He Forgets About Me for Days on End – Relationship Advice for Women

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Save a Relationship?
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“I love my guy but he forgets about me for days on end.” That certainly doesn’t sound like the basis for a wonderfully fulfilling relationship, does it? It sounds more like a relationship in which you have to struggle to get the attention of the man you adore. It’s hard living like this. You can’t help but feel taken for granted and used. You are being used and unfortunately, you’re allowing it to happen. You can’t keep putting yourself in this situation. If your guy ignores you for days on end, you have to take action now. You can change the dynamic of your relationship with him but it’s going to take some hard work and willpower on your part.

Regardless of what type of excuse you think warrants this type of behavior, you’re wrong. There is no reason in the world for a man to ignore the woman he’s seeing, unless he’s in a coma. You may think he’s just super busy with work or maybe you’re a romantic at heart and you believe his absence is due to the fact that he feels so overwhelmed with love for you. None of this is real. The bottom line is that when a man forgets about you it’s because you’re not special enough to him. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the real reason he doesn’t contact you for long stretches of time.

Changing it starts with recognizing that you’re playing a part in his mistreatment of you. If you take him back with open arms each and every time he ignores you, you’re essentially inviting him to do it over and over again. He sees that you’re okay with the way he disrespects you and he knows that regardless of how many times he does it, you’ll have a smile on your face when he finally does get around to talking to you again. That’s the very reason you need to change your own behavior right now. If he’s currently in one of his ignoring phases, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect. You’re going to ignore him right back.

Don’t try and call him or text him if he’s not actively trying to get in touch with you. He really doesn’t care how many times you try and reach out for him. He’ll just ignore you until he wants something from you. However, if those calls and texts stop coming, he’ll start wondering. Suddenly, old faithful, in the form of you, isn’t around anymore and it will send him into a bit of a frenzy.

He’ll call shortly after he realizes you’ve given up on your hunt for him. Treat him as a friend and nothing more. Don’t mention the way he’s been treating you and don’t agree to any plans with him. Instead, keep the call short and tell him you’re in the middle of something and have to go. Once you do this, his entire attitude will change and he’ll suddenly be hounding you with calls and he won’t dare forget about you again.


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