Leaving a Toxic Relationship – 5 Benefits to Look Forward To

Relationship Advice: The Gift of Listening
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While many people desire a mutually fulfilling, loving relationship with someone else, many people struggle in toxic relationships. A toxic relationship takes a significant toll on the traumatized party, and can be the result of personal issues and a unhealthy relationship dynamic. Whether the toxic partner is abusive, abusing drugs and alcohol, or has betrayed you through infidelities, it is common for self esteem to take a hard hit. However, if you you’ve satisfied yourself that you’ve tried all you can and you are ready to leave the relationship, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are 5 benefits to leaving your toxic relationship:

  1.  Your focus on your own life and priorities will increase. A toxic relationship takes a lot of time and mental energy to maintain as you struggle to figure out how to improve it and how to prevent the damaging behavior of your partner from occurring. Freed from that burden, you have the freedom to imagine who you want to be and where you want to go in life.
  2. You'll begin to have more confidence in your own judgment and decision making. Often, a toxic relationship leaves you feeling incapable, inferior, and even crazy. As you distance yourself form the negative messages of your partner, you'll see that you are capable of managing your life and making good decisions.
  3. Relationships with others in your life will improve. It is likely you have pulled away from your relationships or been less engaged. Being so absorbed in trying to deal with your own real problems in the relationship doesn't leave much capability to be fully engaged in the lives and struggles of others you care about. Your partner may even have put pressure on you to stay away from certain people or attempted to isolate you from others.
  4.  You will no longer have to live your life walking on eggshells so as not to upset or provoke your partner's behavior. Instead of having to deal with chaos and unpredictability on a day to day basis, you'll be able to live your life in peace and with emotional stability.
  1. Your depressed feelings will ease. In many cases a toxic relationship results in feelings of depression due to the hurtful behaviors of your partner. Away from this influence, you’ll likely see things in a more positive light.

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