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        Claire Kendall and Clara Kendall are two identical twins.

They are best friends and each other’s companion. They are so identical that one can not tell them apart.

They are beautiful and elegant twins – they are the envy of all.

Their parents are both wealthy and they made sure their twin children lived comfortable. They made sure they gave them whatever they needed.

Though the twins were from wealthy a wealthy home, they were never proud and arrogant.

They were nice and they were good too.


        The twins grew up and they were still inseparable.

They loved themselves so much that even as grown up adults, they were still very close.

      But something happened and the younger of the twins, Clara, got pregnant.

In all her twenty four years of life, she hasn’t had sex with any man, not even her fiancee has seen her nudity talk more of having sex with her.

She hoped to keep her virginity till her wedding night.

But everything changed…

Clara was so broken that she was suddenly pregnant for an unknown.

She had never had sex and she was never raped.

So, how did she end up being pregnant?

Nobody wanted to believe her and they deserted her.

Her parents were disappointed with her because she was suddenly pregnant and her fiancee wasn’t responsible.

Her three years relationship was called off – her fiancee broke up with her, saying he couldn’t raise a bastard child.

Nobody wanted to believe that she didn’t have sex with any man.

Her twin sister who was supposed to be with her suddenly deserted her and resented her also.

Clara was more than broken – she was depressed.


   How did Clara suddenly get pregnant when she hasn't had sex with any man?

How would she cope with her just against the world with nobody else?

Will she get to find the baby’s father?


What really happened?

There are so many things to be unveiled in this story and I bet you wouldn’t want to miss this story.

It’s gonna be educating, interesting and thrilling. Suspense filled too.

It’s gonna be mind blowing and I promise, you’re gonna love it.

Get your popcorn and fanta ready as you all journey with me in this great story.

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       "Hey babe, you've been keeping me waiting for almost an hour," Clara grumbled over the phone with a childish pout on her face.

“I’m sorry hunny, I was caught up with traffic. But don’t worry I’m already on my way ,” her fiancee replied over the phone .

“C’mon Mateo, hurry up, I wouldn’t want to miss this concert for anything,” Clara pouted.

“Okay ma’am, I’ll be with you in a jiffy,” Mateo smiled.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.”


      Clara and her fiancee, Mateo has been dating for the past three years. Just two months ago, Mateo took their relationship a step forward by asking her to marry him.

Clara was overwhelmed with joy and she had a screamed a happy yes.

 Mateo is a sweet boyfriend and never for once did Clara ever regret dating him.

He works as a director in one of the biggest underwear company.

He has a duplex and a penthouse to himself. He also has about four cars.

      Clara is sure lucky to date him and also have him as her soon-to-be husband.

    "Hey babe," Mateo smiled and kissed Clara's cheek soundly.

“Good evening hun,” Clara beamed and circled her arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for long.” Mateo apologized with a sweet smile.
“It’s fine. The most important thing is that you are here.” Clara smiled and kissed him lightly on his lips. He wanted to deepen the kiss but Clara was quick to pull away.

“We are gonna be late if we don’t hurry up babe,” Clara teased and licked her lips seductively.

Mateo whined and started for the door.
Clara laughed out loud and trailed after him.

“And babe, you look so breathtaking and stunning.” He complimented, taking in her beautiful appearance.

“Thank you hun and you don’t look bad yourself.” Clara smiled appreciatively at him.

     Clad in a beautiful dark blue carenza lace trim romper and a white sandals.

Her brown hair was styled in a loose beach waves. She also wore a beautiful golden necklace that Mateo had given to her on her last birthday.

 She also had a bracelet on her wrist.

She looked simple but yet, stunning.

She was just with little make-up and the perfume she wore had a very sweet smell.


   Clara and Mateo were both going for the concert of Claire – Clara elder twin sister, boyfriend's music concert.

  Claire was lucky enough to date a celebrity who's well known and respected within and outside the country.

  Clara and Mateo entered into Mateo's car, while Mateo drove off, not after stealing a kiss from her.

 "Hey twinnie." Claire and Clara beamed happily simultaneously and ran to each other's arms.

They were putting on exact same clothes and shoes and their hair were styled same way.

They looked identical and if Mateo doesn’t know Clara too well, he’d mistake Claire for Clara but he knows the twins too well to mistake for each other.

   Claire's boyfriend, Jay had found the twins confusing at first but after months of dating and getting to know the twins, Jay wasn't confused again.

The twin sisters chatted as they walked into the crowdy hall but Jay's security and bodyguards made sure that the coast was clear for them to pass.

"The concert is gonna start very soon!" Claire squealed enthusiastically, jumping excitedly.

 Clara smiled as she saw the enthusiasm in her sisters face. She looked so happy.

  It's her first time attending Jay's concert and she hoped she'd enjoy the concert.

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              After Claire, Clara and Mateo had sat on the VIP seat, they started chatting happily like they normally do.

    Some persons turned occasionally to stare at the two identical twins.


        The twins cheered happily just like other crazy fans as Jay climbed the stage. 
He looked like a demi-god.

     Claire screamed happily and Jay smiled sweetly at her from where he stood.


       The concert was a big blast and as usual, Jay left his fans screaming loudly and some girls were in tears because he had sang an emotional song.

  Claire ran to meet Jay and they hugged and kissed each other.

"That was a great performance Jay, I must say I was really impressed. It's my first time being in your music concert and I don't regret coming." Clara smiled as she shook hands with Jay.

"Thank you Clara, it's a pleasure." Jay smiled.

     "Okay enough of the compliment," Claire teased and removed her sisters hand from Jay's.

The trio bursted into laughter because of how Claire had removed her sisters from Jay's.

"Jealous much huh?" Clara teased while Claire nudged on her arm playfully.

    "That was a great performance Jay, it's also my first time being in yo ur music concert, but I do love your music and I'm glad I had the opportunity of coming here." Mateo, who was like a third party because he was ignored, decided to speak up.

   "Thank you buddy. Glad you came." Jay smiled and they both shook hands.

     "I'm sorry for ignoring you," Clara whispered softly to Mateo.

"I'm gonna accept your apology..." He smirked and touched his lips.

Clara gasped lightly and hit his arm playfully.

"Pervert." She joked, with her cheeks crimson red.

    "Pervert for you." He winked at her while she turned to another direction so he wouldn't see the blush and shyness in her face.

  Mateo laughed while Clara whined.


          As soon as Clara and Mateo stepped out of the car, Mateo took Clara's lips in his hungrily.

She reciprocated the kiss and they kissed hotly as they made their way into the house.

       Mateo was already going hard and at that moment, he wanted to devour her.

      They got into the house, still kissing hotly like two horny teenagers.

Mateo placed her on the nearest couch and he started removing the hand of her shirt.

Good God! He wanted to rip off her clothes so he could have her immediately.

    Still kissing, he started undoing his trouser buttons. Clara felt a hard poke on her thigh and she gasped out.

   That was when she got a hold of herself.

    She broke the kiss and pushed Mateo away from her body.

She looked at him apologetically and stood up.

    "I'm sorry, we can't. Let's be patient till our wedding night." Clara said her usual words anytime something like this happens.

She could see disappoinment written all over his face as she made her way upstairs.

     "Argh!" He groaned angrily and kicked the edge of the couch.

    He felt so pissed.

   For the past three years, he hasn't even seen Clara in her nudity, not to talk of having sex with her.

    He just couldn't wait till their wedding night, he's tired of waiting and he's loosing his patience.

       He just wants to have her but she's proving hard.

    They are gonna get married after all, so what difference does it make if they have sex now?

     He felt so angry.

    He's running out of patience!

   He's a guy with need and he needs to satisfy his sexual urge.

     He has to do something about it.


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     Jamal sighed and shook his head.

He’s known Jay for too long and he knows him too well. He’s been a playboy since high school.

  "But please don't do anything that would make the twins turn enemies okay? If Claire should know you like her sister, I don't know but I think there's gonna be a heated argument and the twins are likely to have a huge misunderstanding.

So, Jay before you do anything, think very well. That’s my advice for you.” Jamal said and chung down his glass of champagne.

"Yes dad." Jay teased while Jamal chuckled.


  The twins and their parents sat on the dinning table, eating breakfast.

The room was quiet with just the sound of their cutleries hitting the glass plate.

"So, Clara have you finally done the project?" Their mother, Andrea, asked with a sweet smile.

 "No mom but I'll be doing it today. I actually already started working on it and by today, I'll be done with it." Clara replied with a smile and sipped gently from her glass of juice.

“Okay dear,” Andrea smiled at her daughter.

“So dad… How about the contract you took last week? How was it?” Claire asked, still chewing on her chicken.

“We haven’t finalized the deal yet. But hopefully this week, everything would go as planned.” Jason, their father replied.

 "Okay dad." Claire smiled.

The family continued eating without any word said between them again.

The twins ate from each other's plate as usual, while their parents smiled at them.


         "Hey." Clara turned and saw Jay standing beside his car with a hoodie and dark shades glasses.

He looked smoking hot in his simple outfit.

  Clara smiled and walked to meet him.

“Hi Jay. What a coincidence.” She smiled and kissed his cheeks – like she does anytime they meet even when Claire is there.

  "Yeah. What are you doing here?" Jay asked and removed his glasses to stare directly at her face.

  "I wanted to have lunch with Claire. She's already inside waiting for me," Clara said and checked the time on her silver wristwatch on her wrist.

 "Oh really! I came to meet a friend of mine but too bad he isn't gonna come again. Something came up and he wouldn't be able to come again." Jay lied smoothly.

 He had actually stalked Clara the whole day and Clara didn't know.

Since he was less busy, he stalked her from the time she went to work and even to the time she arrived at the restaurant.

If he needed something, he's ready to go extra miles to get it.

If he wants Clara, he has to do step by step.

"Oh! Anyways, you can join Claire and I for lunch and I'm sure she'll be happy to see you." She reasoned but Jay was quick to nod his head negatively.

“No, no. You don’t have to worry. I don’t want to be a third party and besides, it’s a sisters lunch and I don’t want to be a third party.” Jay said, like a gentleman.

  Clara smiled and was touched by his kindness.

Truly, she wanted to have a quiet time with her sister because they’ve been busy ever since Claire was promoted in her place of work, making her busy and they’ve barely have time for each other.

“Alright.” Clara smiled at him.

 "You should get going now, you wouldn't want to keep Claire waiting," Jay said.

  "Bye." Clara waved at him and started for the entrance of the cafeteria.

“Bye.” He waved back.

  With a smirk on his face, he watched as Clara walked till she was out of sight.

Good God!

He must have her!

    Nothing is stopping him, he must get her – if not for himself, but on his bed.

And if Claire should know, then, to hell with her.

He regretted not ever meeting Clara first before Claire.

But he’s still gonna get her.

How's she gonna feel under him?

Sweet and tight?

He just couldn’t wait…


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           Clara sighed tiredly as she plonked hard on her bed. She had wanted to spend the night in Mateo's house but with the look of things, she might decide to go home.

    She wore the hands of her shirt properly and sat on top of her bed.

    "Babe, I'm sorry." Mateo knocked softly on the door.

    "It's fine, you can come in." She sighed and adjusted on the bed.

The door opened and Mateo walked in with a glass of milk and an apple on a small tray.

"Hey," she looked surprised as she saw the milk and apple on a tray in his hands.

     Clara likes taking a glass of cold milk and an apple every night after she had bath and ready to go to bed.

   When she's in Mateo's house, he makes sure one of the maids bring it to her in her room – they don't stay in the same room.

      But seeing Mateo with it, she looked shocked – not as if he hasn't done it before, but he rarely does it and it's been months since be brought it for her.

   The only thing he hardly miss is bringing her breakfast in bed. He likes doing it for her and that is what she loves the most.

        "You didn't have to do it, the maid would have." She smiled and took the tray from him.
"I just wanted to bring it for you." He shrugged and sat on her bed.

"I'm really sorry babe." He sighed and stared apologetically at her.

   "C'mon hun, I ain't angry with you. I understand." She said and hugged him.

       "Are you gonna spend the night here even after what happened?" He asked – he knows her too well.

      Clara sighed and sipped from her glass of milk.

"Erm..." She dropped the glass of milk and turned to face him.

  She had the intention of leaving even if it was a little bit late, but then, she decided to stay.

If she leaves, he'd be so guilty and she didn't want that. He already apologized and she wouldn't want him to to feel guilty.

    "I'm not leaving. I'll stay the night here." She smiled and took a bite from the apple.

   "Thank you babe." He kissed her cheeks.


           "So dude, are you trying to say you prefer the younger twin? You like the younger twin?" Jamal, Jay's best friend asked.

     The two friends had gone to a new bar down town to have a few drinks.

       Jamal is a dancer and sometimes, Jay and Jamal go for converts together – Jay would sing while Jamal would dance.

   They've been friends since high school.

      "That's what I fucking mean Jamal." Jay gulped down his champagne.

"But I thought you liked Claire." Jamal looked curiously at him.

    "I like her, yeah but I still want to have Clara." Jay insisted.

   "But they are identical and they almost have same character and every thing in common. So why the younger twin while you already have the senior one?" Jamal asked, still finding it hard to believe that his friend would utter such words – that he wants the younger one.

    "But they are two different persons even if they are identical." Jay hissed.

   "But you do know that Clara is already engaged?" Jamal asked.

  "Yeah and I don't give a fucking damn. I want her." Jay insisted adamantly.

    "You can't Jay. You just have to be contended with having Claire as your girlfriend." Jamal advised.

     "What will happen if Claire knows you like her twin?" Jamal added.

"She wouldn't know."

"And from the looks of things, Clara isn't gonna accept you."

      "Then, I will get her by force. I want both twins and I'll surely get them.

I don't back down in whatever promises I make. Just seat and watch me take Clara."


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           "What took you so long huh?" Claire grumbled as Clara sat opposite her in the booth.

"So sorry sis, got hooked up with something." Clara smiled apologetically at her.

"Okay." Claire smiled.

"Let's order our meal, shall we?" Clara beamed at her sister.

"Sure. Waiter..." Claire beckoned on the waiter who was professionally dressed.

He took quick but graceful strides towards the twins booth.

"Can we have the menus?" Clara asked with a sweet smile.

"Sure." He bowed at them and handed each of them the menus.

The twins took careful look at the delicacies in the menus while the waiter patiently waited for them.

"I'll go with with this." The twins surprisingly and coincidentally replied, showing the waiter same food.

       They chuckled lightly and smiled at themselves. The waiter admired the identical sisters as they chuckle lightly.

"Alright. Anything else? Like, what do you want it to go with? Wine? Juice? Champagne?" The waiter asked in his professional tone, as he took the menus from the twins.

"Well, juice will do." The twins chorused yet again, making the waiter amazed.

He admired the twins and somehow, he wished that he'd seat with them, have lunch with them and talk happily with them too.

But too bad it's only a mere fantasy.

      Just by the way they were dressed, he knew he's no way near their league.

    They scream wealth and they are absolutely gorgeous.

      But he's just a waiter, who's striving hard to survive by working his ass out.

        "Okay ma'am." He bowed and left their booth.

        "Wow!" Claire breathed out with a smile as she stared around the restaurant. It's classy and definitely not for even the average to dine in.

      It's only for the wealthy ones because even a plate of their food costs a lot.

    Their water and drinks? It's another thing.

     But of course, they are wealthy and the amount is none of their business – they can afford it without any stress.

    "Here is really classy Claire." Clara beamed.

        Minutes later, the waiter came with their covered plate of meals in the food trolley and rolled it towards their booth.

     When he go to the twins booth, he took one of the plates out and placed it in front of Claire and then, the other in front of Clara.

He took out their juice and placed in front of them respectively, including their napkins.

       "Thank you." The twins smiled at the waiter while he simply bowed and left the twins.

     The twins opened their meals and just at the sight of it and the sweet aroma, they couldn't help but salivate.

     They took their cutleries and started eating.


        "Hey babe." Mateo smiled and pecked Clara on her both cheeks.

     "Hey love." Clara smiled and kissed him soundly on his lips.

      "So, shall we?" Mateo asked as he took Clara's hand.



       Jamal sighed for the umpteenth time as he stared at Jay.

     He's confused and has ran out of ideas on how to make Jay change his mind on having the other twin.

    He knows Jay's doing the wrong thing and he doesn't want that happen.

And if the twins finally gets to know, there will be enmity between them.

      He seriously want to find a way to talk his friend out of whatever plan he's thinking about.

    "Boom!" He heard loudly behind him.

Jamal turned sharply as he almost swallowed his tongue out of fear. Jay bursted into an hysterical laughter as he walked to Jamal's front.

Jamal sighed and held his thumping heart against his chest.

He had been so scared and shocked.

     "What was that for?" Jamal grumbled and punched Jay lightly on his shoulder.

    "Just wanted to scare you. Besides, you were so engrossed thinking whatever I don't know, they you didn't even notice my presence since the time I stood behind you." Jay laughed.

"Yeah, and you decided to scare the hell outta me? My heart had jumped into my mouth out of fear." Jamal whined.

       "Whatever! So, Jamal, I have a good news." Jay beamed as he sat beside Jamal on the sofa.

"What is it? And you look really happy." Jamal stared keenly at him.

    Deep down, he wished that it's not about the twins.

     "I already found out something about Claire! What I can use against her and also her sister."



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        Claire and Clara finished eating and drank their juice. They chatted briefly and Claire paid for the meal because she had told Clara that the bills were on her.

After paying for the meals, they both left the restaurant and bade each other goodbye.


     The twins got back home from their respective places of work.

They were just in time for dinner with their parents.

"Good evening dad, mom." They greeted their parents and took turn in kissing their cheeks.

"Evening girls." Their mother smiled.

"Welcome." Their father said and patted their hair.

"We'll just go freshen up and come down for dinner." Claire smiled as they started towards the stairs.

They both still leave with their parents – because they still wanted to be close to them. Their parents didn't mind and they were happy too.

But very soon, Clara would be leaving the house very soon to her husband's house. And they'll be left with just Claire till she gets married too.

But on several occasions, the twins can decide to spend the night outside their parents house – maybe at their spouse's house or anywhere they wished to, as long as they are safe.

Even as grown ups, their parents still pamper and cherish them so much.

Their parents had stayed for years without having any child or children to call their own.

Their mother had had four miscarriages.

But just when their hope were lost and they were about opting for adoption, their mother became pregnant and fortunately, the pregnancy grew.

        And when the twins were born, they vowed to spoil them with love, attention, care and wealth. And they did just that.

Being born with silver spoons in their mouths, the twins had never for once lacked anything. At a tender age, they were already travelling around the world.

In their twenty four years of life, they've gone to nothing less than twenty countries in the world.

At school, they were the envy of all and no students could match up to their standards, though the school was for royalties and wealthy people.

And they didn't misuse the opportunity because they studied very hard and they were never proud.

They helped the less privileged and give out to those who needs help.

Their parents couldn't have wished for anything but to have the beautiful twins.


         Clara freshened up and wore a blue short and a singlet. She packed her hair in a bun and slipped her legs into her blue fluffy flip flops and left her room.

Claire coincidentally, like it happens sometimes, wore same as Clara but different colours.

They met at the stairs and together, they both walked to the dinning room, holding hands.

After eating dinner happily, they all went to bed.


          Clara works as an art director in an art company. It's one of the best companies in the country.

    At the University, she had studied art and she was perfect in all fields.

She's doing great in her work too and she's loved by everyone.

She's dedicated, punctual and very intelligent and creative.

        While Claire works as a financial advisor in the country's central bank.


     The next morning, Clara woke up and hurriedly got ready for work. Today, they'll be submitting an art project to foreign investors that would like to partner with them. She's to go to work early and submit the work.

   She's also the one representing the work.

"Good morning dad, mom." Clara greeted and quickly took the hot chocolate tea and gulped down in one goal.

  She exhaled and placed a toasted bread in her mouth.

"Off to work! See you later. Kiss Claire for me!" She said in between her mouth full of toasted bread.

Her parents waved at her while she quickly got out of the house in a haste.

   One hand with her car key, the other hand held unto her files and her bag.

She opened the door of her car and placed the file and her Louis Vuitton handbag at the backseat of the car, before sliding into the driver's seat.

   Still chewing on her toasted bread, she drove out of the compound in an average speed.

   "Good morning Evelyn, morning Daisy and to you Maxwell." Clara greeted cheerfully as she walked into the company with the sound of her heels clicking noisily on the tied floor.

   "Good morning Clara." They chorused happily and waved at their ever smiling director.

She waved back at them and made her way to the elevator that would lead her to the second floor where her office is.

        The investors came and after the presentation by Clara, they were greatly impressed. 

    Her co-workers congratulated her and her boss did too.


     Clara got home tired and worn out because of the loads of works on her desk. She had to finish them up because she hates unfinished work.

     She got to her room and straight to her bed.

        The next day was Saturday and fortunately for both sisters, it was a none work day for them.

Clara would use the whole day to rest.



       Claire and Clara went out for site sitting and others. They talked, went to the amusement park and had fun like children.

     In the evening, Clara ordered one of the maids to bring her food for her in her room. She didn't want to eat in the dinning table because Claire went out to see Jay while her parents were yet too be back from the office.

    She was served her meal and she ate it.

   But just when she was about going to bed, her stomach suddenly hurt.

    "Argh!" She groaned in pain as she clutched tightly on her stomach.

She tried soothing it but it wasn't helping.

"My stomach hurts!" She cried out in pain and fell on the floor, clutching her stomach in pain.

   She writhed and winced in pain as it was hurting so badly.

   She didn't know what exactly was wrong with her.

     She threw up, still lying on the floor.

   With one final shout, she went unconscious.

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          Clara's personal maid, Joan heard the shout and quickly scurried out of her room to Clara's room.

She panicked as she made her way to Clara's room, she hoped nothing bad would have happened to her.

Joan pushed the door opened and she was gob-smacked when she saw the sprawled body of Clara on the floor with her hands clutching tightly on her stomach.

She panicked and quickly crouched in front of Clara and placed Clara's head on her thigh.

     "Ma'am Clara?" Joan called and shook her lightly but Clara didn't even move a finger.

     Joan quickly dashed out of her room and went to to the emergency landline and quickly dialed the emergency number with her hands shaking in fright.

     She was almost at the verge of crying because she loves Clara so much and she wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her.

     What really happened?
Why was she clutching tightly on her stomach?

     She ran back to the room and tried to carry Clara but her weight was too much as they ended up falling on the floor. Her weight was overweighing.


      Clara and Joan were taken to the hospital with the ambulance and all the while, Joan was praying that nothing bad would happen to Clara.

         Joan informed Clara's parents and they didn't waste time in rushing down to the hospital.
Claire was also informed and she quickly left Jay's house and ran down to the hospital.

     Clara stirred awake and squinted her eyes. She tried to open her eyes but her vision was blurry and the ray sunlight that  illuminated through the window made her close her eyes back because the brightness was too much.

She groaned and placed her palm on her forehead. She finally opened her eyes and her gaze meant with the white ceiling and the smell of antiseptic filled the room.

   "Clara baby! Can you see us?" She heard her mother's worried voice beside her. She turned slightly and there, she saw her parents and sister sitting beside her bed and looking at her worriedly.

   "Dad? mom? Claire?" She called and winced slightly because of the pain she felt on her head.

"Oh my God Clara! You got us all worried!" Her mother panicked and tears rolled down her cheeks but she was quick to wipe them away.

"What happened? Where am I?" She asked with a groan, staring intently at her mother.
"You are in the hospital and Joan had brought you here because she had found you sprawled on the floor in your room and you had screamed out loud too." Her mother explained soberly.

   Clara was quiet as she thought about what really had happened. She remembered eating dinner and then, her stomach had started hurting.

   She had passed out.

      "I'm glad you're fine now sis. I thought something real bad had happened to you when mom called crying over the phone that I should come to the hospital." Claire said and smiled at her sister.
"I'm glad too." Clara smiled and held her sister's hand in hers.

"What the did doctor say about my condition?" Clara asked, looking at her mother.
"Oh! He said you ate something that your stomach doesn't accept." Her mother replied while she just nodded her head.



     "Hey, Clara are you okay?" Her mom asked as Clara held her mouth and quickly ran to the sink to throw up.

She threw up repeatedly and placed her hand on her forehead which was hot.

     Her taste buds were bitter and her head was spinning around badly. She felt so weak and tired.

    "I don't know mom. I've been feeling this way since last week." She groaned at last, looking miserable with sweat dripping down her forehead and her hair disheveled. She looked pale too.

"You have to see the doctor. You're sick and you should see the doctor for proper treatment." Her mother said and placed the back of her palm on her Clara's neck but she withdrew it immediately because of it's hotness.

"Oh my God Clara! You're burning up!" Her mother panicked.

Clara felt nauseous and quickly threw up again.

    She sighed tiredly and raked her hands through her disheveled hair. She washed her mouth and then, her face.

She ignored the suspicious looks of her mother and went back to the dinning room to join her father and sister who had curious looks on.

She ignored their stares and picked up her cutleries but the smell of the food made her lost her appetite and made her want the throw up.

   "Thanks for dinner. I'll be in my room." She said and got up from her chair not minding the pounding headache she was feeling.

    She tried to walk away but her feet could not carry her.

   She heard distinct voices and her vision was already blurry. Then, she passed out.


        Clara groaned in pain as she stared around her surrounding and it finally dawned on her that she was in the hospital.

Her eyes suddenly meant with her mother's burning gaze on her.

   "When did you plan on telling us?" Was the first statement her mother made with her gaze still on her.

  She was confused and she didn't quite understand what her mother was trying to say.

"I don't understand you mom. Tell you what?" She asked.

   "Tell your dad, me and your sister that you're pregnant." Her mother rolled her eyes and glared at her.

