Tips On Dealing With Long Distance Relationships

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Everyone knows how frustrating to fall in love with someone who lives hundreds of miles away. Not being able to go on dates and get kissed or intimate with the person you love can sometimes make even those with strong hearts to question if there are effective ways in dealing with long distance relationships.
Long distance relationships surely take a lot of work. You always need to keep tabs on your partner and make sure that your partner’s being faithful. Just this alone can almost make you lose your grip on sanity. You also need to keep your communication open or else you may end up having a break up.
However, these type of relationships really aren’t that bad though. In recent studies, the Center for the Study of long distance relationships said that almost 3.75 million marriages are considered long distance relationships. The center’s study also said that millions of college students are also involved in relationships where their partner is far away.
Now, to those who are involved and are trying to find ways how to deal with distance in a relationship in college, here are some things that can help you.
The very first thing you need in dealing with distance in a relationship is to make sure that both sides trust the other completely. Trust can help decrease or even eliminate negative thoughts and feelings such as insecurity, jealousy, doubts and fears, which are the main reasons for break up.
There are many different ways on making sure that both sides trust each other completely. One such way is to avoid telling lies. No matter how small or insignificant the lie may be, make sure you prevent yourself from ever lying to your partner. Once you start to lie, and your partner finds out about it, then your partner will have a hard time believing in some of the things you tell him or her.
The second relationship help tip is for you to establish rules for your relationship. Now, when establishing rules in order to deal with your romance, you need to agree on how many times per day you need to call each other, what time you should contact each other, who you can go out with, when you can see each other, and stuff like that. You also need to establish a rule on how you can address the problems of your relationship.
If you establish ground rules for your relationship and follow them thoroughly, you can be sure that you’ll be able to deal with your relationship and maybe even help make it grow into something much deeper and meaningful such as marriage.

Dealing with long distance relationships may take effort and time.It can get tiring and confusing from time to time. However, if you make rules and you trust each other completely, you can make it work. But these are only two of the many methods on how to deal with long distance relationship in college. There are still so many things that you need to learn in order to make your relationship work.


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