Lessons Learned From My Softball Experience

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Sports. There is no way words can describe the impact that sports made in my life. From the minute I could walk, I was playing softball, soccer, tennis, you name it; it never stopped which I was okay with. There was never a negative feeling I had toward the games, until I reached my high school years.

Growing up in my family playing sports was not an option. It was a lifestyle. I never played for accelerated teams. I felt like I was in a better position to stay on a lower level and enjoy where I stood. Fast forward to high school. I was on the varsity softball team all 4 years I attended the school. Freshman year I was brand new on the team I came in with a scared mind set, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of me excelling in the game I’ve grown to love. I had to put all my thoughts and feelings aside, I gave it my all at tryouts and guess what, I already told you but, I made the team! As a 15 year old girl making the varsity high school team made me ecstatic. I worked my butt off every practice and when it became gameday I was prepared to step out on the field and take the win for my team. 3 years of this hard work paid off when we made it to the state championship.

That was hands down the best feeling I have ever experienced. Walking onto the field where we would face our opponent we saw a stadium filled with 4,500 people. All there to watch US. That alone still hits me in a sensitive spot, knowing that, that many people were gathered in one area to watch our talent unfold onto the field. The game began and we made amazing plays, batted phenomenal, gained ourselves a few points, 4 minutes left of the game the score was 3-3. The scoring point for the opposing team was on third base, no outs, and the fourth batter up. This was not a good situation for my team to be in. The championship was on the line. Our pitcher threw the ball, everyone was holding their breath.

The pitch goes right down the middle she hits it, it goes straight into the air getting closer and closer to the fence. The whole world stopped for a moment I swear. The ball takes nature’s course and follows the wind to creep over the fence causing the runner at third to run home, making the score 3-4. We lost. That was it. There is no way to set back time. We lost. All our hard work and endless hours of practicing the same drills over and over again was for nothing. We did not win state, we didn’t win anything. My whole senior year was a drag. Comparing everything to the previous year. I was so disappointed in myself. Replaying moments over and over in my head thinking of what I could have done differently. There was nothing I could do except go forward with life and not look back.

Here I am a year later working at the University of Utah hospital as a CNA, preparing to enter into nursing school in the summer, looking back I learned that being a diligent and patient person will benefit you in the long run, I truly believe that we have to go through challenges in life to build the character we are as adults. Softball was my life, now nursing is my life. We go through stages of life hoping and praying that everything goes right and as planned, not thinking that it’s the failures and challenges that continue to let us grow.




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