   Clara heard a loud bang on her head and it was as if she didn't hear what her mother said correctly.

"Preg... Pregnant?" She yelled in disbelief.


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          "Pre... Pregnant? Who is pregnant?" Clara asked, still recovering from the shocking statement her mother just made.

"Oh please Clara spare me that crap! Don't act all pretentious! Who is lying on the hospital bed if not you huh? You're pregnant and you didn't bother to tell even me your mother." Her mother said, trying hard not to yell at her.

    "I don't understand what you're saying mom. I'm not pregnant!" Clara yelled, finding it so hard and insane.
It felt like a joke to her and she prayed that it's a bad dream.

How can she be pregnant?

  "Stop pretending Clara! I'm your mother and I'm supposed to know what goes on in your life. You had sex and you didn't even tell me.

   The last time I checked, you told me that you weren't ready for sex as you and Mateo had decided to wait till your wedding night. And now you're pregnant?

   Stop making me look like a fool! Just admit it that you're pregnant and stop denying it!" Her mother snapped angrily at her.

  She just couldn't get why her daughter would deny the fact that she had, had sex and she is already pregnant.

    She couldn't understand why her daughter would deny being pregnant.

   "Mom, I'm telling you the truth! I'm not pregnant! How can I be pregnant when Mateo and I haven't had sex?

How's that possible when I'm still a virgin! If this is a joke mom, then please stop it. Mateo and I decided to wait till we are officially married and we are keeping by it." It was Clara's turn to yell angrily.

    She felt so confused! Everything was so confusing!

   Is her mother playing a prank on her?

      "What! Then how do you explain this?" Her mother rasped and threw an envelope on her body. Clara sat on top of her bed and picked up the envelope.

  With shaky hands, she opened it and brought out a paper and she went through it.

   "How's...this...poss...ible?" Her voice was hoarse and immediately, she bursted into hot tears.

"Different test was conducted on you and it was discovered that you're two weeks and three days pregnant." Her mother hissed and stood up from the chair she was sitting on.

   "What! Mom, this can't be true! I've not had sex! I wasn't raped either! Mom, there's a miss up somewhere and another test needs to be conducted because I can't possibly be pregnant!" She cried out and shredded the paper and threw it away.

How can she be pregnant without having sex or being raped?

   How possible is that?

It was unbelievable.
It sounded ridiculous too.

    "Fine then! Since you keep denying it, another test would be conducted on you in another hospital." Her mother said firmly.

   Clara shook her head sadly and bit her lip in pain, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.

   How can she be pregnant?
If this is a nightmare, she hopes to wake up!

     Her head was in a mess and she screamed out loud in sheer frustration. She was so bittered and confused.

Why did her mother not believe her?

Why did her mother insist that she's really pregnant? Does her mother not trust her again?

She felt so confused and no matter the questions that keep flooding in, she didn't have answers to it and no one to answer it for her either.


       Clara got home and she wasn't that happy and vibrant girl of before. Claire tried to talk to her but she shut her out.

Clara was depressed and she couldn't even eat properly. At work, she couldn't concentrate and her boss got to know about it and he tried to talk to her, but she refused and just told him that she'll focus more on her job.

She couldn't just stop thinking about the possibility of her being pregnant. It worried and scared the shit out of her.

She just couldn't understand such a thing.

      She was starting to have sleepless nights because of different thoughts that flood through her head all the time.


    Another pregnancy test was conducted and she was told to come through following day. Clara's heart was racing as she walked home with her mother.

    That day, she couldn't eat or sleep. She was restless and couldn't concentrate on her work at home. She was scared.

"What! Positive?" Clara screamed in sheer horror as she stared at the test result that said she was pregnant. It was positive.

Her hands trembled and the paper fell from her hands. She suddenly looked like a ghost herself as she went pale immediately.

   She was shocked to the bone and then, she bursted into hot tears.


"You see! There's no need denying it okay? You should have just accepted the truth." Her mother sneered angrily at her. She couldn't get why her mother would suddenly be angry with her because she got pregnant.

It was difficult for her to understand everything that was going on.

Pregnant? How?

    "Mom I swear, I haven't had sex. Mateo and I haven't done anything. I'm still a virgin mom, I swear. Please believe me." Clara cried out and went on her knees in front of her mother. She held her mother's hands and wept bitterly.

  "If you haven't had sex and you're still a virgin, then, what are you? Holy virgin Mary?" She said sarcastically and yanked her hands away from Clara's.

"Mom, you've got to believe me. I'm confused too because I didn't sleep with anybody and I wasn't raped either." Clara sobbed.

   "Let's get home. You're gonna call Mateo and I'm gonna have a 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙩𝙝 𝙤𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪. 𝙔𝙤𝙪 shouldn't have made a promise that you know you wouldn't be able to keep." Her mother hissed and picked up her handbag.

   They forgot that they were still in the doctor's office and the woman had been staring at them.

   "Madam, you have to take it easy." The doctor finally said and sighed.

Clara's mother eyed her before stomping out of her office.
"Doctor, I swear I haven't had sex before." She cried as she took her bag and stood up.

"I haven't heard of such a thing in the past twenty years of working as a doctor that a virgin would get pregnant. I don't know what to say, I'm speechless." The doctor sighed and stared pitifully at her.

Clara nodded her head and walked slowly out of the office as her legs suddenly became heavy.

     As she walked out of the hospital, she bursted into fresh tears, not minding the people around.

How did she end up being pregnant?

It feels like a nightmare and she just couldn't wait to wake up from the bad dream.

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        "Hun, what happened?" The twins father asked worriedly as his wife stomped into the sitting angrily.

 She was trying her possible best to contain her anger but it was still visible that she was greatly annoyed.

"You should talk to your pregnant daughter!" She snapped and walked away, heading to the stairs.
"Huh?" He looked confused as he watched the retreating figure of his wife.

"Pregnant daughter?" He asked no one in particular as he stared around in confusion.
Just then the door opened and the crying Clara walked in dejectedly like one who had just encountered a very bad incident.

"Hey, Clara! What happened? Why are you looking like this?" Her father asked worriedly all at once and quickly ran to meet Clara that was at the verge of falling.

"Dad? I'm not pregnant! I really am not." She sobbed bitterly and hugged her father.
"Calm down okay? Come." Her father cooed softly and guided her gently to the couch.

Her father hurriedly went to the kitchen and took a bottle water and a glass cup and kept them in a tray. He returned back to meet Clara and he helped her pour the water in the glass cup and handed it over to her.

"Now, drink the water and take a breath and then, you'll tell me everything." Her father cooed while she sniffled in her tears.

Clara gulped down the water and took a deep breath. "Now, are you okay to tell me what happened?" Her father asked, searching her eyes for answers.

She shook her head negatively and sobbed quietly, "I don't think so dad. I just want to bath and go to bed and maybe then, I'll be better and I'll be ready to talk to you."

Her father nodded his head in understanding and stroked her hair affectionately.

"Okay. I'll be waiting." He said.

Clara sighed and stood up from the couch. She smiled sadly at her father and started towards the stairs.


      "What? Are you for real Clara?" Her father yelled in dismay after listening to Clara. He was shocked beyond words.

"Dad, do you believe me?" Her voice quivered and she looked sad but hopeful.

"Fucking hell no! I've not heard such a thing before in my life. How can you say you're pregnant but you haven't had sex before?" Her father was bewildered and he looked at her as if he had just seen a real life ghost.

"Dad, you've got to believe me. It's the truth and nothing but the truth!" She cried out and painful sob rack out from her throat. She was greatly hurt.

"That's unbelievable! In all my years of existence, I haven't heard of such a thing! That's ridiculous!" Her father said.

And that only made Clara more hurt. Why does her parents not believe her?
She thought they love her to support her but now this?

     She felt sad and doleful.
   "I thought you loved me dad. I thought you and mom trusted me and you'll believe me, but guess I was wrong." She sniffled her tears and ran to her room.

She got to her room and slammed the door shut while tears poured out from her eyes in fast current.

She crouched on the floor and buried her head in between her thigh and let out painful sobs.


    Two days later, Mateo was sent for so they could all have a family talk.

As they waited patiently for Mateo to arrive, Clara was shaking in fright and her lungs were suddenly dried. She was so nervous. As soon as she heard the doorbell, her heart flew and she almost swallowed her tongue out of fear and nervousness.

"Good evening mom, dad." Mateo greeted the twins parents as he took his seat beside Clara who look rather uncomfortable and scared.

"Hi." Claire smiled at him while he returned the smile.

      "So son, we called this meeting because of Clara..." The twins father started, taking a brief glance at Clara who was fondling with her fingers.

"Well, we found out that she's pregnant. What do you have to say about that?" He asked, looking intently at Mateo who looked rather shocked and speechless.

"What!?" He finally screamed at last, looking all shocked. "Preg...what? How?" He asked disbelievingly as he stared at Clara who was already in tears.

"We haven't even had sex. I haven't even see her nudity talk more of having sex with her. So how come?" He looked angry.

Her stood up and stared directly at Clara. "Have you been cheating on me?" His voice sounded stoic and harsh. Clara shuddered in fright and sobbed miserably.

"I swear, I didn't cheat on you on Mateo. I'm as confused as you are. I haven't had sex with anyone before." Clara wept more and went on her knees.

"So, Mateo, now that you know that your fiancee is pregnant and as you claimed, you haven't had sex, are you still going to marry her?" Her mother asked. 

"What? Me, marry her? Never! I can't raise a bastard child! I can't get married to a cheat, a liar, a deceitful woman like her!

I can't raise a bastard that I didn't make!" He seethed angrily and glared daggers at Clara.

"No, no, no, Mateo please you can't do this to me! I'm not a cheat. Please believe me! Don't end our relationship. We are gonna get married, please don't leave me." She wept bitterly and held on his trouser.

"It's over between us Clara! I can't get married to you and raise a bastard child. You can as well get married to your baby daddy." He sneered angrily and yanked her hands away from his trouser.

"Please Mateo! Don't do this to me! I'll terminate the pregnancy but please don't leave me. I'm gonna die!" She cried harder as Mateo made for the door angrily.

"Mateo please, you can talk this out with her amicably." Claire begged in tears and knelt down too.

     Mateo glared at then before stomping out of the house in anger.

   "You see what you've caused? I'm ashamed of you." Her mother snorted and walked away.

   Clara bursted into hot tears and hugged Claire who whispered encouraging words to her.


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      When during lunch, Clara wasn't out of her room, her mother got worried. Even if she's angry at her, it didn't stop her from getting worried.

In the weeks that had come and gone, Clara hardly leaves her room and hardly come down for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

    But before she decides to stay in her room all day, she'd tell Claire and Claire would in turn tell her parents that Clara doesn't want to be disturbed and she wants to be left alone.

But today, it was different because Claire wasn't even in the house and during breakfast, Clara was present even if she had eaten just little from her meal.

Her mother got up from her chair and started towards the stairs.
She got to Clara's room and knocked.
When she didn't get any response, she knocked harder on the door but again, there wasn't any response.

She decided to push the door opened and when she walked in, she was shocked to see Clara's body sprawled on the floor and looking unconscious.

Jesus! Who knows how many hours she had been this way?
Her breathing was low and it could hardly be heard.

Panicking, she carried the unconscious Clara out of her room and hurriedly got down the stairs.
Her father was stunned too to see his wife carrying the almost lifeless Clara.

"Oh my God! We have to take her to the hospital!" Her father yelled and quickly ran to get his car keys.

He carried Clara from his wife and they hurriedly got into the car.

He started the car and drove in a high and crazy speed.

What the hell had happened to her?

How long has she been unconscious?
These were the questions running through her mother's mind.


      "She needs enough rest and healthy food. As it is now, she's depressed and it isn't good for her condition.
And I think it will be best if she'd see a therapist because at the rate she is now, I'm afraid something bad might happen to her.

She's gonna have complications during the pregnancy or loose the baby.
She needs care and rest. All the love she deserves. She needs to eat balance diet.
That would be all for now." The female doctor said in her professional tone.

"Alright, thank you doctor." Clara's mother said and took a quick glance at Clara whose eyes were now opened.

The doctor nodded her head and walked out Clara's ward.

"You heard what the doctor said right? So  better stop crying and feeling depressed. You should start eating properly too. If you like stay in your room all day." Her mother snorted.

Tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.


     A nasal cannula oxygen was placed on Clara's nose and a drip was fixed on her hand.

    When her parents had rushed her to the hospital, she was almost lifeless but good thing the doctors were able to revive her quickly.

    She responded to treatment immediately and before evening, she was better and wide awake but she still felt frail.

She was still weak.

     Clara stared absent-mindedly at the white ceiling as tears rolled from the corners of her eyes.

    If truly Claire's friends had said those hurtful words about her, is Claire not supposed to defend her?
Why did Claire not stand up for her instead came to a conclusion just like that?

Why didn't Claire defend her and even smack the so called friend that had spoken ill about her?
Instead, she concluded that she wouldn't be going out with her again.
She doesn't want people to see them in public so they wouldn't insult her too.

     Clara really felt sad and down.


      Clara's tummy was already being obvious in her third trimester. One could tell she was pregnant if she wore body fitted clothes but if she wears baggy clothes, it wouldn't be too pronounced.

     Clara's walked along the road, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Clara felt so hurt and betrayed.
Clara had seen her sister and her ex fiance kissing inside Claire's car in the grocery store.

   Clara had gone out to buy some health fruits and veggies but she was surprised to see Claire's car parked at the parking lots of the grocery.

   Claire had told her parents earlier on that she was going to a friend's birthday party but seeing her car parked at a grocery store was surprising.

If at all Claire wanted to get a gift for the celebrant, Clara knows she wouldn't be at the grocery store but at the mall.

    Clara had gone to check if really it was Claire's car or someone else's but she was shocked to her bone when she saw Claire and her ex fiance kissing and making out in the backseat of the car.

Clara felt shattered at that moment.
It was the worst betrayal she had ever felt.

Claire didn't go for any other man but she decided to go for her twin sister's ex?
It wasn't even up to four months since they broke up.

And Matteo didn't go for another girl but her own twin sister?
Why's life treating her this way?

Why's life being this hard and cruel to her?

     Without disturbing or interrupting them, Clara turned around and walked out of the grocery store.

    She didn't purchase anything – what she had intended the buy. Her mind was occupied and her heart felt like it would split into two out of pain.


    Clara got to the bridge and stared down at it.
It was dark already and she's been there for hours – she had even lost count of how many hours she's been there.

She's been weeping miserable.

      She held on to the railings of the bridge and closed her eyes.

This is it!
She's gonna commit suicide.

She's tired of everything that's been happening to her.

   No love, no care and now, her sister and her ex fiance are together.

  As she made to climb, she turned and saw a guy too, wanting to end his life.

  "You want to commit suicide too huh?" The guy laughed but it wasn't genuine – it was filled with pain and sadness.

The guy left his own side and strode towards Clara who was still looking shocked.

      They both stood facing each other, without any words said between them.
Clara didn't know why, but she felt a connection between them immediately.


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      Clara got to her room and slammed the door shut. She crouched on the floor and wept her eyes out. 

"It hurts!" She cried more and held her chest that suddenly started aching. She felt so confused.

There were so many questions that were running through her mind but unfortunately, she didn't get answers to them.

Now at this trying time of her life, she needed her parents like never before – she needed them to stay by her side.

"Why's life like this? Who did I ever offend?" She cried miserably.
Now Matteo, her boyfriend has broken up with her – has ended their relationship and call off their wedding.

That is the most disheartening part. He didn't even try to listen to her but just concluded immediately.

She thought he loved her – and if he really did, he would have stood by her no matter the situation.
At least, they would have talked it out as couple and lovers.
But no, Matteo just ended the relationship just like that.

Her parents? It was really disheartening that they wouldn't believe her. 

The only person she's got is her twin and she hopes Claire stays with her through this her trying time.


          During dinner, Clara's face was bent low and her hair scattered all over her face. 
She was picking on her meals and at the same time, tears were rolling down her cheeks but she was quick to wipe them off.
None of them were saying anything but her mother glares were screaming anger, even more loudly that her words would have said.

    Clara felt the boring holes on her from her mother and when she took her eyes to stare at her mother, she was right.
Her mother's eyes were boring angry holes in her and it made her feel uncomfortable.

She just wished the time would just rewind and she'd do everything possible to avoid being pregnant.

But then again, she didn't even know how exactly she got pregnant. When, where, how.

It was all too confusing.

"If you like don't eat and starve the thing in your stomach." Mom suddenly snarled angrily.
I gulped down nothing and continued staring at my untouched but messy food.

"Thank you dad, thank you mom, for dinner." She said, already on her feet and before both parents could reply, she was already running out the dinning room with her hair all over her face.

She got to her room and plonked her self tiredly on her bed. She hugged her pillow and wept bitterly.

Will she ever stop crying?
Will all these finally end?

If only it was all a dream...


     "See Clara, my friends are laughing at me because you're pregnant and your supposed wedding was cancelled, they called you a whore and your unborn child a bastard.

I don't think I would want to associate with you like before.

What I mean is that, we won't be going out together dressed as twins. You can go out alone because I don't want any of my friends to see us together and start laughing at me.

One of them even told me that I might get pregnant without a man by my side because we are twins and seriously, those words hurt.

I don't want to be seen together with you in public. We can be together in the house but" Claire said, with a frown on her face.

Clara heard a loud bang on her head and if felt as if she had heard wrongly.
She didn't want to believe what she had just heard from her twin and best friend.

"Wait! Claire, are you joking? You can't be serious right?" Clara laughed.

It was really a joke – so she thought.

   "Do I look like who's joking or playing some stupid pranks on you?
I'm dead serious! I ain't joking!

And get whatever I've told you into your thick skull!" Claire glared at her.

"Oh my God!" Clara bursted into tears and sat on the floor with her palm on her face.

What did she do to deserve all of this?
Her own twin just said those words?
Her best friend?
Hey second half?

If she had expected those words, it shouldn't be from her own twin.
She thought Claire was gonna be different.

She thought Claire would stick to her in this her trying time but it seems she was wrong.

"Why Claire? Why are you doing this?" A painful sob rack out from her throat.

"I don't want your bad luck to come to me. I want to remain a virgin till I get married but if I continue to stay close to you, I'm afraid I wouldn't achieve it.
I don't want your bad luck around me.

Is it too much to ask? Just have it in my mind we aren't gonna be close again especially in public.

I'd be going out to shop for new clothes, new shoes, new bags and other things we have in common.
You can take mine because I wouldn't be wearing them again.

I'll be buying stuffs that you don't have." She smirked and before Clara could open her mouth and say something, she already walked out of her room, slamming the door real hard.

"Tell me I'm dreaming! Tell me this all a bad dream! A nightmare! My twin, my best friend can't abandon me!" Those were Clara's last words before she passed out.


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         "Hey, what are you doing standing in front of me? I thought you were gonna jump into the bridge just like I'm about to do?" Clara finally broke the brooding silence between them. She scoffed and crossed her arms under her boobs.

"You, why are you standing too and not jumping over the bridge like you intended to?" The guy scoffed.

  Clara stared at the guy and she gasped out loudly in shock. The guy had a burnt scar on his face and it made him look very ugly and scary.

She had never seen someone as ugly and scary as he is in her life before. She composed herself back and took her gaze to the floor. He looked manly and tall and if not for the huge and ugly burnt scar on his face, Clara could swear that this guy would really be very handsome.

     Maybe he was cut up in a fire accident. She conclusion in her thought.

   She felt a little bit sorry for him. She suddenly wondered how someone as ugly as he is cope around with people.

    Wouldn't people hate him and be scared of him?

   She shook every thoughts about him and eyed the guy in front of her.

   "Whatever!" I hissed and sat  on the floor beside the bridge .
The day was already dark and they were just few cars passing by.

     She wanted to commit suicide just few minutes ago before she met this stranger but suddenly, she didn't want to anymore.

   She just wanted to cry her eyes out.
What could possibly be the reason that the stranger would want to end his life? She thought as she drew invisible lines on the floor with her legs.

  "You know, for a pretty lady like you, I wonder why you want to end your life in this bridge." She suddenly heard from above her. She raised her head up and saw the stranger standing behind her and looking sad.

   Pain could be seen on his face, deep pain.
Shared on whatsapp by Martino. 
     "Everyone has what they are passing through that would warrant suicide." Clara shrugged and hugged her knees.

   It was starting to get cold and she wasn't putting any warm clothes on.

      "Yeah, I agree with you." The stranger replied and his voice was cool and soft.
She felt him beside her and when she turned, he was sitting beside her but in a good distance away from her.

    "You know, seems like neither of us wants to commit suicide like we intended to do. Why don't we share our pains together?" The guy asked, looking hopefully at Clara who had a blank expression on.

    "Why do you sound so nice and friendly?" Clara asked and glanced at him.
 "That's because I am." The guy chuckled.

    "Alright. Besides after tonight, we wouldn't be seeing each other." Clara shrugged plainly.

   "My name is Matthew." The guy spoke with pain clearly noted in his voice.

    Clara wondered, could this guy pain possibly be worst than hers?

     Clara's eye watched him keenly as he stopped talking, he looked like he was in a deep thought.
  Deep thoughts that probably hurts him a lot because of how stiff he had become and his face sad too.

     "I was trapped in a house fire by my own twin brother. My twin brother had been jealous of me and when I broke the news that I was getting married, he became bittered and jealous because he didn't even have a serious girlfriend because he was a flirt.

    He sent my duplex on fire and I was inside. I thought I was gonna die. I didn't even know how I survived. I caught my twin when he was pouring fuel around the house but then, I couldn't do anything, he had stylishly looked me in my room.

   He was with me that day and I didn't know he had such intentions towards me.
I thought I was gonna die and I didn't even know how I survived such tragedy. It's still a miracle. That wasn't enough, he..." Matthew broke down in tears. He couldn't hold back the tears anymore as thru found it's way out of his tear ducts to his face.

    Clara was too stunned to speak. She moved closer to him and not knowing how and why, she wrapped her trembling arms around him in a comforting manner and soothed him.

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      Clara pulled away gently from the hug and stared at Matthew who was already in tears and the hurt was in his eyes.
Clara could possibly tell that he was really hurt and felt betrayed by his brother wickedness.

       Hers isn't that worst and listening to Matthew's, she still considered herself lucky because Claire isn't like that and wouldn't even hurt her like that.

  But then again, she thought of her sister with her ex fiance and she still feet hurt and betrayed.
She chuckled sadly as she thought of herself and Matthew being betrayed by their twins respectively.

    "You know, despite that incident, I never stopped loving my brother. We were the only ones our parents got and he was my only sibling. But too bad he didn't value our relationship as twins or even brothers." Matthew continued, his tears we're already gone but he still looked sad.

  He stared at the dark sky and Clara could see a small but sad smile form at the corner of his lips.

  "My parents would already be worried sick about me." He mouthed with a sigh.

   "When I was in the hospital, my twin, Martin came into my ward and disconnected the machines I was used to stay half awake.
  He removed the oxygen placed her on me and at that moment, I front utterly bittered. I couldn't do or say anything because I was barely even alive, I just watch my brother disconnect wires in my body.

   Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably and I tried to speak but I couldn't. When he was done, he walked out of my ward in a triumphant smile.

    But luckily, a nurse had suspected that something was wrong because of the sound of beeping machines. She was about walking pass my ward but she came back and by that time, life was starting to slip outta me.

   I was revived. I told my parents about Martin's wickedness and they encouraged me to fill a case against him so that he'd rot in jail. But I couldn't watch my brother suffer and die in jail and my conscience wouldn't allow me do so too.

   Martins came begging and crying on his knees and I forgave him." Matthew swallowed a good amount of saliva and stared at Clara who looked clearly shocked and even being shocked was an understatement. She was beyond shocked.

   How can someone have such a good and big heart to forgive even after being stabbed and betrayed badly? And how can someone blood have such wickedness in his heart to want to kill his own brother?

   The questions were in her heart and she was stunned too speak but just listened to Matthew.

    "My parents were furious at me but I've already made up my mind and nobody could change it. The time I spent in coma, I was told my ex fiancee visited me only once. When I was fine, I called her and she bluntly told me she can't marry someone whose face got disfigured.

    That was true because my face was greatly disfigured and a face surgery couldn't be done because it would worsen the situation and so, I had no choice than to accept my faith. Delphine, my ex fiancee cut off ties with me and ended our relationship.

I was broken but my parents were there for me and that was all that matters.
   I did a mask that I would wear and my disfigured face wouldn't be shown.

    All these things happened six months ago but today at the hospital, I got embarrassed by my ex fiancee and twin brother.
I work in an hospital as a medical doctor and my ex fiancee and my twin brother came there and to my greatest surprised, Delphine is already pregnant for Martin.

  It hurts like damn.
They saw me and ridiculed me and just when we were about getting into a fight, martins pulled off my mask and everybody gasped at my horrified and hideous face and I was called names.

   Even my so called colleagues all made jest of my face.
The truth is that, they didn't know about my burnt face because during that time, I was in India receiving treatment and I didn't tell anybody.

   And luckily, I was on a vacation too and that was why I wasn't queried.

    And because of the mockery I got, I went to a bar and had few drinks and got here and decided to end my life.

   I see no reason to live, no meaning in life.
I don't see why I should live in this cruel world." Matthew wept bitterly not minding the fact that a lady was beside him.

  "Let it all out Matthew, cry all you want." Clara patted him with her in tears too. She felt so touched and her heart ached for him.  She felt sorry for his predicament and his was even worse than hers.

   Matthew hugged her and wept on her shoulders and she comforted him. His being through a lot already.

     "So, you tell me, what happened? Why do you wanna end your life?" Matthew asked after a brief silence between them. He was already on his feet and staring at the lonely road.

