Episode 16

Luis: while in school, God gave me the name of the lady meant to be my wife, He further told me that I am meant to deliver her from foundational battles but I found myself in love with Sister Laura, the sister welfare in my campus church.

For weeks, I asked God to allow me marry Sis Laura instead of the lady whose name was given to me. Sis Laura was a fervent and dedicated beautiful young lady. It was the same Sister Laura that made me fall.

Ife: made you fall? How?

Luis: I was about retiring to bed one night when she called me and was crying on the phone. She explained amidst tears that some boys were trying to break into her room. I ended the call without thinking and ran to her apartment.

Getting to her room, there were no boys, in fact, I met her tying only towel around her body. Before I knew what was happening, the towel dropped from her body and we had a copulation which led to you.

Ife: what??? Where is she? I mean, how come you guys aren’t together?

Luis: after the act, the reality of what had happened dawned on me. I lost the anionting and presence of God, in fact, God left me. I reported myself to the campus pastor and was placed on discipline. I spent most days praying and crying to God for forgiveness and restoration.

Laura became pregnant and I had to take her to my parent, they were disappointed in me but they had accepted her. I was restored two months to the end of my youth service. Getting home after my youth service, I was informed that Laura left you and went away. I searched and searched for her but no one knew her whereabout. It was later I saw the letter she left behind, she said she can’t be with a man without future.

Ife: wow! So she didn’t bother about me, it’s twenty four years now

Luis: yes son. By the time I was ready to settle down, the lady meant for me was already married. She also married wrongly, you see, just a little mistake on my path destroyed God plan for the lady and I

Ife: hmmm, this is serious

Luis: you remembered what happened between you and Deacon Sola’s daughter five years ago?

Flash back

Luis was at a convention but he was restless, suddenly, Holy Spirit asked him to hurry home. Getting home, he met his wife and little daughter’s absence. He proceeded to Ife’s room and was so shocked to see him in a heated romance with one of his deacons daughter.

He was angry and heartbroken, after the girl was able to escape, he flogged Ife to a pulp. He ensured that he sustained serious injuries. In the middle of the night, he then preach to him and led him to Christ.

End of flashback

Luis: after beating you that day, I went to my prayer room and fell flat on the floor weeping profusely. I told God that I don’t want you to fall the way I fell, it was that day, God revealed everything about your future to me. God told me about Treasure.

Ife: wow! Like seriously??

Luis: yes son, you have a role to play in her restoration but she has a bigger role to play in the manifestation of your ministry. So son, I won’t force you to marry her but I will only advice you to do everything possible to make her yours

Ife: hmmmmm

Luis: forget what people will say, they will be no where to be found when you start experiencing issues in your home. Son, we don’t marry because of the present, we marry because of the future

Ife: it may not be easy but I know God’s grace is sufficient for me

Luis: sure, it is. Do fast and bring her to me

Ife: Dad???

Luis: just kidding son

Ife: thank you for being both a mother and father to me. I will never let you down sir

Luis: this gladden my heart. God will help you son

Ife:  do you suggest I ask her out? She will be going back to Lagos next week

Luis: why not be a friend to the family then you can make your intention known to her family afterward.

Ife took to his father’s advice and tried becoming a friend to Treasure’s family. One evening, he went to her grandmother’s house to look for her.

Treasure was surprised when her granny came to inform her that she had a visitor, she went into the living room and was surprised to see Ife sitting on the couch. He smiled the moment he set his eyes on her.

To be continued.

Episode 17

Treasure and IfeOluwa were engrossed in listening to a new album Treasure just dropped that they didn’t notice when Bimpe and Collins walk into the house. Bimpe was furious at how close her daughter was sitting to the opposite gender.

She screamed furiously at her daughter ordering her to get inside but Collins who understands who Ife was quickly intervened. He told his wife to calm down while he takes Ife to the verandah to speak to him.

Collins and Ife had a long conversation on what Ife wants from his daughter. Ife wasted no time in telling Collins that he received a message from God that Treasure was his wife. Collins had to explain to him that Treasure is someone that can’t marry anyhow man because of her condition.

He went on to explain the challenges that he put Treasure and Bimpe through and all he wants for them both is comfort. Ife promised Collins that with God by his side, he would take good care of Treasure. Collins then collected Ife’s contact and told him to give them time to seek God’s face concerning his proposal.

Bimpe was furious when she heard about Ife’s intention towards her daughter, she tried to explain to Collins that Treasure was too young to go into a relationship but Collins kept to the fact that they should hear what God has to say about the issue.

After days of praying, they got a confirmation that Treasure is Ife’s missing rib. Despite the confirmation they got, Bimpe refused to give her consent until God said He would strike her if she tried to hinder His work.

Bimpe had no choice but to give her consent. Collins had to meet with Luis before they allowed the relationship to kick off. The relationship between Ife and Treasure kick off two months after Treasure’s eighteenth birthday. Both families were involved in their relationship to guide them.

After the commencement of the relationship, Ife noticed a change in every area of his life. His academic took a new shape, his a prayer life changed as he and Treasure were always holding vigils via phone calls.

Through God’s help, Ife graduated from the University with a beautiful result and after his youth service, he got a well-paid job. Six months after he started work, he received instruction from God to begin his wedding preparation.

