Decoding Male Psychology – Understanding Relationships From Man’s Perspective

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Are you a super woman at everything except decoding male psychology? Do you understand everyone else in your life except the man you love? Does your relationship feel like a lot of work with very little reward?

Do you find that men claim to want a strong woman, but then don’t respond well to one? If you struggle with the answers to these questions, it’s time to decode male psychology and start looking at your relationships from a man’s perspective.

Men need mystery and excitement in their relationships. This probably comes as no surprise to you, but you may be wondering how to keep the mystery alive after you and your partner have fallen into a comfortable routine with each other. After all, at work you are rewarded for always being on time, always having all the right answers, and always appearing eager and ready to work. Try this with a man however, and you’ll find that there is very little reward for being predictable. So lesson number one is not to treat your relationship like work if you want to keep a man interested for very long.

The next lesson in decoding male psychology is learning to create this aura of excitement that men desperately desire. When a man is really into you he drives himself crazy wondering what you are up to when you are not with him. So give him something to wonder about. Always be honest, but be elusive.

When you are talking to him, leave out the details that you would normally share with one of your other friends. Make him pull the information out of you slowly and playfully. No matter how comfortable you become with a particular man, always leave a little something to his imagination.

Something that may surprise you about male psychology is that men really do desire a secure and loving relationship with a suitable partner. They want emotional intimacy just as much as you do. In other words, they want a friend, lover, seductress, and super woman all in one tight package.

Oddly enough however, it doesn’t always seem like men date women with these qualities. It may even appear that men are drawn to the opposite type of woman. Why is that? In most cases, men take a reactive approach to relationships rather than a proactive one. Instead of really examining what they want in a woman, they’ll take the ones who come along and make things easy for them. This is especially true when a guy is young and there are plenty of available women who just put themselves out there at his disposal. As a man matures, he is more likely to start looking for a woman who is a true representation of what he wants in a life partner.

Knowing all of this, what should you do to catch the man of your dreams?

Start with your appearance

Go for a classic, sexy look that is neither cheap nor stuffy. Most men prefer it when women dress in a feminine flirty way. Accentuate your assets but don’t reveal too much skin. Give him a little something to wonder about.

Let a ball drop every once in awhile

Keep your personal life and your work life separate. Don’t be so rigid about always picking up the phone when he calls or returning his call right away. Let him be the one waiting and hoping you’ll call. And when he asks about how your weekend was, don’t give him every detail.

Let him lead

While you may be perfectly comfortable in a leadership position, men feel most secure and assured when they are leading a relationship. This may sound old fashioned, but for men to feel like men, they need to feel like they are in charge. This need he has is not a negative reflection on you. He knows you are capable of taking control, so don’t be offended. Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Decoding male psychology is simply a matter of understanding how men think and then responding to that in a way that creates security and happiness for both of you. Relationships are about compromise and acceptance. Don’t fight a man’s natural desire for excitement and control. Give him what he needs, and you will get what you need too.


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