   The moon was starting to come out and he sighed softly. He wiped his tears and smiled sadly. He felt so good to have told his predicament to someone he didn't know.

     "Well, I still got hurt by my twin sister." Clara sighed sadly.

   Matthew turned to look at her and stared keenly at her.
And then, Clara told him everything. From her pregnancy she didn't know how it came about to her seeing her ex fiance and her twin sister making it in the car.

    Matthew was shocked as they almost had same story. Clara was in tears too and it was the turn of Matthew to pet her.


     After Matthew and Clara had both talked about other stuffs, they decided to go home and give life a second chance to be happy.
They didn't exchange contact or anything, they just hugged each other and waved simultaneously before finding their way back to their respective homes.

     Meanwhile, Clara's parents were so worried about their daughter that they couldn't sleep a wink. They had tried calling her but it kept directing them to voicemail.

    They checked the time and it was two in the morning.
They were almost going crazy and they promised themselves that, if Clara doesn't come home in the morning, they were gonna go to the police station to fill for a missing person.

   2:15am, the couple heard a knock on the door and their spirit lifted hoping it was Clara.
Clara's mother went to the door and opened it and just has she hoped, it was Clara. She opened the door and Clara soberly entered looking disarray.

   "Clara you got us worried. Look at the time! You couldn't even call! Where have you been? Next time don't stay out late again. At least call so that we can know where you are." Her mother rushed her words but Clara paid deaf ears and made her way to the stairs leaving her mother mouth agape.

 She got to her room and locked her door.
Throughout the night, Clara couldn't stop thinking about Matthew.
With Matthew still in her head, she managed to fall asleep.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





      Matthew staggered into the house and bumped into his mother who looked really troubled.

She had been worried sick about her son. She had been restless and she couldn’t sleep at all but worry all through about Matthew. She had tried calling him several times but his phone was switched off and her fears had increased.

Her husband was on a business trip and when she had called and told him, he promised to take the next available flight down if Matthew doesn't return before midday the next day.

 "Mom?" Matthew called with his voice a little hoarse from crying.

“Son, where have you been? You got me worried.” His mother broke down in tears and hugged her son.

“I’m fine mom. Go to sleep now, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” He sighed and walked slowly to his room. His mother sighed sadly and shook her head.

Her eyes darted to the wall clock and she gasped in shock.
2:30am? Woah! She didn’t know she had spent the whole night awake and worrying about her son.

Even if he is all grown up, she still treats him like a baby and worry over little things.

She sighed and walked to her room. As soon as her back touched the bed, she fell asleep.


Matthew couldn't stop thinking about Clara and everything about her. Even her story. 

 How can a lady be a virgin and pregnant?

She’s not a surrogate mom but then, how did she get pregnant?
He was confused and it sounded unbelievable too. She doesn’t even know how she got pregnant, meaning she doesn’t know the father of her unborn child.

Everything sounded ridiculous and unbelievable.
Even at night, he could still tell that Clara was one pretty lady.

But too bad he wouldn’t see her again.

He sighed for the umpteenth time before falling asleep, with Clara in his heart.


   "Good morning mom." Matthew greeted with a small smile and kissed his mother's both cheeks.

“Morning son.” His mother replied and pecked him on his cheeks.

Matthew drew out a chair beside his mom and sat on it. He uncovered his plate and his stomach growled hungrily.

His mom chuckled lightly while he laughed lightly.

“So son, what happened yesterday? Why did you come home late? I called aone of your colleagues at work, Finn, he said you ran out of the hospital in anger. Did anything happen at the hospital?” Matthew’s mom asked as Matthew ate from his toasted bread.

He swallowed down before shaking his head negatively, “nothing happened mom. Everything’s fine.”

“I know you’re lying to me but I’ll just let it slide. Whenever you’re ready to tell me what’s going on, I’ll be ever ready to listen to you.” His mom replied while he just nodded his head.

"And oh mom, I'll be going back to my penthouse later in the day. I don't know when I'll come visit home again." Matthew said. His mother hurriedly drank her tea and stared intently at her son.

“What? Why? Did your father or I do anything wrong?” She asked worriedly.

“No mom. I need some privacy. I need to cool off my head for a while. And mom, don’t go looking for me at the hospital because I’ll be dropping my resignation letter.” Matthew sighed and bit from his toasted bread.

“Okay.” She mouthed, giving up.

She didn’t want to question her son further because she knows it will make him angry and probably not eat his food again. He looked sad and hurt and she knows better to respect his decision.

“Whatever are your reasons, I support you.” She said calmly.

“Thanks Mom.” He smiled at her.


 Clara folded her last cloth in her luggage which was a jumpsuit and zipped her luggage closed.

“Where are you going to?” Claire gasped as she saw Clara wheeled out her three big luggage which all her clothes, shoes and other items were.

“None of your business! Out of my way!” Clara smacked angrily at Claire and pushed her aside.

“Clara where are you off to?” Her mother asked as she stood up from the couch.
She looked surprised to see Clara struggling with her luggage and bags too.

“None of your business and don’t bother looking for me!” Clara sneered and made her way outside.

"Clara dear, please talk to me, what's going on?" Her mother trailed after her but she ignored her mother as if she wasn't there.

Claire was too stunned as she watched her sister place her luggage in her car trunk.

Clara matched into the house and carried her last luggage and put in inside the car trunk and closed it.

"I see that I'm a mistake and I'm okay with it! I see that I'm at fault for getting pregnant for an unknown! I've finally accepted my fate and I've decided to move on. You can decide to have this house to yourself and your good daughter." Clara said sarcastically and eyed Claire angrily.

“Clara please it hasn’t gotten to that. We can talk it out.” Her mother begged.
“It’s too late mom, I’m leaving.” With that said, Clara got into her car and zoomed off leaving her sister and mother dumbfounded.


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        "Okay son, do take care. Give me a call when you arrive there." Matthew's mom smiled at her son as she helped him place his last luggage in his car trunk. 

   She patted her son's head and smiled.

 "Sure mom, of course." Matthew replied and pecked her cheeks.
"Bye mom." He waved as he slide in his driver's seat.
"Bye son." His mother waved at him too.

   Matthew's mom watched as her son's car drove out of the compound and until she could no longer see the car.

  She sighed sadly and walked back in the the house.

         "Woah! I miss home." Matthew smiled happily as he dragged his two luggage inside his penthouse.
Everywhere glittered and sparkled brightly.

There wasn't even a spec of dust like a house that people haven't been to for months.

Matthew can't even remember the last time he came to his penthouse because he loves and prefers staying in his parents mansion.

  But he made sure he paid workers to clean the penthouse so it wouldn't be dusty or rough and that's the secret of the beautiful and neat house.

  And he had installed CCTV cameras in his house in case any of them steals from him. And so far so good, none of the workers had stolen from him and he is very impressed.

He smiled in satisfaction at the cool and neat house. He loves neatness so much.

    He got to his room and dropped his luggage. He took his bath and changed into a simple wear of just brief and a t-shirt.

   He wore his slippers and jogged out of his room. He turned on the plasma tv and went to the kitchen. The kitchen was sparkly clean too and everything was in order.

      "Let's see what I've got." Matthew muttered to himself as he opened his refrigerator and just few cans of beer and fruits were in it.

He sighed in disappointment and took a can of beer.

   He whistled loudly and made his way to the sitting room.

   "Let's make an order." He said to himself. He made an order of the pizza and dropped his phone on the center glass table.

   He crossed his legs on the table and took the TV remote control and changed the channels boringly.

   The door bell rang and Matthew quickly stood up and wore his slippers. He dropped the remote control and made his way to the door.

  "Must be the pizza guy." He said to himself and opened the door.

  His jaw dropped as he saw a different person by the door.

   "Hi neighbor..." The person's voice trailed off as her eyes met with his.

    "Matthew?" They both called simultaneously, looking rather shocked and tongue-tied.


      Clara had searched over the internet for an apartment that was serene and situated in a quiet environment with a beach close by or even inside the house. 
Fortunately for her, she had gotten what she wanted and had bargained with the agency for the amount.

   When she was given, luckily for her again, the agency also deals with helping to furnish houses and they helped Clara.

    She sent them money to purchase lots of items for her new house and arrange it for her. And to show how competent they were, they rounded off before evening and Clara was ready to move in.

   And that was why Clara left her parents mansion on time. And also, she didn't want to spend another day in the same house with her sister.

    Where she lived, they were just few houses and an estate and everyone seemed to mind their business.

  As Clara was sitting at her balcony, she noticed a beautiful white penthouse beside hers. And soon enough, she found a red car drive in.

  It was a guy and she didn't get to his face pretty well but he looked quite familiar.

   Clara was bored after she was done making cookies. And so, she decided to give her neighbor some. She just felt it would be nice of her to be nice to him.

  She kept the cookies in a tray and covered it. She wore her flip-flops and walked out of her house, closing the door properly.

  The security in the environment was pretty tight though.

    She got to his gate and she didn't need to knock because it was opened and so, she made her way inside the beautiful penthouse.

   She breathed in and out and rang the doorbell. And seconds later, the door opened.

   "Hi neighbor..." Her voice trailed off when her eyes met with the person in front of her.

    "Matthew?" They both called each other simultaneously looking shocked.

   Clara continued to stare shockingly at the guy that she had met the previous day.
He is her neighbor?


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





         "Hey." Matthew finally mouthed after getting his tongue back which seemed to have been tied before.
"Yeah, hi. I didn't think I would see you again." Clara said softly.

     He looked handsome because he was wearing the mask and Clara wasn't surprised by the change because he had told her he wears mask because of the scar on his face.

   "Me too, but good to see you again." Matt smiled and opened the door wider.
"And pardon my manners, please do come in." He added like a sweet gentleman.

 "Oh no, it's fine. I just wanted to share my cookies with my neighbor and I didn't think you'd be the one. I just moved in and my house is just besides yours." Clara explained with a small smile and the tray of cookies stretched out to Matthew.

  "C'mon Clara, I insist you come in, at least to have a drink. Don't worry, I mean no harm." He smiled.
"Okay, if you say so." Clara sighed and took a step into the house.

    She walked fully into the house while Matthew locked the door behind them.

   "So, welcome to my house." Matt smiled and spread out his arms while Clara chuckled softly.

   "Here." Clara gave him the tray while he took it.
"Thank you and you can have your seat." He said and started towards the direction of his kitchen.

  Clara looked around the beautiful sitting room and sat on his soft couch. The place was really beautiful and neat.

    A comedy was showing on the plasma tv and Clara decided to watch it.

The doorbell rang and Matthew quickly went to get the door. It was the pizza guy. He paid for the pizza and took it to the sitting room.

  "I ordered pizza because there's nothing for me to eat and my fridge isn't stocked with anything to cook." He laughed lightly.
"Oh!" Clara just mouthed simply and went back to watching the TV.

   "Would you eat pizza and beer with me." Matthew asked as he kept the box of pizza on the center table with two cans of beer.

"Sure." Clara said.


   Matthew and Clara talked about themselves as they ate the pizza and drank from the can of beer. Clara isn't much of a drinker but she decided to drink enough to forgot whatsoever she was passing through, even if it's for just an hour.

  They bonded really good like they've known each other for years.
Clara forgot that she was pregnant and drank beer till she was drunk. She didn't care, she just wanted to get drunk and Matthew didn't stop her.

      Matthew and Clara laughed heartily as Matthew cracked a not funny joke but they found themselves laughing hard.
The joke was lame and not funny but because they were drunk, they laughed crazily.

     Ten empty cans of beer were lying scattered on the floor. Matthew had drank seven while Clara had drank three and they were both drunk.

    They hit themselves and spoke gibberish and laughing like crazy people.

  From laughing, Clara suddenly bursted into hot tears, hitting her chest repeatedly like it hurts.

   " hurts a lot." She cried and laughed at the same time.

   "Everything would be fine okay?" Matthew cooed in his drunken state.

  "You're so pretty." Matthew smiled as he stared at Clara's face. She looked dizzy and her eyelids were starting to get heavy.

   Their faces were close to each other and Clara's lips were more pink and lush. It looked good to kiss.

    Matthew tucked in a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. "You are so cute." He said again and brought his lips closer to hers.

    And just when they were about kissing, Clara felt nauseous and suddenly puked on Matthew's shirt.

  "Gross!" Matthew yelped and quickly stood up but not having stamina, he fell back on the floor.

  Clara laughed crazily and cupped Matthew's face.
"You!" She mouthed with a smile, her eyelids already getting closed.

  She brought his face closer to hers and kissed him soundly on his cheeks.
Before Matthew could comprehend what had just happened, Clara was already asleep, with her head on his shoulder.



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<pre><code>         Matthew staggered on his feet and walked upstairs to his room, holding the stair railing for support.

He got to his room and slammed the door shut.
He pulled off his shirt and then, his briefs.

He walked to the bathroom and stood under the shower and turned it on.

<pre><code>His vision was a little bit clear and better as soon as the water cascaded down his nude self.

"Argh!" He groaned and washed his body thoroughly.
His head was pounding real bad and he felt dizzy too.

He toweled his body after he was done bathing and walked out of his bathroom.

He wore new clothes and cleaned his wet hair.

He went to the sitting room and sighed as he stared intently at the sleeping Clara – she looked tired and exhausted and even as at that, she still looked pretty.

Matthew couldn't help but admire her.

He walked to where she laid uncomfortably and carried her in his arms.
He started towards the stairs, taking gentle steps so he wouldn't fall.

He finally got to his room and laid her on his bed.
With his eyes closed, he took off her shirt and quickly used the duvet to cover her.

She stirred gently and continued to sleep peacefully.
Matthew sighed and went to the sitting room and cleaned the little vomit on the floor.

He took his clothes from his room and took them to the laundry room.

"I'll wash you tomorrow." He said to the clothes as he dropped them inside the basket. He went back to the room and he stood by the door, watching Clara sleep peacefully with her chest heaving up and down rhythmically.

His eyes were clear now and he didn't seem to be like one who was drunk less than an hour ago.

He took a blanket and a pillow and went to the couch opposite his bed and a bit far from the bed too.

He laid on the couch and stared at the ceiling for a while and soon, he fell asleep.


<pre><code> "Martin?" Grace, the twin boys mother called calmly.

"What is it mom?" Martin groaned, obviously not interested in whatever his mother wants to say.

"Did you have a fight with your brother?" She asked softly.
"No? Why did you ask?" Martin asked and tuned to face his mother.

"Matthew moved out." She said sadly and sniffed in the tears that threatened to fall out.

"So? What's my business? I don't give a damn.
Maybe he left because he needed some time alone and privacy." He shrugged nonchalantly and started towards the stairs.

"I'm not done talking and you're already walking out on me." Grace called out to her son.
"I don't give a damn mom." He yelled and ran the remaining distance to his room.

Grace sighed sadly and sat heavily on the couch.

<pre><code>She wondered when her boys would finally become best friends.


<pre><code> Claire stared at Clara's picture and tears rolled down her cheeks. What suddenly happened?

They were beat friends and each other's companion.
Was it jealousy?

Claire wept hard and hugged the picture to her chest.

Her phone started ringing and when she checked the person calling, it was Mateo calling and she had saved his number as <em>my love.</em>

She wiped her tears and forced a smile on her face.

She swiped the receive icon and placed the phone on her ear.

"Hey babe." Mateo's cheerful voice came up in the phone.

"Hi love." She said calmly.

"Wanted to ask if you're busy so we could go out and have fun. Maybe a club or a bar or anywhere you like." Mateo said over the phone.

"Sure, anywhere would be fine. Let me quickly get dressed." Claire said happily.
"Alright babe, see you in thirty minutes."

"Alright love. I'll be ready before then." Claire beamed.

"I love you."
"You know I love you too."
And the call ended.

Claire giggled and tossed her phone on the bed and quickly got up from her bed.

<pre><code>🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }


CHAPTER 18 and 19



          Clara stirred awake and yawned lightly. She tried to turn to the other side of the bed but she felt a splitting headache that made her groan in discomfort.

   "Eish! My head hurts." She winced slightly with her eyes closed.

   The door opened and she was surprised and shocked to see Matthew with just a brief on with no shirt on – he was bare chested and she couldn't understand why her face suddenly grew hot and her throat dried.

She quickly diverted her gaze away from him and gasped loudly as if she was struck with something.
She raised the duvet up a little and she almost screamed out loud in shock. She was just in her short and bra.

  Her shirt was no where to be found.

Did anything happen in her drunken state the previous day? She thought as she observed her body.

   "Did we..." Clara's voice trailed off as she tried hard not to cry.

  "No, no, no Clara. It's not what you think. I swear we didn't do anything yesterday night. I would never take advantage of you in your drunken state.

You puked on me and your shirt wasn't really clean as it was stained with vomit and it would make you feel uncomfortable and so, with my eyes closed, I took of your shirt.

   I swear I didn't see anything." Matthew quickly defended himself, feeling bashful too.

  "Oh really? But I guess this is your room? What am I doing here? Did we sleep together on the same bed?" Clara asked and face grew hot and she didn't know why.

Gosh! Damn her cheeks because she sure knows it would probably have gone all red and she even felt more embarrassed.

   "Oh about that! It was late already and I couldn't carry you home and even let you stay home alone in your condition. I slept on the couch." He said and pointed to the couch.

  Clara's face reddened as she felt embarrassed.
"Oh! Thank you." She whispered softly.

"You're welcome." Matthew smiled and walked closer to her on the bed while she clutched the duvet tightly around her chest.

"Here. I thought this might help." Matthew smiled and handed her the hang over tea he had with him.

"Thank you." She mouthed and took it from him. She blew air into it before gulping down all the contents down her throat.

"Aah!" She breathed out a sigh of relief and handed the cup back to him.

   "You can use the bathroom and I would get you one of my clothes to wear." He offered.

Clara just nodded her head but didn't make any move of standing up. Matthew finally got the clue and excused himself.

Clara breathed a sigh of relief as soon as Matthew was out of the room.

Still wrapping the duvet protectively around her body, she got to the bathroom.


     "Clara, you can use the blue toothbrush there because it's new and the white towel on the railings too." Matthew said softly behind the bathroom door.
"Okay, thanks a lot Matthew." Clara yelled so he would hear her.


    When Clara was done bathing, she tied the white towel around her nude self and walked to the room, only to see a big neatly well folded shirt on the bed and a brief too.

She smiled and picked them up, inhaling the sweet smell from them. The brief was a new one but she wasn't sure the big shirt was new.


    Clara finally got dressed and went downstairs and to the kitchen and found Matthew seating on the kitchen's counter, drinking coffee.

She cleared her throat loudly so Matthew would be aware of her presence.

  Matthew turned towards her direction and his eyes roamed around her body. The shirt wasn't too big and it fitted her so well and his brief too.

And she looked cute in them.

   "Thanks." She said shyly and walked closer to meet him.

 "Here." He handed her a cup of coffee and she gladly took it. She took gently sip from it and licked her lips.

"Wow! The coffee tastes nice. You're sure a good coffee maker." She complimented while he just smiled.

   As Clara sipped from her coffee, she tried hard to remember what had happened the previous night but she couldn't remember. She could only remember them eating pizza and drinking beer and also talking about random stuffs.

  She couldn't remember any other thing again.

"So, I was thinking you would like to accompany me to the supermarket to get food items because my fridge and cabinets are literally empty. I need to stock my kitchen." He said with pleading eyes.

   "Sure, no problem." She smiled at him.

   "There's a few cookies left and I'll just microwave it so we can eat it and then, you go home and change into something better." He suggested and she nodded her head.

    They ate the cookies and Clara also ate an apple she had taken from his fridge.

   She got home and changed into something more comfortable.
She had to wear sandals because of her condition.
She took her purse and locked her door firmly before going over to Matthew's.

   Matthew opened the passengers seat door for her like a gentleman while she gracefully entered, with a huge smile on her face.

  He got into the driver's seat and drove off. As he drove along the road, he stole quick glances at Clara who was moving her body slowly to the music from the car's stereo.

   Matthew couldn't help but admire her.

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{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





         Claire and Mateo alighted from Mateo's car as soon as they got to their destination which was a bar.

Claire smiled and entwined their hands together while Mateo used his other hand to hold her by her waist.

They walked elegantly into the bar and it was one classic and expensive bar and Claire was impressed.

    They walked into the bar and greeted the barman.

    "Two glasses of tequila." Mateo hollered at the barman and he nodded his head.

   They both sat on an empty seat and waited for the barman to come with their order. The place was cool and nice and there was a soft music playing in the background.

   "Night here would be fun." Claire said as she stared around the place.

  "Yeah. I've been here with Clara once. It was fun." Mateo said and suddenly grinned widely at the memory.

  Claire's face suddenly turned sour and angry. There was never a word she says he wouldn't mention Clara. In every of their conversations, he would always mention Clara's name with a smile on his face.

   It was annoying but she wouldn't blame him because perhaps, anytime he sees her, he also sees Clara.
She needs to do something about it.

   "But you know, Clara was really boring and she had taken just a glass of champagne and didn't drink again. She was so boring." He added with a shrug.

  "Can we just change the topic?" Claire grunted the question with jealousy and anger in her voice.

  "Sure." Mateo said and nodded his head.
The barman came and dropped their glasses on their table, bowed and left.

  "Here, cheers!" Mateo smiled and raised his glass to Claire's.

Reluctantly, Claire raised her glass and they both clicked it together. "Cheers."


     "Excuse me." Mateo whispered softly as he saw a pretty girl walking towards the restroom.
Claire didn't see the girl but Mateo had been watching her.

   She looked like a slut or maybe a stripper because of how indecent she had dressed.

 And she had a cigarette in her hand. She had various piercings – three earrings at both ears, another at her nose too.

  Mateo followed the girl and they met at the girl's restroom.

  "Hey pretty." Mateo called and smiled, rubbing his palms together.
"Yeah, hi handsome." The lady smiled seductively at him and bit her lip.

   She drew him closer to herself and they started kissing. She tasted like vodka mixed with cigarette and it wasn't really a good or bad taste.

    The lady started unbuckling Mateo's belt and he didn't waste any time in raising your up her skirt.

    She brought out his dick and started stroking it hard while Mateo let out a grunt. He unbuttoned her shirt and fortunately for him, she wasn't wearing a bra and so, he took one of her big boobs in his mouth and sucked it hard while she moaned.

     "Well, well, well..." A female's voice and clapping of holds jolted them from what they were doing.
They both turned and saw Claire staring at them with disgust in her face.

    "I'm done here!" Claire snapped and stormed out of the restroom with rage.

 Mateo quickly rearranged himself and glared at the lady while she hissed angrily.
"Claire please wait!" He ran after her.


    Matthew and Clara placed different food items in the trolley till it was filled up. Clara took another trolley and continued to put different items in them.

  "Clara! We are gonna finish everything here." Matthew laughed as Clara continued to go about picking different things and putting them in the trolley. He was rolling both trolleys and they were damn heavy but Clara didn't mind.

  She seemed to be having fun picking everything she wanted and thinks Matthew would like.

   "Please Matt, just this last one. I really love shrimps." Clara pouted and gave him cute puppy eyes.
Matthew chuckled and nodded his head.

   Clara has been saying that but she would still pick another item. Matthew was really enjoying her company and he loved the way she was smiling. He loves seeing her happy.

   Finally, they were done. Their wares were wrapped up neatly and Matthew paid for them. Two bodyguards were assigned to help them carry the goods to Matthew's trunk.

Matthew gave the two men money but they declined but Matthew still insisted and they took it. They thanked him and made their way back to the supermarket.


   "Wow! This is heavy." Clara grunted as she tried to bring down one of the bags.
"Hey, leave it, I'll take them in. You shouldn't stress yourself in this condition." Matthew said and looked down at her almost flat stomach.

"Oh!" She mouthed shyly.
"Thank you."


       "You man whore! How dare you? You went behind my back to make out with a slut?" Claire yelled angrily as they both walked into Mateo's house.

    "What! Clara was always better than you! Is there any difference between you and the slut I made out with?" Mateo sneered angrily.

  "What? You call me a slut?" Claire asked speechless and slapped him hard across the face.

 "Don't you dare ever compare me with Clara or a slut!" She yelled angrily and slapped him again.

   "I regretted ever meeting you and leaving Clara! I regret every of my action." He yelled back at her.

   "You shouldn't regret your actions because we are in this together. We are both partners in crime." She laughed hysterically.

  He scoffed angrily and walked away.
Claire turned too and walked out of the house.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





   "I'll make lunch." Clara offered with a smile as they both walked into the kitchen.

“No Clara, I’ll do it. You’ve done enough already.” Matthew shook his head negatively.

“Please…” She whined and gave him cute puppy eyes but he shook his head negatively.
“I still insist that I make lunch Clara.” Matthew said and pushed her back lightly out of the kitchen.

   "Matthew." She whined but he didn't answer her. He pulled her to seat on the couch and gave her the tv remote control and turned on the TV.

“Just seat and watch TV.” He grinned and walked out of the sitting room while Clara sulked.


  Claire walked into the house angrily and slammed the door hard. 

“Hey baby, what happened? Why are you looking sad?” Her mother asked as she walked into the sitting room.

“None of your business mom.” She hissed angrily and started towards the stairs to her room.


    Jay and Jamal sat in the sitting room of Jamal, drinking beer.

“You know, you haven’t said anything about having Clara.” Jamal teased as he drank from the can of beer.

“Yeah, I just decided to let it be.” Jay shrugged perfunctorily but Jamal didn’t believe him.

He knows Jay too well and he knows that Jay never backs down in whatever he put his mind to.

"Really? The Jay I know wouldn't just let things be." He pressed on, staring intently at Jay who had a smirk on his face.

"Don't put words in my mouth Jamal, I've decided to let things be." He smirked and drank from the can of beer.

