Abuse in Relationship – Part 2

Relationship Advice: The Gift of Listening

Relationship is something we all cannot do without, because considering our make up we are meant to relate with at least someone. That was found in Adam’s expression when Eve was brought to him. Before Eve was created he was lonely frustrated and unfulfilled. When he discovered all the animals had companions, he began a longing for one too. So you can see how important relationship is. I want you to understand that it is one thing to desire a relationship; it is another ball game altogether to build and survive in that relationship. And one of the factors that would help you create a relationship void of abuse is the issue of self esteem.
When you have low self esteem it will be impossible for you to grow in any relationship. You cannot air your opinion no matter how relevant it is, therefore making yourself worthless and a liability and of course no one wants a liability in any relationship. They prefer to have an asset, including you also. Low self esteem happens when you do not believe in yourself or your ability. This will keep you frustrated. People appreciate one who possess self confidence and know their worth. If you don’t have a worth in any relationship you will always be relegated to the background and ever be at the receiving end. And you will wonder why your partner does not attach any relevance to you. It is the signal you are sending that is determining his or her attitude.
I want to believe the reason Adam listened to wife was because of her relevance in his life. He knew his worth. So be a major player in your relationship and begin to make things happen. That is how you show your worth. Until you make yourself indispensable your days in that affair are numbered. Nobody wants to always be tugging along with weight. Relationship is all about mutual interaction. It takes iron to sharpen iron.
The reason why so many people are used and dumped is because their worth expired. Nobody rejects and dumps a valuable asset except that thing has become an albatross. Be an asset and not a liability. To look down on yourself is to place a limitation on your life and the ability you contain. You have what it takes for someone to want to stay glue to you; to make someone beg when you talk of quitting the relationship. But watch out when you say you are leaving and your partner does not budge. It is only evidence that he/she was already tired of you. He would be happier more that you are leaving. You should be able to make someone yearn for you when you want to call off the relationship. When that person is going crazy to want you back, then know that you indeed created an impact.

Relationship is for profiting. So make yourself profitable by discerning your self worth. Don’t allow anyone made you feel small or you will be the one to suffer at the long run. Be an asset in that relationship and earn your partner’s respect.




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