Episode 21
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲


Shawna’s POV
I stayed with my hands still covering my ears in tears.

He kept shooting it but non of the bullet met me.

I continued pleading tho I aren’t sure he was even listening to me.

I stopped hearing the gun shots and I looked up to see him leaving.

I made to also stand up but I started feeling extreme pain in the chest again which made me to stay put. I placed my hand on my chest and cried out more in pains.

Oh goodness! The pain hooked me real well. Didn’t allow me to move.

I could only cry out.

I heard footsteps coming and lifted my eyes to see Luwis.

“Hey, are you okay?” He asked and squatted beside me.

“I’m…okay” I tried standing up but couldn’t.

I didn’t even know what happened next but I found myself in his arms.

“What? What are you doing?” I asked alarmed.

“You don’t look good” he stated.

“No…no…”I tried making him stop but he didn’t.

I became scared. What if Dillion gets angry again? What if he sees us?

But thankfully I didn’t see him till luwis successfully took me to my room and kept me on the bed.

“Were you that scared? That wasn’t even a real gun. It can’t kill you. He is only using it for training. You should have just held the shade like he instructed, he was targeting it not you” he asked and said.

“That wasn’t a real gun?” I asked.

“Of course. You should calm down now alright. He won’t kill you, you might die because of fear, just like the other girls he had done it to before” he cooed.

I turned over on the bed and backed him. Didn’t wanna hear more tho I’m relieved he doesn’t have plans on killing me.

“Thanks, you can leave now” I said simply.

“But are you really okay? I could take you to the….”

“No!! I’m fine” I interrupted him firmly.

“Okay” I heard him mumble then heard the door close afterwards.

I sighed and touched my chest. My heart is still rasing fast but not like before.

I should have been told earlier then I couldn’t have been this scared. I thought he was gonna kill me this way, really.

Naomi’s POV
I heard a knock on my door.

“What is it?” I answered.

“It’s me Sam” Sam’s voice said. The door pushed open and he came in.

“I asked what is it, I didn’t ask you to tell me your name or come in” I frowned.

“Well yeah, but I’m here now” he responded.

“So again, what do you want?” I questioned.

“Well…I’m gonna be driving you to school today, just came to inform you that” he replied.

“Yeah, you can leave….hold on Sam. I wanna ask you something” I said turning fully to face him.

He’s eyes showed excitement.

“What? You’re free to ask.”

“Well..that Shawna, is she my brother’s girlfriend?” I inquired.

“No,why do you ask?”

“Then, is she his s*x slave?” I further asked.

“You look like you’re up to something. Why do you care?” It was his turn to frown.

“Well simply because I’m his sister” I answered.

“Well yeah, I’ll be waiting for you at the garage” he added and left.


So she’s just his property? Interesting!

Few hours later.

At school.

“Well well well. Who do we have here?” I heard one of the silly s*ut yell like the bit*h she is.

I rolled my eyes at her and her friends and tried walking away but she blocked my way.

“Where do you think you’re going spoilt brat? You told your driver to splash mud water on me sometimes ago. Think I have forgotten, huh?” She poked my chest with one finger.

“Hey! Don’t touch me alright bit*h! I don’t know what you’re talking about” I rolled my eyes again at her.

She raised her hand up and tried slapping me but someone held her hand from behind.

“I don’t like being mean to ladies, don’t try me” I heard him say.

“Andrew!!” I looked at him and called.

He winked at me and freed the bit*h’s hand.

I immediately ran to him and hugged him.

“Andrew” I called as he hugged me back.

“Hello princess, heard you started college. Your education is extremely fast” he cooed while stroking my back.

“Yes I know. I have to help out Dilly with the company. I have to finish fast In other to help” I answered pulling out from the hug.

“You’re back?” I asked.

“Well yeah, heard Dillion is around. Was just coming from the company, met Dilly” he said.

“Oh yeah. Dillion is around but not for long tho” I smiled and said.

He is the only guy I respect so much other than my two brothers. He is really cute and extremely nice but unfortunately I think he has a girlfriend tho I’m not sure he has one now but he used to have then.

“Your two brothers had to abandon school, I also did but I’m back to finish up. I’ll protect you from now on then, from those bad bi**he’s” he said and I grinned.

I smiled and felt like hugging him again but didn’t. Don’t wanna appear too cheap and beside he looks at me like a kid, a little sis. But what he doesn’t know is that I’ve always liked him.

“Okay, lemme escort you to your class, seems lessons are about to start” he stated and I held his hand as he escorted me.

