Building Togetherness – 19 Ways to Build Togetherness in Marriage

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1. Study the bible together: This will increase your closeness to God and each other.

  1. Plan together: Plan about your future together, as two good heads are better than one.

  2. Live together: Live together in the same town, same house, and in the same room.

  3. Talk together: Communication is the bed rock of intimacy. Therefore learn how to discuss together. Don’t just talk, talk heart to heart; talk deeply.

  4. Take a stroll together: Hand in hand stroll together. Always walk or stroll together like love birds.

  5. Rejoice together: Don’t monopolize your glory or victory, share it and celebrate it together.

  6. Work together: Work is twice tedious when done alone. Cultivate the habit of sharing the burden of work and be of help to each other.

  7. Sleep together: Never stay in different rooms. No “Daddy’s room” and “Mommy’s room”. Be in the same room on the same bed.

  8. Mourn together: If there is a reason to mourn (God forbid), please do it together; a problem shared is a problem solved.

  9. Spend together: Never hide your pay pocket from your spouse, what God has joined together let no account put asunder.

  10. Play together: Crack godly jokes, laugh, watch films, touch each other, play games. Try to relax your nerves by being playful with each other.

  11. Pray together: Let God be in charge of your home by praying together always and regularly.

  12. Praise God together: Lift up holy hands in one accord to bless the Lord for His faithfulness, mercies, protection and kindness upon your marriage.

  13. Be together: Enjoy each others’ company; be together doing great and lovely things.

  14. Baby-sit together: Give your wife a helping hand in raising the children; it is not the work of women only.

  15. Enjoy sex together: Make sex enjoyable for both of you; enjoy the great gift of God together.

  16. Serve God together: It is a wonderful thing when couples serve God together; it enhances their own relationship by bring them closer to God and sets a good example for their children.

  17. Bathe together: Make it your habit to bathe together in the evenings, weekends, and public holidays; it enhances intimacy and a good sex life.

19. Do projects together: Buy cars, build houses and execute projects together. Have same vision and focus, do all things together at all times.




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