He stood up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen.
“I hope you aren’t planning something bad Jay because I know you, you don’t give up on something you’re want so badly.” Jamal said truthfully.

Jay smirked and entered into the kitchen.
Jamal knows that Jay is planning something big since he hasn’t said anything about having Clara for moths now.

But he hopes Jay doesn’t end up doing something that he would live to regret.


   "Argh!" Matthew heard Clara's sharp cry of pain in the sitting room.

He rinsed his hands in the sink and dashed out of the kitchen.

He ran to the sitting room and found Clara sprawled on the floor and clutching her stomach tightly and groaning in pain.

“Clara? Oh my God! What’s happening to you?” He yelled in fright but Clara only continued to groan in pain.

Matthew went back to the kitchen and turned off the cooking gas and ran to his room to get his car keys.

He carried Clara up in his arms in a bridal style and hurriedly walked out of the house. He placed her gently at the backseat of the car while he got into the driver's seat.

Clara was fine just few minutes ago, what suddenly happened? He asked no one in particular as he drove crazily on the road.

"Hang in there Clara! We are soon gonna get to the hospital." He cooed gently as he took a quick glance at her at the backseat.

He was damn worried and he tried all his possible best to concentrate and and drive well.

Soon, he got to the hospital and hurriedly carried Clara and made his way into the hospital. The nurses came in and brought out a stretcher where she was laid. She was writhing in pain and Matthew was so worried about her that he could literally feel her pain too.

She wouldn’t stop crying too and it was hurting him too. He doesn’t like seeing her in tears or being unhappy too.
It broke his heart watching her cry in pain and he couldn’t do anything.


"It was just a minor cramp, she'd be fine. And please, she shouldn't undergo any work that is stressful and she needs bed rest. Any hard work can make her have a miscarriage.

She needs proper attention and care. She should also take fruits and vegetables.” The doctor told Matthew who listened with rapt attention.

“Okay doc, thank you.” He said and they both shook hands.

He breathed out a heavy sigh of relief as soon as he got outside the doctors office. Thank goodness, nothing bad had happened to her.

He was so worried about her.
And then, he made up his mind to take care of Clara till she puts to birth. He’d make sure she never does any work at all even cooking. He is gonna help her do everything. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her and so, he is willing to do anything for her.

With a satisfactory smile, he walked towards her ward.


 "I can't look at myself in the mirror without seeing Clara! Matthew doesn't say anything without involving Clara. Clara this, Clara that! It hurts.

Why can’t I be loved for who I am without being seen as my sister? Why can’t people understand that despite we are identical twins, we can never be the same. We are two different people.” Claire cried out in pain and anger. She pushed her dressing table and everything crashes on the floor.

She took out her scissors and walked into her bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and smirked.

 "From today, I don't wanna see myself and see Clara! I'm gonna make sure of that." She scoffed.

She took some strands of her hair and passed the scissors through it.

And she continued until, she finally cut of her hair.

"Finally, I look like me." She smiled as she stared at her new appearance. 

Her hair were on the floor but she didn’t give a damn. There were just few hairs on her head.

And really, she didn’t look like Clara anymore. People would be able to differentiate them now.

"I'm Claire and I don't look like Clara either. I'm me. I can look at myself in the mirror without seeing Clara. People can tell us apart now and not see me as Clara anymore." She grinned as she continued to stare at her self in the mirror.

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<pre><code> "Hey, how are you doing? You got me so worried." Matthew said softly as he stared at Clara who laid weakly on the hospital bed.

"I'm sorry I made you worried. I'm feeling better now." Clara mouthed and stared at him with cute puppy eyes that Matthew has come to like so much.

<pre><code>"I'm glad you're fine now." He smiled and stroked her silky hair.

"When will I be discharged? I really hate the smell of antiseptic and other drugs here. I wanna go home." Clara pouted and held Matthew's hand in hers.
"Okay, I'll talk to the doctor about it so you'd get discharged as soon as possible. Me too, I don't like seeing you here and looking helpless." Matthew said and exhaled.

"Okay, thank you." She smiled sincerely at him.
He nodded his head and continued to stroke her hair till she fell asleep.


<pre><code> "Oh my God Claire! What the hell did you do to your hair?" The twins mother yelled in disbelief as she stared at Claire who had a smirk on her face.

"I'm me now mom." She rolled her eyes and finally climbed down the last stair case.
"Why did you cut your hair?" Her mother asked.

"That's because I'm tired of looking like Clara and getting compared with her too. I just wanna be me." Claire shrugged and walked towards the dinning room.
Her mother trailed behind her, looking really shocked.

<pre><code>"You need to go to the saloon to take care of your hair because you aren't looking good like this. You look awful." Her mother said and scrunched her face in disappointment.

"Whatever, you don't tell me what to do with my hair." Claire snapped and sat on a dinning chair. Her mother shook her head sadly and also sat down.

What has come over her daughter?


<pre><code> Clara was discharged and she was more than happy. She was given some drugs and also advised so she wouldn't do anything that would harm her baby or make her to have a miscarriage.

"Erm…you see Clara, I wanted to ask you for a favor and please don't get upset about it." Matthew stated nervously, staring hopefully at Clara.

They were both in the sitting room watching the boring show on the TV and there was an awkward silence between them too.

<pre><code>"Huh? What is it Matthew? I wouldn't get mad at you." Clara urged him with a reassuring smile.

"Okay, the thing is that I want you to start staying at my house.
And oh, please don't get me wrong. I just wanna be of help to you during this pregnancy.
I mean no harm." Matthew rushed his words and he didn't know why he was perspiring even under the on AC.

<pre><code>Clara stared at him in shock like he had just said the most unheard word.

"Wait, what? What did you just say?" Clara gasped and stood up from the couch and stared keenly at Matthew who looked rather speechless.

"Look Clara, I mean no harm okay? It's for your own good and the baby's. I just want to make sure that you're fine till you put to bed." Matthew itched his none itching head.

Clara just stared at him speechlessly.

<pre><code>🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





"Hey…" Jay's voice trailed off as he stared at Claire. His mouth fell opened and he looked damn shock that he couldn't even close his mouth.

"Close them before flies die in them." Claire said sarcastically and used her finger to close his mouth.

She rolled her eyes and catwalked to his couch and lowered herself gracefully on it.

"Ah! Here's so hot. Didn't you on the air conditioner?" Claire hissed as she fanned herself with her hand and stared around Jay's house.

Jay finally got back to his senses and went to seat beside Claire on the couch.

"Claire what the hell did you do to your hair?" Jay asked, looking stunned and staring at Claire like she's suddenly grew horns on her head.
"Just wanted to try out something new with my hair." She shrugged plainly and popped out her bubble gum noisily at Jay's face but he didn't react.

"Wow! But I must say it suits you so well." He complimented still looking surprised.

Claire had gone to the saloon earlier and made her hair look nice. It was made in a very fine and presentable way and it looked really good on her.

"So, what do you have for me?" She asked after a brief silence.
"We are clubbing tonight." He said enthusiastically and that made her smile.

"That's great hun. I can't remember the last time we went clubbing." She pouted and kissed him lightly on his lips.

"Yeah and that's why I decided we would go clubbing tonight." He smiled and kissed her back.


Claire didn't say anything but just walked out of Matthew's house. Matthew was stunned and hurt by her reaction but he did expect it from her.

They don't even know each other too well.
He sighed despondently and fell hard on his couch. He crossed his legs together and exhaled sharply.
He doesn't know what Clara is making him feel. He doesn't understand the feeling and it's confusing the hell outta him.

Even if he did expect such reaction from Clara, he still wondered why she didn't give him an answer but just abruptly leave just like that.

He wouldn't lie, it did hurt him a lot that she didn't accept or even give him a reply.

He stood up and started towards the kitchen.
He needs some cold beer to help him cool his mind.


"Miss Clara, we've missed you so much." Janet, one of Clara's co-workers smiled enthusiastically.
Clara smiled back at her and hastily walked away. She didn't want to engage in any conversation with anyone.

She took the elevator and soon, she was in third floor, her boss's office.
She knocked softly on the door and she heard her boss's voice telling her to come in.
She twisted the door knob and pushed the door opened. She walked inside timidly like it was her first time in his office.

She closed the door gently and walked over to her boss desk where he was typing so fast on the laptop in front of him.

"Good morning sir Ben." She greeted with a nervous smile.
"Oh miss Clara. How are you doing today?" Ben asked with a smile.

"I'm fine sir Ben." She smiled lightly.
"Please have your seat." He beckoned on her. She sat on the chair just opposite him and stared at him.

"Okay, I'll just go straight to the point why exactly I'm here. You know I told you that I would be needing a short break because of some personal issues I was facing and you granted me permission.

Well, I'm fully back now and ready to start work." Clara said softly.

Ben listened to her with rapt attention and nodded his head.

"Really Clara? But some weeks ago, you came here by yourself and quitted. You said you wouldn't be able to work here because you've found a better job." Ben said, looking at Clara who looked utterly confused.

"I don't understand you sir Ben. Me? I never said such a thing, I would never say such a thing. I love here, I love the people and I love my work and position and you know it.

I've been working here for a long time now and I can't just quit." Clara said, looking so lost.

"But you did say it. You clearly told me face to face and not on phone that you weren't gonna come back to the company after you've settled whatever personal issues you had you even brought a resignation letter yourself too.

I don't know why you still came here and pretend not to know what you said." Ben shook his head and went back to typing on his laptop.

"I swear, I didn't. I never told you that, there's a miss up somewhere." Clara said, at the verge of breaking down. Everything sounded ridiculous and it was too much for her to bear.

"Here." Ben said and pushed the resignation be claimed she had written.

"Here is the resignation letter and I already employed somewhere else and replaced you." He added.
As soon as she saw the letter, she went pale.
Her sister had clearly did this. Claire had impersonated her to make her loose her job.

She felt really weak and shocked.

Looking dazed, she stood up and walked out of her boss's office without saying another word.

She looked lost as she drove along the road.
She could barely see as tears blinded her eyes.

She managed to get to her house and without entering into her compound, she alighted from her car.

She stood and wept bitterly.

What did she ever do to Claire to deserve all this?

She wept hard until her head started aching her.

Her vision was starting to get blurry and her head was hurting badly.

She held her forehead and winced slightly. She staggered and before she could hold herself, she fell on the floor and passed out.

And unfortunately, there was no one to save her.



{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





<pre><code> "Hey boss." The voice Jay has been so eager to hear came up as soon as Jay slide the accept icon of his phone.

"Antonio for God's sake! What took you so long to call? I've been waiting since forever and already getting inpatient." Jay groaned over the phone.

"I'm sorry sir Jay, it's just that I've been so busy and I needed to be able to get a good information before I call you." Antonio replied.
Jay smiled and took a small bite from the apple in his left hand.

He chewed it slowly and smiled.
"So, do you have any good news for me?" Jay asked.

<pre><code> "Not really. It's a good and a bad one." Jay could mentally see him scratch his head in contemplation.

"Go on. Spill it out." Jay said, getting really inpatient and nervous. He dropped the half eaten apple back on the tray and stood up.

"Boss the thing is that, I finally located where the girl you asked me to watch, Clara Kendall and I currently know where she's living. But boss, right now, she's outside her house unconscious and there's no one around and I'm watching her from a distance." Antonio rushed his words breathlessly.

Jay allowed the words to sink before he finally reacted.
"O saviours! Antonio, carry Clara to the hospital and text me the address and I'll be there in a jiffy." Jay yelled as he picked up his car keys from the glass table and slipped his legs hurriedly in his slippers and dashed out of the house.

"Okay boss." Antonio said and the call ended.

<pre><code>Jay panicked as he drove very fast along the road. He was so worried about her.

He didn't even care that he wasn't wearing his face mask and dark sunshade glasses to prevent unusual crowd and paparazzi.

He is a celebrity and he gets that a lot – fans and paparazzi all over him but he goes in a disguise and if seen, his bodyguards would help clear the way.

But today, get didn't take any bodyguard along too to control the crazy fabs and paparazzi. But he hopes he's able to avoid them.

<pre><code> Antonio sent him the address of the hospital and few minutes later, he drove into the hospital.

He alighted and bent his head from making people noticing him.

He met Antonio in the reception who took him to Clara's ward. She was fast asleep and a drip was fixed on her.

She looked tired and pale. And even in her unconscious state, tears slide down from her eyes and rolled to her ear.

"What did the doctor say! What's wrong with her?" Jay asked as he stared pitifully at Clara's form on the bed.

"Well at first he didn't want to tell me but I had to lie that she's my younger sister and he did tell me." Antonio sighed and took his gaze from Clara to stare at his boss who wasn't even sparing him a glance. His whole gaze was on Clara.

"That was wise of you." Jay mouthed plainly. "So, what the doctor say?" He added.

<pre><code>"She's depressed and needs to be hydrated because she is dehydrated." Antonio said. Jay sighed softly and walked closer to Clara on the bed and held her soft hands in his.

"You'd be fine okay?" He whispered softly and kissed the back of her palm.


<pre><code> "Who brought me here?" Clara asked breezily as she stared around her hospital ward. It was a VIP ward.

"I did." Clara heard and she turned to look at the person and she was shocked to see Jay.

"Jay? How did you find me?" She asked, squinting her eyes at him.

"Well…" Jay scratched the back of his head in thoughts and finally came up with a like to tell her. He wouldn't want her to know that he had somebody stalk her and that was why he was about to bring her to the hospital.

<pre><code>It's only gonna get more complicated.

"Oh! That." Jay laughed lightly but quickly stopped and had a serious countenance on as soon as he saw Clara's gaze on him, expectantly.

"Well, the thing is that, a good Samaritan saw you unconscious beside your car at your house and brought you to the hospital and fortunately, the good Samaritan is my friend and so, he called me thinking you were Claire, my girlfriend.

And I had to rush down here and I found out that it was you." Jay lied smoothly.

The lie was so convincing and Clara believed him immediately.

<pre><code> "But that doesn't mean you brought me here, your friend did." Clara arched her eyebrows at him.

"Shit!" Jay cussed inwardly.
"Yeah. But I did bring you to the VIP ward and paid your bills too." Jay said and rolled his eyes.

"Okay. Thank you. And where is your friend so that I can also thank him?" She asked, staring around her ward.

<pre><code> "He went to get you food so you would eat to be able to take your medicine." Jay said.

"Alright. Once again, thank you Jay."

"You're welcome."

<pre><code> Antonio came with the food and Clara thanked him profusely and he just had to play along after getting a sign from Jay to play along.


<pre><code> "Dad?" Matthew called as he walked into his father's office, the CEO of the company.

"Son?" His father looked surprised seeing him.
He couldn't even remember the last time his son stepped into his company not to talk of coming to his office.

<pre><code>"Oh son, please have your seat." He said enthusiastically and smiled at Matthew.

"Thanks dad." Matthew smiled lightly and sat opposite his father.

<pre><code> "Dad, I won't spend much of your time, I came to see you." Matthew sighed and ran his fingers through his curly soft hair.

"Okay, go on."

"Dad, I accept your proposal of being the new CEO of one yourcompanies – that's if, the offer is still valid. It's been years you told me you know and I'm just accepting." Matthew said and exhaled softly.

<pre><code>His father surprised him by standing up and pulling him to a big warm hug.

"Oh my God Matthew! Thank you so much. I never stopped believing that you would accept. If you want, I can make you the CEO of three more of my properties – like the spa, the eatery and, the supermarket." He enthused.

"Sure dad." Matthew smiled nodded his head.

"Thank you so much son, you don't know how happy you've made me." His father said truthfully and they both shook hands, smiling.


<pre><code>Matthew's father is a very rich business tycoon who's into different types of business. He has one of the biggest underwear making companies in the state plus others.

Matthew has never liked venturing into business but he's intelligent and smart enough to handle any. He likes working in the hospital and saving lives and against his father's wish, he studied medicine and surgery in the university while his twin, studied business admin.

His father eventually gave his twin brother the companies but Martin squandered the company's money and almost made the company to collapse but thank goodness their father was able to revive it on time and he made Mike stop working for him.

<pre><code> Now, Matthew wants to work in his company and he is very much happy.

He has always trusted and believed in Matthew.
And he's sure he would do better than his twin brother.


<pre><code> Clara was discharged after giving some drugs and told on what to do. She was placed on a bed rest for 14 days. She was supposed to be admitted for that 14 days so the nurses can treat her properly, but she declined.

Clara thanked Jay and Antonio again as they made to go home.

Matthew watched from the window as Clara alighted from Jay's car.

Matthew didn't know why, but he felt really sad and… he couldn't tell, seeing Clara alighting from a guy's car he couldn't see properly but he knew it was a guy.

And not only that, Clara was smiling and waving happily at him.

He felt sad and he left the window, going out of his room. He is sure gonna confront her.

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    Clara waved at Jay and walked into her compound. Matthew sighed as he got to his door about to open it, but he couldn't bring his hand to open the door.

He just placed his hand on the handle of the door but he didn’t twist it open.

He left the door and started towards his couch. He sat tiredly on it and switched on the TV.

He relaxed his back on the couch and crossed his legs.

But even as he watched the tv program ongoing, his mind wasn’t there – his thoughts were centered on Clara and how she had alighted from a guy’s car.

 He decided to get a few drinks so it could help him clear his mind. He just didn't want to continue thinking about it.


 Clara stepped into her house and breathed heavily. She bent her head and started sobbing quietly.

How could Claire do such a thing to her?

What has she done to deserve this from her own twin?

Why’s Claire been hard on her?

 She sat on her sofa and wept bitterly.

Where would she start from now that she’s been jobless?
How’s she gonna take care of her unborn child being jobless?

She felt so sad.


 The next day, Clara woke up with a pounding headache but she managed to get her butt outta bed.

The doctor had told he what was exactly wrong with her and he also gave her medications and told her to be on bed rest for 14 days. But Clara knew it wouldn’t be possible for her to have complete bed rest since she had no one to take care of her.

But she was gonna try as much as possible to have enough rest.

 She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and after that, she had a quick shower because she was feeling lazy and tired.

She got dressed in just a top that revealed a little bump of her stomach and a skirt that stopped just right on her knee.

 She packed her in a ponytail and slipped her legs in her fluffy flip flops.

She got to her kitchen and stared around her kitchen. She opened her kitchen cabinets and brought out ingredients for making pancakes.

 She opened her fridge and brought out a bottled water. She finished the water and disposed the can in her trash can.

"Let's make breakfast." She said to herself as she wore her apron. She washed her hands and started her preparations.


 Matthew had simple breakfast of just tea and toasted bread and egg. All through the night and even his dream, it was filled with Clara. 

He woke up early and started preparing for his first day at work as the new CEO.

After he got dressed in his fine suit, he took his brief case and car key. He looked over at Clara's apartment and shook his head. He got into his car and drove off.


 "Good morning boss." The workers, especially the female ones greeted cheerfully as Matthew walked gracefully into the company.

“Good morning.” He smiled cheerfully at them and waved at them.

He entered the elevator and soon it got to the fifth floor, his new office.

He walked in and met a lady he guessed to be his secretary already waiting beside his desk.

“Good morning boss.” She smiled at him.

 He wasn't surprised that the workers already started addressing him as boss because his father had already told them about his coming.

“I’m Vida, your secretary.” The lady smiled.
“Nice to meet you Vida. I’m Matthew.” He said simply with a smile.

"I'll fill you in with some things you'd need to know and anytime you want, you can ask to hire a PA because the person who was the PA already left last month. So, it would be your choice if you want to have another." Vida explained in a professional way. 

Matthew was impressed at how she spoke intelligently and how her dressing was modest.

She looked very responsible.

“Okay Vida, thank you.” He enthused and walked to seat on his swivel chair.

“If you need anything sir, I’m just few feet away from you. That’s my office over there.” She smiled and pointed to a glass transparent door.

"Alright, thank you." He smiled at her.


 Clara took her laptop and checked in for any vacancy in an art company.

She didn’t seem to get any. She sighed tiredly and closed her laptop. She got it from her bed and walked out of her room. She got to the sitting room and sat on her sofa and turned on the TV and fortunately for her, an interesting was going on and so, she sat comfortably and watched.


 Matthew got home that day very tired and worn out. There was a lot of work to do and it was so stressful. As soon as he got home, he just fell on his couch and slept off. It has been a tiring day for him.

 Matthew woke up in the middle of the night feeling better. He took his brief case and went to the kitchen. He took two juice boxes and two apples and started for the stairs to his room. 

He got to his room and dropped his brief case on his desk and pulled his suit.

He had his bath, wore his pyjamas and took the juice boxes and apples and climbed onto the bed. He ate the apples and drank the juices in relish.

He worked for some minutes on his laptop before going back to sleep.


 "Seriously dad? You had to give five companies to Matthew? How could you dad? I begged you to hand over even if it's one of your companies after the mistake I made, but you refused but now, you happily gave four of your companies to Matthew?" Martin yelled angrily at his father. He was in fury and his eyes were held so much anger.

“You were not responsible Martin. You threw away the opportunity I gave you to work in the company by squandering the company’s money. I don’t trust you again Martin and I know that your brother, Matthew can do a lot better than you and that’s what matters. I don’t regret giving them to him.” His father yelled back at him.

And that struck Martin’s heart. He felt really hurt and sidelined. How could his father?

 "Really dad?" Martin scoffed angrily.

“You should better look for something meaningful to do with your life, you ingrate.” His father snapped at him and brushed past him, walking towards the stairs while Martin just stood, looking speechless and shocked.


   Matthew left for work very early and because of the works at hand, he told his secretary to get him a PA that would work for him. The works were too much and the secretary can not attend to them all and so, he requested for a personal assistant.

Matthew got to the office and his secretary handed him a cup off coffee and he gladly took it. He sipped it gently as he worked on his laptop.


 Clara stared at her appearance and with a satisfied look, she left her room, clutching her handbag.

She entered into her car and drove off.

As she drove in a slow pace, she checked around for any big companies.

After hours if driving, she was already losing hope because she didn’t see any company that caught her attention.

Finally, she saw a sky scraper and it was beautiful inscribed, “MM ART COMPANY.”

She almost screamed in happiness as she quickly drove into the company.

"Hi, I'm Clara Kendall and I want to see your boss." She said politely to the lady she met at the reception.

“Do you have an appointment with him?” The lady asked politely.

“No ma’am. I’m here for a job, if there’s any vacancy.” Clara said.
“Oh! okay. Let me inform the boss. And by the way, I’m Jane.” She smiled at Clara who just nodded her head.

After a brief talk with the boss, Clara was directed to the boss’s office and she thanked Jane.


 Clara breathed in and out nervously as the boss voice ordered her in.

She opened the door and walked in. The boss took his gaze from his laptop to stare at the guest and his jaw dropped in shock.

 Clara looked shock too as she stared at him.



{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





      "Claire, can I have a word with you?" Her mother sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. 
"What is it mom? I'm still gonna tell dad." Claire hissed and made to walk away but her mother held her back.

    "What exactly do you want Claire? You've blackmailed me enough right? So, what exactly do you want?" Her mother asked, clearly frustrated.
"I want you to get me a new Lamborghini mom." Claire smirked mischievously.

  "But Claire, I just got you a new sienna just few weeks ago and now you want a Lamborghini? C'mon Claire." Her mother tried to reason with her but Claire wasn't hearing any of it.

   "Fine, if you don't want to get it for me. When dad returns, I'll just tell him and trust me, it wouldn't be funny." Claire grinned mischievously.
"Claire please it hasn't gotten to that. Okay, fine. I'll get you the Lamborghini if that's gonna make you not tell on me." Her mother said.

"Alright mom. I give you two weeks to get me a Lamborghini or I'm telling dad everything." She smirked and catwalked away.

   "Oh God! What have I done? What have I gotten myself into?" She lamented as she watched her daughter walk away.


    "Hey, what are you doing here?" Clara asked nervously as she walked in fully into the office.

    "Oh, hi. My father owns this place. I don't really work here but I just came here to check up on something and dad begged me to work as the CEO for today while he attends to another of his business." Matthew explained.

   "Oh!" Clara mouthed simply. She really didn't know what to say.

"Where do you work then?" She didn't know why exactly she asked.
"I thought you were working at the hospital." She quickly added.

     "Oh! I'm not working at the hospital any longer. I'm the new CEO of five of dad's companies but I stay at MM COMPANY. The headquarters of the whole of dad's companies." He boasted proudly.

   "That's nice." Clara said softly and tucked in a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

   "What about you? What are you doing here?" Matthew asked.
"It's a long story."


    "Miss Kendall, I want to see you in my office." Claire's boss said sternly and walked away even before Claire could utter a word.

Her boss looked clearly angry and she knows that she was in trouble. But what has she done to make her boss angry?

     She got the his office just as he sat on his swivel chair.
As Claire made to seat, her boss gestured his have for her to stop – for her not to seat.

   "There's no need for you to seat. I'm highly disappointed in you Claire. You borrowed a loan from the bank and you didn't deem it fit to tell me. You just requested it from the accountant and you didn't even seek my approval.

    Now Claire, I don't care why you took such a huge loan, I want you to return it in two months, else, you'd be fired and severely punished. You might even find yourself in the cell." Her boss said coldly.

  Claire kept mute and fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, feeling speechless.

   "I'm sorry sir Fred." She gulped down nervously.
"Sorry for yourself. Leave now!" He ordered and she did.

     She had collected a loan because she wanted to buy a house but after what her boss had just told her, she doubt if she'd buy it again.

There's no way she'd be able to return the loan in two months and she doesn't want to get her ass locked up in the cell.


    "That's really bad. But you know what, I'm not giving you the job." Matthew said and rolled himself on his swivel chair.

Clara had narrated what happened and he felt really bad.