As we were about to enter class Tina or Tine, I don’t really know showed up.

“Hi Tina” Andrew greeted and they both hugged each other which made me frown.

“Wow! You’re back Andrew” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, lucky huh! Happy to see me?” He questioned spreading his arms apart and they both laughed.

Her eyes drifted to me but she didn’t say anything.

“I’ll go now, see you later so we can catch up” she said to him and started leaving.

He kept staring at her until she vanished.

“Isn’t she looking extremely beautiful than before?” He turned to me and asked.

“She’s the most ugliest lady in the whole universe” I shouted angrily and got into the class obviously leaving him surprised.

Oh Andrew! He’s really back.

Episode 22
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲

(Who is she?)

Hours later.

Shawna’s POV
I rolled about on the bed happy that no one disturbed me for the past few hours but I was feeling really hungry.

I can’t hold it anymore.

I sat up on the bed and slowly dragged my foot down to the floor, wore my flip flop and reached for the door.

My body still aches. The pains haven’t disappeared at all even after soo many hours. Despite my long hour sleep, I’m still feeling a bit down. I feel sick.

Yeah, why shouldn’t I? But I took pills this morning.

Yeah, pills without food. Maybe if I eat something, I’ll stop feeling sick.

I made my way down the stairs and luckily saw a maid that is about climbing the stairs.

“Um..sorry miss, but can I get something to eat?” I asked her sounding as polite as possible.

“Yeah, you can, follow me” she replied and turned towards the left side. I followed her and she entered into a kitchen.

“What will you like to eat miss? I’ll prepare it for you.”

“ choose, but I want a very fast food” I answered.

“Um..I guess I’ll have to go for Chicken Alfredo pasta” she said.

“Yeah that will be so nice miss” I beamed and she nodded.

“You can wait at the dinning over there” she pointed out and I nodded.

“Thanks” I thanked and left for the dinning.

I sat down in satisfaction that I’ll soon be getting something to eat. Oh geez I’m extremely hungry.

I couldn’t come down earlier, I was kind of scared to bomb into either Dillion or Luwis. Especially Dillion, I didn’t want him to see me so I stayed still wallowing in hunger.

After some minutes I started perceiving the aroma of the chicken she was boiling, it made my tummy rumble the more. It made me more hungry that I had to clunch unto my tummy.

“Yeah…Lol” I heard voices.

A male and a female voice.

They were laughing so loudly.

I had to strain my neck to see them Walk pass the dinning without noticing me.

A guy with Naomi and Sam following them closely. I could see a big frown on Sam’s face. I wonder why tho.

But who is that guy?
Well it’s non of my business.

After 20 minutes, the maid finally appeared with a tray.

Gosh! Finally!

I stood up immediately and collected the tray from her.

“Thanks” I cooed over excited.

Actually this should be the second time I’ll be having chicken Alfredo. And it’s so delicious.

I settled down at once and digged into my meal.

Gosh! So delicious, I licked my lips as I ate hungrily ignoring the fact that the meal was so hot.

It was when the maid started laughing that I looked up to see her still standing there.

Okay, why isn’t she going?

“Take it easy, you might burn your tongue” she teased and laughed again but it wasn’t funny. I’m getting more hungry.

I continued eating ignoring her and 30 minutes later I finished up.

I took the used plates with the tray to the kitchen and a maid there asked me to leave it to her.

I then turned towards the dispenser and took out enough quantity of water and gulped it all down. I felt satisfied immediately and happy.

Oh goodness! I’m relieved that I didn’t die of hunger.

I started climbing the stairs to go back up. Almost getting to my room, I heard and saw a guy, the guy with Naomi. He was on a call.

I quickly opened the door and got in before he could get to my side.

He looks free here. Is he perhaps their cousin?

Well, it’s non of my business.

*At night.*

Dillion’s POV
I stood close to the window side smoking and drinking at the same time when the door suddenly opened revealing Andrew.

I turned back to face the window after realizing that he was the one.

“Hey, you’re just getting back. Damn! I’ve been here since noon waiting for you” he said and came to stand beside me.

“Yeah” I mouthed and he scoffed.

“Yeah? Is that a welcome? You haven’t changed!”

“I guess” I responded.

“I’ll ignore your behaviour like I’ve always had” he said and I spared him a glance.

“Always had? You’re a pain in the ass” I rolled my eyes and said.

“Yeah whatever! So, how is it going? Have you gotten a solid ground yet?” He questioned.

“Almost, just need about 50 more men”:I replied simply.

