took a shower and wore the sliver shining gown Isabella brought

it was beyond beautiful and has a slitting above my knee

She curled my red her more , giving it more definition

She brought out her make up kit and did all the magic on my face

In two hours we were done

“OMG”I half yelled as I stare at me reflection in the mirror




🌼 Venessa🌼

She brought out her make up kit and did all the magic on my face

In two hours we were done

“OMG”I half yelled as I stare at me reflection in the mirror

“Thanks Bella”I said hugging her

“ya welcome,let’s go before Harry comes here and drag you out”she said laughing

“your right”I replied and we made our way out

“she’s ready”Isabella half yelled drawing Harry’s attention towards us

Harry turned at starred at me blankly before turning to Isabella

“Let’s go”he said heading out

Is this guy serious right now

Okay what was even going through my mind when I thought of impressing him

His like a jerk

I waved at Isabella and entered the car with Harry

The silence was awkward as none of us starred at each other ,but I was also dying out of nervousness

I haven’t been to an event before

About thirty minutes later the car pulled up at a big building and the door opened for us to step out

He held my hands and squeezed it gently , maybe he finally noticed that am nervous

We made our way into the Hall after taking a few pictures ,we sat down and although this while Harry kept a straight face

Nobody dared come to him or even get close to him

Even the whole couldn’t speak well

I had no idea this is how they fear him

Hours passed and the event went on

Gosh this is so boring ,I kept playing with my finger out of boredom and Harry kept a straight face focusing on the speaker

They drop a drink for me and for Harry too ,Harry starred at me before starting back at the waiter

“She will have a cup of water”he said and the waiter took the drink away immediately


Did I tell him I want water

He brought back the water and dropped it for me

I quickly switched it and glumped down the wine

“Venessa”Harry called angrily

He took my hands and dragged me to the restroom

“Vomit it “he said starring at me


“sir you know that’s impossible”I replied back

“why did you drink it when I asked you not to Isabella now vomit all the content in your stomach”Harry added in a demanding tone

As if he knew what was going on in my system ,,my stomach tightened and I felt like throwing up

I guess the drink isn’t really good

I threw up and washed my mouth while Harry starred at me in awe

I guess he wasn’t actually expecting me to throw up

“Are …you.. okay”he shuttered

This is the first time his actually acting nice

“Yeah”I replied and my stomach grumble making me look away shyly

“Let’s go”Harry said and I followed behind him

We went outside and he said some words to his driver

In less than thirty minutes we arrived at an eatry and came down

“stop thinking that I care,I’m actually hungry too”he said and walked into the eatry leaving me behind

I hurried behind him and we sat down ,the waiter came with the menu and I kept flipping from page to page

“Have you decide yet “Harry asked getting pissed off and I nodded

“I will have the first three dishes on your menu”I replied and they both starred at me in awe

“First three dishes on the menu”the waiter said and I nodded

my face lit up at the sight of three different dishes on my table

I moaned when I took a spoonful of the first dish and Harry cleared his throat

I felt embarrassed

I was done with two dishes while Harry was still not close to finishing up

Maybe because he kept starring at me while i eat and if I look to his direction he will look away Immediately

In no time we were done eating and he paid and left

I sat down trying so hard not to sleep because I really eat more than enough

Harry POV

I kept staring at her as she finds it hard to open her eyes widely

In no time she was sleeping

She Kept falling and I shifted to the edge so she won’t on me

Finally her head landed on my laps

she kept turning her head as if she was finding the perfect way to relax when her hands landed on my dick

my body tensed up immediately and I stared at her

She moved her hands up and down and i was already hard

Dose she thinks am her pillow

I groaned lightly as I removed her hands

Gosh I can’t believe she turned me on by just touching my dick




🌼 Venessa🌼

I woke up stretching my legs and body on something really soft,My bed.

Something doesn’t feel right

I opened my eyes gently only to find myself still in the outfit from last night

“Wait last night”

I remembered we went to an eatry after that boring event

And I was feeling sleepy and then …..

That was it I didn’t remember coming into the room

How did I get here ?

