Self Defense Products and YOU!


Awareness, Preparation, and a Strong Will to Survive may be the best and sometimes the only self defense tools you can carry with you at all times. However, it does not hurt to take along a little back-up!

You probably don’t think daily about what you would or could do to stop an attack, if you were ever attacked. The key word in your brain is “IF” and for many people “IF” equates to “That will never happen to me!” or “I live in a nice neighborhood and those things don’t happen here!” Then, something happens, you may hear about a home invasion in the area, a rape or a mugging on a nightly news report, or you read an article in a newspaper or online. You may be walking home and notice someone following you or watching you and you get an uneasy feeling. These events trigger a natural fear response in your brain and cause you to take positive action toward not becoming a victim. You begin thinking about purchasing a non-lethal self defense product; such as pepper spray, a stun gun, or a Taser.

Most self defense products will have varying level of effectiveness, depending on the different situations that you may encounter. Your comfort level in using these devices and your personal level of commitment to stopping the attack may ultimately determine the final outcome. Pepper sprays, stun guns and Tasers all work effectively in overlapping defensive situations. However, not all self defense products are created equally; different threat levels and different situations may call for you to deploy a specific type of self defense weapon or sometimes more than one self defense weapon may be needed. Whenever possible, you should not rely solely on one line of defense; while realizing that all defensive actions do not require the use of a weapon.

Criminals are often predatory in nature. They can attack at will or may choose to stalk a victim for longer periods of time; learning your habits and determining the best place and time to execute an attack upon you; their unsuspecting victim. Ultimately, your first line of defense is YOU. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, by taking notice of people and objects that seem out of place. Be on guard whenever a stranger approaches you or is watching you; even if they appear harmless. Have you ever noticed someone watching you and felt the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Your natural survival instincts are giving you fair warning to a potential danger. Pay attention! Your awareness of your surroundings can give you the extra seconds you may need to prepare for defensive action or to get help.

At some time in the past, you might have thought about buying a non-lethal self defense product, but always stopped when you got to the question, “Which product is best or which type of self defense product(s) should I buy?” You may have heard from co-workers, friends or a relative about how the pepper spray they carry is the best or how the stun gun they bought is the most powerful stun gun you can buy or how effective that new Taser they bought will be in stopping an attacker in their tracks, IF they ever need it. It is important to to understand that all the pepper spray in the world and all the high voltage that a stun gun can generate are useless if the person carrying the device is unsure of their ability to use it, uncommitted in stopping the attack, and under the impression that they’ll never need to use it.



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