“Hmm….you are still going ahead with this your revenge plan? Well, I won’t try to convince you otherwise since your mind is already made up” he said and I shook my head.

“No one can change my mind actually” I added.

“So, heard you’re no longer with Valentina, man. Why did you break up with such beauty?” He queried.

“I didn’t, she did” I responded.

“Really? You sure. I trust her more than you tho” he asked peering into my face.

“But have you seen her lately. Damn! Her beauty seems to have added….but wait…I saw another pretty Angel entering a room few feet away from your room. Who the hell is she?” He inquired sounding more curious.

I kept mute knowing who he was referring to.

“Let’s go down for dinner” I replied instead leaving him still staring curiously at me.

He’ll get to see her again anyways.

Episode 23
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲

(Why are you avoiding me?)

Shawna’s POV
I stayed inside my room thinking. Just thinking about anything until I heard a knock.

“Who..who is it?” I asked staring at the door. The door opened and Luwis showed up.

“What do you want?” I asked my eyes glittering.

“Well, it’s time for dinner. Just decided to get you myself” he said.

“ need to use the bathroom, you can leave. I’ll join you and thanks” I said standing up on my feet.

I got to the bathroom door and tried going in but turned to see him still standing there leaning on the door.

I turned to ask him.

“Aren’t you leaving? You can leave, I’ll join you guys.”

But instead he started approaching me. He got to where I stood and stopped.

“Why do I have this feeling that you’re actually avoiding me? Did I do anything wrong? Did he get mad at you too much? I thought we were friends” he cooed starring directly into my eyes.

I blinked and took my eyes away from him.

“No.. no, of course not, just wanna wash my face then come down afterwards” I answered.

“Well wash your face, I can wait” he stated then took few steps backward.

Gosh! I don’t even no how to avoid him.

I nodded and entered into the bathroom then washed my face.

I stared at the mirror there and sighed. I don’t want Dillion to see us together.

What should I do? He looks nice, I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth. And he is my first male friend.

I bit my lower lips in thought but decided to let it go.

I walked out to meet him then we both left for the dinning.

I walked slowly behind him fiddling with my cloth.

We got to the dinning and luckily. Just so luckily for me, neither Dillion, Dilly or Naomi was present, the only person sited there was Sam.

He’s legs were placed on top of another dinning chair while he pressed his phone.

I sat down a bit far from both he and Luwis in relieve and after about 10 minutes I started hearing footsteps behind me.

I turned to see that guy again. Hold on, is he joining us for dinner?

But who the hell is he? Will he continue staying here even after tonight? I wondered and tried not to look at him.

Naomi dragged him to the other side and they both sat facing me. Not directly tho.

“So Andrew, what exactly will you like for dinner? I can tell the maids to start preparing it before my brothers show up” Naomi asked the guy.

“Umm…I’m okay with anything, I’m always okay with anything” the guy…wait…Andrew replied her.

“Come on” Naomi pouted like a baby and I heard Sam scoff.

I turned to look at him and found him glaring at them both. I don’t really understand his eyes but I know he is displeased.

“It’s okay, it’s okay Naom” the guy insisted.

“No!!” She shouted like a baby and tried standing up but stopped looking behind me.

My heart skipped as the thought that of who she was staring at hit at me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come down. I’m not really ready to face this guy again. My heart started pounding again.

I didn’t turn to look at him, I fixed my eyes on the dinning table.

“Where is Dillion?” I heard a different voice ask and I quickly raised my head up to see his twin brother.

Even tho it’s hard differentiating between them but it’s not entirely impossible. Their voices are different, the look in their eyes. They’re different.

I think Dillion also walk different or maybe am mistaking.

“But he left before me, I wonder why he is not here” that Andrew guy answered.

“Well, where are the maids? Maybe he isn’t ready” Dilly groaned.

“No…I think Shawna here should go call him, it’ll be disrespectful eating without him” Naomi butted in and my heart skipped.

Where on Earth will I find him? Please hope am hearing wrongly.

“Shawna??” I heard Naomi’s voice again.

“What are you still waiting for? Go call him” she hushed.

At that moment I just wanted to squeeze her mouth shut. Why on Earth will she suggests that?

I didn’t move.

I just became more restless.


“Talk to her with some respect Naomi, she is clearly older than you. You aren’t supposed to order her around, you’re the youngest and he is your brother. Go call him” the Andrew guy interrupted her as she was about to say another thing.

Oh sweet lord!