    "But why?" Clara asked lowly with a disappointed look.
"That's because I don't want you to work. See Clara, I don't want you stressing yourself in this your condition.
All you need now is enough rest. Okay fine if you don't want to live in my house, allow me take care of your needs.

     I won't allow you work." Matthew said adamantly.
Clara was shocked as to why Matthew wouldn't give her the job.

    She felt touched.

   "You know what? I'll come over later at your house because we have a lot to talk about." He said.
"But I seriously want to work Matthew." She whined.

   "I can perhaps change my mind after you've given birth and you're strong enough to work." Matthew grinned.

   "Matthew!" She whined and pout her lips childishly and gave him cute puppy eyes but seems Matthew was really adamant.

   "Nah! That won't work." He shook his head and smiled at her.

   "Alright, fine." She faked an angry face but it only made Matthew laugh.

"Even if you get angry, I still wouldn't change my mind." He smiled.


        "Babe, I'm sorry okay. I really am." Mateo apologize to Claire and held her from behind.

    "I'll only forgive you if you take me shopping." She batted her lashes.

   "That's okay by me." Mateo grinned.

"Let's get going already." Claire said enthusiastically while Mateo nodded his head.


     "...that was what really happened." Clara finished explaining to Matthew while she had alighted from Jay's car.

"Thank goodness." Matthew breathed out with a smile. He felt happy. There was nothing going on between Clara and the guy.

     Matthew was driving and they were both headed for the grocery store to get some healthy fruits and vegetables for Clara.

      They got to the grocery store and Matthew parked his car in the parking lots.

He alighted from the car and quickly went to Clara's side and opened the door for her before she could.
   Clara smiled at him.

      Matthew had come back home early from work because he wanted to spend more time with Clara. 

   They got inside and this time around, Matthew did the picking and also rolling of the trolley while Clara just walked side by side with him, talking about little things.

   After they had bought everything they needed, Matthew paid for them and the goods were wrapped for them.

As Matthew and Clara made to walk out of the grocery store, they met – almost bumped into Mateo and Claire.

     They both looked shocked to see each other.
Clara was more shocked because of Claire's hair – she wasn't shocked again seeing her with Mateo because she had seen them, even making out.

    "Claire, what did you do to your hair?" Clara was the first to speak as the four of them just stared at each other.

    "None of your business. And long time, no see." Claire said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

   "Aren't you even ashamed of yourself Claire? Not even up to four months Matthew ended our engagement, you're already flirting with him? What sort of a sister are you?" Clara scoffed and tried as much as possible not to cry because it felt like she was gonna cry.

    She still feet hurt and betrayed.

    Claire raised her hand to smack Clara but a hand gripped her wrist tight, restricting her from slapping Clara.

    "Don't you dare lay your filthy hands on my girlfriend if you don't want them chopped off." Matthew growled at Claire who looked clearly shocked and gob-smacked.

She took her hands away from him and glared hard on him.
    "Oh really now, you already have a boyfriend just after less than four months we broke up?" This time it was Mateo's turn to talk.

He looked angry as he glared at Matthew.

    "Well, I'm better than you. What about you, you went ahead to date my own sister who has a celebrity as her boyfriend. You're both shameless you know." Clara fired back angrily.

    She isn't really the type to talk much but seeing Claire and Mateo, she felt really angry.

    "You've always been a slut you Know?" Mateo grinned mischievously at her.

  Clara Jaw dropped and she felt really hurt by his word.

    Before Mateo could say another word, a heavy punch landed on his face and it made him stagger.

   "Don't you ever call Clara a slut because she's not one and can never be one.

   You're a loser. You don't know the rare gem and treasure you just threw away, you're gonna react your actions. Fools!" Matthew spat the words at Mateo and glared at Claire.

Matthew took Clara's hand and walked out on them.

   Mateo wiped the blood stain on his lips and winced because of the sharp pain he felt from the cut.
It hurts.

   "Oh my! Sorry Mateo." Claire said and tried to touch Mateo but he pushed her aside and walked into the grocery store.


    "You should stop crying Clara. They don't deserve your tears. They will surely regret whatever they've done to you." Matthew cooed softly.

   Clara sniffled her tears and hugged him tightly with her hands wrapped around his neck.

    "Thank you so much Matthew." She said sincerely and Matthew smiled.

He stroked her hair affectionately and smiled.

   She didn't even care that he had called her his girlfriend, the good thing was that, he defended her.

  The punch was really heavy.


     Matthew prepared dinner and they both ate silently. Just when Clara was almost done with her meal, she dropped her spoon and took her gaze to stare Matthew.

    "Matthew, I accept your proposal to start living with you." She said, going straight to the point.

   "Oh my, thank you so much Clara." He yelled enthusiastically.
He walked to her seat and hugged her. She stood up and hugged him back.

  Being so excited, he didn't know how their lips were just inches apart. Clara closed her eyes and he took it as a go ahead and so slowly, he moved his lips closer to hers until they touched.

   Matthew kissed her slowly and passionately while Clara held the side of his shirt and deepened the kiss, enjoying every bit of the kiss.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }




         "But baby we are supposed to go to the Mall." Claire whined as Mateo drove towards Claire's house direction.
"Didn't you see what happened? I'm in a bad mood okay and I don't have any fucking time to go the mall.

    When I'm in a good mood, we can go but as for today, our outing is cancelled." Mateo groaned, trying hard to hold onto the steering.

    His fist tightened around the steering as he drove angrily on a high speed.

Clara made to talk but she quickly shut her mouth and turned to stare outside the car window.
Indeed, she knew that he was angry but she had been so enthusiastic in going out to shop especially with him by her side.

   Mateo stopped his car just in front of Claire's gate. Claire alighted from the car and waved lightly at him.

He just hissed and drove away.

    Claire sighed and walked into her parents house.

    Why the hell did Clara and her so called boyfriend have to ruin everything?

    Why did they have to meet them?
She hissed and stomped to her room, ignoring her mother who was sitting on the couch and watching TV.


      The kiss deepened and Clara moaned softly in his mouth. Wow! He was such a good kisser and she didn't want the kiss to end.

Matthew was carried away and kissed her so dearly like he didn't want to let her go.
She tasted so nice – just like strawberry.

     His hand slipped under her shirt and he caressed her little bump stomach.
He felt a tingling feeling as he did that.

   Finally, they both broke the kiss to catch their breaths. They were both panting heavily like they've just ran a marathon race.

Clara's lips were swollen and more pinkish. Her cheeks were crimson red too. Matthew just had a huge smile on his face.

   "Look who's blushing." Matthew teased as her cheeks reddened.

Clara blushed harder and dug her head in his broad chest.
"Shy queen." He muttered as he stroke her hair.


     After dinner, Matthew did the dishes while Clara just stood beside him, keeping him company by bringing up different talks.

   "Let me go get the guest room ready. It's super clean but I want to do some few touching and I'll be done in less than thirty minutes." Matthew said to Clara as they both sat on the couch, watching a k- drama movie.

   "Why? You don't have to worry Matthew, I totally trust you. I can stay in your room." Clara said with a smile, her hand loosely around his wrist.

    "Really?" He asked, his heart almost bursting out in excitement.

   "Yeah, really." She nodded her head and flashed him a cute smile.

 "Thank you for trusting me Clara." He smiled appreciatively at her.
"It's nothing."


     Matthew gave Clara her privacy as she made her way to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and pulled her skirt and then, her shirt.

    She pulled her panties and her bra and she was nude already.

She turned on the shower faucet and got under the shower. She smiled as the cold water cascaded down her nude self. It was refreshing.

    She ran her fingers through her wet hair and hummed softly to no song in particular.

When she was done, she turned off the shower faucet and took her towel from the rail and tied it around her body and a plopping towel on her wet hair.

   She smiled and walked out of the bathroom. Thank goodness, Matthew was still not yet in the room as it would give her enough time to dress up and not feel shy.

     She dried her body with the towel and wore Matthew's shirt and brief he had given her. She inhaled the sweet smell of the shirt and it smelled like Matthew – a good and unique smell.

    She removed the plopping towel from her hair and dried her hair with it but there was still few droplets of water from the tip of her hair.

   Just then, she heard a soft knock and she knew it was Matthew. So thoughtful of him to knock so he wouldn't see her birthday suit, if she was in it.

  "You can come in." She said softly and the door opened revealing shirtless Matthew.
Clara gulped down as she stared at his bicep that was more pronounced and his complete six pack. He looked really manly and good looking too.

   "If you're done eye raping me, tell me." She heard Matthew's voice which had a little sarcasm in it.

She flushed in embarrassment and took her gaze to stare at her feet.

   "Erm...can I borrow your hairdryer?" She asked softly.
"How sure are you that I have one?" He asked with a smirk.

    "I don't know. I just guessed." She shrugged her shoulders.

  "You're correct, I do have. I'll go get for you." Matthew smiled and walked over to his wardrobe and brought out the hairdryer that he didn't even know when was the last time he used it.

"Thank you." She smiled as she took the hairdryer from him.

   "I'll help you." He suddenly said and took the hairdryer from her.
"But..." She was saying, but Matthew already pulled her to seat on the bed. He sat on the bed, behind her to have a good view of her wet shiny hair.

   Clara finally relaxed and let him do it, she knew he was adamant and there's no way she could convince him when he's made up his mind already

. Matthew blow dry her hair and he gulped down nothing.

   Her back and shoulders was so fair and smooth. As water dripped to her back, it gave it a more pleasant sight. Her back shone brightly.

He suddenly dropped the hairdryer and trailed his finger from her shoulder down to her back. Clara shivered at his touch and goosebumps broke out from her skin, making all hair in her body to stand.

   When he was blow drying her hair, it had took a lot for her not to feel things she didn't want to feel. She felt a little uncomfortable at their close proximity and his soft hands on her shoulders.

   But now, he just touched her...

   He bent his head and kissed her lightly on her back. Clara paused, the unfamiliar sensation, a combination of adrenaline that made her heart beat increase and electricity that made her skin tingle.

  "Erm... Matthew, my hair is already dried. Let's go to bed already." Clara's tiny voice spoke up before Matthew could kiss her back again.

  It had taken a lot of boldness for her to be able to talk out because she was enjoying the sensation she was feeling from his soft touch.

   He cleared his throat and stood up. 
"Uhm, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to, I was carried away." Matthew quickly apologized, with his words rushed out quickly. He got up from the bed with the dryer in his hand.

   "It's fine. I understand." She said softly.

      "Thank you." She added in a soft whisper.


      "I'll take the couch while you take the bed." Matthew said as Clara stood, staring from him to the bed.

They were both ready to sleep but no one was willing to climb the bed first.

The thought that it was just a bed in the room didn't cross through Clara's mind when she insisted they stay in the same room.

    "No, no, it's your house and room. I'll take the couch and you take the bed." Clara shook her head negatively.

  "What! Are you for real? Sleep on the couch in this condition? Even if you aren't pregnant, I wouldn't even still allow you sleep on the couch because it's gonna make you feel uncomfortable." Matthew almost screamed in shock.

   "I still insist, I'll take the couch while you can take the bed. I can manage." Matthew added and sighed.

    "You know what, let's just sleep on the bed together." Clara said and Matthew's jaw dropped in shock.

"Look Matthew, it's not what you think okay. We are not gonna Criss our boundaries. I'll use the pillows to demarcate our selves." She quickly added, with her face heating up so badly – she was blushing.

    "Clara, I didn't think of something bad okay? And thank you." He smiled at her and patted her back.

  "Let's go to sleep now." Clara said with a shy smile.

  Matthew placed two pillows at the middle of the bed and there was a perfect space for them to sleep.

  He took a blanket and gave it to Clara and took another.

  "Goodnight." They both whispered together as they laid on their respective sides of the bed, the pillows creating a reasonable space between them.

   Matthew stretched his hand and switched off the bed stand light. Matthew peeped and found Clara already sleeping. He stretched and placed a wet and passionate kiss on her forehead.

"I love you..." Clara whispered from her sleep. Matthew paused and a smile formed on his face.

"I love you Mateo." She added again and went back into deep sleep.

Matthew's face dropped in disappointment and he laid on his own side of the bed. 
Even after what her ex fiance did to her, she still loves him?

Matthew didn't know why, but he felt a painful stab in his chest.



{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





<pre><code>   The next morning, Clara woke up and she saw that Matthew was already out of the bed. She was alone on the bed and it felt really comfy.

She still felt a little bit dizzy and she felt lazy to stand up from the bed. If she can have her way, she would sleep all through the day.

<pre><code> Just then, Clara heard the sound of the door open and she quickly pretended to be asleep.

She heard Matthew's footsteps but she didn't open her eyes but instead, she closed her eyes so tight.

"Hey, wakey, wakey sleepy head." Matthew sing-song loudly and whistled loudly.

<pre><code> Clara was almost forced to open her eyes but she still didn't but continued to pretend to be asleep.

"Hey, Clara. Wake up, I know you're awake." Matthew whispered softly in her ears, with his breath fanning against her face.
She couldn't hold any longer and she bursted out laughing. Matthew smiled at her.

She opened her eyes fully and sat on top of the bed with her arms underneath her boobs.

"Hey, good morning." Matthew whispered softly with a smile. Clara bit her lower lip shyly and tucked her hair behind her ear.

She looked so cute with her face all reddened.
"Yeah, good morning." She replied shyly.
"C'mon let's go downstairs, I made you breakfast." He smiled at her and pulled her up gently.
"Thank you." She smiled at him and slipped her feet in his slippers.

"I'll just brush my..." She couldn't complete her statement when a wave of nausea arose in her. She held her mouth and placed the other hand on her stomach before rushing into the bathroom to throw up.
Matthew sighed softly and went into the bathroom.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked softly, with concern and care written all over his face.
He had a worried expression too as he stared at the sudden pale Clara.

<pre><code> "Yeah. I guess it's morning sickness. It's normal." She shrugged plainly and rinsed her mouth. She took a row of tissue and used it to wipe her mouth.

She flushed the toilet and disposed the used tissue, and sighed, rubbing her slender fingers through her disheveled hair.
As she made to walk out of the bathroom, Matthew surprised her by sweeping her off her feet. He carried her in a bridal style and walked out of the bathroom.

<pre><code> Clara smiled and placed her head on his chest. When he got outside, he used his leg to close the door of the bathroom.

He laid her gently on the bed to be in a lying position.

"Just stay in bed. I'll get you your breakfast – breakfast in bed." He smiled warmly at her and her heart couldn't help but flutter.

"Thank you so much Matt, I don't know what I would have done without your help. Ever since you came into my life, I've forgotten the situation I'm in and I've seen reasons to smile.

I'm so grateful to you and I would never  get tired of saying thank you, even if I know it's not gonna be enough. Thank you so much Matthew, for coming into my life." She said wholeheartedly and emotionally.

She was at the brick of crying but she managed to sniffle it in with a smile.

<pre><code>"I should be the one thanking you Clara. You've changed me even without knowing.

I'm happy to have met someone like you." He smiled at her.

Clara sniffled in her tears as they came rolling down her cheeks.
She couldn't stop them from flowing.

It wasn't tears of pain or bitterness but tears of joy.

"Shush! It's okay. Don't cry, it's not good for the baby." He cooed and wiped her tears.

He pulled her into a warm hug and her arms wrapped around him. 
"Thank you so much Matt." She smiled and sniffed in the sweet smell of his shampoo on his hair.

"You're always welcome." Matthew whispered soothingly and stroke her hair affectionately while she melted on him.


"I don't give a fucking damn anymore Claire! You're nothing but a bitch! You can   go ahead and tell your father for all I fucking care.

You've blackmailed me for too long and I've done whatever you want me to do, but now this, I'm sorry but I can't do what you want this time around.

<pre><code> You can't continue to blackmail me!" Claire's mother rasped angrily as she glared at Claire, her eyes daring her to say the wrong words.

Claire got infuriated and glared back at her mother.

"Oh! Really now mom? I asked for a well furnished duplex and for you to sign in your company to my name and you said you don't have money and you can't have over the  company to me and also, you're blabbing out that I should go ahead to tell dad?

<pre><code>Well, I'm really gonna tell him." Claire snapped at her mother, with so much anger seething in her.

"Go ahead! I don't give a fucking damn! I go down and you go down as well!" Her mother yelled, with rage.

They were both angry and not ready to calm down. Neither of them wanted to calm down for the other and their high pitched voices filled the quiet mansion.

<pre><code>Claire stomped out of her mother's room and made her way to the stairs.

"I'm so telling dad today." She seethed as she hurriedly descended the stairs.

Just then, her mother smirked from behind and without thinking twice, she pushed her so hard down the stairs and having no stamina whatsoever, Claire fell and rolled down the stairs with a loud wail.

She fell hard on the floor and her head hit the corner of the stairs railings hard.

She started gasping for air and soon, she went unconscious, with blood gushing out of the corner of her injured head.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰Pregnant for an unknown 🤭  }





 Claire's mother shook the evil thought out of her mind as she watched Claire walked down the stairs.

Goodness! She couldn't believe that she had just thought of something that bad against her own daughter.

No matter how bad Claire had become, she would never do anything to harm her. But why did she suddenly think of something as bad as pushing her daughter down the stairs?

Geez! She shook the thought aside and hurriedly descended the stairs.

"Claire! Wait up!" Her mother called out to her but she didn't even turn as she continued to walk angrily towards the sitting room.

Claire furrowed her brows when she couldn't find her father who was sitting not quite long on the sofa.

"He was sitting here a while ago." She mumbled to herself as she continued to stare around the empty sitting room.

She wasn't happy and her face said it all. She was already ready to tell her father everything her mother did behind his back.

She doesn't even care if it's gonna cost her parents their marriage – all she cared was getting back at her mother.

"Hey Lisa! Where's dad?" Claire asked a maid that had come to take the glass of unfinished juice Claire's father had drunk, on the table.

"Oh! Ma'am,he stepped out for a while and he said he would be back in no time." Lisa explained calmly.

"Gosh! And he didn't deem it fit to tell either mom or me." She mumbled angrily to herself.

"You shouldn't be doing this Claire! You're taking this too far." Claire heard her mother's voice from behind her.

"I don't care mom! I'm telling dad whenever he comes back and you aren't gonna make me change my mind." Claire scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Claire, haven't you thought of our marriage? Don't you know spilling the truth would amount to me loosing my many years of marriage with your father?
Please Claire, I beg of you, don't tell your father." Her mother begged soberly.

"The truth is still gonna come out one day, you know! So, it's better I say it all today while you bear the consequences too." Claire said harshly and walked out on her mother.

Her mother sighed despondently and rested her back against the nearest wall.

She was totally confused and at the same time,scared.
She knows Claire, she was definitely gonna tell on her.

Once she cross her mind to something, she was gonna do it and there's no going back.


"Matt." Clara called childishly with a pout. She was operating her phone, with Matthew sitting beside her.

They were both operating their phones but Clara dropped hers and turned to face Matthew.

"Yes?" Matthew turned and glanced at her before turning back to his phone.

"I want ice cream." She pouted again and blinked her eyes rapidly, looking so cute and innocent.

Matthew chuckled and ruffled her hair playfully.

"Sure. Let's go." He said,dropping his phone on the bed and smiling at her.

"Oh my! Thank you Matt!" She squealed enthusiastically and climbed down from her bed.
"Take it easy babe." Matt chuckled while Clara blushed because he called her babe.

It sounded so romantic to her and she wished he would continue to call her that.

"I'll just wait for you in the sitting room." Matt said she left the room.

Clara smiled and quickly went to her closet to look for a casual wear to wear.


"So, you said you have something very important to tell me." Claire's father said, staring keenly at Claire.

Claire's mother pleaded with her gaze but Claire only scoffed and stared at her father.

"Dad, I want to tell what mom's been hiding from you." Claire stated with a smirk.

Her mother was fidgeting and she looked so scared and perspiration dripped slowly on her forehead despite being under the air conditioner.

She wouldn't have been in sitting with both father and daughter but her husband insisted she sits with them so she can too hear what Claire has to say.

"Alright go on." Her father urged her calmly.

"Mom's been cheating on you." Claire broke the bombshell.

"What!" Her father shrieked in disbelieve.
"What nonsense are spouting from your mouth Claire? How can you accuse your mother of such?" Her father yelled and scoffed.

"Well, dad it's the truth and I'm not accusing mom wrongly and I have proof too.

"That's not all dad. She has a ten years old daughter." Claire added, leaving her father rather speechless.

He was too dumbfounded to even utter a word as he stared at his wife who was already in tears.

"How did you know about this?" Her father asked.

"Well, that's not necessary." She smirked and brought out her phone from her jacket pocket.

She unlocked her phone and scrolled through her photos.

She clicked on a photo and showed it to her father and his jaw dropped in shock.

In the picture was Claire's mother and a man naked in bed.
The photos were about three and another photo was her with a beautiful young girl.
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
They hugged in the first picture,they were smiling and holding hands in the other photo.
And in another photo, the little girl pecked her cheek and one could see the resemblance between them.

Even a blind man could tell that they were mother and daughter.

"How is this happen?" Her father's voice shook.
His voice was cracked and it seemed like he was gonna break down in tears.

"I'm sorry." She broke down in hot tears.

"And dad, if you take a closer look on the man's face, you'd find out that he's Lin, your best friend." Claire grinned more.

Truly, when he looked at closer at the almost naked guy in bed with his wife, he found out that it was his best friend.

"I'll just get going. Mom, you should explain to your husband." Claire grinned,took her phone from her father and walked out of the house.

"Tell me this is not true." He asked looking so confusing and finding everything so ridiculous.

"It's the truth and I'm gonna explain every thing to you."


"Hey babe." Mateo grinned as Claire walked into his bedroom.

Claire scoffed and rolled her eyes and sat softly on his bed.

"I want you Claire." Mateo said seductively from behind. He ate from the hollows of her neck and trailed his fingers down to her boobs but she yanked his hand away.
She hissed and scrolled through her phone.

"I don't want to have sex with you." She said bluntly.

Mateo wouldn't take no for an answer and so, he quickly grabbed her and made her fall on the bed.

"I told you I'm not ready." She groaned as he settled in between her legs.

"And I'm having you whether you like it or not." Mateo grinned wickedly.

"Stop it Mateo! Are you insane?" She yelled at him and tried pushing him off her body but she couldn't.

He tore her clothes so easily and then, her panties while she continue to struggle and shout.

He pinned her hand down and without warning, he plunged into her with a mighty force. She let out a loud excruciating cry ad he rode her mercilessly, yanking her hair so hard at intervals.


"Hey Claire!" Jay said cheerfully on the phone.

"Hi Jay." She replied dolefully.
"Are you okay? Can you come over?" He asked at once.

"I'm fine and I'll come over." She breathed out, not having a choice.
Jay won't take no for an answer and so, she has no option.

She scrubbed her body so hard and wore her clothes. She sniffed in her tears as she left Mateo's room.

She couldn't believe Mateo had forced himself on her.

She tried her possible best to walk properly even though her legs were hurting badly because of how he hard banged her without mercy.

She got outside and entered into her car and drove off. Perhaps, Mateo had gone out because she didn't see him.


Jay and Claire talked, ate and laughed like lovers.

Jay insisted that she passed the night in his house and no matter how hard she tried to disagree with him, he still insisted she stayed.

Before they went to bed, they had sex – Jay wanted it and she didn't want him to forcefully have her.

She was sad and her tears wouldn't stop rolling down uncontrollably down her cheeks.

Her two boyfriend's had slept with her in one day and she wasn't happy. One raped her and she gave the other even when she wasn't in the mood.

As she laid on the bed unable to sleep, she thought about the day with tears in her eyes.

Maybe karma has finally caught up with her, she thought Miserably.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





<pre><code> Clara ate the third ice cream, licking her lips in relish.

She already had three strawberries ice cream and she wasn't tired and she still craved for more.

"I want another one Matt." She pouted her lips and tung on his arm with cute puppy eyes, blinking it rapidly.

"You look so cute and adorable." He smiled warmly at her and pecked her forehead.

"I know but pwease bye me another ice cream. Just one more and I promise I wouldn't ask for another." She pouted more and kissed his cheek soundly.

"Yeah, that was what you said the second time I bought you another ice cream. You've had enough ice creams already in one day babe and it's not good for your health." He said softly.

Clara abruptly removed her hand from his arm and bursted into hot tears.

"I hate you! I want another ice cream and you wouldn't let me have it. I hate you." She wailed loudly and passersby stared awkwardly at them.

"It's okay Clara. Stop crying. You're making people think I made you cry. See, there are lots of people staring at us already." He said calmly but she wasn't buying any of those.
She only wailed louder.

"Okay, okay, fine. I'll get you another ice cream and after that we are going home." He said, trying to sound stern but his voice still came out soft and calm.
"Can you please make it two?" She blinked her eyes and smiled at him.

"Sure." He sighed and started walking towards the ice cream shop.
"You can make it three if you want and don't forget, strawberry flavor." She yelled after him but he just exhaled deeply.

Clara smiled to herself and wiped her tears.
These days, she was getting emotional too quickly even for the slightest thing and Matthew understands her and he makes sure not to make her cry.

He never wants to see her in tears and she has come to like him so much.


Matthew and Clara walked towards where Matthew parked his car. Clara was licking her second ice cream happily with the third one with Matthew, holding it for her.

"You look so happy, don't tell me it's because of the ice cream." Matthew teased as they walked slowly.

"Of course, it's so delicious." She giggled childishly and gave him a little to lick and he licked it, smiling at her.

They continued to walk because where Matthew had parked his car was a little bit far because the other places close by were restricted from parking cars.

As they got nearer to the car, they met an old woman who looked so dirty and unkempt. She was struggling to stand up with the aid of her walking stick.

Clara sited her quickly ran up to her and helped her stand up properly on her feet.