I know Harry will never bring me to my room ,then who did

I waved all the thoughts from my mind as I cleaned the makeup from my face with a wipe

I took my bath and put on a baggy hoodie and some trousers

I packed my hair in a messy bun and walked to the kitchen

The whole place was neat and silent as usual ,I wonder who those people manage to come in here clean very early and leave

I decided to make pancakes for breakfast ,not because of Harry but I was actually carving for them

I was done and Harry wasn’t still out ,so I took them on a tray to him

I knocked on the door before he asked me to come in

“Good morning sir”I greeted

Typical Harry didn’t reply

He looked freshened that means he has been up since

I dropped them on the table and made my way to leave

“Why did you make pancakes”he asked and my eyes widened

“Because it’s healthy “I replied

“I don’t like them”he said

“what…you are joking …who doesn’t love pancakes with syrup ,they taste like heaven on Earth ..oh no heaven on Earth is too small,taste like heaven itself ..i mean I heard heaven is a sweet place so just imagine the sweetness of heaven and imagine how pancakes taste like ,I…”

“Shut the up Venessa”Harry yelled making me flinch

I shut my mouth Immediately and carried the tray

” And don’t wear that ridiculous outfit near me again”he added as I walked out

I guess he woke up on the wrong side of bed today

I don’t blame him

I left and started preparing another breakfast before going to change

What’s his deal with how I look?

I’m just trying to cover up so he won’t notice anything

Some minutes later

I was done cooking and I carried the food to the room

I knocked on the door again and he asked me to come in

I dropped the food and starred at him

“Why are you looking at me “he asked

“Errrm i was thinking….how did get to my room last night”I asked

“Well I had one of my guards bring you in not to wet my car with your drool”he replied

“O”was the only thing I could mutter

somehow I was not convinced with the reply Harry gave me ,it feels there was something more

I shurrged it off and still stood there starring at Harry

“what else”he asked faking annoyance

“Sir …I…I…wanted to ask if I can.. go out tomorrow”I shuttered

“We’re you going to”he asked

“the hospital”I whispered but I know he heard me

“To do what”he added

Gosh this guy with questions

“You see my eyes have been paining me for some time now “I lied and he only nodded

“A friend of mine will coming over for dinner tonight ” he said and I nodded

I went back to my room and called Cate before Finn

They have been doing great


I put so much effort is preparing the meal and made sure the table is set

The doorbell rang and I rushed to go open the door

My Jaw dropped at the sight before me ,,His very handsome

“Hi”he said smiling at me

“Hi come in”I said smiling back widely

“I’m Max “He said stretching his hand

“I’m Venessa”I replied back collecting the handshake

“I must confess you are very beautiful”he said nervously while I only blushed

“thanks”I replied

“so you are his maid “max asked and I nodded

“yeah”I replied back

I led his to the sitting room and he sat down

“so errm ,how long have you been here”he asked

“some months “I replied back

“will you like to go on a date with me” he asked and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

“She’s going no where” I heard Harry half yelled in an angry tone




🌼 Venessa🌼

“will you like to go on a date with me” he asked and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

“She’s going no where” I heard Harry half yelled in an angry tone

“Bro chill ,she haven’t answered”Max replied starring at Harry

“She’s my maid and i decide whatever happens ,besides she has eye problem right Venessa”Harry asked and I nodded

“yeah..yes “I replied back

“you can leave now “Harry said and i walked away

I entered my room and starred at my self in the mirror

My baby bump is growing everyday and am getting scared I won’t be able to hide it anymore from Harry

I really need to think of what to do

This big clothes won’t hide it forever

I didn’t see Max when he left

Since no one was in the dining I sat down in the sitting room changing from channel to channel and I finally settled for a movie

Tittled: The fault in our Stars

I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t know Harry has also come to join me

Sitting on the couch close to mine ,I rushed to the kitchen and brought popcorn for him and myself

He was reluctant to collect it at first so I just shoved it into his hands

I kept shoving the popcorn into my mouth and so did Harry

I thought he didn’t want to eat it before

The movie was really interesting until the side where the guy with cancer died

It was so emotional that I began crying ,I could see Harry starring at me in surprise

“why did he die”I muttered sniffing and cleaning the tears coming down from my eyes

“okay I’m changing the movie “Harry said and changed to another

“Midnight Sun,the name sounds unique ,I’m sure it’s not an emotional movie”Harry said and I nodded

The movie started and I knew it was an emotional movie too

“Should I remove it”Harry asked

“No don’t ,I’m sure this one will end well”I said and he nodded

An hour passed and the movie was getting intense”

“Omg she died”I half yelled and Harry starred at me blankly

“I think I can do better than all this script writers”I muttered angrily

“Why will she die at the ending ”

“why didn’t she have a happily ever after ”

“I wish the contact of the script writer is there or producer is there I would have given them a piece of my mind ”

With all my ranting thinking someone was actually hearing

I turned around to see Harry sleeping peacefully

I rushed towards him and starred at him

He looks like a Demi God while sleeping and his lips.