Naomi gritted her teeth in anger and stood up but didn’t move. Her eyes were fixed on me.

“What are you waiting for?” Dilly chipped in and she pulled her chair aside and made to leave but stopped.

I heard foot steps behind me and figured out that he is really the one this time.

She sat down back and Dillion appeared and took a sit too.

I gulped hard as the waiting maids started dishing out the dinner.

“But… Shawna, I don’t no you. Who are you?” I heard a gentle voice ask as we were about to eat.

I lifted my eyes to stare at him – Andrew. He was staring intensely at me.


Gosh, what should I tell him?

He already knows my name I can’t tell him my name again.

And I can’t tell him, I’m Dillion s*x slave. That is totally off point. I won’t ever say that.

With everywhere dead silent and his gaze on me, it’s made me want to pee.

My palms became sweaty, balls of sweats started forming on my forehead.

“I’m listening” he said again.

“Well, she won’t tell you. She actually can’t. I mean she can’t bring herself to tell you because she’s actually just a s*x toy, my brother’s property” Naomi butted in and I felt every blood in me dry up.

Oh goodness!


Episode 24
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲

Shawna’s POV
It felt so awkward. I felt like dying.

“A what??” The Andrew guy gasped out obviously surprised to hear that.

I fixed my eyes on my dinner.

I wish I can just stand up and leave this dinning. I just wish I can.

“Dilly is that true? Who’s sex whatever? Yours?” I heard Andrew ask.

“Naomi go and eat in your room” I heard Dillion say.

I lifted my eyes a bit to stare at him.

“Did he say Naomi or did he call my own name?”

“What…what? Why?” I heard Naomi protest and I confirmed that he really mentioned her name.

“Now!” Dillion snapped and she stood up.

“As if what am saying isn’t true” she mumbled as she stormed out obviously angrily.

“I’ll also eat in my room” I heard Luwis suddenly say.

“Yeah, same here” Sam also said and they both left.

Just disappear Shawna, get up and also leave, I mentally encouraged myself.

I feel so so uncomfortable. I wish I can also leave but I know my place here and in order not to get Dillion annoyed I have to stay sited.

But in order to feel less uncomfortable I’ll have to detach myself away from here.

I immediately drifted my mind elsewhere and started eating my meal slowly.

Few minutes later.

Back inside my room. I again recalled what happened at the dinning and tears started threatening to spill but I managed to hold myself.

Get a grip of yourself Shawna, don’t let it break you, I consoled myself and finally fell asleep.

*Next day*

I flushed my eyes open as a loud knock came to my door.

“Yes…” I rubbed my eyes and got down from the bed. I opened the door and saw Luwis.

Okay, what is he doing here?

“We’re leaving for Mexico in few hours. Just got the message, something came up” he announced surprising me.

“You can start preparing, we’ll leave together without the boss” he continued.

“Without him?” Came out of my mouth. Like I’m kind of surprised.

“Yes, be fast” he cooed and I nodded and shut the door close.

Oh thank goodness!

I’ll get to see ma’am Sandra again. She’s the only one I feel very comfortable with.

Maybe because she’s a woman and she’s old enough to be my mother.

I rushed into the bathroom and quickly had my bathe.

Few hours later.

Sam, luwis and I got into a jeep.

Luwis said that we’re gonna be using a plane to go back.

But why isn’t Dillion coming along?

Well, that’s a big relieve tho. It’s great. At least I won’t get to see his cold face for maybe three days.

Sam started the Jeep, getting to the first gate, a car drove pass us. I looked inside the car and saw… Hold on, isn’t this Valentina? I thought and stared keenly at the car.

No, there is no way she is the one.

But I kept staring at the car until I couldn’t see it anymore.

I think I miss her too much, that’s why am imagining things. But come to think about it.

Will she still like me? I don’t no.

We got to the airport after about an hour then we boarded a plane. They already got our visa and everything ready. I don’t no how it happened tho.

And after about 8 hours. We arrived.

I became really excited. Oh! I’m gonna be seeing ma’am Sandra again.

How sweet!

We came down from the plane and there was a car already waiting for us. We got in and the car took us to the mansion.

Will I still be able to see ma’am today? It’s already late. Maybe she has slept off already, I thought but was surprised to see her waiting at the front of the mansion.

I smiled as I hurriedly came down from the car.

“Oh child! Welcome” she cooed spreading her arms apart. I ran and embraced her.

“Oh ma’am, thanks for welcoming me, I really miss you. I don’t want to ever get separated from you” I said as she patted my back.