"Careful ma'am." Clara smiled at her as she let go of the woman's hand after she was sure the woman could stand properly.

"Thank you my child." The old woman beamed at her.
Matthew finally caught up with them and greeted the old woman politely.
"Matthew, you should never let her go no matter what. She's your destiny and you should always make her happy and never leave her.
You're destined for each other and you'll find happiness together." The old woman whispered softly into Matthew's ear, leaving him shocked.

How the hell did the woman even know his name?

Clara didn't hear what the old woman had said because it was a very low whisper.
The old woman patted his shoulder affectionately and smiled at Clara, who in turn smiled back at her.
Gently and slowly, the old woman walked away.

"What did she say to you?" Clara asked, as she licked the ice cream that was about rolling off because it was melting already.
"It's nothing." He smiled at her and held her hand.

"I'm tired Matt." She said tiredly as they made to start walking again.
"C'mon, I'll give you a piggyback ride." He said as he gestured to her to climb on his back.
Clara grinned and jumped on his back.

Matthew chuckled and carried her properly holding the ice cream firmly so it wouldn't fall and started walking while Clara licked her ice cream happily.


"I didn't mean to cheat on you, I did because I wanted to save your company from crumbling.
Remember, the day you went bankrupt because of a deal that was fake?" Andrea, which was actually the twins mother asked.

She had stopped crying but she was sniffing at intervals.
Jason, her husband just nodded his head.
"It was all your best friend's doing. He was jealous of you. I had went to him for help when I saw that your company was already crumbling and you were depressed.

That was when he told me the truth that he was behind whatever that had happened to you.

He told me the only way he would help you is if I had sex with him…" Andrea stopped and sighed.
"I was baffled and I blatantly told him no. But then, things were getting worse and he was the only one who could help us and so,I agreed.

I didn't want you to know because he told me it was just gonna be once and I believed him.

But only did I know that he had other plans. He really helped you but he had recorded our intercourse in a video tape and he threatened to release it to the public and you.

I was shocked and helpless. And he told me the only reason he wouldn't release it is when I continue having sex with him anytime he wants and because I was scared, I agreed.

He warned me also not to tell you or he was gonna kill you.
And that was how it had been going for eleven years now.
I got pregnant and when i knew he was responsible, I couldn't pin it on you since the doctor had clearly stated that, you wouldn't be able to father a child after we had the twins.

And during those periods, we hardly made love and so, I knew it was for Lin.
I told Lin and he insisted I kept the pregnancy.

When I was in my third trimester, I left the country – remember that time I told you I had a really big contract at Korean, it was a lie. It was just an excuse for me to leave so you wouldn't know because pregnancy can not be hidden.
I had my baby girl, Virtue and I left her in the care of her father and a nanny.
They are currently in the country and I've been visiting her occasionally.
That was what really happened Jason. I'm really sorry I lied to you all these years." Andrea finished her narration and broke down in hot tears.

Jason couldn't find his tongue as he didn't know what to say.
He was gobsmacked and tongue-tied.
"You did all that for me?" Jason asked with tears in his eyes.
"You went through a lot for me?" He added.
Andrea wasn't expecting such reply for him and it made her weep more.

"I'm so sorry Jason… for my infidelity. I'm sorry and I'm ready to face the music. My hands were tied, I was being threatened." Andrea wept bitterly.

"I forgive you hun." Jason suddenly said to her own surprised.
She thought she didn't hear him right.
"Yes, I forgive you." Jason repeated cooly and wiped her tears and then, hugged her tightly.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





      "Oh no! This can't be! Oh my God!" Claire yelled in horror. She was too shock and all blood had drained from her body and she looked like a ghost.

She suddenly turned pale and her body trembled.

She was pregnant!
What the hell!
She wept bitterly as she continued to stare at the two red lines.
"This can't be true." She sobbed, finding the whole thing absurd and unbelievable.

    Just few days ago, she had had sex with both Mateo and Jay the same day. Now, it was really confusing to know whom the father of her baby was.

She wasn't sure whose seed germinated and was growing inside of her. And just the thought alone brought more tears to her eyes. She was beyond bittered as she was confused as well.

Who is she gonna pin the pregnancy on?

Who exactly is the father of her baby?

"I don't fucking need to know the father of this child, I'll just terminate and behave as if I was never pregnant." She said to herself and wiped her tears.

That was it, she made up her mind that she was gonna have a termination.
She took the pregnancy kit and kept it in her handbag. Then, she walked out of the supermarket restroom that she had used.
She bought a few things that she didn't need, before leaving.

"Hey babe, where are you?" Mateo asked over the phone.
"I'm on my way home from the supermarket." Claire sighed dejectedly.
The last thing she wanted was to see Mateo.

    She hated him for forcing himself on her and she hasn't forgiven him yet.

"Can you please stop at D exquisite restaurant. I have something to tell you." Mateo said

"Can't it wait till another time – I meant what you want to tell me?" She groused and ran her hand through her hair.

"Please Claire. I really want to see you." Mateo pleaded softly.
"Fine, I'm coming." She rolled her eyes and ended the call before she could allow him say another word.

She huffed angrily and continued driving.


    "I want grapes and not pineapples." Clara whined with a pout. She tung on Matthew's shirt and blinked her cute eyes rapidly, giving him those cute puppy eyes he can't resist.

"But Clara!" Matthew whined too.
Clara looked the other side and bursted into tears.
"You're being mean to me." She sobbed quietly.

"Okay, Just grapes or you need another thing?" Matthew asked with a smile.
"You always make me cry first before giving me what I want." She sobbed harder.

Matthew felt guilty instantly. He felt so bad.

"I'm so sorry Clara, I'm really sorry. I promise I wouldn't make you cry again." Matthew said and hugged her.
"I'm sorry okay? I'll just quickly go get you what you want – grapes right?" Matt asked with a smile.
"Yes and you can add strawberry ice cream." She said shyly. Matthew chuckled and got up from the couch.

  He kissed her soundly on the lips and hurriedly left. He knew Clara would probably be blushing.

Clara shyly tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled shyly. She touched her lips and smiled.

These days, little acts from Matthew always made her smile and make her cry too but she smiled more often.

She's most times, happy.

 And these past few weeks she has spent with Matthew, has been the best days of her life. She's been so happy these days that she had forgotten her predicament.

She has forgotten that she's pregnant without even knowing the course or even at least, knowing the father.

But then again, even if the child isn't born yet, Matthew already loves the child. She could tell because of how he treated her and did whatever she wanted.

Sometimes, she'd cajole him into telling him that the baby wants what she requested for.
And Matthew being the caring Matthew, would immediately get what she requested of.

  She can't deny the fact any more that she likes Matthew – so much.

He's more like a friend to her but what she doesn't know is if, he feels the same way for her.

Clara laid on the couch and stared at nothing, waiting for Matthew. She tried to fight the dizziness that seemed to overwhelm her but soon, she gave in to nature – she fell asleep.


 "Hey babe." Mateo smiled and kissed Claire, who reluctantly kissed him back.

She creased her forehead and rolled her eyes after they had pulled away from the kiss.

"I'm really sorry Claire, for the day. I didn't mean to force myself on you. I was just driven by sexual urge that day.

I'm really sorry, I promise, I would make it up to you." Mateo smiled and held her hands. Claire didn't even turn to stare at his face as her head was turned towards another direction.

She was really hurt and her head seem to be filled with different thoughts. At that moment, all she thought of was her pregnancy.

She really needed to terminate it as soon as possible.

"It's fine. Can I leave now?" She rolled her eyes.
"Babe, I said I'm sorry." Mateo was starting to get frustrated. He knew Claire was still mad at him and with the look on her face, she looked restless, like she had a very heavy load on her shoulder, weighing her down.

"And I said I've heard. Can I leave now? I have other things to do." She said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

"Fine." Mateo sighed.
As Claire stood up with her bag, she accidentally twisted her foot. She fell on the floor with her bag spilling out it's content, even before Mateo could stand up to hold her from falling.

  "Ouch." She winced and writhed in pain.

As Mateo went closer to her to help her up, his eyes caught with the used pregnancy test tube.
He ignored Claire and picked it up.
His eyes nearly popped out from it's socket. He was shocked beyond words.

The two red lines – she's pregnant!
He stood erect and stared at her in the eye.

  "You're pregnant?" He asked with a cold face. 

They moment, Claire felt all blood drained out from her system and she turned pale.

Where does she start her explanations from?

Should she pin the pregnancy on him?

But gosh! She wanted to terminate it!


  "You whore! Why the fuck did you tell your husband about us? Do you want a death wish?" Lin yelled in rage.

Somehow, Andrea doesn't know how Lin got to know that she had told her husband about what really happened.

"I...was left with no choice." Andrea tried to hide her nervousness but deep down, she was literally shaking in fear.

"Really? He already knows and he's definitely gonna do something about it!" Lin rasped angrily and paced about.

"I'm sorry." Andrea said cooly but instead of a reply, she got a very deafening slap.

He forcefully dragged her and made towards the stairs while Andrea yelled and kicked him but she was no match for him.

He was tall, masculine – you could say he was huge.
He towered over her and she looked so small.

He got to a dark empty room and pushed her inside.

"You stay here while I go kill that husband of yours so we can finally be together." He smirked mischievously. He locked the door with a key and took the key away with him.

Andrea kicked the door hard and yelled out his name. She banged the door hard, but Lin was already out.

She sat on the floor and wept.
She couldn't just believe that her husband was gonna get killed because of her.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





<pre><code> Matthew and Clara finally got home. Matthew opened the front seat door and carried Clara in a bridal style even before she could alight from the car.

She smiled shyly and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Matthew walked into the sitting room and dropped Clara gently on the nearest couch and placed her slightly swollen legs on the glass center table and made her to rest her back comfortably on the chair.

"I'd just quickly get you water so I can make dinner." Matthew smiled at her and dashed out of the sitting room, heading towards the kitchen.

He took a can water and a glass cup it in a small tray and walked out of the kitchen.

He uncapped the can water and poured a reasonable amount of water in the glass cup and handed it over to Clara. She took it from him and smiled lightly at him.
"Thank you."

She drank the whole quantity and breathed out in relief. She felt refreshed.

Matthew took the tray and returned it back to the kitchen.

"I'll make dinner Matt. You look pretty exhausted from today's outing. I would make dinner. Just sit while I prepare dinner." Clara pouted with pleading eyes.

He knew there was no point arguing with her or she'll burst into tears.
"Okay fine, but don't forget to call me if you need anything." He winked at her.
"Sure." She blushed deep shade of red.
Matthew went to a couch and lowered himself on it while Clara walked to the kitchen.

<pre><code>As Matthew sat doing nothing, his mind reminisce on what the unknown had told him earlier today.

He likes Clara a lot and he wouldn't want her sad or even watch her being sad.

<pre><code>But he does not know if Clara feels the same way towards him.

But just like the strange old woman had told him, he would never make her cry and he'll do his possible best to make sure she's always happy.
"Matthew!" Clara called from the kitchen.
Matthew jolted out from his thoughts and quickly stood up from the couch.

"I'm coming." He replied and hurriedly started towards the kitchen.
"Hey, what is it?" He asked axhe got to the kitchen. Clara was washing her hands in the sink and the sweet aroma of chicken soup filled the air and Matthew couldn't help but salivate.

"I need your help with the slicing of onions and I'm bored cooking alone, stay with me and keep me company." She said tearfully.

She didn't know why, but she was at the verge of crying.

"Sure babe." Matthew saluted with a smile and Clara blushed deep shade of red.
"The aroma is so appetizing and I can't wait to devour it." Matthew praised as he walked over to the sink to rinse the chopping board and knife. He also rinsed the two onions he was gonna use.

"Yeah. It's one of my favorite – chicken soup and rice. The taste is even gonna be better than the aroma." Clara boasted as she watched him chop the onion elegantly like he has a talent for it.

"I know right? I trust you." Matthew smiled at her and winked at her.
Clara turned back to the pot on the gas cooker and stirred the chicken soup gently.

"It's almost ready." She announced with a proud smile.
She also checked the rice in the other pot on the cooker and added a little water to it.


<pre><code>"You really aren't angry with me Jason?" Andrea asked and sniffled her tears repeatedly.

"Of course not Andrea. You did what you did because you had no choice.

And your daughter, I'll like to meet with her. If you like, you can make her to start staying with us. She's also my daughter." Jason said lovingly and Andrea couldn't stop loving this man she had gotten married to.

"I'll sure bring her here but I'm not sure she can be living with us – Lin would never agree to it." Andrea said softly.
"Okay." Jason said simply.

Andrea moved closer to her husband and placed her lips on his and kissed him passionately and immediately, he reciprocated the kiss.

"Can we take this upstairs?" Jason asked with a wink.

Andrea blushed and nodded her head, "of course hon."


Claire got home the next day after she had returned from work.

She looked around the house and it was quiet.
"Maybe mom has packed out." She thought with a mischievous smirk.

She climbed up the stairs, humming happily to nothing in particular.

She got to her parents room and peeped through the key hole and she didn't hear a sound or see anyone.

Gently, she opened the door noiselessly and tiptoed into the pitched dark room.

She walked towards her mother's closet and to her greatest surprise, she saw her mother's things still intact.

"Mom didn't leave like I thought?" She mumbled to herself and looked around the room.

She sighed and walked out of the room, closing the door gently and tiptoeing back to her room.


"Wow! This is delicious babe." Matthew complimented with mouthful of rice.

"Thank you." Clara smiled.

"So, after dinner I'll wash the dishes." Matt said after a little silence.
"Okay." Clara simply said.

<pre><code>After washing the dishes and cleaning the dinning room, they both had their bath separately and retired to bed, cuddling each other.


Claire groaned angrily as she yet again, emptied her breakfast in the toilet.
For the past few days, she has been having lost of appetite, feeling dizzy and throwing up.
Not to talk of the way she hated the smell of food. She has never felt this way before and it was awful.

She wasn't having appetite and so, she just returned the barely untouched food back to the kitchen.

She got upstairs to her room and had her bath.
As she cold water cascaded down her nude self, her mind suddenly went to Clara.

This was exactly the same way she was feeling before she found out that she was pregnant.

This symptoms were familiar to that of Clara's.
She shook her head negatively, she doesn't want to think that she's pregnant.

She turned of the shower faucet and stepped out of the shower and tied her neatly pink towel around her body.

She decided to do a pregnancy test to be sure but one thing she hoped was that, it would turn out negative.


Claire waited impatiently with sweat dripping down her forehead as she stared at the pregnancy kit test.

Her hands shook as a red line showed up.
She breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw only one thin red line.

But as she looked closely at it again, she saw two red lines!

"Oh my God!" She screamed in horror and the kit fell from her hands.



{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





          "You're pregnant huh?" Mateo asked again, glaring hard on Claire who looked rather speechless.

“Well, em… yes, I’m pregnant.” She said and ran her hands through her hair that was already grown.

“I’ll have to cut it again before it gets long and I’ll have to look like Clara.” She said to herself.

“Who’s responsible?” Mateo asked, staring intently at her.

"Well, it's you of course. You raped me few days ago you know! You're responsible, you dickhead!" Claire hissed and arranged the things that had fallen from her bag back inside her handbag.

She was suddenly feeling bittered and angry.
She really didn’t want either of them to know about the pregnancy because she wasn’t gonna keep it.
She doesn’t want a child now not when…


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Mateo asked calmly.
“To hell! I just got to know about not less than two hours ago. And just so you know, I ain’t keeping this baby. I’m terminating it.” Claire scoffed and picked up her handbag.

“What! You would do not such thing to my baby! You’re keeping the pregnancy and there’s no two ways about it.” Mateo said firmly.
“It’s my body and I decide on what to do with my body. I’m not keeping the fucking baby and not even you can stop me.” She stated firmly and walked away.

“Claire! Claire come back here! We aren’t done talking yet!” Mateo yelled but she only increased her pace.

"Fuck! Damn it!" He cussed angrily and kicked the air.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

He's got to do something. He can't just sit and watch Claire terminate his baby.

 What he had lost all hope of having.


    "Hey, Clara wake up." Matthew tapped Clara gently on her shoulder.

“Huh! I want to sleep.” Clara whined drowsily with her eyes still closed.

“Really? Wakey, wakey. I bought you enough grapes like you requested.” Matthew tapped her again.

Clara’s eyes snapped opened and she yawned lightly.

"Grapes? I don't want them anymore. I want apples." Clara rubbed her eyes. She stared intently at him with a pout.

“But Clara?” Matthew sighed frustratedly.

“Okay fine, I know you aren’t gonna grant me my request. I’m sorry for asking. I’ll just go back to my house and sleep.” She said, looking all serious and sad.

“No Clara, I didn’t mean it that way okay? I’d get it for you.” He sighed.
“Don’t worry. I get it that I’m a pain in the neck to you.” Clara said and stood up.
She slipped her legs inside her slippers and started towards the door.

Matthew felt guilty. She was overreacting and he knew it was probably because of the pregnancy hormones.

   "I'm sorry Clara, please don't leave." Matthew knelt in front of her and held her waist with his head resting on her stomach.

Suddenly, Clara bursted into laughter. Matthew pulled away from the somewhat hug and stared confusingly at him.

"Really? I was just trying to prank you, I didn't mean any of those." Clara chuckled earning a playful glare from him.

“Geez Clara, you almost gave me an heart attack. Don’t do that again okay?” He sighed and hugged her softly.

“Em Matt, it wasn’t a prank when I said I needed apples and not grapes.” Clara pouted.

"What!" Matthew half-yelled.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }




“Clara! You know what, let’s go together. We’d go to the supermarket and you’ll choose whatever you want.” Matt sighed.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Clara giggled childishly.
“Wait, like this?” He asked, looking shockingly at her.
“What? Why, what happened?” Clara asked, checking herself out.
Matthew gaped at her.

 She was just on a short that wasn't even up to her thigh and his baggy shirt without a bra on, revealing her poking nipples.

She wanted to go out looking like this?
“You’re not being serious are you?” He scoffed.

   "But I want to go like this. I don't want to change into another wear because I'll feel too hot. I feel comfortable looking like this." She pouted and rolled her eyes.

“I won’t have people, especially the guys staring at what’s mine. You aren’t even wearing a brassiere for crying out loud! I don’t what them staring at you, what’s mine.” Matthew stated firmly.

Clara looked rather speechless and her eyes were almost popping out from it's socket.

“What’s yours?” Clara asked, scrutinizing him.

“Uh oh! S*it!” Matthew cussed lowly and stared shyly at his feet.


  "So, Antonio any news?" Jay asked over the phone. He was standing in front of his window with a cigarette in his hand. His gaze was fixed outside the window and he looked lost in thought.

“Well boss, she hasn’t been out this past few days. And one thing you should know is that, she doesn’t leave in her own house. She leaves with a guy in his penthouse.

I don’t know the kind of relationship they have yet, but I’m pretty certain that they are very close for them to stay together.” Antonio replied.

   "Have you seen the guy before?" Jay asked from the other end.

“Yes boss.” Antonio replied.

  "Alright, I want you to get every information about him and send them to me before the end of today." Jay said and took a long drag from his cigarette and puffed out smoke from his mouth and nostrils.

"Sure boss." Antonio said.

 Jay ended the call and exhaled. He turned to his left hand side and took his whiskey from the table. He uncocked it and took a sip directly from the bottle.

  "I must have you Clara, no matter what. You're mine and mine alone. And I wouldn't hesitate to end anybody that one to come in between my plans to have you." Jay smirked and drank again from his bottle of whiskey.


 As Lin drove angrily on the road, he couldn't help but cuss out angrily.

“That b*tch! How dare she? She wasn’t even afraid of what I was going to do when she tells on us. I know Lin wouldn’t just take things lightly and let me be. And that was the reason I threatened her not to tell him.

But that b*tch couldn’t close her mouth shut. Anyways, she’s gonna regret ever telling Jason everything.” Lin couldn’t help but mumble angrily to himself with gritted teeth.

 His hand was clenching and unclenching on the steering and he had to calm himself down, so he wouldn't have an accident.

 Suddenly, Lin realized that the brake had stopped working. And that was when he remembered that he had taken the wrong car.

His Lexus has a brake failure and his mechanic was coming over to repaired it later in the day.

But because of how angry he was, anger blinded his eyes and instead of using another of his card, he used his Lexus.

It was too late already because he was on a high speed.


He used his left hand to ruffle his hair frustratedly.
He needed to get ready for whatever that was gonna happen because he was sure likely to have an accident.

  He tried his possible best to make the brake work but it was impossible – it was just like adding salt to an injury.

He was devastated.


    Lin tried all his driving tactics to avoid crushing into the trailer that was moving just in front of him.

As he tried to maneuver his way out of the road so as not to crash into the trailer, he ended up hitting a tall hard tree just beside the road. He was already out of the road lane.

 The tree broke and divided his car. His head hit the steering so hard that he started bleeding, and smoke started emitting from the car. And instantly, he died.


     Andrea yelled and kicked the door so hard that she ended up hurting herself.

She sat on the floor and wept bitterly.
Her head was muzzy and her eyes were already aching because of how hard she had been crying non-stop.

She just couldn’t bring herself to even think of what was gonna happen to her husband.
Her husband that despite the awful things she had done, he still forgave her and loved her.

    She just didn't want to think that because of her mistake, her husband has to suffer for it too.

She wiped her tears and stared around the room. Her eyes caught with an iron rod.

She stood up from where she sat and walked towards the rod. It was quite heavy when she lifted it up, but she didn’t mind.

She took it and started towards the door, so slowly because it was heavy.

Mustering all the energy she could, she lifted it up and hit it hard on the door.

The door made a crack sound but it didn’t break. She tried for the second time but it just had a little crack.

Gosh! She sighed despondently as she dropped the rod.
The door was seriously strong and stubborn.
She ruffled her hair and her hair pin suddenly fell from her hair.

She picked it up and exhaled sharply.
She hoped that what she was about doing, it would yield a good result.

    She pushed in the pin gently and twisted it. Lo and behold, the door opened.

"Oh my God!" She squealed enthusiastically and without waisting anymore time, she ran out of the room.


    "You were going to say something huh?" Clara stared intently at him. 

She wasn’t ready to let what Matthew was about to say end. She needed a good answer.

  "Nevermind." Matthew sighed.

“Okay.” Clara nodded her head and walked towards the kitchen.
“I’ll go get what I think you need.” Matthew yelled from the sitting room.
“It’s fine.” Clara yelled back.

Matthew exhaled and walked out of the house.

 As soon as he got outside, he released the breath he didn't know he was holding.

Gosh! That was close!

 One thing Matthew was afraid of is being rejected by Clara. He fears rejection and he doesn't want it coming from Clara, especially now that they are very close.


   Claire got home and plonked herself hard on the nearest couch and wept.

Why’s her life so messed up like this?

    She cried uncontrollably and unfortunately for her, no one was there to comfort her. She cried her eyes out until they were starting to hurt real badly.

  As she reminisced into the past, she suddenly thought, maybe it was because of that she had done to Clara.

Maybe, life was starting to get it’s revenge at her for putting her sister through whatever she’s going through.
She sobbed even harder when she thought of Clara and her predicament.
Oh! What came over her?

  When did she become so wicked to hurt her sister that bad?

Now, her mind wasn't at peace...


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }




Clara sat on her bed, with her knees huddled up and her head bent in between her legs.
She was whimpering softly and sniffing at intervals.

Her hand went down to her already pronounced baby bump and she caressed it.

<pre><code> "All this, is still a mystery that I still can't solve. It's still unbelievable even if I'm seeing the proof, right in front of me – In my body." She lamented and tears like rainfall streamed down her cheeks.

"I don't want to be a single mom. I don't even know if I'd be a good mother. How will I cope?" She asked herself bitterly.

<pre><code> She wiped her tears but they only came pouring out like rainfall.


<pre><code> Andrea like a person being chased hotly, as soon as she alighted from her car, ran into the house.

Her body was shaking and her palms were sweaty. Her eyes were all puffy from crying.

<pre><code>She looked disoriented.

She barged into the house and there was no body in the sitting room.
Her heartbeat only accelerated. She managed to drag her feet and move them to the stairs – to their bedroom.

<pre><code> Andrea with so much anxiety, slowly opened the door and to her greatest surprise, she saw Jason sleeping peacefully on the bed.


But then again, she panicked. She needed to be sure that he was truly asleep.

"Babe?" She tapped him gently. As if he wasn't even asleep, he stirred awake. Her husband is a light sleeper.

<pre><code> "Hey love, you're back." Jason yawned and sat on the bed. Andrea didn't know when she bursted into hot tears – she really didn't even know what the tears was for; if it was tears of joy… She sobbed and hugged him so tight, as if she was afraid of letting go.

"Shhh, it's okay babe, stop crying." Jason cooed and wrapped his arms around her.


<pre><code> It was almost nighttime when Matthew got home and at that time, it was raining heavily. He was hooked by traffic plus the rain.

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He got into the house and dropped the items he had bought on the kitchen counter. It was quite heavy because he had bought enough things she thinks she'd be needing.

<pre><code>Different kinds of fruits and all.

He brought out some apples, washed them and put them in a small tray.

He brought out her favourite milk and poured some in a glass cup. He put it also, on the tray.


<pre><code> Matthew got inside the room and he was surprised to see her looking like a lost ghost. She was staring into space. She looked lost in thought.

Dried tears were on her face.
"Oh my, what happened babe? Were you crying?" Matthew asked affectionately. He quickly dropped the tray on the nightstand drawer and climbed unto the the bed.

<pre><code> "I can't help but think about my baby. I can't help but think about the future of this child I don't even know it came about.

I don't even know the father of the child. Everything's just being strange, unbelievable and…argh…" Clara sobbed.
Matthew wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to himself.