“Awwn they look cute and kissable”I giggled at my stupid thoughts before smiling widely and leaving him to sleep

I prepared dinner for Harry and he ate without saying a word to me

This guy is really weird


I woke up ,did my usual morning routine and made breakfast

I was pretty excited about the scan I was going for

I picked my things and head out only to find Harry leaning on his car fully dressed

“Get in”he said in a commanding tone

“sir …I…sir …you don’t have to worry I can manage”I shuttered

“I don’t mind ,besides I really want to k would what is wrong with my maid ,if this eye problem is communicable or not

My jaw dropped as I starred at him mouth open




🌼 Venessa🌼

Here am I sitting in the car ,close to Harry

Have you ever prayed so bad for a miracle?
well here am I

Praying like never before

Suddenly his phone rang and he picked it up

His mood dropped

“I will be there”was the only thing he said and ended the call

My face lit up immediately

“I will just drop you off at the hospital,I have an appointment “he said and I smiled

“oh it’s okay sir,I totally understand you don’t have to worry”I replied smiling sheeplessly

Harry dropped me off and I jumped up in excitment

That was really close.

❤️Harry Pov ❤️

I cursed under my breath when I got a call from my assistant

Turns out I really needed to be there

But seriously what was I even thinking following her to the hospital

I mean what if the doctor talked about the pregnancy and then what??

How am I going to react

Hey Venessa congratulation??

Gosh I sound so stupid

But I seriously wanted to see how the baby looks like still in the womb

I head to my office and did all the necessary things

I made sure Venessa was back before I went back home

On entering the room I saw her in the kitchen cooking and smiling happily

She was singing and her voice was soo off and the lyrics was wrong

I tried really hard not to laugh and head to my room

I pushed somethings in my room and made everywhere look scattered be before heading back downstairs

“Venessa”I called coldly and she flinched turning to me

I scared her

“sir the food is ready “she said starring at me

“leave that for now just go arrange my room it’s messed up”I said sternly and she nodded running up to my room

I entered her room and looked around

Thankfully I found a brown envelope and I opened it

There were pictures of the scan she did

I couldn’t help but smile at them , lucky me there were many so I just stole one

FYI the baby is still tiny

I rushed out before she came back and served my food

Somehow she kept staring at me although

Did she know a picture is missing or did she find out I’m the guy she had a one night stand with

I didn’t look back at her face which is very unusual

After eating I went to my room and brought out the picture starring at it happily.


🌼Venessa 🌼

I knocked on the door of Harry’s room and waited for a reply

“what do you want “he asked coldly

Jeez can this guy ever be nice’i thought rolling my eyes

“sir…I made a lot of pop corn and 8 wanted to share ..I.. and there is a movie that isn’t emotional starting now”I shuttered foolishly

okay this wasn’t how I expected the words to come out of my mouth

what is so difficult in asking him to just come and watch a movie with me and eat a lot of popcorns??

“Because his Harry and is my boss and I kept seeing him in my dream and because his rude and cold” my inner voice yelled back

“will be down in a sec”he replied and I smiled widely

I sat down and few minutes later Harry came down sitting close to me

That’s weird

The movie name is “365 Days “I hope it isn’t emotional

I started off pretty well but then a girl started giving a guy head in the movie

I shifted a little and so did Harry but none of us change the movie

Thankfully that part was out and the movie continued

Okay i think this was a bad idea

I used my hands to quickly cover Harry eyes when a girl stripped Naked

He removed my hands gently we faced the movie

So this movie is basically a guy trying to seduce a girl or what

we kept watching and tensed up during s*x scene

What made my head blow was when the actually started having s*x and my eyes almost popped out

it was like we were watching porn

Harry quickly switched off the TV before I turned and saw him looking at me

My eyes went down and saw his bulge ,he was moving closer to me but I couldn’t move

it was like I was glued to the spot …..and now our face were inches apart with his lips brushing mine .



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