Nude Meditation and You

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If you have read my post Beginners Guide To Basic Meditation and I hope that you have, you will recall I promised a follow-up post about meditating in the nude and how it wasn’t as easy as meditating while clothed. Meditation in the nude is a freeing, liberating experience that if done with the right mindset, allows you a far greater sense of being connected to the world around you and a strengthened sense of self. You can find many, many things to meditate on while meditating in the nude. The feel of the air on your skin, the sensation of the material you are sitting on, the coolness (or warmth) of the air and more. All of those things will help you gain a better insight and understanding about your own body.

The largest part of the problem is that many people are not comfortable nude. Whatever the underlying reasons, they can’t seem to feel completely relaxed if they are nude. Feelings of vulnerability and shame overpower their attempts to clear their mind and focus on their own body and their responses to their environment. Although difficult, those feelings are a perfect opportunity to test out your growing mastery of your own thoughts as you learn to relax and enjoy the moment.

The goal of meditating in the nude is exactly the same as the thoughts expressed in my beginners guide to basic meditation. To master your runaway thoughts, calm your mind and body and gain a deeper introspection into whatever subject you are meditating upon. As I stated previously, meditating in the nude presents another set of thought challenges to overcome, but they can be overcome with a little perseverance and practice.

You should have a private area for your foray into nude meditation where you can be assured that you will not be disturbed. Once you can satisfy your mind about this by a locked door or being alone in your house or apartment, then you will find it a lot easier to relax and let go of the nervousness of being discovered in the nude. Aside from being barged in on while nude is the nerve-wracking thought of having to explain why you are sitting in the middle of the floor naked. You have to diminish or dismiss those fears and thoughts in order to proceed.

Admittedly if you are not used to doing much more than shower in the nude it will be a little strange feeling to disrobe and seat yourself in preparation for meditation. That is actually a good thing. You should embrace the feelings and thoughts and use them in your meditation. Perhaps you can gain a deeper understanding of the feelings you are experiencing by giving them some very focused meditative thought. Which is the whole reason you are doing this to begin with. To gain insight and understanding of your mind and your body.

Having seated yourself in a comfortable position and with your back straight, begin by focusing on your breathing. Deep, slow and steady breathing in and out as you concentrate on the air entering and leaving your lungs. Concentrate solely on your breathing and dismiss all the stray thoughts that are probably screaming for attention in your mind. Focus entirely on your breathing until you have relaxed and gotten all other thoughts and feelings firmly under control.

Then, with that achieved you can find interesting things to meditate on about your own body and your thoughts and feelings about it. Concentrate on the goosebumps you might have, the sensation of air moving over your normally clothed and hidden back, the way your arms feel against the skin of your thighs if you happen to be sitting that way. You can start at your toes and slowly work your way up to the top of your head meditating on each body part and sensation in turn. The goal is to become more aware of your body, more in tune with its reactions to and interactions with the environment.

Once you have achieved a state of total calm and centered yourself, you should feel free and yet deeply connected to your environment. When that happens it is an excellent time to turn those meditations on your hair and skin and sensations inward and meditate on your deeper feelings and thoughts. That is the point to meditating in the nude. To feel completely free and yet as one with the world. To have an expanded consciousness liberated from all thoughts of physical things while you gain deeper understanding and insights into yourself and thoughts.

It actually is quite wonderful once you master your own feelings about being nude in what is not normally a situation for nudity. You can meditate in the nude with a partner, but that brings a new set of emotional challenges to the fore and it isn’t something you should try until you are completely comfortable and calm in your own skin. Unless of course you are already completely comfortable being nude around your partner already. Still, you would be surprised I think by what thoughts can interrupt you when you place yourself in that situation.

Nude meditation is not meant to be erotic. It is meant to be a way to gain deeper understanding of yourself and your mind. Although an incredibly sensual experience, you won’t get very far with mastering your thoughts if you go into it with thoughts of it becoming an erotic experience. I think it is something that everyone should attempt, although it is not something for everyone. It can be very good for you if you can master your own thoughts and feelings before, during and after.

Good luck to you and Peace, Love and Happiness always.




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