Cheating Doesn’t Have to Be the End of Your Engagement

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While cheating might give you a good reason to have second thoughts about marriage it doesn’t have to be the end for the two of you. Cheating before marriage is quite common as two people face a lifelong and sometimes terrifying commitment to one another.

It is how you react to the cheating that will have a profound impact on your chances for marriage. Whether you were the one who did the deed or the one who was cheated on you are both impacted by the act.

The problem with cheating while engaged is that it could mean so many different things or it could mean nothing more than pre-wedding jitters. Regardless of the reason this is an important test for the relationship to pass if there is a hope at all of a successful and happy marriage on the horizon.

What can cheating mean for your engagement?

1) That there are bumps in the road in every relationship. This is a pretty straightforward example of what cheating might mean during your engagement. There are no perfect marriages or relationships no matter how much many other couples love to pretend. As your wedding approaches there is increased stress, an increased demand on time, and not a lot of time to process the wide range of emotions that seem to be taking over. In other words, it’s a time that is ripe for the temptation of infidelity to overtake everything else for a little while.

2) That you or your fiance is enjoying one last “hurrah” before getting down to the business of matrimony. That is what bachelor’s parties are about for many men (and women are beginning to have them on a more frequent basis as well). It’s that one last chance to sew a few wild oats before taking your vows and has nothing to do with marriage or what either of you believe marriage should be.

3) That cold feet are getting an edge for the moment. Many people in this situation experience a moment of cold feet before the big day arrives. One common response is to cheat. They cheat once and realize the grass really isn’t greener elsewhere and that they want to go through with the marriage after all.

4) That there is a problem and that it is better to figure it out now instead of after you’ve made your vows before friends, family, and whomever else is standing witness. The hard part is sorting out which is the case for the two of you.


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