Out of the Mind Strategies – The Mental Trap of Defining Words – Part 2

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Part 2 is to learn to go beyond the mental trap of striving and retreating when an individual is cornered with judgments and agendas of societies’ red tape. Because humanity lives in the mind, it thinks it has to ‘figure-out’ everything to develop trust and worth. It also thinks that certain words have certain meanings, but there are many different energetic levels of understanding and defining words. How you perceive and interpret words depends on your level of consciousness, your belief system as well as the influences from mass consciousness overlays.

Being stuck in the mind and not being able to get ‘out of the mind’ scenarios to expand consciousness has another 2 primary categories.

  1. Expanded Meaning of Words

    2. Perceptions, Interpretations and Belief Systems

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

  1. Expanded Meaning of Words: As consciousness expands and changes so does the meaning and understanding of words. Old perceptions about what a word means changes – nothing stays the same. Because consciousness is growing and is changing very rapidly, sensory feelings and heart feelings about a certain word is expanding and developing much faster than what a word was meant in the past. But also these sensory feelings can begin to be felt, but there are no words in the spoken language to define what they truly mean. That is where words from the mind are limited and it is necessary to begin to feel from the heart, to feel the energy to understand the underlying issue to its full extent. Eg Take the word empathy.

a) The meaning of empathy in a dictionary is the ‘ability to mentally identify with, to understand and to fully comprehend with somebody else’s feelings, difficulties or issues’.

b) As consciousness changes into a new age, as you open up, and your awareness and understanding grows, empathy then means ‘the ability to feel another’s pain or issues.’ When you feel energy it is easy to pick up that energy, to buy into that energy and take on that energy as your own. That energy it is not yours, unless you consciously choose to have it, you actually are picking up on another’s vibration. Just because you feel that energy it doesn’t mean that you own it. Because you are feeling the pain of another, you then think that energy belongs to you, and you buy into that energy, and because you think it is yours, you begin to act it out, to live it in your reality – that is your experience, your story. You are taking on others energy in service, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

c) Now, in a new energy, as your awareness expands and opens up even more to where you are more sensitive to feeling energy, especially the pain from mass consciousness, you mentally identify with and feel another pain, but you do not need to take on another’s pain or issue as your own, you do not have to buy into and own that pain or issue as your own – it is to feel then release and move another’s stuck energy.

  1. Perceptions, Interpretations and Belief Systems – Your belief system is made up of many formulated likes and dislikes, facts and mistruths about who you think you are, what you think and feel about life and your experiences. What you were taught, what you have seen and heard becomes stored in the subconscious to replay that belief, that story game. Whatever you take on from the influences of mass consciousness becomes your belief and whatever you agree with or disagree with becomes your belief. Your belief system becomes your truth. Most of your beliefs you have not consciously chosen, you were taught them from the handed down influences of society. They do not belong to you, mass consciousness beliefs belong to those who choose to believe in them. The underlying energy of these beliefs were written in the scriptures thousands of years ago for a very low consciousness society.

Now due to an awakening consciousness has allowed technology to boom, to serve humanity, but many still hold onto to suffering and disempowering unbalanced beliefs that only create conflict between the level of consciousness and the standard that most people live at – hard, suffering, poverty consciousness. ‘No Pain No Gain’ scenario. Do these beliefs still serve you? If you search the outer world for validation, if you take on their beliefs, their expectations and conformities, you live and act out that story game, and if you did not consciously choose that truth, it becomes your lie. Your masquerade story lies is who you think you are, but it is not who you really are. You are not being authentic to yourself and this affects your wellbeing in your physical reality. When you take on the drama games of mass consciousness, you act out that game until you choose to release it, to unleash old wounds and set it free, for that game allowed you to grow in consciousness.

How you perceive and interpret words comes from the 6 raw materials in your reality.

a. Choice is the seed of decision.

b. Decision is the first step on that journey

c. Thoughts – you are what you think

d. Emotions – you are what you feel

e. Attitudes form your views and opinions, whether real or false

f. Beliefs are ultimately governed by the above to form your reality, your truth of how you perceive and interpret an experience. Yet, it is belief that does a return circle to make the same choice, decision, thoughts, emotions and attitudes, which form your interpretations and perceptions.

Therefore changing your beliefs and making new choices will alter or influence all other factors and what your experiences are. If choice and beliefs remain unchanged all the others will stagnate and reality will remain in a state of inertia. For inertia to change from a state of rest there has to be an equal or greater force to change it. It would be changing your beliefs and then making different choices.

When you are ready to ‘step out of the mind’ to review how you define your words, perceptions and your story that is when you will be ready to change your beliefs and old truths about yourself and your reality. Your perceptions and definition of your old story identity will contain an expanded wisdom, understanding and acceptance from believing in that old truth and through an expanded vision you will change not only how you perceive and define the story of others, but you will attract different potential scenarios to you that will serve you and inspire your consciousness.


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