Stuck in an “Uncommitted” Relationship?

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Most women know some about how things are supposed to work in a committed relationship… But if you’re single, do you really know how things work with a man in the Courtship and Uncommitted phases?
Or, do you find that this is where you get stuck or things go wrong for you again and again? These 2 earlier stages are where most women get stuck and never end up finding the love and lasting relationship they want.
The most important thing you need to get the man in your life excited to jump into a committed relationship is not TALKING about COMMITMENT.
But that’s the mistake lots of women make – thinking that talking about commitment will make a man want it.
Yes, HOW you talk to a man about committing makes a huge difference for whether or not he commits once you have “the talk.” But what’s more powerful is how your man FEELS about you while you’re still in what I call an Uncommitted Relationship.
Here’s the thing… A man isn’t deeply and intensely attracted to a woman he’s dating who acts like she NEEDS him. If you’re constantly talking, thinking or worrying about commitment with a man in the FUTURE… it gets in the way of him growing close and falling for you in the PRESENT. When you try and CONVINCE a man to want to be with you because of your own feelings or fear or uncertainty… it makes a man RESIST.
There’s nothing that can turn a man off more than the woman he’s dating wanting or needing to rush into a committed relationship.
Why?… In short, if a man’s only been dating a woman for a few weeks or months, then he knows that the woman doesn’t know him well enough… and he gets turned off.
It feels needy and desperate.
When a man feels a woman needing or wanting a commitment early on because she feels
UNCOMFORTABLE taking the time getting to know each other – he gets a strange feeling inside that tells him something is wrong.
Now, are men right? Do men get to set the “time table” for when couples should commit?
But… when a woman starts to lose her cool, become unglued emotionally, or worries and reacts in negative ways because she’s feels vulnerable about her feelings and not having a commitment – It doesn’t make a man want to commit. Instead, it makes him pull back… Have you had this happen in the past?
The more you became worried about what was going on while you were dating a man, and the more concerned you got about wanting a commitment – the more the man in your life pulled away. If so, I want to show you easy ways to handle the most critical moments that come up with men in the “Uncommitted Relationship.”
A few of these critical “make or break” situations are:
– Talking about and becoming Exclusive
– What to do if he says he’s “not ready”
– He stops making plans and pulls away
– And several more…
If you’ve run into one of the critical situations and had it lead to breaking your
relationship apart…
Then, would you like to know how to get it right next time so that in your next relationship you can sail smoothly through these bumps in the road that are guaranteed to come up? Or, are you going to keep letting them become problems and situations that end up changing the way the man in your life feels about you?
Go Relationship Advice Center [] now and I’ll show you what each of the Critical Moments you need to know.
And, I’ll walk you through each one and give you real tools and tips on exactly what to SAY and DO in each moment.

Love & Success,




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