The Benefits of Being Listened To

Relationship Advice: The Gift of Listening

Imagine you’ve just completed a visit to your doctor’s office. During your exam you tell the doctor that you haven’t been sleeping well. The doctor says “It’s just your nerves”, finishes the exam, and tells you to schedule your next appointment in six months. You leave the doctor’s office feeling ignored as well as annoyed.

The next day at work you have a department meeting to discuss new marketing ideas. During the meeting you offer a suggestion, however your manager quickly dismisses your suggestion, then asks your colleagues for any other ideas. When the meeting ends, you return to your workspace a little less confident because your idea was so easily rejected.

The problem is not necessarily your nerves or that your ideas are inferior. The real problem is that you were not being listened to. Whether it’s your doctor, your manager, a friend or a family member, it’s easy to forget how beneficial it is to be taken seriously and to really be heard.

One of the many benefits of being listened to is that it helps you to reduce tension and stress levels. You don’t have to keep things inside and it gives you a chance to get things off your chest. Having someone listen to you gives you the freedom to express yourself, your thoughts, and your concerns.

It can also help you sort through your feelings and emotions. Being listened to can help keep your fears from growing and give you some perspective about life’s daily challenges.

We are comforted when can talk to someone with a listening ear. It makes us feel cared for and lets us know that we are important and that our lives have purpose and meaning. We feel validated and worthy and reminded that we are not alone in the world.

Studies have shown that being listened to improves our emotional and physical well-being. Being listened to gives us the chance to improve and enjoy our lives – and that’s the most important benefit of all!




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