“Same here dear and I have a very good news for you” she stated as she pulled me into the sitting room.

“What news?” I asked with my heart suddenly raising.

She stopped walking and then turned to face me.

“You finished highschool right?” She asked and I nodded in confirmation.

“Okay, do you wanna continue? Do you wanna go to college?” She asked again and my eyes widened.

“Of course, of course ma’am, I will love too” I beamed.

“And that’s the good news, you’ll be starting school soon dear” she said and I gasped.

“Really?” I asked and she shook her head in confirmation.

“Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed and hugged her.

That’s always been my number 2 dream. I can’t believe this!

Episode 25
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[ He owns her]💲
(So annoying)

Early that day in Mexico.

Valentina’s POV
Andrew had asked me to come over to Mark’s quarters. Marks quarters is where Dillion, my ex boyfriend lives.

I won’t lie, I became really excited. I’ve been looking for a chance to see Dillion again and I think this is the best opportunity.

Valentine said she was gonna follow me and I let her. I know she has a big crush on Dilly and won’t ever hide it. I think it’s something bigger than a crush tho, I aren’t really sure.

I drove past a jeep on getting into the mansion, then I parked in the garage and came down. This isn’t the first time coming here, but I felt really nervous. Extremely nervous.

“Hey Tina, hi there Tine” we heard a familiar voice and turned to see Andrew.

He was shirtless and was holding a plate.

I beamed smiles at him.

“Andrew!” Tine hollered obviously happy to see him. Then she ran and embraced him.

“Hey Tine, bet you missed me right?” He asked and I laughed.

“Who wouldn’t” I replied and he smirked.

“Yeah, I’m cute right. Well thanks, I get that a lot” his smirk grew wider and I laughed.

Always boasting, always talking about his looks.

“Come on in” he ushered us in.

“Um…is Dilly around?” Tine asked him.

“Nope, he left for the company few minutes ago” he answered her and she made a sad face.

“But…Dillion is in his room, wanna see him?” He turned to me and asked.

“Em…”I gulped as the nervous feeling in me returned. It had vanished when I heard his’s voice.

“Of course Andrew, do you have to ask?” Tine butted in rolling her eyes.

“Okay just go to his room, you still remember his room right?” He asked and I nodded.

Then I moved my legs and started climbing the stairs suddenly recalling the last time I had seen him,the day I ended the relationship.

Not that I don’t love him, I do but his always so cold, introverted, and won’t ever move on. His cold character irritates the hell out of me. Why can’t he be like Andrew?

Andrew is lively. Always trying to make you laugh whenever you’re with him. Dilly is also better, not too cold, far better than Dillion.

I had received a call from a bartender on that day, the bartender had called and told me to come get him. I had jumped into a cab and rushed to the bar. He was wasted and I know it’s because he couldn’t let go of his past.

I felt so irritated, if he’d gotten drunk because of happiness or something more better. I’d understood. He’s always like that, always messed up with his past.

But the surprising thing was that I had actually asked him out myself and he accepted but I was still the one that ended things between us, not because I hated him but because of his coldness but I no he always have a weird good side in him. He acts like a normal human once in a while.

I got to his door and knocked on it with my heart beating a bit faster than usual.

“Get in” I heard him say icily -As always.

I hesitated before pushing the door open, I got in and saw him standing in front of his window. He was also smoking – As usual.

“Hey” I tried making my voice sound firm and strong but it came out all cracked up.

He turned immediately and looked at me making my heart skip. I don’t no why, maybe…just maybe…arrg…I don’t no.

He didn’t say anything for about 2 minutes, he kept staring at me.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t expect to see you here?” He turned back and faced the window, then asked.

I felt a sting in my chest. He hasn’t changed.

“Um..yeah,Andrew actually sent for me. Said to meet up here” I said.

“Glad to see you” I added.

“Same here” he replied obviously…okay I don’t no if he really meant it by replying same here. He should at least look at me. Why is he always a ghost.

His phone started ringing immediately and he inserted his hand into his trouser pocket and brought out his phone then placed it on his ear after picking up the call.

“To school, Yeah” the call was short and then he dropped the call.

“Glad to see you too but I’ve gat to go” he brushed past me and made for the door annoying the hell out of me.

“Is this a way to treat someone, Dillion? Can’t you at least pretend to really miss me? Can’t you just do that?” I shrieked and felt like biting his head off.

So annoying. Why did god create him this way? Why is he so handsome? If he wasn’t handsome, I’m sure I would have gotten him completely out of my head.



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