<pre><code> "Everything's gonna be fine okay? Stopthinking about those things." Matthew cooed.

"I don't even know if I'd be a good mom. I don't even know what I'll tell my child when he or she grows up and ask about the father?" She wailed.

Matthew was confused and at the same time, sad. He didn't know how to pacify her and he hated to see her cry.

"Everything's gonna be fine okay? When will get to the bridge, we'll know how to cross it, okay?" He smiled at her while she nodded her head.


<pre><code> "Hi dad." Matthew smiled at his father and they both hugged each other lightly. They shook hands and sat on their respective seats, opposite them.

"So dad, you sounded really enthusiastic over the phone. And I've been so eager and curious to know what exactly it is you want to tell me." Matthew said.

"Okay. So, doctor Phillip contacted me. He told me a good news." His father said, he couldn't stop grinning.

<pre><code> "So?" Matthew asked, with so much curiosity in him.

"He said he'd be able carry out the surgery on your face. And it's gonna be successful." His father smiled at him.

Matthew mouth fell opened as he stared at his father in shock.

<pre><code> "Really dad?" He asked, sounding so enthusiastic.

"Yes. But it's gonna take about five months and you'll have to go to India too, where the surgery would be carried out." Matthew's father said.

<pre><code> Matthew was suddenly quiet as he went into deep thoughts.


<pre><code> "I'm sorry miss Claire, but you can't terminate the child. You're likely to die or you're gonna have issues with your womb and you wouldn't be able to give birth again.

You're gonna be risking your life on it." Doctor Stephen told Claire.
Claire had gone for a termination like she wanted to but a test had to be carried out first. And after the test, it was discovered that the baby can not be terminated.

It can, but it's either it would cost her, her life or it would affect her womb and she'd have problem having children in the future.

<pre><code> Claire stood up from the chair and took her handbag from the table and stood up absentmindedly.

She was really hurt.

<pre><code>Why the fuck couldn't she terminate the child?

She was doomed for real.


<pre><code> Mateo sat on his sofa with his hand on his chin. He looked lost in thought. A glass of champagne was in his other hand. He was just shaking the cup lightly, looking so dazed.

He had zoned out.
Suddenly, tears trickled down his face.
His mind went to Claire.

<pre><code>She was carrying his child and he was very happy. Four years ago, before he decided to get married to Clara, they had both went for different tests.

They also checked their genotypes and if they had any transmitted diseases.

<pre><code>And that was when the doctor had confirmed it that he had low sperm count and be wouldn't be able to father a child.

He had been so shocked and unhappy. When he got home, he didn't tell Clara. He was afraid that she would leave him and he didn't want that.

<pre><code> But Clara showed him hers that she was perfectly okay and fertile. They had both gone separately because they had been so busy and couldn't go together. But they promised to tell each other what the doctor had said concerning them.

But somehow, Clara still got to find out. And to Mateo's surprise, she didn't even quarrel over it, infact, she still stayed with him.
He was really surprised. Even after knowing that they wouldn't be able to have children, she still stayed with him and loved him.


<pre><code> But now, Claire was carrying his child, when he had lost all hope that he wouldn't be able to father a child.

And just like lightning, Mateo suddenly remembered that he's probably not the only sleeping with Claire, she also Jay.

Yeah! So, what if the child wasn't really his but Jay's? But again, how?
Just days after he had forced himself on her that she found out that she was pregnant.
He couldn't be so sure.

But one thing he was sure of was that, he was gonna confront Claire.

<pre><code>🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }




"Just breathe okay? Take a deep breath." Jason cooed gently and rubbed Andrea's back affectionately.
She was sobbing real hard that she was starting to hiccup.

"I…thought…I was gonna loose….you love. I was so… scared." Andrea hiccuped and hugged him even tighter.

"You have to take a deep breath and be in a good shape so you'd tell me what really happened." Jason cooed.
"Okay." Andrea sniffed in her tears and pulled gently away from the hug. She wiped her tears and stared at her husband.

"Well you see somehow, Lin got to know that I told you the truth and he was really angry.
He locked me up in an empty room and said he was gonna kill you.
I was able to escape but I was scared that he might have hurt you. But I was surprised when I saw that you were perfectly okay.

And Lin, calculating the timr he had left, he's supposed to be here minutes ago. But I'm glad he isn't here." Andrea explained with tears in her eyes.

"That fucking bastard! Don't worry, he wouldn't dare to try anything stupid. We'd be alert in case if he dares to hurt any of us." Jason couldn't help but seethed angrily.
He wished that he could just lay his hands on Lin and punch the hell outta him.

Lin is really getting on his nerves and he's sure ready for him too.

"I'm so scared love. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I won't survive if he eventually carries out his plan. I love you so much." Andrea sobbed lightly and smiled sadly.

"It's okay. Nothing bad would happen to me. And I love you too." Jason said lovingly and hugged her.


Matthew was restless throughout the day at work. A part of him was happy that he was finally gonna have his face back, but a part of him was sad.
He was sad because he was gonna be away for five months, leaving Clara on her own. And how was he even gonna break the news to her?

And how will she feel or react to it? He doesn't want to hurt her feelings but he wants to get his face back – his face that isn't scary and he doesn't have to wear a face mask to disguise himself.

He would be able to move around freely without anyone getting to be scared of him.

But what about Clara and her baby? How will she cope?

He arranged his files and stood up from his swivel chair. He took his suit denim jacket that was hung around the shoulder of the chair, and wore it.

He left the buttons opened. He took his briefcase and checked the time on his Rolex wrist watch. He sighed and walked out of his office.


Clara hummed happily as she washed the rice and poured it inside the boiling water on the gas.
She seems to be in a good mood and she couldn't tell why.

It was evening already and she was making dinner.
She covered the pot of boiling rice and rinsed her hands inside the sink.

Suddenly, she felt a hand wrap around her waist.

"Holy Jesus!" She screamed out in fear. Laughter filled the kitchen and her pounding heart suddenly became calm.

"Matthew! You scared the hell out of me!" Clara whined and punch him lightly on his broad chest.
"I'm sorry babe, I just wanted to surprise you." Matthew smiled and kissed her softly on her lips.

Clara's face grew red as she blushed deep shade of red.

"Wow! You're blushing already." Matthew teased as he saw her flushed face.

"So, what are you preparing for dinner?" He asked and sniffed around making her chuckle.

"Rice and chicken stew." She replied with a smile.
"Yeah. I can't wait to savour the taste. Apart from my mother, you're the best cook I've ever met." He complimented her and kissed her nose.

Little things like this always made Clara's heart to flutter.

"I'm honored." She smiled.

Matthew and Clara ate dinner whilst talking and laughing. The dinner went smoothly.

They both had their bath respectively and they cuddled in each other's arms.
They look so in love and peaceful.
It was as if everything in their lives were perfect and they weren't facing through any tough times and trials.

But of course, they were facing some tough times, just like every human.


Throughout the night, Claire couldn't sleep. She wasn't at peace and sleep eluded her.

She was restless that she kept tossing and turning on the bed. Her head was filled with do many thoughts and it made her do confuse and lost.

What really got into her?
The next morning, Claire had eye bags and dark circles underneath her eyes.
Her eyes were swollen and red. One could tell that she didn't have a nice sleep.

Her hair was in a mess. She looked pale and pathetic.

She sighed despondently as she stared at herself on the mirror.

If it wasn't because it was her face, she would have ran out of the bathroom screaming in horror because of how horrible she looked.

And then, she decided to make things right. It's time to be that good girl. It's time to make amends and be at peace with her self and her sister.


Matthew and Clara's phones beeped respectively at the same time.
They both turned and took it from the bedstand drawer beside Clara.

Clara unlocked her phone and a message popped up her screen.

"Hi sis. Please let's meet up at Connor cafe. I have something to tell you and bring Matthew with you. Claire." The message read.
Clara's heart skipped a bit and she was so surprised and shocked.

"It was Claire. She asked to see us." Clara sighed and sat on the bed.
"It was mom. She wanted me to come over to have dinner with them as family." Matthew explained with a small smile.

"Okay. So, would you come with me?" Clara asked with a twitch lip.
"Sure. I'll skip work today. Let's start getting ready." Matthew smiled and pulled the duvet off his body and got down from the bed.


Coincidentally or so Jay and Mateo thought, they met themselves at Connor's cafe. They said hi to each other and proceeded to enter the cafe.

"Why are you here?'' Mateo asked.
"Oh! Claire asked us to meet. What about you?" Jay answered with a shrug.

"Huh? Claire asked that both of you meet?" Mateo asked, looking surprised and shocked.

They both stopped walking and stared at each other.
"Yeah, is anything wrong about that?" Jay asked perfunctorily.

"Well, she also asked to see me. And now, I'm going to meet her so we could talk." Mateo said.

The both of them looked shocked too.

They got to inside the cafe and they saw Claire waving at them, signaling for them to come over.
Jay peered a little at the front and he noticed that Claire wasn't seating alone. It looked like thet were two other persons seating opposite her.

Jay and Mateo got to the table and they were surprised to see Clara and Matthew and vice versa.

"What the fuck is this Claire? Why the fuck did you invite me for this? The hell!" Jay suddenly looked so angry.

Mateo was just quiet, he couldn't even look up at Clara. Even after what he did to her, she's still smiling and looking good. In fact, she seemed to have moved on with the man beside her.

"Take a sit and sit down let's talk. Chill okay? We are here to talk and not bicker at each other or throw words at each other." Claire spoke up calmly.


Claire turned and stared with so much guilt and pain in her at her sister, Clara.

"Clara, I have a confession to make." She gulped down nervously and bent her head in remorse. She couldn't even look her sister in the eyes.

Clara nodded her head and all eyes were on her – Jay, Mateo, Matthew and Clara eyes were on her.

"Mateo, Jay and I were the ones who planned everything. We were the ones behind your pregnancy mystery.

And I'm willing to tell you everything, even from the beginning. And before I begin, I'm deeply sorry. I didn't want any of these to happen.

I'm really sorry Clara and I hope you find a place in your good heart to forgive me." Claire said sadly.
Clara was already in tears and her body trembled as she sobbed, while Matthew pulled her closer to him and comforted her.


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }




“Why are you suddenly doing this Claire? And if you were gonna say the truth, why did you have to bring me into this?
Why didn’t you just do it quietly on your own without getting me involve. And besides, this is between the three of us – we agreed.” Jay seethed angrily.

He was furious. If he had had the slightest idea that Claire was gonna say the truth, he would have looked for ways to stop her. But now, she seems to have made up her mind. She was really gonna confess and implicate him too.

“I don’t know how you sleep well at night knowing that someone is suffering for what she had no idea of. If you’re sleep peacefully at night, well I don’t. My mind isn’t at peace and I know the right thing to do was to confess so my mind can finally be at peace.

I can’t even sleep well at night. I just keep hating myself anytime I think of the horrible things I did to my own sister, my twin. I regretted everything I did and I’m ready to speak up.” Claire huffed and tears rolled down her cheeks freely.

“But that doesn’t mean that you should involve me in this shit!” Mateo hissed.

“Just shut the fuck up both of you! This is about me we are talking about here! I want to fucking know the truth and the father of my baby!” Clara suddenly yelled and hit her fist on the table.
The both of them kept quiet and stared at Clara like she had suddenly grew wings.

“Well, Mateo and I have been having sex behind your back for two years now. It started when I went to the supermarket and we both met. You know, as my sisters boyfriend, I said hi to him.

As we shopped, we started a conversation and before we parted ways, we exchanged contacts.
Then few weeks later, Mateo asked to see me. I went and that was when he confessed that he had feelings for me.
Mateo’s a good looking guy and not minding the fact that she was my sister’s boyfriend, I told him I loved him too.

And months later, I met Jay and we started dating. I dated him because I wasn’t sure Mateo and I would have something serious and should in case anything happens, I have Jay.

We started having sex, unknown to you and Jay. When he told me he wanted the get married to you, I was bittered. I pleaded with him not to because I loved him so much, but he insisted he wanted to get married to you.

I hated you. I hated you with the thought that you stole my man from me. But the truth was that, he was never mine. I was blinded by jealousy and lust.

Ever since we were in high school, you’ve always gotten cute guys to fall for you. You’ve always been the one getting good things. I felt sidelined. I would ask myself, what do you have that I don’t?

We were identical and wore same clothes and everything. We even almost had same personalities and still, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get what you got.

Somehow, I don’t know how Jay got to know about my infidelity and he threatened me about it.
He confessed to me that he loves Clara and he wants to have her and he knows that he knows that, I want Mateo too.

He told me he had a plan that could make the three of us have what we want.

Mateo was invited and a plan was set.” Claire paused and wiped her tears. She sighed and continued.


“Mateo brought the plan up. He told us that he knows of a doctor that works in a big hospital that’s very ugly.
The plan was that an IVF would be carried out on Clara without her knowing.

That, Clara should be impregnated with the ugly doctor’s sperm through an In Vitro Fertilization { IVF }.

Jay had disagreed saying he wouldn’t be able to have Clara again if she’s pregnant but I told Mateo let him know that, she would still be a virgin.
And after much persuasions, Jay agreed.
When Jay asked Mateo why he wanted to use pregnancy, he said that was the only way he’d be able to end his relationship with Clara.

“But I thought you loved Clara.” I had said to him. “Well, she doesn’t want me to have sex with her and that made my love her for her to diminish. I’ve been looking for a way to even end the relationship.

How can you date a woman without having sex with her? Look at you, for instance, you let me have sex with you and that doesn’t make you cheap but a good person.” He had replied.

So, we arranged for the plan to be carried out. We met with the head doctor of the hospital and talked. He disagreed and after we offered to give him a huge amount of money, he agreed.


I gave your personal maid a drug to put in your food so you’d have stomach upset and so, you’d be taken to the hospital and fortunately for us, it was the same hospital.

You were sedated and the IVF was conducted, using the ugly guy’s sperm and your egg. Everything was carried out when you were like unconscious.

And that was how you got pregnant.
And I made you loose your job and that, I don’t even know why I did that. And that was what happened.” Claire explained.

Clara was already in tears and she was short of words.

“Why? What did I ever do to you? I loved you Claire, I loved you. And Mateo, I loved you too. I loved you with everything I have in me.
But you choose to repay me like this? Why?” Clara cried out. Her heart was literally ripping apart.

If someone had told her that her sister and ex was the one behind her predicament, she would have made the person her enemy for saying such thrash.

But now, it was the truth.
Her sister had really done it to her.

“What about mom, why did she hate me after knowing that I was pregnant?” Clara asked, the tears didn’t stop rolling down.

“That was because I threatened her. She was having an affair with dad’s best friend and I threatened her that if she doesn’t hate you, I would tell dad and she had complied.

I’m really sorry Clara. I was carried away by jealousy, selfishness and lust.” Claire sniffled her tears.

“This guy, do you know him? Do you know where I can find him?” Clara asked.

Claire nodded her head positively.
“He’s sitting beside you.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }




"Wait, wait, everything seems like a joke to me. A sperm from an ugly man. This sounds crazily familiar. No matter how much I try to ignore this thought and not think of it, I still can't help but have deep thoughts about it." Matthew suddenly spoke up, staring at Claire.

He has been quiet all along but then, he suddenly remembered something that even himself doesn't want to believe it.

"What is it Matt?" Clara asked, wiping her tears that wouldn't stop rushing down in fast current.

"You see, in the hospital I was working as a doctor, the head doctor called me to his office. I went to meet him in his office.

When I walked in, he went on his knees immediately and I was taken aback.
He pleaded with me that my sperm was needed for an experiment.
I was surprised and rather speechless.

Doctor Steve is one with a big ego and for him to go down on his knees and beg me, I knew it would be something important.

I told him I was gonna think about it and get back to him the following day.
And after much thought and persuasions, I agreed.
And my sperm was taken.

Doctor Steve had offered to pay me but I refused because on a norms, I have a penchant for him because he's very nice and hardworking. He's polite too.

And thinking about it, I knew it would have been something so important to him and so, I refused to collect the money. He was even more happy.

So, now hearing this confession from you, I'm surprised." Matthew explained.

"Just few weeks ago, I got to know that the ugly doctor usually wears a mask. A mask that helps him hides his ugliness.

And I was more surprised when I found out that my sister and this guy were friends and even in a relationship." Claire sighed and darted her eyes from Matthew to Clara who had stopped crying and paying rapt attention.

"What…do…you mean?" Clara stuttered, looking at Claire like she had grown wings behind her back.

A long silence crept in as nobody said a word, just staring at each other. It seemed like it was a staring contest.
And then, Claire broke the silence, with her gaze on the floor. She was really ashamed and guilty.

"Matthew… Matthew is the father of your baby." Claire spilled it out.

"Wait! What!" Clara yelled.
If not because the cafe was empty, people would have turned to stare at her as if she had gone crazy.

"Are you telling the truth?" Matthew asked, his voice barely audible and filled with so much emotion that he couldn't even fathom.

"You can carry out a DNA test once the child is born. I would have like you go for a noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) but it's late already because she has gone far in her pregnancy." Claire sighed.

"I hate you Claire! For everything you caused me! For all the pains you made go through. Clara sobbed, pointing her finger dangerously at Claire. One could see the pain and anger in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Clara. I'm sorry. And I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me." Claire whimpered softly.

"Let's go." Matthew gently pulled Clara up and they both walked away.

"Bravo! Now, they're gonna be together." Jay hissed angrily and glared at Claire, who was weeping profusely.

"Now that you've finally said the the truth, should we give you an award?" Mateo clicked his tongue.

"Even after the bad things we did to Clara, destiny still found its way to bring her and her baby's father together. They've even been so close and yet, they didn't know. I think they're perfect and made for each other." Claire sniffled her tears and walked away.


"Hey, are you okay?" Matthew turned to glance at Clara who has been very quiet through out the ride home. She looked lost and she hasn't even taken her gaze from outside the window. She has just been staring into space and it got Matthew really worried.

Her quietness was something that he didn't like because he knew she wasn't happy.

Clara didn't even blink as she continued to stare outside the window, looking lost in thought.

"Clara." He called gently but she didn't even turn to look at him.
Matthew sighed and focused on the road.

Matthew and Clara got home and Clara hurriedly alighted and before Matthew could even alight, she was already making her way into the house.


Clara buried her face in her pillow and wept dejectedly. Her head was aching so bad and muzzy. Her eyes felt really heavy and her throat dried. She has been in that position for sometime that she doesn't even know how many hours – she has lost track of time but all she knows is that, she had been crying for long now.

Matthew had knocked severally on the door and called out to her but she didn't even bulge.
She suddenly heard the door knob twist and before she could get down from her bed, Matthew walked in, looking really sad.

"Oh my Clara! You made so worried." He cooed affectionately and hugged her tight – as if not wanting to let her go..

"I'm sorry Matt. I'm really sorry. I was just being so surprised and taken aback by Claire's confession. I'm really sorry for making you worry about me." Clara sniffled her tears as soon as they disengage from the hug.

"It's fine. Even I, I'm surprised too. I didn't expect such a thing but it's the truth and we have to deal with it." Matthew said and caressed her left cheek gently.

"Matthew?" Clara whispered in a tiny voice, like she was afraid of saying his name like if she does, it would burn her tongue.

"Yes?" Matthew asked softly.

"Do you accept this baby as yours?" She asked quietly, with so much uncertainty in her eyes.
Matthew lips stretched into a wide grin.

"Of course Clara. From the very first day I wanted to keep you close to myself, I accepted the child as mine. You don't know how happy I am to know that this child is mine. I couldn't really experience my heart felt happiness because of the awkward way we got to know about me being the father.

I'm happy Clara and I accept being the father." Matthew smiled.
"Oh…" Clara sighed in relief and smiled.
"Thank you Matt." She hugged him lightly.

"And you're welcome love." He smiled and kissed her lightly on her lips. She blushed lightly and hit him gently on his chest.

"Tomorrow, we'd go check the sex of the child so we can still buying the baby clothes." Matthew said with a smile while she nodded her head.
"Let's go to the dinning room, your food is getting cold." Matthew pouted and carried her up.
"Hey, put me down!" Clara giggled.
Matthew quickly pecked her cheek and still carrying her, he left the room.


"Congratulations, you're having a baby girl." The sonographer smiled at Matthew and Clara after the scan. Well, the sonographer, miss Rachel had told them to look at the scan as the foetus moved.

Clara was overwhelmed with happiness and happiness was an understatement for Matthew as he felt really happy.
Clara eyes watered as stared at her baby.

"Thank you so much love." Matthew smiled and kissed her cheeks. She smiled in between her tears as she looked at him lovingly.


Matthew and Clara shopped for all kinds of boy's stuffs – even the ones that wasn't really important. Matthew was just grinning as he pushed the trolley while Clara walked happily beside him, swinging her hands enthusiastically.

After they had bought more than enough, Matthew paid for the items and the cashier couldn't stop staring admiringly at them.
"You're really one hell of a fine couple. I'm sure your child is gonna look just as cute. You look good together." The cashier beamed at them.
"Thank you." Matthew and Clara smiled at her.

"Thanks for your patronage." The cashier smiled at them as they left the shopping mall.


Matthew spoon fed Clara. She felt so loved. These past few days after knowing the truth, Matthew had increase the way he used to shower his love on her. Now, he seemed to take care of her more.

Clara couldn't deny that she had fallen helplessly in love with him – who wouldn't fall in love with a good person like Matthew?
He's all she has ever wanted in a man. She doesn't care if he's ugly with a scar.
It's just a scar.

"Hey, you zoned out. What were you thinking of?" Matthew asked softly as he placed the meatballs in her mouth.
She smiled and nodded her head negatively, "nothing."

"Okay." He smiled lightly – knowing not to pressure her to speak as she will, when she wants to.
"Let's quickly eat so we can go take our bath and go to bed." He said. She nodded her head.


Clara jumped up, quite afraid as the door opened. She had just finished taking her bath and she was just wrapped in her white towel.

Matthew had just walked in at the wrong time. It would actually be the first time he would be seeing her almost nude.

She felt nervous and suddenly naked under his scrutinizing gaze.
Matthew didn't know how it happened but he found himself so close to Clara.

She was wet as little droplets of water from her hair was rolling down to her bare neck.

"Gosh Clara! You look gorgeous." Matthew groaned, with desire in his voice.
He hugged her from behind, his arms around her tummy and his mouth on her neck.
Clara shivered at the close proximity.

She felt a tingling sensation and it felt all new to her.
Matthew sucked in the hollows of her neck and squeezed her left boob, earning a slight moan from Clara.
She was too sensitive and she couldn't deny the fact that she enjoyed it. She liked his touch on her.

He turned her around to face him, her boobs pressed against his hard but broad chest.

He kissed her neck, leaving hickeys on it.
She shuddered and sighed.

He took her lips in his and kissed her ravenously. She kissed him back, not knowing when she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I want you Clara. I want to make love to you. Are you ready?" Matthew groaned with so much desire in his voice and eyes.

Clara nodded her head shyly. "Yes. I want you too Matt." She spoke softly but shyly.

Matthew smiled. Then, slowly, he moved his hand to the tip of her towel and loosened the knot. Her towel fell loosely on the floor, leaving her in her birthday suit.

Gently like he was afraid to hurt her, Matthew carried Clara and laid her on the bed.



{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





<pre><code> "Claire! Can we talk?" Claire's mom called out as Claire made to climb up the stairs. She was really tired and down.

She's been in an hotel this past few days and she's not being herself.
After her confession to her sister, she felt a heavy burden being lifted up her shoulder. But then again, she wasn't happy because Clara did not forgive her.

<pre><code>She wants nothing more than Clara's forgiveness.

"Yes Mom." She stopped walking and turned around.

"You've been away for days now and you got me so worried." Andrea sighed despondently and walked towards her.
"I'm sorry mom.
"Come here." Andrea cooed and willingly, Claire ran into her mother's spread out arms and bursted into tears.

"I'm sorry mom, for everything. Despite being a bad daughter, you still cared and loved me. I don't deserve you as my mother. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." Claire wept on Andrea's chest.

<pre><code>"It's fine Claire. You're my daughter and I can't stay mad at you. I love you. And I've forgiven you even before you asked for forgiveness." Andrea said sincerely and patted her back affectionately.

"Thank you mom. I love you so much." Claire said.


<pre><code> Jay kicked the couch angrily and he ended up hurting his feet. These past few days, he's been so angry and he doesn't know what to do.

How dare Claire exposed them just like that!

<pre><code> How dare she let him loose Clara just like that?

He felt really enraged and bittered.

<pre><code> "I'll suggest you forget about Clara because you'd end up only hurting yourself more. She's with someone she loves so, let her be." Jamal said. He was standing on a stair case looking down at Jay.

Jay only groaned and sat on the floor, feeling so angry.

<hr />

<pre><code> Gently like he was afraid to hurt her, Matthew carried Clara and laid her on the bed.

Clara was so nervous and she had to summon up courage to open her eyes and stare at his face.

She loves him so much and he's the father of her baby. She's ready and willing to give him her dignity.
He hasn't even made any attempt to touch her for months that they've been together.

<pre><code> And she's very proud of him.

Matthew got in between her legs and trailed kisses from her legs, to her thighs, to her tummy, to her boobs and finally, to her lips.
Clara felt an electric wave course through her body as he kissed her, like he was worshipping her body.

<pre><code>She reciprocated the kiss and they both kiss hotly. As they kissed, Matthew's hand went down to her left boob, he squeezed it a little – earning a moan from Clara.

Matthew pulled from the kiss and went to her neck. He ate into the hollows of her neck.

"Uhm…" Clara moaned.

Matthew stood on his knees and started to take off his shirt. Clara was awed to see his broad chest. He had a complete six-pack and it fitted him.

