How To Turn Financial Independence Into A Weapon Against Domestic Violence

Relationship Advice: The Gift of Listening
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About one-third of female homicides in the United States are committed by their male partners. The numbers are alarming and there are thousands of programs and organizations that work tirelessly to provide safety options for victims of domestic abuse. There are self-defense classes, literacy programs, and employment training that can be quite helpful for a woman attempting to get away from a harmful relationship.
The reality is that nobody seems to ever come with a bright warning sign to alert other innocent people to the fact that they are unstable maniacs with a short fuse. No one thinks they will become a victim of domestic violence. We all would like to believe everyone is as caring and patient as we are. We want to believe everyone is deserving of love and we are here to give it. At times, we run into that one person that reminds us that none of the previous statements are true.
Although there may not be a fool-proof method to avoid domestic violence, there are ways to arm yourself with weapons to swing the odds in your favor. The most important factor will always be safety. A safety plan is essential even if you just suspect your mate has the potential to be an abuser or has shown a tendency for violence. If you are unsure how to prepare a safety plan to stay safe, contact a local domestic violence organization for assistance. Of course, in an emergency, dial 911.
Before you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, it would be wise to understand the dire importance of obtaining financial independence. Preparing yourself for financial independence is essential even if you plan to be a full-time mom or a housewife. When things are going well, women don’t tend to think too much about independence because they are usually pretty busy taking care of everyone else. Women should always pursue ongoing educational opportunities whenever possible to keep their skills sharp. Staying current on latest job trends and keeping an updated resume will also prepare you for an unexpected reemergence in the corporate world.
If things do take a turn for the worse at home, many women stay because they can’t afford to live on their own. They are unskilled and lack experience so their prospects are slim to none. Instead of becoming a victim of circumstance, empower yourself with building your own financial wealth.

For those who have never worked outside of the home, it can be especially frightening. The good news is that there are various courses specifically designed for new workers entering the workplace for the first time. They usually contain valuable information on proper interview techniques, appropriate wardrobe, resume help, and lots more. Services usually vary depending on the course or company but tend to be exactly what you need to start you off on the road to financial independence. These type of services are useful for anyone on a quest for employment but have proven to be life-changing for survivors of domestic abuse.


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