The wedding preparation commenced, while the wedding was drawing near, Treasure and Ife engaged in prayers and fasting. When some of life’s family members as the lady he was getting married to, they questioned him. Some of his uncles and aunties threatened not to be in attendance if he won’t get married to a normal lady. Sam and Yera were not left out as they also tried to dissuade him from getting married to Treasure.

God stood with Ife and he was able to go through with the wedding despite the threat and pressure he kept receiving from different angles. The wedding day came and it was a glorious one. After the couple was joined in holy matrimony, Ife was asked to kiss his bride.

Ife unveiled his wife and planted a kiss on her lips. Immediately his lips touch hers, she fell to the ground and became unconscious.

To be continued.


Episode 18

The Church was in chaos immediately the bride fell down and became unconscious. Luis siblings who had advised Ife not to get married to Treasure didn’t hesitate to mock Luis and his son. Bimpe couldnt stop wailing, she regretted ever allowing her daughter to get married at a tender age. Collins on his part was trying to be a man.

Luis who understood everything ordered Ife to carry her into the car and drive her body to his house. Luis told the Pastor to dismiss everyone as the wedding ceremony had been brought to an end.

Luis had to do the driving because Ife was not stable to drive as he was weeping like a child. Getting to Luis apartment, he ordered his son to carry her body to his praying room. In the praying room, Luis fell down flat and was worshipping God while Ife also fell down flat but was weeping.

Luis left Ife in the room but not without telling him that he needed to interceed for her because her period of deliverance was near but the powers behind her case were ready to kill her than let her become delivered because her deliverance would terrorize their kingdom.

Ife was in the room with Treasure’s body for three days. He was crying and praying to God for divine intervention so that he won’t be mocked and tagged a murderer, he reminded God that he did His will by getting married to Treasure.

On the third night, Ife laid on the floor weeping silently as he had no strength in him to pray again. Suddenly, he saw Treasure move her hand then her legs and finally, she opened her eyes and started singing.

Ife who was weak suddenly received strength and stood up. He noticed that her face changed, the tongue became normal. The deformity was gone, the joy in him made him scream for joy, he went closer to her and drew her into his embrace.

Treasure: I am free, thank You, Jesus

Ife: Hallelujah!! You are free, we are free

Treasure: I can now speak well

Ife: how did it happen?

Treasure: I was released from a cage, a white cloth which was used to tie me was removed from my body and I was given the mandate to go and touch lives. Ife mi, I am free

Ife: (hold her hands) yes baby, you are free. It pays to do God’s will

Luis, Bimpe, and Collins who were outside heard Treasure and Ife’s joyful scream then ran into the prayer room to see what was happening. They were surprised to see Treasure awake and looking like every normal human being. In fact, she was looking more beautiful.

Bimpe: (fell on her knees) thank you, Jesus! At last, you rolled my reproach away

It was a moment of jubilation for both families, as they spent an hour praising and worshipping God. After the worship was brought to an end, Luis asked his wife to prepare food for everyone.

To be continued

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Episode 19

When Bimpe’s pastor heard about the miracle that took place in the life of Treasure, he invited her over to share her testimony. The media were invited making the testimony go viral, people were eager to read and listen to the story of the deformed young lady who became normal. People were touched and had their faith lifted by just reading Treasure’s story.

Luis siblings who mocked Ife apologised to him and also appreciated God. Luis church grew numerically as a lot of people wanted to be associated with the church where a huge miracle took place.

Ife and Treasure started living as a couple and it was a very wonderful experience. Treasure saw a friend, best friend and confidant in Ife, their marriage was envied by both young and old. The singles wished and prayed to have a marriage like theirs.

Luis helped Ife go into his ministry by always asking him to go for ministrations in his stead. Before, Ife would mount the pulpit, Treasure would render a song which will help bring the power of God down.

The couple became renowned as countless miracles were wrought through them. Churches were always inviting them for ministrations.

People were being delivered just by listening to the couple. One day, God spoke to them that their families needs to be a partaker of God’s miracle.

Three days to their one year anniversary, they invited all their extended family over for a three days fasting and prayer. After the program, every of their family members experienced a change in every areas of their life.

Collins sisters who were single mothers had restoration in their marriages as their husbands came back to them. Collins father’s eyes became opened and he came back to his first wife, everyone realized that other woman charmed him.

Bimpe’s siblings had encounter with Gid and also received their miracles. God fulfilled His word by using Treasure and her husband to destroy foundational battle in her lineage.

Few months after their one year anniversary, Treasure was confirmed pregnant and when the duration of the pregnancy was completed, she was delivered of two cute boys.

The couple continue to serve God in love. Treasure wrote a book about herself and a lot of people were blessed. She began a foundation which cater for deformed children. With her husband by her side, she was able to touch people’s life and put smiles on faces.


Thanks for reading to the end,don’t forget to drop the lesson(s) you learned.

This story is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. The aspect of having a deformed child with the father no where to be found and no help coming forth from his family members is non-fiction while the other side is the work of fiction.

I want you all to take a minute of your time to decree into the child’s life that she would receive the touch of God and be healed.



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