He looked really manly.
And then, he pulled his brief because he wasn't wearing a trouser.

<pre><code>Clara took her gaze somewhere because she was too shy to look at him down there.

Matthew chuckled softly at her.
He laid lightly on top of her. Clara gasped lightly as she felt a huge and thick thing poking her thigh. Matthew brought down one of her hand to hold his dick but she quickly withdrew her hand. She felt so bashful.

Her eyes widened and met with Matthew's.

<pre><code>"Are you scared?" Matthew asked and kissed her boobs.

Clara swallowed and nodded her head negatively

<pre><code> He took her hands and placed his on it and made it be above their heads.

He wanted to be in control.

Holding her that way, she wouldn't be able to move her hands.

<pre><code> Matthew kissed her, savouring all the taste. Clara didn't hesitate to kiss him back.

The kiss was so passionate that Clara wished it never ended. He was such a good kisser.

Matthew spread out her legs for him and slowly but still kissing her, he slide in a finger.

"Argh!" Clara yelped and thrash her head sideways. The pain was so much.

<pre><code>"Sorry." He mouthed and pushed in the finger. When he was sure that she had adjusted to the pain, he pushed in another finger.

"Argh…oh!" Clara moaned out as he finger fucked her.
He took her lips in his and kissed her ravenously.

He slide out his fingers and put in only one. He rubbed her clit and waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

God! She has never felt this way before.
The pleasure was just too much.

<pre><code> He rubbed her clit continuously. It didn't take long for her to cum on his fingers.

He smiled and licked it.

<pre><code>"That's gross!" Clara rolled her eyes.

"Here, taste yourself." Matthew whispered seductively and kissed her. Clara didn't quite understand the taste but it wasn't that awful like she had thought.

<pre><code>He took her left boob and suckled in it hard, like an hungry baby sucking from his mother's.

As he sucked on the left one, he took the right one in his hand and squeezed it.

<pre><code>"Hum…ah…oh…" She bemoaned in ecstasy.

The feeling was great and she continued to turn her head to different directions.

<pre><code> He moved the the right boob and sucked it real good too.


He put his dick at her entrance and cold shiver ran down her spine.
He rubbed his dick on her vulva without penetrating.

The pleasure was just too much and he was torturing her too. She just couldn't wait to have him inside of her.

"This is gonna hurt. But I'll be gentle." Matthew kissed her earlobe and then, her lips.

<pre><code> And without any further ado, he pushed his dick inside her tight vagina hole.

"Argh! No…no! No! It hurts!" Clara shrieked as she felt him pull in his huge dick inside her tight vagina.

<pre><code> "I'm sorry." He kissed her tears which were rolling down in fast current.

Then, he pushed in all his full length.

"Oh God! No… It hurts…" She cried at the excruciating pain.

It felt like her vagina was tearing apart and her legs being splitted into two. The pain was excruciating.

<pre><code> Matthew didn't ride her, he just let his dick being inside of her without moving.

The pain seems to calm down – a little though.
Matthew started moving in slowly, trying to adjust his big size inside her tight hole.

She was freaking so tight.
He kissed her and started moving.

<pre><code> She wept harder and scratched his back with her fingers unconsciously. All she felt was pain and she didn't even realize that she was probably making him feel pains because of the way her fingers dug on his back.

She couldn't stop screaming and thrashing her head on the bed. In all her life, she has never felt so much physical pain before.

It was excruciatingly painful and she wished he would just get up from her body.


<pre><code> "I'm sorry." Matthew whispered cooly and wiped her tears. He started moving in her and finally, she adjusted to the pain as it was soon replaced with pleasure.

"Huh! Oh…yeah…" She moaned as he rode her.

The pain was there but soon, it was replaced with pleasure – pain mixed with pleasure.

<pre><code>Matthew made guttural sounds as he rode her fast.

Clara wrapped her arms around his neck while he rode her faster.

<pre><code> "Hum, ha…" She moaned in ecstasy.

They both reached their climax and came together.

Matthew collapsed beside her with only their heavy breaths heard in the room.
He was perspiring profusely. Clara looked so weak and worn-out.

<pre><code>She couldn't even close her legs.

Her legs, her waist…they were hurting real bad.

<pre><code>She was able to close her legs.

Matthew pulled her closer his chest and stroked her hair.

"I love you so much Clara. Thank you." Matthew kissed her hair affectionately.
"I love you too Matthew." Clara smiled and kissed him on his lips.

<pre><code> Wave of dizziness slam through her and she finally gave in to nature.


<pre><code> The next morning, the ray of sunlight illuminated through the windows.

Clara yawned and stirred awake. She felt so weak and uncomfortable.

<pre><code> She tried to move but her legs were aching so bad.

She remembered last night and she couldn't help but blush.

<pre><code>She finally gave her dignity to him. But she didn't regret it either.

Just then, Matthew walked in and smiled at her. She looked so shy that she couldn't stare back at him.

<pre><code>He was just on his brief with no shirt on. He had two cups of coffee in his both hands.

"Good morning shy queen." He smiled and walked towards the bed.

He dropped the coffees on the bed stand table.
"Good morning." She whispered shyly, with the duvet tight around her chest, like she was hiding her nudity.

<pre><code>She unconsciously hit her head. What is she hiding that he hasn't seen?

It only made her bashful.

<pre><code> "I made you coffee. Thought it might help." He smiled and winked at her.

"Thanks." She said. He handed her one of the cups and she gladly took it.

Clara stared at the bed and she noticed that the bedspread has been changed.

"I changed the bedsheets because you know…your blood was on it and I felt you might be uncomfortable on it. It's rolling in the washing machine." Matthew supplied her answer, much to her amazement.

The hell! How did he know she was thinking of it?

She stared at him and nodded her head.


<pre><code>Minutes later when she was done drinking the coffee, Matthew carried her up in a bridal style and made towards the bathroom.

He knew she would probably have issues walking because of the previous night and so, he had to carry her.

He placed her in the jacuzzi and filled it with warm water and added soap to it.
"Thank you." She whispered shyly to him.

<hr />

<pre><code> When Matthew had woken up that morning, he was happy and very proud to see bloodstain on the white bedsheets.

Truly, she was a virgin.

He was really proud of her. He vowed he wasn't gonna hurt her ever. She is his now!
He had made her cry the previous day and he would make sure doesn't cry again.

He whistled enthusiastically as he walked towards the kitchen.


<pre><code> Clara sighed as the warm water touch her privates.

The pains seems to have reduced a little.
She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the warmth of the water.

<pre><code>Suddenly, she snapped her eyes opened when she heard the bathroom door open. She turned and was surprised to see Matthew.

"Mind if I join you?" Matthew asked with a flirty smile.

Clara nodded her head shyly and fondled with her fingers.

<pre><code>Matthew pulled down his brief, leaving him in his nudity.

He entered inside the jacuzzi and sat opposite Clara. Her face had gone crimson red from blushing. She was blushing deep shade of red, even to the root of her hair.

A long silence passed, without any of them saying anything.

"Clara?" Matthew called softly.

<pre><code>"Hum?" Clara raised her head to stare at him.

"What I told you last night, I met it. I love you Clara, so much." He said with so much affection in his eyes.

Clara heart couldn't stop beating so loud.
Her stomach tingled and she smiled.

<pre><code> "I love you too Matt…so much." She smiled.

He smiled and pulled her closer to himself.

He placed his lips on hers and they both kissed each other hungrily and passionately – like they couldn't get enough of each other.


<pre><code> Soon, Clara's moan filled the air as he drilled her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🤰 THE PREGNANT VIRGIN 🤦

{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }





   After Matthew and Clara had both made out and taken their bath, Matthew prepared breakfast and they both whilst talking.

 "Don't miss me too much okay? I'll be back early today." Matthew smiled as Clara helped him knot his tie.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Clara rolled her eyes playfully.

"Alright, let me get going now before I'll run late." He kissed her on her lips and pecked the her forehead.

“Alright. See you later.” Clara pecked his cheeks.

Matthew opened the door and stepped out. He blew her a kiss before entering into his car.

Clara sighed and walked into the house.

"I'll go for the surgery dad. I'll have to let Clara know first. She needs me more than ever now and I don't want her to fall into depression." Matthew said to his father.

"I know son, I understand. And I'll really love it you'd bring her over, you know, over dinner. Your mother and I would be so glad to meet her." Matthew's father smiled and patted Matthew shoulder.

“Sure. I’ll talk to her. Perhaps tomorrow, we might come.” Matthew shrugged.

"Alright son. But you have to come to a compromise as soon as possible. Let's get this done with." His father told him.

“Okay dad.”


 Martin, Matthew's twin brother exhaled deeply as he dropped his pen after he was done writing in a paper.

He walked over to his closet and started to remove his clothes and placed them on his opened luggage.
He folded the clothes with a heavy heart. Soon, tears trickled down his cheeks.

He was badly hurt and he felt really guilty. He blamed himself for listening to bad advice from bad friends.

If only he had knew…
But then again, life has taught him a bitter lesson.

 He finally finished arranging his things. He zipped up the luggage and made it stand on the floor. He took the paper and with his luggage in his right hand, he made his way out of his room.

He smiled sadly as he took one last look at his room before closing the door.


"Son? Where are you going to?" Martin's mother asked perplexed as she stood up from the sofa.

“I’m leaving mom.” Martin answered simply.

"Leaving? To where? Why?" His mother asked worriedly.

“I’ve been a bad son and a bad brother. I just want to go far away from here. I just want to relieve myself from the self hate I have for myself for the horrible things I’ve done. The things I’ve done… they are unforgivable but I still believe that I would be forgiven.” Martin said with a sad smile.

 "Oh! Martin..." His mother broke down in tears and hugged him.

“I’m happy for you son, I’m happy that you’ve finally acknowledge your mistake.” She sniffled her tears.

 "Thank you mom. I don't know when Matthew would be coming over to the house, but please do give him this letter to him anytime he comes.

Don’t worry, we’d be doing Facetime anytime I’m free, I would always keep in touch with you and dad.” He said, trying to sound cheerful but he wasn’t. He handed the letter to his mother and she took it.

 "Of course I will. Take care of yourself okay?" She touched his cheeks and kissed him affectionately on both cheeks.

“I love you son, don’t ever forget that.” She added emotionally.

 "And I love you too mom." He smiled and pecked her both cheeks.

 "Alright, let me start going so that I wouldn't be late for my flight." Martin said.

They hugged ones more before Martin finally left. His mother couldn't help but cry.

She’d miss her son so much.
Despite the bad things he has done, she will never stop loving him because he is her son.


  "Claire, I want you to be truthful to me, did you have sex with Jay the day we had sex? Or a day after? Or that same week?" Mateo asked bluntly, staring at Claire.

Mateo had begged for them to meet at a quiet place where they could talk. After much persuasions, Claire agreed.

“Well…” She stuttered, not meeting his gaze.
“Talk to me Claire!” Mateo half yelled.

 "Yes! We had sex that same day you forced yourself on me!" Claire yelled back, before she could stop herself.

"What?..." Mateo suddenly went pale. He looked pale like he had just be given a slap on his face.

 "Oh God!" He lamented and ruffled his hair.

“That means, the child isn’t for me! It’s for that bastard Jay!” Mateo hissed angrily. He was pained too.

  "What? How did you know?" Claire asked.

“That’s because I can’t fucking impregnate a lady!” Mateo yelled painfully.

  "Huh?" Claire was speechless.


   As Clara sat on the sofa waiting for Matthew who had gone to get her fruits and snacks she's been craving for.

She rubbed her protruding stomach and smiled. Now, she felt so happy having a little life growing in her because she knows the father.

The child isn't a bastard and that has made her even more happy.

 Just then, she heard the door bell ring. She arched her brows in surprised. That probably wasn't Matthew because Matthew doesn't knock or ring the door bell.

It must be a visitor – Matthew's visitor, she thought with a sigh.

She stood up tiredly and walked towards the door when she heard the door bell again.

She opened the door and her jaw dropped in shock when she saw Mateo standing behind the door with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and a small shopping bag in the other hand.

"Hi." Mateo cleared his throat as he stared at Clara nervously.

"Can I come in?" He asked with a nervous smile.

Clara couldn’t find her tongue.
She didn’t say a word but just opened the door for him to come in.

 Mateo bowed his head and walked into the house.

Clara was surprised and shocked. How the hell did he know where she was staying?


 "Ah! What a relief!" Andrea breathed out as the news reporter ended whatever she was saying. It was announced that Lin had been involved in a ghastly car accident and he didn't survive.

 Andrea and her husband had both just watched the news and Andrea couldn't be more happy.

“It’s really a great relief dear.” Her husband smiled and kissed her hair.


  "Okay, why are you here Mateo?" Clara asked after a minute silent.

 Mateo went on his knees immediately and held Clara by her waist.

“I’m sorry Clara. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done, for all the pains I’ve caused you. I’m so sorry.
I was just blinded by lust. I still love you Clara and I want you back.” He said with tears in his eyes.

Clara stared at him, looking at him as if he had gone insane.

She didn’t say a word, just staring at him.

Mateo hugged her waist but she didn't even flinch.

Just then, the door opened and Matthew walked in.



{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }



             GRAND – FINALE



    Months later ✍️

“Oh my God! Mom!!!! My water just broke!” Clara yelled in excruciating pain.

 Matthew's mom ran from her room to Clara's room when she heard the scream.

She walked into the room and she saw Clara wriggling in pain.

"Breathe in okay? Everything would be fine." She soothed Clara but she couldn't stop crying.

The pain was excruciating.

  "You've got to push okay? I can see the baby head." The female doctor encouraged as she stared at the exhausted Clara.

Clara exhaled and mustered enough strength.
With one final push and a loud scream, Clara brought forth her baby.

"Congratulations ma'am, it's a boy." The doctor smiled cheerfully at her.

 She sighed tiredly and laid back on the bed, breathing heavily.

She was so tired.

The nurse cleaned up the baby she brought him for her.

"My son." She smiled in between her tears and kissed his cheeks.

He looked so adorable and she couldn’t help but admire him.

She had really brought forth a child, a small human – a small version of herself and Matthew. She was so happy.

 His eyes weren't fully opened but he looked really cute. He was making little crying sounds and it made her heart flutter.
She loved him even more.

 She couldn't help feeling so emotional.

She wished Matthew was there with her.
He was still at the hospital receiving treatment. His surgery has been carried out but it was yet to get fully healed.

She had actually given birth in India.

 Soon, Matthew's mother and father walked in. They were so happy.

  Clara opened her eyes as she heard noises. She was having a good nap when her sleep was suddenly disrupted with noise.

It’s been two days she gave birth and she was still in the hospital for proper care.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes. Her eyes went to her baby in it’s crib sleeping peacefully.

She stared around and her jaw dropped in shock.
Her parents, Matthew’s parents, Claire and a little pretty girl that looks like her mother where all standing in front of her.

She looked shocked as she stared at them.

"Surprise!" They all screamed happily.

“Oh my!” Clara was literally speechless.
She couldn’t believe it.

Her family were there in India and in her ward in the hospital. It was all too surprising.

 "Surprise much huh?" Matthew's mom winked at her. She smiled and they all walked towards her and hugged her.

“Congratulations.” They said one after the other.

Clara was so emotional.
“We have another surprise for you.” Matthew father said and immediately, the door went opened and a masculine figure walked in.

Her eyes bulged out and her mouth fell opened. She stared at the most cutest and handsome guy she had ever seen. She has seen his pictures but she didn't know he was gonna be this cute and handsome.

 Her breathe was literally taken away by just a mere sight of him.

"Matthew?" She finally called out, still in daze.

“My love.” His voice came out clear and nice.

Clara didn't know when she jumped down from the bed and ran to hug him, almost choking him.

"It's really you Matt. I'm so happy." She said. She was crying but it was tears of joy.

“I missed you so much love.” Matthew groaned and took her lips in his and kissed her hungrily. Claire quickly use her palm to close her little step sister’s eyes.

Anna, Andrea's daughter chuckled at the act.

"I missed you too. Our son..." She didn't complete her statement but pointed towards the direction of the crib.

Matthew smiled and kissed her nose.
“Thank you love.” He smiled.

  "Clara?" He suddenly called, going down on his knees. He was looking all too serious and the others couldn't help grinning from ear to ear.

  "I'm not very good at saying sweet words Clara. I love you so much, even I don't know when I started developing this strong feeling called love.

There's nothing more than I want than spending the rest of my life with you and our son. I love you so much Clara and I want us to grow old together.

 Will you please Clara Kendall spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?" Matthew asked sweetly. 

He was smiling cheerfully.

He had one knee on the floor and a box of golden ring stretched out towards her.

Clara bursted into tears. She was just overwhelmed. Who would have thought that her life would be this perfect?

She smiled in between her tears and nodded her head vigorously.

"Yes, yes, yes Matthew, I'll marry you." She said enthusiastically.

Matthew smiled and slipped in the ring in her finger.

Everybody clapped happily.

Matthew and Clara hugged each other and kissed lingeringly.


Weeks later ✍️

    Clara smiled as she walked down the aisle with her mother and father holding her hands. She wore a white glittering flowing wedding dress.

She looked so pretty and heavenly. Gorgeous and elegant was an understatement. She was so pretty.

Actually, her parents had begged and apologized to her and being the good Clara she has always been, she forgave them.


 Matthew stood at the alter smiling at Clara as she walked majestically towards him.

He couldn't wait for them to get married so he can finally have her all to himself.


 "...yes I do." Matthew said the last *I do.*

They both wore each other their rings.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You many now kiss the bride." The priest smiled at the both of them.

Matthew didn't hesitate to remove the veil and took her lips hungrily in his.

  The congregation went wide with clapping and shouting ovation as they kissed.

Matthew broke the kiss and they both showed the congregation their wedding rings by showing forth their finger that the ring was placed respectively.

Clara smiled and stared at everybody seated in the hall.

Her sister, Claire was carrying her son, whom they had named Aiden Carter.

Claire is heavenly pregnant. After all, she and Jay came back together. And their marriage would soon be done, that’s after she’s had her baby.

She got to know that Anna was actually her mother's daughter – thus, making her, her sister.

They bonded really well and Anna liked Clara very much.
And as for Mateo, he left the country and ever since then, she hasn’t heard from him. But she hopes he would find love wherever he is.


Matthew smiled at his brother who sat quietly behind Claire. Martin did a thumbs up and smiled at his brother.

Matthew smiled back and bowed his head.

  That night at the hotel, Matthew and Clara had enjoyed the night. He had her roughly and made her scream out our lungs in bed.

Clara enjoyed every of their intimacy.


Weeks later ✍️

   "I'm gonna make you scream so loud tonight, more than before." Matthew winked at Clara as he got on top of the bed. He went in between her thighs and smiled.

Clara bit her lip seductively and started undoing her shirt buttons.

Aiden was already asleep in his cot. He cries a lot, but that doesn't stop his parents from loving and caring for him.

 Matthew kissed Clara hotly and moans escaped from her lips.

He fumbled with her boobs, still kissing her.

  "I love you so much babe." Matthew groaned in between the kiss.

 "And I love you so much too love." Clara said and deepened the kiss.

Just as Matthew was about taking of his briefs, Aiden's loud wail made him stop.

And then, Aiden bursted into loud tears.

"Oh uh!" Clara bursted out laughing as she saw Matthew's hardened dick.

“I’ll have to go attend to Aiden before his cry pull down the roof of the house.” Clara laughed.

 "Argh!" Matthew groaned frustratedly.

Aiden wail came out louder and Matthew had to stand up so Clara could get up too.

 "Don't worry babe, there's always a next time." Clara winked at him and quickly wore her shirt.

"Yeah." Matthew rolled his eyes, making Clara laugh.

 They both shared a brief kiss before Clara walked towards the baby's crib.

 Few minutes later, Aiden was already fast asleep again after Clara had breastfed him.

 "I'll have to take him to mom. He's been stealing you away from me these days and I'm starting to get pretty jealous." Matthew pouted his mouth.

Clara laughed and joined him on the bed.

  "You know that's not happening right?" Clara rolled her eyes.

“Well, let’s continue from where we stopped.” Matthew winked at her.
“Yeah, whatever.” Clara smiled and hit him playfully on his chest.


 As they were about kissing, Aiden's loud cry suddenly disrupted them.

 "Not again!" They both groaned out.

Aiden wailed even louder.

“Oh uh!” Clara laughed.

Seems little Aiden doesn’t want them to do anything.

Matthew and Clara chuckled and got down from the bed. They walked towards the crib.

Clara carried crying Aiden and immediately, he stopped crying.

Matthew smiled as he stared at his wife and son.

They both shared a brief kiss before turning to look back at their son who had his eyes wide opened – staring at them.
Matthew kissed his forehead while Clara kissed his cubby cheeks.

 They are one big and happy family.

 They both never thought that they could both find love in such a way as theirs.

Love is indeed a beautiful thing when you are with the right person.


                    THE END 🙈

   Phew! Finally done and dusted 💃


{ 🤰 Pregnant for an unknown 🤭 }



         SEMI – FINALE



          After Mateo had told Claire the truth, Claire was still in doubt. So, a paternity test was carried out.

She was able to get some of his strands of his hair and it was taken to the laboratory.

And to her greatest surprise, it was positive. Jay was really the father of her baby.


  "I'm so sorry Jay." Claire sobbed. She knelt in front of Jay and held his hands.

“What exactly do you want Claire?” Jay groaned impatiently.

 "I...I..." Claire couldn't find the right words to say.

“If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, then you better fuck out. You can use the door.” Jay said sternly.

 "Jay please...I'm... pregnant." She sniffled her tears.

“What! How sure are you that the bastard you’re carrying in your womb is my child?” Jay snorted.

 Claire stood up from where she knelt and walked towards the sofa where her handbag was 

"I have a proof. I'm not gonna force myself or my baby on you." Claire sniffled her tears.

She dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a white envelope.

She hit the paper on the table and walked away, wiping her tears that wouldn't stop rolling down.


Mateo had decided to go back to Clara and through Jay’s help, he had gotten to know where Clara lived.
He just wanted the give it a try even if he knew it was almost pointless to try. But he still decided to try.


   "Hi." Matthew said, looking at Mateo.

He walked into the house and dropped what he had bought in the kitchen.
Mateo was dumbfounded. He stood up and moved back a little.

Matthew pulled Clara closer to himself and kissed her. Clara responded and kissed him back passionately. Clara moaned as he kissed her and also fondled with her boobs.

The sight was really painful to Mateo. He felt really hurt. He had really lost Clara – a rare gem to another man that deserve her.

"She's mine, so back off." Matthew said sternly with a smirk after they had both disengaged from the kiss.

"I've forgiven you Mateo, even before now. But we can't be together again. I'm happy with him, I love him and he loves me too.

We are both in love with each other and we are happy together.” Clara smiled, with her head on Matthew’s chest.

 "Thank you." Mateo whispered lightly. He didn't wish to whisper, but in the state he was, he didn't know when his voice came out like a whisper.

With so much sadness and being heart broken, he walked out of the house.

 "So hon, what did you get for me?" Clara asked and bit her lip.

“Don’t do that again or I’ll be forced to fuck you here, right now.” Matthew winked at her. Clara’s face went all red. She felt shy.

She hit his chest playfully.

 "Let's go to the kitchen and see what you've got for me." She smiled and dragged him along with her.

   "Dear twin brother, I'm really very sorry for all the pains I've caused you. I've been nothing but a bad brother and for that, I'm asking for your forgiveness.

I was blinded by greed and jealousy. And I was being led by bad friends.

My two friends, Josh and Ezekiel had influenced Mr negatively. They made me hurt you.

They had encouraged me to kill you so I'll be the only one to take after our parents wealth when they die. Shared on whatsapp by Martino. 

Even after everything I did to kill you, you still managed to survive.
I tried to hurt you in different ways, but you managed to scale through.

 Recently, I found out that they were using me for their own selfish reasons and gains.

They had almost made me go bankrupt but thank God I was at alert.

 I'm really so sorry Matthew. I already left, I don't think I can bear seeing you because of the guilt I feel.

Maybe by the time you’re reading this letter, I’ll already be in Australia. I wanna start a new life.

 But I hope you forgive me. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but I hope you do.

Your twin brother, Martin.” Matthew read the letter in tears. He couldn’t just hold the tears anymore.

He hugged the letter to his chest and smiled in between his tears.

“Mom?” He called in tears.
“I forgive him mom.” He said and sniffled his tears.

  "Thank you son, thank you." His mother smiled and hugged him.

“But mom, why did you allow him to leave?” Matthew asked.
“Because I understand him. And besides, he’s stubborn. He wouldn’t change his mind because of me. I perfectly understand him and I know definitely, he would come around.” His mother smiled.


Matthew had taken Clara to his parents to introduce her to them.
They loved her immediately they saw her. Clara was scared and nervous at first but later, she became relaxed because of the way they made her feel comfortable with them.

 They talked and laughed and they bonded well.

There, that was when Matthew had told her about coming along with him to India and she had gladly accepted in tears.

One month later ✍️

 "Hey babe, hurry up will you? You don't want us to be late for our flight do you?" Matthew called out from the sitting room.

Clara was still doing her makeup and she didn’t know why, but she wanted to look good.

She was nervous too.
Today, they were going to India. She felt excited and nervous at the same time.

She placed her lip gloss on her lips and smiled at herself on the mirror.

She stood up and used her hand to support her waist as she walked out of her room.

 Inside Matthew's private jet, Clara sighed and rested her head on his shoulder and stared outside the window.

It wasn't up to five minutes when she started to feel drowsy. Seconds later, she was fast asleep.

Matthew smiled and stroked her hair.

 As he watched Clara sleep, he thought about the surgery...

He hopes everything works and his face would be back to normal.

That would be his greatest joy.




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